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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  June 17, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, collision at sea. the crash between a u.s. navy destroyer and a giant container ship off the coast of japan. the injured airlifted to the hospital. at least seven sailors missing. the navy's damaged vessel towed into port. the investigation this morning. how did this happen? russia investigation. the president and the president's men hiring attorneys. all this as president trump releases financial disclosures. the light they shed on his business empire. officer acquitted. [ chanting ] the reaction overnight. protesters taking to the streets after a jury in minnesota cleared officer jeronimo yanez in last year's fatal shooting of philando castile. >> i told him to get his hand up.
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>> his outraged family speaking out this morning. the system continues to fail black people. and royal celebration. the pomp and circumstance for queen elizabeth's birthday. the annual trooping the color and the queen's poignant message to the people. hey, good morning and we start here with the developing story overseas involving that u.s. navy destroyer. seven sailors missing right now after their ship collided with a tanker off the coast of japan. >> questions abound as to how this could have happened. we want you to look at this new video of the "uss fitzgerald" limping back into the port in japan. this as u.s. and japanese ships and aircraft are frantically conducting search and rescue missions hoping to find those missing sailors. >> five people were medevacked off of the boat. we're going to kick off our coverage with abc's matt gutman reporting from los angeles. matt, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, good morning, dan and paula.
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hard to overstate how serious an incident this was. now the navy is still searching for those seven missing sailors. they have multiple search planes scouring the water, but because of the damage that you just saw, it's so severe, it's also possible those sailors could still be in the wreckage on board. just minutes ago we learned that a total of five sailors had to be medevacked including the commander of the ship. this morning the "uss fitzgerald" has been tugged back to port, but at least seven sailors remain missing. the navy saying multiple sailors were injured in the monstrous collision with the container ship, five sailors hurt badly enough, they had to be medevacked. one of them, the ship's commanding officer. the japanese coast guard leading the initial rescue. you can see responders crowded near the wreckage to extract the wounded. helicopter footage shows the destroyer's mangled midsection, the damage caving in compartments, destroying ship machinery and its radio room.
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the navy saying damage both above and below the water line caused major flooding. those red hoses seen pumping seawater out of the belly of the ship, which typically has a crew of nearly 300. the navy says this 30,000-ton container ship and the much smaller 9,000-ton u.s. destroyer collided in open water 56 miles southwest of yokosuka, japan. the navy telling abc news this morning that the extent of the personnel injuries aboard the ship is still being assessed. now, there are two major questions going forward. which of the ships had the right of way and perhaps a bigger issue that even though it was the dead of night, how did a ship with some of the most sophisticated radar and sonar on the planet neither see or manage to avoid something the size of a small island bearing down on it. dan, paula. >> yeah, those are some questions we'll be addressing in
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just a moment. matt gutman, thanks for your reporting this. joining us now from washington is retired marine colonel and abc news contributor steve ganyard. steve, good morning to you. and you just heard matt's question, the most glaring one that we all have, these ships aren't traveling swiftly. they're on one another's radar. how could a collision have happened? >> paula, it's hard to imagine how it could have. as matt said, these are two very sophisticated ships, and they should have seen each other. on the other hand, this happened really just about ten miles outside of the mouth of tokyo bay, which is one of the busiest ports in the world. it was the middle of the night, and so oftentimes what happens in these collisions at sea, it's a series of mistakes on both ships that lead to a tragic event. >> we are, as everybody knows, at a time of heightened fears over north korea. what kind of impact could taking a destroyer like this out of commission, what kind of impact could that have on our ability to defend ourselves and our allies? >> dan, the "fitzgerald" is one of the most sophisticated ships in the u.s. navy. it has a special radar and a
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special set of missiles that could actually intercept atmospherically in space any kind of north korean missile that may be shot at japan or south korea or u.s. bases in the region, so the navy is going to want to backfill this very quickly because the "fitzgerald" is going to be out of service for a long, long time. >> steve ganyard, thank you. back at home this morning we're hearing reports of an increasingly frustrated president trump who is dealing with that unremitting drumbeat of news about the russia investigation. >> the associated press this morning quotes trump advisers and confidants as describing an angry president yelling at television sets in the white house carrying coverage of the investigation. now, according to the ap trump has told associates he believes he has the legal authority to fire special counsel robert mueller. abc's david wright is at the white house for us this morning. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan. this weekend the president is off to camp david, his very first trip to the presidential retreat, and this father's day
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getaway comes after a blistering week for trump, one where his frustrations do seem to be growing about the russia investigation, even as he struggles to change the subject. in miami's little havana, president trump drove another stake into president obama's legacy signing an executive order to scrap obama's policy of detente with cuba. >> effectively immediately, i am canceling the last administration's completely one-sided deal with cuba. >> reporter: cuba blasted back rejecting what it called manipulation for political purposes and double standards in the treatment of human rights. but trump upstaged himself acknowledging for the first time in a tweet that he is, indeed, under investigation after firing fbi director james comey. "i am being investigated for firing the fbi director by the
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man who told me to fire the fbi director, witch hunt." his closest allies share his frustration. >> the president of the united states cannot obstruct justice. if he wants to fire the fbi director, all he has to do is fire him. >> reporter: former house speaker newt gingrich clearly felt differently back in the '90s when he voted to impeach bill clinton for obstructing justice during the monica lewinsky investigation. just in case the president and the president's men are lawyering up. trump has added a high-profile washington attorney to his personal legal team. vice president pence has hired a personal attorney. even the president's longtime lawyer is getting a lawyer. for all its frustrations, the presidency does seem to be good for donald trump's bottom line. a new financial disclosure form released overnight lists assets worth nearly a billion and a half dollars. his golf courses, his hotels are doing a booming business. he still owns them, but one former ethics czar for the bush administration tells us what we still don't know is where he
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borrows money from. dan, paula. >> all right. david wright, thanks for your reporting from the white house this morning. and joining us now from washington is political analyst and pollster kristen soltis anderson as dan lovingly refers to as ksa. kristen. >> good morning. >> she loves it. >> she does love it, or she will love it. kristen, as we mentioned, the president believes he has the legal authority to fire the special counsel robert mueller, and according to the ap some of trump's circle are preaching caution but others including his son don jr. say mueller must go. if he were to fire mueller how do you think that would go down? >> it would be very explosive if he made that decision, because as soon as it was announced there will be a special prosecutor and as soon as it was announced it would be robert mueller, a figure very respected across the political spectrum here in washington, this gave a lot of trump's allies on capitol hill, republicans, the opportunity to say, look, this is good. he's a good investigator. this will clear this all up and then we can move on. trump's allies on the hill
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continue to say this would be a good thing. this would put a big break between trump and republicans in congress. >> let me ask you about this nugget from "the new york times" this morning, and i'm quoting here, he, the president, is frustrated, friends say, and unsure what to do apart from tweeting, which he views as the most direct and effective way of defending himself and venting his anger. so in your view are these tweets hurting or helping him? >> i think donald trump is his own worst enemy when it comes to these tweets. it's understandable if you're him and you think you're innocent and you're frustrated with the way things are going and you want to get your message out. donald trump's never been shy about saying he's not a fan of the media but with these tweets he's continuing to stir up trouble, keep the focus on the story when, for instance, folks in -- on capitol hill would rather be talking about things like infrastructure, health care, tax reform. it shifts the narrative and it makes it seem that he's
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continuing to struggle against this investigation, a cover-up where he claims there's no crime. >> now, it appears that trump's base is standing firmly behind him. in your time as a pollster, do you see any vulnerabilities? >> his numbers have not been great, but they have stayed fairly stable throughout the first couple of months of his presidency, and this russia investigation is one in particular where most of his supporters tend to think that he's in the right. this isn't what will break them away from him, but rather if there isn't delivery on things like health care reform, tax reform, economic growth, these are the things that would make voters either come back to him or begin to leave him in bigger numbers. >> the base seems to be holding firm, kristen soltis anderson, aka ksa, thank you very much for joining us on a saturday morning. >> thank you, guys. >> we appreciate it. we're going to turn now, though, to another story breaking overnight. the protesters out in the streets in minnesota after a jury there acquitted an officer in the fatal shooting of philando castile. >> now, the case made headlines all over the world when castile's girlfriend, remember she took to facebook live in the
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aftermath of that shooting with her boyfriend dying in the seat next to her. here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: overnight outrage, thousands of demonstrators marching in protest over the not guilty verdict in the manslaughter trial of a former police officer. a minnesota jury acquitting the officer who fatally shot philando castile moments before this infamous video was live streamed on facebook by his girlfriend. >> he's licensed to carry. he was trying to get out his i.d. and his wallet out his pocket, and he let the officer know. >> reporter: the st. anthony police officer holding that gun then 29-year-old jeronimo yanez, castile's girlfriend calmly recording as her young daughter reassured her from the backseat. [ screaming ] >> it's okay. i'm right here with you. >> reporter: castile there in the driver's seat fatally wounded. prosecutors charging yanez with second degree manslaughter. at trial arguing the officer panicked and lost control. >> i told him to not reach for it. i told him to get his hand up. >> reporter: castile's family claiming that he was racially
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profiled. >> reporter: the system continues to fail black people. >> reporter: but defense attorneys arguing yanez fired because he thought castile was reaching for his gun. this morning, yanez's team satisfied with the verdict while castile's family says they've been denied justice. castile's mother taking to facebook live after the verdict was announced. >> now they got free rein to keep killing us any kind of way they want to. >> reporter: and yanez will not be returning to the police force. the city of st. anthony saying it's not in the public's best interest. the two sides are now negotiating a voluntary separation agreement. >> so much anger here. eva, thank you. >> thanks,ville. and overnight bill cosby breaking his silence speaking out for the first time since going on trial for sexual assault. >> this as jurors are going to be reporting in for a sixth day of deliberations this morning and abc's linsey davis has more. >> reporter: late friday night
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bill cosby broke his silence with this message. >> i want to thank the jury for their long days, their honest work. >> reporter: an appeal that specifically targeted the jurors. >> i think bill cosby and his publicist are trying to send a subtle message to the jury to wrap things up. >> reporter: cosby's statement addressed a sequestered jury supposedly isolated from the media and his statement. >> oftentimes in these cases, things that get played out in the media have a way of making their way back to the jurors. >> reporter: the jury of 12 has already deliberated for 52 hours without a verdict. the trial itself was only 36 hours. and now the defense is calling for a mistrial. the judge chastised the defense for repeatedly calling for a mistrial due to the length of deliberations, but he also added
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that if the jury comes back deadlocked again, he intends to act, meaning a mistrial. so far the jury has asked more than a dozen questions. on friday they asked for phone logs of calls between cosby and his accuser, andrea constand, along with cosby's deposition from 2005 where he talked about obtaining quaaludes to give to other women prior to sexual encounters, though he never admitted to doing so without their knowledge. the jury also asked to hear the definition of reasonable doubt. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, norristown, pennsylvania. >> and we will be following that trial every step of the way. >> yes, we will. a lot of other news this morning, and for that let's get it over to dr. ron claiborne. good morning, sir. >> i knew that was coming. diana and paula, good morning to you, adrienne. good morning, everyone. we begin in washington, d.c. where an investigator say they found a list of a dozen republican lawmakers on the gunman who opened fire on a group of congressmen. this happened on wednesday. police say james hodgkinson shot and wounded house majority whip steve scalise and three others on a baseball field in alexandria, virginia.
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scalise remains in critical condition, but doctors say his vital signs have stabilized after being, quote, at imminent risk of death. hodgkinson was killed by police. this morning dennis rodman landing in beijing, china, after a five-day trip to north korea. the former nba star said his thoughts and prayers are with the family of otto warmbier, an american student who was released on tuesday after 17 months of imprisonment in north korea. it's not clear if rodman met with the north korean leader kim jong-un. in massachusetts, a woman accused of encouraging her boyfriend to kill himself before his 2014 suicide has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. the judge who rendered that verdict said 20-year-old michelle carter encouraged conrad roy to get back in his vehicle as it filled with lethal gas. carter now faces up to 20 years in prison. and new details about the death of actress carrie fisher. the l.a. county coroner's office said she died from sleep apnea. and a combination of other factors including heart disease, but said the exact cause of death cannot be conclusively
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determined. officials said fisher had multiple drugs in her system but could not say whether they contributed to the 60-year-old's death, which was last december. and new this morning, video from inside a ferry after it collided with a jetty off the coast of massachusetts. the ferry carrying some 48 people were traveling from nantucket to hyannis. rough seas made the overnight rescue difficult. several people had to be air-lifted to area hospitals, but they are expected to be okay. and finally they say if you do the crime, you'll have to do the time. in this case the time served though was meant -- turned out to be to his extreme embarrassment, hours of extreme embarrassment. 17-year-old mark anthony doyle admitted he took $30,000 worth of goods from his home, his boss' home. but rather than pressing charges, the boss, a texas businessman, made him wear an outfit you see there and hold a sign telling everyone that he was guilty. doyle returned the stolen items, and check this out, his boss let him keep his job.
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>> what? >> and the clothes presumably. >> probably optional. >> rubber rainboots and a pink long tank top. >> sparkle boots, i think they were. >> hours of embarrassment was his sentence. >> trying to figure out how i feel about this. >> what do you mean? >> you know -- >> he learned -- >> better to be incarcerated? >> definitely not. >> probably not. >> no. >> he learned his lesson. we just showed him in a pink shirt and sparkle boots. so there you go. rob marciano, as you can tell, one member of our team is not here, but that's because he's in boston for us this morning. rob. checking in with you. >> is he wearing sparkle boots? pan down, please. >> no sparkle boots. >> no, no, we're not going to do that. i know dan knows this event. and it only happens really once every couple of decades. but this is extraordinary. it's the 2017 rendezvous regatta. it is a 7,000-mile race across the atlantic where 55 tall ships are convening here in boston. you line them up, stern to bow, bow to stern, at 17 football fields long, so that's a grand
7:18 am
parade that's going to happen here in just a couple of hour, and "gma" is here to witness it. a little bit foggy here this morning. want to show you what's going on around the country, though. we do have severe weather that broke some -- did some damage across eastern parts of nebraska with straight line winds and over 100 miles an hour there in omaha, and some tornadoes touching down, as well. look at the radar where the action is across missouri and look at the severe weather with a similar threat today from kansas city up through chicago and this does stretch out from nearly dallas to upstate new york during the day tomorrow. so we'll be monitoring that. good saturday morning. i'm lisa argen, 40 in thecy era nevada. '80s all week long, the heat wave this week, father's day, records are possible tomorrow and triple digit heat continues into next week. so the heat advisory around the bay today except at the coast where temperatures will be in the upper 60s, 90s in hayward.
7:19 am
102 inland t. >> the "adirondack 3" behind me is taking part as well. it's one of many schooners here which means the back mast is bigger than the front mast. that's one of the few things i learned yesterday. we'll talk more about this event in the next half hour. guys, back up to you. >> i remember as a little boy in boston when they'd bring out the tall ships, i was always fascinated by it, but i never actually got to go on there and rob did. and we'll show you what he did coming up in the next half hour. thanks, robert. we'll see you again soon. this morning queen elizabeth is celebrating her birthday over in the uk. >> although her day of birth is actually in april, today marks the official festivities, and abc's molly hunter joins us live from london with more on all of the pomp and pageantry. molly, good morning to you. >> reporter: paula and dan, good morning. it's called trooping the color. more than 1,400 troops, 200 horses on parade, and it's a tradition that dates back to the 17th century. ♪
7:20 am
a royal birthday celebration for a queen and three future kings. this morning all eyes on the littlest royals, prince george and princess charlotte stealing the spotlight from their great grandmother. the queen and the recently retired duke of edinboro riding in a vintage carriage from buckingham plaza along the mall to horse guards parade and there's kate riding with prince harry while prince william and prince charles riding on horseback. last year charlotte's first balcony appearance and prince george already mastering the royal salute. the queen showing william who's boss telling her grandson to stand up. at 91 still very active in public life. we saw the queen just yesterday visiting the scene of that deadly tower block fire in west london and starting today with a moment of silence. a breath of fresh air for this nation still dealing with that tower fire and recent terror attacks. the queen reminding everyone this morning it's a more somber day. dan, paula. >> and we love how your outfit
7:21 am
matches the queen's. don't think that escaped our notice. thank you, molly. appreciate it. >> i actually did not notice that, dan. that was very observant of you. >> everything i -- >> nice job, molly. >> youpiece -- >> announcer: this is a abc news special report. the bill cosby verdict. >> good morning, and we're coming on the air with breaking news from the bill cosby trial. >> and just moments ago the judge declaring a mistrial after six days of deliberations, the jury coming back telling the judge that they are hopelessly deadlocked. >> cosby on trial for three counts of felony aggravated indecent assault for allegedly drugging and then sexually assaulting andrea constand back in 2004. abc news correspondent linsey davis is at the courthouse in norristown, pennsylvania. linsey, what have you learned about the decision and i guess the big question is since we know it's a mistrial will the
7:22 am
prosecution retry this case? >> reporter: yeah, you know, it's still too early to know at this point. prior to getting to this place, the prosecution office had said they were not going to make that decision immediately. so i think that because we've been in these deliberations now for more than 50 hours slowly the prosecution office was able to see this deadlock situation was the likely outcome and they did decide days ago that they were not going to make an immediate call about it. >> linsey, why do you think the jury wasn't able to come to a conclusion one way or the other? >> reporter: well, you know, i think that you have to harken back to 2005 when bruce castor, the then district attorney decided that he wasn't going to press charges, he wasn't going to prosecute bill cosby because he said at the time that he felt that andrea constand had ruined her own credibility, that she would not be believed by a jury and i think this is a bit of an i told you so day for him in
7:23 am
part, at least, because in the end it seems that the jury wasn't 100% able to trust her account. >> linsey, thank you. let's bring in abc news legal analyst dan abrams. dan, he joins us on the phone. dan, what do you make of this outcome? >> well, this was a tough case from the beginning and i think a lot of people feared that there could be a hung jury here. because, remember, even if these jurors believe that it might have happened or probably happened, just as andrea constand laid it out, that's not enough for proof beyond a reasonable doubt. and as linsey just talked about, this is always been viewed as a tricky case but, look, you got to give these jurors credit. the fact that they tried for this long to reach a verdict is unusual. meaning they often if friday morning jurors don't have a sense of that they're going to have a verdict by friday afternoon, you usually let them go. these jurors kept going and going and going and trying to reach a verdict, simply unable
7:24 am
to do so. >> we know the jury consisted of seven men and five women, dan abrams, we really appreciate your analysis on this breaking news as we look at bill cosby at the courthouse there in norristown, pennsylvania. before we finish up on this special report back to abc's linsey davis on the scene there. linsey, tell us what you're seeing there and when was your last view, glimpse of cosby himself? >> reporter: so, mr. cosby did not have a physical response. his expression remained unchanged as the jurors were polled. andrea constand, her mother, her sister also in the courthouse at the time. you had six cosby accusers who have been coming here. they've been here, many of them for the duration of the trial, all two weeks coming for what they said they were coming to see justice and a few days ago when the jury first came back
7:25 am
saying they were deadlocked we talked to some of those alleged victims and they said they just felt deflated. they felt defeated if they did not get a guilty outcome and you have to imagine that that will weigh on the prosecutor's office if they decide to retry the case because andrea constand is their only chance at getting a criminal prosecution even though you have more than 50 women who have come forward in every case except for hers, the statute of limitations has expired. >> duff day for the accusers and tough day for the prosecution, a bit of a victory for cosby himself, but, of course, the clouds have not fully parted for him because the prosecution may again try to bring this case. >> yeah, we'll see what happens next and want to thank linsey as well as dan abrams for joining us. full coverage continues all day online. a full wrap up on "world news tonight" for all the reaction to the cosby trial and breaking news alerts. make sure you download the abc news app. have a good day, everybody.
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>> announcer: this has been a special report from abc news.
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temperatures continuing to be well above average. check out this pretty sight. air quality good today, 63 in oakland. sfo, you will be in the '80s to near 90 on the peninsula, so stay close today and hydrated. chris. >> good, thank you. ap thanks to you for
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welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. happening right now, the collision at sea, the crash between an american navy destroyer and a giant container ship off the coast of japan. the injured air-lifted to the hospital. at least seven sailors missing right now. this morning, the ships and aircraft frantically conducting search and rescue missions. also right now, london outcry. many this morning demanding answers in the wake of that deadly high-rise inferno as the death toll continues to rise. at least 30 confirmed dead. investigators back at the scene searching for a cause saying this morning they don't believe it was deliberate. also, watergate anniversary, this morning marking 45 years since the start of the scandal that brought down president nixon when several burglars were arrested for breaking into the headquarters of the dnc located inside the now infamous
7:31 am
watergate hotel and a little bit of information, a little 411 for you, the watergate scandal room 214 will now be preserved, the hotel has announced. they will curate it. it will be designed by the costume designer of the hit series "scandal." >> the hotel is infamous because of that. >> yes, exactly. room 214. >> got it. >> thank you, paula faris, for the 411. we turn now -- >> you're welcome. >> -- to the father who came face-to-face with two dangerous fugitives. >> he's speaking out about his encounter with the men who went on the lama and who are now facing charges for killing their prison guards. abc's kenneth moton joins us with all the details. kenneth, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan. the nationwide manhunt for the georgia prisoners lasted two days. their armed and dangerous run s hort by a man just trying to protect his family. this morning, that dramatic moment a tennessee husband and father single-handedly stopped two georgia fugitives in their tracks. >> my family means the world to me.
7:32 am
i was ready to do whatever i could. >> reporter: police say escaped prison inmates donnie russell and rickie dubose led them on a ten-mile high-speed chase. >> they got a subject in the back shooting out. >> reporter: residents including patrick hale were on the lookout. >> 6:46 i loaded every weapon i could in my house to be prepared in the event they needed to be used. >> reporter: the men soon coming face-to-face with hale as he started to drive his family to safety after receiving a warning that the escaped convicts were in the area. he says the cons on the run for 48 hours simply gave up. >> for some reason they started to surrender and laid down on their stomachs in my concrete driveway. >> we've had an armed home invasion. >> reporter: before their capture, the inmates accused of holding an elderly couple hostage. >> who's all there with you guys? >> that's my wife. it was just so close. just get the police out here as quick as you can. >> reporter: investigators say it all started when one of the inmates shot and killed two prison guards on a transport bus tuesday and escaped.
7:33 am
it all ended with this heroic father. >> and this is the reason why i was really excited that the police came as quick as they did. >> reporter: the prisoners are on their way back to georgia. that brave husband and father thinks they surrendered so easily because, get this, guys, they thought his car looked like a police vehicle. >> oh. >> incredible. that's why they laid down in his driveway. that must have felt like forever, by the way. >> yeah. >> right. >> he said he just prayed. he had his guns and prayed. >> sometimes the higher calling. higher power works. kenneth, thank you very much. and at a time when leaks are very much in the news, we have an abc news exclusive with a person responsible for one of the most consequential intelligence leaks in u.s. history. >> transgender soldier chelsea manning speaking out in her tv exclusive with abc's juju chang. you'll remember president obama commuted her sentence after she served seven years for releasing classified documents to wikileaks. >> one could argue you took an oath to defend the constitution against enemies. >> right. >> do you feel like you betrayed that oath?
7:34 am
>> no, i think i stuck to it. we need more means of being able to safely and securely reveal government wrongdoing, you know, whether it's illegal, immoral, unethical. >> do you think you made an impact for the better? what do you think about the military today? >> the people who are in the military work very hard often for not much money to make their country better. >> our thanks to juju for that. and you can see more on our website at let's kick it back to rob. now, as we mentioned, he is up in boston for the tall ships. hey, rob. >> hey, dan, sail boston happening today. the fog trying to lift, but it's going to be a sight regardless when you get those tall ships coming through a bank fog. it's like right out of "pirates of the caribbean." a police boat next to me getting ready just in case something happened. 2 million visitors over the next 5 days are convening on boston as they celebrate this amazing festival. all right. it's kind of cool here, but it's heating up out west.
7:35 am
i want to show you some of these advisories and watches and warnings. heat advisories stretch from kansas city and some heat warnings all the way back through palm springs and phoenix and some of these numbers could well be all-time records. phoenix, 110 today. 114 in palm springs, but as we go through the next several days, especially tuesday and wednesday, vegas and phoenix could very well touch all-time record highs if they go a degree or two above that, so that is toasty, and we're watching a severe weather threat not only . good morning to you. here's a look from mount tam. we have just a few patches of fog. temperatures already really mild, in the 60s to mid-90s by nononononononononononononononono >> this weather report is nonono brought to you by neutrogena. i got here yesterday afternoon and i got to go on one of these
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schooners, a boat that's nearly 100 years old. it's a beautiful vessel and the captain took me around and put me to work, and i'm not much of a sailor, so that was a bit of a task to say the least. dan, i don't know. you grew up around here. did you get on the harbor much, do some sailing? >> no, i'm more of an indoor cat, rob. i watched it on television. >> indoor cat. he watched it on tv. >> but i look forward to watching you suffer, as always, so stay tuned for that. we'll see you in just a minute, robert. also coming up here on "gma," amazon's multibillion dollar deal to buy whole foods. how it could change the way we all shop. "gma," amazon's multibillion dollar deal to buy whole foods. how it could change the way we all shop. neutrogena® ultra sheer. no other sunscreen works better or feels so good. clinically proven helioplex® provides unbeatable uva/uvb protection to help prevent early skin aging and skin cancer all with a clean light feel. for unbeatable protection. it's the one.
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the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. check this out. stock in the upscale supermarket chain whole foods shot up nearly 30% on the news that the internet behemoth amazon is buying them. >> this is amazon's biggest acquisition and could make big changes in the way you get your groceries. abc's erielle reshef is outside a whole foods store in new york city. erielle, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. imagine shopping at a busy whole foods like this one without ever having to take out your wallet or wait in a long line. that's just one way experts say that this acquisition could transform your grocery experience.
7:41 am
amazon acquiring whole foods aiming to wholly change the way you shop for groceries. >> this allows them the infrastructure that they need to pair with their online logistics in order to be successful and really bring grocery forward. >> reporter: the nearly $13.7 billion deal giving amazon 465 physical whole food stores, brick and mortar locations that could become distribution hubs and pickup centers for anything you order online. the new agreement placing walmart directly in the crosshairs of the virtual retail powerhouse. amazon's ceo positioning his company at the forefront of distribution. >> jeff bezos historically has done whatever it takes to transform a business at the expense of profitability or quarter-to-quarter results. >> reporter: another link in the chain for the tech titan expanding its grocery ordering and pickup services. >> you can pick up your groceries in as little as 15 minutes after your order is placed.
7:42 am
>> reporter: now testing its pilot go store in seattle. >> no lines, no checkouts. when you leave, our just walk out technology adds up your virtual cart and charges your amazon account. >> reporter: amazon continuing to capitalize on the consumer appetite for convenience and cutting costs. and the two companies are remaining pretty quiet about their plans for the future, but analysts say that amazon will likely try to make whole foods more efficient and that could mean big savings for anyone who shops here. dan, paula. >> i'm just waiting for the day when i can get my quinoa by drone. >> that's coming soon. >> yeah. >> quinoa of all things. erielle, thank you. disregard everything that he just said. you mentioned that whole foods stock went up 30% but amazon's went up 3.3%, but that's $15 billion, so they actually made money on the acquisition. because they paid 13.7 billion. >> at least on paper. >> at least on paper. coming up on "gma," we'll go back to boston where rob had a chance to get a sea legs trying his hand at handling a tall ship
7:43 am
and it was apparently anything but smooth sailing. so that's something to look forward to. >> is that in the harbor? had how do i say it in bostonian? >> star market. you know star market. the moment you realize your delicates no longer look delicate. at lowe's, we have machines like samsung's new flexwash and flexdry. which allow you to do two different types of laundry at the same time. so you can keep your clothes in great condition. all projects have a starting point. start with lowe's. hurry into lowe's and get 10 to 20% off select appliance special values. so i use excedrin.ments from my life. it starts to relieve migraine pain in just 30 minutes. and it works on my symptoms, too. now moments lost to migraines are moments gained with excedrin. sfx [heartbeat] how dixie ultra plates?roved
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7:47 am
it was not a pretty sight. the fog trying to lift here. captain, give it to me. [ horn blowing ] bon voyage, everybody. have a look what i did yesterday. this is the schooner "roseway," 1 of 55 tall ships convening on boston harbor. >> permission to come aboard. >> permission granted. >> captain tom ryan is the skipper of this beautiful nearly 100-year-old boat, and he's ready to put me to work. job number one, setting the jumbo sail. >> pull hand over hand straight down. are you ready? go. >> oh, wow. am i going too slow? >> no, you're going great. go, go, go. >> i think i got a blister already. >> wind in the sails. is that a good sign? >> she's luffing right now. >> wasn't that bad. what's the next thing you need to do? >> i think we need to steer the
7:48 am
ship. >> really? >> i get to steer the ship. where is the steering wheel. >> you're going the wrong way. that's the bow. we got to go to the stern. >> reporter: my lesson not without drama. they're getting real close to your boat. another ship getting a little too close for captain tom's comfort. >> they're from new york city. >> wow. those new york city drivers. >> i tell you. >> reporter: we head to stern and i try my hand at the wheel. >> three spokes to port, one, two, three. perfect. >> we're not really going anywhere. we're still in port. he's not going to let me drive the boat. the rain's really coming down so i went below deck. >> hold on there, rob. >> what's that? >> i got one more job for to you do. >> what do you want me to do? >> we got to swab the decks. >> oh, come on. this is a big deck. >> our students scrub better than you do. >> i'm trying, captain. i'm trying. >> let's go. scrub, scrub. [ horn blows ] >> reporter: needless to say, i was not hired to be a crew member on that ship. this regatta was put together to
7:49 am
celebrate the 150th anniversary of the canadian confederation. to that i say -- vive la canada. but being a sailor and swabbing the deck, i say no mas. i'm a land clublubber true and true and to see them handle these boats is really gait to see. >> i like how you toggle between french and spanish. fluidly. really good. >> his english is good. >> fair to middle -- >> don't you think he was wicked good swabbing the deck? >> wicked good. >> having a good time to boston. >> you did a great job. >> tell captain tom -- >> i got to nurse my blister. >> come on back tomorrow. i'll tell him you said hi. also coming up in "pop news," could michael phelps swim faster than a shark? in the works. the epic race. >> my money is on the shark. ♪ i was a doer. i was active. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. she also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result
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>> hey, it's time for "pop news." adrienne bankert is here. >> hey, yeah, we are. >> that was my fonzi imitation. that was actually my -- i didn't realize we were back from commercial break. oh, i need to say something. >> wake-up time. >> we're back. >> well, you know, we're going to talk a few stories. first up former president barack obama might have just spilled the beans on the sex of beyonce and jay z's twins. of course, they are expecting very, very soon. in a video honoring the rap artist for the songwriters' hall of fame, the former president hints that beyonce and jay z are thinking pink. >> jay and i are also fools for our daughters, although he's going to have me beat once those two twins show up, and let's face it. we both have wives who are significantly more popular than we are. >> it's unclear whether the power couple will actually have two baby girls, but he did say girls, and we're sure fans would love to see 5-year-old blue ivy carter with sisters. so, do you think he spilled the beans? >> yes. >> no, no. >> absolutely. >> i think it's very political leaving it all out there. >> we'll find out.
7:55 am
well, michael phelps may be a 23-time olympic gold medalist but how does the swimmer match up against a shark? the record-breaking athlete will race a great white as part of shark week on july 23rd. no one has ever attempted this before. very few details. is he going to be in a cage? is he not? sharks cruise at around 25 miles per hour at their peak. but he has been clocked in at 6 miles per hour, and really that's what they swim when they're not chasing something like prey. >> so a shark goes much faster than michael phelps. >> when they're hungry. >> so the shark won't be chasing michael phelps in the race? >> how do you know? >> they're going to be racing, yeah. the shark is like chilling at 5 miles per hour. >> could be. >> anyway, we got pizza here. so what's this all about? >> let's talk about what would you do for a slice of pizza. researchers at mit and stanford suggesting privacy falls to the wayside when a pie is involved. according to a study published by the national bureau of economic research, 98% of 3,000 mit students were willing to dish details like their best friend's e-mail address for a slice of pizza.
7:56 am
>> what? we're all bribed by food. >> bought so cheaply. >> yes. >> would you like a slice? >> yes, i would. >> dan just eats quinoa. >> oh, yeah. >> by drone just to be clear. we'll be back tomorrow with more "gma." thank you for "pop news." thank you for watching, everybody. have a great day. >> good morning, everyone, i'm chris nguyen. the 67th annual juneteenth festival will be held today in san francisco, billinglets as the largest gathering of african-americans in california. it commemorates the end of slavery in the united states. this is video from last year's festival. it all start at 10:00 a.m. on
7:57 am
philmore between turk and center. >> the 66th annual north beach festival, the annual tradition combines arts and crafts with live music and gore pay grub. entry to the festival is always free and will run from 10:00 to 6:00 today and tomorrow. the warriors are continuing their celebration if las vegas this weekend. this is most of the chairman of mgm resorts as they arrived thursday night. tonight they will be attending oakland native andre ward's championship fight against sergei kovalov at the mandalay bay hotel. steph curry went to hollywood with his wife. he might rejoin his teammates to see the fight. let's get a quick check from the forecast from lisa argen. >> good morning to you. sorry. okay. we are looking at some fog. our friend from mount tam here. this allows for the next couple of, i'd say an hour.
7:58 am
64 oakland, mountain view 67. san jose and gilroy, from the exploratorium camera, we're in the 70s. so a heat advisory throughout the bay area today. stay hydrated. we're looking at excessive heat throughout the next several days. chris. >> lisa, thank you. straight ahead, breaking news in the bill cosby sexual assault trial t. decision by the judge. als the search for at least seven missing sailors after a navy destroyer collides with a
7:59 am
at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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breaking news this morning, the judge in the bill cosby sexual assault case has declared a mistrial. after deliberating for 52 hours the jury was unable come to a unanimous decision. cosby was charged with three second degree aggravated indecent assault t. 79-year-old was facing the possibility of spending the rest of his life in prison. the district attorney says he will retry cosby. it is saturday, june 17th. thank you so much for joining us, i'm chris nguyen. here's meteorologist lisa argen, she is tracking live doppler 7. >> hey there, yes. we are looking at lots of sunshine at this hour, in fact, from our future tower camera, you notice in good view, 59 i


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