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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  June 27, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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we begin that live breaking news out of alabama. reports of a possible active shooter at a military post. this is at the u.s. army's redstone arsenal post in huntsville. >> the lockdown lifted within the past 30 minutes, but officials say the situation is under control. that is the good news. our abc station in huntsville says it appears someone was able to get weapons on to the post. it's unclear what the person did with those weapons though. you're locking at a live picture. u.s. army spokesperson there just spoke with reporters there minutes ago. >> our thoughts and prayers are with everybody on the arsenal, and we hope there owes no casualties or incidents. >> important to note, officials say this does not appear to be a terrorist event. the fbi is on its way. as of right now, officials say there's no longer a threat to
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those at the army installation or the general public. thanks for joining us. i'm reggie aqui. >> and i'm kristein sze. a gas problem that's delaying muni. peegy is on the street near hayes street on franklin saying someone hit a gas line by accident while digging shortly after 8:00 this morning. pg&e crews were able by 9:00 a.m. buses that normally run are not able to run through and diesel buses are being brought in. >> a change for all of us that drive the golden gate bridge regularly. once again you'll be paying more to make that trip. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at the bridge. >> reporter: hey, reggie this. bridge section pens i have to maintain so starting on monday if you have a fast track pass is
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will cost you $6.75 to get across the bridge and but the this it's 7.75. drivers tell us they have some questions. it's becoming part of the july 4th tradition. this is the fourth year in a row the golden gate bridge toll has increased by 25 cents. we have a fifth increase coming next year. the board decided on these toll hikes to help with the bridge's budget deficit. the increases have customers wondering what they are paying for. >> the increase on the golden gate, i still wonder where all that money goes. >> i just think it's excessive due to the fact that they are not really doing anything that's showing me what they are using it for, you know. like the bridge is still red. i mean, and they have got the moveable barrier >> reporter: bridge isn't state-owned like other bridges are, so a district spokesperson points out the golden gate relies on tolls and fares and some grants to pay for maintenance and operations for the bridge, buses and ferries, and also for any projects like the new suicide barrier.
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some drivers say 25 extra cents seems fair. >> i don't have a problem with that. that bridge is expensive to maintain. >> 25 cents is very easy. i think it's the next raises that people are going to think about carefully. >> reporter: she is right to look ahead. next year is the last hike that is scheduled, but officials say it's not going to be enough. they are going to need more money, so they will have to look at future toll increases to keep up with the cost of doing business. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. palo alto will vote tonight on a controversial proposal to drastically increase the cost of parking in the heart of silicon valley. if approved, commuters, workers and shoppers will all have to dig much deeper into their wallets. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live in downtown palo alto with more. matt? >> reporter: kristen, everybody is frustrated with the parking
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situation here in palo alto. there's not enough of it, and next they will have to pay more to do it. parking is a problem in palo alto, especially for workers and their employers. >> people basically have to move their car every two hours, or we have to pay that $8 daily or parking -- the free parking is like impossible. >> reporter: chris tobias owns trip action, a corporate business in the district. you can park free for most spots for two hours. if you want to stay longer, you microsoft bay a daily or annual permit. but the problem is if you want one, it's hard to get. >> it's a one-year waiting list, and there's like 200 people on the waiting list so we're going to be waiting for a while. >> reporter: city council will decide if the price of parking permits will go up. the finance committee is recommending big increase. if approved by the city council, annual parking permits for the california avenue district would
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go from $149 to $365, a whopping 145% increase. annual parking permits for downtown will go from $466 to $730, a 57% increase. daily permits would also go up to $25 for california avenue and downtown palo alto. city says justification for changes include bringing the costs closer to what other cities charge in the region and also reduce cars and increase public transportation use, but businesses, like benjamin moore, say the cost of a bad parking situation is high and can keep customers away. >> or if they want to have, you know, lunch and come in here and shop, you know, the meter maid constantly is monitoring their parking space, where i've seen people get tickets, so it's not good. >> reporter: city council meets at 5:00 to the. there's more to this parking issue than just california avenue and downtown palo alto. if you like the details, go to
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our website, reporting live in palo alto, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thanks, matt. developing news now, syria denies it's planning another chemical weapons attack on its own people. the white house says it has evidence another attack is in the works. abc's maggie rulee shows us the strong language the white house now has for bashar al assad. >> reporter: a late-night warning for the white house, accusing the regime of syrian president bashar al assad of planning another chemical weapons attack on his own people. in a statement, quote, if, however, mr. assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons, he and his military will pay a heavy price. this statement came from white house press secretary sean spicer, accusing assad of preparing an attack similar to the one he carried out on april 4th. that one killed at least 70 people, including many children. the white house said that attack crossed a red line, and their response was swift. a u.s.-led missile strike on a syrian air base within 63 hours.
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abc's military analyst steven gan-yard says this time we could see an even bigger strike. >> if he didn't believe assad is getting the message, he could expand the target set, including the syrian headquarters or even assad himself. >> reporter: syria denies they were responsible for the prior chemical attack and russia the charge is unacceptable. >> the use of chemical weapons against innocent civilians is absolutely abhorrent. it's illegal under any rule of war. >> reporter: and u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley tweeted that any future attacks on the people of syria will not only be blamed on assad but also those who support him, like russia and
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iran. >> a san francisco family is grieving the death of a father who saved his young daughter before drowning. the two were kayaking sunday without life jackets off brandon island state park north of antioch when their kayak overturned. avalrado's older daughter saw it all. she said her father and sister got into trouble when waves caused by nearby boats overturned their kayak. >> he really like tried to get her safe first and he went like that and his head was in the water and he couldn't breathe but he made sure she was safe. he was very brave. he always -- he never -- he always took care of us. he always played with us. >> reporter: a jetskier was able to grab avalrado's young daughter. after that her father went under the water and divers found his bod' few hours later. investigators say avalrado and his doubter were not wearing the life jackets, even though they are provided for free onshore for anyone to use.
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children under 13 are also required under california law to wear life jackets. san jose police are looking for more potential victims of swim coach timothy nguyen under arrest accused of molesting and intimidating children he worked with at a private club they called quick silver swimming. a parent tipped them off about nguyen saying he was being inappropriate. detectives found at least three teenage victims he was texting with. if you have any information, call san jose police. the fourth of july is a week out, and already an east bay police department is busting illegal fireworks sales. newark police say let this be a warning. officers went on craigslist and found a buyer they say was selling illegal fireworks out of his home. police seize the several thousand dollars worth of product and booked the seller in jail. newark allows so-called safe and sane fireworks but many cities have a total ban so know what is the law is. taking action after the high rise fire in london.
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the extreme measures germans are taking to protect their people from a similar fate. and a wildfire is raging in u.s., now the largest in the u.s. the reason firefighters say it could take a full month to control it. >> and a major development on the senate's revised health care bill. what senate leader mitch mcconnell, the majority leader, announced moments ago about plans for a vote. have you noticed the stubborn clouds outside? a little bit slower to see the sunshine in many areas. open the weather window from mt. tamalpais. look what they do to the temperatures. break from summer continues, two to nine degrees b at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits
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new this morning a high rise in germany is said to be evacuated after inspectors discovered the exterior siding is similar to that of london's grenfell tower. hundreds of buildings in the uk alone are suspected to have been fitted with the flammable material. the grenfell tower burst into flames nearly two weeks ago killing at least 79 people. british officials confirm it was sparked by a refrigerator fire. police are also looking at all aspects of the cladding system and its insulation saying samples collected so far have failed fire safety tests. developing news in southern california where firefighters are trying to get a handle on a fast moving brush fire that's forcing people out of their homes. evacuations are underway in eastern riverside county because of the manzanita fire that
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sparked yesterday near the town of beaumont. flames have spread to 5,000 air, and the fire is just 10% contained. new developments now on the massive wildfire in utah. it's now the largest active wildfire burning in the u.s. the brian head fire has grown to nearly 50,000 acres. that's three times the size ever manhattan. approximately 1,500 people have been forced to evacuate their homes. firefighters say they likely won't have the fire contained until july 15th at the earliest because strong winds continue to fuel the flames. >> this just in. the health care bill in the senate will not go to a vote this week. all morning the senate majority whip insisted republicans would be able to muster up enough of its members to get that bill passed. obviously something changed. the fight that led republicans to at least for now stand down. >> i won't vote to proceed to unless the bill changes. >> reporter: today the senate republican health care bill seems to be on life support. >> you put all this together and get to the 50 is going to be very tough and the cbo score
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doesn't help any. >> reporter: with democrats united in opposition the gop can only afford to lose two votes but today six republicans are on the record saying they cannot support this bill, and some republicans are taking their opposition one step further, threatening to prevent it from even being debated on the senate floor. moderate republican susan collins tweeting i want to work with my gom ap and dem colleagu. senate will won't do it i will vote no on mtp, short for motion to proceed. a necessary step before the bill could even be considered. democrats taking to the capitol steps overnight in protest. >> i'll tell you right now. this crazy evil bill, it's not about going together. it's about leaving people behind. >> reporter: the non-partisan cbo score estimates 22 million more americans will become uninsured over the next decade under this plan. 15 million more uninsured next year alone but senate majority
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leader mitch mcconnell plans to push through a vote this week. >> so unless we act more americans will be left trapped, forced by obamacare to buy insurance, but left without the means to actually do so. >> reporter: even though things look bad for the republican bill at the moment, house leader paul ryan cautions that no one should bet against mcconnell in his words. the vice president pence is hosting his own charm offensive for wavering gop senators invading them over for dinner tonight. reporting from washington, lana zach, abc 7 news. >> senator mitch mcconnell said he won't have this vote come this week. it will happen sometime after the july 4th break. here in the bay area, some doctors say the republican plan will leave some patients with fewer options. a resident physician at sf general tells us what a multi-billion dollar cut in medicaid spending could mean. >> i think that's my big concern, you know, patients will get a lot sicker before they feel like, you know, they are able to come into the emergency department and brave all the
11:17 am
expenses that they might face. >> the proposal meantime to bring universal health care to california was unexpectedly stalled in sacramento on friday. lawmakers put it on hold saying it was incomplete and didn't include any way to pay for it. serena williams makes a splash on ""vanity fair." "the must-see cover and what she's revealing about her love life that has bay area connections. >> and a live look at our emoryville
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as promised we'll take a look at the warming trend but need to get a little cooler before that happens. let's open up the weather window
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on the golden gate. fog hanging around. northwest wind at 10 to 15 miles per hour. flag on the right side of the screen there, pretty much unfurled. temp tuesday below average. the cloud deck, and dry for the next couple of nights except drizzle near the coast. summer warmth is reserved for the weekend. overlay the cloud cover on top of the temperatures, hayward iss cloudy and 62. sunshine in brentwood and already 79. a little cloud cover around san jose and 67. still socked in in clouds and 58 here in san francisco. a little more sunshine around that, but about 70 degrees. wnds are going to be strong all along the bay shore today starting at 1:00 to 9:00. remember yesterday it stopped at the bay bridge and didn't go south but this time it does and that's another reason why the cloud deck is hanging arounded a the reason it's going to be cooler than average. some sunshine is break out. san jose 280 at 17.
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if you're exercising, no summer heat to worry about. hard work, do it now and this evening. pretty comfortable. beaches, a little bit of sunshine and it will be chilled with temperatures mainly in the upper 50s to low 60s. all right. let's start in the south bay and milipitas 73. san jose only 75 and quill roy about 76. santa cruz one of the brightest and warmest spots along the coast and pacifica 61 and millbrae 69 and low to mid-70s for the rest of the peninsula. about 64 today in san francisco and that's because i'm counting on some sunshine breaking out here in the next hour or so. if you're going down to the ballpark, consecutive wins are possible. down to 55 by 10:00 and the breezes will make it feel cooler than that. up in the north bay about 73 to 79 through the valleys. along the east bay shore because of the sunshine and the breezes, berkeley is always the cool spot this time of the year at 69. we'll be 72 in fremont, and as you head into the east bay. 76 at san ramon because the wind is coming up through crow
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canyon. around 80 around antioch and brentwood. even cooler tonight with more cloud cover. 51 to 56, our destination. a little bit warmer tomorrow, and you notice we tack on a degree or two just about every day, an before you know it it's the weekend and we're in the low 60s at the coast. we're nearing 80 around the bay and 90s saturday and sunday inland. good weather to be outside but not too harmful. >> sounds perfect. >> after coming back from new york, i'm so grateful to be back in the bay area in our weather. got a little hot and humid. >> too much humidity. >> all right. thanks, mike. >> new this morning, tennis star serena williams graces the cover of "vanity fair" as she prepares to become a mom for the first time. the 35-year-old wimbledon champ is showing off her growing baby bump on the cover along with her amazing arms for the august issue of the magazine. williams details how she found out she was pregnant taking six pregnancy tests and also reveals how she fell in love with her fiance, co-founder of san francisco's-based reddit. the couple is planning to get
11:23 am
married in fall after the baby is born. >> just read the most interesting fact from that article. alexis had never seen a tennis match until he met serena. wasn't just a fine. likes her for her. >> now for this out of the world experience can you say you
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moisturize, and freshen breath. try biotène®. coming up at 4:00, minimum wage is set to go up in five bay area cities on saturday, but will the rising cost of business end up costing jobs? and do air ambulances take consumers for a ride? 7 on your side's michael finney takes a look tonight on "abc 7 news at 5:00." we've done stories about people driving around with mannequins and other strange-looking passengers so that they can cheat their way into the carpool lane. >> but this one is a first. police in georgia, look at this, pulled over someone for speeding and found this, an alien doll riding shotgun. this is in the city of alpharetta. >> the police department tweeted two photos with this is something that only
11:27 am
surprises me, the driver got a verbal warning, no ticket. >> i think because it's so creative. he had to get points for that are. >> charmed the officer out of a ticket. >> you may not be so lucky. the chp says don't, don't try it. from all of us here at abc 7 news, thanks for joining us. >> have a great day.
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>> hey, everybody. you're invited to spend the next half hour right here with us. there's gonna be drama, there will be suspense, and there just might be a check with a whole bunch of zeros on it. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] all right, today's contestant is a 24-year-old cancer research specialist from enfield, connecticut. please welcome amal gulaid. [cheers and applause] hey, amal, how are you doing? >> hi, nice to meet you. >> welcome, nice to meet you. >> thank you, thank you. [cheers and applause] >> so, you're a cancer specialist. >> yes. >> first of all, you're very young. how old are you? >> i'm 24. >> 24 years old. that's incredibly impressive. and you're a cancer specialist. what do you do? >> so, yeah, i work in clinical research, specifically on prostate cancer


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