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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 13, 2017 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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it's june 13th. time for new viral videos "right this minute." the train's chugging along, but one toddler -- c>>an'tee s himself. >> a lucky escape after he tries to hitch a ride. a skydiver notices his buddy's goggles are on a free fall adventure. >> go get 'em. >> see if he can pull off a smooth recovery in the sky. it's a veoalte s of a fathe interviewing his daughter on -- >> the first day of every school year -- meet the sentimental da and the star student who's all grown up. >> so are you going to follow her to college? we've got christian, charity, nick, and gayle breaking down the best on the web including the stuff that
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ride share drivers can't stand. hi > they cover people eating in your car? >> oh, gayle. > why that's just scratching the su >> oh, god, no. >> oh! when it comes to transportation, a lot of accidents are avoidable, but you're going to see this wasn't accident. this was on purpose. teu see this woman walking by a cargas staon has passed by. everything seems okay. but she's walking in the middle of the roadway. and somethingpeap h thanst vw comes back around. >> wow. >> oh. >> that was deliberate. >> yes, it was deliberate. but as you can see, it was caught on ccttv to police. police were able to track down the driver. they did say the person was arrested, thear c confiscated and they're keeping it to investigate this case. but police have not released what theotive was in this.
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as you could see, she is laying there for awhile but she does move her head. contacted, they say surprisingly this woman only sustained minor injuries. >> what? after that? now, this incident happened inoa train having a good time. i want you to notice the little boy who can't contain himself. he's going to run right into the tracks. >> no, no, no, no. >> oh! >> okay. see, why isn't there a fence ouar that ride? kids are going to be like i want to go on that and don't understand the danger. >> the owner he o will now put fencing up. >> how is the little boy? >> it's reported that the train did keep moving while he was underneath but he only suffered some bruises and scrapes. if you've ascended to the level of wing suit pilot, you've
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got some skills. now, nate here doing a little bit of training over brazil. nate is right there. those really cool and expensive yellow goggles on. not going to have them on very them? poof! there they go. the loose strap and the wind caused off into the air. >> can't he just fly back around and go get them. >> nate didn't, but yarno can. he pulls his canopy. poof, there it goes. aw he's got control to get himself down. again, his hawkeye vision kept . going to catch them. >> he does? does he catch them? >> he just missed it. >>e too low. they zip right on by. but he banks around and tries to go for them time he's trying t catch up with these goggles, he has to keep in mind where he's going to land anders below. all
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>> i was just joking when i said cod het go get 'em. >> instead of landing on the airfield, he lands on the median theon the drivers think what's going on here. >> gathers up his canopy and bingo there he didn't c midair because when he picks them up, they've got scratches on them. >> adds character. >> the lencas n bereac so what's today? >> school. >> this is 6-year-old mckenzie back when she was stain h erand in this jukin video, her d kevin interviewed her. then he did that day of every school year since then. check this out. >> nextha makes the silly face in the pictures. >> she just changed between
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first and seconhuge. >> it's gnarly to see that come together in this video. but it's adorable tee what she has to say after the first day of every class. you can see she's starting to become a little lady. and then of courhaveng ee schoo deal. the first day of middle school. the first day of high school. are you kidding? >> what grade are you in this year? >> ninth grade. >> whichesak m >> freshman. >> and here's the last one. her first day of 12th grade. >> what are you looking forward to this year? your senior year. >> prom. >> prom? >> and adtionad, grokay. i love you, sweetie. >> i love you too. >> this is the best part at the end ofve ery single interview -- >> i love you. >> love you too. >> love you. >> i love you. >> love you. >> i love you. >> love you. >> i love you. >> love you. >> to tell us more about t fshi
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many years, we have kevin and mckenzie via skype "right this minute" all the way from washin ongte.atst guys. >> hi. >> was this intentional,viuske happen? >> actually, it was intentional. of course back when i started, i was around. it's just been a keepsake and something we've done. in two years, you'll seehe t vi graduates from high school. >> so are you going to follow her to college orteha wrveis? >> i think it's cute, but i don't know if i want you following me to college. >> yeah, we're good. >> now it's put together, how does it make you feel? >> i like watching myself growing up. i appreciate it more now than when he was doing the interviews. >> this is getting a lot of attention. why do you think so many people are connecting whouhikn tsow, p kind of try to capture that moment in time and remember our kids when they'rengnd be a y to watch her grow through the years, if we can
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grng some joy to people, i'mat that. >> are you surprised that it's gotten more than a million views and is one of the top tin ondre? >> yes. >> mckenzie, what's the reaction been fromour fr os?ndie them are like did you see you're on youtube. swas like, yeah, i did. ey how many people have seen it. i said yeah it kind of scares me. i'm not used to getting a lpubl >> now you're on national television. >> which is crazy. i think it's crazy to think about that. it's the battle of the wildeb going down at the krueger national park. >> those this are cool looking. i love the stripes. >> the thirdt in. and charge! >> that was like a sucker punch. >> yeah. initially i thought it was like wre in.
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it wasn'testlin t maggeg,d tag went for it. >> you know there's a female nearby just watching this all g and the strongest? >> or the dumbest and the wildest. >> she's not thing. she's like where's the baby? let me get the baby some water. >> the woman who filmed this said it lasted about five minutes. you notice the one just trots off and the others go their separate ways. >> because they're boys. because they can. let's wrus estle. >> that's how it goes down. just happens that way. catamaran flips over on the the jet border a hero for saving the day. >> no, no way! >> no! plus, these throwback pants are all the rage right now. >> like the the palazzo pants. nts.ind out how you can saveir a
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er closed captioning provide by -- for relief is as effective at hour 24 as hour one. so be wise all take new xyzal®. these jet board things, these look like a ton of fun. the guy out on this jet board in san diego, looks like he really knows what he's doing. his balance is really, really good. but watch out to the right there. got one of those catamarans coming pretty close and they're geg intteroscl c a catamaran capsizes. it's not uncommon for those things. sometimes they'll tip over if they catch too much wind. the guy onhe board there goes zipping over. you wonder what could he
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possibly do? as's still strapped to that stg.aninthce he's going to be able to offer. >> no way. >> they do this to demonstrate at you cld do. >> you real or faking us? >> well, that's a good question. now, it's certainly real that thehe board was able to right that catamaran. but there are people out thereet up or not maybe to promote the place that rents these boats and stuff. becausehtheig r then i shot get, you can see there's a number of sailboats all lined up, allsait. so it looks to be one of the rental places you take the boat out for the day. whoet up or not. it's still pretty cool that you can right a catamaran with a fly board. friends, they come in as soon a figured outs houow to
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diy the old one. unfortunately if you want to jump on thisd,entr it now. this idea put together by the diy designer. pparently these pants are all. >> yeah, like the '90s. they used to be on the palazzo pants. >> ye that'san cxa e ctso now they're coming back. but the ones she's showing here are bk0012bucks. >> new u. you ain't going to bring back fashions i wore in high school and charge me that much. >> just make your own. go to the thrift shot, pants you like. in this case she found these here. then find those grommets, a ch figure out exactly where it is you want them. put it together. and in this case the grommets are in the front and in the back. you then take theop it cha all . and there you go.
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highmultitasking. >> wait ae wirminute. >> dude, that's so nuts, man. >> next "right this minute." and stillo tcome, mtv's bringing "fear factor" back and it's as freaky as ever. >> i'm j press play and close my eyes. >> now two of the contestants give us the dirt on facing their worst getnightm the smell off me. >> it was the grossest smell. plus,urisset' i birthday party. but -- >> the surprise was really for pril. sh.>> >> i do. >> why they're both about to get a beautiful gift. got my license! oo ing mn. wheinerg) need anything? laundry detergent! toothpaste! i'll get my purse. ok, nana. get everyday low prices on everyday essentials, targetrun and done. ♪ ♪ the best way to get together
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breakthrough allergies with allegra®. the stunts you are about to see were designed and tested by trained professionals. they are extremely ludicrous and shouldn't be performed at any time. >> mtv hasrevamped "fear factor". and it's hosted by ludacris. the stunts, they're also pretty ludicrous. the show airs tonight. we've gotmn a just going to pred close my eyes. >> oh, man. >> yeah. they found out the contestants' biggest fears and these creepy crawly worms -- >> oh, my god. >> in your ear right there. >> look at all that dust on the
3:19 pm
face. that's like the skin and the poop of the worms. >> i haven't even looked down. >> that's gabriela and danielle. they're best friends and taken on this challenge together. grab r danielle to find the code within all the worms. >> i would do the worms. i wouldn't want to be thene o t because i'd lose my mind and forget. >> would you do this? forget. >> would you do this? [ screaming ] >> let's catch up with gabriela and danielle. welcome to the show, ladies. >> hey. >> how are you guys doing? >> i understand there is $50,000 on the line if you win this. reason you signed up for this. anything else would be nuts, right? >> i mean, we'rettyre pnutty. >> if there was no money involved, there is no way i would put my hand in the
3:20 pm
unknown oh, my god. >> danielle didn't have a choice. as my partner, she had to hold up her end for us. >> for us. i literally am just so scared of bugs and creepy things. >> what's theour ttesgh snainke? >> i thought the snakes. it was challenging putting your hand in knowing you're going to get bit and feel pain and see blood. a maggot went into my pants. i got up afterchallenge, and it was maybe ten minutes after the fact and i'm standing ik lspoopingloof a sudden it maggots. i couldn't get the small off me. >> it was the grossest l l.elrk [ bleep ]. >> well, this is definitely a p t to put your.riendshi we appreciate you both for joining us and you survived. and all of you can the home can catch "fear factor" on mtv s esdayig0/9:00:0 ht10 central. around a year ago in
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lansing, michigan, april threw a surprise party for dan. ♪ happy birthday dear dan >>t ipartsway. a there were about 40 people there. the surprise was really for somebody asked -- >> dan, do you have a wish? >> why, yes he does. her kids are holding up a sign. show it to you? >> will you marry me? >> yes. she saw the sign saying mom will you marry him. and this was her reaction.>> itt expressive and emotional. >> this man is about to propose and she's saying -- >> butssouiry party. >> and i want a fiance for my birthday. >> that's what his birthday wish was. >> he better put the ring on her finger before she have a heart attack. >> he found out about the
3:22 pm
surprise partyrohe f wmas only to 15 people. but 40 people showed up. so he got really nervous about proposing. but as you could see, that nervousness was unnecessary and hey started kissing and they this is the best part. they're "star wars" fans so they're getting married on may the fourth. ihope i get invited because wear. some things udriver asbe are probably sick. >> start with what i call the clown car. >>t's reall hot back yhere. >> why there's a lot more annoying where that came fro
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but to me that's still victorious. t outhe cutest wo any of you guys plan on being a driver for a ride sharing app? give the two this production is back to show you the naiet mares they often have to face. we'll start with what i call the clown car. somebody gets in --
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>> got a few friends if you don't mind. >> sure. >> come on, guys. >> there is an option for you to order one with more seats. use it. hed cars, use the doors. don't be climbing in across. >> next up, this one bothers a lot of people with their own cars. slammers. n'm iot bank vault. it's a car. okay? you don't need to go wham! soun suddenly. >> this is one of those things that ticks you off. >> do they cover people eating in your car? >> oh, gayle. the worst of all of them.>> yea. >> always like a kebab if you d anything, it's the stink too. the onions, the garlic, or whatever else you got. pretty s to stick to being tv hosts. a classic, t just feror brutbe e
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drivers. don't touch my stereo. i next one might be one of the most common. >> he broke up with me. >> do you el b>> can't believe it, yeah. >> i really can't. >> oh! >> but it's not all bad. he best driverind a ic,un i have ever had. >> you're, like, the best customer i have ever had. had t. she get out, but wait. >> oh. >> that's cold. >> there you go. in wtoat tchhi about getting this video. if you can make it through, stick with it. hey, that's the end of our show. but the fun continues over at check it out orm. cat
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tonight, the attorney general in the hot seat. jeff sessions before congress and the american people. the combative moments. sessions pressed on meetings with the russians. grilled on that moment in the oval office when the president asked everyoneept for james comey and is he asked, is the president recording conversations also breaking tonight, the young, american prisoner on his way from north korea. the urgent manhunt in this country. armed and dangerous, two escaped prisz ners on the r tunhe inviss of people sickened. a woman collapses. they fall ill. emergency teams rushed to the scene. and the major break, the murder spree, the mrheot daught another couple in


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