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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 29, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, more than two dozen tornadoes reported in the midwest. >> i was just so scared. >> this one ripping through iowa destroying homes. >> this is a mess. >> while powerful wind and hail wreak havoc. and those wildfires raging in the west closing in on entire neighborhoods in california. breaking news. one of the pope's top advisers charged with sexual assault, now taking a leave of absence. the highest ranking vatican official to face these accusations now firing back this morning. the clock ticking as republican senators race to draft a new health care bill by tomorrow. the president makes a promise. >> we could have a great health care package. >> as one of president trump's closest aides gets drawn into the russia investigation.
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♪ welcome to my house home run hero. tim tebow's big moment at bat. the rising mets star sending a 92-mile-an-hour fastball soaring. >> took the bat on the ball and hit it hard and was thankful i could get one out tonight. >> getting one step closer to the major leagues. ♪ ♪ welcome to my house tim tebow hit it out of the house. he's a good friend of our program. let's see that moment once again. he just got promoted, what a great way for timmy to celebrate. >> put the bat on the ball, hit it hard. >> just like that. and it is crunch time in the capitol right now. there you see a live shot. republicans trying to craft a new version of obamacare repeal by tomorrow but it is going slow. we have some new polls this morning showing the public just isn't buying it. >> more on that in a moment.
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but first, we want to get to that tornado threat out of the midwest. more than two dozen reported twisters tearing across four states. abc's alex perez starts us off in wisconsin. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. a lot of the damage happened after dark so many people are just now getting a chance to assess what happened. now, that powerful storm ripped right through this garage tearing down the walls and sucking this big truck out, flipping it over. [ sirens ] >> hurry, tornado. >> reporter: dangerous twisters tearing through the heartland. >> i think it's coming this way. >> reporter: 26 reported tornadoes touching down across four states wednesday from iowa to wisconsin. >> oh, it's hitting the ground now. >> reporter: the storms bringing massive hail. toppling trees and destroying homes. >> this is, you know, fury of nature type of stuff. >> reporter: one family -- >> it hit like that. >> reporter: -- narrowly escaping. before a tornado tore the roof off of their house. this morning, the massive cleanup under way. crews working to clear roads and help those who lost everything.
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>> just like the world had ended. >> reporter: this as wildfires wreak havoc in the west. more than a dozen structures destroyed in southern utah. >> ask you guys to all leave. >> reporter: and the goodwin fire in arizona quadrupling in size on wednesday. firefighters forced to pull back for fear of their safety. so the cleanup here is just getting started. but to complicate things many parts of the midwest today bracing for another round of strong storms. george. >> okay, alex, thanks very much. we do want to get more on those wildfires out west. rob marciano has that. >> reporter: george, 40 large fires now. blustery and dry conditions will exist. we have that threat this morning with a severe thunderstorm for parts of kansas, flash flood watch as these storms could have damaging winds and heavy rain and throughout the day today and
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tomorrow and tonight chicago gets into it, detroit, cleveland and kansas city and upstate new york as we start this holiday weekend. more on that later in the program. robin, back to you. >> okay, rob, thank you. now to that breaking news. one of the pope's top advisers facing sexual assault charges this morning. cardinal george pell, the highest ranked vatican official ever to face these accusations. our foreign correspondent james longman has that story for us. good morning, james. >> reporter: good morning, robin. yes, a stunning development overnight. the man considered the third highest ranking official in the catholic church is charged with multiple counts of sexual assault. george pell is a senior cardinal from australia and is in charge of vatican finances which makes him a close adviser to the pope. we don't have much detail yet of the allegations but they do go back to his time as a young priest. cardinal pell firing back this morning, criticizing what he calls a relentless character assassination adding the whole idea of sexual abuse is abhorrent to me. now, in his official statement he says he's looking forward to his day in court and will defend
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the charges vigorously. police have instructed him to appear in court on july 19th. as a member of the pope's inner circle this is potentially the biggest scandal to face the current papacy but pope francis has indicated his support and given cardinal pell leave in order to return to us a ral ya and face trial. >> the pope has asked everyone including the media to withhold judgment but this is a big test for the pope. >> reporter: that's right. pope francis' reaction is going to be under huge scrutiny. many just feel that the vatican has not done enough to deal with this problem. the world will be watching, robin. >> it will, james, thanks. >> okay, robin, thanks. we're following several stories out of washington. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell trying to reach a new version of obamacare repeal by tomorrow hoping for a vote but few signs he's picking up the support he needs. house set to vote on two new bills and president trump will hold his first meeting with south korea's president and how
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to deal with north korea at the top of the agenda. and new developments in the russia investigation. abc news has learned that one of president trump's closest personal aides is now facing questions. our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega here with the details. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hi, george. good morning to you. this russia probe is widening. investigators are now looking at the president's inner circle. as you said one of the people they now want to talk to is one of the president's closest aides. he is president trump's longtime former bodyguard turned top white house aide. such close ties he has an office right next to the oval office. and this morning, abc news has learned keith schiller is now on the list of witnesses that house intelligence committee investigators want to talk to as part of their probe into possible ties between team trump and the russians. schiller did not respond to a request for comment. but sources close to the investigation tell abc news people on that witness list have been notified. schiller has known president trump for nearly two decades. a former new york city police
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officer, who is now director of oval office operations, the president assigning him such tasks as hand delivering the letter to fbi headquarters that told former director james comey he'd been fired. he is rarely heard from publicly. but he is nearly always by the president's side, known for being fiercely protective. during the campaign schiller was seen hitting a protester outside trump tower. >> stop it! >> reporter: he was at the center of this now-infamous moment. >> excuse me, sit down. you weren't called. sit down. >> i have the right to ask the question. >> reporter: after just a look from his boss, it was schiller who ushered univision anchor jorge ramos out of that news conference. >> don't touch me, sir. don't touch me. you cannot touch me. >> reporter: now, one white house official here tells me they're not surprised to learn schiller's name was on this list, in fact, several white house officials here expect that their names could end up on this list too, george, as this russia probe continues. >> do we have any idea who those officials will be?
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>> reporter: well, george, we're learning a little bit more as this investigation moves forward. we know that investigators want to talk to, for example, the president's son-in-law jared kushner, we know that they want to talk to his longtime friend and former political adviser roger stone. this is essentially a witness list, that's what this is and as this investigation moves forward, more names are being added to it, george. thanks very much. george, more now on the health care showdown. the senate scrambling to draft a new version of the bill by tomorrow before leaving for the july 4th recess. president trump is predicting a great result. mary bruce is tracking it all for us again on capitol hill. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, republican leader mitch mcconnell is hoping to have a revised version of his health care bill by tomorrow but this morning it's still unclear what parts are being tweaked and whether this will be enough to turn some of those no votes into yeses. overnight the president got a harsh greeting as he arrived at his d.c. hotel. [ chanting ]
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where he dropped by a fund-raiser for his re-election campaign. as he eyes four more years that promise of his first term to repeal and replace obamacare is stalled on capitol hill. >> health care is working along very well. >> reporter: republican leaders are still optimistic but still facing opposition from within. at least nine senate republicans are opposed to the current bill. not to mention all of the senate democrats. but that's not stopping the president from predicting a surprise victory. >> we could have a big surprise with a great health care package. so now they're happy. >> what do you mean by big surprise? >> i think you'll have a great great surprise. going to be great. >> reporter: the real surprise would be if republicans are able to pull this off. gop senators i've talked with who are still opposed are on the fence say they don't know if they can get this done and if they can't, well, there is some growing talk up here of the "b" word. they may have to do a bipartisan deal. robin. >> all right. and also, of course, the president is focusing on his
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travel ban and we know that parts will go into effect today. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. part of his travel ban will be going into effect today and comes after the supreme court earlier this week finally upheld some parts of the ban. >> thank you. let's get more from our chief white house correspondent jon karl. let's begin with the russia investigation, now reaching deeper and wider into the white house. this is still very much the beginning as it continues to grow, much more difficult for the white house to wall off the investigation from the rest of their work. >> reporter: and it's cast a shadow over the entire west wing. the fact that schiller is now on that witness list is a reminder that virtually all of the president's senior aides at some point are going to be touched by this investigation. even those who aren't even accused of any wrongdoing whatsoever will have to come in, testify. that means it's going to take time, a distraction and, george, legal bills, lots of legal bills, so, a shadow not just over the current senior staff but also those they want to bring in who are having second thoughts about whether or not
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they want to be dragged that this. >> i lived through that in the '90s. even when you're just a witness it costs you a fair amount of money, could be even tens of thousands of dollars. let's talk about health care right now. a lot of new polls coming out showing how weak that senate bill is. let's put a couple up right now. three new polls all showing support for the republicans' health care planner all under 20%, one as low as 12 according to "usa today" will make mcconnell's job so much more difficult. >> reporter: absolutely, and another recent poll from fox news which has the number a little bit higher at 27% approval rating for the republican plan but look at this, george. 52%, a majority of the country now saying in that fox news poll they view obamacare positively. so, it's a tough political environment here. they still believe they have a chance to get this passed. but they really need to come to an agreement at least in the outlines of what the bill will finally be to get those wavering republicans on board by tomorrow. >> the president promising a big surprise. any idea what he's talking about? >> reporter: i think the surprise he's talking about is
7:12 am
winning, is victory on this bill. getting this bill passed in the senate and, george, at this point that would be a surprise. >> it would be a surprise. meantime, the president is meeting with the south korean president tonight. it comes as his national security adviser suggesting the president asked him to draw up new military options to take on north korea. >> reporter: that's right. the president himself has asked for the options and it's a much more difficult challenge now because the north koreans, as their missile program has advanced, they can now launch missiles with a much shorter setup so there's much less time to react so what the president has told his national security team is that he wants a new set of options, including military options which they, of course, hope it will never come to because there are no really -- there is no good military option on the korean peninsula. >> none at all. okay, jon karl, thanks very much. and george, we have more now on the new security measures affecting thousands of flights heading to the u.s. the department of homeland security announcing enhanced screening for passengers and electronics.
7:13 am
abc's david kerley has the details and, david, this morning the airlines are warning this could, of course, lead to significant delays. >> reporter: they're talking about that and actually how much it's going to cost as well, robin. this is all about terrorists who have learned how to put explosives in electronic devices and sneak them through security. the u.s. was considering expanding the laptop ban. instead, they're requiring much tighter security from any airline that wants to fly into the u.s. overnight, airlines grumbling about the new, stricter screening requirements the u.s. is demanding for any jet headed to america. passengers will see more dog units, explosives swabbing and new high-tech scanning machines in foreign airports. the fear, terrorists have learned to hide them in electronic devices. we saw it in africa. a hole blown into the side of a jet. >> our enemies are constantly currently working to find new methods for disguising explosive, recruiting insiders
7:14 am
and hijacking aircraft. >> reporter: the u.s. is basically setting a new global standard for airport screening. rather than expanding that laptop ban on eight middle eastern and african nations and so this enhanced screening will have to be used by every airline flying to the u.s. that covers 280 airports, 180 airlines, 2,000 flights and 325,000 passengers a day. >> al qaeda and isis bombmakers have spent considerable time seeking to better understand airport security and find ways to build bombs that can get past it. >> reporter: while the international airline association hopes to minimize the cost to airlines, the u.s. airline association says, there should have been more consultation to avoid operational disruptions which it says are likely. now, the airlines are being given a few weeks to implement some of these new restrictions. and a few months for others. they're kind of complaining it's a very short time line, robin. >> but what about the laptop ban that's already in effect at some airports?
7:15 am
>> reporter: yeah, dhs, homeland security is saying if those airlines and those airports can meet these new higher standards they're actually going to lift the laptop ban on those airports and airlines. >> interesting, all right, david, thank you. we're going to turn to an investigation into what set off an explosion at a college dorm in kentucky. as you can see much of the building at murray state university was gutted. a university employee who was injured is thankfully in stable condition. no students were inside because it's summer break. authorities say a preliminary investigation indicates a gas leak may be to blame but they're investigating whether foul play was involved. we move to a major development in that case that made national headlines last year when armed protesters occupied a national wildlife refuge. an fbi agent is now facing charges accused of lying about the deadly encounter. abc's clayton sandell is in denver with the story. good morning, clayton. >> reporter: good morning, george. the fbi tells us that agent is no longer working on the bureau's elite hostage rescue
7:16 am
team. he's been reassigned after a shooting he says didn't happen. this morning, an alleged lie and an fbi agent facing criminal charges. >> you want my blood on your hands? >> reporter: stemming from this attempt to arrest this militia leader robert "lavoy" finicum during a takeover at a wildlife refuge. they flee and nearly hit a police roadblock. that's when investigators say fbi agent w. joseph astarita fires twice, missing him as he gets out his hands up a bullet tearing through the truck. but astarita, a member of the fbi's elite hostage rescue team, allegedly told investigators he never pulled the trigger. >> the actions of the fbi hrt in this case damaged the integrity of the entire law enforcement profession. which makes me both disappointed and angry. >> reporter: seconds later state troopers shot and killed finicum saying he reached for a gun. finicum's wife says my husband was shot in the back three times
7:17 am
and should have been afforded his own due process before they killed him. >> the cover-up is worse than the crime because the agent would not have been prosecuted for taking a shot if he felt that that vehicle driven by finicum was a danger to the public. >> reporter: now what is still not clear is why astarita allegedly lied. prosecutors say that will come out in court. the agent faces five felony counts in all and pleaded not guilty. george. >> five counts. there were other members of the team, clayton. what's going on with them? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. there were four other members of the team who were there. the sheriff who investigated the case says the fbi told him that those agents were not disciplined. the sheriff says that is disappointing, george. >> okay, clayton, thanks very much. want to back to rob for more on those conditions fueling the fires out west. >> george, all those lush hillsides from all that rain this past winter across the west now is dried out and fuel for the fires. we are way above average, 2.7 million acres burned so far
7:18 am
and we have fires breaking out yesterday across southern california, orange county, the hillsides there, near camp pendleton and in burbank, as well. dangerous situation out there. several fires burning across several states and red flag warnings especially for the interior west and heat advisories, not the record breaking heat we saw last week. your local forecast 30 seconds away. good morning! i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. check out the cloud cover out there. that will give way to afternoon
7:19 am
sunshine. this steady pattern holds through the weekend, and independence day, there's just a slight bit of cooling, maybe a degree or two. today 61 at half moon bay, sunshine, 73 at santa cruz. san francisco 65, around the bay low to mid-70s. 80s inland, even 90s in antioch and fairfield. my accuweather seven-day forecast. i hope you like today. coming up, a former nfl star's stunning confession. how losing his millions almost drove him to murder. that phone call that stopped him just in time. "fast and furious" star michelle rodriguez threatening to leave the franchise in the dust. we'll tell you why. plus, the shock of a lifetime. can you imagine finding this in your garage? we'll tell you what a woman did when she did.
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be radiant by colgate optic white. good morning on this thursday. it's 7:23. i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." happening today, commuters can take their first rides aboard the long-awaited smarttrain in the north bay. the first southbound train leaves the park at 8:00 this morning. you can ride for free today in what's called their soft opening. smart is still working out some of the kinks in the system before getting final approval to formally open. regular service could begin as early as next month. good morning to you, alexis. good morning. we have a traffic alert in gilroy. state route 152 is closed both directions right around frazier road. this all started with a semi that hit a power pole. the pole fell over, some we've got wires down on the roadway. stick to the alternates for now.
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they said close to an hour, maybe longer. toll bridge
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if you're headed out, most of us in the mid-to-upper 50s. we do have hayward, san jose, mountain view at 60, brentwood 61, and santa rosa only 49 degrees right now. your commute planner, it is going to be mainly dry if you're on the roads. now, if you're taking mass tr s trans transit, clouds this morning, sunny this afternoon and breezy on the bay bridge. whether you're on the water, playing or on a ferry. steady pattern. today repeats through sunday. maybe a little bit of a dip in temperatures next week. reggie? >> thanks, mike. coming up, a former nfl star's shocking admission. what almost led him to commit murder? that's next on "good morning america." we're going to have another abc7 news update in 30 minutes and always on our news app and
7:27 am we leave you with this live look at santa cruz this morning. we'll see yo
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spark the energy within you every day. emergen-c energy+. emerge and see. you should be watching from the side. i wouldn't want to get exhaust on that pretty face. >> how about you put your money where your mouth is. >> back here on "gma," michelle rodriguez and the "fast and furious," one of the stars of the multibillion-dollar franchise, and this morning, you know what, she's threatening to speed away from the blockbuster series and we'll tell you why coming up. >> yeah, she's using her leverage there. also right now, a limited version of president trump's travel ban expected to go into effect from travelers from six muslim majority countries and he will meet with south korea's president and talking about rising tensions with north korea. and it has been ten years now since the iphone came out. can you believe that? >> no way. >> apple says it sold more than a billion phones since 2007.
7:31 am
>> i have purchased about half of those billion. but first in this half-hour, we begin with that startling confession from a former nfl star. redskins running back clinton portis earning more than $40 million on the gridiron but life after football led to bankruptcy and almost drove him to murder. jesse palmer is here with that story. good morning, jess. >> good morning, robin. with more than 2,000 carries over nine seasons he signed what was then the largest contract for a running back in nfl history. but just a year after his retirement, he found himself drowning in so much financial trouble that he was considering murder. once a star nfl running back for the washington redskins -- >> touchdown. >> reporter: -- clinton portis rushed straight into a $43 million fortune he proudly displayed on "cribs" on nfl network. >> you like the shower. here's a good shower. >> reporter: in a new "sports illustrated" article, portis
7:32 am
revealing the life of luxury all came crashing down in 2015 when he filed for bankruptcy of his fury turning on his former business advisers getting so upset he says he was ready to take the life of one of 9 men who he says mismanaged his money. portis went so far as to wait for the man outside a d.c. office building, gun in hand. >> he thought that they had taken away his ability to provide for his family and felt that they were not paying any consequences for that. he felt for those few nights that he would have to take it into his own hands. >> reporter: the 35-year-old revealing he was talked off the ledge by a friend who told him over the phone to turn his car around saying, you've already lost, but the loss you would sustain by killing someone would be greater. >> his friend reminded him of his sons, of his family, of the people who loved him and that he had so much to lose. by taking drastic action he would lose it all. >> reporter: edgerrin james, the former colts star said the 35-year-old was too generous plunking down credit cards for strangers and supporting too many friends and family. portis says the biggest regret is trusting people with my money.
7:33 am
he wishes he had put money in the bank instead. clinton portis tells abc news that dark days are behind. the future is looking bright and "sports illustrated" tells us that portis is truly content finding happiness and value in family and relationships. his story can be found in the latest issue of "sports illustrated's" "where are they now?" issue. which hits newsstands today. we bring in darren rovell. all right, yes, he made some mistakes financially. we'll give you that. but it is so much more than mishandling finances. you believe that pro athletes like clinton are targets for crooks. >> absolutely. listen, their salaries are public, right? so that's out there. we know that they're coming from backgrounds where they're not coming from money and they don't have the financial education. so people are going to go after them and say, this is a way to get money quick. and, unfortunately, these stories are happening over and over again. we keep telling these stories and yet people don't learn. until it's your own situation,
7:34 am
you don't learn. >> i'm not even going to begin to list the many athletes and the many different sports leagues. what can the leagues, can they do anything? should they be doing more to help? >> right now, i'd say they need to back off because, and this is a weird thing, the nfl has an nfl financial adviser program. that's through the union and the whole idea about this was let's help them and say these are the financial advisers that we approve through our program. the problem is that some of these financial advisers have been the same guys that are part of this fraud. so they say, okay, let's look at the list of people who are approved by the nflpa, by the players union, and those guys are using that as an opportunity -- maybe they've never done fraud before but now they're using it as an opportunity to say, hey, we're approved and now the players will kind of -- there's the affirmation there so i think it's very tough. i think the players have to say, never sign over power of attorney where someone can write a check for you.
7:35 am
there's got to be some steps. they got to do a better job. >> and we have to understand the average playing career for professional sports is very short. >> three years. in the nfl, it's three years. clinton portis got, what, nine years. he got a $17 million contract and yet he still looked at his bank account one day and saw $150. >> also the athletes have to take some of the responsibility. >> absolutely. >> cannot put the blame completely on them. >> absolutely. you look at just how he spent on things. he had $400,000 in gambling debts when he filed for bankruptcy. >> all right, darren, good to see you. >> thank you. coming up here check this out. a woman finds a black bear in her garage. we'll tell you what she did. hat? i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni. harvoni is a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. it's been prescribed to more than a quarter million people. and is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who have had no
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we are back with that close encounter in colorado where a woman pulled into her garage, came face-to-face with a black bear. there it is. t.j. holmes here with the video. >> hey there, george, this video is a little scary at times. fascinating. even funny when you hear some of her commentary. i want you to keep in mind this bear is essentially signing its own death warrant because it's displaying behavior in which it's so unfazed by human beings that wildlife officials consider it too great of a risk. >> aagh. oh, my -- >> reporter: this is the moment danielle backstrom realizes she has an uninvited guest. >> i kind of open my door like this and the bear was right there. freakin' bear, get out of my garage. >> reporter: she just pulled into her colorado garage tuesday when this 400-pound black bear
7:40 am
followed her inside. at one point it even climbs up on her car and starts sniffing around. >> shoo, bear, shoo. i quickly hop back in my car, keys are in there, i roll up the window as fast as i can. >> reporter: the mom tries to scare it off and makes some noise, even tries to nudge it out by backing up the car. the bear barely even notices as you can see in her car's rear view camera. >> i can't go because there's a bear behind me. come on, bear, move. >> reporter: the bear eventually runs away. she calls wildlife authorities to report the sighting. >> go away, bear. oh, my god. >> reporter: officials think the bear is the same one seen here just one day earlier eating ice cream from a nearby garage. they say this video highlights a growing problem. >> it's not cute. it's eating my ice cream. >> reporter: that by leaving food so easily accessible the bears forget to fear humans and the repercussions could be deadly.
7:41 am
>> this bear has clearly learned that people can provide food and that garages are a place that it can find food and unfortunately, when that happens, you know, it can make the situation dangerous. >> yeah, we see some of these video, close encounters and we play them, again, the woman was kind of funny. this is a serious matter to wildlife officials. that bear was about 400 pounds. it should be around 120 and 300. it's clear that this thing is not eating out in its natural environment. people are leaving out and it's eating things it shouldn't be eating. this is one of the keys. you have to keep a wild animal wild and do it by making sure you put things up and animals can't get to the stuff around your house. >> makes sense. >> thank you. coming up, is the "fast and furious" series heading for a roadblock? one of its stars now threatening to quit and we'll tell you why next. (bell rings) with my moderate to severe crohn's disease,...
7:42 am
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7:45 am
cue the commercial break and i was talking to rebecca. you were talking to larry. >> good morning, rebecca. back now with our big board and that "fast and furious" star, one of the most successful franchises in film history could be losing one of its stars. >> that would be michelle rodriguez threatening to quit unless producers give her more of a role and larry hackett here to talk about it. you have the first details. >> this is a very big deal. this franchise has raked in more
7:46 am
than $5 billion in the last decade but now one of its biggest stars, michelle rodriguez, taking to instagram saying it's time to show some love to the women, threatening to leave if they don't. >> you should be watching from the side. i wouldn't want to get any exhaust on that pretty face. >> how about you put your money where your mouth is. >> reporter: she's the no-nonsense female phenom but this morning, michelle rodriguez threatening to pull away. >> see ya. >> reporter: apparently over the franchise's treatment of women. the high-octane actress writing on instagram tuesday, i hope they decide to show some love to the women of the franchise on the next one or i just might have to say good-bye. fighting words from the actress who said she once had to fight filmmakers to allow her character to throw a punch in a male-driven brawl. >> what's it going to be, rook?
7:47 am
>> reporter: during his final week of filming last year, dwayne "the rock" johnson taking to facebook expressing his loyalty to his female co-stars, touting their professionalism on set calling them always amazing. as for rodriguez, she's hoping her star power can turn the wheels of change. and there are a lot of people rooting for her this morning. rodriguez explaining in a recent interview with "entertainment weekly" that the imbalance of power weighs heavily on her mind not just because of her role but the diminished roles of other female actresses in the franchise and says the only leverage i have as an individual is my participation. as an actor that's your leverage. >> it is. she wasn't specific in what her concerns were. what do you think, larry? >> i'm not surprised. she's not going to start saying i need seven more lines but the interaction she finds embarrassing. the times they speak to each
7:48 am
other about something other than a man and this movie fails that. she's been in this movie for 16 years with jordana brewster, and the amount of times she's said something to her is five times. the fact of the matter is these movies can change. they're not just testosterone parades. they can make changes. "wonder woman" being a case in point. starring in the "fast and furious" franchise, i think it's a great idea and i think she's put the studio and filmmakers on their heels. >> what would happen if she left? >> i don't want to say conclusively but probably not much. hit's remember, paul walker who was one of the co-stars died in 2013 and the movies are now making more money than they've ever made. this wouldn't be just about her character leaving but about the circumstances of her character leaving. all this attention now being paid. if she walks away from the franchise because the filmmakers in her mind were unwilling or unable to give meaningful roles
7:49 am
or lines to women within these kind of comic book settings that's not a good thing. >> you bring up "wonder woman" and that's a good point. it wasn't just a powerful female cast but also the director as well. you would think that hollywood would want to jump on a bandwagon. it was a huge success in the box office. >> more successful than a number of other superhero films that have done quite well. but there was unbelievable pressure on "wonder woman." patty jenkins, the director and filmmaker talked about the unbelievable pressure she felt in making this film a success. the fact that it was successful means very likely we're going to see a sequel and more follow because we know now there is interest. if there are consumers there will be films for them. >> but you point to a broader issue here. "usa today" has a statistic in the paper today, 149 movies coming out next year, 92% are directed by men. the fact of the matter is it is -- >> 92. >> -- still incredibly a male-dominated business and while there is success in this
7:50 am
particular franchise, i think michelle rodriguez is being very smart. she's not going to have this podium forever. she won't be in a billion-dollar franchise forever. >> seems like she's using it for something beyond money. >> talking about the way women are portrayed in the film. there are women in the films like charlize theron and helen mirren has joined the cast so there's some consciousness of that but she says just because these are kind of action movies and what takes place is a fantasy it doesn't mean portrayals of women can be equally as simplistic. >> it's how they're portrayed. thank you both very much. coming up, dwayne johnson giving us a sneak peek at the brand-new "jumanji." and a "gma" health alert. incredibly painful knee condition millions of teens face. we'll tell you what causes it and how to treat it. when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin.
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a warm welcome back to "gma." we had 26 reported tornadoes yesterday, a lot in iowa. here's a couple of them. this one in sidney, that was a quick one but a beauty. only one nonserious injury so that's thankfully the case there. we expect some flooding rains across baton rouge in new orleans today. a flash flood watch has been extended to include parts of the florida panhandle as this heavy rain from the gulf of mexico comes in. you could see 4 plus inches in spots. th
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by the quicksilver card by capital one. brought to you by the quicksilver card by capital one.
7:56 am
good morning. 7:56. i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." meteorologist mike nicco joining us now with that weather. hey, mike. >> hey, reggie. hi, everybody. we'll start with santa cruz. got the beach ready for the holiday into next week, holiday weekend and into next week. beaches are going to be sunny, especially here. pretty cloudy elsewhere. sunscreen if you're exercising. playing on the water will be choppy north of the bay bridge. all right, a pretty steady pattern in temperatures all the way through sunday. alexis? okay, taking a look at the roads, we have a new issue in the south bay. sounds like someone lost gravel on 280 north of highway 17. that is in the two middle lanes and is really starting to slow you down. and we still have a traffic alert in sgil roy. no change. state route 152 closed both directions near frazier road after a crash that involved a power pole, so wires down likely, a long-term closure. reggie? coming up, torrey johnson's
7:57 am
deals and steals up 60% off, next on "good morning america." another news update in about 30 and on our news app and we are here
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking overnight, dangerous twisters tear through the heartland. 26 tornadoes reported in four states, the latest at this hour. new this morning, those airline security measures now affecting thousands of flights heading to the u.s. and the warnings now about significant delays for your travel plans. shonda rhimes' candid comments on weight loss revealing the one thing worse than losing weight and getting healthy was how people treated her after. princess diana, the powerful new documentary about her life and legacy. her brother charles spencer speaking out, what he's saying about his sister, their family. what meant the most to her. a first look this morning. ♪ welcome to the jungle. and who is he talking about? >> what's that guy's name, little snack size? >> dwayne johnson with a special message. his world exclusive that he's bringing to "gma" this thursday
8:01 am
morning. >> good morning to my "gma" family. ♪ ♪ good morning, america. happy thursday. great to have you. we can't wait for those edition. everything made in the usa. and just moments ago, you know, you stepped away for a hot second. well, new co-host who joined us. sophie and her mom and dad from pittsburgh. >> you really traded up. >> i know. well, angie, our great stage manager, that was her nephew's daughter. you never know what is happening in the breaks. we have a lot of stories and start out with those severe storms overnight. more than two dozen tornadoes reported across the midwest and abc's alex perez is in western wisconsin where they're seeing serious damage. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, george. yeah, those storms no joke. take a look at this, those powerful storms blowing the walls right out from this garage here and check this out.
8:02 am
sucking this big truck out and flipping it over. now, take a look at some of these images, a funnel cloud popping up all across the midwest. some 26 reported tornadoes across four states bringing heavy hail, toppling trees and even as you saw here damaging homes. now, here is the good news. there's only been one reported injury in all of this, it will be a long day of cleanup for many people. george and robin, back to you. >> all right, alex, thanks so much. and the other big story this morning, a major change when it comes to airport security. david kerley has more on the new security measures and what's behind them. good morning again, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this is all about terrorists figuring out how to put explosives in electronic devices and sneak them through security. that's why we saw that laptop ban in eight countries in the middle east and africa. the u.s. wanted to expand that ban and the airlines and the europeans pushed back so the answers from the u.s., we are
8:03 am
setting a new global standard for screening of passengers in foreign airports that want to fly to the u.s. this is going to affect 325,000 passengers a day. higher security, more swabbing of electronic devices, more canine units, you'll see all of that. the airlines are pushing back a bit and saying it is expensive and the time line, three weeks for some and a couple of months for the others, they say, is quick to try to implement what the u.s. is demanding. if they don't meet it they won't be able to fly into the u.s. >> thanks so much. well, you know, amy is already on vacation. have you seen her great pics in alaska. >> amazing. she's taken us right there with her. >> great to have you here. >> thanks. we begin with another tweet from president trump, this time for attacking the host for a cable news host. mika, here's the quote, i heard poorly rated morning joe speaks badly of me. then how come low i.q. crazy
8:04 am
mika along with psycho joe came to mar-alo three nights. members of his own party are criticizing this tweet. and we have breaking news from the vatican. a top adviser to pope francis, the vatican treasurer has been charged with multiple counts of sexual assault in australia. cardinal george pell denies these which date back to the 1970s. this is tragic. a minnesota mother has been charged with killing her boyfriend while trying to perform a stunt to post on youtube. they were apparently trying to make a viral video when police say 19-year-old monalisa perez shot a book that her boyfriend, he was holding it up to his chest. now, they thought the book would stop the bullet. it did not. relatives say the couple was trying to become famous. just so sad. and in arizona, thousands of people have been forced from their homes as a wildfire near the city of prescott burns across 32 square miles. more evacuations are possible. about 3,000 homes and buildings could be at risk.
8:05 am
and a sports headline for you this thursday morning. one day after being promoted in the minor leagues, tim tebow blasting a two-run home run to center field for the mets affiliate in florida. now, tebow hit a home run during each of his debuts with two previous teams. maybe we'll see him with the mets. >> let's go to shea. >> that's right. finally, an example of what not to do when you pack for vacation. look at this. police in new hampshire pulled over a van -- can you see the van? this actually happened, george. he took piling on to new heights. if you look closely, there is a bike, shovel, shopping cart as well as a 32-inch tv. do you see the dresser on the roof as well? >> oh, gosh. >> the driver was cited for negligent driving. also a ladder. what would you do if you saw that on the highway besides take a couple pictures? >> slow down. >> that's what a lot of people did. >> you're so right. it is citi field but always shea in my heart.
8:06 am
>> my kids corrected me when we went to a mets game a couple of weeks ago. that's the only reason. shonda rhimes gets candid. the brains behind "scandal" opening up about her weight loss brought some unwanted attention and how people treated her differently. and we've got a health alert about a condition one in five children face, how youth sports can hurt their knees as they grow. we'll tell you how to treat it. plus, we're counting down to fourth of july. "deals & steals" and everything made in america and up to 60% off. when you buy a used car you should feel confident. that's why carmax has over 40,000 cars to choose from nationwide. with prices clearly marked, the same online as they are in the stores. that should give you some car-buying confidence. the type of confidence you need to wear white after labor day. the type of confidence to suddenly switch to an english accent for no reason whatsoever. yep... . at carmax, it's all about confidence. nothing but net. nailed it! or should i say, nailed it gov'nor. what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade?
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8:11 am
>> don't be shy. >> ah. [ whistling ] >> how do you do that? >> i always wanted to do that. i end up spitting. >> you have got to teach us during the break how to do that. oh. >> the skill. >> well, that's a great entree to "pop news"? >> was that my entree? i do have some "pop news." you guys were jumping ahead to christmas. it's here early this morning. the trailer for "a bad mom's christmas" has dropped. take a look. >> hey, mom. >> where is your tree? >> i didn't want to waste time shopping for one and enjoy christmas this year. >> amy, you are a mom. moms don't enjoy. they give joy. that's how being a mom works. >> ah, this is going to be fun. >> that sums up -- i feel like motherhood as my mom was the whole time. it was to give joy. don't enjoy anything. bad moms are back for holiday high jinks this will their own mothers come over for the
8:12 am
festivities. the movie hits theaters november 3rd. it's already in my calendar. >> did you guys see "bad moms"? >> oh, my gosh. two thumbs up. >> you didn't see it? >> i'll go back and watch it now after watching that trailer. >> i feel like for every good comedy there's a couple in between. that was a good one. >> on the list. and next up, "gilmore girls" actor scott patterson announced he's releasing his own brand of coffee. the actor known for playing the owner of lou's diner tells he plans to call it scotty p.'s big mug coffee. he reveals it is about ready to launch and saying he is obsessed with a quality coffee. we're sure it's a big treat for fans. when we think of luke we think of coffee. i was a little too old for "gilmore girls." but i do know luke. >> it's bad. my little daughter harper at 12 is completely obsessed with it. >> it's netflix. >> yeah. >> it's making a whole second act. were you a gilmore girl? >> no. [ laughter ] >> another note. >> i've got a long list.
8:13 am
and finally, while dogs are known for making messes, very few admit to their mishaps. take a look. >> is there a wild animal in our house? who did this? did you do this? honestly, is there a wild animal in our house? who did this? >> that's fake. >> no. and he's like torn up the whole living room. i love a good dog shaming. >> it's not even like a little hand. it's like not -- >> it's not tentative. >> i did it. i was the one. i did it. right here. >> my favorite thing is with your dog you'd have to train different because her arm is here. >> frenchie arms. little french bull dog. she would not admit it either. >> never. >> never fess up. >> who did that? >> well, let's thank sara haines for "pop news." >> thanks. >> that's good.
8:14 am
we're going to turn to that headline that's getting a lot of reaction. it's our "gma" cover story this morning. media mogul shonda rhimes speaking out about how losing 150 pounds led to some unwanted attention. "nightline" anchor and good friend juju chang is here with that story. good to see you, juju. >> good morning, guys. she is a hollywood powerhouse and says she hates talking about weight loss and hated every second of the process but once she lost the pounds what she found is perhaps the opposite of body shaming, the queen of shondaland says she was stunned by just how differently the overweight shonda was treated than skinny shonda. she's the brains behind some of the most powerful women on television. >> because a woman in power is a nasty woman. >> reporter: now shonda rhimes, the tv titan behind megahits like "scandal" and grey's anatomy, opening up about her personal weight loss in her new essay on, it was how people treated her afterwards.
8:15 am
women i barely knew gushed and men, they spoke to me. they spoke to me like stood still and had long conversations. these people suddenly felt completely comfortable talking to me about my body. telling me i looked pretty or that they were proud of me. when i was fat, i wasn't a person to these people. like i had been an invisible woman who suddenly materialized in front of them. poof, there i am. thin and ready for a chat. i met up with rhimes back in 2015 to talk about the life changes she made to conquer her fears. >> say yes to things that freaked me out. >> reporter: and we talked about the event that forced her to examine her weight. >> i tried to buckle the airplane seat belt it would not buckle, and i remember feeling horrified. you can call the stewardess and say, hey, this doesn't fit. can i have a seat belt extender? >> what do you say to people when they want to know? you lost 127 pounds. give me your secret. >> i realized that i work really hard in every other area of my life. why wouldn't i throw myself into being healthy and losing weight?
8:16 am
>> reporter: but now she writes these days i feel like a chunky spy in a thinner world. strangers tell fat jokes in front of me. jokes not meant for me but completely for the woman i used to be 150 pounds ago. the woman i could be again one day. the woman i will always be inside. because being thinner doesn't make you a different person. it just makes you thinner. shonda says she is calling out what some people call sizism, not as a scolding but as a call for empathy, to create a window of kindness and sisterhood for someone who needs it. robin. >> all right, juju. our senior medical editor dr. jen ashton, we wanted to talk to you. you are board certified in obesity medicine. you're not surprised by the things that shonda wrote about. >> unfortunately, not at all. >> there's an obesity stigma not
8:17 am
just in society and popular culture but in the place you want it and please expect it, the medical profession from doctor, nurse, dietitians down to medical students who tend to some of them perceive people who are overweight or obese as unintelligent, unmotivated, lazy, et cetera, et cetera, and not only is that unkind, but it's medically dangerous because then those people who perceive that stigma may be more likely to skip or delay medical treatment and that is particularly true for obese or overweight women. >> get the facts right. get the facts right. don't just make those kind of judgments like that. what can we do to change this? >> well, you said it. we have to base this on facts and science and the science and biology clearly state that we know that the brains of people who are overweight are different. they produce different hormonal signals that affects our hunger, metabolism. this is a medical issue, it is not a social judgment. >> quickly, if somebody wants to lose a significant amount of weight, what do you suggest? >> take a head-to-toe approach. really holistically and start with the emotions and work your way down the body. it's a marathon, not a sprint.
8:18 am
the goal is better health, not smaller size and big differences in medical condition can be made with small amounts of weight loss. if you can, get a whole team of support around you which at many clinics and centers luckily exists. >> thanks so much. now we've got that important health alert for parents about youth sports and knee injuries and, paula, you're going to take a closer look. >> good morning again. the millions suffering are experiencing excruciating pain and while rest, it's really the best medicine, some kids are choosing to play right through that pain which can lead to a worrisome pattern. 16-year-old tiffany lin loves soccer, and it's been that way since she was a little girl. so this is ten years ago when she first started playing soccer. >> yes. this is tiffany. >> monday, tuesday and thursdays i have practice. and then on the weekends i have either games or tournaments for my travel club. in addition, i usually play a recreational on fridays and games on the weekends. >> reporter: a grueling schedule
8:19 am
that started taking a toll on tiffany's growing body. you started noticing some severe pains. when did those pains start? >> i would say around middle school but it wasn't severe until high school. >> was your pain ever so extreme that you couldn't play soccer? >> yes. >> reporter: that's when she ended up here at the hospital for special surgery in new york city with dr. brett toursdahl and a shocking diagnosis. >> so, to determine she is osgood-schlatter disease, it's a condition where the bone at the top of the shin becomes painful and inflamed because part of the bone that is still growing becomes dislodged and -- by the tendon that's pulling hard on that part of the knee. >> it looks like it's swollen. is that the osgood-schlatter? >> yes, it's my bone that protrudes out. >> reporter: it's estimated 30 million kids participate in youth sports annually. and research suggests that this condition may affect as many as one in five young athletes as they continue to grow. a staggering figure.
8:20 am
many cases due to overuse. >> as a young athlete grows and develops, they have to recognize that there are limits to what their body can sustain before it starts to break down. >> reporter: tiffany's condition can get better with rest. but for a young athlete who wants to play college soccer and beyond, that's not always an option. so for you, you're playing through a tremendous amount of pain, but it's worth it. >> of course. i mean i love the sport. i just have a passion for playing soccer. so i hope to continue that and on to college. >> so with this particular condition, with osgood-schlatter, kids are expected to outgrow it. playing through it shouldn't cause long-term damage but prolong the pain. different overuse injury playing through the discomfort of that could lead to long-term damage. >> eventually have to know the difference. >> you do. let's go outside to rob. >> check it out. come on. you know the fourth of july is coming up this weekend. we've got the american flags out, we love it. proud to be an american.
8:21 am
check out the forecast for the next few days. we are heating things up. it's a beautiful morning in times square. warm and breezy today but heating up with more humidity for friday and saturday. certainly, feeling more summerlike. five to ten degrees above average. good morning! i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. check out the cloud cover out there. that will give way to afternoon sunshine. this steady pattern holds through the weekend, and independence day, there's just a slight bit of cooling, maybe a degree or two. today 61 at half moon bay, sunshine, 73 at santa cruz. san francisco 65, around the bay low to mid-70s. 80s inland, even 90s in antioch and fairfield. my accuweather seven-day forecast. i hope you like today. all right, time now for "deals & steals," tory is here with us. we got some great fourth of july items that are all made in america. >> all made in america.
8:22 am
>> i love that. >> that's good. >> let's start over here. we got something pretty cool that gets to show off your state pride. >> your state pride. >> from mississippi. >> they are from mississippi. they make these distressed flags. i got the florida one. you're headed off to florida for a week of vacation. so in any room, you can show off some state pride with the distress flag. >> don't mess with texas. >> don't mess with texas. we have all 50 states covered. normally. slashed a little more than half, 22 bucks for yours. >> why didn't you bring iowa? >> i'm sorry. i should have brought all 50. >> no canadian pillow, that's okay. >> no judging? >> like northern minnesota. over here, beautiful candles. >> what i love about these, these are all hand poured in alabama. >> this smells like a boy, a man. >> earthy undertones, sweet leather. that's what is in that one. this is south antebellum. that has grapefruit, mango,
8:23 am
peach. what i love about them, this i've got a variety of fun toppers that represent regions normally $30, all slashed in half, 15 bucks. >> that is a give anyone gift. anyone. >> that's a no-brainer. i love this, very decorative soaps. we have some loofahs, as well. >> did you say loofahs? >> i do. >> a loofah. >> they're a little spacey. >> life's too hard to have boring soap. these are all hand made. hand cut in california. >> i would eat them. >> isn't that beautiful? >> smell that one. >> i would eat this one. this looks like an ice cream cone. >> all have a loofah built in or a loofah built in. >> it's like two for one. >> there you go. a variety of different patterns to make you happier. you said it's the actual touch that makes you look like really put together. >> if you put it in a bathroom someone will look in and she's like a pinterest person. you know what i'm talking about. >> $4.50 for a bar of soap. >> that's so cute.
8:24 am
>> what i love about rusticuffs. with these leathers you can put any name, phrase, initials, you can put a date that matters to you, look, i prepared this one. everybody's got something. >> i heard that somewhere. you might have heard about it. >> robin's podcast. put whatever matters to you on these. plus, beaded options you can coordinate with depending on the style you want to create. 48 to 86 but these are all slashed by 58%, 19 to $36. >> that's great. cool-looking footwear from the state of georgia. the great state of georgia. >> all made in georgia. there are three different styles. there's the thin-strapped flip-flop, the slide, the wide strapped flip-flop and what i love. all of these have this ergonomic footbed. >> i know. you practiced saying that. ergo. >> i did practice. super comfortable. a lot of times they aren't so comfortable. these have style, comfort, color, such an amazing assortment. >> you can never have too many.
8:25 am
because you need to throw them in gym bags, commuter bags. walking the dog. everything. my trip to florida. >> 26 to 36 normally. these are all slashed in half, $13 to $18. >> i love those. >> wait. >> over here we got toys and we've got kids here from the audience playing with them. they are absolutely loving them. >> future engineers. keep going. >> ava told me, she's amazing at building things so k'nex are great for them. a big assortment. tinkertoys and they say they start at age 3, but there's no end date on these. i think we can all enjoy a little building fun. >> they're like a learning toy. >> they are a learning toy, but imagine after dinner or a saturday afternoon on a rainy day pull these out and everybody gets to participate. >> you need these 24/7. there aren't special moments for play. >> and a really good deal on these. a big assortment online. normally range from $10 to $50. we slashed all of them, at least
8:26 am
by half, $4.50 to $25. >> fantastic. we partnered with all these great companies to get these deals and you can see all these great details on our website. this is fantastic. coming up, we've got dwayne "the rock" johnson. >> nice. nice.
8:27 am
good morning, everyone. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." petaluma police believe a suspected sexual predator may have targeted multiple teenagers, and a warning for folks out there. they say that man is 23-year-old alexander battaglia. he is in custody right now. detectives claim he had sex with a 15-year-old after meeting the boy on a dating app, grinder. police even say that battaglia told investigators he exchanged messages with other teens, so now they are looking for more victims. those are your headlines. let's check our traffic with alexis. okay, i've got a couple heavy spots here. actually, the same trouble spots from 30 minutes ago. neither have cleared yet. northbound 280 past highway 17. they're trying clean up a gravel spill, but pretty heavy traffic
8:28 am
in the area. also, state route 152 closed in gilroy near frazier road due to the crash involving the power pole. jessica? >> alexis, thank
8:29 am
that early sunshine, you see brentwood, 67 degrees. rest of us pretty much in the mid-50s to near 60 degrees. a quick look at the, well, i was going to show you the planner, but i'm about out of time, so let's see the seven-day forecast. looks steady through sunday. >> mike, thank you.
8:30 am
we'll have another update in 30 minutes and always on our news app and mirror rain and helen mirren and helen mirren and♪elen mirren and >> welcome back to "gma." great to have all of you here this morning. we have a whole lot going on at the table. >> i know. i feel like i've been studying for an exam all of a sudden. we've got an incredible story for everyone. okay, look, probably having a cup of coffee wherever you're watching us where there is a think article in "the new york post" that suggests the brain pay be playing tricks on your taste buds. okay, first hold up the cup of coffee you think would be more intense the one in the white mug or clear mug. which one -- >> white mug. >> shoot. >> yes, yes. that's where i meant to grab. >> right. there's this new book, gastrophysics that says our brain -- it plays tricks on our brain and think this is more intense and sweeter than -- >> darker inside.
8:31 am
not because of the white outside. >> don't ruin it for everyone, george. please. it's early. >> but also when it comes to -- look at these cookies. we have one on a dark plate and one on a lighter plate. which do you think would taste better? taste each one and see, does one taste better than the other? the one on the dark plate or the lighter plate? the blue plates -- >> the white plate is sweeter. >> no, the blue plates make food taste actually -- well saltier. -- >> i have a lot of chocolate in my mouth. it tastes good. >> the darker plate -- i thought -- i didn't do my homework. >> they're both the same. >> the point is the packaging and coloring of packaging can -- it can mess with your mind a little bit. >> dip it in your coffee in the white cup. >> do you think there's really any truth to it? >> i think there is. >> i read something about this. you remember when coca-cola, a couple of years ago, they changed their can, and there
8:32 am
were a lot of people that wrote in and thought coca-cola had changed the recipe. >> they were upset. >> but they didn't. it was just because it was in a different vessel. people thought it tasted different. >> i think the plate matters too. when you do a smaller plate, you're always like -- >> george. >> she's such an easy audience. [ applause ] >> you want to take this one, george? okay. [ applause ] >> talk amongst yourselves. >> okay. i'm sorry. i lost my train of thought. i went somewhere else. >> it was a great laugh. well, i'll save both you guys right now. you guys are part of a special new generation.
8:33 am
did you know that? >> super young. >> super smart. >> i just heard about this. >> they're called xennials. have you heard about it? i'm the oldest generation x i think. >> i'm with you. >> my kids are too young to be millennials but you're very special. apparently people born between 1977 and 1983. >> i just made the cut. >> just made it. i'm in. >> i didn't know it was a thing. but any xennials in the audience? oh. you don't have to admit to it of there is a little test. you remember the phone number of your childhood best friend. >> yep. >> 613-0084. >> we have no way to prove that's right. >> they're watching and they know. >> you're an xennial by extension. >> do you remember this sound? [ beeping sound ] >> speed dial. >> fax machine.
8:34 am
>> no, the dialup. [ applause ] >> you won as soon as you walked out. you said this is the sony walkman. you said i love those things. >> side b when you used to have to work hard to find the song you want. super old school. i was surprised george had one. [ laughter ] that's the coffee speaking. i'm so sorry. >> i think we've taken this about as far as we can go. [ applause ] >> george, thank you. [ whistling ] i need another whistle. >> time-out. do you guys remember "jumanji" with robin williams? >> sure. >> this is really cool. we've now got an exclusive first look at the new "jumanji" movie and who better to introduce it, the trailer, one of the stars himself, our friend, dwayne "the rock" johnson sent a special message about "jumanji: welcome
8:35 am
to the jungle" right from the set of his latest action flick because we know the rock is always working. take a look. >> good morning to my "gma" family. my "good morning america" family. i miss you guys. and certainly good morning to everybody watching live right now. and i know i look like i went one-on-one with this helicopter behind me for breakfast because i actually did. i'm on set shooting a movie but this is a very exciting morning because while you guys are getting ready to see is a sneak peek of our new movie, "jumanji: welcome to the jungle." we didn't want to make a remake. we wanted to honor the original, make a movie that the world would enjoy by continuing the legacy, continuing the journey. we have an awesome cast that you guys are getting ready to see right now. we have the best time. myself, karen gillen, nick jonas, jack black and what's that guy's name, little snack size -- denzel -- yeah, kevin hart. yeah, him. i love kevin. it's like looking in the mirror when i see him. guys without any further ado,
8:36 am
enjoy this sneak peek of "jumanji: welcome to the jungle." hey, snack size, i'll be right there, kevin. >> oy vey. >> where is the rest of me? >> my god. >> who are you? >> me, spencer. >> who is she? >> martha? >> why am i wearing half a shirt and short-shorts this the jungle. >> i think we got sucked into "jumanji" and have become the avatars we chose. >> so does that mean -- >> bethany. >> don't look at it. >> no! >> i'm an overweight middle-aged man. >> i don't have claritin. and all i see is pollen. >> where is another two feet of my body. >> don't cry. don't cry. don't cry. it's going to be okay. >> oh. not a remake. >> it's not a remake. it's not a remake. it's not a sequel. it's coming out on christmas and we'll have the full trailer on
8:37 am
our website. >> oh, check it out on our website. i'm in. you guys in? >> yeah. you're right. it hits theaters in december. coming up, great swimsuit shortcuts for the summer. come on back. ...that had the power to whawaken something old...... ...or painfully dated... ...or something you simply thought was lost forever... ...because it could form a strong bond, regardless of age... if a paint could give any time-worn surface stunning new life... have to wonder... is it still paint? regal select exterior from benjamin moore®. only available at independently owned paint and hardware stores.
8:38 am
8:39 am
warm tropical breeze. we have palm trees growing here. right here in times square. what a gorgeous day it is. look, it's babs' 70th birthday.
8:40 am
where are you from? >> waukesha, wisconsin. >> i love waukesha. is new york treating you well? >> very well. very well. >> happy 70th. you don't look a day ove celebrating america. happy birthday america and the fourth of july forecast. what's going on in waukesha? looks like right on the brink of maybe seeing a shower south of chicago and northeast looks nice and west coast looks to be pretty nice, as well. all right. how long you in new york for? >> till saturday. >> saturday, that is a -- that is a fun 70th birthday. folks from all over the country and it is a good-looking day in new york. good morning. i'm meteorologist mike nicco. just a little bit faster sunshine inland. you'll be a little bit warmer while the rest of us are pretty steady. in fact, look at my accuweather seven-day this weathercast is brought to you by sprint and we all like pie. who doesn't like pie on the
8:41 am
fourth of july? robin, george, jesse and sara, back up to you. >> he's having a good time, isn't he? >> he is. >> now to a new look at princess diana's life 20 years after her untimely death. prince harry, prince william and princess kate will gather on her birthday to rededicate her grave in a private ceremony. princess diana still captivates us and a four-hour special is turning the spotlight on her legacy and chris connelly has a closer look. >> reporter: good morning. alongside fresh thoughts from many who knew or observed her closely, "the story of diana" will be the only program in the u.s. to feature an interview with diana's brother charles spencer. he has strong opinions on his sister's life and her legacy. diana, princess of wales, would have been 56 this saturday. a life lit by lighting and flashbulbs. >> of all the ironies about diana, perhaps the greatest was
8:42 am
this, a girl given the name of the ancient goddess of hunting. >> was in the end the most hunted person in the modern world. >> reporter: two decades after his heartbreaking eulogy diana's brother charles spencer speaking out about her legacy. >> obviously 99.9% of people have never met her or seen her but felt something in her that was fascinating and intriguing and a force for good. >> even before her fairy tale marriage to prince charles, diana was a wide-eyed english rose who would beguile the word. >> my earliest memories of her she always had a natural star quality. >> a human being with all the vulnerabilities of a human being. it brought her very close to all of us. >> reporter: that vulnerability enhancing her legacy as the people's princess. the fierce protector of her children william and harry. >> nothing in her life came close to the love for her children. >> hi. >> they meant more to her. >> hi. >> i remember she was furious when she had taken harry to
8:43 am
school and he was 4 or 5. >> here he is arriving at a school nativity play. smile for the cameras, harry. lovely. >> it was the sheer dishonesty of it that they were trying to say he was this impossibly rude little kid whereas they had provoked him on purpose. diana felt furious about that. >> harry now carrying on her work speaking frankly about his grief at her death and joining with his older brother to raise awareness of mental health issues. just the kind of activism his mother took to heart. >> one of the reasons i want to talk now is because i think after 20 years somebody shifts from being a contemporary person to one of history actually and diana deserves a place in history. this was a special person and not just a beautiful one. >> you know, the remarkable candor of william and harry in recent months and advocacy certainly seems like the kind of thing which would have made their mother exceptionally proud.
8:44 am
it's the thing that diana really brought to the royal family. it was that capacity for self-revelation and then the ability to leverage the interests that people had in her on behalf of causes and charities that were close to her heart. robin. >> her children are certainly following in her footsteps in that regard. all right, chris, thanks so much. you can see "the story of diana" right here on abc, the two night event starts wednesday, august 9th. coming up here on "gma," the hottest new swimsuit trends for the summer season.
8:45 am
8:46 am
"wow" means you save 50% or more. there are three stages of "wow". denial. - is this price right? - acceptance. and... boooyah! wait for it. boooyah has three "o's". ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ announcer: 24 packs of roxane mountain spring water are just a $1.99. ♪ i met you in the summer back now with the hottest swimsuit trends guaranteed to make a splash at the pool or the beach. "vogue" accessories director selby drummond is here to help. >> thanks for having me. >> perfect timing. i'm about to hid out on vacation. i need to know everything. i'm seeing everywhere that the hottest trend right now is the one piece. why is that making a comeback? >> we love the one piece.
8:47 am
we're seeing it on a lot of celebrities. we're seeing it on ashley graham and sophia vergara and kylie jenner and "baywatch" is back. a lot of protection on the beach. running back and forth on the beach you can wear a one piece but it's a style we haven't seen in a long time so feels very fresh and modern and very versatile. >> let's see an example of this. we've got aura. come on out. >> hi, aura. >> this is great. >> yeah. >> so this is -- i love you can find a one-piece at any price point, $29.99 from h&m and i recommend when shopping for a one piece finding something that's neutral and a solid color. you want to stay away from patterns and prints that date so you can wear it season after season and update it with different styling and looks great on any body shape on any body type. and we have her here in a floor length cover-up to be glamorous. if she changes her mind she can accessorize.
8:48 am
>> and those kamonos are very in, too. anything someone should be looking for? you mentioned the solids but anything with a cut. >> everyone has a different body type and there is a one type for everyone. you can find one in a halter top, one that contours. all have great shop for your body sections and i recommend you do that and buying a simple color and everyone you can dress it up however you want. >> next up we have brianna in another of this year's hot trend, the high-waist bikini which body type does this suit? >> a lot. it is a secret weapon for a lot of body types. so as you can see it elongates her legs. >> makes her tiny. >> accent waits the waist, great hourglass figure and balances out if you have broader shoulders. i recommend when you are shopping for a high waisted one, one that hits at the belly button. you don't want it to look larger
8:49 am
cut bikini bottom but register the style. and we have it styled here with a beautiful wrap skirt so she can very easily add to that cinched waist effect. perfect fit when you have a wrap skirt on with that flattering a-line shape. >> kind of harkens the evan curry 50s they wore -- >> exactly. that's very sexy without baring too much skin. >> i like it. thank you so much, brianna. we also have andrea wearing the perfect look to go from the pool to a party. she looks -- >> believe it or not, andrea is in a bathing suit. >> that's a bathing suit. >> that is a bathing suit. one of my favorite tricks for packing light and for getting the most out of an investment. yeah. we picked this gray off the shoulder ruffled j. crew piece that adds extra glamour on the beach but looks great going out at night. you can try this with a bikini top too. a high waisted pant or skirt you might already own and kind of bring only that on your trip. >> now, what is your favorite of all of these, like what do you -- >> of all these, i'm loving the
8:50 am
one piece as a body suit to go out at night. if you have a simple one wear it under a sheer dress. i love it's really easy and versatile and very flattering. >> what's the biggest mistake people make when shopping for bathing suit, do you think? >> i think it's trying to find something that's on trend that doesn't necessarily flatter their body. i feel you can find something that fits and feel comfortable and with all of these options you can make it your own and relevant to the time or relevant to what you're doing. i wouldn't sacrifice something that looks good on you. >> okay. okay. and let's take a look one more time at everyone. we've got all the trends here. and i'm kind of psyched about the one-piece because i'm pregnant and i kind of like the move coverage the better so this is great. and cover-ups, so many varieties. >> i even love wearing a little cardigan on the beach if you're going on a boat or something or by the pool and it gets windy, cardigan, belt it but love a wrap skirt and love a very long cover-up. >> okay. i love it. we need to bring you back for
8:51 am
hats to keep that sun off. >> i'm ready. >> you can see more summer trends in the july issue of "vogue" on stands now. we'll be right back. thank you so much. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ]
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
how would you like us to come to you and throw a summer block party for your friends and neighbors and wait for it, performing live, dierks bentley. >> it's the biggest block party of the summer. >> go now to party to find out how to enter. >> let's get the party started. >> presented by king's hawaiian. >> "good morning america" is brought to you by progressive's home insurance. get your quote after today. ♪ i got you you all have been a wonderful, wonderful audience. great to have you here. what was that move you were doing? >> do it, jess. >> like the ickey shuffle. >> that wasn't it. >> ickey shuffle. >> i didn't score a lot of touchdowns. >> he didn't do that a lot. you're scoring touchdowns now with "gma." >> thank you. we got a great summer
8:55 am
concert tomorrow. bebe rexha will be live in times square. yeah, we did so let's see a gorilla dance as we say good-bye. come on, do your thing. [ cheers and applause ]
8:56 am
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oh, on the bed? absolutely not! okay... studying together is fine... and at ikea, we believe that letting go can be hard, but not pricey. what's going on now? move the flag.
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good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." let's check our weather, shall we? hi, mike. >> hey, jessica. hi, everybody. looks like they're starting the party early down in santa cruz. look at this, a lot of people hanging out. let's use this as a back drop, talk about the beaches. sunny santa cruz, cloudy elsewhere. sunscreen if you're going to be out exercising or playing on the water. it will be choppy north of the bay bridge. my accuweather seven-day forecast, pretty steady through sunday, a little cooler next week. alexis? looking at the roads, i have an update in gilroy. we still have the traffic alert. state route 152 is closed right around frazier road due to the crash involving a semi and a power pole. we're hearing likely 12:30 before that reopens. yeah, nobody on the bay bridge toll mraza, because they're all in santa cruz at the beach, jessica. >> all right in vacation mode. alexis, thank you. time for "live with kelly & ryan." we'll be back at 11:00 for the
9:00 am
"abc7 midday news." our reporting continues on our news app and >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the series "younger," hilary duff. and one of the stars of "the night shift," scott wolf. plus, "dancing with the stars" judge carrie ann inaba joins ryan at the cohost desk. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are ryan seacrest and carrie ann inaba! [cheers and applause] >> ryan: hi. >> carrie ann: how are you?


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