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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  June 22, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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up next. >> we appreciate your time. we'll see you again at 6:00. >> bye bye. tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the secret plan now revealed. senate republicans with their plan to repeal and replace obama care. who wins and who doesn't? and what about pre-existing conditions? mary bruce standing by. president trump and that tweet. james comey saying he better hope there are no tapes. 41 days later the president now revealing there are no recordings. how the white house responds. as we come on tonight, the tornado watching and warnings right now. concern around atlanta at this hour after twisters already tear through an american town. the jurors speak.
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how many wanted to acquit bill cosby? tonight -- the story from inside the jury room. and your money tonight as millions prepare to travel for the fourth. tonight, how to lower your car insurance. three simple steps that could save you hundreds. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a thursday night. we begin with a plan, hatched behind closed doors finally revealed tonight. senate republicans with their plan to repeal and replace obama care. tens of thousands of americans have poured into town halls worried about their coverage. mitch mcconnell delivering the bill with cuts to medicaid. and what about the bill when it comes cering pre-existing conditions? we have it all tonight. and outside mcconnell's office, more than 40 arrests today, with protesters angry with the proposal. abc's mary bruce tonight on who benefitss most and who doesn't with the plan. >> reporter: the senate
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republican health care bill crafted in secrecy finally arrived on capitol hill today. and it was met with fury. >> the government wants to kill me. >> reporter: angry protesters, many in wheelchairs, outside mitch mcconnell's office, refusing to leave, they were dragged out. 43 people arrested. for weeks, the bill's been behind lock and key and behind closed doors. tonight few republican senators are racing to defend it. >> it deserves debate and not knee jerk reaction. >> it's not the best bill possible. it's the best bill possible in very difficult circumstances. >> reporter: across the country, americans flood town halls concerned they could lose their coverage if and when obama care is repealed and replaced. >> what kind of insurance do you have? >> reporter: tonight americans will no longer be required to have health insurance. they could buy coverage with tax credits determined by age and
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income. and some could pay more, a lot more, for less. if you are a single person making $42,000 a year, you would not qualify for tax credits to coverage. the senate bill cuts medicaid. rolling back obama care's expansion. right now, the program covers 1 out of 5 americans. >> it puts medicaid on a more sustainable path. >> reporter: critics say hardest hit, low income families and seniors. or the other hand, wealthier americans win big. many will get sizable tax cuts. >> yet again a tax bill disguised as a health care bill. >> reporter: it talks pre-existing conditions. first, the senate bill would give states the ability to drop the requirent that covs essential services like maternity care, drug and mental health treatment, even amid the opioid crisis in the u.s., and emergency room visits. and pre-existing conditions, the senate bill would not change the rules with obama care.
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but this will likely be a major sticking point with house republicans. their bill allows to opt out to cover pre-existing conditions. last month, the president celebrated that bill and then privately called it mean. today when asked if the senate bill was kinder? >> a little negotiation but it's going to be very good. >> mary bruce live with us on the hill tonight. the senate majority leader wants to vote on this next year. and moderates say so little cuts and others, too little. >> reporter: the republicans can afford to lose two votes and so far, four republicans are not on board. senator rand paul is leading a group of conservatives who say the bill doesn't do enough to repeal obama care. but moderates have concerns too. susan collins rejects a planned parenthood money to women's
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is health, not paying for abortions. there is a lot going on on capitol hill as they hope to get it done next week. >> mary bruce, thank you. as you know, the other major headline involving president trump tonight and his threat to james comey. 41 days ago, saying comey better hope there are no tapes. tonight the president has finally revealed he did not record james comey. our chief white house correspondent jonathan karl on the controversy. >> reporter: after six weeks of drama and controversy, president trump today finally put an end to the speculation he started. "i have no idea whether there are tapes or recordings of my conversations with james comey," the president tweeted today, "but i did not make, and do not have, any such recordings." it was 41 days ago that the president himself raised the specter of secret white house recordings with this tweet. "james comey better hope that
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there are no tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!" that kicked off a series of remarkable events that led to the appointment of a special counsel and an investigation into whether the president obstructed justice. >> i've seen the tweet about tapes. lordy, i hope there are tapes. >> reporter: former fbi director james comey said the president's tweet prompted him to leak his memos detailing one-on-one conversations where trump allegedly asked him to go easy on former national security advisor michael flynn. >> it didn't dawn on me originally that there might be corroboration, for our conversation, there might be a tape. and my judgment was i needed to get that out into the public square. >> reporter: the resulting story raised the question of whether the president had attempted to interfere with the fbi investigation, which in turn led to the appointment of the independent counsel.
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the president refused, repeatedly, to put an end to speculation about whether he had tapes. >> you said that there might be tape recordings. >> well, that i can't talk about. i won't talk about that. >> reporter: and less than two weeks ago in the rose garden -- you seem to be hinting there are recordings -- >> i'm not hinting anything, i'll tell you about it over a very short period of time. okay. do you have a question? >> reporter: when will you tell us about the recordings? >> over a fairly short period of time. oh, you're going to be very disappointed when you hear the answer. don't worry. >> reporter: today we asked the white house, why did it take so long? >> he let it go on for 41 days. why the game? what was he doing? >> i don't know that it was a game. again, he's answered the question, he gave a timeline in the frame that which he would and he did that. he said by the end of this week and 's done that. >> jon karl with us live from the white house. you have reported before that some of the president's closest allies have complained that he gets himself in trouble with some of these tweets. are they concerned? and today's tweet actually seemed more carefully worded. >> his legal team is concerned about the tweeting, no question
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about that, david. but this tweet did seem carefully crafted, white down to the punctuation and the white house press office saw the tweet before it went out. that almost never happens. >> jon, thanks as always. we are also following dangerous weather at this hour. multiple twisters reported today and just before we came on the atlanta area put on alert tonight. one twister alreadying barreling across crowded birmingham, alabama. this strip small mall shattered. children in baseball helmets sheltering in bathtubs. we have seen it before and tonight, 30 million people are in flood watches over 1,000 miles. abc's steve osunsami north of atlanta tonight. >> reporter: tornado watches are up tonight from the tropical storm pouring in from the gulf. and there are twisters in the areas of alabama. >> it just hit here in fairfield. it was big, guys. it was really big. >> reporter: just outside
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birmingham, a tornado hit in fairfield, alabama. with 120-mile-per-hour winds. from a mile away, people recording on their phones could see the debris. authorities say three or four people are hurt. there's damage to three businesses. 12,000 people lost power. >> it lasted three or four minutes enter it was gone. >> we want to make sure everybody's okay right. >> reporter: north of atlanta tonight, forecasters are warning more than a million people here to watch out. tropical storm cindy made land fall near the texas/louisiana border over night, and it was a soaker on the gulf coast. more than 10 inches of rain. and the fire ants trying to escape. eva pilgrim is there. >> basically a river that is where a road should be. the water, surrounding the houses. >> reporter: we are learning more tonight about the boy killed in the middle of the storm.
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10-year-old nolan mckabe was on vacation with his family when he was struck and killed by a log. tossed by strong waves. >> pray for this family. this is a tragic event. a tragic day for them and keep the family in your thoughts and prayers. >> reporter: more heavy rain bands from what's left of this tropical depression will continue to pour on this area and north tonight. families should be on the lookout for tornadoes and flood warnings, david? >> thanks. right to ginger zee who is tracking this. all the remnants of cindy. still causing a lot of trouble tonight. >> you can see what is left of cindy. we take you straight to the map there, david. northwest louisiana, just making its way over the state line in arkansas tonight, it's the outer bands, the tropical moisture fueling a tornado watch still. in parts of eastern louisiana all the way to birmingham. and yes, still even -- sorry, in parts of georgia. now approaching front. you have a front, that the cold front is going to squeeze out moisture and over from paducah, kentucky to pittsburgh, pennsylvania, has a potential
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for flash flooding. >> we will see you in the morning, ginger. in the meantime, next tonight, saying good-bye to otto warmbier, the college student who died with severe brain damage just days of returning from captivity in north korea. an overcrowded several thousand there for the funeral. we hear from his roommate, the last to see him when he was taken away. abc's linzie janis is in ohio tonight. >> reporter: tonight a small town, and an entire nation mourning otto warmbier. the 22-year-old's young friends carrying his casket. thousands paying their respects at his former high school. so many, somhad to be rned away. >> i think he is a gift to all of us. heas a one of a kind. but he inspired us all. >> reporter: items from warmbier's trip to north korea on display, including the jacket he wore when sentenced to hard labor. his father wearing that same jacket when otto returned home.
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>> i'm able to wear the jacket that he wore when he gave his confession. >> reporter: tonight, otto's roommate on that trip who saw authorities take him away speaking out for the first time. >> i was there in the end at the airport. i sort of laughingly said to him, "that's the last we'll ever see of you." otto turned around and just chuckled at me. but of course there was a huge irony in my words. >> reporter: loved ones wiping away tears, trying to make sense of his brutal treatment, as he made his final journey. david, warmbier died just days after returning from north korea with severe brain damage. what happened to him is still a mystery, but his friends and family say they're focused on the incredible life he lived. david. >> thank you. and tomorrow night here, a special edition of "20/20," a hostile act. much more of what happened in otto warmbier's captivity and why are students traveling there in the first place? we will explore it all tomorrow
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10:00 p.m. eastern right here on "20/20." in the meantime, new details on the attack at flint, michigan, airport. the fbi is investigating it as a terror attack. the police officer targeted is called a hero, he never gave up the fight though he was stabbed in the neck. investigators at the home in montreal where he lived with his wife and children. you see the authorities there. it appeared he acted alone. authorities say he tried to buy a gun here in the u.s. and was rejected so he bought a knife instead. next tonight here, the jurors begin to speak. tonight, how many were ready to acquit bill cosby and they offer a portrait of the tiny deliberation room where tensions reached a boiling point. here is abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: tonight, inside bill cosby's sexual assault trial. a juror tells abc news on condition of anonymity that when that jury started deliberations, in an informal poll, the majority voted for acquittal on all three counts. that juror calls the 52 hours of deliberations "grueling" and
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"emotional," inside a tiny room "not large enough to even pace." he says one juror even punched a concrete wall. another juror who won't say how he voted tells abc station wtae the case took a toll on the jury and cosby. >> i wondered if he was going to be able to finish, because he looked really weathered. >> reporter: david asked dan abrams if that could come up in a retrial. >> it was a tiny room, not even room to pace, this juror apparently said. but fists into walls. i mean, this could come up again. >> look, i think you can expect the defense to file a motion and say, look, they were ready to acquit. if the room hadn't been so terrible and the situation hadn't been so bad, bill cosby would have been acquitted. >> reporter: at times the jury was evenly divided but at one point, the one juror said on the nal full day of deliberations, the jury voted 10-2 finding cosby guilty of an encounter without consent.
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and guilty 10-2 on the charge that cosby gave accuser andrea constand drugs without her knowledge. but acquitting 11-1 on the charge that cosby's accuser was unconscious during the alleged assault. in the end, a deadlock and a mistrial. as for cosby, he is now planning a series of town halls to talk to young people. >> we want to educate the public and the world on how to avoid these things and how to protect themselves. >> reporter: prosecutors now vow to try cosby again. but one juror says they shouldn't waste their time. >> it would be a waste of money, because the man has already suffered the loss of his career and earnings over the past 11 years. >> reporter: that is not enough for the prosecutor who says he wants the retrial to begin as soon as possible. david? >> thanks to you again tonight. there is still more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. the new headline tonight about alzheimer's and three steps to lower your risk. and the nationwide man hunt for a killer after the bodies of three women are discovered.
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and in this swe see.veryday act, when we give, we receive. ♪ next tonight, your money. next tonight, your money. millions of americans will hit the road for the fourth. and tonight here, three simple steps to save a lot on your car insurance. abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis out to save your money. >> reporter: tonight, a record number of amicans gearing up to travel this fourth of july. many planning to hit the road. the cost of car insurance up more than 30% in the last five years. >> oh, hello. >> reporter: you've seen the ads. >> this can't be happening. >> this can't be happening.
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>> reporter: but it turns out nearly 40% of drivers haven't shopped around for better rates in almost three years. so we hit the streets. when is the last time you shopped for car insurance? >> a long time ago. >> probably never. >> reporter: using websites like nerdwallet, you can compare quotes to find the best deal. today, we found eight different rates ranging from $948 to $2,700. plus, cut 30% off your bill by installing a gps device like this offered by many insurers. it monitors your driving and rewards you for being safe behind the wheel. david, families with teenagers on their plan can save up to 30% by having them take a driver's class and getting good grades in school. david? >> simple good grades. all right, thanks to you. and when we come back tonight, the new headline about lowering your risk of alzheimer's. and a fast-moving fire. interstate shutdown. nearby homes threatened. and a nationwide man hunt after the bodies of three women were discovered. we'll be right back. neighborhood homes threatened. and a nationwide man hunt after the bodies of three women were discovered. we'll be right back. i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me?
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northern california tonight. the three-alarm fire started when a car ignited near a toll plaza on interstate 80 and expding to a neighborhood there. residents told to get out. traffic backed up for miles. a nationwide man hunt is under way of three women were discovered dead in idaho. the decomposing bodies of three slain women were found in a shed. michael bollinger is a person of interest. authorities say i had was he was in idaho ten days ago. he is considered dangerous. he might be in a white ford focus. and there is no proven way to stop alzheimer's but certain lifestyle decisions may help, specifically brain training exercises, controlling your blood pressure and physical activity might home slow the onset. we have much more on the study on our website for you tonight. when we come back, america strong, a face you know and one triumphant return.
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finally, one of the officers shot at that ball field last week but saved so many, she's back and america strong. here's david wright. >> reporter: women's softball night on capitol hill. the press corps versus the politicians. and to throw the opening pitch, a special guest. >> we have something incredibly special for you tonight. here with us, a true american hero. >> reporter: crystal griner. just being out on a baseball diamond must be an act of courage for her.
5:58 pm
just last week, she was protecting congressman steve scalice at a baseball practice. she took a bullet for him, saving many congressmen. the first pitch, dribbled over home plate. softball is not her game. she's a basketball star. the crowd didn't begrudge her. the game drew a record crowd, raising a quarter million dollars for charity and raising the spirit of one very courageous capitol hill police officer. david wright, abc news. >> hope to see you tomorrow. good night.
5:59 pm
these backyards are on the brink of burning. tonight, you'll hear from the people who live here. who had more than their homes to worry about. the hottest day of our week-long heat wave is winding down. now the cooling will begin. i'll have the accuweather forecast. were you hiding the real cost of this project? >> no, we were not hiding the cost. >> tonight, only abc 7 news confros cal trans about why a rural freeway really cost 50% more than what the agency told the public. from up close, or from far away, this fire was terrifying for the people who lived on this vallejo hillside as flames burned right up to their backyards. good evening, i'm kristen sze. >> four homes are damaged but none destroyed from the big fire.
6:00 pm
>> sky 7 was overhead as firefighters both in the air and on the ground tried to keep the flames from spreading. this started when a car caught fire on i-80 just past the car kin as bridge toll plaza. >> abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley is live. you've been speaking to some of the feem who live there tonight. >> reporter: residents in this neighborhood told me they are so grateful tonight to the firefighters from all over this region who came together, converged here and got this fire away from the homes. they did drop fire retardant in many neighborhoods. as one woman told me, my house may be pink now, but at least i have a home. a wall of flames crackled up this hillside toward the glen cove neighborhood in vallejo. a plane dumped fire retardant turning homes, cars, driveways and porches pink. >> all of a sudden


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