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tv   ABC World News  ABC  June 18, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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tonight, breaking overseas. shootdown over syria. for the first time, a u.s. fighter jet takes down a syrian warplane. will this escalate the conflict? and, president trump on the attack. the president said he's under investigation for obstruction of justice. but now his lawyers insist he's not. >> the president is not and has not been under investigation. >> the mixed messages coming in. the president calling it a witch hunt. the search for those missing u.s. sailors called off. several bodies recovered. inside those final moments. sailors asleep during the crash. did no one see it coming? the raging inferno. more than 60 people killed. victims trapped in their cars trying to escape. the worst wildfire in portugal's history. wrong way drivers on america's highways. at least one person killed
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almost every day. and, "america strong." the little boy, his new heart, and his dad's best father's day ever. good evening. thank you for joining us on this sunday. i'm cecilia vega, in for tom llamas. we begin with breaking news overseas. for the first time, a u.s. fighter jet has shot down a syrian warplane. the details are just coming in. the pentagon says the syrian plane bombed u.s.-backed forces battling isis in the northern part of the country. president trump has been briefed on the situation. we want to get to steve ganyard. joining us from washington. the pentagon says this was in self defense? >> for the first time in almost 20 years, a u.s. aircraft has shot down another manned aircraft. in the skies over syria this afternoon, the u.s. watched as
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syrian forces attacked u.s.-backed forces on the ground. they got on the hotline to the russians, said for them to stop. shortly after, the area was bombed. the pilot was cleared to launch a missile. >> how much could this escalate the conflict in the region? >> we saw president trump make a very clear statement with the tomahawk strike. hopefully this will set some limits in the skies over syria. the u.s. has been pushed by the russians and syrians for a long time, so hopefully it will calm things down. but the ball is in mr. putin's court. this could escalate to a direct confrontation between u.s. and russian forces. >> steve, thank you. and we have another breaking story out of london. the details just coming in. police responding to reports of a vehicle collision with pedestrians.
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officers on the scene, and we're learning there are a number of casualties. police calling this a major incident. so far, one person has been arrested. we want to turn next to new questions with president trump and the investigation into possible obstruction of justice. the team sending mixed messages, after the president took to twitter to confirm he's under investigation. one of his lawyers now contradicting the president, saying he's not under investigation. late today, the first family landing back at the white house after their first trip to camp david. and now the clock is ticking for the trump team to meet a congressional deadline to answer a major question, are there recordings of the president's conversation inside the white house? here's david wright. >> reporter: tonight, the president, back from camp david, is girding himself for another week of battle. his first tweet this morning, defiant. "the make america great again agenda is doing very well despite the distraction of the witch hunt," he insisted.
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but on the sunday shows, that so-called distraction took center stage. >> he is infuriated, and legitimately, in my judgment, by this whole russian bologna. >> now, newt gingrich and the president would like us to shut it down before it really is under way. and we are far closer to the beginning of the investigation than we are to the end. >> reporter: the president's lawyer, making the rounds today, was at pains to correct the record about a presidential tweet that appeared to confirm he's facing an obstruction of justice investigation after his decision to fire fbi director james comey. >> the president is not and has not been under investigation. >> how do you know? >> because we've received no notice of investigation. >> reporter: and yet trump's own tweet would seem to suggest otherwise. quote, "i am being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fbi director. witch hunt." today, trump's lawyer appeared to be unable to clear up the confusion. >> and now he's being investigated by the department of justice.
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>> you've now said that he is being investigated after saying that you didn't. >> no. >> you just said, sir, that he's being -- >> no, he's not being investigated. i've been crystal clear, the president is and has not been under investigation. i don't think i can be any clearer than that. >> you don't know that he's not under investigation, again, sir. >> i can't read the mind -- >> so, we're in agreement. >> reporter: despite growing concerns the president may move to fire the special counsel or his bosses at the justice department, marco rubio insisted the investigation should run its full course. >> this is going to move forward. we're going to get the full truth out there, and i repeat, i believe that is the best thing that can happen for the president and for this administration. >> david, after president trump seemed to suggest there were recordings of some of his conversations, now he's facing a deadline this week to prove it. do we know how they will respond? >> reporter: it's one of the
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unsolved mysteries. the president started the speculation about tapes in a tweet. the white house has refused to confirm or deny the existence of tapes. now, the house intelligence committee set a deadline this friday to hand them over. but today the president's lawyer said we can expect an announcement this week. >> david, thank you. now to the new developments in the collision between a carrier and navyship. their ship virtually gutted as most of the crew slept. tonight, why no one detected the danger. here's matt gutman. >> reporter: tonight, the horrifying final moments for those sailors aboard the uss fitzgerald. the destroyer, "t"-boned in the middle of the night, immediately flooding the cramped compartments where more than 100 of the crew sleep. >> the water flow was tremendous.
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so, there wasn't a lot of time in those spaces that were open to the sea. >> reporter: the navy telling abc news divers found several sailors in the flooded wreck. and officially calling off the search for survivors. >> they had to fight the ship to keep it above the surface and, so, it was traumatic. >> reporter: one of the missing, dakota rigsby. his local fire department asking for thoughts and prayers. brayden harden made a quick escape, his mother tells abc news, as the ship was nearly torn in half. he was one of hundreds heroically scrambling to keep the surging seawater from sinking the ship. the navy saying it will launch at least two investigations into what happened just outside tokyo harbor. >> we are going to cooperate with all the stakeholders in this, especially with the japanese. but we will get those answers. >> reporter: multiple maritime trackers show the acx crystal cargo ship making that giant "u"-turn just 25 minutes before colliding with the uss fitzgerald. still no response from the
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ship's owners after multiple requests from abc news asking about that sharp turn. the company only saying that they are cooperating with the investigation. the navy saying there were watchmen on patrol that night as the 30,000-ton container ship's bulbous bow smashed directly into crew living quarters. a sailor told me, in addition to patrol officers on the deck round the clock, the ship also has tactical watch officers monitoring its radar 24/7, making this collision all the more mystifying. cecilia? >> matt, thank you. we want to stay overseas, to portugal tonight, the deadliest wildfire in the country's history. massive flames killing more than 60 people. some victims burned in their cars as the fire jumped the road. soldiers from across europe, joining hundreds of firefighters on the scene. here's molly hunter. >> reporter: tonight, more than 1,000 firefighters rushing to
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contain the massive blaze, still raging. the wall of thick smoke and flames consuming everything in its path. overtaking these small towns, in the middle of the night, when residents tried to flee to the main road, trapped by the flames. >> very quickly people lost control. the wind was just extraordinary. i've never experienced anything like it. >> reporter: more than 60 killed in all. one road along the escape route turning into a death trap. at least 30 bodies found inside their vehicles. drone footage showing row upon row of burnt cars. and on the ground, anguish. among the victims, at least four small children. and the fear tonight, as officials search the area. that toll could climb. the most tragic fire in portuguese history caused by a severe heat wave, low humidity and lightning, creating the
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perfect conditions to burn. with temperatures over 100 degrees, and forecast to stay there, fires are still burning. another very difficult day lies ahead. cecilia? >> molly, thank you. and there's a severe weather threat at home. we're tracking several storms over the next 24 hours. heavy rain and hail flooding reported around kansas city, missouri. more than 80 million people at risk of dangerous weather from the plains to new england. and triple-digit heat in the west. here's rob marciano. >> reporter: extreme weather punishing the heartland this weekend. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: hard hitting hail shattering this car windshield in missouri. and in kansas city, lightning tearing through the night sky as residents run for cover. torrential rain and 70-mile-per-hour winds downing trees, swamping roadways and knocking out power to over 80,000 homes. the same wave of storms unloading on lincoln, nebraska. with hail the size of tennis balls.
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>> wind, rain, stuff hitting the side of the vehicle. >> reporter: cars crushed. trees uprooted. this tractor trailer overturned, meanwhile, the southwest sizzling in the midst of a dangerous heat wave. >> it's still too hot, even with the a.c. blowing. >> reporter: american airlines warning travelers the extreme heat could ground flights out of phoenix this week, with temperatures expected to hit 120 degrees. >> 120. let's get right to rob with the forecast. you're tracking a number of storms here. >> the cold front stretches from canada to the gulf of mexico. severe weather watch for parts of pennsylvania and upstate new york. damaging winds, large hail. and this all squeezes to the east. look at the highly populated d.c., philly, new york to boston corridor. albany as well. could see severe super cells there tomorrow. 118 in palm springs and phoenix. approaching all-time records. looks like the heat will continue through wednesday or thursday.
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a dangerously long stretch. >> rob, thank you. with all the temperatures outside, we want to turn to an invisible danger in the water. two separate incidents in ohio and also in new jersey. people killed by electrical currents. here's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: tonight, a new jersey family mourning the loss of their 11-year-old daughter. >> female electrocuted, unconscious. breathing. >> reporter: the child and two friends were on an inflatable raft in a lagoon when two of them touched a metal rail that sent an electric shock. the 11-year-old, dying at the hospital. her friends not hurt. this comes just one day after the sudden death of a 19-year-old from ohio, electrocuted after he jumped into the water near a boat dock to save the family dog. >> we don't want anybody swimming in a marina around a dock where there could be electric service to that dock. >> reporter: it is called
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electric shock drowning, usually caused by a short in the wiring of a dock, marina or boat charging the water. pools can be just as dangerous. these children in florida, touching the metal rail. this girl instantly goes limp. the man helping her, also shocked. all survived. several states now calling for changes including circuit breakers near the water, and for electrical outlets that shut down when there's a short or overload. there are also products that provide a shock alarm when there's electricity in the water. experts also say you should inspect the electrical equipment at docks, boats and marinas at least once a year. cecilia? >> adrienne, thank you. and encouraging news about congressman steve scalise. his condition upgraded to serious. after he was shot last week during that attack on gop congressional members. he posted on his twitter account thanking everyone for their support. and that shooting rampage playing an ugly role in a congressional battle in georgia. with just two days before voters head to the polls, a
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conservative group linking the democratic candidate to that shooting. here's kenneth moton. >> reporter: tonight, the final push in the most expensive congressional race in u.s. history. the tight battle for georgia's sixth congressional district. seen as a potential indicator of things to come. >> time for some fresh leadership. >> reporter: jon ossoff, in the suburbs ahead of the special election. >> we appreciate everything you've done for us. >> reporter: against republican karen handel. the two, neck and neck in the traditional gop stronghold. this weekend, getting help from big political names. john lewis for ossoff. >> he's committed and dedicated. >> reporter: for handel, tom price. who resigned the seat to become president trump's health and human services secretary. >> we need to have a crazy high turnout on tuesday for karen handel. >> reporter: the two parties spending more than $40 million
5:45 pm
on the race. which turned ugly this weekend. this disturbing ad capitalizing on that mass shooting at a gop baseball practice. >> the unhinged left is endorsing and applauding shooting republicans. when will it stop? it won't if jon ossoff wins on tuesday. >> reporter: the alleged gunman denounced the gop in a facebook post. handel calling the ad disturbing and disgusting. ossoff calling the ad shameful. demanding that it be pulled before tuesday's election. >> kenneth, thank you. and there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday. a packed deck collapsing, some of the injured forces to drive themselves to the hospital. and the terrifying moment when a wrong way driver is headed your way. what happens next? this one is caught on dash cam. plus, the event that has the beyhive buzzing tonight. before i had the shooting,
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back now with the wrong way driver on a utah highway. the headlights seem to come out of nowhere. here's phillip mena. >> reporter: a terrifying head-on collision, caught on camera. the dash camera rolling when the driver ahead swerves to avoid a wrong way driver. then he gets crashed into, sending him spinning across this utah highway. incredibly, no one was killed. >> i couldn't believe it at all. it's hard to think about it. >> reporter: every year, wrong way crashes kill more than 1,000 people. in texas and california, high-tech signs detect wrong way drivers. alerting police. in this test, the wrong way driver spots those flashing lights and turns around. in ohio, they are adding wrong way signs closer to the ground
5:49 pm
since drunk drivers tend to look down at the road. one study says that could prevent up to 60% of wrong way drivers. police say if you do see a wrong way driver on the other side of the highway, call 911 and start flashing those high beams and honking your horn. anything to alert other drivers. cecilia? >> phillip, thank you. we have much more when we come back. the tragedy at the arena. a prize-winning matador who lost his footing inside the ring. and an "animal house" good-bye. a farewell to a familiar face in this comedy classic. this comedy classic. antic? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision, or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis.
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5:53 pm
bullfighter to die in the ring in the past year. and, "animal house" fans mourning the loss of the actor known as flounder. >> come on, flounder! >> stephen furst made a name for himself beside john belushi in that late '70s hit. furst died friday following complications from diabetes. he was 63 years old. and it appears to be an extra special father's day for one hollywood family. reports swirling that beyonce and husband jay-z welcomed the birth of twins. no confirmation from the superstar parents. but the congratulations are pouring in online. twitter followers posting, "this is not a drill." even beyonce's father tweeted his congratulations. and we congratulate them also. up next, the father's day gift most of us would have trouble ever topping. the little boy with the new heart. how he and his dad are celebrating today.
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finally tonight, one dad's epic father's day. his brave little boy has a new heart. and as gloria riviera tells us, there's a lot of love to go around. >> reporter: when 5-year-old ari schultz heard from dad he was finally getting a new heart, it was almost too much. >> i think they found one, and it might be perfect for you. what do you think? >> they found one? >> yeah, they did! what do you think? >> great! >> reporter: this hockey, baseball and golf obsessed boy, with the megawatt smile. finally off the transplant list after 211 days.
5:58 pm
>> when am i going to get it? are they gonna find a good spot to put it? are they going to poke me? >> reporter: diagnosed with a bad heart before he was even born. ari's biggest battle came when his tiny body rejected the new heart. it stopped beating for nearly 36 hours. so ari dug in, and fought hard. after 189 days -- >> 189 days? that's crazy! >> reporter: -- ari left the hospital. and went home. >> hi, ari. >> reporter: ari's dad wrote, his son is one of the rare few to live, unbelievably. >> i'm safe. >> reporter: this father's day, they celebrated that on the golf course. gloria riviera, abc news, washington. >> happy father's day to the dads out there. and all the dads right here at abc. i'm cecilia vega. have a great night.
5:59 pm
tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00, stranded on the bay bridge. drivers frustrated after a police shooting brings traffic to a stop for hours. a record-setting day in the bay area as temperatures soar and the heat is not going away anytime soon. as that heat wave hits california, a small community is forced out of their homes by rising waters. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. that breaking news is out of london, where a van slammed into pedestrians, causing a number of casualties. the incident happened just after midnight in london in the residential finsbury park area of the northern part of the city. it's now just after 2:00 in the morning there. scotland yard has arrested one person. this all comes just two weeks after a terrorist attack on and around the london bridge that left seven people dead. information continues to come in as this story unfolds, and we'll bring you updates on our abc 7 news app. be sure to enable push alerts.
6:00 pm
good evening. i'm eric thomas. thank you so much for joining us. it has been a sweltering day here in the bay area. the cool ocean provided some relief, and we saw large crowds at ocean beach and anywhere people could get into the water. at stanford's commencement ceremony many people beat the heat by staying out of the sun under the shade of the upper deck. stanford police reported 18 medical calls during the event, though they did not clarify how many were for heat. and a loov look right now at our exploratorium camera at pier 15. meteorologist has more information. >> in fact, eric, ten cities have officially broken records today as intense heat has taken over the region. look at our official highs. these have just come in in the past ten minutes. concord, 108 degrees earlier this afternoon. we got up to 103 in san jose. 105 in san rafael. 106 in santa rosa.


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