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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 15, 2017 1:37am-2:08am PDT

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joyce left with strong. no-no last start in miami. so a's up 3-0. marcell ozuna homered again. gossett allowed seven runs and marlins won 11-6. a's home against the yankees tomorrow. great coverage starts now. >> turn on the facebook? >> let's go. >> the facebook? love it. >> and the twitter. >> the tweet machine i believe. >> all right. abc7 news continues now online, on twitter, the facebook and all your mobile devices with abc7 news app. >> so
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warriors victory parade starts at 10:00. 66 degrees warming to upper 70s. dub nation celebration. nice weather. >> perfect. >> appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and we've got new viral videos on an all new show "right this minute."
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firefighters are responding to a call -- >> and you won't believe what they see once they finally get there. >> find out what they put their life on the line for. >> oh, gosh. that guy ran, like, right through the flames. it's about to go down. >> those things puff up like i do when i'm getting my picture taken at the beach. >> see what happens when the officer shows up to break up the fight. close your eyes and open them. >> he's trying to play it cool, but -- >> can't keep cool about that when before everything was black and white. >> the moment the emotion comes through. and the floor is lava challenge is spreading like wildfire. >> the game is you have five seconds to jump up on something, get your feet off the ground, or you lose. >> why this game isn't as easy as it sounds. >> oh! >> i was just thinking that would happen to me. firefighters in mexico city responded to a call and you
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won't believe what they see once they finally get there. we're following responders to the fire. it's in a very crowded living complex. but watch this. as we get to the back, the flames are right in front of them and they seem to have engulfed the entire unit by now. this is the part where they hear there are dogs still inside and they're alive. >> gosh, that guy ran, like, right through the flames. >> they don't hesitate. they just keep going. >> you see that one of them moves some stuff around. and then another proceeds to just run right through. >> the structure is collapsing. the dogs probably got stuck back there. >> and they're not going to move anywhere. they're not going to try to run themselves through the flames. >> these guys are wearing protective gear, but i notice at least one guy doesn't have breathing apparatus on. his face was just covered. that's it. >> one of them isn't completely covered in his gear. nevertheless, they run inside
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and they start looking around. they finally are able to figure out where the dogs are. they pull two of them out. they hand the dogs over to the people outside. then one of the men notifies them there's a third dog inside. and without hesitation, they run right back inside. they find the dog somehow. because that dog is also dark. its color, coat is dark. but look at that. they find it. its precious little face, just glad to be alive. >> like, oh, thanks. can't a guy just get a break? just relax? jean pierre is doing a little camping to relax, to rest, to settle down. because he's a motorcycle stunt man. he's been featured in "the dark knight." "the dark knight rises" and some jason bourne movies. he sets up his lone rider tent. >> those are cool. you can put your motorcycle in there too. >> but the bad guys follow him all the way out there and disrupt his peace and quiet.
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wraps up his tent and takes off. >> it's like 50,000 against one. >> don't worry one bit. because he can take care of them. no matter how hard they come at him, you know what they're after though. >> his tent. >> these bad guys want his tent. >> i knew it. >> exactly. what better way to get rid of the bad guys than the old banana peel trick. golly, it works. >> one of the oldest tricks in the book. >> finally he dispatches all the bad dudes. >> now he can breathe. >> now he can breathe. get everything set up again. >> right back where he started. >> exactly. or so he thinks. but this time he's got the drop on them. he's got the bike hidden in the garage. i love that the tent has that. come on. >> not come on. super awesome. >> the moto tent is about 500 bucks. >> maybe we can split one. >> no, no. you get a house to yourself and
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garage for your bike. that's money well spent. when police show up, usually the fight breaks up. in australia walking up on a fight. you see that german shepherd right there, that's not a police dog that was fighting with this guy. >> oh. >> no kidding. >> oh yeah. >> that kangaroo can kick pretty good. >> yeah, it can. this german shepherd barking at the kangaroo. the kangaroo saying i could grab you and drag you and push you under the water. >> those things puff up like i do when i get my picture taken at the beach. >> did you notice the dog is like, you know, i'm just going to keep it at bay? it's just trying to play. well, the person who captured this video said they were fighting for about 20 minutes.
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>> this could be on ufc. >> basically these two shouldn't be fighting. they should be living together happily. it seems that everybody understands the quality of a big stick. the officer picks one up and they skedaddle their own separate ways. this next video, not dangerous. the people capturing the video know mom is napping nearby. they know not to get too close. but it's happy play time at the jungle gym for these bear cubs. and it's not just one. not just two. there's three bear cubs playing in this tree like it's a jungle gym. they're just playing king of the branch. . ready. >> this is alex. what he's going to do is try on somebody else's enchroma glasses that helps color blind see
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color. tries to buy his cookie, but the emotion comes through. >> does it look different, alex? >> [ bleep ]. oh, my god. >> can't keep cool about that. >> literally thought it was the same color as the rest. >> going to get yourself a pair? >> thinking about it. >> he had suggested that he wasn't going to cry or anything like that. i told you he was trying to be super casual. as the video goes, the emotion is just building and building. and you could tell behind those glasses his eyes are getting bigger and bigger. >> oh, my god. >> you said you weren't going to cry, alex. >> you lied, alex. you crying. >> yeah. let him have his man tears. this is big news. he will now know the true blue that smurfs are. >> do the cars look different? >> yeah. >> it goes right away with the glasses. >> yeah. >> look at the flowers.
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>> chocolate looks different. a broken traffic light leads to a dangerous collision. >> oh. >> find out why both driver hs some surprising good luck from the crash. and the yes theory youtube channel invites their neighbors over for a game of bugs pong. >> are they alive? >> wait until you see what big creepy crawly critter the losing team has to eat. >> i would gag. i would totally gag. i noticed it as soon as we moved into the new house. ♪ a lot of people have vertical blinds. well, if a lot of people jumped off a bridge, would you? you hungry? i'm okay right -- i'm... i'm becoming my, uh, mother. it's been hard, but some of the stuff he says is actually pretty helpful. pumpkin, bundling our home and auto insurance is a good deal! like buying in bulk! that's fun, right? progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents,
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sarah: there you go. closed captioning provided by -- zing cream. 81% saw improvement in the appearance of sun-damaged skin. gold bond. this motorcycle rider is in the uk. pay close taepgs to the road. the guy next to him, not so much. after we pass this first spotlight here, we come up on another spotlight. except this one is broken. so got to slow down. make sure traffic is good and clear for you to keep going. well -- >> oh. >> unfortunately, that mustang ended up ramming head on into a car that was making a right-hand turn. >> wow. that guy was flying too. that was really quick to be going on that small road. >> yeah. are they okay?
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>> fortunately, yes. it sounds like the elderly woman driving the other car is okay. the driver of the mustang it sounds like based on this guy's description had a cut hand. they were lucky because there was a police officer and a nurse right there so they were able to tend to the two parties involved immediately. now let's go over to australia. the guys that posted this video wants the internet's opinion. and in doing so has successfully managed to divide the internet in half. the road we are on is about to merge from two lanes into one. so the driver to the left turn this blinkers on and tries to merge and when that driver does, the car we are in hits that white car up ahead. the question is, do you think it's my fault or the other driver's fault? >> i think it was the driver with the dash cam's fault. the car up ahead, the blinkers are on. the sign is there saying you're merging. i don't know how you could not see that but did he try to squeeze him out? >> that's what people are saying. the driver with the dash cam was
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not being a friendly driver. >> you see it so often. just let the person over. >> the other side is saying that the other driver was at fault because he cut this driver off and slammed on the brakes forcing this guy to run into him. let's move from that video to another video from australia. this one wants to caution you to be careful when the road is wet and the weather is bad. because what happens to this driver when he's going too fast, car hydroplanes and it sends him spinning. amazingly missing every other car driving on this road. nevertheless, crashing himself into the median. dan has a youtube channel. now, he tests a bunch of different products and the one he's about to show us today is super dope. >> you take a clear sheet of glass. you spray this on it. let it dry. and it'll turn into a mirror. >> that's a mirror in a spray can bottle. >> looks like it's a product that's been around for a i
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while, he decided to review it. >> you've seen this before? >> that's the way -- that's what mirrors are. essentially -- >> hey, hey, hey. stop with that science. >> i've never seen anything like this before. wow. >> i was amazed, okay? so y'all just let me be amazed. y'all be amazed at home with me. okay? he got a picture frame. now he's going to take one side of it off and spray the other side with several layers. i was wowed, okay? but i'm also easily wowed. he sprays four layers onto the glass. let's see if it works. he removes the tape and flips over the glass. >> that's pretty damn good for spray paint. >> it's a mirror. >> you can take a picture frame with a design the way he taped it off there and make it something fun. >> that's exactly what he tried next. >> that's cool. because now he's taught people that this product exists.
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right? i didn't know about it. >> i think it did pretty good. you know the guys at the yes theory. they're four friends that got together seeking to do things that make them uncomfortable so they could overcome their discomfort. along the way, they come up with a little game. >> we invented a game we call bu pong. instead of drinking beer after every shot, we ate disgusting exotic bugs. >> it literally tastes like a rug. >> they have two new neighbors. nicole and tyler. they found out one of them has an insane fear of bugs. so they invited the girls over to play a little bug pong. and if you lose or win, depending on how you see this, you got to eat a giant t tarantulas and others along the way. let the games before. >> they sunk one. so they have to eat a bug? >> yeah. this is earthworm jerky.
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>> that sounds delicious. >> wow. it's really chewy. >> of all the things to make jerky out of, jerky is a beautiful thing. why should there be earthworm jerky. >> the girls are nailing it. >> what is that? what is that? >> oh! >> what is that? >> a giant water scorpion. >> oh! no. >> plenty of bugs out there in the world. and the girls do have to eat some. >> that's not that bad. >> you guys were being dramatic. >> but not as many as thomas. sorry, thomas. >> this is a jients black scorpion and this is a beetle.
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>> it tastes awful. >> and finally the final. >> okay. even for me. >> could you imagine you bite into that and the little hairs dig into your gums or the back of your throat. >> does he do it? if you want to see if he does it, go to our website, click on tv show, and watch the whole thing and hear all the crunching. or check it out on our mobile app. she came up with a great idea. >> what about building a portable mattress for those times where you get tired and you just want to lay down right where you are. >> see how this genius invention works. >> i love her. >> she should market it as a boyfriend who cuddles. plus, he's had a little medical treatment -- >> and his reaction shows how patient his mom is. >> hear what he has to say. >> wow! out of sunscreen, going on a targetrun need anything?
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promotional considerations provided by -- fungi-nail stops foot fungus fast before it spreads. fungi-nail. you get the power of 10. the power to take on skin itch and irritation. and get fast acting relief that lasts 10 full hours. that's the power of 10. cortizone 10®. one of my favorite people on youtube, simone right here. she's part robotist and part comedian in my book. she builds all these strange inventions that aren't intended to work very well. >> now i know who we're talking about now. >> we've seen her on our show. this time she's had a great idea. what about building a portable mattress for those times you get tired and you just want to lay down right where you are. >> so like a mattress you're constantly walking around with
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on your back. then you flop down and you're done? >> exactly. she traces her body on a piece of foam and ta-da. >> i've finally got it. yeah, no. >> i love her. >> she should market it as a boyfriend who cuddles. she'd make millions. >> yeah. she's got the big spoon right there. >> she knows off the bat this is a dumb idea. but she goes with it. and even improves upon it. >> new addition is i got a blanket. >> she takes it out to do some first person field testing. >> it's like she's being stalked by a superhero. >> so it travels well. it even climbs well. what if you get tired at the top of your climb? it works!
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>> she should take this out and just walk into crowds and be like, i'm sleepy. >> simone's inventions as ridiculous as they are do tend to get a lot of attention. i'm a big fan. coy here has had a little medical treatment by the doctors. and they have given him some ketimin. his reaction shows how patient his mom is. >> [ bleep ]. >> nobody knows it is basically a horse tranquilizer. >> doctors had to reset his arm. >> that's why. wow. >> and this little guy has plenty to say. >> it's momma. hey, babe. >> what the [ bleep ]. >> mom shows just how patient she is. >> why am i cussing?
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what's happening to me? >> that's why you have kids. hilarious moments like this. >> but the best moment, however, is wn he apologizes. >> hey, i'm sorry, doctors. please forgive me. >> he just heard his mom and dad say it too many times. >> wait. am i talking? time to get in on the newest trend. >> the floor is lava challenge. >> a look at the hysterical reactions. >> oh!
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for me, it was heart-wrenching. bea: it takes a toll on everyone. i mean, it's a depressing disease to watch unfold before your eyes.
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you just don't see -- the person's soul is, like, gone. lisa: this disease just ravages a family. it changes your life. the magnitude of it is indescribable. art: now is the moment. if we work together, we can stop this epidemic. grace: contact brightfocus and learn more. ar music playing ) - ( snaps, clatters ) that sounds awful. ( music stops ) but a lot better than last week. ( rock music playing ) ♪ we weren't born to follow. ♪ it does look for kaleidoscopic. you can count on the internet for trends, for challenges. every couple of months, something new pops up that everybody seems to want to get in on. >> the floor is lava. >> the floor is lava. >> the floor is lava. >> like the floor is lava challenge. lots of these types of videos popping up all over.
2:07 am
when somebody says the floor is lava, you have five seconds to get your feet off the ground or you lose. >> oh! i was just thinking this would have to be me. y'all holler the floor is lava, that would be me. straight to the ground. >> this is hysterical. i've watched it like nine times. and every time, so good. here's another one. >> the floor is lava. >> oh, no. >> save your comments. don't complain to us about people getting hurt. this is not our fault. this is just something people choose to do and we choose to laugh at them. >> the floor is lava. >> here's another one. this guy climbing. game a little bit backwards. >> he was


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