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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 17, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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it's an all new show with great viral videos, "right this minute." >> a graduation celebration takes a wild turn. >> one of those fireworks lands right in the stands. >> see the effect of this misfire. >> oh. >> [ inaudible ]. >> mom can't find her keys. >> so she says, well, you know, it's not -- >> find out who's behind that door. >> surprise. >> oh. >> real-life vampires find love at first bite. >> it felt a connection of darkness as i call it. >> the extreme love story that will suck you in. >> and the cast of "cars 3" take a written driver's test. >> when driving in fog you should use your. >> a, high beam, b, low beams, c fog lights only. >> how well, we do when we're
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put to the test. >> oh, you didn't specify what time of the day. >> i said fog. it seems the world over graduation celebrations are kind of similar. everybody tosses their hat up into the air just like we're doing here in southern turkey. this is pretty cool. they're in an open air arena and fireworks are going off into the sky. all at the same time while they're celebrating and cheering and just generally congratulating themselves for getting through school. awesome. >> until kaboom. >> what happened? >> one of those fire works lands right in the stands where the family and friends of the graduates are sitting. >> you hear the boom, see the sparks spray all over the place. >> the fireworks can cause so many injuries. >> you're right. it can cause injuries and in this case it caused nine
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injuries. several of those were pretty serious. a mom, brother and sister all with serious injuries. this is one woman who was injurednd and you can see some of the burns to her skin, arm and face. >> looked like she was hit with shrapnel or something. >> all the little sparks right that flew up and caught her in the face. luckily doesn't seem to catch her eye. >> do they know what exactly went wrong? >> witnesses are claiming two fireworks landed in the stands and they just don't know what caused those explosions to not go up in the air and come right into that open air arena. 639 students were graduating that night so thankfully this was limited to only nine injuries. people were saying they felt like more safety precautions could have been this is a love story with a dark side but tim and leah like it that way.
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in this episode of "extreme love". >> i'm tim and this is my beautiful [ inaudible ] leah and we're vampires. >> he is a taro reader and she is a model. they're vampires introduced by friends and now they are a couple and they both have fangs. >> they are sharpened to a complete point and they are real dental acrylic fangs. >> you must really think if you bite your lip -- >> i've had those for halloween costumes and they're so uncomfortable. >> some dentist will make these fangs that look real and fitted to your teeth. these two have adopted this as a lifestyle. >> i always have this odd connection to the nighttime. i felt more empowered, more awake. >> i am [ inaudible ] to sun light. i get intense migraines. even if it's cloudy i will wear sunglasses outside. i have a pair row sol i carry. >> they're unique individuals and i think it's beautiful they
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found each other. that can be tough. if you're into one thing so much to find somebody that could be into it with you is neat. >> there's something for everybody. >> they say they're not traditional vampires. >> the typical stereotypes of vampires we can't be out in the sun or that, you know, we pounce and take someone by force and stuff like that, that's not who we are, not what we do. >> i know you're wondering, where do they sleep? >> do they have coffin beds. >> tell me upside down. >> we don't sleep in coffins. i would like one. >> some people do, some don't. >> you would see her sitting in one. >> i don't know if that would be comfortable though. >> it's part of who i am, who we are and it's a very prom nepts part of our lives. and i love every second of it. >> good. they're happy. >> that's the most important thing. >> if you have something in common, that's all you need. >> and love. >> and i wouldn't trade it for
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anything. ♪ >> man versus machine. >> motorcycles. >> that's what we have going on here with this daredevil that is going to attempt a front flip as this motorcycle comes blazing through. at the beginning of the video we see a field test jump trying to get the timing right. >> if they don't pull this off they're putting the requirider danger. when they jump off a car the driver is no danger. >> that's why it's important to communicate and talk and trust each other. here we go. this is the moment the rider speeds up. pulls on that throttle. they did it. >> made it look easy. >> yeah. >> they freakin' did it. honestly i was surprised, but they executed it perfectly. i love this one shot here. when the motorcycle is under him and the rider hugging that tank
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to make sure the clearance is as much as it can get. before you do this yourself this guy is a par core expert. oleg cricket and the other guy an experienced motorcycle rider. from russia to england where it makes sense to jump on your bike, get to the very top of that building up to that ledge there and then just jump that gap. >> makes sense to who? >> him. >> me. >> ryan taylor who did the stunt. walks us through the process of getting into the building, climbing, getting to that ledge until pulling off that stunt. >> oh. >> i mean, dude. come ♪ i forget the [ inaudible ]. >> bummer. this little fella in what sounds like his mom walk up and she doesn't have the key. >> maybe knock. >> she says, just knock.
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>> maybe somebody is home. >> hopefully. >> the door opens. >> surprise! >> oh. >> come on. >> hi, buddy. >> little fella sees his dad after seven months away. and he just takes that big leap right into dad's arms. >> were you surprised? >> that worked perfectly. >> oh, yeah. it went off without a hitch. >> he is so happy to see him. this is just heartwarming. >> i'm so excited i'm crying. >> i know. a dramatic rescue attempt is captured on camera. >> this is an hour's long operation. >> oh. >> find out how they finally saved a little boy stuck inside the well. plus -- >> oh, that's right, the beast is back. >> he makes a crazy contraption
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you make together. ♪ ♪
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closed captioning provided by -- and irritation. and get fast acting relief that lasts 10 full hours. that's the power of 10. cortizone 10®. some rescues require specialized equipment and some require just a little bit of ingenuity and that's what you're seeing right here. that older gentleman has gotten a long stick of bamboo and attached a hook in it. firefighters have been called in. they have cut some of that well.
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you saw the backhoe digging something out. this is an hour's long operation because they need to pull somebody out. >> pull, pull! >> it's a little boy! >> there was groundwater down there and the little boy kept slipping down so grandpa went and hooked the boy so he could hold them up while they were waiting for the rescue to finish with firefighters' assistance. it was really grandpa who started helping save the day. a completely different kind of rescue here in the hospital in turkey. see if you can guess what happened here. that man's arm is stuck. >> in the toilet. >> it is stuck in a toilet because he has a very expensive cell phone or shall we say had a very expensive cell phone and it fell in. >> let the phone go. >> it's an important text message. >> won't get it anyway. >> this is a really crappy situation to find yourself in.
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♪ >> they had to call firefighters and they had to get some specialized equipment to come get this guy out. they start to enlarge the hole where his arm is stuck to eventually get the guy out. you can see his arm has a little bit of blood on it. he was treated at the hospital for his injuries but -- you can see right here he has a good sense of humor about it. he's laughing and has a bsmile n his face. he's thinking should i have gotten that security insurance. yeah. >> if not he's going to be fuming. >> good thing he was at the hospital otherwise he wouldn't have been able to call for help. >> couldn't call anybody in the first place. even if you weren't wondering what it would look like to do your makeup in opposite contouring you do now because i just mentioned it. here you go. julia is going to show us how to do exactly that. and she starts off her makeup tutorialal like any other
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prepping her skin and doing the base color. this is where things start getting interesting. she is applying the contoured colors in the opposite places so the dark contouring colors are going at her crease on her cheeks. >> and she's making the dark areas darker. the whole point of the concealer is to conceal the dark circles under your eye. >> this is what it looks like before she blends it. she takes one of the makeup sponges and starts going at it. >> i don't though what this looks like. >> totally bizarre. >> looks like she got a reverse sunburn. >> that's what she says. >> like i had a hat on and then doughnut on my face. >> that's exactly what it looks like, like i put a doughnut on my face. >> maybe this is not going to be a trend that picks up any time soon. what's a six-pack of beer, power drill and a lisa lobe cd have in common?
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this guy. >> what i'm planning on doing is taking six beers and opening up each one with this lisa lobe cd from 1995 and then chugging them down using this power drill. after i stick it directly up my nostril. >> why? >> why? because i can. have a good day. >> oh, that's right, he's back. pops the first bottle top with the cd. never seen that trick done before. >> no way. >> this has got to be something that some college kid invented somewhere saying how do we combine power tools and a beer game. >> this is an l.a. beast invention. ♪ >> i will say the way he has it all connected through the drill and water hose and that thing is kind of cool. >> it really is. and i'm sure he consulted with a doctor before doing this.
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>> oh, yeah. this was all highly ♪ >> beer after beer. they start to disappear. >> he did it. he freakin' finished the beer. >> sure did. in about six minutes and 20 some seconds. please don't recreate this. let the beast do his work. even he says -- >> have a good day. i have brain damage. a father's day parody to the tune of -- >> "shape of you" by ed sherrin. >> ♪ hair on my head getting thin ♪ >> he's not alone. >> hey! >> plus, it's an episode of two girls, one boat. >> yo, you want me to call coast guard? >> it's a boat. it ain't that difficult. >> see if they ever figure it out. >> that has to be so embarrassing. ♪ out of sunscreen,
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promotional considerations provided by -- fungi-nail stops foot fungus fast before it spreads. fungi-nail. years in the sun causing dark spots? gold bond dark spot minimizing cream. 81% saw improvement in the appearance of sun-damaged skin. gold bond. ♪ >> that unmistakable song, how can you not know that. this is "shape of you" by ed sheeran. this happens to be a father's day parody. ♪ sometimes it's hard to find some peace and quiet so the bathroom is where i go ♪ ♪ me and my phone on the throne checking youtube and hitting live country videos ♪ >> now i understand why dad spends so much time in the john. he has his sank wactuary now
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♪ sometimes i might eat too much worry about my weight got the dad bob rocking on me ♪ ♪ sketchers on my feet uggo shorts look good on me ♪ >> work dad work. >> you've earned all of this, dad. the craft beer and the sketchers ♪ hair on my head getting thin that's true but i got lots on my body ♪ >> i'm not a dad and it's happening. it kind of seems to migrate. >> oh. >> hair just leaves your head and just, you know, relocates. >> let us see what you're working with. >> hey! >> oh! >> i'm sorry i asked. >> nice six-pack. >> editor, help me out, will you? ♪ find me with a beer by the barbecue i'm a dad that's what i
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do ♪ >> happy father's day all you all fathers out there. ♪ i'm a dad that's what i do do you know how many videos are going right now? >> classic. >> this fella, he's having a really, really, really good time out on the golf course. >> what's the commotion? >> looks like he's stumbling around a little bit. >> he's the commotion. >> yeah, buddy. come on! hit the golf ball. right or left hand, figure it out. >> oh. he's a little wobbly. i have a feeling he's been doing the golfing with the beer. >> yeah. come on bud, let's do it. >> this is going to be epic or really bad. >> sizing it up. >> know where you're going. hey. tee the ball off. >> the ball is not the problem. >> oh, oh, oh. oh! >> he needs some water. >> oh, man.
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>> ow. >> i've been standing here for the last 15 minutes and really great enjoyment seeing those people try to row a boat. >> this is pretty bad too. this man recording it, watching the shenanigans of these two girls for the last 15 minutes. >> they made it quite far. five meters. now they're turning in circles. >> oh, they're stuck. >> yeah. they don't really know what to do. >> the switch off. okay. now two people. let's see if that goes better. >> that's so bad. >> oh, great enjoyment. where are they trying to go. >> add insult to injury they're still out there fiddling around. here comes this couple. >> very simple. this guy got it. >> i feel you. >> for all we know they're still out there. >> pretty much. >> still trying to figure it out. >> oh, goodness. >> trying to replicate it. it's time to take a driver's
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test. >> staring the host of "right this minute" and a few people staring in "cars 3" which opens this weekend. >> see why things start to heat up on set. >> and not even from california. >> i'm
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♪ hi, ladies and gentlemen. welcome to this edition of "driver's test" staring the host of "right this minute" and a few people staring in "cars 3" which opens this weekend. we're going to play, while you answer some questions from the california department of mort vehicles like the stars of the movie we have owen wilson here.
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this game show brought to you by buzzfeed and "cars 3". >> when driving in fog you should use your. >> a high beams, b low beams, c fog lights only. >> fog lights. >> b. >> low beams. >> oh. >> i think this test is [ inaudible ]. i don't remember. >> nick, you're leading with one. let's go on to question two. >> ding. >> he's not even from california. >> i'm just from common sense. >> which is the following is the most effective in avoiding a collision, a, keeping your lights on at all times, b, wearing a seat belt, c, keeping a cushion of space at all times. >> c. >> c. >> c. >> yeah. everybody got one right. >> that weasn't a yes or no question. >> oh. >> question three. >> white painted curbs means? >> a, loading zone for passengers, b, leading zone for passengers or male only, c,
12:29 pm
loading for [ inaudible ] only. >> i'm going with a. >> a. >> i'm going to say c. >> c. >> loading zone for freight and passengers. >> you're all wrong. >> before changing lanes on a freeway you should signal for at least? >> for a little bit like one flash and then go. >> a, five seconds, b, ten seconds, c, 15 seconds. >> i'll say five seconds. i don't know the exact answer. >> i'll go with ten. >> there's no option for what i would choose so let's go with c. >> five seconds. >> oh. >> you're like owen wilson the star of "cars 3." you won. >> tell us what he's won. >> you've won me as your co-host for the rest of my contract. >> yeah. ♪ that's it for this show, but the show continues at
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