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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  July 2, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> this is making each and every one of us more resolute not to cower at the bullying of this president. >> cnn contributor responds after president trump tweets video of him wrestling the news network. hello, i'm eric thomas. president trump's latest tweet involving his dispute with the media is drawing swift criticism tonight. president trump tweets a video in which he appears to pummel a man whose face is covered with the cnn logo. it is being received tonight with both outrage and rave reviews. abc7 news reporter tiffany wilson is live with us with the reaction.
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tiffany? >> reporter: eric, president trump used his past ties with the media. it has generated hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets online and a lot of outrage as well. this have i had yoi of president trump body slamming a man representing cnn doesn't bother bay area republican lee, far from it, in fact. >> we are fascinated with it, we love it. >> reporter: he said trump is not threatening the freedom of the press despite the violence in the clip. >> all of this is taken out of context. it's humor, it's injected. that's the way modern president works. >> reporter: the only context president trump provided to the clips, fraud news cnn and fnn. cnn responds with a statement that reads in part, it is a sad day when the president of the united states encourages violence against reporters. today's tweet follows mr. trump's attack of msnbc morning joe co-host last week.
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on abc's this yeek week anna navarro said america cannot stand for this. >> this is just going way too far. the press needs to be united. he is inciting violence against the free press. >> reporter: previously planned impeachment marches took place around the country today. several hundred people gathers in san francisco. >> it's just insane what he's doing this tho this country. >> reporter: he calls him the master distracter. >> he doesn't care about the office at all. whatever he does is his agenda. it's all about himself. >> reporter: a few hours ago president trump tweeted again, calling the media both dishonest and fake. in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc7 news. >> the white house is weighing in on the health care debate this weekend. the president is calling on republican lawmakers to get the support needed to repeal and replace the affordable care act across the finish line. but there is another wrinkle in the health care debate. senator ben sass of neb has suggested that gop senators consider repealing obamacare now
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and replacing it later. >> we can do a combined repeal and replace over the next week that's great. if we can't, though, then there is no reason to walk away. we should do repeal with a delay. >> senator sass's idea is an absurd idea. this congressional budget office indicated that if you simply repeal the affordable care act, obamacare, you will throw 32 million americans off of health insurance. >> the white house is hoping an immediate repeal and replace bill would pass. if it doesn't, the president supports an immediate repeal with a replacement plan passed at a later date. breaking news now, an amtrak train derailed today in washington state. no one was seriously hurt when four cars on the popular cascades line went off the track about two hours ago. there were 250 people on board. some suffering cuts and bruises. this is in a town of silicon southwest of tacoma. the tracks were along the weighter of the a marina, but none of the cars tumbled into the water. continuance clear at this point
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what caused the derailment. excuse me. a suspect in the crash that killed two young children and injured a three-month old baby and their mom in concord friday is now in custody. he is accused of two counts of vehicular homicide. he also faces charges of hit and run and driving on a suspended or revoked license. investigators say they have evidence connecting wilson to an infiniti that drove across this grassy median off highway 4 in concord. it hit another family's durango on the on ramp. a 5 and 10-year-old boy died after being thrown out of the suv. their mother and her baby are in critical condition. the search is on tonight in oakland for a gunman who shot four people. it happened around 8:00 last night in east oakland in the area of huh bolt avenue and davis street. the east bay times reports all the victims were hit at different places within a short distance. one was wounded by a round that went inside a home. the victims are three men and a woman, all are expected to survive.
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two developing news now on the night club at the shooting in little rock arkansas that wounded 28 people, a rapper who was performing at the club that night has been arrested on unrelated assault charges. ricky hampton also known as finesse two times was arrested on outstanding charges of aggravated assault with a gun. police say no arrests have been made in yesterday's shooting that police think may be gang-related. the club is now shut down. the mayor say police shot a young woman in a fit of road rage is in custody tonight as abc reporter tells us he turned himself in overnight as police were closing in. >> reporter: police in pennsylvania say they have the suspect who shot and killed an 18-year-old high school graduate in the head during a road rage confrontation on wednesday. >> 28-year-old david desper turned himself into the west goshen police and the chester county detectives. he was placed under arrest for first degree murder. >> reporter: desper surrendered around 2:00 a.m. sunday after police located and towed away his vehicle.
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>> and the police searched the defendant's room, his bedroom of his residence, and found that 40 caliber smith and wesson semiautomatic hand gun. >> reporter: and police say there is no indication that race was a factor in the slaying. this image from a highway camera shows bee an ka roberson's car and the red pickup driven by the gunman jockeying for position as they merged in traffic. tensions escalating, the man in the truck shooting roberson. the red pickup using the shoulder to speed away. >> to shoot somebody in the head from one moving vehicle to another is a calculated act. >> reporter: bee an ka roberson died just days before she planned to attend college orientation at jacksonville university in florida. >> we were all proud of her because we knew she was going to be something and do something with her life. >> reporter: her father rodney holding onto the memory of his daughter wearing this necklace. >> i'm never going to take it off. it's my daughter. >> reporter: adrian bank ert,
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abc news, new york. >> bay area air quality managers are asking residents not to set off their own fireworks this july 4th, to limit air pollution. the smoke, dust and soot can cause asthma and eye irritation. meantime alameda county fire fighters are warning of fires. heat, dry sparks can be a recipe for disaster. fire crews are inspecting fire stands to make sure they are following safety precautions. >> if they have a fire extinguisher nearby and the supply they might have is actually under lock and key. it's just not sitting out for people to come by. >> once the holiday is over, it is important to dispose of fireworks properly. fire officials say soak used fireworks in a bucket of water overnight and throw them out a day later. alameda county fire tweeted today a warning after a fireworks recall of tnt red, white and blue smoke fireworks. they can explode unexpectedly after being lit posing a burn hazard. kfrl is not listed among the
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states where the fireworks were shipped, but local fire officials worry they could have been bought online. three incidents have been reported of people suffering burns when the fireworks unexpectedly exploded. and a quick reminder. all fireworks, including those safe and sane fireworks, are illegal almost everywhere in the bay area. here's a list of the few cities that do allow safe and sane fireworks. dublin, newark, pacifica, san bruno, and union city. also four cities in sonoma county, clover dale, petaluma, rohnert park and is he bass that poll. the safest way to watch fireworks on the 4th is at a sponsored event in the city where you live. abc7 news has the bay area covered. go to our website, abc7, for a full list of festivals, parades and fireworks shows. crossing the bay's most iconic brinl is going to cost you more. ahead on abc7 news at 5, how much more we'll have to pay starting tomorrow to get to san francisco over the golden gate bridge.
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>> can't afford to go a game. next best thing. >> and a winning opportunity. see why warriors fans had reason to celebrate today in san francisco. >> and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. the camera showing you fog right along the coast line. we'll look at how fog could
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a live look outside right now, the golden gate bridge and crossing the span is going to cost us all more starting tomorrow, rain or fog. the toll increased 25 cents on monday. if you have a fast track it's going to cost you 6.75 to cross. no fast track, 7.75. the increase is to help with the long running short budget
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shortfall projected $142 million in 2013. another toll hike is scheduled for next year. the golden state warriors just ended the tour of their championship trophy. bc7 news was at the san francisco center as fans took photos with the 2017 larry o'brien trophy today. the tour follows the warriors defeat of the cleveland cavaliers. >> i've been a warriors fan over 25 years and just to have this opportunity to be next to the trophy and see it in real life and take a picture with my family is just awesome. >> san francisco was the last stop on the tour. the trophy also made stops at or oracle arena and in the south bay. grass valley native and cal poly san luis obispo is the new miss california. 22-year-old julian smith fell to her knees as she heard her name announced last night in fresno. she won $20,000 in scholarship money and will represent california at the miss america pageant in september.
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the new miss california will make one of her first appearances during tuesday's 4th of july parade in downtown redwood city. here's some music that beer lovers ears. yeah, a micro brewery has teamed up with an audio brand to craft music infused beer. >> and i'm drew tuma. comfortably cool this afternoon thanks to marine land right off the coast line. that's going to stick 0 around for tomorrow. the big question, will we be foggy on the 4th? we'll talk about the details and the accuweather forecast. >> here's tom with a look at what's ahead on abc's world news at 5:30. >> eric, good evening. coming up, the president's tweet shows him wrestling cnn. also the deadly home explosion as workers were repairing a gas leak. and holiday shopping in july. details on amazon prime
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♪ >> little bit of james brown there. red white and blue helping people get into independence day mood this afternoon. abc7 news was the meek mansion in hayward for today's july 4th celebration. the event featured music, face painting and a whole lot of food. do two great things get even better together? a danish micro brewery is about to find out. he has created an american style ipa certifica ipa serenaded with music. they placed a waterproof speaker in fermentation tanks. it is not clear how much effect music has on the process, but the vibrations could help the yeast convert sugar to alcohol. those who came up with the process say they want to use the
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transformative power of music. >> what you're with, what you're drinking and the sound you hear, it all comes together to something that is bigger in a sense and we're really trying to give that to people. >> i prefer george thorough good with my beer. but it's called the beale brew ipa and it will be available soon in mikkeller stock bars. maybe even the pub in san francisco. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> and in accuweather location was key to what you saw in the sky. most of us are seeing sunshine, fog has been persistent on the coast line. you can see that marine layer nights list on the coast. all the gray on the screen, clouds have been slow to clear in most spots today and it's going to be a similar story tomorrow as well. these are east bay hills camera, you can see a little bit of low cloud cover even starting to appear in the east bay, not only along the coast line as well.
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so, that marine layer, it is thickening at this hour. that is creating what's a wide range in temperatures. out there right now, almost a 40 degree spread. half moon bay, you've been stuck in the clouds all day today holding at about 53 degrees right now. it's 86, though, and sunny in concord. 75 right now in san jose. 61 that number in san francisco, and novato checking in under mainly clear skies and temperature of 81 degrees. we still have that breeze with us this afternoon. gusting at 23 miles per hour currently in napa, 16 in oakland, and this breeze is really helping to push a lot of that fog from the coast inland. that is going to happen overnight. once again, the traditional trek inland as you see overnight. a lot of fog in most of our communities, 51 overnight in san francisco, 58 in san jose, 68 the overnight low in oakland and napa, mixture of clouds and stars. if you like today, you're going to like tomorrow as well. we'll have that start with those gray skies, the clouds pull back to the coast, but once again,
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half moon bay, you're going to be stuck in the cloud cover holding at about 56 tomorrow afternoon. but delightful in san jose. sunshine, 82 the afternoon high. 70 in oakland with afternoon sunshine. 80 in santa rosa, 83 in fairfield, and san francisco to a cool 64 degrees. that's not stopping folks from heading to the beach. a l a lot of them in the santa cruz camera, not too far off the coast line you see the cloud cover. and a similar story if you are headed to the beach on monday. clouds are going to be slow to clear. however, once that sun gets out there, it's going to have that extreme u.v. index. wear that sun screen. your ocean water temperature 56 degree degrees. the marin county fair, temperatures topping out in the mid and upper 70s. then we fast forward on to tuesday. future weather showing in the afternoon 1:00 watch the time stamp many. conea corner of the screen, the clouds on the coast. they're going to quickly fill in
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tuesday evening. 11:00 at night, it will be cloudy in san francisco. even clouds stretching into the east bay. so, visibility will be an issue for some communities with those fireworks, especially right around the immediate bay waters. accuweather seven-day forecast stays breezy on your monday. 4th of july get midday sunshine. clouds will fill back in at night. slightly cooler on wednesday, some coastal drizzle and summer pattern thursday and friday, and turn warmer one week from today. >> one week from today, but till then enjoy. >> yes, exactly. >> all right, drew, thank you very much. talking baseball today. >> johnson rediscovered their mow joe. first six-game winning streak. details to come. we're going to miss san jose shark, that's right, former san jose shark patrick marleau. his new home
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>> announcer: now abc7 sports with john newman. >> they are playing like contenders. buster posy, the only one to get the call his 5th, brandon bell played like an all star today in pittsburgh. the shark on the hill, it came in the third. jordy sent it packing 2-0 pirates. but the giants rally in the seventh. trevor williams, two hit shot, slaps an rbi single. kick starting a three-man run. they would take a 3-2 lead. a man on, see ya.
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two-run shot, giants win six straight, giants back to back sweep of the rockies and the pirates. across the bay, the a's all star first base man london so. everyone is ready for the 4th of july holiday. sean on the hill pitched to former a. takes him deep for his 5th of the year. he won 7 and a third allowed two runs, struck out eight. chris davis, not an all star. he hit 40 home runs last year. has 22 this season. make it 23. 2 to 1, ties would send it to extras. here's maximum well. a drive off the wall. davis will score off the long single. we have a 3-3 ball game, but they couldn't get any more. in the 12th suzuki again, second run of the game, he had two home runs in the same game. 2011, the braves would go on to win 4-3 your final. well, it's the end of an
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era. patrick marleau was drafted by the sharks 20 years ago, agreed to a three-year contract with the toronto maple leaves with an average of $6.25 million a year. the most senior member of the sharks holds most numerous franchise records including 993 games and 500 made goals. the all-time fan favorite will be missed. the women pga championship, second major of the year, san francisco native shot a 3 under, 68. four straight birdies on 11 through 14. she is the leader at 12 under. but brook henderson was right behind her. thanks to a 5 under, 66, needed this eagle on 18 to take the lead. oh, my goodness. she was in the clubhouse, though, tied with kang with 12 under. she would two putt on the 18th capping her first career professional win and it's a major. >> i just trusted in my game and i didn't worry about anything else. it's all about believing in
5:26 pm
yourself and being confident and that's what i did. >> the senior u.s. open in massachusetts, curt trip let your third round leader, five bogeys today for a 71. kenny perry took advantage, 2 under, 68, putts like that 2 under, 64. he won four majors on the senior tour. this is his second open title after he did not win a major on the pga tour. kenny perry your 2017 senior u.s. open champion. and of course you all hate to see patty marlow leave. he is mr. shark. one of your local heroes relocates, but unfortunately that's the nature of sports. >> it is indeed. shew, thank you. ho
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on abc7 news at 6:00, new found freedom on the 4th. meet a refugee who is about to celebrate this independence day. plus a fire station closes for the fourth time in five years. the big impact in the east bay. proof now that baby elephants are a lot like human babies, they just want to have fun. an elephant from the asian elephant breeding and rescue center was captured sliding down a muddy hill in china. they think it's a blast. it is a good remindser for us all to do something just for the sheer joy of it. that is the correct position to be when you see an elephant sliding down a hill, from behind the elephant, not in front of the elephant. all right. that's it for abc7 news at 5:00. thank you for your time.
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i'm eric withdrew and shu. we'll see you again at 6:00. tonight, the outlandish video sent out by the president, showing him knocking down and punching a man who's a stand-in for cnn. is it comedy or a threat to the media? and is settling scores taking over president trump's agenda? breaking news. engine on fire. the frightening scene on the runway. passengers rushed off the plane. flames shooting from the engine. trapped. the deadly home explosion and the scene of destruction. the blast happening as workers were trying to repair a gas leak. breaking news in that road rage killing. a suspect turning himself in. police say they found the weapon he used to shoot that 18-year-old girl. assault on isis. our team on the front line in the battle for mosul. iraqi and u.s. forces about to finish the job, as families are caught in the crossfire.


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