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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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and i feel like if you're fortunate enough to get those tickets you should take somebody who really appreciates it. >> jimmy: do people talk to you at the games? do you interact with the players? >> she's not ashamed to tell you a lot of it has to do with their physique and they're so nice and they're like the nicest guys. they'll come up and say, hi, she loves that. she loves -- yeah. >> jimmy: does she have a favorite player? >> i don't know if she has a favorite player. we had an experience -- we went to a beyonce and jay-z concert and we were in the green room and lebron james was there and she lost her [ bleep ] mind. we're at a beyonce concert and jay z. she's like, lebron james! >> jimmy: how did lebron take that? >> he was so cool about it. so nice about it. i had to walk around and, you know, put a ball gag in her mouth. >> jimmy: did you play sports
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yourself growing up? >> yeah, i liked sports. yeah, we have very unusual things. >> jimmy: what are some of the unusual sports you played in south africa. >> we have two, south africa, a similar game that's played looks like basketball. the basketball-esque ball. is only played by girls. boys don't play it. it's lice vice versa. one is called netball and -- and the other is kurfball. and i played both of them. only girls play it. it looks like the court -- the court looks like a basketball court and netball you do bounce and kurfball, you don't. you don't move, you play static. >> jimmy: can you bounce-pass the ball? >> no. you can only throw. >> jimmy: do you shoot at a basket? >> you shoot in a most embarrassing way. >> jimmy: how do you shoot? >> we have
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you smoot it -- >> jimmy: we call that a granny shot. it's the best way to make a shot. because you get the most arc on the ball and the most backspin on the ball. >> no way to do it gracefully. >> jimmy: we'll witness whether or not you can do it gracefully. i'm going to tell you something. this audience is really counting on you. [ cheers and applause ] when we come back from the break, if you're willing, i'd like you to attempt a three-point shot, okay? >> okay. >> jimmy: charlize theron is here. her movie is atomic blonde. it opens july 28th. we'll be back with the celebrity three-point challenge. ♪ we come into this world needing others. ♪ then we are told it's braver to go it alone. ♪ but there is another way to live.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: well, hello and welcome back. we're on hollywood boulevard with charlize theron.
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you faced aliens, you faced kidnappers, biker gangs and now your greatest challenge of all -- making a three-point shot for our audience. okay. >> okay. >> jimmy: by the way, tell the audience what they will win if she makes the shot. >> dicky: if she makes the shot, everyone goes home with new kevin durant nike zoom kdx. engineered for flexibility, breathability and support on and off the court. >> jimmy: if she misses. >> dicky: if she misses, every one gets a stamp. mail a letter any time with the forever stamp from the u.s. postal service. >> jimmy: the stakes are high. are you ready to make this shot. >> yes. >> jimmy: instead of a basketball, we got you something very special, do you know what that is?
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is. >> it a korf >>. >> jimmy: yes where. >> did you get this? >> jimmy: we got it in south africa. >> do i make a. >> jimmy: you can do whatever you want. here we go. here we go. time to make the shot. come on. you can do it. you can go like that. sure, you can. it's totally legal. >> we're not in south africa. >> jimmy: in a way, we are. >> aim it and then you go. >> jimmy: all right. let's give it another -- why don't we make it a foul shot, i think, would be even better. step right up to the foul line. there we go. pretty close. >> all right, i'm going to go old school. >> jimmy: all right. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: congratulations. unbelievable. let's look at the instant replay. it was absolutely perfect. charlize theron wins everyone a pair of nikes. i want to thank charlize theron, karl malone and not matt damon. we have a new show later tonight. thanks for watching, we'll do it again then! [ cheers and applause ] have to travel from its source to the bottle?
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right now at 11:00, dub nation is celebrating tonight. the warriors are your nba champions. >> check out the scene earlier tonight right after the warriors clinched the championship. a huge party af at oracle arena. >> and what's a big party without fireworks? this was the scene moments after the dubs won game five. >> and hand it to the cavs, a moment of sportsmanship tonight between kevin durant and lebron james. >> and spilling into the streets, dubs fans can't contain their excitement. we have live team coverage starting now. good evening and thank you for joining us tonight. >> you saw the exciting game right here on abc7 tonight. it's the second time in three years the dubs have won it all, and the first time a bay area team has won a championship at home since 1974. >> we begin with sports director larry beal live inside oracle
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arena. >> reporter: i have said it before and i will say it again, this is the reason the warriors signed kevin durant, for nights like this, and he literally carried them to a championship in game five of the nba finals tonight at home. man, the celebrities, the stars were out as we check out some of the highlights from game five, a snoop dogg was here, chris rock was here, part of a sell-out crowd, and kevin durant, the biggest star of all, looking for his first nba title, hits the three and just getting started. steph curry, 34 points and 10 assists, a little runner there, warriors up 11 at the half. third quarter, lebron spectacular in the loss, 41 points, 13 boards, 8 assists. in the end, the warrior offense came down to kevin durant, 39 points, the finals mvp, the warriors captured their second championship in three years, 129-120 was the final score as the confetti came down, and the
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warriors take the series four games to one. we bring in abc7's mike shumann. you were having fun. i can't believe you didn't get doused in champagne. >> the oracle dodger is what they like to call me. but it was exciting. last time they did it was the first time. you related to it like the 49ers did years ago. second time around, a lot of guys, west, patch yulea, barnes, even the rookies all got rings, and it was so exciting in the locker room to talk to them afterwards. let's hear from the mvp, though, kevin durant. >> i come to bring it every day. i work hard, i believe in myself, i believe in the game, i respect the game, i love the game. and i knew at some point in my life that it would come around for me. >> worth every, you know, every shot we took in practice. it's an unbelievable feeling. i'm happy for him. you gotta call kevin durant a champ now. >> if they say 16-1 it was easy, but it wasn't. this series could have really changed in game three
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especially, but we had big time players make big time plays. >> it hasn't been easy, i'm going to be honest, but in many ways, coaching this team has carried me through, and i look forward to it every day, to come into practice and seeing these guys. it's crazy, i'm living right. >> reporter: and i think it meant more to steve kerr than the first time around. >> oh, yeah. >> when i talked about march, you could see how special it was. he said he teared up when he hugged him. because people don't realize what he went through this season. >> yeah, the complications from the back surgery, still probably experiencing headaches, just hope that over the course of the offseason he really gets healthy 100%, and can really enjoy what the warriors accomplished this season. you can call kevin durant -- a lot of people called him soft. they called him cup cake. >> a villain. >> and tonight you gotta call him nba champion. he's going to light it up. >> this means i don't have to go
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back to cleveland, right? >> only one way if you go. that's what management says. [ laughter ] >> lots more coming up in sports. back to you. >> not until next season anyway. >> thanks, guys. let's continue our live team coverage now. abc7's katie nation. >> reporter: we know warriors fans are the loudest in the nba, and maybe even the best dance moves. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: the love for the warriors championship is bursting out of oracle. >> i like to say, redemption is amazing. you know, redemption! congratulations, warriors, you deserve this! >> reporter: a win in game five that some feared might not happen. >> it was a little sketchy at first, they were kinda neck and neck, but then the warriors pulled away. >> reporter: and when they
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they did so in style. >> it was an exclamation point, took it over. he knew they won. >> they would play when the clock got to two seconds and it was over. that was my favorite play. >> reporter: when you're pitted against a rival team after losing to them last season, you've anticipated this moment for a full year. >> i feel wonderful. i was here last year for game seven, and it's been such a letdown. so i've been waiting a year for this moment. >> it was sweet. revenge is always sweet. and this was payback from last year. people are just ready to celebrate. >> you can feel the vibration in the building. it's amazing. >> reporter: fans are gonna want to get their hands on this, the finals gear, the championship hat, and we also have the t-shirt here to show you, and i'm going to ask, do you think this is business casual? will it fly tomorrow at the office? i'm asking for a friend or maybe the rest of the bay area, who's going to be wanting to sport this look at work tomorrow. >> i think you can wear it.
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>> i think it's okay. >> i think you could wear it to a black tie function. >> and it would be accepted. let's stay at oracle. >> wayne freedman is live. you've been back and forth to cleveland. fun to be here for this big win. >> reporter: well, gotta tell you, dan, i've been covering news in this market for 36 years, and never in 36 years have i seen such unbridled joy. maybe when the 49ers won their first super bowl, maybe when the giants broke through. but when that confetti fell from the ceiling tonight, grown men in the stands were weeping. here's what it looked like inside. >> reporter: maybe we thought the long rainy season had ended, but in oakland tonight, it came back in a different form, yellow confetti covering everything and everyone, from ordinary folks to the famous, and all celebrating as one. >> i'm heam for oakland, happy pyou feel me?rea. >> it means the world to win a
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championship on your own floor, celebrate in front of your fans. it's beautiful. once in a lifetime. you gotta really enjoy it. but i look forward to them doing it again. >> is this a once in a lifetime experience? >> right now it is, so enjoy the moment. >> reporter: the celebration spilled overto the plaza outside, dancing, singing. >> the bay area got a unique energy and i had a chance to be a part of it. >> we need this win. i love for the warriors to stay here, but i know that they're leaving and it's great to have a win here before they go. >> reporter: and they are still celebrating this hour. the parking lot still has cars in it. we're still hearing shouts over our shoulder. i'm predicting that a lot of people in the bay area are going to call in sick tomorrow. the illness will be delirium. live from oakland, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> that's a good one. thank you, wayne. not everyone can make it, of course, to oracle tonight.
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>> no, abc7's lilian kim continues our coverage with the fans who gathered at bars and restaurants to cheer on the dubs to victory tonight. >> reporter: dan and alma, what a night. drake's dealership in oakland was packed and the crowd reacted as you might expect when the game was over. pure jubilation, but even when things were looking promising, fans never took the warriors' lead for granted. up until the final minutes, there was cautious optimism amid the excitement, then when it became clear that the warriors would come out on top, relief. no game six, no heading back to cleveland. fans jumping up and down, celebrating a championship that they believe should have been theirs last year. and to top it off, fans were so happy to see kevin durant play as well as he did in the series. they shouted mvp, mvp, throughout the game. >> he's the mvp, absolutely. he's changed everything for the
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warriors. of course we had a great team, a good start, but he's just brought it all together. >> we came out hungry this time. we wanted to close out the game, you know, yeah, man, i don't know, i can't put it into words right now. it's such a good feeling. >> this is a dynasty that's going to go on for the next, at least five years. at the very least, five years. i called the sweep of the whole playoffs. lebron got one, that's all he got. >> i got a little nervous based on what happened last year, but we did it, we won. >> i supported the warriors when they were terrible, when tickets were super cheap and they spiked them up, but it means so much for the town, so much for oakland. it's huge. >> reporter: from the bars, a celebration spilled into the streets, this was the street on broadway, people honking their horns, waving and cheering, a contrast from last year, when the streets were very quiet
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after game seven. fortunately a different outcome this year. >> thanks so much, lilian. warriors fans were rocking in san francisco tonight too. abc7 news was at pete's bar in north beach, where fans received championship shirts, as they watched the confetti fall. >> fans packed the largest watch party outside of oracle, featuring ten tvs to watch game five. >> after the win, people took to the streets and celebrated at 15th and valencia. there was so many people at the dubs fest that muni had to reroute the 48 bus around that area. >> and really, what's a championship without a parade? cheer the dubs on this thursday, it starts on broadway, and ends at the convention center. we'll have live coverage all morning long. >> stay with us. continuing coverage of the warriors' championship is just ahead on abc7 news at 11:00.
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we're monitoring celebrations across the bay area. this is a live look from 14th and broadway in oakland. you can see a sea of people there, they have their blue and their gold on, and so far, things appear to be even keel. not too bad. lots of celebrations. the chp says there are a thousand people here. we'll have much more coming up. and i'll have the dub nation celebration forecast for this thursday's parade. it is going to be heating up this week. temperature forecast coming up. >> thanks, sandhya. and we'll leave you with pictures of tonight's celebration. stay with us, abc7 news returns right after this.
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let's take you live out to sky 7, flying over oakland. this is a live picture over 17th and telegraph in oakland. about a thousand people are out celebrating the dubs' big win. as you can see, they're filling the streets. we've heard no reports of any problems. you may have seen after the game, the warriors had a public service announcement on the air, urging everyone to celebrate with dignity. that's certainly what these folks are doing, just having a good time, causing no problems, just celebrating this historical and fantastic win by the warriors. >> everything looks good there. one celebration, did take a dangerous turn. we were above east oakland size a celebratory side show took to the streets. there were a few near misses as a couple of those cars did donuts. a fan was also involved and police say officers have also responded to reports of
11:27 pm
celebratory gunfire in parts of the city. so far no one has been reported injured. we hope it stays that way. >> again, all the excitement without the donuts in downtown oakland. elated fans just flocked to the streets, cheering, chanting, jumping up and down. some are dancing in the streets. many had their phones out to capture a celebratory moment. once again, no reports of any violence or arrests, other than the cars zipping around we showed you, really have not heard any reports of any problems. probably not wise to be up there. >> not the best idea. well, dub nation is all ready to show off their pride. >> let's go to katie marzullo live in san jose. fun in the south bay too, katie? >> reporter: yes, but we've come to the end of the line. as you can see, the sidewalk is clear. there are exactly two shoppers still inside dick's sporting goods. they were just allowed in by the very kind manager, and they are wrapping up and that is it here. dick's sporting goods in san
11:28 pm
jose, lots of locations, promising that they would stay open as long as there were warriors' fans in line, wanting to get the championship gear and they have fulfilled that promise tonight. hundreds of fans have come through these doors. this was the moment the first 20 shoppers were allowed in, all very organized, very civil. fans very focused on their shopping, but the enthusiam is definitely there. this is what happens when you ask a warriors' fan how they're feeling tonight. >> frigging amazing! we've been waiting for this for the last year. >> i'm feeling amazing that we won today. >> last year, i didn't get it, this year i wanted to make sure i did. >> i'm glad we came early. he said, let's go, right now, get in the car. >> straight here from work, just to get the warriors gear, to celebrate the championship, 2017, go warriors. >> mike small, who you just
11:29 pm
heard from there, was the first in line. he got here around 7:45, before the game was even over. eventually the line reached around the corner of the building and halfway down the other side. fans definitely like to be first to wear their warriors pride and they will do whatever it takes to make that happen. back out here live, you are looking at the shirts that are for sale, still plenty left, and the good news is, if you were not able to come out to this event tonight, dick's sporting goods is opening bright and early for you tomorrow morning, 6:00 a.m. dan, alma? >> fantastic. thanks so much, katie. well, champs again, on the chronicle's front page. you can find the papers at news stands for $1.50. >> what a great shot. wonderful night to be out celebrating the warriors's big win and a nice night for a parade in a couple days. sandhya patel has the forecast. >> it's going to be a winning forecast for the parade.
11:30 pm
before that, i want to show you what's ahead. temperatures tomorrow in liver more, 79 degrees, the average is 80. so getting close to that, but look at the numbers soaring. it's going to be cooking as we head towards the end of the workweek, and into the weekend. don't worry, it's not going to be hot for the warriors' parade, as you take a look at a live picture from our tower camera, city hall is all decked out in blue for the warriors' win tonight. visibility is good, not so great along the coast. we do have some fog that has formed right near the coast. it is limited tonight, and will stay that way. temperatures right now, in the 50s and 60s across the bay area. here's a live look, even the tower is getting in on the celebration from our camera at pier 15. patchy fog at the coast, sunny and milder tomorrow afternoon. it's heating up at the end of the week. tomorrow morning, cool enough start to dress in layers. upper 40s to mid 50s.
11:31 pm
tomorrow afternoon, we'll warm it up a little bit for you. temperatures inland in the low 80s. a mild day. low 60s coast side. everyone will see the sun for your tuesday afternoon. and it is a bright forecast for the warriors' parade on thursday at 10:00 a.m. temperature will begin at 68 degrees, end up about 74, pretty mild conditions for the dub nation celebration. so you really couldn't ask for better weather than that. now friday it is really going to start to cook. inland areas, well above average, 10 to 15 degrees. along the coast, in the 60s. 60s to 90s friday. saturday it's warm to hot. sunday, father's day, it's going to be cooking. some temperatures will be in the triple digits, 70s along the coast, download the accuweather app to keep track of the temperature changes. it's a warming trend in the seven-day forecast, really start to feel the heat friday through monday. yeah, 90s, 100, including father's day. just head to the coast if you don't like the heat,
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