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tv   Nightline  ABC  July 4, 2017 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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thi is "nightline". tonight two women gone missing, ten years apart. one body discovered. the same man connected to both women. will he talk? two family united in grief and d hope. >> we're here to get justice. plus this body building buff has become a viral strong man performing nonsensicable stunts a maniac on a mission. >> if me running around being myself inspires them to be themselves, goal reached. >> to give the whole world a pick me up. and private paradise, chris christie and his family soaking
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the sun on a beach he closed to the public but after mocking on social media is that about to change? but first the nightline five.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ good evening. thanks for joining us.
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tonight two young women missing almost a decade apart, both connected to the same man, he is under the microscope but staying silent. we take another look in major case that has renewed intensity in the investigation. >> when i found out, i showed no emotion. i was just shocked. >> a heart-breaking mystery marshally solved partially solved but raising painful questions about a missing missouri woman. the body of a 21-year-old discovered outside of kansas city. >> last night for me was the hardest thing i've ever done. it was hard for me to tell megan that her best friend and sister is gone. >> jessica's mother jamie seeking solis with the beckford's their daughter went missing nearly ten years ago.
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two families linked together in tragedy both with daughters missing just miles apart and both connected to one man kyler you youst. >> we've been through this before. it's a self-preservation mechanism. >> that ring police telling them a second skull in the same location is discovered. >> i'm not 100% but my guts tells me. >> the other set of remains a potential bomb shell break through in the ten-year-old disappearance of cara capeskiski but police say it could take up to a year both bodies felt mile from the capeski hope. >> it believed it in my heart of hearts that when he took jessica when they found one they would find both. >> kyler youst allegedly the
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last one jessica was seen with denied anything. >> did you kill jessica. >> did you? >> the 28-year-old has never been charged in connection to jessica's disappearance. authorities now investigating a homicide and family hoping new clues will link back to kyler youst a man with a troubled past. >> our fight begins now. we're not done. >> jessica was known for her easy laugh and playful spirit. >> we like to drive around and blair musimusic. >> the oldest of three girls 4 and 6-year-olds. >> i love you jessica. >> that's the last of the four of us. it shows our closeness. >> we spoke with jamie in january, her first extensive tv interview. >> i ask talk anything about her it's just the sentimental stuff like future, past, it's kind
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of -- yeah. sorry. jessica jessica's grandfather driving us on the route he believes she took that night, still searching for includes. >> jamie's pretty strong but eventually there's a time when jamie is -- it's going to hit her and hit her hard. >> thursday assessment 8th, jessica is at a party requewith friends. >> six to seven people sitting around, drinking beer, watching tv, goofing off. >> she reportedly leaves with kyler youst a long time friend of her boyfriend, he's a man with alleged history of abuse against women and just got out of prison on a drug charge when did you first get the sinking feeling something was wrong. >> when she didn't show up in the afternoon. >> hours later police find her
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black chevy destroyed by fire in an isolated wooded area off the road with no sign of jessica inside. >> my worse fear she was burned in the car. >> early the next morning youst arrested, he has pleaded not guilty to charges. >> jessica's lawyer begging him to speak out but you advise him not to. >> this is not advice to punish jessica's family kyler has not been charged with anything outside of burning this car a charge we plaed not guilty to and intend to fidelight. >> kyler youst is still in jail awaiting charges. in discovery hasting saying
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despite developments over the past week mr. youst remains with one count of knowingly burning a vehicle and continues there's too many unknown factors to charge him with further crimes. but were there disturbing signs in his past? >> the court documents show a escalation of violence in women's life. >> any time you have a violence in a relationship there's escalation. >> there was alleged that he choked and slapped and punched and threatened to kill me and my baby. it is what happened to his other exgirlfriend ten years ago most alarming. >> cara was 17 when she went missing zblx cara loved her friends and being around people. she always had -- she had smile. >> her parents say they noticed a personality change after
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dating kyler. >> his idea was to separate us from her so he could have control and manipulation. >> later she would tell them stories. >> she said he grabbed me by the throat and slammed me up against the door what you are going to do now [ bleep ] she said dad i thought he was going to kill me. >> he filed order of protection and he had a knife in hand saying i'm going to slit your throat. >> i have every expectation had there been enough evidence against kyler to charge him for that woman's disappearance and they haven't now ten years later. i think he will be the public opinion has l. already made up its mind. >> stiff grieving families are a
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long way away from resolution. >> you can't imagine it until you experienced it and had to deal with it it's hard to explain. >> the waiting is the hardest part. i was happy for jamie when she got the confirmation that it was jessica. and to hear that awful word that it might be a year, i mean, that was just hard to take. >> two mothers not leaving each other's side vowing to fight until justice is served. >> we're going to make sure their voice is heard loud and clear. and we're here to get justice for them. ♪ up next, he'll lift your spirits and your furniture, the muscle man who is conquering instagram. later new jersey governor chris christie making waves taking his family to a beach he closed to the taxpayers.
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♪ so if i told you about a grown man who dresses in tutus and performed cart wheels and splits you wouldn't picture a body builder with the physique of thor that's because he is a one of a kind athlete and his unbelievable physical prowess have turned him into a instagram phenome, here another look in our series social stars. >> yes this man is lifting me over his head while doing a full
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split. here he is lifting almost 500 pounds. while rolling blading. >> yeah. >> doing splits in pig tail and tutu and i don't even know what this is. while it might look out of the ordinary, videos like these have made him a social media sensation. by day he is a married 31-year-old former tech manager from huntsville, alabama. his fans know him as guju long hair mind builder whose quirky shenanigans brought him over a million followers on social media. >> is this what you do now. >> yes only because of social media. >> how do you
12:54 am
>> juju. >> it was all a hobby while he was doing a split holding a bar bell on two chairs went viral. >> i woke up with like 33,000 followers. >> no way. >> that's what i said. i thought i was in trouble. >> a move that took his inspiration from "bloodsport" that got him noticed on "america's got talent" and featured on commercial for taco bell. >> all my friends are messaging me you're on a taco bell commercial i'm like what? >> the fans took off. even drawing comparisons to the god of avengers, thor. something he's taken in full stride. >> is it just a name given because of the hair and persona. >> it has to be the the hair, the strength, running around.
12:55 am
>> i am thor. >> you buy a $90 costume and make videos. it looks good. >> as a kid he was small and shy. >> i was like a weird kid who just played video games and didn't have friends. >> that's until he started martial arts an the internet. >> you are 15 and see these videos and think that's what i will do what happens then. >> i helped to start tricking myself to go the acrobatic stuff better. >> no coach just you. >> that's the way it was for everyone back then, everyone posted each other out online and got feedback from friends all over the world. >> he even posted this video v when he was much smaller going for his first back flip. >> oh! >> this is where the magic happens. >> yeah this is an artist studio.
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everything is a tool i can use for some sort of stunt, feat, flexibility or video. >> just a boy having fun with all his toys. >> step back. >> whoa! >> there we go. so. >> how much do you weigh? >> 230. >> so you're lifting a little bit more than your body weight and then doing a back flip. >> yeah. >> whoa! no way! >>s yeah. >> that is bananas. okay i'm a convert. i totally get it. it's fun to watch him have so much fun. it's also insane. >> for all his showmanship is inspiring people to just be themselves and have fun. >> when you see others get excited how's it make you feel. >> it sort of validates what i do, it has to, goshly now i have
12:57 am
more friends if we both like it and have excited about it we have more friends life is better when we got more friends. >> what would you say to the kids that for whatever reason kicked a ball. >> doesn't have to be a ball. could be two chairs. there's something out there for them. that will make them feel at home. i want them to feel welcome. if me running around in tutu being myself inspires them to be themselves, goal reached. >> this is where you tuck your knees and roll over the top. >> all it is you tuck your knees and roll over the top. >> go ahead. >> just like that. >> if you had someone walk in the gym like me who enjoys fitness but wants to push it a little where would you start them? >> how about a handstand or cartwheel. >> here we go.
12:58 am
>> just many kick the legs up. don't over think it. hold it. want the to try back flip. >> that's okay. >> now what about the epic chair split. >> this is like training wheels. third chair is like training wheels. there you go. >> ow! oh, my god. how's it feel? >> right now it hurts. >> even here john looks to up the ante. >> i've done this holding a girl before. you want the to try it? >> me? >> yeah. >> while you're doing that? >> yeah pushing fans and having infectious fun is what juju is all about. >> look up. how are you? >> my god, i'm good. gloria rivera for "nightline". up next new jersey governor
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chris christie happy as a clam after closing a beach to the public, why he said. nothing yong with this picture. nothing wrong with this picture. >> announcer: abc news night line brought to you by nissan. ltry align probiotic.n your digestive system? for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. also in kids chewables.
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♪ and finally tonight chris christie has earned the lowest approval rating of any governor in america. will what he did tonight change that? >> it was the ultimate summer bummer, a government shut down closing state beaches up and down the jersey shore the day before fourth of july. >> all 40 state parks are closed. >> closed but not for governor chris christie who had island beach to himself basking on empty acres of sand. >> the governor has residents of the beach that's the way it goes. run for governor and it will be your resident. >> he implied he was working hard to reopen government. >> it didn't clog but i didn't get any sun
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>> problem is a local newspaper snapped those photos overhead and one complaint that he didn't get sun because he had a cap on. here on the jersey shore they're not buying it, with that photo, and headline "governor soaks sun on cloebeach closed". >> i think it's awful that he doesn't care about the people. >> you voted for him twice, what do you see in seeing this picture. >> it shows a lot of arrogance. i'm embarrassed he's our governor and that i voted for him. >> some using #beachgate and even his own lieutenant governor piling on. >> it's beyond words. it's insensitive to the people who can't use the park. >> christie's approval rating just 15%. still today he was defiant.
1:06 am
>> let's be really clear that's our residents and we have right to be there whenever we want to be there. i don't back away from it and i think my poll numbers show i don't care about political optics. >> the dep has been ordered by me to have all state parks open tomorrow morning at normal time. >> just in time for new jersey residents to enjoy their fourth of july, in new jersey. >> thanks for watching abc news
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