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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 13, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> i have teammates that encourage you, that lift you up. that's what we all need in life. it was amazing to just see that all year. >> i'm happy for him. you have to call kevin durant a champ now. he's put the time in and i'm just so happy for him to be able to realize its goal and be my teammate. >> coach kerr says he's happy durant broke through and believes there is much more to come from him. >> kerr was visibly emotional last night and it's understandable. he missed 11 games in the post-season, sidelined because of complications from back surgery two years ago. he says this is the perfect way to end the season. >> winning is fantastic. i've been so lucky to be part of so many championship teams as a player and now as a coach and it never gets old. but tonight was different based on the things i've had to go through during this time.
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>> warriors gm bob myers says kerr is healthy and will be back as head coach next season. >> as you can expect, fans spilled out on to the streets of oakland following the win. sky 7 above east oakland as a sideshow unfolded near 101st and international. these were a few close calls as cars were spinning doughnuts, a van was also involved. oakland police tell abc 7 news officers responded to reports of celebratory gunfire in parts of the city but no injuries were reported. sky 7 over san francisco's mission district where large crowds gathered. a few people threw glass bottles at police near 22nd and mission. small fires were set. witnesses say it sounded like police fired rubber bullets into the crowd. one confrontation between a man and a police officer was caught on video. [ yelling ]
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>> the video posted on social media showed at least one person arrested before the clouds cleared out. >> fans inside of oracle when the dubs won celebrated for hours. >> nbc 7 news reporter katie utehs was there. >> reporter: the love for the warriors championship is bursting out of oracle. >> i like to say redemption is amazing. congratulations, warriors, you deserve it. >> a win in game five some feared might not happen. >> it was sketchy at first. they were neck in neck but then the warriors pulled away. >> and when they did they did so in style. >> exclamation point. he took it over, he knew they won, it didn't matter how much time was left. >> they were playing when the clock got to the two seconds and it was over. that was my favorite play. >> reporter: when you're pitted against a rival team after losing to them last season, you've anticipated this moment
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for a full year. >> i feel wonderful. i was here last year for game seven and it's been such a let down so i've been waiting a year for this moment. >> it was sweet. revenge is always sweet and this is payback from last year. >> people are ready to celebr e celebrate. >> you can feel the vie rehabilitation in the building. it's amazing. we know how to party and the city of oakland is preparing for the parade thursday morning. >> and we're getting details about the dub nation celebration and what you can and cannot bring. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live at lake merritt bart station. >> reporter: they're saying bart will be a crucial part of the plan on thursday. you should plan on using public transportation if you can. they are expecting about a million people. here is a look at the parade from a couple of years ago, see if you can get an idea of what to expect. there's going to be a parade and a rally. officials say don't plan ongoing to both. it's just going to be too
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crowded. you won't be able to move from one to the other. the rally is located at the south end of lake merritt. they expect it to fill up, no boats will be allowed on the lake, there is a long list of things that won't be allowed on thursday you cannot bring. drones, hard-sided containers of any size. glass and cans also not allowed. lawn furniture or folding chairs, leave those at home. no alcohol or drugs or weapons. they don't want polls or sticks. neigh can be used as a weapon or sharp items. they want you to leave large umbrellas and pop-up tents at home. so grab your hat, your sunscreen, your camera and yourself and head down here. the parade starts at 10:00, the rally will begin at 12:15. live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> that parade will follow the
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same route as 2015. it starts at broadway and 11st street. head up broadway to grant avenue, then right on grant to harrison street, a right on harrison to 19th, left on 19th to continue on lake side drive and end on oak street with procession to the henry j. keiser convention center. you watched the warriors become champs on the celebration. abc 7 news will have live coverage all morning thursday. we're calling it the dub nation celebration. >> that's right. reaction to the warriors win has been pouring in all night at the live desk. i've been tracking it all. big names giving congratulations, look at this, including the basketball star from the l.a. lakers kobe bryant and chicago bulls star dwyane wade also calling kevin durant a monster in the game and from the atlanta hawks dwight howard being diplomatic saying "players just play, impressive run for both teams." i'm watching the feeds. i'll let you know what else is
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trending. take a look at the front page of this morning's san francisco chronicle. it says "champs again" and it shows steph curry taking in the moment with kevin durant smiling. you can get those on it will be a nice morning thursday morning into oakland. 10:00 in the morning 68 degrees, total sunshine by 2:00, warming up to 75 degrees so enjoy if you're headed there on thursday. live doppler 7 along with satellite, we're starting off with mainly clear skies and comfortable temperatures right now. a lot of 50s on the board. 53 right now. good morning san francisco and san jose, oakland 55, the same in concord and napa, one of the cooler spots but still comfortable at 47. cloud cover showing you by 9:00 already into the 60s in some spots and that leads the way to a comfortably warm afternoon with our warmest locations going
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into the 80s so highs today enjoy. wall-to-wall sunshine, 08 in concord, 66 in san francisco, 77 san jose, 79 santa rosa, 75 vallejo and fremont 74. even warmer weather arrives over te weekend. we'll detail that in a few minutes but first, let's get a check of the roads with alexis. good morning. >> good morning, drew. we had a crash overnight in the tracy area that is still a problem. this happened midnight last night around grant line road. two semis got tangled up there. we had a fuel spill involved. we still have lanes one and lane three blocked alert. just slightly out of our range for our coverage for our map. keep that in mind, hopefully that will be cleared soon. they have had that going for four hours at this point. we'll look at drive times coming up if less than 10 minutes. you pay a toll when you cross the bay area bridge but is
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the driver next to you doing it? how much toll cheats are costing taxpayers every single year. congress is ready too hear from attorney general jeff sessions on the russia investigation. the possible move by president trump that could cast a shadow over that testimony. 4:38 in the morning. we're headed to break but keep live tabs on weather and traffic live tabs on weather and traffic where you
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a motorcyclist was killed in a crash in walnut creek just before 10:00 last night. the chp says the motorcyclist was on the highway -- sorry, this was on the highway 24 connector to 680, he hit the concrete divider. the victim was thrown on to the lanes of interstate 068 below. the free way was shut down for two hours while the chp investigated. they have not released the person's identity. happening today, the man accused of stabbing a boy outside of the millbrae library is expected to be in court. 44-year-old nelson tolentino faces attempted murder and willful injury to a child. police say he approached the 13-year-old outside of the library on friday and attacked him. he stabbed the boy four times in one arm and three times in the other. the boy is out of the hospital but will have to go back for more surgery. investigators said tolentino has had a string of drug arrests lately and people at the library say he recently started hanging out there. the bay area is losing
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nearly $13 million in bridge tolls because cars are going through without license plates. the "san francisco chronicle" reports more than 2.5 million of these vehicles pass through fast lanes at the bridges without paying. some transportation officials say ride-hailing companies like uber and lyft might be part of the problem because some drivers lease or rent cars that might not have permanent plates. a new state law goes into effect in 2019 that requires new cars and used ones sold by dealers to have visible and unique temporary plate. east bay water users have a chance to speak out about rate hikes. the utility wants to raise rates next month by 9% and another 9% a year after that. sewer rate goes up also. east by a mun says it needs raise the rates. there's a hearing in downtown oakland. there's word president trump may order the firing of robert
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mueller special counsel and the russia investigation. this development comes as capitol hill prepares for another big day of testimony from attorney general jeff sessions. here's the preview. >> reporter: this morning, a trump confidante making a stunning admission -- >> well, i think he's considering perhaps terminating the special counsel. >> reporter: chris rudy, ceo of conservative newsmax told pbs hour in president trump may order deputy attorney general rod rosenstein to get rid of robert mueller. the special counsel investigating alleged collusion between the trump campaign and russia. >> i think he's weighing that option. i personally think it would be a very significant mistake even though i don't think there's a justification. >> reporter: the white house pushing back saying that's not the case and rudy doesn't speak for the president but senior aides confirm rudy met with steve bannon yesterday. today attorney general jeff sessions, forced to recuse
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himself from overseeing the russia investigation, set to testify on capitol hill. >> and nothing but the truth so help you god. >> reporter: sessions expected to take on allegations of perjury during his confirmation hearings for failing to disclose meetings with russia's ambassador and his role in the firing of fbi director james comey. last week comey said during an of office meeting president trump asked sessions and others to clear the oval office. >> my sense was the attorney general knew he shouldn't be leaving which was why he was lingering. >> reporter: comey sense once they were aloned trump asked him to drop the investigation into michael flynn. the attorney general is expected to invoke executive privilege to keep from publicly discussions his private discussions with the president. one of the sweetest moments, steph curry celebrating with his two daughters after the game. >> he took his youngest daughter on the stage and jumped up and down with her in his arms as you
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can see then the already famous riley showed up during the trophy presentation and as she always does, stole the show by dancin dancing. >> kevin durant celebrated with his mom who he calls the real mvp. the mother/son duo shared a real emotional moment. she kissed him on the cheek and said "i am proud of you, son." when accepting his finals mvp award he said "we did it, i told you when i was eight years old." gosh, i'm going to start crying. among the celebrities who showed up to see the dubs win, i know who that is, snoop dogg. >> i'm happy for the bay area. >> to celebrate in front of your fans, this is beautiful, man. once in a lifetime you have to really enjoy it. they're going to do it again so i look forward to them doing it again. >> we also spotted hunter pence, aaron rodgers, chris rock and
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sean diddy combs. >> dub nation is celebrating the nba title in a big way and we love your photos and videos pouring in. keep sharing them and use the hashtag "dubs on 7" so we can share it and feature you here on air. >> we are decked out in gold. drew tuma included. >> a live look outside. this is sutro tower we have great visibility. that marine layer, the cloud cover it's not with us and machines sunshine is on the way for your tuesday. live doppler 7 along with satellite, a quiet picture out there, numbers not all that chilly. a lot of spots holding on to the 50s. 55 the current number in concord, 55 in san jose and san francisco, about 50 in novato and santa rosa coming in at 49 degrees. let's break down your tuesday hour by hour, sun gets up here in an hour, 5:47.
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as we go throughout the afternoon, nothing but sunshine, afternoon, nothing but sunshine, a light breeze head to at&t park, royals are in town, first pitch 62 degrees then cooling off to 57 degrees. playing in the next seven days watch, those numbers will rise by friday and saturday, it's hot and yes on sunday that says 1:02 inland. that's father's day forecast. let's get a check of the roadways with alexis. good morning. pretty sleepy. i think a lot of folks may be sleeping in. here's walnut creek southbound 680. light volumes pretty much all the way around. i will prove that with some drive times as well so westbound 580 richmond san rafael bridge. just 7 minutes across 92. 13 minutes across and westbound 84 dunbarton bridge. you're also in the green wide open at just nine minutes. we'll look at mass transit next.
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a high school graduate on the east bay has his diploma days after the rest of his class because of a dispute over his military uniform. abc 7 news was in brentwood for a special ceremony for 18-year-old army reservist harlan fletcher yesterday. his principal insisted fletcher had to wear his cap and gown in order to walk at his liberty high school graduation. he refused and watched out. >> i told him i can't deface the uniform. i can't wear something over it and hide this. this isn't something that should be hidden. >> hundreds of supporters watched as fletcher received his diploma while wearing that military uniform. the school's principal has apologized for the way fletcher treated. the new restrictions businesses could face in contra costa county. flooding did millions of dollars of damage in san jose, now we're learning city workers may have known trouble was coming. getting both kids and adults to eat their veggies. the simple word tricks that
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really work. first this morning's tech bites. >> in today's tech bites, sony's big day at the e-3 gaming con gentian. >> the company showed off pa nine-minute trailer for its upcoming game for playstation 4 which comes out next year but today it's nintendo's turn to show off its new releases. mcdonald's is turning to snapchat to find the quarter million summer workers it needs. >> it's calling them snaplications. users watch a 10 second video to see how great it is to work at mickey ds then fill out an application. >> it turns out the smiling base heart eyes was the favorite emoji in new york city but in new york state we prefer the evil monkey. in nevada, oklahoma, west virginia and iowa the favorite virginia and iowa the favorite is the po
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like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go. you're in a group most likely to develop skin cancer, including melanoma. that's why your best shot is to check for a spot. follow through and check your skin. go to to find out how. welcome back. this just in, news from the basketball world but of a very different kind. former bean by a bad boy dennis rodman visiting north korean leader kim jong-un. he just landed there. this is a photo from the moment he landed in that country. i also want to show you video of his layover in china overnight. there you go. you can see him walking there through with some of his entourage. rodman saying he's just trying to open a door. went on the say he thinks it's a
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mission his former "celebrity apprentice" boss president trump would support. rodman visited north korea four times since 2013, this is his fifth visit. he has been highly criticized, especially with rising concerns about the north's weapons program so we'll watch his visit. reggie, back to you. >> thanks, jess. happening today, contra kos to ta county will consider restricting tobacco sales. they would prohibit businesses that sell tobacco and related products from opening within a thousand feet of an existing school, playground, park or library. they also couldn't open within 500 feet of a similar existing business. new hookah lounges and vapor lounges will be outlawed. a work will begin to shore up the bridge damaged when coyote creek flooded. san jose knew the week was rising quickly says the "san jose mercury news." the merc say they reported issues 24 hours before the city
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ordered evacuations. construction work is under way to reconnect an east bay road cut off by one of our powerful winter storms. this is video from droneview7 where the road crosses pinole creek. a culvert beneath the road washed out in january. that's cut off a leak between el sobrante and martinez. good morning, time 4:54 a.m. and in accuweather we are on our way to a beautiful looking tuesday out there. one of the reasons why, live doppler seven, a quiet picture void of cloud cover except right along the immediate coastline. live look from our kgo roof top camera here along san francisco looking quiet, looking nice. we'll take you to san jose, good morning, south bay, early morning sunshine coming as that sun gets up in less than an hour around here and your planner for the next 12 hours, you are good to go. by the afternoon, nothing but sun, a light breeze. temperatures along the coast in the 630s, around the bay mid-70s
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and our warmer spots into the low 80s. th alexis.a check of the roads good morning. >> if you're taking mass transit, everything looks great. we haven't gotten word of any problems. so no worries there, one problem if you are driving, this is going to impact our tracy drivers, we have a sig alert from a crash that happened around midnight last night. so westbound 205 around grant line road, two semis collided. they're trying to clean up a fuel spill blocking the two right lanes. a second crash in the area as well on the shoulder but still going to be a tough stretch to get through that backup halfway to the i-5 interchange. so that will add time to your commute. we'll look at drive times, they're light so far. that's coming up at 5:00. a group of young actors has more time to raise money to take their talents to the fringe festival in scotland. last week we shared with you about how drama students at oakland's skyline high school raffled and auctioned off items doe bit thatted by the warriors. they faced a deadline to raise
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$28,000. that deadline has been extended until later this week. you can help by donating online and we set up a link at a stanford researchers says tricking people into eating their vegetables work. the experiment involved diners at a stanford cafeteria. they were given veggies, some have healthy sounding labels like low fat or reduced sodium but others had fancy named like zesty ginger turmeric sweet potatoes. diners served themselves bigger portions even though the food was exactly the same. >> are they suggesting we name it for ourselves? like you serve yourself a plate of that? >> i don't know if that works. >> zesty prima vera vegetable law is. >> self, that sounds delicious. i don't think it works. now that the woirds have clinched the title, time to start planning for the parade. >> what you and your family need to know before heading to oakland. and the big win trending on
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social media. i'm keeping track of everything that's been happening overnight and all the big tweets you want to know. >> and live in san jose with the latest warriors championship gear.
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two out of three years, right? 73 wins last yearear didn't do this year we got it done. >> we go what? we go what? we go what? >> we go back to back! >> i want those guys here, they should be here this morning. >> they're probably still up. dub nation delirium after the warriors cleared their second nba championship in three seasons, round of aflaws, i know a lot of you are up because i saw you as i was driving in. good morning on tuesday, june 13. it will be a long day and we'll all get through it. >> what a good way to start. we have winning weather to start as well. >> going with the yellow and gold theme, that sunshine will be in full force. live doppler 7 along with satellite showing you a quiet picture so hello to the south bay, good morning san jose, you can see the sun starting to peek


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