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tv   ABC World News  ABC  June 24, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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diploma in 1992, telling the audience that he could finally pull himself out of the dead end job he had. that's it for abc 7 news at tonight, president trump at turning up the heat on his own party to replace obamacare. can they get the votes? plus, what president trump is now saying about russia's meddling in the u.s. election. buried alive. the deadly landslide, swallowing an entire village, destroying more than 40 homes. government hack. the cyber strike on the british parliament, leading to an e-mail shutdown. are russian hackers now selling passwords? breaking news. armed standoff. suspects taking over a home after shooting at police. residents told to stay safe behind locked doors. nowhere to run. the customers trapped in a
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store, coming face-to-face with a massive tornado. and 911 lesson. the 4-year-old girl, saving her mother, reaching out for help in the nick of time. do your kids know what to do in an emergency? and good evening. thanks for joining us on this saturday. i'm tom llamas. and we begin tonight with the giant battle over health care. the president putting pressure on his own party. this, as a growing number of republican senators say they have strong reservations, is the bill now on life support? and president trump appears to have changed course on russian meddling in the november election. saying now, why didn't president obama do more to stop it? abc's david wright starts us off from the white house. >> reporter: tonight, the white house is gearing up for another round in the fight to repeal obamacare. a pro-trump pac threatening a million-dollar ad buy against a
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moderate republican senator who dared to announce overnight he won't back the bill as it stands. nevada's dean heller says he's concerned about the impact the bill would have on low-income residents of his state. >> it is going to be very difficult to get me to a "yes." >> reporter: the republicans need almost every single vote they have to pass the bill. but five republicans have said no and four others have expressed concern. after golfing today, trump tweeted -- i cannot imagine that these very fine republican senators would allow the american people to suffer a broken obamacare any longer. >> i want to see a bill with heart. health care is a very complicated subject from the standpoint that you move it this way and this group doesn't like it. >> reporter: the health care fight comes just as the president appears to be changing his stance on russian meddling in the election. trump finally appears ready to admit that it did happen.
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but trump blames obama, not putin. >> well, i just heard today for the first time that obama knew about russia a long time before the election, and he did nothing about it, but nobody wants to talk about that. >> reporter: until now, trump hasn't wanted to talk much about russia. >> i think we ought to get on with our lives. >> reporter: to the extent he's acknowledged russian hacking at all, he's tended to dismiss the story as sour grapes from the democrats. >> you can talk all you want about russia, which was all a, you know, fake news, fabricated deal, to try and make up for the loss of the democrats. >> reporter: another example of the so-called "rigged system" he railed against during the campaign. >> remember, folks, it's a rigged system. this whole election is being rigged. the system is rigged. >> reporter: now that "the washington post" has published a much more detailed account of russian meddling and of obama's secret struggle to stop the russians, trump seems to be changing his tune.
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today, trump tweeted -- since the obama administration was told way before the 2016 election that the russians were meddling, why no action? focus on them, not t! >> the question is, if he had the information, why didn't he do something about it? he should have done something about it. but you don't read that. it's quite sad. >> so, president trump now pointing the finger at president obama. david wright joins us live. president trump may soon have his first meeting with vladimir putin. >> that's right. coming face to face at the g20 summit in germany. in two weeks' time. no one-on-one meeting scheduled as of yet, but it will be interesting to watch. remember it was at the g20 just last year that president obama said he confronted putin about the hacking and told him to cut it out. tom. >> that famous photo and that exchange david, thanks so much. much more on all of this tomorrow on "this week," when george goes one-on-one with the counselor to the president,
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kellyanne conway. now, an apparent cyberattack on britain's parliament. the discovery that there were unauthorized attempts to government officials. many leaders in the uk unable to access e-mails. the big question tonight is, who's behind it all? abc's ron claiborne is in london with the latest. >> reporter: an audacious cyberattack on the british government. tonight, every member of parliament shut out of remote e-mail by the british government. as hackers attempted to break into their accounts. >> blanket targeting of members of parliament is serious. it's very serious in nature. if i can get access to your e-mail account, then i get access to a lot of of information. >> reporter: the hack attempt first discovered friday, led to the shutdown and this alert from parliament. in attempt to identify weak passwords. these attempts were specifically trying to gain access to user e-mails. this member of parliament taking to twitter, sorry, no parliamentary e-mail access
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today, we're under cyberattack from kim jong un, putin or a kid in his mom's basement or something. it wasn't immediately known who was behind the attack. but "the times of london" reports that russian hackers have been selling e-mail addresses and passwords of senior british government officials. >> we know that our public services are attacked. so it's not at all surprising that there should be an attempt to hack into parliamentary e-mails. >> reporter: the suspected goal of such an effort? >> i believe it has the hallmarks of political disruption. >> reporter: so far, there's no indication that the hack attempt has actually succeeded. tonight, investigators are trying to figure out who's behind this bold cyberattack. tom, yet another reminder, the vulnerability they were trying to exploit, weak passwords. tom. >> a good reminder, indeed. ron claiborne from london. ron, thank you. tuing to the landslide disaster burying most of this village in china, under an avalanche of mud and rocks, while people were sleeping. the desperate rescue effort under way right now.
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more than one hundred people still missing and tonight that number is growing. abc's marci gonzalez with the latest. >> reporter: tonight, rescuers desperately digging through the rubble. as many as 120 people missing, feared buried beneath this crush of heavy rocks and mud. officials say the massive landslide came with no warning at 6:00 a.m. local time in china's sichuan province. heavy rain causing the mountainside to crumble onto the village below. a second, smaller landslide triggering boulders to topple onto the village. search dogs, heavy equipment and instruments to detect life, all deployed for finding signs of survivors like qiao dashuai and his family. he says dozens of households in the village were completely buried. and he says his one-month-old son saved them by crying and waking them up moments before the mudslide hit. "i was pinned down in the dining room, we slowly got up, held the baby and escaped," he explains.
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tonight, with at least 15 dead rescuers are still hoping for more stories like his, uncovering crumbled pieces of some of the more than 40 homes that were obliterated. a hotel is also buried beneath the rubble. but officials saying it's unclear if any tourists are among the missing. tom? >> marci, thank you. now to the dangerous weather back here at home. two storm-related deaths reported in arkansas. and take a look at this, a tornado rolling right toward a home depot in new jersey. blowing the doors wide open, shoppers ducking for cover. plus, drenching rain south of pittsburgh, the flash flooding damaged trees, buildings, all related to tropical storm cindy. abc's rob marciano has more. >> reporter: extreme weather today spinning up this tornado in central new jersey. >> this is a tornado, guys. we're going inside. >> reporter: witnesses at this home depot run inside for cover.
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powerful winds flinging the doors wide open. torrential rains thrashing the windows. >> that's a tornado for sure. look at it, it's right there! >> reporter: lightning strikes with sheets of rain drench the parking lot. the same line of storms downing trees and toppling power lines across the garden state. west of pittsburgh, flash flooding damaging homes and washing out roadways. >> it was total rain, you couldn't see anything. >> reporter: in springfield, missouri, powerful winds tearing off the roof of a car wash, catapulting it into this house. and north of boston, winds toppling a tree right through a house, crushing its front porch. torrential rain washing out roads in central michigan, and a massive lightning bolt obliterating this house in harrison. its remains scorched and covered in black ash. >> an incredible image. we do know that the owner of that home is okay now. rob joins us right now with those lingering storms still in the south. >> yeah, the front is sagging to the south. you see it there across the gulf coast.
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but more storms will fire along that front and saturated ground, so could see some flooding. the big story out west, continues to be the heat. it's been a full week of heat across the southwest. heat warnings remain up there for phoenix and las vegas. but a record breaking in portland, could touch 100 degrees there tomorrow. into the 90s in seattle. lot of those folks up there don't have air conditioning. so very hot for them. >> rob, thanks so much. next to the breaking news, the tense armed standoff, shocking a quiet residential community. suspects firing at police. residents urged to stay behind locked doors for their own safety. this all unfolding in a suburb outside of philadelphia. abc's stephanie ramos is on the scene. >> reporter: tonight, police locked in a standoff with two armed suspects barricaded inside this home. the neighborhood near allentown, pennsylvania, on lockdown. >> 911 for all residences. remain inside their houses with the doors locked. >> reporter: it all started before noon saturday. police trying to pull over a man and a woman. >> he's not stopping. >> reporter: that's when police say the suspects got out of the
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car, opening fire on police. >> male has a handgun, shots were fired. >> reporter: running from house to house. >> he's stopped in the field. he's running. get me the k-9 units and get me state police if you can. >> reporter: taking refuge here, a home in the middle of a corn field. now surrounded by police, officers armed with long guns, a chopper hovering above and police blocking the only road. >> and stephanie ramos joins us live now from that neighborhood. i understand you have some new developments on what's going on there. >> yeah, tom, the bomb squad just arrived here right as the tactical team was leaving. so, unclear if maybe that's a sign that this is almost over. that's still unclear. we do know that there's a local drone operator flying over the scene. and he tells us that police are moving on the house. this is still a very active scene. that standoff still going on. tom. >> stephanie, thank you. and new worries for thousands of residents near that devastating fire in london.
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more than 800 apartments and five tower blocks evacuated. there are concerns that these buildings could ignite the way the grenfell tower did last week. the death toll in that blaze stands at 79. emergency work is still under way to replace exterior material feared to be flammable. now to that small plane crash back here at home, all caught on camera. that single-engine piper losing control, on the right side of your screen, crashing into a daycare center in florida. luckily no children were there at the time. but officials reporting that one person died and another person has been rushed to the hospital from that scene. now to the f-16 thunderbird accident at an ohio airport, the jet flipping over on the runway, trapping the pilot and his crew member. this all happening right before a major air show. tonight, the famous thunderbirds are grounded, following this crash before the dayton air show. one of their f-16s flipping off the runway.
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>> operations, were going to need anything heavy you have to lift this. >> reporter: emergency crews rushing to the scene and working nearly two hours to rescue technical sergeant kenneth cordova and pilot captain erik "speedy" gonsalves. both now recovering. >> we wanted to go out and show you a little bit of the thunderbird mission. >> reporter: in april i flew with the thunderbirds, captain gonsalves showing me what the $30 million fighter jets are capable of. captain gonsalves is an experienced fighter pilot with more than 1,600 flight hours plus combat experience. he's the advance pilot and the narrator for the thunderbirds show. he showed me some of their most famous maneuvers. >> one, two, three. four. >> reporter: but the accident in dayton didn't happen in the air, it happened on the ground. some eyewitnesses describing the plane hydroplaning off the
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runway. >> the f-16 went off the runway as it was taxiing off. >> reporter: gonsalves suffering lacerations to his legs. cordova also injured but later released from the hospital. the 12-ton jet significantly damaged. the cause of the accident is still under investigation but there was foul weather when they landed including high winds. >> we have air force regulations that guide whether or not we can go in with certain weather conditions. his approach and landing met all of those legal requirements. >> and the air force telling us tonight that captain gonsalves is still recovering. there's still much more ahead tonight. an american tourist shot during an island vacation, medevacked back to the states. an update on his condition. plus, a tsa officer arrested, accused of breaking one of the cardinal rules of the job. we'll tell you what he allegedly did. and a fire races through an apartment building. people jumping out of windows to
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back now with the tsa officer accused of violating the trust of passengers. under arrest tonight for allegedly stealing money out of a traveler's bag. abc's adrienne bankert reports. >> reporter: tonight, that tsa officer confronted by a passenger who says he stole from her. authorities say surveillance video shows officer alexander johnson reaching into that woman's bag and pocketing $500 during a security screening at orlando international airport. johnson now facing a felony grand theft charge. a 2012 abc news investigation reveals hundreds of tsa officers nationwide have been fired for theft, like this one from memphis. and then there is this former tsa officer, also at orlando international.
5:48 pm
who was last person seen with an ipad intentionally left by abc at a security checkpoint as part of an investigation with our brian ross who tracked him down. >> and the tracking device shows that it's located right here at this address. >> okay. >> is it here? >> no, sir. >> reporter: but shortly after our team set off the ipad's gps alarm, the officer produced it. >> you found it, there it is. >> reporter: he was ultimately fired. in the latest case involving johnson, the tsa said the agency said it has "zero tolerance for misconduct in the workplace." and it "immediately ended the federal career of this individual the experts say the woman in this case did exactly the right thing, insisting the bag stay within her sight and she did get her money back. tom. >> all right, adrienne, thanks so much. still ahead -- lost in the wilderness. a hiker surviving five grueling days. the ironic job he was training for. and how much would pay for
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that to me, is enough to keep going. back now with our index. a huge fire sweeping through an apartment building in washington, d.c., the fire breaking out in the four-story building early this morning. some residents jumping from windows to escape. firefighters rescuing at least a dozen people by ladder, including children. four firefighters and a resident were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. now to an alabama man shot while on vacation with his family, kevin newman hit once in what police are calling a robbery.
5:53 pm
he was flown to a hospital in florida for emergency surgery. he's on a ventilator tonight. no arrests so far in that shooting. and a hiker missing five days in the montana wilderness is safe and sound tonight. eric hellmuth got lost during a hike on monday. he was able to survive without proper food, water and shelter until rescuers finally found him yesterday. the ironic part of this story, hellmuth who's 21-year-old, was taking a course on how to be a backcountry guide. and finally, if kanye west follows through with plans to run for president, his wife is ready. kim kardashian reportedly buying jackie kennedy's cartier watch. at an auction in new york. the price, $379,000. that's more than triple the estimated price. up next, a quick-thinking 4-year-old saves her mother. >> can you get what? >> mommy needs -- mommy needs help.
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want more proof? ask your rheumatologist about humira. what's your body of proof? finally tonight, a mom in distress with only her 4-year-old daughter to help her. here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> 911, do you need police, ambulance or fire? >> can i get -- >> can you get what? >> mommy needs -- mommy needs help. >> reporter: a cleveland girl being called a hero tonight, making a 911 call saving her mother's life. >> i love my mommy. >> how old are you? >> 4. >> you're 4? >> reporter: abrianna this week meeting the woman on the other end of that call. >> my name's debbie, i talked to you on the phone.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: as well as the other first responders who teamed up to help. her mom, unresponsive after a seizure. the only other person home, her infant brother. >> can you tell me the numbers that are on your house? >> fifteen -- hello? >> reporter: abrianna knew to call 911. but she didn't know her address. dispatchers found her by tracking the cell phone. >> and the longer we keep somebody on the phone the more precise the address is. >> reporter: so how did a 4-year-old know to call 911? >> because mommy showed me. >> reporter: her mom taught her the password on her phone and how to use the emergency feature just in case they ever needed it. >> wow. i can't believe she did that. i was so like shocked. >> reporter: eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. >> great she learned that. thanks so much for watching. good night. thanks so much for watching. good night.
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good eesk evening i'm kate larson. they credit them for intervening when a teen and a 14-year-old girl and a 10-year-old girl returned a third time in the same week. lesley brinkly is live with the fremont police department and they shared a story of the incredible neighborhood help it took to make the arrest. >> you can say police are crediting neighbors with helping to solve this incredibly frightening series of home invasions. she was acosted by two suspects who wrestled with her to get the keys. her husband intervened and he was beaten up before suspects escaped in a honda accord. they returned three days later and tried to break in again. this witness wanted to remain anonymous. >> they came back,


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