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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 29, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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alerts for breaking news any time. house lawmakers are expected to vote on kate's law today. it is named after kate steinly, a bay area woman shot and killed at pier 14 two years ago. the gunman was deported five times before the shooting. kate's law requires prison time for undocumented refugees that get deported, commit crimes and return to the u.s. the senate is expected to take up the bill after majority leader mcconnell trying to get a revised version of the republican health care bill before tomorrow and get a vote before break in august. it's not clear which parts of the bill are going to be tweaked. mcconnell delayed a vote on the gop plan yesterday due to a lack of support of the party. vice president pence say it is president will work to move that plan forward. >> before this summer's out, president trump's going to work with this congress and we're going to keep a promise to the american people and we are going
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to repeal and replace obamacare. >> last night, protesters gather outside trump hotel in washington, d.c. as the president arrived far political fund-raiser. new details in the deadly u.p.s. shooting in san francisco. abc7 news has learned before the shooting, the gunman set off a metal detector and allowed still into the building. a source with knowledge of the investigation says u.p.s. driver jimmy lam activated the detector but a security guard allowed him inside anyway. his backpack had two guns inside. lam shot and killed three drivers and then himself. u.p.s. would not comment saying the investigation is ongoing. police in san jose trying to find out what led to an attempted murder-suicide. a man shot a woman and then killed himself. the woman is expected to be okay. police say the man is the only suspect and there were no other victims. >> it was another female that
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was seen running away an we determined that that was a female shots fired running away from the scene itself and no other victims we are aware of. >> a nonprofit group that deals with gangs tells abc7 this neighborhood struggles with d-back related issues. police have not said whether this particular shooting is gang related. at the live desk this morning, bombshell allegations surrounding one of the pope's closest advisers. cardinal george pel. he is accused of a string, quote, historical sexual offenses in australia. authorities spoke overnight. this is video here of that news conference. and they say multiple people alleged the 78-year-old of sexually abusing them. no other details have been disclosed. pell strongly denies the allegations. the pope granted him leave to defend himself. cardinal pell was appointed by the pope to oversee the
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vatican's financial system and he is the highest ranking catholic official charged in connection with sex abuse in recent years. the hearing will be july 18th. a man is arrest for reportedly having sex with a teenager he met through the dating app grinder. the alleged victim is 15. police say the man add mythed he knew he was having sex with a minor and exchanged messages with other minors so police are spreading the word of this case in hopes of finding other potential underage victims. new dwoimts in the case of a doctor accused of sex crimes against kids. despite objections of prosecution, the judge granted the doctor bail yesterday. set at $6.4 million. if he bails out, he would be under house arrest with gps monitoring and limits on internet access. the terms include a no-contact order with potential witnesses and alleged victims. >> we definitely appreciate the
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court's analysis but nonetheless we are concerned that may not be sufficient to protect the public. >> for the first time yesterday, we saw one of the nurses in the case accused of being an accomplice. she faces similar charges as the doctor. they will be tried together. her bail is set at $500,000 and she's banned from practicing as a nurse until the case is resolved. prosecutors hope the third defendant in the case will be extradited here from arizona. the next court date, july 27th. happening today, a protest planned in front of the new courthouse in dublin hoping to put a hold on in-custody arraignments. the east county hall of justice opened monday. the protest led by a public defender and according to the east bay express, that public defender brendan woods says holding arraignments at the new location makes it hard for relatives of those defendants to be there. many of them live further away in oakland, berkeley and albany. meanwhile, the presiding judge
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claims family members usually don't attend arraignments and with the county jail nearby, it just makes sense. a report of the san francisco city treasurer's office shows huge inequities in the bail system. to get out of jail, those arrested pay the entire bail and get it back making the court hearing. you can pay a percentage, normally 10% to a bail agent and nonrefundable. a report released by the city treasurer says people are paying average of $10 million to $15 million in the nonrefundable bail fees. >> this is just wrong. money should not be a determining factor how big your bank account is and whether or not you get out of jail. >> supervisor ronan introducing a proposal to lower bail in the county which is now the highest in the state. planned parenthood is closing three clinics in the bay area tomorrow. locations richmond, vacville and
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pittsburgh. it's largely due to lower reimbursement rates in dra kra for provider of medical patients. tomorrow's closures leave 20 clinics in the northern california district. some residents from alam eda facing new parking issues. the terminal's parking lot only had 250 spots. starting august 1, streets in the headlands and columbia neighborhoods limited to four-hour parking without a permit and enforce, of two-hour parking. no parking allowed on private streets. ferry riders encouraged to bike, walk or car pool to get to the ferry. i thought i'd start with a look at the san mateo bridge. this is probably the least busy it will be this morning. alexis can take care of that. commute planner, if you're on the bay, speaking of ferries, breezy north of the bay bridge. east of the golden gate.
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i'll show you the small craft advisory in about 15 minutes. mass transit, clouds to sunshine today and on the roads mainly dry. might be drizzle near the coast this morning. let's talk temperatures in san francisco, very narrow range. west portal, the coolest at 53. bay view, the warmest along with the marina, ferry building and christie field at 55 degrees. all right. across the bay, 54 in richmond and union city 57. tracy, some of the warm spots with american canyon. let's no go to the north bay for hourly temperatures for napa. 8:00, 58. look at the temperature at noon, 76, delightful. warmer this afternoon. 84 at 4:00. still 82 at 6:00. but a great evening on the way. 73 by 8:00. let's take a look at the temperatures today. 60s along the coast. san francisco, sausalito, 70s and 80s in the bay and 91 in antioch. notice 90 in antioch.
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for saturday we've still got temperatures around 90 inland. 70s and 80s elsewhere. rest of the forecast and independence day coming up next. here's alexis. >> all right. not much happening on the roads so far. a minor issue in san jose at the moment. this the a two-car crash and off on the shoulder. southbound 101 near brokaw road. doesn't sound like major injuries. still looking at the green traveling conditions. and a quick check outside, as well. just south of there. northbound 101 at 880. everything looking fine with some really light volumes at the early hour. a look at drive times coming up in less than ten. >> thank you. an attempt to rake in youtube viewers. the incident involving a pregnant woman that will leave your jaw on the floor. wait until you see footage of a shootout that took place on a city bus. 4:40. headed to break right now and headed to break right now and keep track of what's
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connection to nature is a right that the trust for public land is fighting to preserve. from boulevards to ball fields and ponds to playgrounds, together we have saved over 3 million acres of land. a park is a gift that is worth protecting. help support the trust for public land and the gift of parks today. for the thousands of wounded warriors returning from battle, wounded warrior project has developed the warriors to work program, a unique program that helps wounded warriors translate their military experience to the civilian workplace. the warriors to work program
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also works with employers to find the right job for the right warrior. contact wounded warrior project at welcome home the brave. would you cross a street? would you cross an ocean? would you go if you could use your knowledge to teach someone and, in the process, maybe learn something yourself? life is calling. how far will you go? peace corps. we are back. new video shows a terrifying shootout in a crowded maryland bus. the state's attorney says the police shooting on june 7th was justified. police say blain herb tried robbing two people before getting on this bus. when police pulled the bus over,
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herb reacted. >> this was like watching a horror movie in the backyard. >> that is so scary. one passenger was wounded in this shooting. an officer was also shot. eventually herb was killed by police after fleeing that bus. a youtube stunt went wrong for a minnesota couple and now a 20-year-old woman will make a first court appearance today to face manslaughter charges in the death of her 22-year-old boyfriend. mona lisa perez told police that pedro lose iii wanted to make a video of her shooting a book. she said the boyfriend believed the book would stop the bullet. ruse was dead with a single gunshot wound to the chest. >> he told me about an idea and i said, don't do it. don't do it. why are you going to use a gun? why? because we want more viewers. >> perez is the mother of the couple's first child and is also
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7 months pregnant with their second kid on the way. a redding doctor facing 50 felony charges in a teenage sex scandal back in court monday. benjamin settell was a doctor. he is accused of having sex with three teenage boys and one of his patients over the course of a year. all of the alleged victims are minors. police were tipped shettell's ex-boyfriend sent a message. the bail is set at $3 million. he and his lawyer will be in court next week to try to get that reduced. this morning in boston, more than 100 firefighters still at the scene of this massive fire. they're looking for hot spots right now. yesterday, flames ripped through the top floor of a six-floor apartment building under construction. fortunately, the condos an apartments are unoccupied. it was supposed to open next month. sprinklers had not been turned on yet and the boston fire
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commissioner said contributed to the flames getting out of control. officials say it's too early to determine the cause. today president trump hosts the new south korean and president at the white house. the meeting likely to be challenging since the south korean leader who is more liberal than his predecessor favors a more conciliatory approach to north korea and the unpredictable dictator. president trump has taken a harder line with the rogue nation especially in the death of captured tourist otto warmbier. >> things cooling down, a comfortable night. no complaints here. >> for the weekend it's hot again so where are we now, mike? >> hotter but nothing outrageous.t. nice to be outside. warm in the afternoon as you would expect heading through a kind of a holiday weekend. i mean, technically the holiday's tuesday and a lot of people probably taking monday off. here's a look at the accuweather highlights. afternoon sunshine. a minor boost in temperatures today. hardly noticeable.
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cloudy to foggy and cool at night. here we go at 7:00 this morning. and by noon, the same areas are going to have clouds, slowly breaking up from the san mateo bridge northward up to the richmond san rafael bridge and along the coast, cloud cover has a hard time breaking up and few pockets of sunshine and the cool spots. take a look at the microclimates. santa cruz, 73 after afternoon sunshine after drizzle this morning. low to mid-80s into the santa clara valley and the south bay coupety no and the upper 70s. palo alto at 78 degrees. we will have millbrae once again 68. along the coast, upper 50s to low 60s. narrow range. downtown about 65. up in the north bay valleys, 82 to 86 degrees. along the east bay shore, 70s to berkeley and oakland at 70 to
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fremont at about 76. as you head inland, 83 at san ramon. accuweather 7-day forecast, pretty steady pattern through sunday and then a slight dip in temperatures for monday, tuesday, maybe wednesday. not a huge roller coaster. >> looks great for the fourth of july holiday, too. traffic feeling like it's a holiday at the moment. here's a live look outside at the bay area toll plaza. wide open. fast track. cash lanes and car pool. no issues to report. quick check of drive times. westbound 085 tracy to dublin you are the first one in the yellow at 37 minutes. southbound 680 dublin to mission boulevard 14 and northbound 85 highway 101 to cupertino, you look good. >> thank you. if you or someone you know planned on hitting the treasure island music festival this fall, don't miss an important update. plus, a group of campers recorded this unbearably cute
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encounter y. they're saying it was a completely stupid idea. but first, this morning's tech bytes. today, say happy birthday to the iphone. >> it was released ten years ago today with a whopping 8 gigs of memory. >> iphone 8 is due out likely in october with wireless charging and fingerprint sensor on the front glass. dating app tindr is rolling out gold to let users see all of those who swiped right or liked them. the service is only available in argentina, australia, canada and mexico. and someone found the droid they were looking for. a unit that was used in several "star wars" films sold at auction. >> the 43-inch droid reportedly compiled from parts in the nil ming of the original trilogy. nearly $3 million. nearly $3 million. >> still
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welcome back. we are learning more about the bike program across the bay area. we first told you about the go bike expansion yesterday right here on abc7 mornings and now abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom explains why the car company is turning more of its attention toward two-wheeled transportation. >> i don't care what mark twain said. this is great biking weather in this city. how about it? >> reporter: on a damp, foggy, summer morning, scores of people
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got a first ride on a bike with an unlikely name. have you ridden a ford lately? >> i came all the way from denver for this. >> really? why? >> i want to be part of something that's new. >> reporter: but the vision is not new if you ask ford. >> improving people's living changing the way we move and for henry ford, 100 years ago, that locked like an automobile and a new way to get around but for cities today it's changed. >> reporter: ford go bike is a rebirth of bike share with ten times as many around san francisco, oakland, berkeley, emeryville and san jose. it's run by motivate designing the bikes and manage where they're placed with real world data. >> seeing how people are using bike share, be able to feed the places that we want more of it an realize where the holes are. >> reporter: be making the bikes available at transit hubs, advocates hoping to solve the last mile of your daily commute to work. >> clipper card. >> reporter: they're celebrating. the same card for the bus or
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ferry unlocks a ford go bike and you're not stuck with it, just return it to another station. >> we want to walk, go some place later. affords us incredible flexibility in the way we live our >> reporter: the $14.90 a day. >> it's affordable to everyone. low income residents pay $5 for the first year. >> reporter: in fact, local leaders say 35% of the go bike stations are in neighborhoods of economic concern. some because people requested them. >> people said i wish you would put a bike station here. >> reporter: ford motor company putting motors in some bikes and electric pedal assist model next year. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> did you see the clipper card costume character? >> i liked it. >> all right. california drivers could gate incentive to go electric. bay area assemblyman unveiled a bill yesterday to create $3 billion in rebate money for drivers buying electric cars.
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he announced the plan yesterday at a charging station where his car was charging. the exact amount of the rebates debate dpends on the customer's income level and he believes it's a draw for drivers. >> so we're trying to get a million and a half vehicles on the road by 2025. clean vehicles. and then 5 million clean vehicles by 2030. >> tinge believe it is electric plan works in the same way as a state rebate program for solar panels jump starting the industry in california. sorry, folks. the music festival will not be fall but will return next year. this is all according to a redevelopment project forcing the festival to move and the co-founder believes the biggest obstacle is finding a new site. hey, if you're on the water, whether it's a ferry to work or pleasure, you're on the boat or sailboat, we do have a lot of wind out there, especially north of the bay bridge and east of the golden gate bridge. here's a look at what's going
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on. that should be santa cruz. i apologize. i wanted to talk about how it's going to be warmer there than anywhere else. 73 degrees and partly sunny conditions and 58, ocean beach and 61, monterey at 65. going to the fair and wilson of heart playing tonight. 70s to 80s. >> all right. a look at the roads here this morning. really quiet. in fact, i don't have anything blocking to talk about right now so we'll enjoy that as long as it losts. here in walnut creek and light volumes there. should be traveling at the normal speed limit. a quick check of mass transits, no delays for bart. ace 1 out maybe two minutes later. close enough to on time and then mike said probably going to be choppy riding a ferry today. we have some breezy conditions and no issues reported for san francisco bay ferry. just some slight delays out of the central valley. that's at 5:00. a group of campers agreed that getting this close to a
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bear cub is on the verge of idiotic. in west virginia, the playful yet powerful cup left marks on one of the men it encountered. >> this bear is really distressed. >> never seen a bear before. >> and he -- hey, bear. listen. >> all this mud that literally just barely hugged me. these are literally bear scratch marks. >> can people stop say literally so much? that's my first thing. >> literally bad idea. >> not only looked for men, followed them back to the home where they were staying. and i think this goes without saying but you shouldn't do this. as everyone knows, if there's a cub around, mama bear is probably also not far behind. >> no kidding. >> and will come and hurt you. >> all things considered they were lucky. >> they were literally lucky. cracking down on driving while high, new at 5:00, the steps by officers across the state to catch drugged drivers.
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also, new details this morning about what happened months before the tragic ghost ship fire. come across the curb and run him over. i was not going to let him get away with it. >> oh, she is not fooling around. what led up to a pregnant woman running down a man.
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president trump's travel ban is revised and back on and it starts later today. >> we are live at sfo with everything you need to know and by the way that's not the only change coming to airports across the country. good morning on this thursday of june 29th. natasha has the day off. the rest of us are here for you this morning including mike nicco. >> saw sfo there. cloudy, probably some flight arrival delays. >> shocking! >> oh no? >> especially in the summer, right? yeah. @mike nicco if you have to leave us, i'll let you know. winds are


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