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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 12, 2017 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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it's june 12th. time for great viral videos "right this minute." ♪ >> a music video captures the love story of a couple dwermed -- >> to live life to the fullest. >> the emotional roller coaster when their journey takes an unexpected turn. >> oh, man. a mountain biker hits the trail and just about something else. >> >>, my gosh! they're everywhere. a fisherman using a powerful magnet to reel them in. find out why this big catch is connected to a crime. >> get out of here. >> no. we've got christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle breaking down the best on the web including a dude romping
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around new york city. >> wearing his denim romper. >> how the newest man trend attracts all kinds of attention. >> hey, daddy. let me see what you're working with. one of the major advantages of having the technology that we have nowadays is we're able to document absolutely everything. ♪ if i had a choice it would be hold you forever and never let go ♪ >> this song is called "seven." it was put together by local artists and the song itself is a tribute to the love story of this couple. you see the couple there on the beach. that's after they renewed their vows. these two met in flight school. they're both pilots. you notice their shots from their reception of them enjoying each other and their friends and family, their children. >> that's beautiful. you can tell these two are in love for real. >> they are. they celebrated ten years in december of 2015.
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there's a reason that they cherish all of these moments. >> if you punch me in the gut after all this, i'm going to be ticked. >> i feel like the rug is about to be pulled out from under us. >> i see some sad themes in here. >> she was diagnosed with leukemia. she rushed home and decided we can figure out how to get past this. there you see shots of them in the hospital with their children and as part of their journey, they decided to live life to the fullest. that's why you see the pictures and the videos and the vow renewals. because in her mind this was not the end. ♪ but unfortunately a year after they renewed their vows in 2016, they did pass. >> oh, man. >> as the video progresses, there are the traditional funeral scenes. so their family came together to honor his life and to celebrate
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their love. >> how did this music video get put together. >> she edited the video to showcase their love and to share their love story. her message is for everybody to love like there's no tomorrow. and she says to all the married and to be married couples, continue loving each other. >> it's a beautiful tribute and it's a wonderful reminder to cherish what you have while you have it. the rabbits in australia are huge. jake was riding his mountain bike at one of his favorite spots. look out. my god that rabbit is enormous. >> that was close. >> oh, my gosh. they're everywhere. oh, wait. i think those are -- >> you reckon? >> it's western australia. it's kangaroos, actually. out of nowhere these things keep springing out of the brush right in front of him, nearly take him out. thankfully, no collisions.
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this one even put in slow motion. looked like the tail almost knocked him over. >> mountain biking is more extreme in australia. >> there we go. that was close. >> speaking of extreme mountain biking, how about a nice downhill? >> oh. >> still going? how far, how many? >> 842 stairs. thankfully he has a bike with high grade suspension on it. all that rattling and bumping, still a pretty smooth ride. when you go to a human, they don't let you touch the art. sometimes it's behind protective glass. but andrew meyers, he says oh no, this art is meant to be touched. he created this art installation for the blind. >> cool. >> probably about six years ago i created one of these pieces. there was a blind man at the show that walked up to my booth.
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he put his hand on this piece and started feeling it. all of a sudden he got this huge smile on his face. for me it was just an amazing moment. there was a blind man that could almost see for a second. >> after that incident with a blind man, that led him and others to make a documentary about the tact till art is. that led them to a teach ever at a 300 acre camp where blind people can experience the arts. >> these newly blind people who think their life will not be as good now as it used to be because they've become blind. i don't believe that to be true. i believe your life is what you make it to be. >> i want to give george the first portrait of himself that he can actually feel. we want to make the first new piece for his tactile art gallery. >> this was posted to facebook and within a week it's had more than 40 million views. >> you can see why. the level of detail is great.
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>> it's one of the most original things i've ever seen. who would have thought taking a bunch of screw heads and putting them at different depths to create a three dimensional piece of art then painting that as a canvas, that's neat. >> so many artists will look at that to get the particular art that's like your fingerprint. for him it happened in that moment and he's got his own medium now that honestly is going to take him pretty interesting places. something you should never do and something we all should try. i'm going to start with the thing and say it again and point at the camera, don't try this at home! because this muppet in russia decided to do something stupid to get likes. >> whoa. >> did you see that? >> the ground exploded. >> obviously there was an explosion.
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that's when the ground just lifts up like three there feet. >> they're all sort of giggling and laughing afterwards. we have no information about it. honestly these guys should have known better. but the next thing is something we should all try. what you do is go fishing with really powerful magnets with this one. that is a $500 supermagnet they ordered from canada. you put these magnets on the end of ropes and throw them into the river. whatever he's got now is seriously heavy. >> you're going to lose your $500 magnet for a piece of river junk. >> you're assuming junk. you never know. they even get another magnet involved. >> oh, man. >> unfortunately there's no door on it.
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there's nothing inside. but they have a theory as to what's going on. >> bank robbers. this is the second safe we've pulled out. >> they pull out the door to that safe. >> that's a door. >> you never guess what else they pull out. >> we pulled another safe out but it wasn't empty. >> these guys ended up finding evidence of a robbery. now the cops are on their way to collect the treasure. she lost her favorite toy, but now -- >> got a little present today. >> raya has gotten a fedex package. >> the story behind the sweet reunion of best friends. >> she's like give it here. and not a chain saw in sight but there is a tractor so why not -- >> take this tree down with that? >> what happens when the plan is a major bust. >> oh! i'm leaving you, wesley. but why? you haven't noticed me in two years.
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closed captioning provided by -- o the 99%. gold bond powder spray. anytime. anywhere. stay cool, america. this guy is using the wrong tool for the job. apparently that's the boss of the crew. he didn't want to wait until the chain saw showed up, so he's like i've got a powerful tractor here. i'm going to take this tree down with that. >> oh, no. >> oh! >> oh! >> you okay? >> just let me lay here, man. >> he's holding the back of his head. looks like he jumped into the path of the falling tree. watch. he would have been fine, but he falls off and that's exactly where the tree goes. beams him in the back of the skull. he's going to be okay. i think he's going to be very sore for awhile. not a good example for the rest of the crew there, boss.
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>> does this count as overtime? we still getting paid? >> so after that video, when you see the beginning of this video, you kind of know where it's going. though this one a little more scary. metal container suspended bay crane. they're trying to get it in the back of this flat bed truck. >> why didn't they lift it a couple of feet and move it into the truck? >> there's a lot of ways this could have been done. this is decidedly the wrong way. they couldn't get it hang ld properly. so the guy with the white shirt says i'll get in and adjust it. don't you dare. >> no, no, no! >> my gosh! i thought that could happen, but was hoping it wouldn't. >> that's a bad day at work. all the reports we have been able to find says he was able to get out of the way. i would still classify this as a work place incident.
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versus the shower. ♪ raya has gotten a fedex package from emirates airlines. you see, she left her best friend en rico on the plane. and 'em customer service has something for her. they got enrico to write her a letter. >> wait a minute.
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does he got new friends? >> they mailed him back to her. >> who's that? >> enrico is a fly with me toy that emirates airlines has and she left hers and they sent her another one. >> nice work, guys. >> yeah. what ride share drivers hate. >> do they cover people eating in your car? >> whatnot to do next "right this minute." and still to come, sneakers does not like bathtime. >> but he's about to be bamboozled. >> he will follow a trail of food. >> see the sneaky trick. plus, she set out alone on her bicycle. before she knew it -- >> her journey turned into a five-year globe trek. >> now the woman behind the impressive adventure explains why it was all worth it. >> there's so many surprising things that i was very impressed to see. out of sunscreen, going on a targetrun need anything? watermelon! water please! and soda!
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provided by -- tion. and get fast acting relief that lasts 10 full hours. that's the power of 10. cortizone 10®. curing nail fungus could take my pharmacist said.. fungi-nail stops foot fungus fast before it spreads. fungi-nail. there's so much to see on this big, beautiful planet. it could be kind of a scary place. but if you overcome that fear and you get out there and explore, it can be a wildly rewarding experience. this is jim. and back in 2011 she left san francisco and started to ride her bike. the first night in her tent, she was crying. thought what have i done. i'm a little scared. should i continue? but she did. along the way, she started to overcome her fear. then she crossed over the mexican border. that alone she thought would be very scary. but it turned out mexico wasn't so scary and she continued down
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through south america and every country she went through she thought, wow, these people are amazing. instead of stopping at the end of south america, she decided let's keep going. shipped herself over to africa to explore and absorb every bit of experience this planet could offer her. and at every turn, she was impressed. her journey turned into a five-year globe trek. >> wow. >> she's covered 37,000 miles on a bicycle. she wanted to see the northern lights so she rode her bike to finland. very challenging but she made it. she got there and she saw the aurora. i was just overwhelmingly impressed with the magnitude of this journey. and i thought, man, i got to talk to this woman. so joining us all the way from laos at the moment is gin. she's joining us "right this minute" to tell us all about her story. >> hi. >> what was the original seed for this idea?
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where you just thought i'm going to get on a bike and i'm going to start going? >> my dream is to travel the universe. i thought i don't know about my planet earth so let's just cover this first. >> what's been the hardest part of this trip for you? >> just finding a place to sleep every night is difficult. because i'm scare what had can happen. >> which was the most surprising country and which was your favorite? >> there are many of my favorite countries like peru, bolivia, france, spain. there's so many surprising things that i was very impressed to see. it was really good experience. good adventure. >> if somebody's at home and watching this journey you've done, what's the one thing you would tell them they need to do if they want to do it? >> just try. like, it's okay to fail. it's okay to -- something happen to you. but just don't give up without trying. >> so you've been at this for
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five years. is the journey over for you? >> i'm going now home. i don't know, it takes two years or three years. i never know because i move very slow to enjoy the people and nature and culture and many things. sneakers hates baths. >> this corgi doesn't deserve it, but it has to be done. he's about to be bamboozled. his owner john is going to make a path of treats to the bathtub. >> betrayed by my tummy again. >> the final one on the edge of the bathtub. >> ambush! >> and as the dog puts his legs up, picked up and put in the water. >> you see, that's the thing. everyone's thinking that the owner has outwitted the dog. the dog is a genius. pretend you don't like a bath and you get treats. >> sneakers gets the bath. then i'm going to get the water
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all over you. >> sneakers, do you want a bath? nope. now, in glasgow, scotland, this is george george is ready to leave. george has the leash in the mouth and is like let's go, andrew. >> he can tell andrew's about to make some bad decisions. he's like i'm going to take you out of here before things go south. a man roams the streets of new york -- >> wearing his denim romper. >> see why the public's divided on his bold fashion choice.
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and do your thing.
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this little cutie is ready for bed. ♪ the romper. or now as we're calling it the romp-him. this fella decided to go to different neighborhoods in new york wearing it. lots of different reactions. starting in washington heights. >> i mean, it's new york. you see much weirder stuff. >> let's see how some of the folks respond. >> hello papi. >> you've got the cat callers. hey, daddy. let me see what you working with. >> oh. >> then you've got these
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obnoxious kids. >> i'm going to go get a hair cut in washington heights. >> now, he says the barbershop is the place to be. in most neighborhoods it is. it's also a rough crowd. >> oh. >> yeah. he walks in and they immediately get at him. >> in this situation, i'm going to say everybody right now is the insecure one. the only confident person is the one in the romp-him. >> time to go. >> uh-oh. >> he's like you a brave man, brother. >> how you feel about that? >> that's nice. >> let's move over to harlem. >> i just need some popcorn because this is going to be entertaining. >> chill out. you wear whatever you want. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> i love that this is happening outside h&m.
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>> he's uncomfortable. >> who'd of thunk it? >> well, you dress like that, you expect it. >> next up, times square. >> where there will be no new yorkers. just tourists. >> can i ask you an important question? where do they sell men's rompers around here. >> let me ask you where did you find that romper? >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> oh you the [ bleep ]. >> these dudes run up, and they're like, mad props, dog. we got to take a picture. >> a romper! >> how did it go? >> it got more love than i expected. who would have known? >> i should have had one on for this bit. that's a look at some of the day's best viral videos. for more check out or catch the brand new episode of "rtm."
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tonight, several breaking developments atsz we come on the air. president trump's attorney general jeff sessions will testify in public. just days after the fired fbi director told the country that the president asked the ag and everyone else to leave the room. also tonight, after the president told our jon karl he wants the testify, what the white house is now saying tonight. also, the defense rests in the bill cosby sexual assault trial, after just six minutes and a single witness. the penn state fraternity members waiting nearly 12 hours before calling for help. tonight the stunning moment in court as video of the dying student is played before everyone. the urgent manhunt at the hour for inmates.


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