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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 19, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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welcome on this monday, june 19th. we were just talking about how we're totally different shades today. >> yeah, true story. mike nicco, like a bronzed god today. >> you're too kind. that's because i wore spf 50 instead of 100 on vacation and it still didn't work. put it on three or four times a day. >> it worked because you actually have skin tone. it worked a little bit. >> i guess you're right. >> it did help a little. all right, that's a good way to put it. hi, everybody. here's a look at live doppler 7.
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notice on the left side of the scene there, the marine layer clouds are encroaching, and it means it's not as hot as yesterday. a look at 280 and 17, san jose waking up to partly cloudy conditions out there. a few leftover clouds from the showers last night. more at 5:30. notice temperatures in the 60s along the coast, and already in the mid 80s around the bay by noon and mid 90s inland. we'll stay in the 80s around the bay and hit the upper 90s to low 100s at 4:00. 80 still at 7:00. >> we're going to go to walnut creek and look a live look outside at 680 past north main as you make your way to highway 24. i'm seeing a few brake lights slowing at the transition. otherwise, moving nicely from pleasant hill into walnut creek with about an eight-minute drive. slowing in the central valley and over the altamont pass, otherwise, pretty much into the green sensors with a couple problems on the peninsula. i'm seeing a bit of slow travel now northbound 101 near 380.
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a car had a blown-out tire, blocking the middle lane. that's the reason for slow traffic there. we will check back with a fire near benicia on 680 in the next report. >> thank you, sue. >> sunday, as you know, an absolute scorcher weather wise. as mike told you, brace yourself for more heat coming today. >> to make things even worse, power went out in the east bay for a few hours last night, causing several livermore businesses to shut down their doors all day on a day they were counting on, father's day. pete's coffee even asked people to go home and sent their employees home as well. >> in napa, a dog is resting after she was rescued out of a hot car. someone noticed here at the south napa shopping place and called police. the dog's owner was shopping. a thermometer showed the temperature inside the car was 136 degrees. police beg pet owners to leave pets home when it is this hot. >> i'm glad they got to that dog. >> hot weather complicated a firefight at a san jose
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apartment complex. extra crews had to be called in to help knock down the flames. in the end, four units were destroyed. lilian kim has reaction from the affected residents. >> the fire broke out in one of the outer units of central park apartments. all six of this family were home. >> we heard noise and someone said help, help. so we just opened the window, and when we felt it, someone said fire, fire. >> smoke overwhelmed the building. residents did what they could before fire crews arrived, putting the fire extinguishered scattered throughout the complex to do use. >> we ran through the complex, grabbed the extinguishers and tried to keep them from moving over. >> minutes later, firefighters took over and two units in the second floor were engulfed in flames. they quickly called for more crews and with the blazing heat, called for more. >> when we're wearing our full
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turnout gear, it's warm enough as it is, with it being over 100 degrees, it takes it out of you. we bring a lot of personnel so we can rotate people quickly so we don't get our people wiped out. >> in the end, the three-alarm fire destroyed four units. they plan to stay with friends until they can get back on their feet. >> i'm okay. i'm okay. god knows. so i'm okay. the good thing is everybody is safe. >> a handful of tenants whose apartments were not damaged must also find a place to stay until power is restored building. lilian kim. >> a doctor faces charges so horrific, a group is protesting his bail hearing. >> they want to make sure the man accused of raping children will not get out of jail before his trial. matt keller is live for us in san jose. matt. >> reporter: good morning. that bail hearing is set for 8:15 this morning. and newly released documents show just how disturbing this case really is.
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three people are facing charges in this case. neurosurgeon james kohut and two nurses, they face several charges related to the sexual assault of up to seven victims. our media partner, the santa cruz setinal, reported on some of the new details in the case. prosecutors say the doctor has a sexual compulsion designed to be part of multiple taboo families where the parents raise their children sexually and has solicited victims for decades. they say the three committed four sexual acts with three boys younger than 14, the youngest just three years old and a girl younger than 14. his attorney says there's no evidence linking his client to the crimes. he wants a, quote, reasonable bail set. protesters are expected here this morning. they're here to show support to the alleged victims. matt keller, abc7 news. >> so disturbing. thank you. happening today, the preliminary hearing is set to
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continue for a former oakland police officer charged with soliciting sex from a prostitute and tipping her off about undercover stings. authorities say 27-year-old ryan walterhouse committed the crimes just weeks after several other officers were arrested or disciplined in connection with a wider east bay law enforcement scandal. walterhouse has pleaded not guilty. the fbi was reportedly conducting a sting operation on one of the days prosecutors say he warned the woman. oakland police say his case is not related to the larger scandal involving jasmine abuslin. >> one of the suspects involved in a highway assault is scheduled to appear in court. this is video from march 8th when three rietders on dirt bikes surrounding a lyft driver on 101. the suspects vandalized the vehicle and ran over the driver, breaking his nose and leg, leaving him in serious condition. 33-year-old dwayne johnson and two others face multiple charges now including assault, battery, and vandalism. johnson is scheduled to be in court at 9:00 a.m.
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new this morning, stanford researchers have found a disparity in the police treatment of minority drivers. they created a database that collected 100 million records of traffic search and stop records. researchers found black and hispanic drivers were more likely than white drivers to be cited, searched, and arrested after getting stopped. the research is being made available today for public use. happening today, president trump is scheduled to meet with tech ceos including tim cook and jeff bezos. this is the first meeting of the american technology council, which was created last month. president trump's son-in-law, jared kushner, is the senior adviser. members will discuss how to cut government costs, how to make tech more secure against cyberattacks and immigration. in april, president trump announced a review of the visa program that brings highly skilled foreign workers into the country. i have some good news. take a look at the areas not covered by orange. that would be the bay shoreline
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all the way down to about highway 237 in the south bay, and look along the coast. nothing there. for the rest of us, yeah, going to be exceptionally hot. dangerously hot, if you will, and possibly even hotter in solano county. that's why you're under an excessive heat warning while the rest of us are under heat advisory. this is all the way through 9:00 thursday evening. if you're waking up in san francisco, ocean beach, pretty comfortable there. 56. same thing in glen park, bay view at 55, along with lake merced, and then 60s around castro, mission, financial, and 62 if you're coming through the ferry building. and about 60 also up, it looked like, in the marina. 59 in richmond. very comfortable there. belmont, 67. not quite as good for sleeping there. same thing in palo alto and san jose, 68. look at all those 70s in the east bay valleys. santa cruz, great place yesterday for sunshine. today, more cloud cover. and a little cooler. if you're exercising, too hot for some today.
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just skip a day or two. out and about, it's best if you do it in the morning. staying cool, if you're going to the pool, strong sunshine. so temperatures in the central valley through the 100s. palm springs. thunderstorms possible again in lake tahoe and 85. a cooler trend for some of us today and tomorrow. we'll look at that coming up next. here's sue. >> we'll take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights yet. look at the interesting sky. going to be a beautiful sunrise this morning. just a few cars stacked up in the right-hand cash lanes. otherwise, you're cruising at the limit all the way into san francisco. a couple trouble spots by sfo. this is a car tire blew out. they were brocking the middle lane, northbound 101 right before 380. it looks like they're clearing that one out of lanes, so better news there. and up towards benicia, this is on 680. it's not on the freeway. it's near lake herman road. it's a fire, and the reported party said you could see it pretty clearly from the freeway.
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fire department says they will not have to block a lane of traffic there to get to it, so that's better news. just caution if you're driving northbound on 680 past the benicia bridge. we'll come back and check on this and more in just a few minutes. >> thank you, sue. panic in portugal. the incredible effort under way to save lives in what's being called one of the worst disasters that country has seen in decades. >> the shocking arrest out of humboldt county. a mom caught performing an a mom caught performing an exorcism on her own
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we're back at 5:13. developing 92s in portugal where more re-enforcements will join in on the fight to contain this fire. this fire is burning about 95 miles northeast of lisbon, the capital. the death toll stands at 62 this morning. search crews expect to find more victims. many people trying to escape the flames died while they were trapped in their cars because the wildfire, as you can see, swept right over the road. the disaster being called the worst tragedy portugal has experienced in decades. it has gripped the nation. the president said the country's pain knows no end. >> horrifying images. >> a number of tragic deaths over the weekend are highlighting a hidden danger in summertime. >> these involved electrical currents from boat docks.
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steve osunsami has the details. >> in this morning's gma first look, a devastated new jersey family is planning a funeral this morning for their 11-year-old daughter who was electrocuted in their backyard. >> female electrocuted, unconscious, breathing. >> police say 11-year-old kayla and two of her friends were playing wn a inflatable raft in a backyard lagoon saturday night and swimming near his metal boat lift when they touched it. electristry faum the lift went soaring through the children and into the water. the day before, a similar heartbreaking tragedy, this time in ohio. a 19-year-old was electrocuting after he jumped in the water to save his dad and dog. it's called electric shock drowning. usually caused by a short in the wiring of a charging line or a power source at a dock, marina, or boat. and coming up at 7:00 a.m., how pools can be just as dangerous, with your gma first look, steve osunsami. >> a hum hold county mother is
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facing charges of beating her 11-year-old daughter in an attempt to perform an exorcism. kimberly felter shoved sand into the child's mouth at a secluded beach on friday before a witness tried to stop the attack. the witness said she told him she was trying to remove demons from her daughter. the child was taken to the hospital with several injuries and she will be placed in protective custody. >> bill o'reilly is promising to make headlines again. he was dismissed after "the new york times" reported he and the network paid millions to settle sexual harassment lawsuits against him. o'reilly said new stories will soon uncover what he's calling a conspiracy behind his firing. he said they have to do with far left progressive organizations bent on destroying anyone with whom they disagree. >> developing news out of georgia where the most expensive congressional race in history is coming down to the wire. the poll shows the candidate in a dead heat. the race pits jon ossoff against former georgia secretary of state karen handel.
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the district is historically reliably republican, and this race is now seen as a referendum on president trump. both parties have spent a total of nearly $50 million. the republicans have even brought the city by the bay into the conversation. >> i saw a stat the other day that something like three times the number of donors for jon ossoff came out of san francisco. you know where most of my donors are from, y'all? you. >> both ossoff and handel have denounced an ad from a gop pac that says democrats are applauding the shooting of republican congressman steve scalise before a baseball game last week. >> tech's biggest firms are gearing up for a major fight in a couple weeks. it's called battle for the net. companies like netflix, amazon, reddit, are fighting to net neutrality. companies are planning to conduct a massive online
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demonstration on july 12th. amazon ceo jeff bezos is giving bill gates a run for his money. bezos is just $5 billion short of being the world's richest person, a title currently held by gates. he has a net worth of $89.3 billion. bezos has a good shot in reaching that goal as he continues to show interest in expanding his business. gates, on the other hand, seems to be doing the opposite. he vowed to give away at least half of his money during his lifetime in the giving pledge. >> the intense heat in phoenix is causing an extraordinary offer to customers to american airlines. they're offering people to change their flights to or from phoenix with little or no fee. those with flights scheduled through wednesday can change for free. it was 122 degrees in phoenix yesterday. in the past, planes have been grounded in phoenix because pilots were uncertain the aircraft would perform well in heat like that. >> when they're giving you change fees because of the
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temperature, that's major. even in phoenix. hi, mike. >> yeah, when the air gets that thin, it's very hard to get the lift needed for the planes to take off and land. so yeah, that's crazy. all right, let's take a look at what's going to happen. thought we would throw that out there. most of you know this, but it's a good reminder, take freak wpt breaks in the shade as we head back to work. stay hydrated with water before you get thissy. wear the light colored clothing and make sure it's loose fitting so your body can breathe and check on the seniors and pets. especially inland in the next several days. let's take a look at what's going on. changes taking place. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. notice winds out of the west-northwest at 17 miles per hour. you can see the flag pointing to the east. the muiran layer is developing now, but it's so chalet it's just going to get the coast today and the bay shoreline tomorrow. still going to be very hot inland. in fact, the heat will return to everybody wednesday. peaking with more record highs possible thursday. and even a fire danger wednesday
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night into thursday is possible. up in our hills, as the winds may be breezy enough. here's a look at live doppler 7. the showers from last night, you weren't imagining things if you were in piedmont, oakland, richmond, berkeley, san rafael. we had a thunderstorm roll through. it's gone. behind it, 92 to about 96 in the south bay today. now, as you head up the peninsula, i have 85 in millbrae to about 92 in redwood city. how about these temperatures along the coast? notice the cloud cover coming back. so i hope you got out and enjoyed the sunshine near the coast over the weekend. temperatures in the upper 60s there. 78 in downtown san francisco. as you head to the north bay, 91 in petaluma to 95 in santa rosa. triple digits in ukiah, cloverdale. on the east shore, you can see the cooler. 81 in berkeley. only 84 in oakland to 92 in castro valley. as we head inland, 101 in san ramon to about 105 in brentwood. more good news tonight.
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temperatures in the 50s and 60s. my seven-day forecast, you can see a brief let-up in the heat for the bay and coast, and excessively dangerous heat on thursday and back to more normal levels for friday. >> here we go to the east shore freeway. streaming headlights, golden gate field on to the macarthur maze. you're looking at no metering lights at the bay bridge, but about a 15-minute drive from golden gate fields in toward san francisco via the bay bridge. here we go with a couple problem spots. we'll check back on the peninsula where we had an earlier accident blocking the middle lane with a tire blown out. northbound 101 near 380. i think they're clearing that off because our sensors are green there. and we do have this fire off the roadway, but you can see northbound 680 starting to slow now near lake herman. fire says they don't have to block a lane of traffic to fight this fire, but it is visible from the freeway, so possibly
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seeing slow traffic through the benicia area, and a new accident northbound 101 partially blocking the middle lane of traffic. we'll check on this in just a few minutes. >> thanks, sue. next, the seven things you need to know as you get your day started. >> and two bay area schools are among the world's best. the new list just released. >> and i know what you're thinking. this will not end well. the unexpected reaction from the man recording this up close and personal footage. personal footage. >> helping you make this
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tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or bavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain, i can be more active. ask your doctor about lyrica. hi, jessica. >> hi, yeah, if you're just joining us, here are the things you need to know before you go. number one is breaking news. look at these images. a fire burning in benicia right now. you can see it from 680 near lake herman road. it looks like it's a landscaping or perhaps a recycling company located there. the fire department calling it a two-alarm fire.
5:24 am
i'm gathering information and will have much more coming up. >> number two, pg&e crews busy restoring power to 5500 customers this morning. over 4900 of those are in the south and east bay. those numbers are down from the 42,000 at the peak of the outages yesterday. and number three, the big story still the heat. especially in our inland neighborhoods. notice the areas in orange, where we're going to have the excessively dangerous heat. notice the difference around the bay shore and the coast. the areas least likely to have air conditioning will be cooler today. >> we'll take a look at some of the problems jess was telling us about the fire near benicia. here's an accident on the peninsula, northbound 101 just near 380, had a tire blown out in the roads there. and this is the slow traffic we're seeing on 680 near lake herman road due to the fire. we'll have more on that from abc's amy hollyfield in a bit. >> people are expected to protest outside today's bail
5:25 am
hearing for a santa cruz surgeon charged with raping children. two women also facing charges. the doctor's attorney says there's no evidence linking his client to the crimes. >> police in london are saying a van attack at a mosque is being considered an act of terrorism. one man was killed and ten people were hurt when a van plowed into a crowd of worshiper. witness say the suspect, a 48-year-old white man, said he wanted to kill all muslims before he was arrested. >> a colorado group is pushing to ban the sale of cell phones to kids under 13. stores would be required to get the age of the person who would use the phone and could be fined up to $20,000 if they violate that law. the group hopes to put it on the ballot for 2018. >> a lot of people are probably still feeling the beat from a yearly tradition in berkeley. we were along adeline street for the juneteenth festival yesterday. it celebrates many aspects of african-american culture. one event organizer shared his idea of what people should take
5:26 am
away from the event. >> we have so much understanding. it's time to let's get some understanding as a neighbor, as a friend, get to know each other. >> historically, the marks word of the emancipation proclamation reaching texas two years after president lincoln signed the order. >> wonder woman giving a big boost to the early summer box office. it was lagging 9% behind last summer's numbers until the super heroine hit the screens. wonder woman did not take the top spot this weekend. that went to cars 3. it earned $53 million. wonder woman came in second with $40 million, which is pretty impressive given it's been out for weeks now. tupac biopic, all eyex on me debuted third. the mummy came in fourth, and shark thriller 37 meters down, i haven't heard of that, that came in fifth somehow. >> yes, alex, i'll take things
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you would never see me do for $1,000, like wait for a large bear to meander to my car and open my door wider. >> i don't mess with bears. this is exactly what a sheriff's deputy did in marion county, florida, yesterday. of course it's florida. the deputy said the bear was curio curious, so he recorded the encounter and named the bear buddy. >> this could have gone so differently. >> please don't ever do this. >> it all ended okay. >> i can say that about any story relating to florida, basically. >> coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including the latest bay area city about to equip their officers with body cams. >> and the special tribute to three u.p.s. workers killed in a three u.p.s. workers killed in a shooting rampage in
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turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. we start this half hour with breaking news. we're watching in benicia a huge
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fire burning right now. and this is on goodyear road, just east of 680. sue has been talking about this one. according to google, there's a company there called ccl organics, and it deals with landscaping. solano county fire department tweeting out this is a two-alarm fire burning with bark and heavy wood piles. we have a crew on the way. we're working on getting more information for you on this breaking story. but now let's go ahead and turn to mike with more on the weather conditions out there that firefighters are dealing with. >> yeah, they're a little faster, the winds are there, than in most areas. most of us are less than double digits. we have 21 in fairfield. the wind is accelerating through benicia. i'm seeing reports of anywhere from 14 to about 20 miles per hour. the winds are coming out of the northwest and blowing to the southeast. any embers, any smoke, will be blowing from northwest to southeast across benicia and into solano county.
5:31 am
here's a look from our camera there, you can see a few leftover clouds from the rain we had, a thunderstorm last night. i'll show you that and our 12-hour day planner forecast next. sue. >> let's check in on the bay bridge toll plaza as we just had the metering lights turned on about ten minutes ago at 5club 20. sky is gorgeous. going to have a lovely sunset, but you are waiting in traffic to get through the bay bridge toll plaza. we have this accident near sfo, northbound 101 near 380. they had a couple lanes there. a gentleman blew a tire out and was out of the vehicle. a heads-up there, and this benicia fire near lake herman is causing slow traffic. you can see it's on the east side of the freeway, so traffic is stacking up now in the southbound direction. the fire is on the north side of it, so it's definitely slow traffic and some smoke in the area. i'll get back with jess with more on that, and amy hollyfield is headed there as well for more on the fire in a few minutes. >> thank you. the severe heat is looked at
5:32 am
as a possible cause for buckling freeway lanes in west sacramento. caltrans crews worked through the night to try to patch and repair four lanes. the chp got severalcallies late yesterday when drivers started noticing the big problem. all lanes are back open. >> the heat is also sending extra snow melt into the rivers causing them to overflow. 300 people in tulary county had to evacuate an rv campground along the king's river because it was flooding over the weekend. firefighters say a lake at the campground rose 25 feet in 12 hours. crews dumped sand to create a barrier between the fast rising water and a nearby restaurant and apartment complex. >> also developing news in london where another terror attack is under investigation. at least one person is dead and ten are hurt after a van rammed intaa crowd of people, leaving a mosque overnight. the 48-year-old suspect reportedly shoulted he wanted to kill muslims. witnesses held him until he could be arrested. britain's prime minister said
5:33 am
the attack is, quote, every bit as sickening as deadly islamic terrorist attacks. >> religious leaders will lead a prayer service in san francisco for victims of the u.p.s. shooting rampage. three drivers lost their lives when a coworker opened fire during a company meeting wednesday morning. many people have left tributes for the three men. the gunman also died after he shot himself. today's service starts at noon. it will be right outside the u.p.s. building on san bruno avenue near 17th street. the group organizing this conducts prayer services for all murder victims in the city. >> the first police to arrive to the u.p.s. shooting yesterday almost didn't make it. when they got the call, their crown victoria patrol car wouldn't start. the police officers association says they had to commandeer a civilian vehicle and take the driver with them. the officers eventually found another patrol car and drove that to the shooting scene. most of the san francisco police fleet is outdated. as vic lee reported last month, the department last requested 142 new cars but they only got
5:34 am
48. berkeley city council is set to hold a special meeting tomorrow to determine if the city's police force should continue participating in urban shield. that's the annual training program seen here that brings together police forces from the bay area and beyond. according to the daily californiaen, several city council members think berkeley police will become more militarized if they participate and others want it spent on mental health training for officers. >> happening today, the san mateo city council expected to vote on a contract to equip police with body cameras. a grand jury recommended police departments that don't have cameras implement them by this fall. the san mateo city council tested body cameras and chose axon. that rollout expected to cost $674,000 over five years. late last year, san mateo police said the department could begin fully using the cameras by september. >> a coast guard cutter will sail home to alameda after seizing millions of dollars of illegal drugs headed to u.s.
5:35 am
streets. you're looking at a photo provided by the coast guard. that's some 17,000 pounds of cocaine seized in the pacific. officials say the street value, about $266 million. >> a fewer wednesday tweeted us video of a transformer exploding and a fire that caused it by the intense heat, we think. david told us he was perhaps 80 feet away from the transformer and still felt the heat from the fire. sparks came down on the tops of cars and lit a fence and dry grass on fire. the fire department made quick work on the flames. power was out for a couple miles on old redwood highway for a time. >> check this out. that's rain. yeah, we had a thunderstorm last night. all across the east bay hills, you can see here, caldeco caldecott. and this rain, measurable wetness in piedmont, and also in
5:36 am
richmond, and in san rafael. let's take a look at what happened last night. there you go, 11:35, some showers starting to come at us from the southeast, as some of the moisture that was over the sierra made the beautiful clouds in the evening hours. they pulled some of that towards us. there you can see, saw a lightning strike right around castro valley, and the showers moved to the north bay and kind of fell apart by 4:00 this morning. here's what's left over, just a few clouds. mostly sunny. sfo not expecting any delays. we're weighing up to mainly sunshine by 7:00. temperatures a little cooler this morning, 54 at the coast to low 70s in the inland neighborhoods. we stay cooler at the coast. the big change today. even the bay is not as hot with temperatures in the mid 80s. inland, 93 to 98. sure, we'll see a lot of 100s, especially in the east bay valleys and 7:00, 76 around the bay, and 58 at the coast. here's what i'm talking about. look at this. everybody except for livermore and san jose, up to 7 degrees
5:37 am
cooler this morning. in fact, we're in the 58 degree range in richmond, 59 in berkeley, to 67 in hayward. i'll take a close look elsewhere. 54 in pacifica to about 78 in antioch. here's a look at walnut creek mass transit. cleaner air. no spare the air on the water. if you're on the roads, remember, a lot of hot spots today. quick look at today's temperatures. i'll give you the microclimate version coming up next. here's sue. >> the metering lights were on at 5:20 this morning, and now we have word of a stall on the upper deck left lane near t.i., so a heads up there if you're at delays coming into san francisco now on the bay bridge. elsewhere, we'll take a look at some of the road sensors that are showing a slow traffic due to the fire in benicia. the fire is to the east of the freeway on goodyear road, but the traffic is very slow, as you can see southbound on 680 through the smoke and through that area. to the peninsula, north 101 past the embarcadero, looks like two,
5:38 am
possibly one or two lanes blocked northbound. past embarcadero. we'll get confirmation on that, but traffic is backing up towards san antonio. more in a few minutes. >> two investigations under way this morning into a ship collision that left seven american navy sailors dead. the sudden u-turn authorities are focusing on. muni now ready to roll out new buses to replace hundreds of older ones. the routes they're specifically intended for. > keeping a close eye on > keeping a close eye on weather and trasks,
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police in modesto are investigating a triple homicide involving children. officers found a woman and two young boys ages 4 and 9 dead inside a home in the northern part of the city around 7:30 saturday night. this photo from the crime scene is from modesto police. they also found a man outside the house who had cut himself on his leg and police say that he was in an altered state. that man is in the hospital. investigators say he and the three victims all lived in the home together. they have not revealed their relationship or how the victims were killed. each day, at least 19 children in the u.s. are injured or killed by gunfire. this is according to a new report by the centers for disease control and prevention. it says boys, teenagers, and african-americans are the most at risk. researchers say fire arm related homicides of children significantly increased between
5:42 am
2002 and 2007 and then significantly declined from 2007 to 2014. the cdc believes it's because of strategies to help communities build programs, policies, and practices around violence prevention. >> the navy is going to launch a double investigation into a deadly collision that killed seven american sailors including two from california. a japanese container ship made a u-turn near tokyo bay just 25 minutes before the collision. the ship's bulbous bow struck the uss fitzgerald below the water line, flooding compartments where many crew members were sleeping. the loss of life actually could have been much worse. >> it's a large gash near the keel of the ship. so the water flow was tremendous. so there wasn't a lot of time in those spaces that were open to the sea. >> the admiral said the ship had been in danger of sinking but was saved by the crew. >> we have new details in the
5:43 am
deadly high-rise fire in london. this morning, officials said 79 people have died or are missing after last wednesday's fire. only five have been formally identified. you're looking at new video from inside grenfield tower. british officials say they're investigating whether insulating panels played a role in the fire. those panels are banned on large buildings in the uk and the u.s. >> happening today, the judge in the sexual assault trial of bill cosby could decide whether to reveal the names of the jurors. a mistrial was declared on saturday morning after 52 hours of deliberation. the jurors remain shielded under a protective order. the judge is expected to respond to requests by news outlets to reveal their names. cosby remains free on $1 million bail. prosecutors say they will definitely retry the man once known as america's dad. if you have air conditioning, then give me your name and number. >> we'll be there. >> and i'll let you partake in my electric bill also. >> okay. >> yeah, not going to be quite as low as it was last month, but that's fine.
5:44 am
here's a look at what's going on. hi, everybody. you can come over any time and enjoy my air conditioning. i just want to show this, not to take sue's thunder because the traffic looks horrendous, but look above it. if you're just sitting there at the bay bridge toll plaza, maybe you have a sun roof, look up, and sue wow, a pretty sky this morning. let's talk about something maybe not so pretty, dangerous heat inland through at least saturday. we have relief elsewhere today and tomorrow, and the heat is going to peak again with more records thursday. could be a repeat of what we dealt with yesterday. here's what i'm talking about as far as the heat. you can see everywhere in orange, that's where we have the heat advisory, and it continues through thursday, 9:00. but notice who's not in the heat, the bay shoreline. and the coast. the reason why, let me show you live doppler 7 with the cloud layer, and look who's coming back. affectionately known as carl the frog, our marine layer is coming up, and that's why it will be a little less taxing around the bay and the coast today. you can see the temperature
5:45 am
spread, not bad, 68, san francisco, a little uncomfortable there, but 1 sbrr 3 in antioch. let's show you tomorrow. getting a little cooler. so i'll show you the seven-day forecast in a second. notice the temperatures today, 92 in milpitas to 97 in morgan hill. up the coast, i should say the peninsula, going to start in the low 90s like redwood city at 92. millbr millbrae, 85. south san francisco, upper 70s to near 80 there. look at this, the clouds at the coast will keep you in the upper 60s. we'll flirt with 78 in downtown to 80 in south san francisco. 80 in sausalito to 65 in bodega bay. 30 degrees warmer, napa, 94. triple digits once again in cloverdale, ukiah, and lakeport. 84 in oakland. oakland was, what, 97 yesterday? that's quite a drop. still going to be toasty, though, i'm sorry if you don't have air conditioning. 95 in fremont, and check out the temperature, 100 in pleasanton.
5:46 am
105 in brentwood. cooler tonight. so away from the inland neighborhoods, some relief tuesday and wednesday. look at that scorching record setting heat thursday and that will start to taper. >> let's go to another beautiful shot. this of the golden gate bridge. almost looks like a painting. beautiful pink hues of the skies and the sunrise this morning. traffic is looking great here, too, unlike the bay bridge where they had the metering lights on at 5:20. a light drive into san francisco. a couple problem spots you need to be aware of. this is a fire in benicia, off to the east side of the -- pardon me, the west side of the freeway. southbound, you can see a solid line of red due to this fire on a surface street called goodyear road. and traffic control is in effect, not on the freeway but on the surface street there. nonetheless, slow traffic and smoke in the way there. northbound 101 past the
5:47 am
embarcadero, we had an accident, a couple lanes blocked. you'll seeing slow traffic back to san antonio. more on this and another accident near sfo coming up. >> thank you. >> if you commute on some of muni's hilliest and busiest bus lines, you may soon have a new ride. san francisco supervisors have signed off on the purchase of 185 new buses to replace older trolley coaches. muni's new buses will resemble those longer articulated buses that recently hit the streets. they're very similar to new trolley buses carrying riders in seattle. muni says the new buses work better on hills, need less maintenance and last longer than the current fleet. >> the daly city police are investigating a suspicious death as a homicide. sky 7 flew over the scene yesterday morning on campus drive. that's where someone found a man's body in a wooded area near a commercial building. the san mateo county coroner's office is working to identify the person and figure out how they died. >> paramount pictures reportedly getting ready to shoot a feature film in marin county.
5:48 am
according to the marin ij, the company is building a set in peacock gap, the neighborhood i grew up. a california film commission believes the project is likely an action film, possibly a sequel to an earlier project. paramount television, by the way, currently shooting the second season of the netflix season "13 reasons why" in marin and other parts of the bay area. >> for the seventh straight year, uc berkeley has been recognized as one of the top universities in the world. the uk-based world reputation rankings released its annual list this morning. berkeley took the sixth overall spot. the university has been ranked sixth or higher every year since the rankings began in 2011. it's also the only school in the top ten with more women enrolled than men. stanford also made the list. they're at number three. just behind harvard and m.i.t. the university of cambridge and the university of oxford also tied for number four. schools are ranked on teaching, research, and overall scores. >> a health alert for parents.
5:49 am
new research relating to fitness and brain power. >> and fiver to 1 sounds like bad odds, right? wrong. the way a homeowner protected his place from a group of would-be villains. >> this is crazy. >> this is crazy. as we head to break, we'll
5:50 am
what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup.
5:51 am
green mountain coffee. welcome back. and breaking news. russia's defense ministry says it's going to start treating u.s.-led coalition planes in syria as targets. it comes after the u.s. shot down a syrian government aircraft that was bombing u.s. partner forces. the russian defense ministry says it will now track all jets
5:52 am
and drones flown by the u.s.-led coalition. in fact, earlier this morning, the russians criticized the u.s., asking americans to, quote, respect syria's sovereignty. meanwhile, syria says they were targeting isis when their plane got hit. this is the first time the u.s. has shot down a syrian plane. >> thank you. take a look at your screen. this is unbelievable. home security camera video, this man fighting off a group of armed robbers in his home in florida. the man, the homeowner grabbed a machete and begins fearlessly chasing down the five masked men around his property. he disarmed one of the robbers who pointed a shotgun at him. the homeowner held the man at machete point until police got there. officers then captured the other four suspected robbers after the man came running at them with a giant knife. >> spacex is expected to launch two rockets this week. they postponed a launch set for today because of a valve issue. that launch is now set for friday. it will sent bulgaria's first
5:53 am
geocommunications satellite into space. spacex will use a reused rocket for only the second time. the second launch will happen next sunday, and that will carry small satellites that will help with aircraft surveillance and tracking. >> it's official, the beehive has grown. beyonce's father tweeted a message to his newest grandkids. some beyonce fans are not happy that the news was broken through him. they wanted beyonce, known for epic posts like her pregnancy announcement you see there, to make the big reveal about her twins. so far, she has said nothing. us weekly reports that beyonce gave birth to a boy and girl, and she actually did it last monday. we're waiting, bee. >> and you will continue to wait as long as she wants you to. exactly. because that's -- >> i'm patient. >> nice. hi, everybody. here's a look from mt. tamalpais. you can see a few clouds. a little haze. we did have a thunderstorm roll through last night.
5:54 am
it left .01 inch of rain. .01 in the berkeley hills, piedmont, richmond, and san rafael. you weren't dreaming if you heard thunder. it develops over castro valley and fell apart as it hit san rafael. look at hourly temperatures today. already at 81 at 10:00. 87 at noon. look at 2:00 and 4:00, in the 90s, and still about 86 at 6:00. only to be outdone, look at antioch, 102 today, 101 tomorrow, 105 wednesday, 107 thursday. just the mid 90s by saturday. by sunday, about 87 degrees. all right, was that an impressive sweep or what? now houston is coming in. how about sweeping the first place team? 7:05 first pitch in the coliseum. 76 under sunshine, dropping down to 69 by 10:00. >> let's take a live look outside. hazy morning for you, san mateo bridge commuters, but traffic is moving nicely across the causeway up to the high rise and over towards foster city.
5:55 am
it's about an 18-minute drive from 880 over towards 101. let's check on some problem spots. we are starting to see some backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have metering lights at about 5:20 this morning. northbound 101, two lanes were blocked near 380 near sfo, we had a car that blew a tire out. that's cleared to the side of the roadway, so traffic is looking better there. not so good through benicia because we have a grass fire off to the side of the freeway that is very visible. slow traffic, 680 all the way now from 80. expect delays there. >> sue, thank you. a surly swine surprised some police in massachusetts. you have to see this. take a look. >> hey, there, buddy. how are we doing? yeah? >> i don't know if i would get this close. it's hard to tell, but that pig is enormous. a loose pig. he figured this was going to be about one of those potbelly pigs some people have as pets. instead, he encountered this
5:56 am
monster of a pig. 1,000 pounds. >> i noticed out of the corner of my eye, i saw this giant shadowy figure. i turned and look and that's when i saw this huge pig. i was not getting out of the cruiser, no. >> that seems smart. police were able to track down this man, apparently the pig's owner, who says he'll add measures to try to keep the animal from escaping again. >> i don't know. >> why does he have that pig? the pig is on a chain? what is that? i have so many questions, and we don't time to get into this. >> new at 6:00, youtube takes a tougher stance against terrorism. the changes made to video on the site. >> breaking news in the east bay. live pictures from sky 7. this quick moving fire causing trouble for the commute. you can see how close it is to the highway. we're live with new details on the effort to put out the flames. >> a live look at 5:56 in the morning, keeping on top of weather and traffic where you live. we'll be right back.
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right now, at the live desk, a fast moving fire burning in the east bay. we have been tracking this for over an hour now. amy hollyfield just arrived at the scene. looks like you have a pretty good vantage point from where you are. >> reporter: yeah, jessica. look behind me. this thing is still roaring. we are in benicia where it looks like the ccl organics company,
6:00 am
not the building itself, but around the company, is on fire. this is a company that takes in grass clippings and wood chips and turns them into mulch, and looks like piles of mulch are on fire. it's very windy out here this morning. the wind not helping the firefight at all as it blows the flames and fans the flames and sends the smoke off into the distance. we are on goodyear road or that's where the fire is burning right next to interstate 680. this is exactly what firefighters had been afraid of happening with this heat wave that we're currently experiencing. the heat and then also the wind here causing problems for firefighters. right now, they are so busy with their firefight they have not been able to update us so we're only able to tell you what we can see and what it looks like right now is they aren't making a lot of progress because the flames are still very much alive. reporting live in


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