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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 14, 2017 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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time for some fresh viral videos "right this minute." a mom's in the other room putting the kids to bed -- >> when this professional gang of robbers enter her home. >> the chilling moments when she realizes they've arrived. oh, g. villagers gather on the bridge to watch the boat race. >> everybody there tndo celebra. >> but see what happens when the fun falls flat. >> oh! a man helps a goat that's -- >> stuck in the mud. >>ood ole heave-ho leads n, a happy reunion. w oli, charity, nick, and gayle showing off the best on the web including the little menest nailing their wedding toasts. why they're about to take their sweet speech in a different direction.
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>> look at the wife. she's like -- putting her children to bed when this professional gang of robbers entered her home. heard some lo the stairs. >> they oh, the courtesy. there too. >> that's ironic. >> they wipe their feet then try to clean the housere you though. the mom is putting her kids to bed while they're making their wa in? >> eaahrdye .something, wasn't sure what it was. >> i was thinking do i really hear something. shout out hello. didn't hear anything initially. >> what do you do when you hear that, right? what do you do? >>rtta s screaming guys' names and say get the guns. ricky, y,bbbo shot guns! >> she decided to see what was going on. she runs out of the room. as she's running back, they start to run toward her. >> oh, gosh.
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>> you can see the fear on her face when they com gb eher. t >>o my son is crying. he's 6 years old. goave my mom e.onal . >> this is a part of a string of robberies. thesesie for 16 break ins in london in a seven-month period. this one was willing to speak up. they stole hundreds of thousands f dollars in cash, jewelr equipment. >> it doesn't matter what they stole. she's terrorized now. so is her child. w do home after that? >> it's the fact it happened in our house at 8:00 in the evening when everybody should feel safe. >> four were arrested and sentenced to a combined 23 years a prison. this next situation in argentina is scary as well. mom and her son krosing the street. she said she felt this suv was
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inowllg r. stop, the door opens two people jump out. look how this mom saved her son. she leaped on top of him and created a barrier and they couldn't get to him. >> they were trying to kidnap the son? that was their intention? tie>>sot t mhehis could be a setup from the father and that maybe they were trying to kidnap him but she wasn't vk any of it. so much culture to see out there in our world. this is incuador. they have this wooden boat race where they launch these different boats and float down the river. everybody comes out, lines the edges of the river to cheer on their favorite community members. everybody there to have a good time andcelebrate. you can see another boat coming down the river with one following it. >> oh! >> the bridge. it went down. >> the whole bridge collapsed. you had a wholeunch of those community people standing along
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that bridge. as the perfect vantagee fferent boats go by. however, that bridge was built la cimsrs ago and a local maintained since. it's designed to support 1 1/2 tons. i think once you get a whole bunch of people on there, you're beginning to push the limits of that bridge. in all, 29 people were injured. >> wow. >> that's expected but also negligent of the authorities in this town. they should especially if it's bridge that is a used often, ha taken the steps to make sure this thing was okay and capable of carrying so many people. now they got 29 of their citizens injured in the hospital. >> including children. you can see there areuch smaller people up on that bridge. five of those people were treated at the scene. 24 were taken to the hospital. two were listed in serious condition. but reports say that they are out of danger. they're expected to recover and be okay.
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you don't have to go very far to find good heart people who are willing to jump in and do what they can to save animals in need of rescue. we start ininpa find a goat stuck in the mud. >> oh. >> the sounds they make, huh? >> you guys, it's not just onet starts pulling by the horns. >> oh, you got it. >> and you'll see why he did such because that goat was stuck in the mud but because -- >> there's a baby. >> yes, there is a there. the baby was also making noise like momma, momma, momma. this guy hero for the day in spain. we jump to the uk where it's the royal national lifeboat save a n. common citizen. here they are on the river thames. but the human they're going tog his arms.
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check this out. >> it's amazing. that guy is standing on a chain. >> is that why those chains are there? for people to i c gase theray f? >> he and the dog have the same look. come on, somebody. >> you guys, it's not even his dog. you could see the dog being reunited with its rsneowners.? they're walking another dog. that dog belongs to the man who jumped in the water to go save their g. >> he literally ran along the pavement and jumped straight . er d >> he's like, look, i'm instagram ready. get their dog. think that one s you off, check out this one. in louisiana where climbing up to save simba. >> missed you buddy.
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haven't seen you in awhile. >> hesis m hse the fourth time he's had to rescue simba from a tree. the third time in this simba w there's lots of foliage around. it wasn't as easy to h but as you could see here, simba just walks right on in. >> this is a game for simba. second time shame on me. thirdgog to listen.'s make sure here is nice and clean. maybe there's a little dew on it. if you're a crazy stunt guy and you're in hongg thon kr raneadly not take your little hover board and ride the ledge. >> wait a minute. >> dude, that's so nuts, man. you're trusting some crummy piece of technology. >> i don't know what's more dangerous.
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the fact you could be enveloped by flames if it catches fire or you could fall. >> the board itself fortunately worked the wto. and it is really cool. but do you trust your own skill? do you trust your own judgment enough to do this while multitasking? because not only are you riding the board, you're also filming basketball too. one little swoop too far is going to send you off the ledge truinhero w is, if you look, you're going to drop on either side. one way is going to be to the street. but looks like there's still some sort of gap on the other side. >> i trust myself not to do this. i really do. >> adrenaline i asdrug. >> and i will never understand these adrenaline junkies. >> we've seen him on this show many times before doing crazy, crazy things. >> i'm going to laugh when he o andip bretraks an arm. it's going to be that and not something super dangerous. rile become the fattest woman in the
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she is 28 years old. she's a fetish model. we featured her on the show before. auseh, o of her desire to be 1,000 pounds. her fiance sid was trying to help her accomplish that. she reached 700 pounds, but then she discovered something. found out about 14 weeks ago roughly that i>>as and she said that motiva her to make a change. >> the reason why i do want to lose weight is to able to bee active with my child. oou know, be able to get up andd play that if you're immobile. >> she let cameras follow along as they were going to get the first ultsound from this pregnancy. >> i'm feeling really nervous. we've had two miscarriages.. >> i feel guilty for having the changed, you that
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my weight did affect it. >> that's a tough situation to be in. to want your baby so much and realize that you are not in the physical condition to potentially be ableoth ty p env. >> right here, she gets good news from the doctor. >> you see something there? >> yeah. >> that's the baby. oving t arm moving. around. they say it's very active. >> this time i'm doing loads differently. i am changing the way i eat, exercising. >> she said i'm never going to be super skinny, but she wants to be healthier so she can be a mom. >> yeah, well, you don't have to y.estper skinny to be thalhe b version of yourself and still thrive and have a happy life. >> i love you. >> i love you too. going to dance with the et once in awhile. kyler vick here with the p.o.r.
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stunts team. standing on a platform getting himself all pumped up. why is kyler going to aemda optn >> a back flip. >> he's going to attempt to back flip over this speeding car. >> oh, no. no, no,his never ends well. >> don't do >> . >> hang on kyler did it. the p.o.r. stunts team has had a string of fails, but kyler nailed it. >> that is the face of sneeoom >> kyler realizes, hey, i'm not going to have a huge health insurance bill. >> so burne hd ethis d time. >> not this time. let's move on over to something n biking.less daerou ms.ountai the bkxc crew headed out far nice day in the riding. they came across this jump here and it looked like fun to play along with. it ough the few times they werd was -- >> that's a lult funky, bro.
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>> they warned him, it's funky. >> ouch. >> seth goes down. but it's worse than it looks. > this is where the videoset g crazy. >> it was real bad. they immediately put on a tourniquet and start applyingotn his thigh. >> yo, we got to put a lot of pressure right >> right where the femoral artery runs. that can be deadly. thankf got cell phone service andulve emergen t services knows exactly where they are. >> dude, i'm so tense. >> how does emergency services tge they come in on a utv. >> shawn is fine. of there out of the hospalit.t pretty quickly. >> that was a close call. good thing everybody worked together. abandoned and needing help. >> i think somebody should take her in. >> then she was given a second chance. on the next "right this minute." and still to come, mom attempts to give her daughtern a
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promotional considerations provided by -- faoref b site us and irritation. in corpozowe 1ner to0 h and get fast acting relief that lasts 10 full hours. that's of t pheow cortizone 10®. she has a youtube channel where she does different things. in this case her mum is going to
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apply instagram makeup tips and trends on her face. som' der makeup. you think well whatever she's probably good at this. >> you know the first step with makeup? >> she's got the foundation part down. this is where things get interesting. the contouring part. >> can you explain what contouring is? >> it's shaws thathlig h your f. they can narrow your nose, give you higher cheekbones. >> highlight areas -- >> make the other ones disappear. >> it's better eyes. and we're going with this look here. >> i can't do that. >> this is where we're going to atgebrtlitsi lng.e >> so she's got the eye liner down, the shadow, and, you know, mom hasn't done eye liner in a
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long time probably. >> look at his face. this ain't far. >> lipstick. area us. line the lip, darken the edges. highlight the center. gives you full lips. let's hope mom can do it. >> perfect. >> yeah? >> we've got a little practicg funny to watch her try to accomplish this. >> cute. love it. >> forhem, >> have an amazing d life. you get to go hang out in nature, you should expect that nature may come and hang out with you. in this case if you're fishing off the macdonald south australia, you may encounter a lovely great whitee ten minutes. interested. enough to nudge the boat. >> time to wrap it up and get out of here. >> you're on his lawn. >> they all seem to think this
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is quite hysterical. the laughter i think you hear is nervous laughter. people on the boat. the shark wasn't injured either. you see the nip at the motor toward the end of theles bring o the desert southwest. lake powell, arizona. these folks hgwninikou a ts a s. a very narrow, wind-blown canyon. whencorner t,he y they encounter something very unusual and rare to see. >> yes. water in -- whoa! is that an owl? it's swimming. >> that is an owl. this video has been around a bit, but it's trending now. according to national geographic, they believe this is a juvenile gray horned owl. it's possibletlen off the cliff above. owls can swim, but they need to get on land and dry out before they can fly away. they just keep their distance and let the owl swim right up to looks back, and bar out,.here
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gives them the stink eye. >> nothing to >> yeah. these little best men are wowing the crowd with their spch b,ut- - getting away easy here. >> the hilarious moment when their toast gets a little roastyty
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tiny, teeny waist. >> once again, incredible work that will shock couple just
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married. it's time for the reception and the children are giving speeches. >> thanks for coming. >> that's robby and keenan. and whoever helped them with this speech nailed nobody's ge here. >> it's lovely to see my mom not sleeping in the toilet. >> wow. >> this is like a spotlight and a burn at the same time. h. oh, y >> i would just like to say that i couldn't have asked for a better step dad. >> apparently jim has made quite an impression. >> feewe appreciate everything do for the three of us. >> things have gotten rather sweet. but that's just to rev up for the ole one/two. >> such a good person and got a
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lot to live up to. but that's not really true because he can't play football. >> i feel like the uncle had a hand in this. >> the best at a lot of things. football, eating, cooking, eating, driving, eating. >> most important of all shagging. >> how do they know? >> dad just puts his hands over his face like, goodness. here we go. >> can we get the mike please? >> from there they round up their speech, but i think they nailed it. of "thanks for joining us."
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tonight from washington, the horrifying moment. new video of the gunfire on the ball field. members of congress the intended targets. the moment when the gun shots began. gunman opening fire on lawmakers and staff congressman steve scalise is in critical condition. two wounded capitol hill police officers taking down the gunman. president trump addressing the nation. tonight, what we have learned about the gunman. the 66-year-old building inspector, a husband and bernie sanders supporter. his rage on social media about the president also breaking tonight the deadly shooting rampage at u.p.s. an employee


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