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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 3, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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an oakland man has been sentenced to prison for his role in the murder of a young mother killed trying to shield her kids during a gunfight. >> the man sentenced today is just one of eight people initially arreste in the case. laura anthony has the story. this is a lose-lose situation for everybody. >> reporter: for one west oakland family it's just another difficult chapter in a nightmare that began when they lost ch chyemil pierce, a young mother trying to shield her children from a hail of bullets. >> the neighborhood she grew up in, where you should feel the most safe, right, and all she's doing is taking her kids into her house when she realizes something is happening. >> reporter: in march 2015 the 3-year-old pierce was near her west oakland home with two of her three children when a gun battle broke out between two groups of men. pierce died trying to shield her kids. 32-year-old jerry harbin is the fourth man sentenced. he pled no contest to voluntary
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manslaughter and was sentenced to 13 years in prison. at the sentencinging the prosecutor read a statement from pierce's fiance, quote, words cannot express the pain this has caused our family. chyemil wasn't in the wrong place at the wrong time. she was in her own neighborhood in front of her own home. later the defendant harbin turned and spoke directly to the victim's family. i apologize for everything that happened. if you all hate me, i understand. but i love you all and i hope you can find some peace. >> even early on of the situation, the killing of miss pierce, mr. harbin had written a letter to the family expressing his condolences. >> reporter: pierce's family declined comment outside of court. three other men convicted of second-degree murder in pierce's death. two more, including a juvenile, have yet to stand trial. in oakland, laurie anthony, abc 7 news. the victims killed in two separate crashes on i-80 near san pablo dam road this morning have been identified.
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traffic came to a standstill after a car struck and killed 25-year-old lindche tran. she spun out on the freeway and was hit when she got out of her car. the chp is looking for the big rig driver who took off after hitting a motorcyclist just a short time later. 35-year-old nicholas brown died in the collision. officers say the truck made an illegal lane change just yards from the first accident. a napa man struck by a hit-and-run driver on thursday died from his injuries early today. police say 57-year-old andrew lynch was hit by this cadillac escalade suv on redwood road west of solano avenue. 47-year-old was arrested following a traffic stop sunday and booked on suspicion of leaving the scene of a fatal accident. her husband peter huang was arrested at the couple's home in napa, accused of concealing his wife's location and hiding evidence. two residents are in custody on illegal fireworks charges.
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14 mortar launching type fireworks were found inside a car during a traffic stop. the 36-year-old driver from oakland was also cited driving on a suspended license. the passenger, a man from richmond, had a felony warrant out of contra costa county for possession of ammunition. well, meantime, all systems are go for the biggest official july 4th fireworks show in the bay area. last-minute preparations are happening now to guarantee a sky show that will dazzle those who come out for the event. cornell bernard is live at pier 50 in san francisco. hi, cornell. >> reporter: i just got word this fireworks show is good to go. a live look behind-the-scenes of one of seven barges with a
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cargo. getting ready to launch. lots of prep work happening on several barges on the bay fireworks shells are being packed into launch tubes. >> about 10,000 effects that will take place in the 25 minutes, a range of altitudes from deck level of the barge all the way up to 1,000 feet in the sky. >> reporter: jeff thomas says the computer's synchronized show will dazzle crowds. that is unless an uninvite d guest shows up like last year. >> everybody asks about the fog and that is certainly -- we're in san francisco so it could be here. we try to get that variety of altitude. >> reporter: fog or no fog the show must go on. >> it is nice to be here on the fourth of july. >> reporter: we found lots of tourists who came to san francisco for the scenery and the fireworks. >> they got fogged out but i'm optimistic that tomorrow night will be a nice, clear night and everyone can enjoy the show.
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>> that's one thing you'll think twice before you come down here. >> reporter: he's talking about big crowds along the waterfront. police say leave your car at home and take public transit if you can. and this year there's a no tolerance policy for illegal fireworks. leave that to the pros. the show starts at 9:30 p.m., july 4th. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. so every year we ask will the fog obstruct your fireworks viewing? abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma is watching that closely for the bay area. uninvited guest. a typical july evening. that fog will be competing for space in the night sky with those fireworks. visibility will be an issue like it has been in years past. the fireworks forecast will show you temperatures in the mid-50s to mid-60s with a bit of a breeze out there gusting close to 20 miles an hour and there will be areas of fog around the bay. future weather, we're going to fast forward to 9:30 tomorrow evening on your july 4th
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can see fog especially over san francisco working its way into parts of the east bay. so the farther south you go, the better visibility you will have. your temperatures at 9:30 at night. layers are key. had the sweatshirt, the like jacket, temperatures in the mid-50s. a much closer look on future weather, zoom in to communities where you live coming up in the full accuweather forecast. chrkristen? thank you. for a full list of parades, festivals and fireworks shows head to our website, abc 7 highway patrol plans to focus on stopping drunk and distracted drivers during the fourth of july holiday. abc 7 news rode along with an officer today as he explained how the chp deals with other potential dangers, for example, like debris on the freeway. >> we put on our lights, our rear lights to warn traffic to slow down. we'll weave back and forth across the freeway so this way it allows me to safely get out of my vehicle and remove the hazard. >> that chunk of metal had
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straddled lanes along u.s. 101 in san francisco. the officer told us even with all the warnings and potential fines, some people still text while they drive. >> you could be in a patrol car in uniform driving right next to them and they don't -- they're not even aware you're there. >> the chp urges you to call 911 if you see any drivers who appear to be drunk. the ceo of a san francisco bay startup has resigned after he publicly admitted to sexually harassing women. the founder of a venture firm. saturday post ed his response t a "new york times" article which accused him of hitting on a job candidate. mcclure tweeted, i'm a creep. i'm sorry. this morning mcclure announced he's leaving the company at the request of his female co-founder. in his apology mcclure says he made advances towards several women in work-related situations. well, good news, the nba finals mvp is here for a while.
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our sister network espn is reporting kevin durant and the warriors agreed to sign a two-year contract. the deal is worth $53 million which is a very team friendly contract. durant is taking $9 million under the max he could have easily made as one of the top players in the league. it allows the warriors to keep other players on the team. one such player, andre iguodala, signed a reported three-year, $48 million deal, but it may not have been the negotiations with warriors gm that got the deal done. iguodala told nba tv that his son cried upon hearing he may actually leave the team. he didn't want to disappoint his kid. >> right. well, we would have cried, too. business is brisk in newark. >> would you like a receipt? >> yes, please. for some of fourth of july is all about celebrating with fireworks. for others it's a reason to hide. >> zero tolerance for bike thefts. bart bahas a new program that comes with a good guarantee.
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>> more than a million users. nobody has stolen any bikes. and spacex tries again to lift its hea
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wow, look at that. from exploding watermelon to injured people. these dramatic images are used to warn people about the dangers of fireworks. even sparklers can burn as hot as a blowtorch. the commission says fireworks injuries send hundreds of people to the e.r. every year. fireworks can be a big problem for pets. animal shelters across the bay area are bracing for a number of lost pets to show up after they've been scared by the noise. there are things we can all do to help. david louie is live in newark at a fireworks stand. david? >> reporter: kristen, it is an instinct that some animals have
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difficulty suppressing. we're talking about when they hear a very loud, threatening noise, they tend to run, hide or cower and it could be days before you find them again. here are useful it tips to help you protect your furry friends. debbie's dog luke is not too fond of the sound of fireworks. he's pouncing around the stand where his owner is raising money. tomorrow night he'll be shaking and hiding. >> he runs like in the closet or under my covers -- anywhere he can get to hide and he shakes. >> reporter: there are ways to calm your pet. silicon valley has some tips. >> just be with them. have a normal routine and that helps them. if you're home with them have them in the same room and that can help a lot. >> reporter: davis is expecting about a dozen pets to be turned
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in, pets that run off scared which the noise. some travel miles and become lost, unable to find their way home. a microchip helps reunite pets with owners as long as the embedded contact information is up to date. >> a bathroom is a really safe place because they can't do too much damage and it tends to be quieter than some of the rest of your house. close the windows. >> reporter: beware of that possibility. it also never hurts for pet owners to find out from neighbors when they plan to set off fireworks so they can be prepared. >> it seems there will be many more of those red transit only lanes like these in san francisco. it will allow muni to put the red lanes on at least 50 new streets. according to the examiner those
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streets include columbus avenue in north beach, the inner sunset and mission streets south of market. studies have shown the lanes speed up buses and trains during the commute hours. and you know it can be tough to be a bike rider in san francisco. angry drivers, distracted pedestrians and bike thieves all add to daily frustration. but b.a.r.t. is hoping to make things easier at least when it comes to the theft part of that equation. the transit agency kicked off a pilot program featuring zero theft bike racks. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom reports on whether it's working. getting people and bikes on the trains has been a big issue. >> reporter: and another issue among the bikes parked at this station one of them is about to have a very unhappy owner. >> bike theft is a well organized business and for
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b.a.r.t. a game of cat and mouse. less than 700 last year. >> people leave their bikes overnight. people leave their bikes for 10 or 12 hours at a b.a.r.t. station. there's a lot of vulnerability there and thieves know it. >> reporter: enter this new bike rack. >> i use my card. >> reporter: part of a brand-new pilot program at 16th and missi mission, free and unlocks with your clipper card. >> it's very high security. there's no bike that's ever been stole friend our racks. >> reporter: that comes from bike keep. >> it has a built-in lock so you don't technically need a cable lock. >> reporter: if you have locks it's a good plan. b.a.r.t. hopes the convenience will be enough to convince some riders they should leave their bikes locked up at their home stations instead of bringing them on the train. >> about 25% of the people who take bikes on the trains actually do so because they don't feel comfortable leaving their bikes at home station. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. says it will complement the lockers at some stations like this one where space is tight.
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the next phase of the pilot a solar powered bike keep rack at pleasant hill. jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. as of today it will cost you more to cross the golden gate bridge. the toll went up 25 cents to $7.75 this morning but you'll pay only $6.75 if you have fastrak. they need to narrow a budget gap. another toll hike is scheduled next year. >> only $3 just a few years ago. looking for a new car, but only on certain models. >> michael finney is here with more on that. michael? >> the auto industry has hit a bump. but for small vehicles is what it is. u.s. auto sales are down but not as much as had been predicted. cars, suvs, crossovers are selling well. sales of small cars and sedans are in a steady decline. ford told "usa today" the sales have peaked.
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so what does this mean to you? there are deals on sedans and small cars so bargain hard. every year there are 150 children under the age of 5 drowning in swimming pools. most are between the months of june and august. 88% happen when a parent is present which means parents must make a plan. >> they have to designate a water watcher. supervision is a key instrument when it comes to having safer water especially in residential pools. someone who is of a proper age who will not be distracted. >> reporter: it's a good idea to learn cpr and put a safety fence around your backyard pool. just in time for our summer vacation, facebook has expanded its find wi-fi feature allowing users around the world to locate wi-fi hot spots. social media company said the addition will keep people using their phones in areas with poor coverage. the feature can be found under
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the more tab on the facebook app after selecting find wi-fi users can turn it on to see nearby hot spots. >> good stuff. >> thanks, michael. we've been enjoying a pretty comfortably cool holiday thanks to a deep marine layer but tomorrow fog is going to be an issue as we go about your holiday festivities. take a look at your evening planner on july 4th. that sun goes down right around 8:35 p.m. and by 9:00 we he are going to see some issues with fireworks competing for some space in the sky with fog. and by 11 clo:00 we do expect t fog to make its presence known inland. we'll show you the picture outside. a live look now, east bay hills. look at this. socked in around the city of san francisco, just seeing the tops of the tower this hour. live doppler 7 combined with satellite showing you that marine layer very nicely right up the coast. you can see a the lot of cloud cover will make its presence known in many communities
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overnight tonight. current numbers, typical summerlike pattern now, a wide range from the coast to inland. 84 in san ramone. 80 in san jose. a cool 60 in san francisco and right now oakland checking in with a temperature of 66 degrees. a bit of a breeze out there. you saw our east bay hill camera shaking. oakland a gust to 26. 23 in napa and we will hang on to this wind over the next 24 hours because the weather pattern is not changinging all that much as we head into your july 4th. here is the call. overnight holding in the 50s and most communities had that cloud cover that will make its move inland even with patchy fog in the south bay. foggy skies over richmond and oakland. as you wake up tomorrow. highs on your tuesday slightly below normal for this time of the year. no excessive heat is really forecast over the next couple of days. it's sunny in san jose. 80 degrees. 64 in san francisco. we're going to be kind of socked in with the cloud cover in half moon bay. really just struggling to hit 60
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there. 8 in santa rosa and fairfield up to 85 degrees. we'll take to you santa cruz. folks are just soaking in the sun. here is the cloud cover hanging right off the coast and it moves in overnight tonight along the coast. if you are heading to the beach tomorrow it will be a gray morning. we'll squeak out some afternoon sunshine here and there but we will have a sea breeze reinforcing that low cloud cover. 5 to 15 miles an hour. something to note the ocean water temperature warming up to 59 degrees. future weather will get you into tuesday evening, 7:00. there's the cloud cover along the coast. and then it makes its traditional trek inland. this is when the fireworks are going off in san francisco. foggy. even patchy fog over richmond and oakland at this hour. as you go south, say around san jose, sunnyvale, we have more in the way of clear skies. that's great news especially if you are heading to mountain view tomorrow to see the fireworks at the shoreline amphitheater. the sun goes down 8:35, mainly
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clear skies even through 9:00 and just a few passing clouds between 10:00 and 11:00 and temperatures falling into the mid and low 60s. plan the next seven days for you, fourth of july very typical morning fog, afternoon sunshine and the fog rolls back in, slightly cooler. minor variations wednesday into thursday. and then we'll turn a bit warmer over the weekend but you do notice the low 90s. we're staying in check temperature wise the next seven days. >> it's nothing. >> nothing. >> sure. when cows fly. the new cattle class next. then at 5:30 on world news -- that's coming up. new at 6:00, the local cities where empty chairs are as much a
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fourth of july tradition as fireworks. we'll explain at 6:00. chr kristen and i will be back after this. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design.
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check this out. that's the sun and on the right edge is the view of a solar plasma as it churned june 26th. nasa scientists say the charged particles of plasma were manipulated. such occurrences are fairly
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common but much easier to see when they are near the sun's edge. spacex is delaying tonight's falcon 9 rocket launch due to the weather. >> you're watching video are from a previous falcon 9 launch. the rocket was scheduled to take off from the kennedy space center about 4:30 this afternoon. that's right. but officials pushed it back an hour. the falcon 9 will carry a satellite into orbit because the cargo is so heavy spacex won't try to land the rocket and reuse it in the future. nasa tweeted this picture of another milestone. spacex landed its dragon capsule back on earth a second time tod today, the first cargo capsule in history to be reused. >> both trips were between the international space station and earth. the dragon plunged into the ocean about 5:00 this morning and brought back sample tissues from experiments aboard the iss. one may lead to a treatment for osteoporosis. >> elon musk tweeted he can relate to china's rocket failure. plans to put a communications satellite in orbit had a
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malfunction 40 minutes after laun launch. they will only say there was some sort of, quote, anomaly. experts say the failure could have a significant impact on the future of china's ambitions in space. >> a cow from northern italy saw her pasture as never before. the cow was dangling by a rope from a firefighting helicopter as you can see. the cow had fallen into a canyon, could not get out. fire crews hoisting the 1,500 pound cow with straps before setting her down near her stall. she suffered a minor injury to one of her legs but is otherwise okay. the new americans, a sense of hope and optimism just in time for independence day. that story next. but first, we want to thank abc 7 news viewer samuel for this picture from mt. tamm. share your pictures with us on social media. >> you may see
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i'm ama daetz. a fourth of july crackdown. tonight the hefty prois you'll pay if you're caught lighting fireworks at santa cruz downy beaches. the blatant message two california transplants received from a not so friendly neighbor in the pacific northwest. and from 7 on your side michael finney sheds light on a problem that could cost you money when you hire a contractor all coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. finally tonight while the national debate continues to rage over immigration, policy and the yunited states a remindr today of how grateful most are. >> more than 75 people from 28 countries spread across the flight deck of the they become u.s. citizens. >> their home countries raised from afghanistan to vietnam and
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almost every point on the globe. while some had concerns since the election almost everyone we spoke with put their faith in democracy. >> last year when i was not able to vote it was very frustrating for me. i really wanted to be represented. >> what matters to me are the people here in this country and presidents come and go. i look at the american people and much more accepted. >> a great time to be an american and be heard. the freedom to speak, to think and the freedom to act. >> citizenship and immigration service administered the oath allegiance to 750,000 immigrants last year. california was the top destination. >> congratulations one and all. how excitinging. good for them. >> as a naturalized citizen myself, you never forget this is the kcountry of possibilities.
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i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. tonight, the holiday scare at the airport. tonight, the holiday scare at the airport. with the country on alert, the out of control taxi slamming into a crowd of people. at least ten injured. what we're learning about the driver. president trump's twitter smackdown. the president taking aim at the media once again. days before his first face to face meeting with vladimir putin. beach backlash. new jersey governor, chris christie, blasted for taking his family to a public beach he closed during a state government shutdown. tonight, defiantly pushing back. venus' breakdown. the tennis star in tears after her first match at wimbledon, her first public comments since that deadly car accident. and splash landing. the moment laughing tourists begin to panic.


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