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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 7, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking news for our viewers in the west. president trump nominating a new fbi director christopher ray amid a bombshell report. did trump ask the director of national intelligence to intervene in the fbi's russia investigation? this as fired fbi director prepares to testify in his capitol hill showdown. air, twin terror attacks overseas. isis claims responsibility for two deadly assaults in iran. terrorists storming parliament as lawmakers meet. security forces help save this child and a suicide bomber blows himself up at a famous shrine. the attacks injured dozens this morning. [ sirens ] breaking details on the government contractor releasing information about russia's role
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in hacking the election. tying her to the documents as her parents speak out. >> and it's a boy and a girl. george and amal clooney becoming first-time parents, the 56-year-old actor and human rights lawyer welcoming twins, alexander and ella. the hilarious baby announcement and the special gifts from their famous friends and family. good morning, america. such happy news for the clooney family. >> yes, it is, george, becoming a father, not one baby, but two at 56 years old. >> nothing wrong with having a baby at 56. >> george, throwing a hint out there. >> good luck. all right. that's all i have to say. congratulations, as well. >> and breaking news for our viewers in the west. president trump announced he's nominating christopher ray as the new fbi director and this comes as top intelligence officials including the director
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of national intelligence and rod rosenstein testify today about the russian investigation. >> and we have a new poll out about the investigation that shows six americans think fbi director was fired to protect himself rather than the good of the country. let's go to pierre thomas. good morning. >> reporter: amy good morning. the president announcing his nomination for a new fbi director as top intelligence officials go to capitol hill today amid allegations that mr. trump was trying to protect michael flynn who had been forced to resign. president trump nominating a top justice official in the george w. bush administration for fbi director. the president tweeting at 7:44:00 a.m. calling christopher ray who works as an atlanta attorney a man of impeccable
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credentials. was interviewed at the white house last month. coming as top law enforcement and intelligence officials head to capitol hill for potential grilling about russia. "the washington post" reporting president trump asked director of national intelligence dan coats to intervene with fbi director comey on the michael flynn investigation. coats decided that intervening would be inappropriate. coats and other law enforcement officials are likely to face tough questions before the committee. the deputy attorney rod rosenstein may get questions about his role in firing of comey, how he feels about the white house for suggesting he was the catalyst for the firing of comey when it was the president's idea. he may face questions about his appointment of a special counsel. and senators are expected to press mike rogers on whether president trump asked him and was collusion between trump campaign associates and the russians.
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with the dramatic testimony before congress, now a little more than 24 hours away, battle lines already being drawn. last night supporters of the president releasing a tv ad attacking comey. >> james comey, just another d.c. insider in it for himself. >> comey is finally going to have his say. sources telling abc news he will describe an uncomfortable relationship with president trump with repeated encounters that made him uneasy. a source saying comey took notes about certain meetings, especially the one where dump allegedly suggested he go easy on michael flynn. sources say shortly after the meeting comey told attorney general sessions he did not want to be left i have loan with the president. believing it was inappropriate. trump has denied the allegations. on tuesday when asked about comey he would only offer -- >> i wish him luck. >> the president's announcement for fbi director may have caught
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the press team off guard. no announcement in the rose garden has been scheduled for today. at least not yet. it's unclear what kind of nomination fight we may see for mr. ray's confirmation. george. >> thanks. more on our brand new poll with "the washington post." showing a majority of americans have serious questions about how president trump has handled james comey and the russia investigation. six in ten say he fired him to protect himself and 6% believe he has interfered in the russian investigation. 6 and, john, not a lot of trust for the president in that poll, but some indication from the white house that he's prepared to fight back tomorrow. >> reporter: absolutely, george. although sean spicer yesterday at the white house briefing suggested that the president would be too busy to watch the hearing, i am told that is just not true. that he has blocked out time to watch the hearing. some here expect that he will respond in realtime on twitter although, george, there is no plan to do so and the president
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has been advised by his lawyers that it is not a good idea to go on twitter. >> jon, there's been tension between the president and the attorney general over the russia investigation. the president angry with the attorney general for recusing himself and you reported yesterday he even suggested resigning? >> reporter: absolutely, george. the president has been enraged at the attorney general several times over the past several months, blowing up at him because he recused himself back in march from the russia investigation and at one point a couple of weeks ago i am told that jeff sessions said that if you're that upset i will resign. the president did not take him up on that offer. at least not yet. >> okay, jon karl, thanks very much. amy. now to that blockbuster new report raising questions about the trump organization and charity golf events that were meant to raise money for children with cancer. our chief national correspondent tom llamas is here with new reporting on this. good morning, tom. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. eric trump coming out very strong in defense of his
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foundation, but this morning, we have some of the charity's financial documents that are raising questions. ♪ we're not going to take it anymore ♪ >> reporter: that's twisted sister rocking out with the trump family in 2015, even the president jamming. according to an eric trump foundation promotional video, this all happened in the name of charity. >> one girl paid $50,000 to see my father, myself and ivanka go up on stage with dee snider. >> reporter: those charity events for eric's foundation were quite the blow-outs. starting with golf on trump courses, hooters girls on the greens and nighttime fun with acts like nighttime comedian, lisa lampanelli. >> are you giving birth right now because that would be [ bleep ] up. wow. score. mr. trump jr. >> reporter: the events raising millions for st. jude's children research hospital to help kids fight cancer. >> at st. jude's our family never sees a bill. >> reporter: but this morning, eric trump is defending his
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charitable foundation against accusations he was self-dealing to the trump organization. >> i raised $16.3 million for the greatest hospital in the world at st. jude's and i get attacked for it. >> reporter: "forbes" reports hundreds of thousands of dollars in charity expenses went to the trump family business despite eric saying many of the costs would be covered by the trumps. >> we're able to come up with the concept of raising a lot of money with really no expense and again it's because we were incurring the expenses at the assets. we were taking on the expenses as trump. we were using our own facilities. >> reporter: in question why the golf invitational expenses ballooned from $59,000 in 2012 to $230,000 the next year and $242,000 in 2014. the irs filings don't list what they spent the money on, just a bulk amount. abc news has learned the foundation raised more than a million dollars each of those years for st. jude, but their
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biggest haul was 2012 when their expenses were the lowest. >> the accounting here is not clear at all. which makes it very difficult to see what they were actually paying. >> gives it to st. jude's, so i'm very proud of eric. >> reporter: "forbes" says problems started with the charity when donald trump allegedly demanded the foundation be charged for using the facilities. >> donald came in and said, you know what, we're going to start billing you guys. even though this is a charity event, even though this is for kids with cancer we want you to guys to pay. >> reporter: now, eric trump has also released a statement. we'll put it on the screen now. saying, in part, contrary to recent reports at no time did the trump organization profit in any way from the foundation or any of its activities. we also want to mention there is a surgery and an icu center named in eric trump's foundation for his pledge to raise $20 million for that hospital. george. >> okay, tom, thanks very much. let's bring in john avlon editor in chief of "the daily beast," and sara fagen. also a cnbc contributor.
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let's begin with this comey hearing tomorrow. the other hearing today shaping up to be a real watershed moment for the trump administration and as our poll shows starting out in a deep hole. >> the poll is stark. the vast majority of the american people don't trust trump on this issue. they don't think he was acting in the american people's interest. and that -- what's disturbing when you dig into it, though, there's still a stubborn partisan divide. republicans are more likely to trust donald trump. independents, democrats, moderates, liberal, skeptical. overall there's no spinning your way out. >> we saw president trump wish comey luck tomorrow. not sure how sincere that was. what's your take on the stakes and what the president and his team have to do to counter it? >> well, there's no way for donald trump to win tomorrow. it will be a bad press day no matter what. will they make it worse? they would be well advised to say they're going to let the investigation play out and they're confident in the final analysis. there will be no cooperation
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between the trump campaign and russia and say nothing else. >> the question, sara, is can they keep the president off twitter during the hearing? >> yeah, i think it's going to be critical for the president to stay off twitter. i don't know that he'll do it but not only for the pr factor here which is a big part of what tomorrow is going to be about is how does the press around this play out. but potentially legally for the president. the more the president weighs in on this investigation and comments about what did or didn't happen or who said what to whom, he puts himself in a potentially legal position that's really troubling for him and his white house. >> john, on this new report about eric trump and his charity there could be legal problems for the charity as well. >> sure, no, this is very troubling. i mean raising money for st. jude's is honorable, but if you're all of a sudden effectively giving kickbacks, expenses going to trump properties that's problematic and it's part of a pattern of self-dealing. even during the campaign the
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campaign ended up paying money to trump properties. so this may not have been intentional, but if that was the effect it's very hard to explain. >> okay, john avlon. go ahead, sara. >> i was going to say i think the problem for a story like this in the context of the comey investigation is that somebody who bills a charity excessively if that's what happened is more likely to have fired somebody to protect themselves. these things work to the disadvantage of donald trump. >> they all come together, sara fagen, john avlon, thanks very much. i'll anchor the live coverage of the testimony starting at 10:00 a.m., james comey's testimony right here on abc. to get all the latest reporting, download the abc news app and sign up for breaking news alerts. amy. now to the breaking news overseas. twin terror attacks killing two security guards and injuring dozens of others. the scene is active and isis released videos moments ago. martha raddatz has extensive experience reporting inside iran
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and tracking all of the latest now. good morning to you martha. >> reporter: good morning, amy. state tv reporting that the hours long siege is over. the gunman some of who were dressed as women all dead. these multiple attacks coordinatored, sophisticated and if it is isis for iran, the attacks are unprecedented. at least 12 people dead. more than 40 wounded in two attacks in the heart of tehran. assailants storming the parliament. video inside the building showing a gunman walking into an office. outside gunshots ringing throughout the street. chaos outside as people flee. lawmakers in session when the siege began. among those trying to escape, children. this picture showing police inside the parliament building
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helping a child to safety. while another attack began minutes away at the shrine. detonating a bomb at the historic site overnight isis claiming responsibility for attacks. >> and again the situation is now contained but this clearly wasn't easy. george, there were reports that one of the gunmen was outside and was able to return and get back into the building. george. >> martha, i think a lot of americans don't realize isis is an enemy of the iranian regime but this is the first major attack inside the capital. >> it is. this does not happen inside tehran. it was basically a suicide mission. i'm sure it will probably end with the deaths of these gunmen. but this is a huge wakeup call this morning george for iran. >> thanks. now to details on the terror attack in paris. one of the most visited tourist
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sites. a man targeted police outside notre dame cathedral. inside, hundreds on lockdown sitting in the pews with their arms in the air. abc's james longman is there with the latest on all of that. good morning, james. >> reporter: good morning, amy. yes, this morning the paris prosecutor confirming that a declaration of allegiance to isis was found in the attacker's apartment even though the authorities had no previous knowledge of him. at 4:20 p.m. local time tuesday, surveillance video shows a man wielding a hammer attack an officers standing guard outside the cathedral, reportedly shouting, this is for syria. watch again. within seconds the officer shoots and wounds the attacker as people on the plaza scatter. [ sirens ] lying on the ground, police say he shouted i am a shoulder of the caliphate. an algerian identity card found on him. cell phone recorded by an american tourist, kyle riches, shows an officer standing over the assailant. >> we heard the two gunshots and he had blood coming out from his leg.
7:16 am
>> reporter: as police rush to the scene at least 900 people were kept inside the 12th century church. and look at this. a startling image from the pews. people ordered to put their hands up. nancy soderberg, a former american ambassador to the u.n., was there. >> they made us put our hands up saying there may be accomplices there so we'll search everything and that's when people got quiet and nervous. people thought there might be an attacker inside the church. >> reporter: a priest said the lord's prayer to help calm people held inside for what one witness says felt like two hours. >> it was nice to be around people from all over the world getting through it sitting calmly together. >> reporter: this morning, the attacker is in hospital being guarded by police. france has been under a state of emergency since 2015 and since then there have been four attacks on the security services. amy. >> all right, such stunning images, frightening moments there, thank you, james. michael.
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thank you, amy. and turning now to dramatic testimony in the bill cosby trial. the former comedian coming face-to-face with his accuser in court and abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: it was arguably the most anticipated moment of the trial. andrea constand walking into a packed courtroom tuesday where she gave tearful testimony about an alleged sexual assault by bill cosby 13 years ago. >> we are just so proud of her for maintaining her composure and i think she answered the questions to the best of her ability. >> reporter: the former temple university employee, testified about what she says happened in 2004 at cosby's pennsylvania home. she says she saw cosby as a mentor and when he gave her three blue pills to ease her stress, she took them but quickly started feeling dizzy. i was trying to get my hand to move or my legs to move, she said. but i was frozen. constand says cosby then sexually assaulted her. i wanted it to stop, she said as she cried on the stand.
7:18 am
cosby who said their encounter was consensual sat rather stoically during her testimony, until at one point, where she got somewhat graphic, and he began vigorously shaking his head in disagreement. during the testimony of another witness yesterday, the defense was able to establish a pretty significant inconsistency in the account of the only other accuser involved in this case. a six-year discrepancy in when she says that she was assaulted by bill cosby. in the meantime, the cross-examination of andrea constand continues this morning. as you would expect, the defense not pulling any punches, michael. >> all right, thank you, linsey. i'm sure we'll hear a lot more on that. we'll go to ginger now. and ginger, there is flooding in florida. >> almost 5 inches of rain. record rainfall in ft. lauderdale, west of davie, you have this. this is from the florida panhandle. that young lady standing, the house in the background chest deep in water. some places up to 14 inches in the everglades. more to come. let's get to the rainy cities now brought to you by walmart.
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good morning. i'm meteorologist mike nicco from abc7 mornings. low clouds will turn into high clouds in the cooler afternoon on the way. a chance of showers thursday to a lesser extent saturday and a warming trend next week. as far as today's tts, 50s along the coast to 62 at san francisco. youer 60s, low 70s around the bay. tonight, mid to upper 50s. little bit warmer with chance of light ranl in the north bay. the rest of us scattered s
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coming up, new details about that 25-year-old government contractor arrested for leaking top secret documents about russia. we'll tell you what her parents are saying. and can king james make a comeback? he just might have a secret weapon. weapon. he might just have a secret weapon. sked a group of young pee when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. moms know their kids need love, encouragement and milk. with 8 grams of natural protein, and 8 other nutrients to provide balanced nutrition.
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good morning to you. i'm natasha zouves from abc7 mornings. we are just getting in photos of horses in golden gate park running loose. video, rather. officials are trying to figure exactly what happened here. so far, no reports of any injuries but if you plan on going to the park please watch out for these horses. watch out for slow traffic at this hour, too. we had a motorcycle down before the west grant overcrossing and probably cleared out of lanes now and the metering lights on, very, very slow. a couple of problems, five cars involved. this is eastbound 80 before seminary. apparently just cleared to the shoulder and accident at avalon on 280 near daly city and that's very slow, too. >> sue, thanks.
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hi there. we have a lot of cloud cover this morning. haven't heard of drizzle. temperatures running pretty much where they were yesterday. small craft advisory north of the bay bridge. east of golden gate. 2:00 to 9:00, gusty conditions there. storm impact scale, i know it's june but we have a storm coming tomorrow with some scattered light showers. up to a third of an inch in the north bay and elsewhere less than a tenth of an inch and best chance tomorrow morning in the north bay. the storm will taper and so will the chances of scattered showers as we head into the afternoon and evening hours. it's going to remain cooler than average for friday. slight chance of rain in the north bay saturday and then back to summer by monday and tuesday. natasha? >> all right. thank you so much, mike. unraveling the mystery of the young woman accused of leaking top secrets. the reporting is next. of course, we will have another abc7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on abc7news preponderate come and the free abc7 news app.
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talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work. james trying to harass curry. curry off the dribble, layup off the glass. >> welcome back to "gma" and that's lebron james and steph curry going head-to-head in game two of the nba finals and the king getting schooled right there by the warriors superstar and lebron and the cavs are now down by two games and the big question is, can they make a comeback tonight? we'll take a look at what lebron is wearing on his feet at practice. some say the shoes, it could be the shoes. they could be the secret weapon. we'll tell you why coming up. >> or a superstition. >> i almost did that this morning. i didn't want to mess up everybody. >> superstition. >> i used to talk to my socks and they used to tell me -- >> what did you tell your socks? >> which foot should you be on. >> i'm so glad i asked that
7:31 am
question. >> i don't want a baby at 56 years old, george, so you leave me alone. we have breaking news for our viewers in the west. president trump is nominating former justice department official christopher ray as the fbi director ahead of fired director james comey's bombshell testimony tomorrow. take a look at the new video showing new zealand's boat capsizing. three were thrown overboard but everyone is accounted for and new zealand is leading against great britain. >> we start with the latest on the 25-year-old intelligence contractor reality winner who is charged with leaking classified information about the russia hacking. her family speaking out and brian ross with the details. good morning brian. >> the mystery is unraveling about the young woman who took the bold step of sending a top
7:32 am
secret document to reporters to prove the russians were hacking the american election. it's a clear violation of the law if true and her life will never be the same if the u.s. government and the fbi prepare to make an example out of her for leaking. until now, reality winner, her real name was best known as a fitness enthusiast who posted videos online of her exploits. >> yes! >> reporter: but now the 25-year-old gym rat faces prosecution under the espionage law for sending top secret documents to an internet website called the intercept. her parents in augusta, georgia, told wsb reporter nicole carr, they are distraught. >> i've seen so many ugly things out there. she doesn't deserve that and i just want her treated fair. >> reporter: their daughter worked in augusta at a branch of the nsa, national security agency. she was technically employed by a government contractor. >> contractors typically have top secret security clearance which means they have in theory a full division but they're not
7:33 am
subject to continuous monitoring by the agency. >> reporter: and that has been a serious problem for america spy agencies. most notably was edward snowden, who america's intelligence committee relies on facing charges of espionage for the secrets he stole and gave to journalists. as depicted in "snowden" he was able to easily outwit nsa security measures. >> i feel like i'm made to do this. he sees himself as an american hero. >> i'm glad for the decisions that i made. >> reporter: since snowden there's been the case of private contractor harold martin, authorities say they discovered top secret documents in martin's car and his backyard shed that revealed he had been systemically stealing from the nsa for some 20 years. >> i think contractors generally don't have that same sense of devotion, that same sense of permanency, that same sense of patriotism that civil servants have. >> reporter: in the case of
7:34 am
reality winner also a yoga instructor who called an orange fascist, six-year air force veteran before becoming a contractor for the nsa and according to court documents the fbi quickly figured out she was one of only six people who had printed the leaked top secret document and found she was the only one of the six in e-mail contact with the journalists. the fbi says winner has admitted to being the leaker. >> she does plan on entering a plea of not guilty. she is looking forward to her day in court and allowing a jury of her peers to make the final determination. >> reporter: she faces up to ten years in prison. the information in the leaked document revealed the u.s. had solid evidence that russian spies had tried to hack into voter registration offices around the country just before the election. information some say this morning should have never been kept secret from the american people in the first place. >> that fact has been lost in all this. thanks very much. martha raddatz back for more on all this.
7:35 am
we know winner, an accomplished speaker in foreign languages, served several years in the air force. what do we know that she was doing? >> her title was cryptologic language analysis. she was a linguist as you said so what she would do for the nsa is probably listen to intercepts and translate any intercepts from countries where she spoke the language. pakistan, afghanistan, iran and anything like that to do with intercepts as we said would require a top secret clearance. >> apparently this clearance was enough to get into the files about the russia interference even though it wasn't the area she was working on. >> she apparently leading to the fbi put search terms into find what she wanted allegedly. now, more than 4 million people have clearances, george, about 1.3 million are top secret background checks are never perfect. they're simply not the manpower to know everything about everybody and they're usually only reupped every five years but i think one of the things
7:36 am
that is quite glaring here her social media and the criticisms of the president and policies, the director of national intelligence has empowered federal background investigators to incorporate social media into their routine vetting processes. >> do you anticipate them doing more to crack down now on these contractors? >> reporter: boy, i think they're going to try to take a hard look but i think i just have to come back to the fact that it's manpower. they really only have the manpower to do this every five years. as i said like 1.3 million have top secret clearance. who is monitoring all that social media? >> okay, martha raddatz, thanks very much. all right, coming up in just two minutes the young woman now on trial accused of encouraging her friend to take his own life. what she said in their text messages.
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a young woman facing manslaughter charges accused of encouraging a young man she claims was her boyfriend to commit suicide through a series of text messages. abc's adrienne bankert is outside that courthouse in massachusetts with the very latest in the case. good morning, adrienne. >> reporter: good morning to you, amy. yes, prosecution focusing on witness testimony that these two only saw each other a few types in person but texted each other day and night and that this young woman's motive was to get the attention and sympathy of a grieving girlfriend. this morning, 20-year-old michelle carter on trial accused of encouraging the young man she says she loved to take his own life. >> the defendant needed something to get their attention. and she used conrad as a pawn in her sick game of life and death. >> reporter: carter's charged with involuntary manslaughter after 18-year-old conrad roy iii committed suicide in 2014. dying from carbon monoxide poisoning after he locked
7:40 am
himself inside his truck. at the heart of the case, tens of thousands of texts between the two including in the hours leading up to roy's death, carter apparently telling him, it's time. and you need to just do it. >> she replies, you are ready and prepared. all you have to do is turn on the generator and you will be free and happy. when he delayed she expressed frustration and even anger. >> reporter: according to prosecutors carter even texting him to get back in the truck when he has second thoughts. >> it was the defendant who ordered him back in. then listened for 20 minutes as he cried in pain, took his last breath and died. >> reporter: but the defense argues that carter had tried before to talk roy out of harming himself. saying carter struggled with her own depression. her attorney blaming her behavior on the meds she was taking. >> it's a suicide. even if somebody supports another individual in a suicide, it doesn't create a homicide. >> reporter: roy's mother admits
7:41 am
her son was troubled but says he was getting better. >> i knew he was a little depressed but i thought he was doing better. >> reporter: roy's sister who was just 13 at the time testifies that days before the funeral, carter asked for some of his ashes. >> she needed to be special. she told conrad before he would kill himself that he should tweet her that she should be the last shoutout before he died. >> reporter: now between these thousands of texts the defense points out it's roy that tells carter he regrets claging her in for his plans. a judge will decide whether or not she's guilty. if convicted she faces up to 20 years in prison. amy. >> all right, adrienne, thank you. veteran felony prosecutor nancy grace joins us from atlanta and, it's interesting because in a state of massachusetts it is not illegal to encourage someone to commit suicide.
7:42 am
those texts are pretty hard to listen to. what do you think the prosecution's case is? how strong is it? >> well, you're right about that. it is not illegal in that jurisdiction to encourage someone to commit suicide. however, in this case, it could be construed as more than just encouraging. actually aiding and abetting. if you really look at these thousands of texts which i have studied very carefully, i've spoken to the victim's family as well as the defense attorney, she actually tells him how to commit suicide. how to jerry-rig a generator, how to set up the apparatus so he can die. it's thousands of texts, thousands of phone calls, it goes on and on and on. the defense is also relying on freedom of speech. but let me remind everyone, freedom of speech is not unfettered. you can't go in a theater and yell fire and watch people trip as they try to get out.
7:43 am
all speech is not protected. >> carter as we heard waived her right to a jury trial. a judge is going to decide this case. how does that impact what we see happen? >> that may be the single most important factor in this case. the defense attorney very wise to do that because when i read these texts, i know it's wrong, that he would be alive as the family says if not but for her. however, a judge will remove all that emotion and maybe think along the lines of she wasn't even there. how could she have made him commit suicide? it's a very emotional issue and by getting rid of the jury they may be getting rid of that emotion. >> nancy, what about her age? she was 17 at the time of the alleged crime. does that play a role in this? >> well, here's the deal. now she looks like a mature
7:44 am
young lady. she is very, very controlled. he was younger than her and he had had depression. she knew that. he was an easy target. it was all about her getting the attention from a dead boyfriend and people noticing her. i think that is the takeaway the judge will have. >> it'll be interesting to see if she takes the stand or not. nancy grace, thank you so much for your time. we appreciate it. michael, over to you. >> coming up on our big board we have the passenger who said he was attacked on a plane by an emotional support dog. and can king james make a comeback? why his shoes could be a lucky charm. , i know you worry i can't keep up with our weekly tee times. but i've been taking osteo bi flex ease. it's 80% smaller, but just as effective at supporting range of motion and shows improved joint comfort in seven days. which means you're in big trouble, son. you will bow to my exquisite short game.
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7:46 am
[ minion gibberish ] of the summer. we're going back to villainy. despicable me 3. ♪ [ snapping ] rated pg. back now with our big board and let's start with that disturbing incident on a delta flight. it happened on sunday. a passenger was viciously attacked by his seat mate's emotional support dog. the man was rushed off the plane
7:47 am
and treated for severe injuries to his face. david kerley joins us now so this is incredibly scary. what can you tell us about the attack? >> reporter: imagine it, amy, you're sitting in the window seat and somebody is in the middle seat with a 50-pound dog and starts growling at the victim. he asks is his dog going to bite me. the dog does attack him in the face and passengers heard it and saw what the victim looked like afterwards. >> you know, david -- >> his face was covered in blood. around his eye, nose, his cheeks, shirt. when he walked out he had a cloth over his face and it was just completely bloody. >> reporter: so the victim was taken to the hospital. the dog and the man were taken off the plane. they were accommodated on another flight by delta, this time, though, guys, that dog was in a crate. >> yeah, and, david, this is such a heated debate about service animals on planes and there are turkeys, pigs people have as service animals. why such a polarizing issue right now?
7:48 am
>> yeah, we've seen a lot of animals on aircraft as you mentioned, rabbits, hedgehogs, dogs, as well. there is a difference here. service dogs are trained but underneath the umbrella of service dogs are emotional support animals this. could be somebody's pet, something they want to bring on to comfort them during the flight. now, this is so worrying to flight attendants who say we don't want a zoo on our aircraft. they filed a letter with the government a year ago with disability groups and one of the airlines saying, hey, listen, change the rules and separate it. service animals and then we want emotional care animals separate and tell us what they should be and what we can accept. the government hasn't done anything about that letter, guys. >> the story, though, i'm sure making a lot of people think twice about that. >> absolutely. amy, and now to tonight's big showdown. lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers hoping to turn things around in the nba finals as they head back home to ohio but
7:49 am
they're down two games to the golden state warriors. the same spot they were in last year when they staged a big comeback and t.j. holmes is joining us from quicken loans arena in cleveland. t.j., you know, last year the cavs ended up pulling off that dramatic comeback. what can they do to turn it around this year, man? >> yeah, strahan, down 2-0, the cavs are after getting blown out the first two games at golden state so seems weird for me to argue they got the warriors exactly where they want them because this is exactly where they were last year and, of course, they pulled it off. what are they going to do to turn it around? lebron james and coach tyronn lue argued nothing. they're not going to get away from that. they're playing against with that high octane, high pace, one of the most potent offenses we have seen in the nba with the warriors who put up 132 points in game two, that's the pose points we've seen in a finals game since 1987 and, guys, we have been talking about cavs/warriors 3 like we're seeing this again.
7:50 am
you got to remember the warriors are not the same team. they added kevin durant, kevin durant who has been one of the best two, three, four, five players in the league the past five plus years. it's essentially like warren buffett winning the powerball lottery. the rich just got richer. so this is a different team they're trying to keep up with. >> maybe that's why lebron is pulling out a secret weapon during practice. i called it a superstition earlier. go ahead and tell us. >> secret weapon, i mean, come on like spike lee told us years ago it must be the shoes. lebron is with nike and has his own brand of shoes and everything, he's wearing kobe bryant shoes in practice. does he want to rub off the mama juice, maybe he's telling us he wants to retire like kobe soon. >> we'll have our eye on the
7:51 am
game. thank you t.j. and david as well. and you can see game three tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc and coming up, we have an important health alert. the new risks over moderate drinking. ate drinking. les. essential for him, but maybe not for people with rheumatoid arthritis. because there are options. like an "unjection™". xeljanz xr. a once daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz xr can reduce pain, swelling and joint damage, even without methotrexate. xeljanz xr can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma and other cancers have happened. don't start xeljanz xr if you have an infection. tears in the stomach or intestines, low blood cell counts and higher liver tests and cholesterol levels have happened. your doctor should perform blood tests before you start and while taking xeljanz xr, and monitor certain liver tests. tell your doctor if you were in a region where fungal infections are common and if you have had tb, hepatitis b or c,
7:52 am
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7:56 am
hey good morning to you. i'm natasha zouves from abc7 mornings. mike nick toe is here with the weather now. >> hi, everybody. we have flight arrival delays of 50 minutes of sfo. extreme sunshine even with the high clouds today. going to be out and about comfortable temperature-wise. breezy north of the bay bridge. storm impact scale tomorrow one. a third of an inch in the north bay. the rest of us less than a tenth of an inch. cool through saturday an then little bit warmer next week. sue? >> updating an accident over oakland. it's 580 westbound direction. there are five vehicles involved. most of them are off to the shoulder now. but look at the very slow traffic westbound 580. take 880 or look at 880. that with the red sensors are also from oakland to the maze. accident southbound 280 after
7:57 am
avalon. that's been cleared and the damage is done. southbound 280 jammed. >> all right. we appreciate the update. thank you. coming up, the hot diet that promises weight loss. is it safe? details next. another abc7 news giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking this morning, deadly terror attacks overseas. isis claims responsibility for two assaults in iran. terrorists tear through part as lawmakers meet. a suicide bomber blows himself up at a famous shrine. the attack injure dozens this morning. the health alert about moderate drinking and your brain. could just five glasses a week of wine have dangerous long-term effects? just call them ocean's four. amal clooney gives birth to twins. and george with a hilarious statement on their birth. their famous friends with special deliveries. everything we know about little alexander and ella. hack your health. how top athletes and celebrities are doubling down on the keto diet. high in fat, super low in carbs. is it the key to losing weight
8:01 am
without ever being hungry? our nutritionist weighs in. get ready to be scared. out of their new horror movie, riley keough and joel edgerton live. they're here to say -- >> good morning, america. good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] good morning, america. breaking news we want to get right to. >> great to have everyone here. the latest on the clooney twins and michael i know you just sat down with courtney love. >> she opened up about huh new role. she tells us how her daughter reminds her of her husband. interesting consideration. >> then we have got some sweet summer dishes.
8:02 am
>> breaking news. president trump leaving for ohio today announced he is nominating christopher ray to replace james comey. he served working under comey for two years. he served as new jersey governor chris christie's attorney during the bridgegate scandal. good morning jon. >> reporter: the president's announcement of his pick to be fbi director came this morning via twitter. a simple tweet saying i will be nominating christopher ray to be the new director of the fbi. details to follow. the timing of the announcement and the way it came came as a complete surprise to most of the senior staff. did not know the president would be tweeting that. sent in somewhat of a scramble to talk about the new choice for fbi director. he is widely respected.
8:03 am
experienced in the doj and somebody who has support early on from democrats as well as republicans. but he will face tough questions about his independence and about the fact that as you mentioned, he was the personal attorney for governor chris christie during bridgegate. amy. >> we have new details about what fired fbi director james comey is expected to say when he testifies before congress tomorrow. he's expected to describe rep t repeated encounters with president trump that made him uneasy. comey was so uncomfortable. he told jeff sessions he did not want to be left alone with the president. meanwhile, right now senators are hearing from deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and the director of national intelligence dan coats. "the washington post" reporting president trump asked coats to persuade comey to back off the investigation into national security adviser michael flynn but coats decided it would be
8:04 am
inappropriate. sources say attorney general jeff sessions offered to resign because of a strained relationship with president trump. the friction stems from sessions' decision to recuse himself from the russia investigation. and the other breaking story, isis has claimed responsibility for two attacks in iran. one inside the iranian parliament. the other at a shrine. the first attacks claimed by isis in that country and abc's martha raddatz has the latest. >> good morning. this is unprecedented for iran, that deadly assault on the iranian capital ending after an hour's long siege which included suicide bombers and male attackers dressed as women. four attackers have been killed after unleashing a barrage of bullets inside parliament and attacking that shrine. at least 12 people have been killed and more than 40 wounded. isis also releasing some video just after it happened showing one of the gunmen in an office
8:05 am
building before he opened fire. the images too gruesome to show. so the attack was coordinatored with the release of that video as well. amy. >> and also, breaking right now, a military plane with 120 people onboard is missing over southeast asia. the plane belongs to the military and there may have been a technical problem. the weather was not a problem and a search is under way. a new study raising concern about drinking alcohol even in moderation. over time moderate drinking which they design as one or two small drinks seems to alter the brain leading to memory loss and language problems later in life. hundreds of people in their 40s and followed them for decades and found moderate drinkers were more likely to have a form of brain damage that could cause memory loss than nondrinkers.
8:06 am
more research is needed. one family's close encounter with wild life. babb boons raiding the kitchen in the house. seven trashing the house after a patio door was left open. this is probably the best part. they drank bubble soap their son left out on the porch and they saw them on the roof burden of proving bubbles. can't make it up. >> funny enough. >> straight ahead there. >> hope they didn't mess up their deposit. >> yes. >> all right. now we got some "pop news." >> we begin with theater and this song. ♪ >> get ready everybody for
8:07 am
working girl the musical. so excited. [ applause ] very near and dear to our hearts. they had 1988 film starring harrison ford, directed by the great mike nickels. set to music by cyndi lauper. composing the music for the award winning show kinky boots. carly simon won for the movie's theme. let the river run. no word on if she'll have a role which is being written as we speak. excited about that. >> you guys love to go to the theater right? >> yes. >> if you believe in life after love. get ready for cher the musical. cher confirming she too is coming on to broadway. taking to twitter to say the show will hit broadway in 2018.
8:08 am
jason moore will direct this. so two fun shows that will help you turn back time. >> that's nice. i like it. very nice. very nice. >> i'm just going to play it straight today. look for music from the beautiful voice of sam smith. the grammy winner posting photos of himself and his team. simply captioning each picture with the word recording. jimmy napes is featured in the pictures. a very good sign and producer also confirmed he's working with smith on the new music. the debut album raked in four grammys and had a soldout tour. we cannot wait to hear that. [ applause ] >> finally, it's getting warm
8:09 am
out. we have good weather. do you love the feeling of sitting on the grass on a warm spring day? >> of course. >> this little girl does not share your feeling people. [ laughter ] >> avoiding touching a single blade of grass. teaching herself this trick. future gymist. >> very flexible. >> everybody that is your sweet ending to "pop news" on this show. [ applause ] >> that's great. >> coming up new details about george clooney's twins. >> plus the keto diet taking over hollywood and sports. what you need to know about the foods that are a part of it. ookg when frankie popped the alligator floaty. plus, the snacks and drinks are gone, people.
8:10 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ tango! for the guy who finds a way. always unstoppable. ♪ baby love
8:14 am
back now with hollywood's happy new family, george and amal clooney becoming first time parent, welcoming twins, ella and alexander. abc's diane macedo is here with all the details. good morning, diane. >> good morning to you, so just in time for father's day, george clooney is now a dad. and we're told that amal and the babies are doing great. but getting a lot of attention not only because of the news but the hilarious way they announced it. hollywood's one-time most eligible bachelor is now a first-time father at 56. george and amal clooney welcomed their twins daughter ella and son alexander tuesday morning in the uk. the proud parents say in a statement, ella, alexander and amal are all healthy, happy and doing fine. george is sedated and should recover in a few days. >> it is classic george clooney to have wit and a sense of humor about life. >> reporter: clooney tied the knot with amal in 2014 at 53 and has admitted that being a
8:15 am
first-time dad later in life has made him the butt of his friends' jokes. >> a table of eight guys and all their kids are away in college and we're sitting there and they're all being supportive, you know, it's going to be fine, you'll be great. you'll love it then it got quiet and all just started making baby crying. and the whole table just busted up laughing. >> reporter: his friend matt damon talking about george and fatherhood. >> he said, well, you have, you know, four and i said, yeah, but not at once. one at a time. i don't know how anybody does twins. >> reporter: clooney has been very vocal about his excitement. >> we're really happy and excited and it's going to be an adventure. >> reporter: the best wishes are pouring in from so many including ellen who says from now on she's calling them ocean's four. and clooney's business partner rande gerber who showed off a special delivery for the new dad. diapers and tequila. gerber and his wife cindy crawford celebrated early pictured on mother's day with
8:16 am
the caption, here's to moms and moms-to-be. as for the happy family's future he has spoken out. about what life may look like as new parents. the couple known for their humanitarian work around the world are likely giving up life on the edge with clooney telling paris match we decided to be more responsible to avoid danger. i won't go to south sudan or congo anymore. amal won't go to iraq and avoid places where she knows she's not welcome. >> it's going to change a lot of things but that's okay. that's life and that's the way it's supposed to be. >> reporter: these kids will clearly not be short on people who love them. amal's mother apparently is already buying them presents. here's a photo of her shopping. we're told she picked up two sleep suits for the twins and two things any new parent can be grateful for. any help from grandma. anything that will help the babies sleep. >> and the parents sleep too. >> that's what the tequila is for. >> thank you so much for that. coming up, at the popular new keto diet. the foods to eat and are they really good for you?
8:17 am
yo pomeranian scoots. yopomestachits. oh! triscuit topped with yogurt, pomegranate and pistachios. yopomestachioscuit. well that rolls off the tongue. hard to say, easy to make. triscuit. make 'scuit happen. i'm karen, i'm a teacher.olfer.
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hey, welcome back to "good morning america." it's time for your "gma" moment and for this one we go to sylvania, ohio. so right near toledo. little puppy, winston, checking on daddy, tyson. oh, hold on. i thought that was so good. the best story, tyson is like, i don't want to deal with you, little guy. you can send your "gma" moment to us. we want to share some positivity. go to my facebook page and post it right there, anything funny, cute. we want to get a little smile. good morning. i'm meteorologist mike nicco from abc7 mornings. low clouds will turn into high clouds in the cooler afternoon on the way. a chance of showers thursday to a lesser extent saturday and a
8:22 am
warming trend next week. as far as today's tts, 50s along the coast to 62 at san francisco. youer 60s, low 70s around the bay. tonight, mid to upper 50s. little bit warmer with chance of light ranl in the north bay. the rest of us scattered s there's now a new food craze taking over hollywood really and the world called the keto diet. some say it's the quote, holy grail of good health and weight loss. is it actually good for you? abc's mara schiavocampo is taking a closer look. good morning to you, mara. >> reporter: good morning, lara. it's been described as the atkins diet on steroids and consists of getting more than 70% of your calories from fat. that might sound crazy but it's the best way to drop pounds without ever being hungry and gives you plenty of energy but does it work and is it safe? it's the latest weapon in the battle of the bulge. the keto diet. recently skyrocketing in
8:23 am
popularity from celebrities like kim kardashian and adrianna lima to lebron james and tim tebow. the keto diet is designed to get you into a state called ketosis when your body is so low on carbs, it starts burning fat for fuel. >> this will help you lose weight. the caveat is follow it for some months. you want to make sure it's supervised and that you really are getting the right percentages. >> reporter: so just how do you do it? keto dieters drastically cut carbs to about 10% of their daily diet. in some cases just 20 grams a day. >> put all your carbs of the day together. what does that look like? >> maybe a slice of bread. >> that's it. >> that's it. >> reporter: 31-year-old samantha has been on it for four weeks. your breakfast looks different. >> all my meals are different. >> so far it's working. samantha losing 17 pounds and counting. but she says it's not just great for weight loss. she feels better overall too.
8:24 am
>> i have more energy with this one running around. my workouts have gotten so much better. definitely have more stamina. >> reporter: the other keys to keto, getting about 20% of your calories from protein and eating lots of fat. for some more than 70% of their diet. >> so this glass of olive oil represents the recommended intake of fat. >> reporter: on the keto diet. this is more than five times the recommended intake for daily fat. >> reporter: some argue this diet is not all it's cracked up to be. possibly leading to muscle loss and depriving your brain of its preferred source of fuel, carbs. critics also argues it's nearly impossible to follow long term. >> the jury is kind of out on whether or not it's safe on the long term. what most studies say you can follow a ketogenic diet for some months. not multiple months. you don't want the body to stay in ketosis long term. >> if you are going to try it
8:25 am
make sure your high fat intake is coming from healthy fats like olive oil, avocados and nuts. don't do butter or any -- >> you've been doing it. >> yeah, about a week so it's not that far into it. it's not about losing weight but being strong and about not being hungry all the time. i'm an eating machine. so i'm just kind of changing what i'm eating so i had like a burger without a bun and just that kind of thing so i feel stronger and better right now so so far so good but day five. >> you said there was a certain anti-cancer element. >> a lot of research that is being done about this diet and as a cancer survivor i want to make myself as strong as possible and some believe there's anti-cancer benefits to it. >> half a bagel or half a muffin. you're done for the day with carbs. >> this is your carb intake. >> for the entire day, right. but you can stretch it. there are ways to stretch it. if you go for fruit, then net carbs are lower, you can subtract the fiber. this is the equivalent of that amount. this is 50 grams of carbs and this is 50 grams of the
8:26 am
processed carbs. go for vegetables you can get even more. this is the equivalent of this. >> i had cauliflower rice instead of regular rice. with lettuce wraps and chicken. >> i need to know how to make that. so a potato is a vegetable. which have more carbs. >> there's a great rule of thumb that you can use to help you remember. this -- these three potatoes is the equivalent of all these vegetables. things that are grown below ground, potatoes, radish, carrots will have a lot higher carb count than those above ground. shopping in the grocery store, easy to remember. >> you can see why you're not hungry. >> i love this. amy, thank you. coming up, salma hayek. with us live.
8:27 am
hello there. 8:27. i'm reggie aqui. we do have an update of golden gate park in san francisco. a lot of the park's horses somehow got out of the corral and were walking around freely this morning. we have that update that the horses have now been corralled. they're back in their enclosure. police are investigating exactly what happened here. who let the horses out? >> exactly. >> all right. here we go. west to eastbound -- pardon me. eastbound to westbound, tough commute. the bridges are jammed up at the height of the commute this morning. give yourself extra time. problem spots here in the bay area. we have got slow traffic towards cupertino, northbound 280 before
8:28 am
85 with an accident. >> thank you, sue. meteorologist mike i need the phone that's where i happen to be... to be the one that rings. i need not to be missed phone calls... to not be missed. i need seamless handoff... canyon software. from reception, to landline, to mobile. i need one number... not two. i'm always moving forward... because i can't afford to get stuck in the past.
8:29 am
comcast business. built for business. comcast business. welcome to maxx you. you are whimsical, vibrant, statement making. we see what makes you unique. so we have something for everyone, at a price that's just right for you. maxx you. maxx life. t.j.maxx good to see you this morning. check out the temperatures. 60s around brentwood and san mateo, the rest of us in the 50s. out and about today, sunshine filtered by the high clouds and breeze north of the bay bridge on the water there. bah careful. chance of scattered showers tomorrow. >> thank you, mike. we'll see you in 30 minutes.
8:30 am
until then, you can always join us on the news app and ♪s on the news app and welcome back to "gma," everybody. and we have a great audience here with us this morning. than you guys for coming in. [ applause ] and we have truly one of our favorite guests. she's the hilarious and talented actress now starring in "beatriz at dinner." please welcome salma hayek. [ applause ] >> yay. [ applause ] >> hi again. every week. >> nice to see you. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> hi. >> hello. >> my man. >> what's up? how are you? >> i'm good. i'm good. >> we got to do that one more
8:31 am
time. >> yes. >> there you go. >> you're a regular now. >> strange finger, michael. >> i have a crooked finger. >> it throws me off. >> well, welcome, salma you have a great sense of style. we actually have our first topic is about what you wear. a columnist said three years ago he said he would wear the same thing to the office every day and just buys multiple versions of the exact same outfit and not only does it simplify things. >> in the summer, that's his summer outfit. everyone knows what to expect. george, you're not going to go with that look. >> either is she. >> well, the only outfit, what do you think of the strategy? people know what to expect from you? would you wear the same thing every day? >> how boring. >> yeah. >> no, i would not wear the -- i couldn't wear the same thing every day at home like if nobody
8:32 am
sees me, i do like to wear my pajamas. >> we actually -- i think we have an instagram of you wearing pajamas. >> yes. >> i was so excited because now it's hip to go out that way. >> look how cute you are. >> gucci made it fashionable but i think that the way we put ourselves together sometimes in the morning, gives us -- >> yep. >> it makes your creativity, you know, pop and you get to be, you know, different people like, i'm every woman depending how you feel. you know and then what if you have a date and you want to seduce somebody. you know. you got to work it a little. yes. >> i just have a question for you. is that what you think about before you get dressed. >> i would want to wear the same thing every day but now i'm shaped out of it.
8:33 am
>> you're a guy. my husband had different shoots to go work and he's like in fashion and he said, no, it's easy to -- but i changed that thing. >> yes, you did. >> you know what's interesting people only wear 25% of what's in their closet. >> i believe it. >> i'm sure that's true. >> if you focus on that 25% you can make it great. >> what if you reduce your 100% to 25% and you only wear 25% of your 25%. >> now you have no options. >> then you're in a uniform. >> make me feel like i'm back in school. oh, god, i couldn't wait to get out of that one. no. >> in your new movie you simplify the way you dress in this movie and play a masseuse. you don't wear any makeup. how was that for you to let it all go? >> it was great. it was great. you know, there was a sense of freedom that i was not expected to look good. i was not even myself was not expected to look good and i got
8:34 am
to play a beautiful woman that was so beautiful inside. and in the movie she sucks you in. you really are interested this her and you find the beauty and that is so important today. so i really loved not having to worry about the hair and the makeup and really just focusing on the part and i could sleep a little later. [ laughter ] it was good for the budget of the film. >> the great john lithgow in the movie. i heard him interviewed. he raved about working with you. he said he loved this movie. did you feel -- have that same feeling. >> oh, yes, i loved this -- i love this movie. it's probably my favorite movie i've ever made. >> wow. >> i really -- i've seen it many times and every time it's, you know, i find new things in it. it's brilliant. >> let's show everybody here a little bit of it. let's take a look.
8:35 am
>> for a moment i thought you were a different man. a man that bought that. for a minute i freaked out. you know. really because i have to say if you had been that man i would have thought that fate brought us together. >> for what? >> i don't know. revenge maybe. >> ooh. >> this role was written specifically for you. >> yes, yes, yes. it was such a shock because, you know, when you start out, you dream that somebody is going to be inspired by your talent. and some brilliant director and brilliant writers will write something for you. and i mean, it never happened. i have directors, you know like -- i don't know if it was my talent.
8:36 am
looking at the wardrobe he wanted me to wear on that one and then, you know, i grew up and snapped out of that one and at 49 makes me want to cry. >> ah. it's fantastic. >> one of my favorite directors, my favorite director and writer showed up with this gift. >> you turned -- you had a big birthday. you had your big 5-0. >> yes. >> hard to believe. >> filming this movie. >> yes. >> but they had a big surprise for you which is really nice. what did they do as a surprise for your birthday. >> i was really whining that i had to work on my 50th birthday. i'm grateful i'm still working at 50 because that's a miracle in my profession but i was like, really. i mean, my huge party. i want to -- i'm going to be late for that and i arrived with two friends that came from mexico, i said come with me to work because it's my birthday
8:37 am
and then i showed up and they had mariachi for me. it was so nice. and then miguel the director told me, you know, one of the producers was terrified because when we propose a mariachi he said is that politically correct? is she going to think that we're being racist. he was so nervous so played a jock on her and called her up and i said, listen, thank you for the gesture, but mariachi? really? what's for lump, tacos? i said, that's a little bit racist. and she was terrified. i said, no, i'm just kidding. >> the great thing is, you have a great sense of humor. happy belated birthday. and this is not work, i hope but happy belated birthday to you. we're so happy you came to us to talk about your movie, "beatriz at dinner," it hits theaters on friday. go check out the very talented salma hayek, everybody.
8:38 am
coming up, riley keough and joel edgerton from a new horror film "it comes at night." there th someday, gus will invent this thing and change the world. this is the thing that could change gus' world. and this is the doctor that could cure that thing
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so he can grow up to invent this thing. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers.
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we are back now with courtney love, the rock star actress starring in a new movie about the notorious menendez brothers and had a chance to sit down recently to talk about that, her life now and her daughter with the late rocker
8:41 am
kurt cobain. >> takes care of himself. he's always been that way. he's like your father. they always have a solution, a plan. >> it's not true. he saved me. >> you're loyal. don't make the same mistakes i made. >> in this movie you play kitny menendez. >> yes. >> the mother. >> yes. >> who was murdered along with her husband by their sons. >> yes. >> but a twist to a very famous story. >> well, it's taken from the transcripts of the trial and it's a reimaging of the case as though everything they testified to was true. >> the boys said they were being abused by their father. that your character kitty menendez ignored it and it's a very vital role to the movie. how did you prepare for it. >> there's not a lot on kitty. there's like four photos, a little tiny clip or video so i kind of had to like make her up
8:42 am
and i read as many books as i could. we kind of got the point that she was, you know, in life not happy. >> reporter: in ryal the '90s rock tar is happy. living just two minutes away from 24-year-old daughter francis bean, her only child with late husband kurt cobain. >> like to do art together. we like guitar otogether. we hang out a lot. she's a great kid. >> her father passed away when she was really young. >> a year and a half. >> and you raised her out of the public eye. how were you able to do that. >> by not exploiting her too much. not letting her get photographed too much and giving her a normal childhood, as normal as possible for living in beverly hills. >> what kind of advice do you give her now that she's stepping out more? >> i just tell her to follow her heart and do what she wants to do, you know, she wants to do art and do music. >> what is one thing about francis that reminds you of kurt? >> she looks a lot like him so there's always that.
8:43 am
but she's enigmatic like him and got a dry sick kind of sense of humor that he had. i mean he had a really sick sense of humor but dry and she's able to cut people down with one line like he was able to do. he was really good at that. >> so a lot of reminders for you. >> yeah. >> you are your father's daughter. >> oh, definitely. i'm owe sproud of her. she won't do anything until she does it on her own. you know, she's very stubborn that way. >> who does she get that from? >> me, probably. >> i'm always happy to see you. >> thank you. >> all right. i got to say thank to you love and "menendez: blood brothers" premieres sunday on lifetime. make sure you check that out. ginger, over to you. >> hey, michael, what a crowd we have out here. this is emma. her first time to new york and you're from where? >> utah. >> from utah which is going to be really warm tomorrow and guess what, if you stick around here through the weekend which i think you are, you're about to get super warm.
8:44 am
we'll have a legitimate heat wave. this is by monday. we'll call it instant summer because it's been so chilly the numbers are well into the 90s for many folks east of the rockies so, emma, we'll be hi there. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. your day planner for today, increasing high clouds as the low clouds pull away. cooler than average. look for rain in the north that weather brought to you by progressive. i need an orange coat. obviously missed the memo, amy. >> you still look great, ginger. [ applause ] we are here now with joel edgerton and riley keough, they star in hollywood's new horror film, "it comes at night." about two families seeking shelter in a secluded house after a deadly virus attack only to discover the actual terror is inside. >> how can you be positive it was the middle of the night? >> he said he was sure. >> i was wide awake. i'm positive.
8:45 am
>> look, i'm not saying you're lying. i'm says it was the middle of the night. >> i know what i saw. i'm sorry but the door was open before -- >> all right. >> i'm not going to jump to any conclusions. just to be safe i think that we all shouldn't interact for a day or so. >> ooh. given this assignment, i love horror movies. i watched this last night. it is so, so good. but i want to ask you because this is not a strange genre for either one of you. joel you were in "the gift." riley, you were in "the kiss of the damned." do you like scary movies. >> i like them. i don't know if i'm necessarily drawn to them. i think i was drawn -- i was drawn to the filmmaker, to trey but i do enjoy them. >> i like them if they're smart. i mean, look, one of my favorite movies was "get out." like i like to get scared but also to come away with something which is what this film -- a lot about fear that we experience,
8:46 am
about what's in other people's mights and what they're capable of doing to us. >> this keeps you guessing the whole time because you can't figure out where the evil is or where the bad is going to come in. >> exactly. did you see that? >> look. >> centers around family and you're holed up in this house and invite another family and then things start going wrong. tell us a little about the film, joel. >> yeah, myself and calvin harris jr., a wonderful young actor, we're a family and the world has gone wrong in some way and one of the great things about the film you get to discover in little piece what is that might be. and along comes this other family and the question of whether to trust them and invite them in becomes the idea that we can form some kind of community but then once that happens, the question of whether we can trust them and what their actual gender is -- >> i have to say, riley, i couldn't tell if you were going to be good or bad and kept going back and forth throughout the whole movie. that had to be fun and interesting to play as an
8:47 am
actress. >> yeah, it was, i think a lot of that came out during the editing, you know, i felt like i was a good person. >> see, i didn't know if you were. i wasn't so sure i trusted you. i till don't. >> which is really cool. >> i wouldn't. >> good call. >> acting in a movie thinking you were being a really good person and then you watch it and you look like a terrible human being. >> you have seven movies coming out this year, riley. did i count correctly. >> i have no idea. >> i'm curious what you do in your free time. >> work. >> that's about right. >> sleep and then work. >> and, joel, same with you. you have no free time. every time i look around you're in a movie, you're executive producing a movie. what do -- >> watching movies. >> you watch movies. what do you do in your free time, seriously. >> i'm about to go back to australia and, you know, i like to surf. if i'm allowed to. yeah, i mean i think maybe i work a little too much but i've got other interests.
8:48 am
probably terribly boring to talk about on tv. >> we're certainly -- >> needlepoint. >> it's an incredible film. thank you so much. i encourage everyone who likes horror movies own who likes to be thinked a bit. >> go see it. >> it is very smart. i agree. "it comes at night" opens nationwide on friday. our summer kitchen sos. stay with us. ♪ ♪
8:49 am
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♪ we're back now with our summer kitchen sos. elettra weiderman is here with fast food fixes. i love this idea. the name of her book is "impatient foodie" i'm a self-confessed impatient foodie. >> me too. i'm so glad you are. >> what is one? >> i wish i could cook but the recipes take a lot of time and there's a lot of waiting. >> and you're standing in front of your oven doing this. >> i don't time it out right.
8:51 am
>> maybe i need to cook to become one. >> let's talk about this. you have a cool take on eggplant parmesan. >> i love eggplant parmesan but always too impatient to cook it because it takes forever. he ended up making muffin continue parmesan which takes the cooking time down in half. all you have to do. >> nice portion size. >> you just spoon a little bit of marinara sauce or regular tomato sauce and two little eggplants this there and then a little bit of ricotta herb topping just like so. >> and a little mozz. >> a little mozzarella. a sprinkle of saul and bake it and i think in 20 minutes it becoming this. >> i can do that. >> which is so fast. i believe we have a meal, people. >> yes. so excited. >> that's great. >> isn't that great? >> yes. smells delicious i must say. so please try. i like to eat this with either salad for dinner or if i have friends over for cocktails nice hors d'oeuvres to serve, nice and easy.
8:52 am
that's my eggplant parmesan hack. [ applause ] we do have an audience question for you from treasure who is right here. >> hi, treasure. >> hi. >> hi. >> so i love to cook but i hate washing dishes. do you have any simple suggestions? >> i hate washing the dishes too. in fact, all of my recipes are designed around as doing as little dishes as possible. [ applause ] so -- >> i mean, this is getting better by the second. >> if it had too many dishes when i tested it, i nixed it. this is a dish designed by my grandfather and he actually hated doing the dishes too so this is his one-pot pasta he made. i really love this recipe. you know when you go to the market and you need like five basil leaves you but you have to buy a mountain of basil and in your fij going bad and you just feel horribly guilty. this pasta dish is basically all of the herbs that you bought at the farmer's market and you just mince them up or even cut them, there are some scissors here so
8:53 am
let's say you have beautiful chives in your fridge, chop them like really fast into there like so and then you basically add oregano, basil, the only herb i wouldn't do is rosemary because it's too strong delivered. agree. >> tiny bit of lemon zest. pecorino or parmesan cheese and then a little bit of olive oil and it is literally one and done. you don't have to cook anything. >> also a great dessert recipe which we'll share with everybody. thank you so much. this is like life changing. i'm very excited. >> i'm ready to eat. >> it is out now. you can get these recipes on our
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by kohl's. >> i got to be a proud husband. season two of my wife ali's show "nightcap" premieres on pop tv. 8:00, doubleheader. it's very funny. >> got to see it. i'm on it this year. thank you, ali. [ applause ]
8:57 am
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8:59 am
good morning. it's 8:59. i'm reggie aqui. rain is on the way tomorrow. what about today, mike nicco? >> the low clouds give way the high clouds and extreme sunshine from time to time. comfortable temperature-wise. breezy on the bay water north of the bay bridge. storm impact scale for tomorrow one light and scattered showers. less than a tenth of an inch for most of us. maybe nothing in the south bay. sue? >> a live shot from sky7 over a fatal accident on 680 northbound near mission street. a car slammed into that big rig and stuck underneath. waiting for a coroner and avoid 680 and fremont. use 880 if you can. >> thank you. time now for "live with kelly an ryan." see you back here at 11:00 a.m.
9:00 am
and reporting continues on news app and abc7news >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, the beautiful and talented salma hayek, and from the new horror movie "it comes at night," riley keough. and the cohosts will attempt to outsell the winner of the scripps spelling bee. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause]


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