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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 19, 2017 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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it's june 19th. time for new viral videos "right this minute." a toddler starts fussing in the road, but mom keeps on moving. >> she thought he was behind her. >> the miraculous escape when his tantrum goes from bad to worse. >> no no! an incredible wing suit flight caught on camera. >> isn't that cool? >> what happens when it's time to stick the landing. first a woman did it. now it's this guy's chance to find a match. >> he thinks he's not very picky. >> but find out why this time around the dating game is much different. >> you're just as bad as we are. >> hey, now. don't make this a pile. we've got chryston, oli, charity, nick, and gayle showing
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off the best on the web. >> he's got the tude too. >> see how he serves up a prank that will leave you hungry for more. >> how old are you, man? >> old enough for your mom to call me. >> whoa! >> he got jokes. kids often throw tantrums. as parents, y'all just got to deal with it. this mother in china could be in some big trouble because of the way she didn't handle the tantrum. here she is here. you notice that 2-year-old boy sits down on the ground and she walks off with the stroller. there he is strutting behind her. >> he's like, mom, i'm throwing a tantrum here. pay attention to me. >> she just keeps it moving. he plops down on the ground. >> she's got her back turned to him too, huh? >> reports say she thought he was behind her. >> you see bicycles and cars. >> no no! >> here comes that bmw. then the mother comes running back and she's jumping and stomping and screaming for the car to back up.
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>> if you back up, it's going to cause more damage. >> that's the sentiment of the people around as well. they all notice they rush in to help. that's when they decide to just lift the car up and try to get the kid out. they give the heave-ho. >> and condition? how was the kid? >> he was taken to the hospital. he was in stable condition. now, the mom could face charges for this. reports are the bmw driver may also be at fault and share responsibility for that as well. this next truck driver also in china learned a tough lesson about paying attention as well. there you see he's at the back of the truck. there's that kid kind of playing there. >> oh, no. >> behind a truck. >> and the kid squats down. the driver gets into the truck and starts backing up. >> that driver can't see that. >> no way. >> wow. >> initially the kid just kind of got knocked down. it's when the driver went back around, that kid got nicked there. you'll see a woman run in. the truck driver notices he hit something and jumps out. this kid was taken to the
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hospital as well. the child is being treated for serious leg injury and the treatments are costly so they're trying to figure out how to pay medical bills. and the truck driver may be responsible also for some of those medical bills as well. campbell has spent the last hour demolishing this house to get at that cat. people around the area were hearing some meowing. they couldn't figure out what it was. then campbell shows up with his girlfriend. his girlfriend is like there's no staircase here, but there is a ladder. you know, cats can climb ladders. that's how they found franci right here. she's a rescue who needs to be rescued again. she fell in a cavity in the wall. >> poor kitty was probably scared. she probably heard all the demolition and went to find the most secure spot she could find. >> she's like an engineer, that
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means always employed. and finally here comes franci. >> oh, the kitty. hi, buddy. >> he posted the picture online because he didn't know who it belonged to. two hours later, franci was returned to her owner. now to england again with my imaginary boyfriend simon cowell from wildlife aid. another fox stuck in a soccer net. >> you can tell that thing had been there for awhile and strugtology get itself loose. >> you are so right, christian. he counts how many times that net is wrapped around that little foot. >> i hope it didn't do any damage. >> he's going to check it after he gets that off. he gets up to number ten before he gets the foot unwrapped. so then he asks the homeowner, do you have a room i can put the fox in? i want to make sure that leg is okay and it can run around. so he puts it in the room and
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nearly has to rescue it again. >> work is never done. >> they put the camera to show you the look on the fox's face when it's freed. look at that. >> got to go find its momma. let's just marvel at humans in flight. wing suit pilots here brendan and anton following this gorgeous line in switzerland. we know this one well. but i think what makes this one so special is the camera angle from behind. isn't that cool? >> yes, it's amazing. and gnarly to consider how much control these guys have to have. to get so close to the ground, do all those flips, fly so close to the faces of the walls, and not crash. >> he was doing a bit of that proximity flying next to the trees. then does a corkscrew move. >> that little barrel roll flourish at the end was the cherry on top. now, you may imagine that this is going to amp up the
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adrenaline levels in these guys. you're right. listen to the adrenaline in their voices when they land. >> nice. >> yeah. >> that was epic. >> two more guys at the top of their craft. over the skies of czech republic. they're using the high winds to practice their own version of proximity flying. >> that's cool. >> they're not using mountains or trees to hone their proximity skills. they're using each other. watch how close they're able to get to each other. >> dude. >> okay. >> all right. let's get a little closer. >> that's all right. i'll take your word for it. >> it's so neat to see that thing pull up beside you, cross in front. >> kind of like what birds do. this is us trying to be birds. >> i think they're doing a good job at it. not too long ago i brought you guys a video 40 versus 1
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where we took one lady and 40 eligible bachelors. she asked a series of questions, and that's how we started filtering through these potential beaux. >> and it's all done via text. >> the ladies are sitting all around him. he starts by saying hello. and then proceeds to ask some questions that he'd like to know. here's the thing. this is the best part. he thinks that he's not very picky and therefore at the end he thinks there's going to be quite a few ladies left. >> men always think they not that picky. then you talk to them and you're like -- >> i know. they blame the ladies for being the picky ones. >> and we crazy? no, you crazy. >> we can eliminate in one to two questions. >> you guys are just as crazy as we are. >> don't make this a dog pile here. i'm the only one. all right? >> you ain't got no backup. >> he said he preferred women without the cosmetic contact
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lenses. >> i thought he wasn't picky though. >> and we're just getting started. he has to get specific on what he's looking for. so now he's talking about height, talking about weight. >> uh-oh. >> here is where the girls are calling him out on those questions. like, really, you need to know this? some of them just get up and go and they have to make the decision. >> bro, how about like what do you like to do. and your dreams. whap do you want to be when you -- >> i know. >> how about something like that instead of your ideal vision? >> yeah. and this highlights the issues of this modern day dating. >> i know guys tend to be a little bit more visual, but come on. >> on the brugt siight side, as having to ask the questions, he starts feeling bad that these are the things he chose to focus on. so in a way, this did force him to look at himself and the things that he thought were
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somewhat insignificant or not picky and realize that maybe they do have a few more implications than he anticipated. at the end he did say this turned out to be more of a learning experience. he says he feels bad for the girls that ended up leaving including the ones that stayed because of the series of questions that he found himself asking that he then realizes don't necessarily validate what would make a good date or not. a high school senior gets a standing ovation at graduation. watch the amazing moment when she goes for her diploma. see all the secret rooms in his multi-level sand shelter. where are we?
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closed captioning provided by -- rg try new xyzal®. for relief is as effective at hour 24 as hour one. so be wise all take new xyzal®. tweet us @rightthisminute and follow the show all day long. out of all the hard working youtubers out there, i think the guy that has earned himself a vacation the most is this guy. >> this little tiny british -- >> yeah. collin is at the beach hanging out at one of the english beach cottages. this time, you know collin and you know there's probably more to this little cottage. >> yeah. it's probably going to explode from the ground. >> i'm thinking he's installed a basement. >> maybe. let's get collin to give us the tour. >> make it seem more tropical because remember we are in
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england. driftwood screwed to the wall. we've got a clock for the sake of time. if i pull this up, it's not a toilet, no. what's down there, collin? >> i was right. there is a basement sort of. >> subterranean beach hut. and he's decked this all out for the kids. >> got toys. got wallpaper. all sorts of bits. >> but wait. there's more. >> oh, yeah. another secret. >> another floor below. >> wait a minute. >> this is where adults come to relax. we got everything they want. comfy chair, little tea set. >> you never know when the queen is coming over. >> when you see what they went through to put this together, did this man break his back. him and a buddy with a shovel nop power tools or anything dug out this entire thing. >> oh, my gosh. no way.
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>> then took it down in and filled in the hole. neat to show how he pulled the projects off. if you want to see the whole footage, go to and click on tv show or use our mobile app. this is a graduation at keane william high school in virginia. chloe who's in a wheelchair, she's been in a wheelchair her entire life. but you could see from where she is and what she's wearing, she's a graduate. she's graduating from high school. they say she volunteers on campus and at community events. here she's doing something that surprised and pleased everybody. chloe is going to walk across the stage and accept her diploma. the people accepting her? her physical therapist and her brother. and she's got that million watt
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smile. >> i love they created this moment for her so she can experience graduation like all the other students. >> her family says even though she has cerebral palsy, she leads an active lifestyle. you can see how active she is because she was able to learn to walk in time in order to walk across the stage. skateboard pros pulling off huge stunts in an unlikely place. >> and just making it look super easy, super smooth, flowing through the entire factory. >> on the next "right this minute." and still to come, a dirt biking pro and a slack line come together for -- >> one heck of a balancing act. >> see if he can keep it steady to load it up. >> oh, i had gosh. plus a makeup artist bringing out her animal instincts for a look. why her transformation is totally wild. out of sunscreen,
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van using a slack line. >> now it looks like he's starting to catch his balance. oh, my gosh. >> well, he does it over and over and you know what they say. >> try, try again. >> yep. practice makes perfect. so you've got to keep going. eventually he manages to load up the dirt bike to the back of the van. >> and trailer companies are like, uh-oh. >> and this is the best part. once it's in the van, he walks back out and starts balancing on the slack line. it's pretty amazing. hat's off to you, man. now over to this jukin video where curtis downs is about to do a stunt. they've rigged up this pulley system which he is then going to grab onto. and the goal is to then go on the ramp, launch, and land in this pit here that's been set up for him. here we go. three, two, one. >> [ bleep ]. >> oh! the one spot they didn't have padding. oh, and he dented that fence
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rail. >> uh-huh. yeah. he and his bike overshot the pit and landed all the way at the end wedged between the fence and the cushion that was supposed to break his fall. don't worry, you know? these guys seem to be resilient as heck. he's just a little discombobulated. of course he's going to try it again. anyway, this video is a couple years old. it was just now posted, but it is very cool. looking if for the 2017 boothty vlogger of the year. they're in the second challenge. the animal kingdom they want these makeup artists to bring forth. and victoria lynn from the victoria lynn beauty youtube channel, she is amaze pg. >> she is. what's on her fingers? >> they're part of her dragon
3:22 pm
fly look. >> they do all this on themselves? >> yes. because in this challenge, they are judging based on creativity, special effects, and illusion with body paint. zp >> she's doing this free hand. that's what gets me. >> she's just going for it. you see her there with the dramatic eyes. and look at what she's done to her face. she's taken all these bright colors and fills in the veins. now my favorite part. >> glitter! how did i know that? >> there's so much glitter in this video, i could not get enough. remember i told you that one of the expectations was using body paint and creating that illusion? she does just that. >> okay, you win. she wins. >> seriously. but we haven't seen the other artists. i'm sure they're just as talented. i'm sure they are all bringing it. >> no detail is too small.
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and all of you who wants to vote on the contest, you can do that through june 23rd. a smooth kid decides to hit the drive-thru. >> i like how he pulls up. hey, ladies. >> hey, sugar. >> i'm tripping. >> why you tripping? >> see him dish out a hilarious prank with a side of adorable.
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>> oh, my god. this one is doing a lot more. there needs to be a
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disclaimer on applications for drive-thru attendants across america. that you could fall victim to one rehat from youtube. >> no way. >> i like he pulls up, hey ladies. >> hey, sugar. >> i'm tripping. >> why you tripping? >> i'm not seeing right. >> he's got the tude too. like i do this all the time. >> that's a kid. that's a child driving this vehicle through the drive-thru. >> oh, my god. that scared the crap out of me. how old are you? >> old enough to get money. guess what. >> what? >> chicken butt. >> i don't know. >> because it was jalapeno business. >> and he's got jokes. >> can i have your number?
3:27 pm
>> i love that they still give him the food and let him continue on. >> so how fast you be driving? you doing the speed limit? >> no. >> you can see that there's movement behind his little body. so obviously it's either another experienced stunt driver behind him. >> he's done similar trips where he's made a costume that looks like it's the car seat. the kid is sitting on his lap, but isn't it awesome? >> are you driving? >> yeah. >> no way. >> everybody has such great reactions. the whole way through. >> how old are you, man? >> old enough for your mom to call me. >> ooh. okay. don't get put over my knee, little boy. >> enjoy your weekend. thanks for joining us. we'll see you on the next "right this minute."
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tonight, breaking news. the american son just brought home from north korea, held prisoner for more than a year, otto warmbier, has now died. returned to the u.s. with extensive brain damage. his parents now reacting just moments ago. the new horror in paris. the armed driver who filled his car with gas canisters and plowed into police. we're on the scene tonight. and hours earlier, a truck right into a crowd in london. the moment the suspect is dragged out. severe storms as we come on the air tonight. moving up the east coast from d.c. to philly to new york. right during rush hour. and major delays at airports tonight. the deadly collision at sea. what we've learned tonight, after seven u.s. sailors were lost. how did that container vessel plow right into a u.s. destroyer. and there is news coming in tonight about carrie


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