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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 19, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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like the ccl organics company, not the building itself, but around the company, is on fire. this is a company that takes in grass clippings and wood chips and turns them into mulch, and looks like piles of mulch are on fire. it's very windy out here this morning. the wind not helping the firefight at all as it blows the flames and fans the flames and sends the smoke off into the distance. we are on goodyear road or that's where the fire is burning right next to interstate 680. this is exactly what firefighters had been afraid of happening with this heat wave that we're currently experiencing. the heat and then also the wind here causing problems for firefighters. right now, they are so busy with their firefight they have not been able to update us so we're only able to tell you what we can see and what it looks like right now is they aren't making a lot of progress because the flames are still very much alive. reporting live in benicia, amy
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hollyfield. >> thank you. >> of course, we'll talk about the weather in a second and how this could impact the flames. it's another hot day, especially in that area. first, we're going to talk to mike first. let's talk to you about the weather. >> then we'll get to sue and talk about the impact on traffic. normally, we want the wind because that's what's bringing in the cooler weather and breaking the heat wave, but you can see -- >> not in this case. >> exactly, and that wind was impressive. you see how fast the smoke was pluving. moving from the southwest to northeast at 16 to 20 miles per hour and actually accelerates over the water to about 25 miles per hour. so the smoke is going to move right through the delta communities. the highway 4 corridor. you may smell it, but i don't think it's going to cause a reduction in visibility other than possibly right near it. you can see the winds are pretty light, 29 at fairfield, that's what i was talking about, the faster winds as you head east. they're going to stay that way for the next several hours in benicia. the fire is not going to be
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helped at all. it's going to be hindered by the winds. 60s at the coast today. 80s around the bay. 90s to 100 inland. not record-setting heat. at least as it was yesterday. sue. >> we have a traffic affected by the fire as well on 680. smoke is very visible from the freeway, so southbound is very slow. in fact, let's take a look at the slow all the way back noun to cordelia junction. you're looking at a solid delay from 80 all the way to the scene, and the smoke visibility as you saw with the winds, not good for drivers. northbound 101 past the embarcadero, that's starting to stack up even beyond san antonio now. we have two lanes of traffic blocked there. more on this in a few minutes. >> thank you. pg&e crews have been working all night to get power back on to thousands of customers forced to sweat it out in the heat. >> we just got updated numbers from pg&e. they said there are still 1,800 customers without power right now. that's down from the more than 42,000 people who lost their
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power yesterday. several livermore businesses shut their doors on a day they were expecting to be very busy, of course, father's day. one peet's coffee location asked customers to go home and sent employees home as well. set your reminder not to leave your pets in the car. napa police posted this photo after a dog had to be rescued. someone noticed her at a shopping center and called police. the dog's owner was shopping. where when they used a thermometer to look inside, temperatures were 136 degrees inside the car. the dog is now under the care of a vet. police beg you to leave your pets at home when it's this hot. >> hot weather complicated a firefight at a san jose apartment complex. the fire broke out in one of the outer units of one of the apartments yesterday. residents tried to knock down the flames with fire extinguishers until firefighters got there. two sets of re-enforcements had to be called in as they battled the fire and extreme heat. >> when we're wearing our full turn-out gear, bottles, it's
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baurm enough as it is with it being over 100 degrees, it really takes it out of you. >> four units were destroyed in the fire. tenets were left without power. in total, six people were displaced from their homes. >> santa cruz doctor is facing charges so horrific a group is going to be protesting his bail hearing this morning. >> unbelievably disturbing. they want to make sure the man accused of raping children will not get out of jail before his trial. matt keller is live in san jose. matt. >> reporter: good morning. those demonstrators are expecting to be out here this morning in front of the santa cruz county courthouse to show their support for the alleged victims in this case. as new documents were recently released showing some disturbing details in this case. three people are charged. neurosurgeon james kohut, and two nurses, they face several charges related to the sexual assault of up to seven victims.
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our media partner reported on some of the new details in the case. prosecutors say the doctor has a sexual compulsion desiring to be part of multiple taboo families where the parents raise their children sexually and has sol solicited victims for decades. his attorney says there is no evidence linking his client to the crimes. he wants a, quote, reasonable bail set. that bail hearing is set for 8:15 this morning. reporting live in santa cruz, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> happening today, the preliminary hearing set to continue for a former oakland police officer charged with soliciting sex from a prostitute and tipping her off about undercover stings. authorities say 27-year-old ryan walterhouse committed the crimes just weeks after several other officers were arrested or disciplined in connection with a wider east bay law enforcement scandal. walterhouse has pleaded not guilty. the fbi was reportedly conducting a sting operation on one of the dates prosecutors say he warned the woman. oakland police say walterhouse's
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case is not related to that larger scandal i just referenced involving a woman named jasmine abuslin. >> one of the suspects involved in a highway assault is scheduled to appear in court. you may remember this video from march 8th. three riders on dirt bikes surrounding a lyft driver on 101. the suspects vandalized the car and ran over the driver, breaking his nose and leg. leaving him in serious condition. 33-year-old dwayne johnson and two others now face multiple charges including assault, battery, and vandalism. johnson is scheduled to be in court at 9:00 a.m. new this morning, stanford researchers have found a disparity in police treatment of minority motorists. the university created a database. it collected more than 100 million records of traffic stop and search data from 31 states and found that black and hispanic drivers were more likely than white drivers to be cited, searched, and arrested after getting stopped. the research is being made available today. well, happening today, president trump is scheduled to meet with tech ceos, including
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apple's tim cook and amazon's jeff bezos. this is the first meeting of the council created last month. the council is helmed by jared kushner. members will discuss how to cut government costs, how to make tech more secure against cyberattacks and immigration. in april, president trump announced a review of the visa program that brings highly skilled forge workers into the country. >> next, how this week's heat could impact your travel plans. >> jeff bezos, we were just speaking about him, he's about to reach a major milestone in his personal life. the cital he could soon take away from bill gates. >> we're taking another live >> we're taking another live look from
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welcome back. we continue tracking breaking news in benicia from our live desk as well as sky 7. a live look at the firefight happening right now on goodyear road. right near 680. the fire can be seen from the highway. we have been tracking this for more than an hour. you can see firefighters actively putting water on what appears to be some sort of dirt pile, some mulch. this is at a company called ccl organics, known for landscaping
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supplies, basically organic material into mulch. that's tinder that firefighters are dealing with right now. and we continue to track this. let's check in with mike about the weather conditions that they're dealing with out there right now. >> yeah, they have a northwest wind, so blowing from northwest to southeast at about 14 to 20 miles per hour. and that puts the smoke and the smell right in the heart of port chicago, bay point, pittsburg, possibly even clayton, concord, and martinez, those areas could see it. so right now, the air quality is fine. we'll keep an eye on the fact if it gets unhealthy we'll let you know. temperatures in the upper 60s in the south bay until you get to san jose and alum rock. 70s there to 77 up in the hill and los gatos, 59 in san francisco, one of the cool spots. lafayette at 76. santa cruz, a good place to be today. much cooler there. exercising, your activity planner, too hot for some. don't do it or do it this morning. that's the best time to be out and about. and staying cool, we have strong
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sunshine. if you're going to be in the central valley down to palm springs, 105 to 120. thunderstorms in the sierra. more on our heat next. here's sue. >> we'll take a look at the traffic effect due to this fire in benicia. it is very visible from the freeway. you can see slow traffic southbound on 680 due to this smoke wafting and also the fire, the looky loos. speeds of about 25 and less than 30 miles per hour. you're stacked up all the way to 80 on southbound 680 for a good solid 30-minute delay getting down towards benicia. and we have this problem still out there, two lanes northbound 101 past the embarcadero. traffic now packs san antonio road and a new accident 30 minutes from antioch to concord. >> a health alert for parents. new research linking exercise to your children's grades. >> and also the incredible effort under way to save lives
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welcome back. firefighters are battling this fire in earnest in benicia. this is on goodyear road near lake herman road. it's impacting traffic on i-680. we got that update from sue.
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our reporter is tweeting from the ground. we'll get a live update tromher in about 15 minutes. >> i have another fire to tell you about, this time in portugal where more re-enforcements will join in to try to contain a huge wildfire. look at how close it's getting to the roads. they're going to have more firefighters, water dumping planes and army units sent in to help. this is burning about 95 miles northeast of lisbon, the capital. the death toll stands at 62 this morning. search crews expect to find more victims. many people trying to escape the flames died because they were trapped in their cars. the wildfire swept over highways. the disaster being called the worst tragedy portugal has experienced in decades. the president said the country's pain knows no end. 6:16 now. bill o'reilly now promising to make headlines once again. the former fox news host was dismissed after "the new york times" reported he and the network paid millions to settle sexual harassment lawsuits against him. he said news stories will soon
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uncover what he is calling a conspiracy behind his firing. he said they have to do with the far left organizations bent on destroying anyone with whom they disagree. >> the most expensive congressional race in history is coming down to the wire. the candidates are in a statistical dead heat. the race pits democratic upstart jon ossoff against georgia former secretary of state karen handel. the district is historically reliably republican. the race is seen as a referendum on president trump now. both parties have spent a total of nearly $50 million. republicans have even brought the city boy the bay into the conversation. >> i saw a stat the other day that something like three times the number of donors for jon ossoff came out of san francisco. you know where most of my donors are from, y'all? you. >> both ossoff and handel have denounced an ad from a gop pac that said democrats are applauding the shooting of
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republican congressman steve scalise before a baseball game last week. getting kids to exercise may do more than keep their bodies healthy. it may help boost their grades. researchers at northeaster university tracked hundreds of 8 to 10-year-olds. half of them played active games five days a week for just over an hour. the other half continued with their normal lives. the study showed the exercising children lost dangerous belly fat and performed better on cognitive tests. today on "good morning america" the doctor says it all starts at home. >> everyone has to find what works for them, but the first thing, we have to lead by example. it's no longer sufficient to tell our kids you have to do this but we're going to do something else. >> the doctor also suggests family contests, joining a sports league, or going to a fitness class. you can see more on gma. >> the intense heat in phoenix causing a pretty extraordinary office from american airlines.
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if you have a flight next week, you can change your flight for little or no fee. it was 122 degrees in phoenix yesterday. and in the past, planes have been grounded in phoenix because pilots are concerned about the planes performing in the heat. >> hopefully that won't happen here, although our temperatures felt that high. >> i was eating dinner with my parents and each one of us had fans aimed otour faces. misery. >> i feel for those who don't have air conditioning. today, not quite as hot in some areas. >> okay. >> but what happened yesterday could happen again thursday. and that's why we've got this heat advisory out for all those areas in orange. that's away from the bay shore and the coast. that's through 9:00 thursday. now, it could be even wurz up where the fire is now. buleisha, solano county. that means the heat will be more excessive in that area. we need to be careful everywhere, but especially there. here's the way it looks from the
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explor atorium this morning. looks calm. a few clouds left over from the lone thunderstorm we had last night. we'll talk more about that in about 20 minutes or so. marine layer coming today and tomorrow. that's why we have a little cooling. more records likely as the heat will peak again thursday and possible fire danger wednesday night into thursday if those winds develop offshore winds, which could bring the warmth even to the coast. thursday even warmer than yesterday. here's a look at what's going on as far as our temperatures. we'll start in the south bay. 92 to 96. now, you get down to morgan hill, gilroy, 97, 98. san jose's 96, pretty hot. especially compared to santa cruz at 76. a little more comfort there. all right, on the peninsula today, about 85 in millbrae to redwood city at 92. notice the coast, more cloud cover. not as warm as yesterday. temperatures in the upper 60s to upper 70s to near 80 in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. 65 at bodega bay. napa, 94.
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100 in cloverdale and ukiah. we'll be possibly 13 degrees cooler today in oakland, 84, compared to a record high 97 yesterday. 90s, san leandro southward and east to castro valley. there are your 100s through the inland east bay neighborhoods. places like antioch, you'll be in the 70s. the rest of us in the 50s and 60s tonight. you can see a little break tuesday and wednesday. wow, is it going to be hot thursday. by sunday, pretty nice. sue. >> all right, we're checking back in with a couple problem spots. first, this fire in benicia. it's off 680 on surface streets, but it is definitely affecting traffic on southbound 680. they're telling us goodyear at mauro, which is where this fire is located. we also have reports of a head-on collision on the surface street of goodyear at parish, which is right near there, too. i don't know if smoke was affecting that or not. that's off the freeway at goodyear. take a look at the backup all
6:22 am
the way towards the 80 freeway. you're looking at a good solid 30-minute delay with smoke and slow cars being the issue. earlier accident northbound past 101, past the embarcadero on the peninsula, that's in the clearing phases. two lanes were blocked there. we do have two lanes blocked here, westbound 4, after bailey, causing slow traffic from antioch into concord. >> sue, thank you. >> it's so hard to stop those annoying robocalls. coming up, michael finney has tips to make it easier. >> and breaking news in benicia. a fire burning at a recycling a fire burning at a recycling a fire burning at a recycling ...that had the power to whawaken something old...... ...or painfully dated... ...or something you simply thought was lost forever...
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welcome back. more now on thatat we're tracki. a live look from the ground at you see emergency personnel on scene. these are live images from our crew. that's there right now. it's a two-alarm fire. there's vegetation burning and this is near a company that turns organics into mulch. the solano county fire department you see there on scene, saying that what's burning is bark and wood piles. and as we look from the ground, you can see just how smoky it is out there. the sky really gray, and our
6:26 am
reporter amy hollyfield tweeting moments ago, it does not seem any buildings or people are in danger. we'll check in with her for a live report in a few minutes. >> and the grass being whipped by the wind. thank you. >> we have new details on youtube's content crackdown. on sunday, youtube's parent company google announced it will attempt to identify and remove any videos that contain inflammatory religious content. previously, they were allowed to remain. it will be a challenge because more than an hour of content is uploaded to youtube every single second. >> time to ask finny. this morning, rosslyn has a question about robocalls. michael finney has her answer. >> i keep getting robocalls on my home phone and cell phone. how do i stop the robocalls? >> that's a question i get a lot. there's a bunch of stuff you can do. let's start by registering your phone number on the national do not call list.
6:27 am
now, the list still works, but it's not perfect. if you have an internet based phone, there's a product called nomorobo. it gets great reviews. we have a director right here at the station that went from 30 calls a month to 6 just by using nomorobo. if you have a smartphone, i want you to check out the app store and see what they offer. there are a few good apps there, but again, none are perfect. rosslyn, thanks a lot for your question and good luck. >> i really think that michael finney just likes saying nomorobo. and i like hearing him say it. >> me, too. >> if you have a question, share it on social using #askfinney. >> the special tribute to three u.p.s. workers killed in a shooting rampage. shooting rampage. >> and amy is
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breaking news now at 6:30. crews tackling a stubborn fire that broke out in benicia right next to 680. sky 7 live over the fire right now, giving you the bird's-eye view. >> still putting up so much smoke. the fire burning at a yard that makes landscaping materials north of the lake herman exit. amy hollyfield is live there on the ground. amy. >> reporter: hi, natasha. this fire is still going strong.
6:31 am
look behind me. when you see them spray water on it, they look very outmatched. the streams of water look very small against what they're fighting against. they have a lot of wind, big gusts of wind out here. they have a lot of fuel for the fire. this is a bark plant that's on fire. what they do is take scrap lumber and take grass clippings and turn it into mulch. what firefighters are doing, what their plan is they're tearing apart these piles. they're starting at the top and they're trying to tear them apart to take away the fuel for this fire. this stump pile that's on fire right now, they think, is going to be the toughest part. they got the call a little after 4:00 this morning and they think they're going to be out here for hours. in fact, the fire chief from cordelia telling us this is the second time they have been out here to this bark plant for a fire. they also had one two years ago. for that one, they were here for eight hours. he thinks they're going to be
6:32 am
here until about 5:00 this afternoon. we asked him why are you here for a second time? and he said, well, with the heat and then there's just spontaneous combustion that can happen out here. that's why he thinks it's happened now twice here in this big field. he does definitely think that the heat wave is to blame for this fire. no buildings or people are being threatened. it is a very exclusive area out here where this is burning, so there's not a huge threat. that's the good news. still, they have to tackle this and get it out, especially with the winds and heat that we know is still yet to come later today. reporting live just outside of benicia in an unincorporated area, amy hollyfield. >> you can see the wind whipping her hair and hear it on her microphone. >> what is it going to look like? >> that unlimited oxygen the winds are providing will stay unlimited because the winds are so much faster this morning. they're about 14, 16, gusting to 20 to 22 miles per hour. the good news is they're
6:33 am
pointing towards the water, so any embers that are picked up could be deposited in the water and that would quickly extinguish them before they could get across the water and hit places like port chicago, bay point, pittsburg, clayton, concord. that's where our path of smoke and smell is going in that area you see in red. but so far, thankfully, hair quality remains pretty well. quick look. fewer records today. 60s at the coast, 80s around the bay, 90s to 100 inland. a little break the next two days and even hotter temperatures like yesterday on the way. i'll have that coming up next. >> a b.a.r.t. advisory. they're taking a couple trains out of service. hope this doesn't affect you. the 6:42 a.m. pleasant hill to montgomery and 7:30 a.m. north concord train to daly city. those will not be running this morning. as far as the fire goes in the benicia area, it's really affecting traffic on 680. very slow and go due just the
6:34 am
amount of low clouds and smoke. and looky-loos basically the problem. a good solid delay all the way back to highway 80. >> thank you, sue. >> pg&e crews have been working around the claux to get power restored after the heat wave zapped it. new numbers show 1,800 customers still sweating it out this morning. that's down considerably. the majority are in the south bay. this is down from yesterday's high of 42,000 customers. business in livermore lost power when temperatures were over 100 degrees. >> the severe heat is looked at as a possible cause for the buckling freeway lanes in west sacramento. take a look. caltrans crews had to work through the night to try to patch and repair four lanes of pavement on eastbound highway 50. chp got several calls late yesterday when drivers started noticing a big problem. >> happening now, firefighters taking advantage of cooler overnight temperatures and calmer winds to get a handle on this brush fire burning north of los angeles. it's 20% contained this morning.
6:35 am
the flames broke out on saturday. no homes are threatened but the fire has destroyed two barns. >> the heat is also sending extra snow melt in the sierra into rivers causing them to overflow. 300 people in tulary county had to evacuate an rv campground on the king's river because of flooding there. a lake at the campground rose 25 feet in 12 hours. crews had to dump sand to create a barrier between the fast-rising water and a nearby restaurant and apartment complex. you can keep track of the heat on our abc 7 news accuweather app. you can find it for free, down lode it and be instantly advised. >> in london, another terror attack under investigation. at least one person died and ten more hurbt after a van rammed into a crowd of people leaving a mosque. the 48-year-old suspect shouted he wanted to kill muslims. witnesses held himg until he could be arrested. britain's prime minister said this attack is targeting muslims
6:36 am
and is as sickening as islam terror attacks. >> a prayer service in san francisco for victims of the u.p.s. shooting rampage. three workers lost their lives when a coworker opened fire at a meeting on wednesday morning. many have left tributes for the three men. the gunman also died at the shooting himself. today's service starts at noon outside the u.p.s. building near 17th street. the group organizing it conducts prayer services for all murdered victims in the city. the fispolice to arrive to the shooting almost didn't make it there. when they got the call, their patrol car wouldn't start. the police officers association says the officers had to commandeer a civilian driver and then take the driver with them. the officers eventually found another patrol car and drove that to the shooting scene. most of the san francisco police pleat is outdated. as our vic lee reported last month, the department requested
6:37 am
142 new cars and only got 48. >> the berkeley city council is set to hold a special meeting tomorrow to determine if the city's police force should continue participating in urban shield. that's the annual training program seen here that brings together police forces from the bay area and beyond. according to the daily californians, several city council members are concerned berkeley police will become militarized if they participate. others want the munopy spent on mental health training. >> the san mateo city council expected to vote on a contract to equip police with body cameras. laes year, a grand jury recommended police departments that don't have cameras implement them by fall. the san mateo city council tested body cams and chose the company axon. the rollout expected to cost $674,000 over five years. >> late last year, san mateo police said the department could begin fully using the cameras by this september. >> a coast guard cutter will sail home after seizing millions of dollars of illegal drugs
6:38 am
headed to u.s. streets. take a look at this photo showing some of the 17,000 pounds of cocaine seized by the crew of the cutter in the pacific. officials say the street value of all of it, about $266 million. a viewer in windsor tweeted us some video of a transformer explosion and fire, this was likely caused by our heat. david bennett tells us he was perhaps 80 feet away from the transformer when he took this video. he could still feel the heat evan at that distance. sparks lit a fence and dry grass on fire. the fire department made quick work on the flames. power was out for a couple miles for a time. >> impressive but scary. here's something you might like to see. unlike yesterday when we had record warm low temperatures, we're a little cooler this morning. except in livermore, we're six degrees warmer. even antioch, 7 degrees cooler. let's start at the coast, mid
6:39 am
50s, half moon bay, pacifica, daly city, then low to mid 60s on the peninsula. let's look at the rest of the neighborhoods. mid 60s, east bay shore. look at this. 71 in san jose. in the hills and los gatos, 77. antioch, 77. in the north bay, 67. as far as your commute planner, yeah, cleaner air today if you're taking mass transit. light breezes on inwater. if you're on the roads, there's going to be hot spots. look at our temperatures. still mid 90s to low 100s inland, notice 70s and 80s around the bay. the closer you are to the coast and around the bay, even more relief tomorrow. but then the heat returns wednesday. and it could be a repeat of yesterday by thursday. that means more record highs. i'll show you the numbers up next. >> we have sky 7 over this fire in unincorporated area of benicia. i'm hoping they can show you the traffic backup on 680 past the scene of this. the actual fire is on goodyear road and not on the freeway, but it is certainly visible as they
6:40 am
pull out, you can see the long line of traffic headed southbound on 680 from 80 all the way past the scene. you're looking at a solid 30-minute delay to get from cordelia past the scene of this fire in unincorporated benicia. and again, the smoke and flames are visible from the freeway, and there's a live look at your backup. elsewhere, a sig alert on highway 4. that has just been lifted and b.a.r.t. is telling us these two trains, the 642 out of pleasant hill to montgomery and the 7:30 out of north concord to daly city are not in service this morning. these are apparently backup trains that won't really provide any -- won't result in any delays whatsoever for b.a.r.t. so far, anyway. and once again, this sig alert cleared westbound 4 after bailey, but traffic remains slow out of antioch. >> thank you. new this morning, kevin durant's mother is speaking out about the magic moment we saw play out at oracle arena when
6:41 am
she congratulated her son right after the warriors won the finals. >> his relationship with his mom is well documented. he called her the real mvp during an emotional acceptance speech for the 2014 nba mvp. today, wanda durant was on good morning america following kevin's most recent mvp award in the win for the warriors. >> i felt fulfilled as a mom. when he gave the speech and talked about me in the speech a few years ago, i found like he got it, he understood why i was the type of mother i was. >> demanding, right? >> yes, i was. sometimes a little psychotic. >> i like her. after the championship, wanda was featured in a video on twitter calling kevin the real mvp. you can see more of her interview on "good morning america" starting at 7:00 right after this. >> great to see. >> two investigations under way this morning into a ship collision. the sudden u-turn authorities are focusing on. muni is about to make your commute a little better.
6:42 am
which riders will see new buses. >> and live over benicia right now where the fire is still burning. amy hollyfield just finished amy hollyfield just finished speaking with fire official handballer 1: you know what i scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99. you crave it. we serve it. crave van!
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handballer 1: you know what i scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99. you crave it. we serve it. crave van! it is 6:44. getting you back to these pictures of the fire we have been watching in benicia. amy hollyfield is on the ground here, just east of interstate
6:45 am
68. >> you just spoke with fire officials. what are they telling you? >> hi, well, look behind me. see this stump pile? that's what they're most worried about. it's a lot of fuel for this fire. they think this one is going to burn for a while. the chief describes it as eating a large cookie. you just have to take one bite at a time. this is going to be a challenge because they are bark piles here that are burning. what they're going to do is take them apart to try to take away some of the fire's fuel. there's also a lot of wind out here. that is not helping the situation. this call came in just after 4:00 this morning. they think they're going to be here until at least 5:00 this afternoon. no buildings or people are threatened. the hope right now is this doesn't jump this road and head into marshland. they do think the heat wave is to blame. they think that there's just spontaneous combustion that goes on in piles like this. in heat like we have had. no one has been hurt. firefighters are all doing okay. they say they recognize that this is a challenge.
6:46 am
they're not frustrated. they're just taking it very slowly and carefully. reporting live just outside of benicia in solano county. amy hollyfield. >> thank you. 90 minutes from now, santa cruz brain surgeon facing child molestation charges is going to ask a judge to be freed on bail. >> but a group of people who say his crimes are so horrific will be there to protest. reporter matt keller is live in santa cruz. matt. >> reporter: good morning. that bail hearing is set for 8:15 this morning. and newly released documents show just how disturbing the allegations in this case really are. three people are facing charges in this case. neurosurgeon james kohut who worked here in santa cruz and two nurses from watsonville and arizona, they face servile charges represented to the sexual assault of up to seven victims. we reported on some of the new dales in the case. prosecutors say the doctor has a sexual compulsion desiring to be part of multiple taboo families
6:47 am
where the parents raise their children sexually and has solicited victims for decades. his attorney says there is no evidence linking his clients to the crimes. he wants a, quote, reasonable bail set. protesters are expected to be here today and this morning before the bail hearing and they're expected to be out here in support of the alleged victims. matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> the navy is going to launch a double investigation into that deadly collision that killed seven american sailors, including two from california. a japanese container ship made a u-turn near tokyo bay 25 minutes before the collision. the ship's bulbous bow struck the uss fitzgerald below the water line. it flooded compartments where many crew members were sleeping. the loss of life actually could have been worse. >> it's a large gash near the keel of the ship. and so the water flow was tremendous. so there wasn't a lot of time in
6:48 am
those spaces that were open to the sea. >> the admiral said the ship had been in danger of sinking but was saved by the heroic efforts of the crew. >> new details in the deadly high rise fire in london. this morning, officials said 79 people have died or are missing after last wednesday's fire. only five have been formally identified. this is new video from inside of grenfield tower. british officials say they're investigating whether insulating panels played a role in the fire. the panels are actually banned on large buildings in the uk u.s. >> if you commute on some of the hilliest rides, you may have a new ride soon. they have signed off on the purchase of 185 new buses. they're going to replace older trolley coaches. muni's new trolley buses will be much longer, articulated ones. kind of like the diesel coach on the screen right there. they're very similar to new trolley buses carrying riders in seattle. muni says the new buses work
6:49 am
better on hills, need less maintenance and last longer than the current fleet. >> jeff bezos is giving bill gates a run for his money. bezos is just $5 billion short of being the world's richest person. that title currently held by gates. gates has a net worth of $89.3 billion. bezos has a good shot of reaching the goal as he continues to show interest in expanding his interest. gates is going in the opposite direction. the former microsoft ceo vows to give away at least half his money in his lifetime through the giving pledge. >> 6:49. let's get over to mike nicco. is this heat here to stay? >> not for all of us. good question. i found him. look at him. there he is. i call it the fog. >> was he on vacation? >> you know, i went to the beach yesterday looking for him. he wasn't there. >> okay. >> yeah, montero beach. that was beautiful yesterday. no, i think he went on vacation for a while. he is creeping closer to the coast, as you can see on live doppler 7 as i have the cloud
6:50 am
layer. that means there is some relief on the way. let's talk about it by talking about the highlights for this forecast cycle. dangerous heat inland all the way through saturday. he never quite reaches your neighborhood until sunday. relief elsewhere today and tomorrow, and then the heat peaks on thursday. we could have a repeat of yesterday with all the record low temperatures and high temperatures on the warm side. everywhere you see in orange away from the bay shore and coast, that's where we have the heat advisory until 9:00. frequent breaks, get in the shade if you can. drink water before you get thissy. loose, light fitting clothing and check on seniors and pets. let's start in the south bay, 92 to 98 degrees with san jose at 96. the spread on the peninsula, redwood city, 92. millbrae, 85. on the coast, temperatures in the upper 60s. upper 70s to near 80 in downtown and south san francisco. about 91 to 95 through most of the north bay. triple digits cloverdale, lakeport, and ukiah. yesterday, 97.
6:51 am
your average high, 71. still pretty warm for you. big sweep of the ynkys, now astros in town. 76 at 7:05 to 65 at 10:00. one last stop, the east bay. inland valleys over 100 once again. good news. most of us will be in the 50s and 60s tonight. you can see the heat peaking again thursday, and back more comfortable by sunday. >> we're going live back over this fire near 680 in unincorporated benicia. sky seven is above it. smoke is wafting away from the freeway, which is good news, but the backup remains because there is a lot to see. the slow traffic is southbound 680 all the way from the cordelia junction past the herman road, lake herman road on 680. so give yourself plenty of time. it doesn't like like that fire is going to be put out anytime soon. a long line of traffic for those on 680 southbound. elsewhere, we have some better news. we had an earlier sig alert blocking a couple lanes in the
6:52 am
bela area on westbound four. that has been cleared, but traffic is solid back to somersville and on into antioch, and still this problem northbound 101 pass the embarcadero. very slow traffic headed up the peninsula northbound. thank you. >> we're back in 90 seconds with the seven things we think you need to know. >> first our instagram photo of the day. you can see a lot of great photos like this one, big blue sky there. share you photos and video with the #abc7now. >> windy conditions and temperatures continue to rise this morning. both things not in the favor of firefighters trying to put out this fire in benicia. this fire in benicia. as you can see, ver
6:53 am
when you eat a subway® this fire in benicia. as you can see, ver $6 footlong sub of the day. it's the taste you love, at a price you can't get enough of. the $6 footlong sub of the day. seven days, seven footlongs, seven more ways to enjoy subway®.
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welcome back. the seven things to know before you go, and number one is breaking news. crews continue to fight a fire at a landscape yard burning right next to interstate 680 in benicia. infire on goodyear road broke out about 5:00 a.m. firefighters say the heat wave likely caused something to spontaneously combust. officials told abc 7 news they expect to be there until about 5:00 this afternoon. it's a huge blaze. >> yeah, the smoke and smell from that is heading to the southeast over towards port chicago. bay point, and also towards antioch. you may smell something there. 12-hour day planner. look at the coast, only 60s today.
6:55 am
80s around the bay. 90s to 100 inland. not as hot as yesterday. >> and that fire near 680 and benicia is causing traffic to be stocked up on 680 all the way to 80. earlier, a sig alert has been canceled near bailey road, but traffic is still slammed all the way from somersville towards concord. you're looking at about a 30-minute drive. >> pg&e crews have been working around the clock to get power restored after the heat wave zapped it. new numbers show just 1,800 customers still sweating it out this morning. the muyoert of those in the south bay. >> number five, people set to protest outside the bail hearing for a sabta cruz surgeon charged with raping children. protesters say his crimes are too horrific for him to be freed. the doctor's attorney says there is no evidence linking his client to the crimes. >> president trump scheduled to meet with ceos of almost 20 tech companies including tim cook and jeff bezos. the first meeting of the american technology council, which is helmed by senior
6:56 am
adviser jared kushner. >> jet airways set to give free flights for life to a boy who was born on one of its flights from saudi arabia to india yesterday. members of the drew and a paramedic helped deliver the baby. >> that's a cute prize. i like that. thanks for watching. we'll be back in 25 minutes with updates on your weather, traffic, and of course, news. >> stay cool out there. gma is next.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, terror attack in london. targeting muslims, a van running over worshipers near a mosque injuring at least ten people. police and emergency responders swarming the scene. the hero who held him down until authorities arrived. a suspect arrested. we are live on the scene with the latest. also this morning, shot down in syria. the u.s. launching its first air-to-air strike in nrly two decades and the major question here at home, is president trump under investigation? the white house sending mixed messages, his lawyer going on tv saying he isn't and then this -- >> and now he's being investigated by the department of justice. >> the new fallout this morning.


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