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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 12, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. dangerous heat wave. scorching temperatures spreading across the country. record highs topping into the 90s from the rocky mountains to the east coast. and the new warning, when will the heat break? overnight, president trump's family joins him in the white house as he faces a new lawsuit over his global business empire that takes millions in payments from foreign governments. all this as he takes on fired fbi director james comey calling him cowardly. now his attorney general prepares to take the hot seat before the senate. major air scare overnight. a massive hole ripping through a passenger plane's engine during takeoff. >> all of a sudden it got really loud and it was like da, da, da. >> forcing the flight to turn around. the investigation right now. and the tony's taking center stage. bette midler's big win overnight.
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>> i'd like to thank all the tony voters, many of whom i've actually dated. >> her marathon speech refusing to be played off by the music. ♪ >> shut that crap off. i just want to thank -- >> plus, the "dear evan hansen" and "pitch perfect" star -- ♪ step out >> ben platt owning the night. what a night at the tony's with bette midler and also ben platt. what he had to say was so incredibly touching. he said for any young people watching at home, don't waste any time trying to be like anybody else because the things that make you strange are the things that make you powerful. >> he had a powerful performance as well. >> won six tonys last night. >> hard to get a ticket now. >> big night for everybody at the tony's. a big week for the president because his family is finally
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moving with him into the white house. >> they moved in last night. the president facing a new lawsuit. we'll get more on that ahead but first that scorching heat wave. record highs from the midwest to east coast and rob marciano is outside the studio. rob, we are feeling it. >> just a week ago we were in the 50s so a rude awakening. for many this is day two, three and maybe four of 98 plus degree heat. check it out from denver all the way to chicago, st. louis and, yes, the northeast, new england records in burlington and caribou over 90 degrees yesterday and more records today. with that across the bigger cities air quality alerts from d.c., philly, new york, could be mid-90s. limit your outdoor activity if you can and drink lots of water and grab shade if you can. another component with this, severe weather. we had it yesterday in wisconsin. look at this roof being blown off. 70-mile-an-hour winds and 80 mile an hour winds in minneapolis and at one point over 100,000 people without power. we have another threat today for severe weather.
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we're going to highlight that for you in just a few minutes. george back inside to you. >> a week or so but it is here. another busy week in washington. president trump facing a new lawsuit over his businesses and foreign payments. this as the first lady and barron are waking up in the white house moving in over the weekend to join president trump there full time now that barron is out of school. all eyes are on attorney general jeff sessions as he prepares to testify about the russia investigation tomorrow. this as president trump faces new questions about a conversations with fired fbi director james comey. let's go to our chief white house correspondent, jon karl for more on all this. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, robin. and on top of all that, the president faces a new lawsuit this morning that is unprecedented in american history. overnight the d.c. attorney general's office confirmed to abc news that d.c. and maryland will sue president trump today alleging a breach of anti-corruption clauses in the constitution.
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in the lawsuit which was first reported by "the washington post," the attorneys general allege the president has broken his promises to separate his public duties from his private businesses. it's the first time a state government has filed such a lawsuit against a president. meanwhile it was first daughter ivanka trump standing up for her father. >> my father felt very vindicated and all the statements he's been making and feels optimistic. >> the president escaped washington for the weekend spending time in his new jersey golf club. but james comey was still very much on his mind. i believe that james comey leaks will be far more prevalent than anyone ever thought possible he tweeted sunday morn asking totally illegal? very cowardly. in his testimony comey acknowledged he asked a friend to share with a reporter contents of a memo he wrote about a confidential conversation he had with the president.
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>> this is the president speaking, i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go to letting flynn go. now those are his exact word, is that correct. >> correct. >> reporter: the president told me he firmly denies comey's version of events. >> i didn't say that. >> reporter: so he lied about that? >> well, i didn't say that i mean i will tell you i didn't say that. >> reporter: and did he ask you to pledge -- >> and there would be nothing wrong if i did say it according to everybody i've read today but i did not say that. >> reporter: and the president said he'd be willing to swear that he is the one telling the truth. so if robert mueller wanted to speak with you about that -- >> i would be glad to tell him what i told you. >> reporter: now calling on president trump to tell his side of the story to congress. >> this is serious stuff. we have the former director of the fbi under oath saying one thing. president trump saying another. >> reporter: there's one way to definitively know the truth. it's the president who once suggested there may be recordings of his conversations. when will you tell us about the recordings? >> over a fairly short period of
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time. >> the president's legal team by the way says we'll have an answer to that question about the recordings this week. meanwhile, attorney general jeff sessions will be testifying before the senate intelligence committee tomorrow. %-p will be public or private. >> that's right, a lot of legal questions, jon, thanks very much. for more we're joined by the independent counsel who investigated bill clinton, ken starr. thank you for joining us this morning. i want to start out by putting yourself in robert mueller's shoes. you've been there before. after last week's comey testimony and the president's response, would you be investigating possible obstruction of justice? >> oh, you have to look at everything. in light of what the director said in his testimony, you've got to analyze it. so, the short answer is you gather all the facts, you assess all the facts it looks as if it is going to be, george, a he said versus a he said situation but, yeah, you have to look at
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everything. that's the job of the special counsel. >> he said/he said. do you think james comey would lie under oath? >> i'm not going to say anyone is lying. people have different recollections of the very same conversation. the key, though, is what even if the president said what the director said he said, does that, in fact, constitute either obstruction of justice or another crime? and i don't think it's even close at this stage. we shall see. there is a requirement of corrupt intent. moreover the word hope, even though it was taken by the director as a directive was not acted upon by the director as if he had been given an order. >> can i stop you there -- >> also say this, george -- the director -- >> doesn't the fact that the president kicked everyone else out of the room, the attorney general, the vice president and his staff at least suggest corrupt intent? >> not necessarily corrupt
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intent. it suggests unwisdom, we're using trump tower methodology here to carry on business in washington. that's unwise. i just don't think at this stage we're anywhere near a crime, nonetheless, we have to investigate it. that's what mueller, bob mueller who is a great man and a terrific lawyer, honest is the day is long is going to be doing. i will say this, for the director of the fbi to feel as if he's been given a directive he should have immediately reported that at a minimum to the inspector general and called the white house counsel. he should have said i believe i am being directed to do something that's utterly inappropriate. he did not take any of the steps that a reasonable director of the fbi in my judgment would have taken. >> you say robert mueller is honest as the day is long. you have some of the president's defenders now calling the whole investigation into question because of mueller's friendship with james comey. newt gingrich thinks it's going to be a witch-hunt.
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is that a legitimate fear? do you think mueller is compromised by his relationship with comey? >> no, i don't think that there is a legitimate concern about bob mueller. he has decades of very distinguished record of complete integrity. in washington, d.c. people know one another. it's just the way it is. but bob mueller has the integrity and the ability to make judgments to call them as he sees them. he will be a very fair umpire plus the check and balance, george, of the senate intelligence committee which is very ably chaired by senator burr, senator warren. the ranking minority member. that seems to be doing a superb job, as well. >> i spoke with one of the president's attorneys yesterday who didn't refuse to rule out the possibility that the president at some point might direct his deputy attorney general rod rosenstein to fire bob mueller. what would that mean? >> it would be a very serious action but it would again depend
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on the facts. what is it that bob mueller did that would justify this sort of thing. firing special prosecutors tends not to work as we learned from watergate so it would be very wise to allow the special counsel to do his work. you'll see he is the one person in washington we're not hearing from. he has his head down. he's doing his job. he's assembled by the way a fantastic team. that is a great, great team of complete professionals, so let's let him do his job. >> finally we had the lawsuit from the attorneys general of maryland and washington, d.c. about those foreign payments to the president's corporation. they say it's a violation of the emoluments clause. how serious a charge is this to president trump? >> you got to take any litigation seriously but allegations are allegations. now, in my 40 years of practicing law, i've seen a lot of allegations that have blown up in smoke. >> ken starr, thanks very much for your time this morning. >> my pleasure. robin. >> all right, george, we bring in our chief political analyst matthew dowd. you were listening intently.
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what jumped out to you most? >> a couple of things. we know he is a conservative republican and he's reticent to go too far but basically said you have to investigate anything that's even coming close to obstruction of justice. that we have to wait for the facts to come to bear and that bob mueller is a very, very credible and we should trust what he's going to do in this investigation so like everybody, i know democrats want to come to a certain conclusion, republicans are already coming to conclusions everything is fine but we actually just need to let this go. as i said yesterday on "this week," this is like cleaning our your garage, just in the pull your car out and find out where the mess is. >> we have to continue working in washington and everywhere and last week was infrastructure week. this week the administration is focusing on job creation with the workforce development week. how do they go about still getting work done with all that's going on? >> the only people in the world that think it was infrastructure week with people in the white house because everybody thought it was comey week.
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who knows what this week will be. the white house may have some idea but the problem is, abc used to have movie of the week. every week there was a movie of the week. this white house is trying to do a movie of the week but the lead actor keeps going off the plot and the lead actor is donald trump. and whether he wants to do -- whatever that is. last week he was tweeting about comey doing that. if you want to do a movie of the week or infrastructure you got to stick to it. >> i think both sides agree on that point that he has difficulty staying on script if you will. >> yeah, he has very difficult time staying on script. >> jeff sessions, we know he will be testifying tomorrow. still unclear if it's going to be public or closed. what do you expect? >> i think it's significant that he will testify because there's a lot of questions to be answered in that. my guess is republicans want it to be private and closed. democrats want it to be open. they may cut a deal which is what likely happens which is we'll do a segment of this in public and a segment in private. i was thinking about lady antebellum is on this show later
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in the show. they have a great song called "i run to you." in the song says when lies become the truth i run to you and i think everybody ought to keep that in mind. when lies become the truth we have to figure out where we run to. >> does all this come to you, lady "a." is this on the fly? >> useless information constantly flows. >> thanks, guys. we move to an insider attack that left three soldiers dead in afghanistan. officials say they were killed by an afghan soldier raising questions about the war as president trump considers sending more troops and martha raddatz is here. martha, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. right as the white house is deciding whether to send more americans into afghanistan, a devastating attack on u.s. soldiers. apparently by one of the afghan soldiers they are there to assist. the afghan soldier opening fire on the americans, two were killed immediately. the third after he was evacuated.
7:14 am
another american was also wounded. this is one of the most dangerous provinces in afghanistan. 3 other americans were killed there this year. we have about 8400 americans still in afghanistan and president trump is weighing whether to add several thousand more. commanders have said we are in a stalemate there but in the past president trump called for the u.s. to get out and certainly, george, these most recent deaths and the massive suicide bombing in kabul will be taken into consideration. >> yeah, he seemed -- >> when he makes his decision. >> he seems reluctant to go there. on another front a u.s. air strike in somalia against islamic fundamentalists. part of a new more aggressive policy under president trump. >> it is. we have 50 in somalia advising this was a drone strike targeting an al shabaab and logistics camp that left eight dead. back in march president trump designated a part of somalia, an
7:15 am
active area of hostilities for if next six means meaning the u.s. military is now allowed to carry out air strikes if there is a reasonable certainty. no civilians will be hurt george. >> the new standard. martha raddatz, thanks very much. michael. we turn to bill cosby's showdown in court and the defense making their case for the first time this morning and abc's linsey davis is outside the courthouse in pennsylvania. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, michael. yes, of course, a very big day for the defense as it begins to lay out its case in defense of bill cosby. it's not clear just yet who they will call to the witness stand, of course, prior to the start of the trial, we heard bill cosby say that he did not plan to testify. the prosecution rested its case friday after calling 12 witnesses including, of course, andrea constand who is at the heart of this case, cosby has pleaded not guilty to drugging and sexually assaulting the former temple university employee. it's also quite possible closing arguments could begin as early as today.
7:16 am
one local defense attorney said if cosby's lawyer, he is the best closer i have ever seen. this is sinatra at madison square garden in '74. another big headline, abc news has learned that camille cosby, bill cosby's wife of 53 years escorting her husband into court today. this will, of course, be the first time that we have seen her at the trial. michael. >> all right, linsey, camille joining him in court is a huge development. has she made a statement or if not can we expect her to? >> reporter: yeah, two years ago she did release a written statement where she defended her husband and said, he is the man you thought you knew. today i would imagine a statement is unlikely but we'll see. >> all right, thank you, linsey davis and we'll keep an eye on that. amy has the morning's other top stories. >> good morning. church bells around orlando will ring at noon today to mark one year since the pulse nightclub massacre. a procession of angels overnight
7:17 am
holding candles surrounded the gay club inside during a private ceremony family members read the names of the 49 people killed when a lone gunman opened fire, more services will be held this evening. well, gas is believed to be the cause of two major home explosions. in new jersey the owner of this house was critically injured. an explosion leveled the house and knocked out power to 2,000 homes and an explosion near chicago was more destructive. the owners were not home but 50 nearby homes were damaged. a midair scare for passengers on a flight from australia when this hole opened up in the engine casing, terrifies passengers on the china eastern flight heard a loud noise then smelled something burring and one passenger said the crew starting moving everyone from the left side and eventually landed back in sydney. investigators are trying to determine what happened. a special moment on a flight. from atlanta to washington.
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if you see on the screen, that is former president jimmy carter. he took the time to shake hands with every single passenger before takeoff. one man said it's obviously carter loves people. and they are planning a party in pittsburgh. the pittsburgh penguins have become the first team to win back-to-back stanley cup titles since the detroit red wings in 1998. thousands of fans, look at that. celebrated in the streets as a building downtown was lit up to announce the news. congratulations to the penguins. you excited. >> yes and the scene in nashville, give it to them too. the crowd that came out but looked like it was going to go to overtime. >> it was a hard fought game. they were going at it very hard. >> you were talking about heat earlier, rob. not so much everywhere. >> looks like snow but like the penguins is this is all ice that came down north of minneapolis. broke out the snowblowers, give me a break. another threat across parts of
7:19 am
the northern plains. good monday morning. i'm lisa argen. still a wintry scene in the sierra, nevada with snow flurries through 10:00. temperatures at freezing. but back home, numbers improving with mid 60s around the bay by noon time. coming up about three, four degrees inland, upper 60s to low 70s. we'll hold on to the clouds in the south bay. you'll be a little cooler, 67
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today coming up, the surveillance video in that penn state hazing case about to be shown for the first time. nancy grace will join us live. the man forced to spend 17 years behind bars finally freed after discovering his doppelganger. after discovering his doppelganger. ♪ [laughter] we all drive... some just for the fun of it. ♪
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traveling from the east bay into san francisco. quick check of drive times this morning. we are starting to improve, westbound 80 between highway 4 and the maze. we had a crash in richmond that has been pushed off to the side but we are still seeing delays if you're coming from the highway 4 area. 19 minutes the rest of the way across the bay bridge. southbound 101 starting to fill in, san francisco to sfo. that's at 14 minutes. that's at 14 minutes. how far should pure alpine spring water
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hi there, everyone. good monday morning from our east bay hills camera. 54 in san francisco. looking from mount tam, little bit of fog here. a nice day today, little breezy, not as windy as yesterday and a little warmer. 56 concords, 49 santa rosa. winds out of the north-northwest kicking up along the shoreline today. 62 half moon bay. low 60s san francisco. 67 in oakland. little cool today for you in san jose. but just wait -- the accuweather seven-day forecast brings a lot of warmth beginning tomorrow with 90s over the weekend. >> we'll take today's forecast after yesterday. coming up next on "gma," the latest on the penn state hazing case. we'll have another abc 7 news update in 30 minutes and always on our abc 7 news app and
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me feel fuller longer. benefiber® healthy shape. this i can do! ♪ turn it up it's your favorite song ♪ welcome back to "gma." that is katy perry herself rehearsing for tonight's concert during her epic 96-hour live stream. four days with the camera always on promoting her new album and ahead of tonight's show and she's taking fans behind the scenes of her life. >> yeah, and she got a pretty big surprise wake-up call. you'll see her dog nugget not liking it so much. that's left shark in her bed dancing. oh, but, you know, she's revealing a lot. she opened up about her feud with taylor swift, so we'll hear from her about that, and we have a lot more coming up from katy perry, including an announcement involving "american idol." that you will see first right here on "gma."
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>> the cutest dog i ever seen. >> a round bed. >> looked comfy. >> i kind of liked that. also right now, plains and the northeast bracing for a dangerous heat wave, temperatures in the 90s and record highs across the country. president trump facing a new lawsuit over his business empire and new questions about his firing of director james comey. his legal team says the president will reveal whether or not he has tapes of those conversations this week as the russia investigation takes the next step and attorney general jeff sessions set to appear before the senate intelligence committee tomorrow. but we're going to begin this half hour with that penn state hazing case. 18 former fraternity members due in court today facing charges in the death of a pledge after a night of heavy drinking. abc's eva pilgrim is there for us with more. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, robin. today here in court we are expecting to see video of the final hours of timothy piazza's life. the night he died multiple security cameras were recording inside the fraternity house providing video prosecutors say will show exactly what did and did not happen.
7:32 am
this morning for the first time, surveillance video recorded inside a penn state fraternity house the night a pledge died will be played in open court. >> we expect that videotape to be horrible, that it will be the kind of evidence which will make a significant impact. >> reporter: 19-year-old tim piazza died in february after falling head first down the stairs of the beta theta pi fraternity house during a party turned into an alleged alcohol-fueled hazing ritual. the fraternity brothers are accused of waiting nearly 12 hours before calling for help. >> we have a friend who's unconscious. he hasn't moved. he's probably going to need an ambulance. >> reporter: now 18 members of the banned fraternity are due in court. eight of them are facing charges of involuntary manslaughter and assault. a judge will decide if there is enough evidence to go to trial. that surveillance video, one of the key pieces of evidence.
7:33 am
kordel davis, one of the fraternity members not charged, telling robin roberts last month he tried to get piazza help. >> i said, we should call 911. get him in an ambulance and i'm screaming, i got thrown against the wall. i didn't know what to do after that. i felt kind of useless. i was told that i was overreacting, that i was crazy. >> reporter: defense lawyers saying while this death was a tragedy, the video does not show intent. but prosecutors say the fraternity brothers waited to get piazza help in an attempt to cover up their drinking and coordinate a story. >> i don't know where their conscience was, where the voice in the back of their head was, saying he's hurt. i got to do the right thing. i don't understand how they could be so heartless and in -- inhumane. >> reporter: the family filing a lawsuit against the fraternity members and the university. >> i think the individuals involved clearly bear the most responsibility.
7:34 am
if you read the timeline of what happened, they set out to feed these guys lethal amounts of alcohol from the outset. >> reporter: since piazza's death, penn state has added new restrictions to all greek organizations. reforms, his family says they are determined to make sure do, in fact, take place. robin. >> eva, thank you. joining us is a prosecutor, and good friend of this program, nancy grace. nancy, we know the reason for today's hearing is to determine whether or not there is enough evidence to move forward with a trial. what do you think? >> well, hearing it unfold, the first thing i'm thinking about is wondering if timothy's parents are going to be in court because this one thing to hear about all of this, but when you see video surveillance of your child, your baby, falling down the stairs, hitting his head over and over, there were multiple falls and that's not all, robin.
7:35 am
he was punched in the stomach. later, his stomach filled up with blood. he was hit in the face. he was body slammed. people stepped over him by their own admissions. they saw him lying in a fetal position on the floor and they would just step over him. what's happening today is a preliminary hearing. and during that, the judge will decide very simply, is there a fact issue? is there enough evidence that this needs to go to a jury and let them decide? i predict it will be sent to a jury. and, robin, when you hear the lawyers say there was no intent, that's not helping them. because these fraternity brothers are charged among many other charges with involuntary manslaughter, which means you don't have to have intent. specifically, you don't have intent to kill. it's when you do something so reckless or so negligent, it results in a death.
7:36 am
that's what it's all about. >> nancy, is there no doubt that that video will be shown because we know that those charged, their attorney, of course, do not want that to be the case. >> well, i guess not. you're right about that. they do not want that video shown. but it will be shown. not just because it shows what happened that evening, and the way this was all disregarded, but that video, believe it or not, they tried to erase it the morning after during the cover-up which is so damning. a cover-up makes everything worse and there is this app where you can talk to each other called groupme, and there are conversations that, of course, the police could pull up where they're trying to delete texts where they say timothy is going to be a problem, guys. where they tell each other to lie to police, to clean the house, to get rid of alcohol and to tell police that timothy's health was paramount.
7:37 am
can you just imagine his parents sitting there? and i'm sure they are going to be there today. to hear about the cover-up. 12 hours, that boy could have been saved. he was just a teen. >> so young. nancy, thank you very much and timothy's parents were here, george talked to them a couple of weeks ago along with his brother. we appreciate it very much. >> such a sad story. coming up here in two minutes, that case of mistaken identity. a man set free after serving 17 years in prison after discovering a doppelganger. he's speaking out now. that case of mistaken identity. a man set free after serving 17 years in prison after discovering a doppelganger. he's speaking out now. how yothat's why new downy sprotect and refresh. conditions fibers to lock out odors. so clothing odors don't do the talking for you.
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7:40 am
never met though they were both housed in the same prison. after years of pleading his innocence, this father meeting his grandchildren for the first time on the other side of freedom. finally having picture perfect proof. this morning, a man who says he was wrongfully convicted imprisoned for 17 years, now free after tracking down his own doppelganger. >> i hoped and prayed every day for this day to come and, you know, and when it finally got here it was overwhelming feeling. >> reporter: richard jones was charged with aggravated robbery in kansas city, kansas, nearly 20 years ago, accused of trying to steal a purse in a parking lot. jones had an alibi. and no physical evidence, dna or fingerprints ever linked him to the crime. witnesses telling police the suspect was a light-skinned, hispanic or african-american man. picking his photo out of this lineup of six mug shots. that eyewitness testimony landed him behind bars. >> eyewitness identification is fickle. it's famously unreliable and
7:41 am
errors are frighteningly too common. >> reporter: jones, who has adamantly maintained his innocence, has tried unsuccessfully to appeal his conviction for 15 years. until he teamed up with the university of kansas law project for innocence and the midwest innocence project telling attorneys he heard there was another man in incarceration who looked just like him. interns for the project digging deep, finding these photos of another inmate at the same prison, rickie amos. look at them side by side. both men with almost identical skin tone, facial hair and cornrows. >> once i seen his picture beside mine, and i seen the resemblance that me and him had, i just knew, you know, that it was understandable why, you know, other people said the same thing. >> reporter: on wednesday a judge ordered him released after witnesses including the robbery victim, admitted they couldn't tell the two apart. jones seeing his look-alike who also denied any involvement in the crime, for the first time at the hearing that would exonerate him.
7:42 am
>> it was hard. i won't say it was easy because it wasn't, but i made it through it. >> reporter: lawyers with the innocence project are not only amazed at their resemblance, but have the same legal name. it's important to note the other man, rickie amos, was not found guilty and was not incarcerated at the time of the hearing. jones is enjoying family, keeping his faith in god and wants to work with the innocence project to give freedom to others. george. >> any chance he can be retried for it? >> there is a possibility but it's very, very slim. the judge in this case was impressed with the new evidence and the fact that any reasonable juror would not have chosen him in a lineup so, again, very unlikely. >> adrienne, thanks very much. over to michael. thank you, george and coming up on our big board, a big shake-up under way at uber. why the ceo may be taking a leave of absence. and tonight is the night. the cavs, can they keep golden state from winning it all? that is the question. also, the fallout after one of the golden state warriors
7:43 am
players insulted the cavs fans. we're going to hear what he's saying now. we're back in two minutes. fallout after one of the golden state warriors players insulted the cavs fans. we're going to hear what he's saying now. we're back in two minutes. atblue diamond almonds wein our almondmilk.ia-grown and we're proud of that. but the whole "care-and-nurturing" part? that idea... ...we borrowed from the experts. blue diamond almond breeze. the best almonds make the best almondmilk. fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. got any ideas?ting you? not all products work the same. my owner gives me k9 advantix ii. it kills all three through contact. no biting required. so they don't have to bite?
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7:45 am
be the you who talks to your dermatologist about stelara®. we are back with our big board. rebecca jarvis, fresh back from sweden. all those great pictures that you sent. we'll start with what could be a major shake-up at uber. the ride-hailing giant reportedly considering a forced leave of absence for its ceo, travis kalanick after the company's reputation faced a series of recent scandals including kalanick being caught on tape arguing with an uber driver. we know that the board of directors have met. what are you hearing? >> well, they spent a number of hours meeting yesterday, robin. this is a company in crisis at this moment, and this really started earlier in the year when a former employee and engineer, susan fowler, wrote a blog post describing rampant sexism and sexual harassment at the company talking about superiors who were
7:46 am
totally crossing the line and tote atlee crossing the line and a company that looked the other way. the suggestions yesterday were about what to do and what this company does as it moves forward. >> uber stood beside their ceo despite his missteps, but what could happen if they part ways? >> as robin said, michael, at the beginning there's a question now about his future inside of this company and that question has been taken somewhat slightly to the internet where there is a website now called it says right now if you check it this morning, yes, for now. the question is, how does this company move forward? because the description of allegations right now really make it look like this is rampant. he is the leader of this company. what happens next, that's the question they're discussing and we're going to get more details tomorrow. >> and, of course, we know he's gone through a lot of personal things with his mother and father being in an accident. >> a terrible tragedy. >> yeah. mother dying. we know that former attorney general eric holder has been tapped by uber to look into these allegations that you have been talking about. so where does that stand do you think?
7:47 am
>> what we know is that all of these allegations eric holder has looked into them. the board yesterday decided unanimously to vote and adopt all the recommendations in the holder report. they're going to be released to employees tomorrow. and the question really is this company's culture going forward, from a driver experience, it might change things. the drivers who drive for uber might see things change, but from a rider experience and customer experience, you might not see a big change, but it's a big one coming for the company. >> thank you, rebecca. now we turn to tonight's big basketball showdown. golden state on the verge of winning it all. they're up 3-1 in the series against the cleveland cavaliers who avoided a sweep with a 21-point blowout on friday. game five is kicking off in oakland and espn's bruce bowen is joining us now and, bruce, the cavs, they showed some grit, seven technical fouls in the game so what is the strategy now? just be physical?
7:48 am
make it a slugfest. what do you think about that? >> i like the strategy. they've tried other strategies. they tried to run with golden state. that didn't work. they came back home in game three, and they still tried to run with golden state. that didn't work. so now you're running out of options, michael. you know that as a defensive player, you got to bring some fight to the game. you got to bring that grit. this is an east coast style play. they are accustomed to doing that. they are not accustomed to the golden state warriors. you have to try to effect kevin durant and his onslaught is the only way. >> trying to slow down kd. >> nobody says -- >> i know. he's got the eyebrow. element like a rock. we know the game is in oakland tonight. i don't think that they wanted to go back to cleveland, especially after what draymond green said about the cavs' fans not being the sharpest i mean, come on. that can only get the other side fired up. >> now, robin, i know you played
7:49 am
basketball, and you didn't want to give your opponents billboard material. that's what that is. they are talking about my city? they are talking about my fans? that's how cleveland responds to it. but i'll say this to you. draymond green owned up to every single word he said. it wasn't one of those someone hacked my account. i don't know how it happened. he owned up to it, and when you have a player that focused, he is the heart and soul of that group. when he can own up to those things, it sends a message to the other players, hey, we got to come out here and get things done. >> obviously to make that statement he doesn't believe cleveland can come back and win the series. no team has ever done it from being down 3-0. do you think the cavaliers can shock the world and make history? >> i believe this, michael, that if there's any team that can do it, it is the cleveland cavaliers. we saw it last year. >> yes. we did last year. >> when you have this team, this group they can reflect on last year. now, it will shock the world, but will it be shocking if lebron james happens to do something like this?
7:50 am
this is a young man who went back home because he wanted to bring a championship to cleveland, and i must do it right now, michael. cleveland, this is for you! >> we can't top that. we can't top that. bruce, thank you. rebecca, thank you. i got to tell you, one of the perks of being off the last two weeks being up late and watching the games. you can see game five of the nba tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern on abc. coming up, a health alert about anxiety. what's causing a rise in some cases? and katy perry opening up about her feud with taylor swift, and she has got that exclusive announcement, doesn't she? >> yes, it's right here. >> on "gma." that exclusive announcement, doesn't she? >> yes, it's right here. >> on "gma." y 3-month old busin. plus...what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i made a point to talk to my doctor. he told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots
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(alarm ringing) wake up to great tasting flavor. (alarm stops) belvita breakfast biscuits. flavors like delicious blueberry or decadent chocolate, gently baked in a tasty biscuit. (alarm ringing) belvita breakfast biscuits. it's time to taste the day. belvita breakfast biscuits. [hissing] uh- i- [sound of wrench] [intricate guitar riff] [engine starts] [guitar continues] welcome back to "gma," talking about the heat for the
7:54 am
eastern half of the country but look at this snow just outside of redding, california. falling and sticking. a mist just a few hours ago before sunset in truckee, california. where winter weather advisories are about to end but still up for northeastern nevada could see a half a foot of snow above 6,000 feet and the heat building across parts of the southwest. this weathercast is brought to you by geico. more local news and weather is next.
7:55 am
7:56 am
good morning to you. i'm natasha zouves from abc 7 mornings. here's meteorologist lisa argen with your forecast. look at all this sunday from the golden gate bridge. winds will start picking up. 57 in san jose. we have a little bit of fog in the city here but mostly sunny afternoon. 56 in livermore right now. numbers coming up you slightly. mid and upper 60s south bay. i want to take a look at golden gate bridge as well, southbound 1061 at the1061 at te plaza, hearing about a motorcycle crash. 47 minutes southbound 680, dublin to mission boulevard, 28.
7:57 am
101 to cupertino filling in at 23 minutes. we'll have another abc 7 news update in 30 minutes and always on our free abc 7 news app. brilliant sunshine out there. enjoy the day. the news continues now with
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. president trump's family joins him in the white house. melania and barron move in as the president faces a new lawsuit. his global business empire under increased scrutiny. all this coming as he takes on fired fbi director james comey. the attorney general now getting ready to testify in front of the senate. health alert. have we become the united states of anxiety? more than 40 million suffer from some form of it. why the numbers are rising. warning signs to watch out for. dr. ashton is here live. it's katy perry's epic event live all weekend long, and she's still going. what she's revealing about her public spat with taylor swift, her struggle with depression, the one who got away and what's happening here? plus, that exclusive "american idol" announcement from katy herself, right here on "gma" this morning.
8:01 am
all that and lady "a" sends us into the week. you better believe they're saying -- >> all: good morning, america. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] and good morning, america. wow. energized crowd here this monday morning. >> i know. i'm very excited about lady antebellum, but i'm not talking to you guys. i cannot believe you had earth, wind and fire and the doobie brothers when i was wasn't here to enjoy. >> when did you think they were coming? in september? >> oh, nice line. >> that's a song if you didn't know. >> but i'm definitely back for leslie jones. she is here. [ cheers and applause ] and she has a little monday motivation. she's been getting in shape posting her workouts on instagram and inspiring us all to get moving. >> looking good, jones. >> looking great. i tell you right now, she was so
8:02 am
much fun last night on "the $100,000 pyramid" premiere episode. she crushed it. there she is right there and this morning we got her up early. you see she lifted her partner five feet off the ground in the workouts really are doing their job. the workouts are doing their job and she's here and woke up early to come in and she's in the back sipping some cold brewed coffee. i don't think she needs the caffeine, though. >> one of the funniest ladies out there. speaking of caffeine, we'll show you how to make your own at-home brew to save money, stay cool, just in time for that heat wave. we'll explain. it all will make sense. >> cold brew. >> it's all the rage now. do it by yourself. >> and a taste test coming. >> that's coming up. morning rundown from amy. good morning, guys. the big story, president trump facing a new legal battle. the attorneys general of washington, d.c. and maryland are filing a lawsuit over his business dealings.
8:03 am
they're accusing the president of violating anti-corruption clauses in the constitution by not separating himself from his companies. the suit first reported by "the washington post" claims the president accepted millions of dollars in payments and benefits from foreign governments since taking office. meanwhile, lawmakers from both parties are calling on the president to turn over any tapes he may have of his conversations with former fbi director james comey. on fox news this morning, ivanka trump weighed in on comey's blockbuster testimony last week. >> well, my father felt very vindicated, and there's a level of viciousness that i was not expecting. >> attorney general jeff sessions is expected to be asked about comey's firing when he testifies before a senate committee tomorrow. meanwhile, first lady melania trump has now officially moved into the white house with 11-year-old barron. the first lady posted a message online saying she is looking forward to the memories we'll make in our new home. well, the pentagon says a u.s. air strike in somalia has
8:04 am
killed eight fighters from the al shabaab terror group. they are linked to al qaeda. officials say a training base was destroyed. this is the first air strike of its kind since president trump granted the military expanded authorities in somalia. well, church bells across orlando, florida, will chime 49 times today at noon to remember the 49 people killed one year ago in the pulse nightclub massacre. early this morning, an angel procession wrapped up a private service for survivors and their families. three more events today will include an evening gathering in the heart of downtown orlando. and we are getting our first look at video from the body camera of a po the moment, look at that, a fire ignited a propane tank exploding into a ball of fire. nearly 40 feet high. the chief helped pull an injured volunteer firefighter to safety and he is now recovering. it's a crucial day in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. the defense has rested its case after calling one witness.
8:05 am
cosby will not testify. cosby's wife was by his side for the first time since the trial began. and finally, the record for the world's longest pizza has been broken, and it was not easy. dozens of chefs in california cooked up this pie that stretched 6,333 feet. that's more than a mile. as long as 24 city blocks. talk about a carb overload. it weighed 17,000 pounds and that's a real pizza work. >> oh. >> oh, how i missed those puns. thanks, amy, so much. sure did miss "pop news," lara. >> thank you, robin. good morning, everybody. happy monday. "pop news" and, wow, the tony's last night. what an evening, kevin spacey getting great reviews as the host. he was terrific. and best lead actor in a musical ben platt from "dear evan hansen" making the crowd cry with his emotional speech. and a huge night for john legend who won as a producer for "jitney."
8:06 am
this means he is just an "e" away from becoming an egot, the grammy, oscar, tony, just needs that emmy. congratulations to you, john legend, but it was bette midler who stole the show winning best lead actress for "hello, dolly!" her first tony ever. >> that's surprising. >> i know. i was surprised to hear that because she just is magnificent. and not afraid to shush the orchestra when they tried to play her off the stage. take a look. >> i just want to say -- i just want to say -- i just want to say -- revival -- shut the [ bleep ] up. i just want to say. i just want to say -- >> even she didn't get enough time and continued her thank-yous, backstage in the press room and ended them by shouting bette midler for president. [ applause ] >> that's her first one which surprised all of us. she wasn't letting the moment go by. >> can't put a limit on gratitude. >> that's correct. next up in "pop news," a
8:07 am
scary close call for jennifer lawrence over the weekend. the louisville, kentucky, native was flying from her hometown to teterboro airport nearby when one of the engines failed at 31,000 feet. then during the emergency descent, the second engine failed. thankfully the plane was able to land safely in buffalo, new york, that's quite a diversion. emergency vehicles on the tarmac as she left the plane uninjured but i have got to believe very shaken up. >> both engines? >> yeah, who knows why but thankfully she's fine, her reps say. the faa is investigating. >> they should. >> yep. then finally, a little turn here, thought you might enjoy this, robin. >> okay. >> it's a tiny cat with a not so tiny meow. >> this is jack. >> meow. >> that is real. >> that is real. >> that is not. >> yes. yes. that is jack. his owner says it's a medical condition that has changed his
8:08 am
sound, giving him a deep, smooth meow that would make barry white proud. >> oh. [ applause ] >> what a cutie. >> he's okay. >> real medical condition, george, don't look at me like that. that's "pop news," everybody. >> thank you, lara. [ applause ] >> barry white. coming up, anxiety numbers on the rise. the warning signs to look out for, dr. jen ashton will be here with that. plus, katy perry is getting personal. we'll find out what she's saying about past struggles and her message to taylor swift. summer took a hit this morning when frankie popped the alligator floaty. plus, the snacks and drinks are gone, people. and one of us used up all the sunscreen! i wonder who... . we're gonna need some reinforcements...quick. copy that. walgreens makes it easy when summer needs a little help. your summer base camp is just around the corner so you can get in, out and back to those summer shenanigans.
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now, the world is your diner. whoa yeah. with new denny's online ordering, get whatever you want, whenever you want, now wherever you want. order at we're back with that we're back with that important health headline. an extensive article on anxiety trending on "the new york times" site overnight. numbers on the rise and what is sparking it? dr. jen ashton will talk about it. first, here's a look. >> hi, honey. you missed --
8:13 am
>> i know i missed one. i'm not an idiot. >> reporter: "modern family's" alex suffers from a modern malady. overwhelming anxiety. >> i could barely hold it together. i don't know how you don't have a meltdown every day. >> reporter: anxiety can be debilitating. celebs like beyonce, adele and demi lovato shared their private battles with anxiety beginning to get fuzzy, constant panicking onstage. something's going to go wrong. and now even more suggestions that we have entered into america's age of anxiety. >> anxiety is a front line issue because we are inundated with information and lots of that information is fearful or makes us feel out of control. when you don't complete a task, the brain feels like it may be more anxious or more sad. >> reporter: 40 million adults in the u.s. suffer from anxiety. and according to google, over the past eight years, search
8:14 am
rates for anxiety have more than doubled with last year's top searches ranging from driving and travel anxiety to anxiety at work and at school. and on college campuses, anxiety tops depression as the most common mental health concern among students. >> it's important to recognize the symptoms which could be sweaty palms, which could be that your heart beats fast, feelings and thoughts of gloom and doom, and talking to a health care provider so you don't have to suffer alone. >> and our senior medical contributor dr. jennifer ashton is here. so, picking up on what janet said, how do you know if you're suffering from this? >> you know, robin, i speak to patients every day who present with symptoms of anxiety and some don't realize it as such. i think the key is this is intense feelings worry, fear, panic that then interfere with your daily activities, and they can give you symptoms like the classic ones, cold and sweaty palms. you can have shortness of
8:15 am
breath, palpitation, nausea, dizziness and this is a partial list by the way. these are real physical manifestations of something that is psychological or emotional but to be clear, this is not fluff. legitimate medical and psychological condition. >> i'm glad you're saying that. you often said -- say one size does not fit all but if you do feel that you're suffering from that, what should you do? >> i think it's important to look at this like a menu of options and really it's about finding what works for the individual. now there are more choices than ever. you can start with general psychotherapy. then a specific form of psychotherapy called cognitive behavioral therapy or cbt. there's a plethora of relaxation techniques. i use them, meditation, acupuncture, exercise and prescription medication and to be clear, this is not about just going to a doctor, getting a prescription filled. but it is 2017, and i really encourage people to drop the stigma with anxiety, think of
8:16 am
this like high blood pressure. if you had high blood pressure you would treat it. if you have anxiety it deserves treatment whether that's something at the top of that list or something at the bottom of the list. >> so important you're saying that. you can't overlook the significance and the importance of this. >> correct. >> just as any other health issue. you know, the studies show on college campuses it is rampant. if you are a parent and feel your child is suffering, what should you do? >> this is where i say fill the boat. you want to include multiple disciplines from the educational experts to medical or health care professionals, parents, friend groups. look at this like a ripple effect and keep those lines of communication open. you want to look at behaviors that can contribute to anxiety then look at the environment and understand this is legitimate. >> i know, i'll tell you meditation has made a world of difference to me in the last year or so. >> me too. >> jen, thanks so much. and katy perry is getting candid. what she's saying about her own struggles, the one that got away and her relationship with taylor swift. ck.e on back. swift. come on back.
8:17 am
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welcome back to "gma." we have a few runners here in the audience. it is the time for running races. beautiful one outside colorado springs, they have these amazing red rock formations in the front range of the mountains but look at this. interrupting this race was a bear. yeah. that's going to cut down your time. look at these people hitting the brakes and just in shock because some brave souls obviously whipping out the phones to take pictures. thankfully for us, this bear got away unscathed. most of those people finished the race. good for them. that's a quick check on what's happening in colorado. it's time for your local forecast. check it out. now to katy perr good monday morning. i'm lisa argen. still a wintry scene in the sierra, nevada with snow flurries through 10:00. temperatures at freezing.
8:22 am
but back home, numbers improving with mid 60s around the bay by noon time. coming up about three, four degrees inland, upper 60s to low 70s. we'll hold on to the clouds in the south bay. you'll be a little cooler, 67 today now to katy perry who is getting candid about her relationships, mental health and even her feud with taylor swift in a 96-hour live stream, and that's still going on this morning. so abc's diane macedo is here with the details. good morning to you, diane. >> good morning to you all. this is katy perry like we have never seen her before. we're talking so far behind the scenes she even invites us into a really emotional therapy session and now she's offering an apology to taylor swift. >> i am ready to let it go. >> reporter: this morning, katy perry is getting rid of bad blood. ♪ let it go let it go >> reporter: forgiving and apologizing to taylor swift that
8:23 am
after their long-running hollywood feud. >> i'm sorry for anything i ever did. there are real problems in the world. you know what i'm saying and i love her and i want the best for her. >> reporter: it's just one of several standout moments in a 96-hour youtube live stream promoting her new album, "witness." >> you are witnessing the "witness" worldwide. >> reporter: viewers are also witnessing serious moments in her personal life. >> it's hard because i feel ashamed i would even have those thoughts, you know, and feel that low or that depressed. >> reporter: that's perry breaking down in a therapy session over her past battles with suicidal depression. >> i wrote a song about it. that's what i guess i do. that's how i process, i write songs. ♪ >> reporter: with the help of 41 cameras, we see it all. >> these are my bags, these are my wrinkles. >> reporter: it also features celebrity guests. >> this is harder. >> can you do it? >> reporter: intense competition. >> you with me? >> no, i'm not with you, gordon
8:24 am
ramsay. >> reporter: hidden talents. >> i can look like a frog. it's really strange. it's the weirdest, grossest thing. >> reporter: and the big reveal. who inspired "the one that got away"? ♪ the one that got away >> who is "the one that got away" about? that's groban. >> reporter: now it's time to rehearse. it's all leading up to a free concert in los angeles later today. but with a small audience of just a thousand, to be live streamed to the world. now we did reach out to both taylor swift and katy perry's team for any updates. no comment from either. who must be loving this live stream, katy perry was asked to rate some recent exes of hers, and john mayer came up number one. he must be feeling pretty good this morning. >> maybe he's the one that got away. >> no, she said josh groban. >> groban? >> i didn't hear that. >> he's such a nice guy, see. >> i was going to say the nice
8:25 am
guys win, but i guess in this case, he got away, so. john mayer, the big winner out of all of this as we learned. >> always. >> always. >> not a bad thing, diane, thank you very much. katy is looking forward to her new gig as a judge on the new "american idol" coming to abc early next year and she sent us this exclusive message, so take a look. >> hey, guys. it's katy perry, and i am so excited to be a part of the search for the next "american idol." auditions are open. so what are you waiting for? i want to hear from you. head to for all of the details. >> it's going to be fun. >> yes. >> great. [ applause ] >> you're eligible. send in your tapes. >> sure, we are. >> come on, george. i want to see you belt out a song. you know what "american idol's" search for the next big superstar hits the road, visiting 19 cities from coast to coast, beginning august 17th, and you can also submit auditions on instagram, facebook, twitter and using the #thenextidol.
8:26 am
>> anybody want to audition? anybody want to audition? [ applause ] >> this guy wants to go. >> right there. he's going to do it. >> he's got the tux already. leslie jones, we'll ask her coming up. lie jones, we'll ask yoher coming up.
8:27 am
good monday morning. i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. alexis smith has a look at your traffic. >> hey, good morning. things are looking pretty good, at least improving in a couple areas. we did just have a sigalart not long ago with a crash. westbound 80 off-ramp to southbound 680 was briefly closed. it was just opened back up. they said the road's totally cleared. also looking a lot better southbound 101 at the
8:28 am
8:29 am
good morning. from our east bay hills camera, cool air aloft. partly to mostly sunny skies. 54 in gilroy and some clouds here on the peninsula at sfo. 54 santa rosa. more clear skies in the north bay but it will work its way south. we'll see continued cooler-than-arch numbecooler-t - cooler-than-average numbers. warming up each day. thank you, lisa. another update in 30 minutes and always on our news app and join us every weekday morning from 4:30 to 7:00.
8:30 am
the news"good morning america." have a great ♪ave a great welcome back to "gma," everybody. as you hear we have a great audience here with us this monday morning. yes, we do. and just when you thought things couldn't get any better, well, they are because we're bringing out one of the funniest comedians, you know her from "saturday night live" and from "ghostbusters" and also about to host the b.e.t. awards. we love her. please welcome leslie jones. [ cheers and applause ] >> hi. how are you doing? oh, my god. hi, how are you doing? aaaagh! so awesome and beautiful.
8:31 am
>> oh. >> what's up, baby. >> what's up, baby. how are you doing? in i'm good. >> my god. oh, my god. hi. [ cheers and applause ] oh, my god. >> so excited you're here. >> i'm excited. oh, my god, i didn't know all these people was going to be here. hey. >> we're excited because we're going to talk about the b.e.t. awards in a moment. >> yes. >> but i read this article in "forbes." it fits perfectly into you being here. this article talks about how laughter is good for your health. you are doing a public service to the world. >> i've been saving lives for years. [ laughter ] >> but this article, they found that laughing lessens your stress and releases endorphins and group laughing brings together a feeling of closeness. >> yes. and it takes -- it gives you energy, gives you more time on your life when you laugh all the troubles away. laughter is awesome. you could feel it when you're laughing. you feel a good laugh, you feel
8:32 am
that tickle inside. that is magic. >> that is magic. they said that inside your body it even mimics opioids. that laughter is like a drug. >> yes. it is. i'm a drug dealer. [ laughter ] i. >> teed you up. >> you did. >> naturally funny -- >> i thought it was crazy, though. when i was little i thought i might have been a little crazy until somebody was like, oh, no, you're funny, oh, okay, that's what it is. >> crazy funny. >> okay, okay, yeah, yeah, other people thought i was crazy. my dad especially. he was like, i don't know. we're going to have to lock this girl up. >> what was it like joining "snl" two years ago, oldest cast member to join. >> yeah, i hate when they say the oldest cast member. >> the most sophisticated. >> i didn't even know i was that old until i joined "snl" it was like, oh, she's so old.
8:33 am
she's going to die here. i'm like -- [ laughter ] i was like, i'm only 47. oh, my god. well, i'm more than 47 now but, you know. >> but it is -- it's crazy hours. it's a wonderful cast. >> yes, and they are not for older people at all. no wonder he hires young. >> but you can more than hold your own and even at the after party when katy perry was on you had a sing-off, did you. >> i had to let katy know. i had to let her know. i had to let her know right there. [ applause ] >> don't hurt yourself. don't hurt yourself. you said her music helps you work out. >> her new album is off the chain. do you hear me? oh, my goodness. oh, "swish, swish" and "bon
8:34 am
appetit." go ahead, katy perry. >> who else you have on your playlist? >> i have -- you know i'm old so -- >> you know what -- >> i have a lot of history music. >> all right. >> earth wind & fire. >> i might have some of run dmc's first things. you know, i was around when -- >> that's my generation. >> -- when rap came out in rapper's delight. >> rapper's delight. that was a little bit before my time. robin. >> bless your heart. >> i am freaking out because you are "flea market flip," baby. yo, yo. >> do you like the show. >> yo! sunday, that's all i watch. >> oh. >> that's all i watch. i sit in front of the tv and try to figure out how i'm going to turn my garbage can into a bar. >> i can help you with that. >> kirl.
8:35 am
we'll discuss. >> you were busy this sunday doing a little show with this man right over here. >> yeah and i won that lady some money. >> you won her some money. you won $100,000. my favorite thing is when you lifted her about five feet off the air and l.l. cool j's facial expression but you were so good. >> look at that. >> what are you doing? >> it's exciting when you win. >> you should have seen what we had to cut out. [ applause ] >> but, leslie -- >> it's so exciting. >> it's great. >> you get into it. >> yeah. >> i'm telling you, oh, when she won, i was like, i won. we won, girl. >> you brought so much energy to that show. you bring so much energy to everything you do.
8:36 am
the b.e.t. awards, you're going to host. i cannot wait to see this. >> i'm getting hot just thinking about it. whoo! hot just thinking about it. >> last year beyonce and kendrick lamar kicked off the show. now you're the host. you're going to give us a thing about who could possibly open up? >> that's hot. ♪ >> am i going to do that? any surprise guests? >> it wouldn't be a surprise -- >> exactly. >> nobody is watching. >> i can't tell you who gonna be on there but i tell you what, you better tune in. i'm going to be hosting and it's going to be a ball. i'm about to show all of my booty. >> costume changes. >> i am not doing the diana ross. my feet too big for that. i'm going to have -- i'm going to have, you know when i do my monologue i'll have my mon progress then come out in something nice and tay in the whole show have a lot of these
8:37 am
hosts change like eight times. >> i hate changing clothes. my stylist tell you if i could come out in a t-shirt and jeeps. >> you could. >> but he would kill me. he would literally with his bare hands choke the life out of me. >> this is your first time hosting an awards show. >> yes. >> are you nervous? >> yes. i am very nervous. >> why? >> because i'm just -- i want to make sure i do a good job and make sure i represent comedy. i want to make sure i make people laugh. i want everybody in the room to feel the tickle. and i want to make sure that i distribute that right. i just want to do a good job. i want everybody to be happy, man. you know, i want to bring comedy back. i want people to laugh again. >> yes. [ applause ] >> yes. >> you need ha. >> in other words, you want to continue to save lives. >> i want to continue to drug deal and save lives.
8:38 am
>> laughter is the best medicine, everybody and leslie jones is dishing out. the b.e.t. awards live on b.e.t. sunday, june 25th. check out this funny lady here. leslie jones. coming up -- >> thank you, thank you. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer to take advantage of our midsommar sales event offer.
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visit your volvo dealer to take advantage you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa!
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got to keep it real here. leslie just left the set. i mean we were all just wanting -- >> i've never seen all of us so starstruck after it ended. can we have a picture. >> right at the end i had a little something in my nose and she just -- true girlfriend, girl, let me get that for you. i was like, come on. >> that's a real friend. i can't believe i touched your nose like that. >> we're great friends. >> let's cool it down, the perfect way to cool down during the heat wave cold brew coffee. all the rage at cafes around the country. abc's abbie boudreau has the secret to how you can make it at home to save yourself some moolah. >> reporter: it's the coldest trend of the summer. cold brew coffee. the new it drink for coffee lovers. not to be confused with iced coffee. >> you always taste the difference when you hair hot
8:42 am
coffee over ice versus cold brew. >> reporter: you team them in cold water for hours and end result, smoother, sweeter and less acidic coffee. >> the popularity of cold brew growing exponentially for. >> reporter: owner of groundwork organic is showing us, one infused with nitrogen. start with coarse coffee grinds. >> you can smell it. it's delicious. >> reporter: and a french press. >> more patience than you, the better it's going to taste. >> reporter: can you really taste the difference between iced coffee and cold brew? >> very good. a little earthy. mm-mm. chocolaty. that's the coal brew. uh-oh. >> this one is the cold brew. >> oh, my gosh. well i like them both. this is really -- >> reporter: these drinks are popular and pricey. ranging from $3.19 from dunkin' donuts, $3.35 at coffee bean and
8:43 am
$3.45 at starbucks. so why not make it yourself and save some money? so it's actually really easy to make at home. starting with three-quarters of a cup of whole beans. pour them into a bowl and add one liter of filtered water. >> take a towel and cover it. refrigerator, 12 to 24 hours later filter out the coffee grounds with a strainer first and a second time with a damp paper towel. it was quick, it was easy and it saved me a lot of money but does it taste good? yeah, it's delicious. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, venice, california. >> well, we decided we'll give it a try ourselves and see if we can tell the difference between the cold brew and regular coffee so take a sip. here we go. >> not a big -- >> well, this one tastes better to me. >> which one do you think is the coal brew?
8:44 am
>> this one is less bitter. >> so -- the green is less bitter. >> the green is the cold brew. that's right. there we go. a little less bitter. you're right. whoo. it's actually delicious. i usually don't drink it black but i can do it right there. thank you, abbie boudreau for that. we'll go outside to rob. what do you think of the coffee? which do you like the best. >> i totally agree. coffee fans out here. i'm not a big iced coffee guy but the cold brew is absolutely fantastic. mm-mm and i am jacked up now. who wants it? taste that. it is delicious. maybe you want some cold iced tea, southern style. you'll need it. record temperatures yesterday across the northeast. and wisconsin, 96, burlington, 95. the earliest they've hit that number and equally warm today with increasing levels of humidity. we got tank tops and shorts and good monday morning. i am lisa argen. you can see a little fog in the
8:45 am
picture but mostly sunny skies today and cloudy still in the south bay for the next few hours. warmer tomorrow weathercast brought to you by -- it was pretty good, right? >> yeah. >> we're all jacked up now. back inside to you, lara. >> so the film "cars 3" is moving into theaters this week. it is sure to be a big summer hit. it's got a great cast of character, they sat down with our nick watt and here's a look. ♪ >> here's the deal with "cars 3," lightning and best buds are joined by a whole new cassian of characters. a lot of you have not met each other yet. >> correct. >> i see it's like a cocktail party. getting to know you. >> we're trying not to be awkward. you calling it out makes it feel so much better. >> that's alonzo aka cruise. >> i'm so excited i get to train
8:46 am
you. >> reporter: lightning mcqueen's new trainer. >> she needs a push to see how good she can be. >> jackson storm, right. great race today. >> woo, thank you, mr. mckean. you have no idea what a pleasure it is for me to finally beat you. >> reporter: and the new cocky kid voiced by armie hammer. >> he's not a bad guy here. he's the best is really what it comes down to. >> there's going to be a love/hate maybe some romance. >> how do cars do that? >> yep, that's "scandal's" own kerry washington bringing a little r-rated sensibility to an interview about a squeaky clean kids film where she plays a stats obsessed sportscaster. >> their ability to hold the optimum racing line every single lap. >> i wanted to finally do something my kids could watch that didn't involve murder, sex, sleeping with people's spouses. you know, something that was was family friendly. >> what is this about? >> your legacy.
8:47 am
>> lightning mcqueen is getting a little older moving into the kind of mentor role. >> yeah, in the same way that doc hudson was sort of a mentor for him. >> i don't know. i got nothing. >> reporter: larry the cable guy still the beating heart of the franchise. >> my wife said watches mater is like watching me around the house. i wouldn't say there's much difference except weight. he outweighs me by 200 pounds. >> only 200 pounds? >> i put on weight to do this. you didn't know that, right? >> cocktail party is coming alive, right? you know, it's early in the morning. >> did you want us to take our shirts off at any point? >> lightning! >> reporter: a quick movie review, 6-year-old i watched "cars 3" with absolutely loved it. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> thank you, nick. always fun. and "cars 3" hits theaters this friday. coming up, happy to say lady
8:48 am
antebellum is with us live. performing. but it took a twist of fate to find a high-end curler at such a head turning price. and that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. ♪
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one of my all-time faves, lady "a," lady antebellum, i always look forward to when they release new music and their latest album dropped friday. it is called "heart break." they'll give us a special performance. don't worry, they're coming back in a few weeks for our summer concert series but right now, lady "a," "you look good ♪ ♪ ♪ on a boat on a beach in the water in the sand in the back of a bar ♪ ♪ cold beer in your hand breaking hearts breaking necks ♪
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♪ when we rolling down the treat heads turning all day when they see you with me ♪ ♪ i'm thinking everybody better stand in line 'cause they need to know that your body's coming with me tonight ♪ ♪ they're like, hey, who that there with the shades like oh the way you move to the bass ♪ ♪ hold up whole room gets to spinning from the second that you walk in ♪ ♪ and baby you look good all day all night you look good so fresh so fine ♪ ♪ you look good got everybody watching you like cameras in hollywood ♪ ♪ baby you look good come on baby you look good ♪ ♪ black dress, to the 9s, new year's in a pent from the floor
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to the roof make the skyline spin ♪ ♪ yeah you're killing me boy in your black-faded jeans ain't gotta work hard when you're smiling at me ♪ ♪ like hey who that there with the shades like oh the way you move to the bass hold up ♪ ♪ whole room gets to spinning from the second that you walk in ♪ ♪ and baby you look good all day all night you look good so fresh so fine ♪ ♪ you look good got everybody watching you like cameras in hollywood baby you look good oh baby you look good ♪ >> bring it down, boys. ♪ i'm thinking everybody better stand in line 'cause they need to know that your body's coming with me tonight ♪ ♪ they're like hey who that
8:53 am
there with the shades like oh the way you move to the bass hold up ♪ ♪ whole room gets to spinning from the second that you walk in and baby you look good all day all night ♪ ♪ you look good so fresh so fine you look good got everybody watching you like cameras in hollywood ♪ ♪ baby you look good come on baby you look good ♪ ♪ you look good baby you look good ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:54 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by t-mobile. switch to the network built for unlimited data. ♪ you look good >> you never cease to amaze us, lady antebellum. look at their microphones compared to ours. at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event.
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good morning. 8:59. i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. we're hearing some issues in san francisco. what's going on? >> we've got some police activity. a suspicious package has been found on market street between 3rd and 4th. you are being asked to avoid that area. however, no shelter in place issue has been entrances at market and 4th and ellis and stockton are closed. good morning, lisa. >> hey, alexis. we have and hour and five minute delay at sfo. winds are blowing. you can see clouds here at the golden gate bridge, 60s to low 70s today. >> at least there is is no lightning or hail. time for "live with kelly and ryan." we'll be back at 11:00 a.m. for
9:00 am
the and 7 midday news. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the new film "maudie," ethan hawke. and one of the stars of "unbreakable kimmy schmidt," tituss burgess. plus, recording artist, producer, and author, dj >> announcer: it's all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> kelly: hi


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