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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 30, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." a boat kol long islands with a whale in san francisco bay. now tonight an urgent plea to boaters headed into the water this long holiday weekend. beware of this marine life. i'm matt keller in for dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. whales have been hanging out for the golden gate bridge, coming dangerously close to boats. >> cornell bernard joins us live with the new reporter. >> reporter: ya', matt and ama. hump backs were super active on the bay today. we saw it firsthand. until they're done fielding and hanging out, there's an urgent plea to boaters to stay clear. >> fourth of july is a great weekend, a lot of people on the water. >> reporter: tim harwood is in holiday mode. he plans to celebrate the weekend on his buddy's sailboat. on the bay it is every boater
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for himself. >> you have to stay vigilant out there on fourth of july weekend. a lot of people don't know what they're doing. >> reporter: humpback whales are still hanging out in the bay and entertaining crowds that can't get enough. san francisco police marine patrols are warning the public to stay back after a boater collided with a whale this week near the golden gate bridge. that boater has not been located. >> there's a tug boat just ahead of us. we can raise them on the marine channel, let them know that there's a pod of whales ahead of them, that they can take action. >> we're going to be looking for whales. >> reporter: it's been a busy month for san francisco whale tours where safety comes before sightseeing. >> when a whale comes close to us we shut down the engine. >> reporter: this crew plays by the rules, staying 100 yards away from whale pods. >> we are trying to be whale guardians. we love and respect and want to protect these animals. >> reporter: it is a federal crime to deliberately harass a marine mammal. be safe navigating out there.
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in san francisco, cornell bernard, "abc 7 news." tonight the alameda county sheriff's office is telling tens of thousands of dollars in illegal fireworks following two large busts. in one case deputies say a teen was making his own fireworks to sell. "abc 7 news" reporter katie utehs is live in san droe with the details. >> reporter: two night two men facing felony charges, a man and teen following the large busts today. in full protective gear, an alameda county bomb squad technician enters a hayward garage as neighbors evacuate. >> he asked me for my license and said, how many people are in the house. when he took the count, that's when i realized it is scary, i need to leave the house. >> reporter: hayward police had tracked a teen's craig's list ad for fireworks sales. >> they went back to his house subsequently and found a fireworks laboratory set up, pretty elaborate one at that. >> reporter: a picture from inside the garage on holy oak
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avenue shows the setup. the materials are so volatile they're now being detonated at the being's bomb range. >> it is scary because you should be able to live in your neighborhood and not worry about your house blowing up because your neighbor's kid is making fireworks. >> i know that kid. i've seen him when he was little. so i'm surprised how he got into all of this. >> reporter: this stash, raided by police and deputies in san lee and row this morning, is estimated to be worth 30,000 to $50,000. >> that also was associated with a group that was involved in some illegal gun activity. >> reporter: the building on estabrook street is a motorcycle clubhouse neighbors tell us. deputies tell us the firework black market is hot this year because of a strong economy and disposable income. in the east base, katie utehs, "abc 7 news." all right. so what can you expect this holiday weekend? >> here is meteorologist sandhya patel with the accuweather forecast. sandhya. >> matt and ama, let's look at
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live doppler 7 and talk about what you can expect going into the weekend. we have fog near the coast. it started to push over parts of the bay, and as you look at our summer microclimates for tomorrow, half moon bay will hit 60 degrees. it will be breedsy. downtown san francisco 64. across the bay into oakland, 68 degrees. you head into walnut creek, in the mid 80s. if you want the warm weather, antioch will hit 88 degrees. i will be back with a look at -- a detailed look at how the rest of your holiday weekend is shaping up, including the firework forecast coming up. >> sounds good. thank you. "abc 7 news" was in santa reese ah where cal firefighters are prepared for a busy holiday weekend. cal fire has 51 planes and helicopters based at the sonoma air attack base. when the bell rings, pilots have three to five minutes to get in the air. >> it really gets the adrenaline going. it is great satisfaction to know you're doing a good job, you are helping people on the ground, whether it be people or the
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resources or their property. >> firefighters at the base responded the at least three fires in the north bay while aur "abc 7 news" crew was there today. the holiday weekend means plenty of people here in the bay area will head for the beach. once again that means grid lock for a south bay neighborhood. coming up at 11, the community fighting back against ways and the drivers taking short cuts through their streets. >> new at 11:00, anger erupted at a town hall for immigration tonight. "abc 7 news" was at the hayward adult school where it got so heated at one point a woman compared alameda county sheriff greg ahern to nazi organizer. the sheriff's office organized the event to listen to people's colonels and fears about law enforcement. some believe the sheriff is criminalizing the immigrant community. alameda county is considered a sanctuary county but the sheriff has come under fire with cooperating with federal law enforcement under a presidential
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order. >> a conversation is nice, but we need real policy, we need real action, especially when our community's living in fear in this political climate. >> a mandate that we comply, but to receive the grant funding we receive mandates us to comply. >> a sheriff's spokesman insists isis only notified about a small percentage of violent inmates. also in alameda county police in fremont are trying to find out if the driver that died in this crash was using alcohol or drugs. around 2:15 the 24-year-old man was speeding when he lost control, crossed the center line and his pickup truck slammed into the car. the woman inside the crushed car survived without major injuries. >> traffic is flowing once again on a busy southern california freeway more than 12 hours after a small plane crashed there. the pilot had just taken off from orange county's john wayne airport when he declared an emergency and tried to return, but he crashed on to the 405 and the plane burst into flames.
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an off duty firefighters saw it happen and stopped to help. >> i wasn't thinking about my own safety. i was able to get the wife back the median and help the husband, i dragged him out of the plane. >> one car on the freeway was clipped by the plane, but no one was hurt. the freeway was closed for more than seven hours. new york city police say a disgruntled doctor killed another doctor and wound six others before killing himself today. 45-year-old henry bello hid an assault rifle under a lab coat and went to bronx lebanon hospital to settle a long-standing grudge. for a generation van amburg was the face and voice of "abc 7 news." we are sad to report he passed away last week. "abc 7 news" reporter david louie looks back at van amburg's work here at kgo. >> the bay area's most wanted television news team, the channel 7 news gang.
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van the kid am burg. >> fred van amburg started at kgo tv in the early 1970s. he only went by hi last name, van amburg, for most of his career. van amburg was not just an anchor, he was an institution, leading each newscast with his trademark opening. >> good evening. here is what is happening -- >> he was who people turned to when news broke. for nearly two decades he reported on some of the bay area's most notable news events. >> patricia hearst will not go free. >> from patti hearst on the sla to the rise of the black panthers and the killings in jones town. >> these are the first pictures out of ghiana on the people's people. >> days later he broke news of assassinations of san francisco mayor george mosconi and supervisor harvey milk. >> it's been seven hours since the 38 caliber pistol went off nine times and took the lives of
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the two leaders. >> he wasn't always behind the news desk. he reported on the chair with which the zodiac killer stalked the bay area and worked to expose the many cults that popped up in the bay area in the 1970s. i traveled to china with van amburg. we were among the first western journalists allowed to report from inside the communist country when relations were finally normalized. he told stories and connected with viewers in a way thang chaed the media landscape. he left "abc 7 news" in 1986. now, i'm expected to say goodbye but i'm not going to say goodbye, just that i won't be saying hello to you from here anymore. >> van amburg died at his east bay home last thursday. he was 86 years old. david louie, "abc 7 ne
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. the holiday weekend is here and that means plenty of people will head to the beaches in santa cruz. >> for one south bay community all of that means grid lock. katie marzullo live in los gatos with the story. katie. >> reporter: ama, matt, people who live in los gatos know when highway 17 and other main streets back up traffic apps like waze will reroute drivers to try to save them some time, sometimes sending them into residential neighborhoods. one woman is taking a stand to stop that. this is cellphone video debbie messenger took in her neighborhood over father's day weekend. >> grid locked traffic in front much our house probably four hours. >> reporter: she expects the same for fourth of july and holds waze and google maps responsible. she says they're using her neighborhood as a short cut. >> it could be taken care of by
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the company itself to put no through access on very quiet streets on certain days. it doesn't have to be every day. i realize it is a public street and everybody has access to that. >> reporter: she started a petition on to rally support. her concerns are quality of life and safety and she is not alone. >> in my opinion it is a matter of time before an accident happens on one of the back streets. >> using waze or google maps is just done. they don't have -- they don't have the algorithms to treat traffic the way it should be treated. >> reporter: the los gatos town council is expected to take up the issue at a meeting on august 1st. google and waze have not responded to our request for a comment. in los gatos, katie marzullo, "abc 7 news." a man and woman from the bay area are accused of making and passing fake money around lake county. kristina williams and louis lopez are in jail tonight. investigators say they printed fake money out of a rented motel room in lakeport. they found fake $100 bills which
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they say the pair used to buy gift cards and merchandise from area businesses. investigators also found paper, ink and printing equipment in the motel room. the pentagon is delaying its policy of allowing transgender to enlist. they can serve openly in the military but not allowed to enlist as new recruits. mattis said he delayed the policy to ensure it won't affect the readiness of the force. >> singer adele has cancel two concerts. a doctor advised she not perform her london show. this comes after hinting her current tour could be her last. she wrote an open letter saying, i'm desperate to do them i've considered miming to be in front of you and be with you but i have never done it and i cannot in a million years do it to you. she says refunds will be offered in the shows can't be
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rescheduled. >> sad for them, now we will be saying hello to the holiday weekend. hello. >> good one. >> sandhya, do you do an adele impersonation? can you sing? >> you don't want to hear my impersonation. hello, yes, the weekend is here. the holiday weekend. in case you are wondering how the temperatures will look, walnut creek tomorrow afternoon in the mid 80s, sunday a little warm earp. temperatures go down heading to fourth of july and bouncing back up again. really you will be in the comfort zone. normally inland areas are pretty hot. not this time of year. this time around, as you take a look at a live picture from our camera, we are looking at breezy conditions and a shallow marine layer. the marine layer has compressed. about 1,400 feet deep so right down on the deck across parts of the coast tomorrow morning. so watch out for that fog, especially if you are taking off for a long weekend and you are getting ready to drive out tomorrow morning. around the east bay we are seeing some patchy fog right now. temperatures are in the 50s, all the way to the 70s.
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so the typical spots warmer inland. from our ab "abc 7 news" explore tore yum camera, looking at gray skies over san francisco. foggy areas in the morning with patchy drizzle. cool to warm days this weekend and temperature goes dropping slightly on the fourth of july. here is a look at the fourth of july forecast. many of you are wondering if you will be able to see the fireworks. fog at 10:00 in the morning near the coast, sunny for most by the afternoon. as we head towards 6:00 p.m., clear skies inland but the fog will be around near the time the fireworks are going off. foggy bay and beaches. we'll keep you posted as we get closer to the time period. we know for sure that tomorrow morning there will be fog around those locations, bay and beaches, and there will be some spotty drizzle as well. so you may need your windshield wipers, especially if you are an early riser. for the afternoon, fog will pull away from most areas exempt for parts of the coast. inland areas will enjoy the sun and temperatures will respond as a result. tomorrow morning cool enough to where you need the jacket or the sweater. low to upper 50s, and as you
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check out your highs for your saturday weal astart you out in the south bay. 78 degrees in san jose, on the peninsula. you are looking at temperatures that are quite comfortable for this time of year. 75 in pal owe at wood, 60 in half moon bay. 58 daly city. north bay seeing low to mid 80s from santa rosa to napa. a great day to be in wine country. 68 in oakland, 76 castor valley. head inland and it will be warm but not the heat we saw last week. 85 in livermore and concord. nice and warm but not too toasty. heading to tahoe for the four day weekend, here is a look at the forecast. temperatures in the low to mid 80s for the next four days. morning will be in the 40s. there will be plenty of sun by the time the fireworks get under way over the lake there. the weather should be fantastic for the tahoe area. fantastic for anything you have plan here in the bay area. we have the alameda county fair, mayor incounty fair going on,
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philmore street jazz festival. so much to do and say. download the accuweather app. here is a look at the accuweather seven day forecast. near average as we head into the weekend. tomorrow a little dip inland but warmer for the sunday. low 60s to low 90s. we'll duplicate it monday, fourth of july temperatures slip a few degrees but pleasant for grilling or outdoor activities. temperatures bottom out midweek and recover heading to friday. thank you. the fee line find inside this car and the second chance plife.itty is getting at a new >> you are one in a million. >> you're one in a million. >> one. >> in a million. >> one in a million. >> one of our one million friends on facebook. >> that's a big deal! >> that's -- kind of a big deal. >> yep, we just hit a million. >> and it is all because of you. >> you. >> you. >> so thank you. >> thank you.
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well, your car is purchasing like a kitten is more than an expression for one east bay woman. katie birch found this kitten hiding in her car's wheel well last week. the kitty was running around, and when she pulled over to catch it it disappeared. she drove to berkley and discovered a surprise. a frightened but uninjured kitty. it should be up for adoption next week. >> good thing it worked out well. >> anthony is here and seems like everything is working out for warriors. >> certainly is. a lot of guys getting paid.
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coming up, one swing of the bat takes the a's from no no to yes yes, and steph curry set several records on
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> steph curry was the most under paid superstar in all of sports. not anymore. the warriors are about to make curry the highest paid player in the nba, and espn is reporting curry has agreed to a five-year max deal extension worth $201 million. in the final year of the deal he will be making more than 40 million bucks. now, he was making 44 million for the last four seasons. curry is a two-time league mvp which led the warriors to
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championships in 2015 and 2017. the warriors are bringing back shaun livingston. the 31-year-old backup point guard has agreed to a three-year, $24 million contract according to espn, and the warriors donald have to worry about paul george going to cleveland. the indiana pacers are trading the all star forward to oklahoma city. they will get victor deladepo. george was planning to opt out of his contract with the pacers after next season. the a's were almost on the wrong side of history. they were three out from being no hit for first time since 1991. a's taking on atlanta braves in the coliseum. sonny gray on the hill. swanson with a double to the wall. that played, 1-0 atlanta. plenty for mike tulasnovitz who was zealing, strikes out with the 90 mile an hour fastball. bruce maxwell goes down to end
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the seventh. had a no-no through eight innings. matt kemp with a single to right. brandon fill limbs scores. 3-0 atlanta. watch what happens first batter of the night. no-no is over. matt olson with a solo home run. eight innings, one home run, one strike out. the braves beat the a's 3-1. the giants taking a three-game-winning streak into their season opener in pittsburgh. first batter of the game, pitch. span goes on a power trip, fifth of the season. the giants up 1-0 in a flash. the giants down 3 las vegas 2 in the fourth. john panik. next hunter pence. scored to make it 5-3 giants. giants added five runs in the sixth and in the eighth, brandon belts, fifth home run of the season. four rbi, giants win it with
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score 13-5. abc 7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. expect to hear plenty of large numbers as nba free agency rolls on. >> someone wants to throw some mine way, that's fine. >> can you shoot? >> no. >> probably not going to happen. >> i can do something. >> they have plenty of those, they're called fans. >> thanks. >> "abc 7 news" continues now online, on twitter, facebook and on all of your mobile devices
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thanks for watching. i'm matt keller in for dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for sandhya, anthony, thanks for
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joining us. on jimmy kimmel live, anthony live" is brought to you by that cup of coffee you drank too late this afternoon. you knew you'd be up all night, but you drank it anyway. and now you're stuck with us. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, anthony hopkins, chris hardwick, guillermo live at the nba draft. and music from queen and adam lambert. and now, what else is new, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching.


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