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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 9, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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game four, and you are in the right place to see it. >> this could be it, guys. this is an amazing record they could break. >> 16-0. huge. >> how is that weather? >> we are starting off on a gray note. >> okay. >> got that june gloom going on. do not worry, this afternoon the sunshine coming back in full force. live doppler 7 along with satellite, and the gray shading on the screen, that's the fog. guys, just checked with the faa and no delays at sfo, but the afternoon sunshine will be back and really comfortable temperatures, and we are in the low 70s. we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza right now. the metering lights flipped on a couple minutes later than the rest of the weekdays, so 5:27, i guess we will have to take that. it's friday light for the most part, and not backed up too terribly there throughout the
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maze this morning. things are looking better once you cross over the bridge into san francisco. we had earlier trouble but is that gone at this point. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, not terrible but in the yellow, 39 minutes. and san rafael to san francisco, still in the green at just 16 minutes. next traffic update coming up in less than ten. the warriors have the chance of redemption. >> they can sweep the cavs and win. abc7 news was at arena yesterday, and the warriors could make history tonight by becoming the first team to ever go a perfect 16-0 in the playoffs. draymond green said the team has not talked about it until now. >> i think you should think about it at this point because you want to win that game and you don't want to prolong the series and give a team more and
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more confidence, so it's a re realistic goal and it's something you should push for, and that means you are done. >> if the warriors finish off cleveland tonight it would be the first nba we are counting down to the coverage of the nba finals. you can see the countdown clock, 11 hours and 27 minutes. >> so what if you wanted to go right now and see it happen in cleveland. it's possible. amy hollyfield is live at sfo and just caught up with a dubs' fan headed to cleveland for game four. >> reporter: yeah, he's making a run for it. his flight leaves in 30 minutes and he's going to make it to cleveland in time for tip-off. he spent $500 on his flight, and he has not bought game tickets yet, and price line is saying it's a good deal, it's cheaper
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to fly to cleveland and stay the night and go to the game than it is to go to a game at oracle. and he said his friend who planned ahead bought a flight $80 each day, and he said that's about what it is to park at oracle. after game three he felt like as a true fan it was his duty that he needed to be there for game four. >> i went two years ago and i won and i didn't go last year and they lost so i feel it's my duty to the bay area to go so they win. >> we caught up with him two years ago when he went to cleveland, and now we are all hoping for the same outcome this series. if they do come home, i just did a quick check for online tickets. tonight's tickets start at $250, tonight's tickets start at $250, and at oracle it's
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$800, and that's another reason to hope for a win tonight. >> game four starts tonight at 5:30 here on abc7. right before game four join larry beil and mike shumann, and they will be live tonight at 5:00 p.m. developing news. police in the south bay are looking for people that set this fire and a string of fires. police are hoping surveillance video will help find the person behind the fires. this video was taken on willow street near vine showing somebody on a bicycle riding up to the dumpster and the person pauses for a minute and pedals away, and then moments later the flames light up the area. joe molina lives next door and took this video with his cell phone. >> i heard an explosion and i walked outside and a trash can was lit on fire, and not only
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that, i think it was a liquor store across the street smoking. >> if you have information about the fire you are asked to call the san jose fire department. and then the mugshot of a man that killed a tourist from australia. he faces charges of involuntary manslaughter and assault and battery for the death of matthew bate. he punched bate causing him t fall down and hit his head, and he claims the punch was in self defense. a third person died in the rollover crash in alameda. he had been in critical condition, and we just got word that he was pronounced dead on saturday and the other victims of the crash was two 17-year-olds. the hit that paralyzed a cal rugby player is now under investigation by the collegiate sports governing body.
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cal head coach jack clark said his injuries were preventible because the hit that paralyzed him was illegal. it's not clear what will happen to the player that hit him if that hit is determined as illeg illegal. president trump is responding to comey's testimony. he tweets despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication, and, wow, comey is a leaker. the president did spend some time watching the hearing yesterday and multiple sources say it was not for an extended period. it was the first day since april 15th that the president didn't send a single tweet. and then those close to trump face scrutiny. pthe senate intelligence committee wants to review comey's memos and notes that he was talking about at length
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during yesterday's testimony. those memorandum mos have been over now to the special counsel. >> george, can i just say that the president of the united states declaring that he was total vindicated as a winner, i think he got his results from price waterhouse cooper, because the last time a mistaken wi was declared it was "la la land" at the oscars. one thing they are unwilling to do is go out and be offensive. they are in a defensive crouch. >> mr. trump's son-in-law is going to be interviewed late this month or early next month. the intelligence committee and the intelligence committee and special counsel robert
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the time is 6:11 a.m., and this is a live shot from ocean beach right now. rough surf but also gray skies and most of us waking up to the gray skies but won't finish the day like that. current temperatures out there, good morning oakland, today starting off with clouds and ending with sunshine. cooler temperatures on saturday and then a chance of showers on sunday, best chance in the north bay. that's weather. let's get a check of the roads with alexis. we have one new crash in the vacaville area, but it's counter commute so the east bay side on 80, just before the 505 merge, and it sounded like a rollover crash but it's not flipped over it's just spun out and facing
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sidewalks. that's definitely a blocking situation. a quick check outside. a live look at golden gate bridge. we are socked in and we have several areas that look like this so give yourself extra minutes to make it into work or school today. we will look at drive times coming up at 6:20. and then prone to flooding during the rain, and mill valley working on a plan to reduce the flooding in the town. it's moving forward with a $375,000 project that will study the city's drainage and flood systems. they will do computer modeling to show where the problems are and what work needs to be done. summer is here but are your kids ready for the sun. kids ready for the sun.
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handballer 1: you know what i scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99. you crave it. we serve it. crave van! this new jersey woman, take a look, she's in the hospital this morning. she fell through a sidewalk access door. the 67-year-old was distracted either texting or playing a game on her phone and fell through the open doors. crews had them open because they were repairing gas lines at the time and she is in serious condition this morning. looking at what happened here at this terrible crash
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between two hot air balloons. you can see one was taking off and ran into the other one. the good news here is that air nobody was injured and police who responded there and firefighters are saying this is surprising it didn't go worse, and it's probably because the pirates were so skilled in trying to get out of each other's way, and there's a third balloon that detphraeuts and a guy was hanging upside down from the balloon and slammed into the ground. in any case, this is almost the worst possible scenario but everybody expected to be okay. san francisco paused to celebrate the life of a man that created a symbol known around the world now, the gay pride flag. baker died in march at the age of 65. he was asked to come up with a positive symbol for the gay community 40 years ago.
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♪ ♪ >> abc7 news was inside the castro theater last night when the chorus sang in his honor. >> it's a lively memorial, s celebrating the life and the gift he gave to all of us, which was the gay flag. >> he helped to convince city hall to let the flag soar above castro and market streets. >> where it's still today so we thank him for giving that to us. let's go to drew and look at the weather. it's gloomy outside, drew, but it will change? >> yeah, he's over there. not there. >> we know where he is. let's go over to him at the green screen. -- i think we are going to talk about live doppler 7. right? >> yeah, i'm here.
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that's my bad. it's 6:17 a.m., and live live doppler 7 along with saturday light. the gray shading on your that's low cloud cover at this hour. along the coast, some very dense fog right now. visibility at half moon bay down to a quarter of a mile, so visibility issues later on along the coast. if you are stepping outside, it's muggy and mild out there. mid-50s to low 60s at this hour. 61 in oakland. 55 in san francisco. 60 in san ramon, and napa, 62 degrees. just want to show you dew points. this is the measured amount of moisture in the atmosphere and when numbers hover around 60 degrees, that's when you notice the humidity and that's what it feels like right now. and by 2:00, we're back to total sunshine. highs on your friday, enjoy the
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afternoon. 68 in oakland. 62 in san francisco. about 73, san jose. 72, santa rosa. 69 in richmond. i do want to take you into oracle, if you are going to the watch party, sunshine, and leaving with plenty of stars and fur not going to the watch party can you watch the party right here on abc7. just want to take you into the second half of the weekend, and the reason why, in the north bay we could have a spotty shower. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. clouds and sun on your friday. partly sunny on saturday. there's a chance for showers mainly in the north bay on sunday and then we are brighter and warmer and back to summer-like warmth by next thursday. i already have good news. if you are traveling east bay on 80 through the vacaville area, we have a serious crash there before you get to the 505 merge, and you have that pushed off to the shoulder.
6:20 am
another truck hit a vehicle and they have that in the clearing stages. just a very slight delay there through the vacaville area on the counter commute side. here's our friend, the lovely spider on the bay bridge toll plaza camera, and we have the metering lights on that happened an hour ago. a quick check of drive times this morning, and overall friday light. and about 17 across the bay bridge, and just nine minutes southbound 101, san francisco to sfo. closer look at the south bay coming up at 6:30. we have a new option available to people who want to get to wine country from san francisco without having to drive. >> united express offering three daily not stop flights to charles m. schulz airport, and you are thinking isn't that a short flight? it takes 17 minutes, and covers 66 miles. if there's no traffic it could take 90 minutes to drive there. and i would love to hear from somebody that takes that flight because i don't get it.
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you have to get to the airport early and half of the time sfo is delayed. up next, michael finney has a tip that wants to use their phone while overseas. >> do you know this woman? how police say he was able to steal thousands of dollars from a victim in the nba. and then hours away, specifically -- our countdown clock just disappeared. clock just disappeared. >>
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it's 6:24. a woman is accused of credit card fraud. the woman picked up the card after the victim dropped it and charged thousands of dollars before the victim noticed the card was missing. now police are hoping somebody can help them identify the suspect. exploring taking into private as a higher end clothing retailer struggles with an
6:25 am
industry wide slowdown. it could potentially allow nordstrom. it's time to ask finney and today cheryl has a question about phone plans. >> michael finney has her answer. >> what is the best phone plan to use when you are traveling in europe and you are in and out of several different countries? >> hey, cheryl. there are three ways to go about this. first you can pick up a sim card overseas and pay the local going rate and you can set up a temporary plan with your carrier here for overseas calls. now it's pretty simple to set up but could cost you 10 bucks a day and more, and a high rate if you are not careful. your third option is to use skype or a similar service at wi-fi hot spots and then you pay nothing at all. >> did that just cut off michael
6:26 am
finney? rude. >> you can't do that. >> if you have a question for michael finney, record it on your smartphone or tablet and post it to social media with #askfinney. #askfinney. a group of looked at to how they put on their own sun screen. >> as each of the children applied, none of them hit the ears, and the ears are actually very vulnerable to sun children forget to apply right up to the hairline. >> the 11 and 12-year-olds were much more consistent and so that's something to consider. the newspaper cover is that sure to anger supporters of president trump this morning. the mudslide that will make getting to the popular destination in the sierra a big
6:27 am
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good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." a live look at the bay bridge this morning from the exploratorium camera. many waking up to the fog in the bay area.
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>> not going to stay this way the whole day. mike ask jessica off this morning. we have the countdown clock going below alexis, 11 hours and four seconds until game four. >> drew, you are saying we are going to see a turn around with the weather today? >> we are, rather quickly. we are going to finish on a bright note. live doppler 7 along with radar, you have that the gray. outside we go. a live look from sfo, overcast skies just checked, arriving flights averaging an hour delay. clouds creating issues right now. do not worry, they are going to break down rather rapidly this morning. look at the afternoon, bright and beautiful, comfortable temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s around the bay, and mid-70s inland. that's weather, and let's check traffic with alexis. seeing a lot of fog on the
6:31 am
traffic cameras, and settling into the south bay. doesn't look terrible down there at the level where the vehicles are driving but you will want to drive for conditions this morning and increase the following distance just a bit. and highway 17, the northbound side a little slow this morning. 17 miles per hour, and 32 miles per hour as you approach the los gatos area past the summit. no rhyme or reason, but it's heavy. we will look at drive times coming up in a few minutes. new this morning, san francisco firefighters rescue six people from a burning building. the fire broke out on the second floor ft building, and three people are now displaced and crews say evacuating residents was hard because everybody was sleeping and this happened just before 1:00 a.m. people were disoriented by all the smoke. one person got hurt and taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation, and we heard a family pet, a cat did not survive. however, everybody else is okay. >> dub nation, celebrating the
6:32 am
championship. >> they are up 3 games to zip in the best of seven series. a win is going to make the warriors the first team to go 16-0 in the playoffs. the warriors say they realize there's still work to be done. >> it's an exciting game for all the fans and for people to see but as a player in it you are just trying to stay in it and know that if we come out there thinking we won the championship already, we haven't, and they are still the champions and we have to go and take it. >> no nba team has come back from being down 3-0 to win a playoff series. >> it starts tonight at 5:30 here on abc 7. join larry beil and mike shumann for dubs on 7, the pregame show brought to you by jeep. they will be live tonight at 5:00 p.m. and legal experts weighing in on james comey's testimony on
6:33 am
capitol hill. they are split about his conduct and the conduct of president trump. and the big question is what this all means into the russia election meddling. >> i was concerned he might lie about the nature of our meeting and i asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter. >> the president tried to exert his influence. and comey recalling a meeting in which the president said of the flynn investigation, i hope you can let it go. >> i took it as a direction. it is the president of the united states with me alone, i hope this, and i took it as this is what he wants me to do. >> the president's personal attorney disputed the testimony. >> he never said, quote, i need loyalty and i expect loyalty,
6:34 am
closed quote. >> and comey did reassure the president he was not personally under the investigation, but it did not save his job. >> i was fired because of the russia investigation. is that a very big deal. >> the president is punching back on twitter writing despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication, and wow, he writes, comey is a leaker. expect to hear more from the president during his joint press conference with the president of romania later today. take a look at this morning's cover of the new york "dailey news"s, and under the headlines, the paper faced the word "liar" over the face of the president. and we will let you know about new developments on your phone, and the abc7 news app is free and make sure to enable push alerts. and we are following a story out of washington, d.c. the driver of a pickup truck mowed down three people,
6:35 am
including two officers. he now has been charged with assault with intent to kill. one officer was upgraded from critical to serious this morning, and police say the officers were on bikes when they got hit. >> at this point can you rule out terrorism? >> we have to look at that very closely. we do not have a motive at this time. >> d.c. police say they found a weapon in the truck but they have not said what that weapon was. on to developing news, british prime minister teresa may is responding to the bombshell election that caused her election of the governing majority. that backfired. now may will likely try to form a minority government so she will have a narrow majority. >> this will allow us to come together as a country and channel our energies towards a
6:36 am
successful brexit deal, securing a new partnership with the eu that guarantees our long-term prosperity. that's what people vote for last june. that's what we will deliver. now let's get to work. >> there are calls for may to resign. she says she will not and will continue with brexit talks, and some lawmakers are calling for them to be postponed. >> we are watching to see what affect that has on our stock market. there's a live look at the numbers right now. overnight the pound saw more than two cents against the dollar and investors were reacting. and some are worried a lack of majority of conservatives will weaken the government hands in brexit negotiations. calling the police of a 15-year-old boy a tragic accident. garcia was shot by a friend with
6:37 am
a pellet gun yesterday. he was shot in the chest while the boys were playing in the house. a neighbor tried to help. >> i saw the kid, well, marcos, and he was leg on the ground and he was unconscious. i didn't know how long he was not breathing for. >> an accident like that, you never know. i didn't think a bb gun could actually kill him. >> and they say they did not know who owned the pellet gun and for now they are remembering garcia, and they say he was a good soccer player and loved to laugh. and charged in the deaths with 36 people in the ghost warehouse fire. the second man charged in december's fire can be in court at the same time. authorities brought max harris back to alameda county, and prosecutors say he converted the warehouse into illegal living spaces and harris is the one
6:38 am
that helped him to operate the building and organize the concert that took place the night of the massive fire in december. happening today, the owner of a san jose audio body shop due in court on accusations of staging accidents for insurance claims. prosecutors say they would take out insurance on cars and then crash those cars into each other. investigators say martinez collected $150,000 in fraudulent claims. if you are headed here this weekend, a beautiful shot on lake tahoe. here's the problem. rain yesterday caused a mudslide on highway 50 in el dorado county. last night caltrans had to close the section five miles east of river t riverton. there's one-way controlled traffic. crews will be working for the next few days to clear more than 50 truckloads of debris.
6:39 am
good morning. the time is 6:38. a fair amount of cloud cover hanging around and there could be mist especially in the south bay to start off the morning. it's mild out there. mid-50s to low 60s as you step out the door. we are starting off with a fair amount of cloud cover and going to finish it with a lot of sunshine. 62 today in san francisco. 73 and sunny in san jose. 68, oakland. that number in vallejo. want to say congratulations to the graduates of alameda high school graduation, and a few clouds early on and tons of sunshine in the afternoon and temperatures will be in the 60s. want to show you a three-day forecast. clouds and sunshine today and cooler on saturday and then a chance of showers in the north bay on sunday. that's weather and let's get a check of traffic with alexis. good morning. >> good morning, drew. we are mostly friday light here, and north bay 101 just south of the 280 and 680 split, and it
6:40 am
sounds like is that blocking the two middle lanes right now. we are definitely seeing middle traffic as you approach that area, and not sure how serious that situation is, if it's just a mechanical issue or blown out tire or waut. here's a live look outside, and crickets earlier this morning, but that is filling in. and of course a times this morning, wtoo. the toll plaza, not bad. in the green, just eight minutes. and westbound 84 across dumbarton bridge, you are in the green as well and that's coming in at ten minutes. we will talk about mass transit this weekend. we will do that coming up in less than ten. happening this morning, apple ceo, tim cook, delivering the commencement address at m.i.t. he says apple follows mit research and is interested in
6:41 am
developments in artificial intelligence which he says will play a big role in future apple products. the transgender soldier behind one of the biggest leaks ever is speaking to the news. what she is revealing since leaving prison. dozens of packages stolen from the east bay. from the east bay. how police found all [ inhales, exhales ]
6:42 am
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fire that gutted a housing complex that gutted a construction in emeryville. they believe a fire in the same area was also arson in july. you can see a man checking out the complex before the fire started. he was on a bike at one point and wearing a backpack. there's a $100,000 reward to catch the arsonist. and then trying to find the rightful owners of dozens packages that they found that they feel were taken from the porches of east bay homes from march to may. they arrested a man caught taking packages outside of homes on bay aland.
6:45 am
he is being held in santa rita jail, and he's a transien police want to hear from people who were expecting a package but never got it. and moore was arrested at a home, and officers were checking out two cars with shated windows and they figured out somebody shot at the windows and they traced it down and took moore into custody. transgender army s chelsea manning sat down for the first time in seven years. she said she does accept responsibility for leaking 700,000 documents to wikileaks but said she is not a traitor, and because of a presidential pardon by president obama she was released after seven years
6:46 am
of her sentence. >> you have president obama. what would you say to him if you could? >> thank you. a chance is all i wanted. >> you wanted a chance? >> that's all i asked for what a chance, that's it. and this is my chance. >> manning said she is taking responsibility for her actions. since then she has been documenting her life, and you saw this post on instagram to hanging out now with her friends. counting down to the coverage of the nba finals. you can see the clock at the bottom of your screen. would you believe me if i said it's cheaper to go to cleveland tonight than to go to possible game five at oracle? strange but true. amy hollyfield is live in sfo to explain. >> reporter: the price of game tickets tonight have gone down significantly since the cavs lost that third game, and
6:47 am
airline tickets are pricey but still cheaper than going to a game at oracle and to make sure we checked in with a fan that is catching a flight right now, and that plane scheduled to leave about 6:40 this morning to go to denver and then to cleveland and he agrees a ticket in and cheaper than going to a game here. his friend that planned better, he paid $80 each way for his cleveland flight. >> it's cheaper to fly to cleveland than to get parking at oakland coliseum. >> just a one-way ticket, right? >> yeah. >> here's a look at game tickets. according to stub hub tickets for tonight, they start at $250, and if there's a game five at oracle, those seats are starting at $8 $785, and that's another
6:48 am
reason to pull for a warriors victory tonight, and they do think the warriors will do it tonight. reporting live at sfo, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. now the question, would you rather the warriors sweep tonight or come back and win it at home. i don't know why you would say -- i guess, it's fun to be at home and have them win -- >> well, 10% say that's what they want. >> who are you? >> let's make this history and sweep. >> and the coach is going to be mad at you which means they will not break the record, which is totally amazing. >> drew, what do you think? >> i am part of the 10%. i think it would be so fun to win it on our soil, and the other 90% -- >> thank you for being brave, my friend. that makes no sense. >> to go 16-0, will be pretty
6:49 am
epic. let's talk weather, outside we go, ocean beach. a rough surf and gray skies up above and the gray skies are causing issues at our area airports. sfo, an hour delay. look at this. pretty rare. oakland airport having a 30-minute delay, so you want to check with your air carrier, and live doppler 7 showing visibility, half moon bay, a quarter of a mile and certainly clouds causing trouble. live doppler 7 showing a fair amount of gray on the screen and that's the low cloud cover. the good news, we are seeing clouds around san jose, and fremont and san mateo, they are not going to hang around very long. and we will get you out the door on this friday morning. the cloud cover, watch as it quickly gets out of here, and by 2:00, we are back to total sunshine. it is going to be a nice finish to our friday.
6:50 am
68 in oakland, and 73 in san jose, and accuweather 7 day forecast, cooler on saturday and a chance of showers in the north bay on saturday and then turns around for the brighter and warmer through thursday. that's warmer, and let's get a check of traffic with alexis. we will talk about the fog this morning, too. could impact your commute in certain areas. here's a live look at golden gate bridge, and that has been socked in since 4:30. slow down a bit so you have more reaction time with the low visibility. not seeing too much fog at least down at the road surface level. higher cloud cover through the emeryville stretch. and that commute really has not been too terrible this morning, and you should not have many delays if you head towards the maze. we have another weekend of the b.a.r.t. track work all day tomorrow, and all day sunday. no service between fruitville,
6:51 am
and a free bus bridge will be provided but that could add 20 to 40 minutes to your trip. you will want to plan ahead for that. we will take a closer look at the south bay and an earlier issue coming up before 7:00. neighbors in north workly a -- north berkeley are asking for people to stop putting soap in the fountain. it's connected to the storm drain system flow into the bay and draining it is not a option, and it's a lengthy process, and it costs the city 1,000 bucks every time and days to clean up so don't do it. and then what would have been 150th birthday of an architect. frank lloyd wright. that's a doghouse. he built the marin county civic center. he died shortly before the center opened in the 1960s.
6:52 am
they are getting ready for a pool party in walnut creek. this is the new pool and in addition the center includes an all-ability splash playground. the center opens tomorrow and you can get in all day for free. we're back in just 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know today. and if you have not yet, please follow us on abc7 news bay area. share your photos and video with the #abc7now. the #abc7now. and then
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6:54 am
happy friday. it's 6:54. here are the seven things we think you should know today. number one, the warriors will try to sweep the cavs tonight. golden state could become the first team to ever go a perfect 16-0 in the playoffs. you can watch the game only here on abc7. our coverage starts at 5:30. number two, president trump responding this morning to comey's testimony about their encounters and the investigation into russia. the president tweeted out, quote, so many false statements and lies and total vindication, and wow, comey is a leaker. and then calling the death of a 15-year-old boy a tragic accident. marcos garcia was shot by a friend with a pellet gun in the chest while the boys were playing inside the house. and then the north bay is prone to flooding during the
6:55 am
rain and there's a $375,000 project to reduce flooding risks. the city will do computer modeling to show where the problem areas are and what works will need to be done. and meteorologist, drew tuma, and gray and misty out there. showing you low clouds here, and your day planner will feature brightening clouds and enjoy the 70s around the bay. it has been a friday light commute. want to take you back to the south bay where we had an earlier issue with a tractor trailer. that cleared about a mile south on northbound 101. still have heavier speeds. number seven, swish, swish. after three years of silence, taylor swift is back on streaming services like spotify. she pulled all of her music because she was upset over royalty fees and people are questioning the timing of the decision because it happens to
6:56 am
come the same day katy perry is releasing her new album. is this revenge because katy perry released a song that is considered against swift? >> she is so measured and knows what is going on, and this is ntional. >> you have to pick sides. which one, right now? >> too much pressure. >> pick katy perry. >> the game tonight, watch it!
6:57 am
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crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. good morning, america. president trump lashes out at james comey. his first response just moments ago to that dramatic testimony. after the fbi director accused the trump administration of lying. >> those were lies, plain and simple. >> the major questions this morning. did trump obstruct justice? and are there really tapes of their private conversations? >> i've seen the tweet about tapes. lordy, i hope there are tapes. >> where does the russia investigation go next? president trump's former campaign manager here on "gma." breaking news, uk in chaos. the shocking election results just in. prime minister theresa may suffering a huge blow at the polls. now struggling to keep her job and the country together as officials demand she resign. may rushing to meet the queen, the global fallout this morning. caught on camera, the dangers of walking


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