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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 4, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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up to $4,500 in allowances. good morning, america. breaking news overnight, north korea's stunning claim saying it has launched its first intercontinental ballistic missile, the long-range rocket traveling hundreds of miles. could it hit the u.s.? the incredible new pictures of kim jong-un celebrating the launch, the u.s. now assessing the claim. president trump condemning the action on twitter overnight. face-to-face. president trump ready to square off with russian president vladimir putin. the high-stakes first meeting with the man accused of meddling in the u.s. election. will the president confront putin about the alleged hack as putin brings his new demands to trump. venus williams breaking down. the tennis superstar overcome with emotion.
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>> there are really no words to describe like how devastating. maybe i should go. >> unable to speak at her first press conference since that deadly car crash near her home in florida. will she be able to go on at wimbledon? fireworks inferno. fourth of july festivities sparking a dangerous blaze in arizona. flames shooting up as families celebrate the holiday. the dry and hot weather canceling fireworks displays as dozens of wildfires burn across the southwest. hey, good morning and happy fourth, everybody. >> yeah, all morning we're going to be celebrating this independence day, all the way from washington you see those iconic monuments, to new york city with that live look at lady liberty and she is looking quite festive this morning.
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>> also here in new york city, they're getting ready for the macy's fireworks display as people hit the beaches and wave the flags on this independence day. >> are you going to do any of those three things, fire up the grill, wave the flags -- >> my wife and son are up at grandma's place so i'm going to watch whatever i want on television tonight, how about you? >> i'll be going to the fireworks, nine of us, and the kids will be melting down by the time they start so happy fourth, everybody. it's great to be here with you, dan. but first on, this tuesday morning breaking news, a july 4th provocation from north korea. they claim to have launched their first intercontinental ballistic missile as we refer to as an icbm overnight, perhaps a major step toward their goal of being able to hit the united states with a nuclear weapon. abc's james longman is in london covering this developing story for us this morning. good morning, james. >> reporter: good morning, paula. a stunning claim overnight, north korea saying it successfully tested its first intercontinental ballistic missile. the announcement came on state
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tv early this morning with the secretive regime releasing images it says are of the launch. now, as usual it's difficult to know for sure what's going on in that country but japan confirmed the missile through for about 40 minutes before landing in the ocean. if true, this would be the first time that north korea has tested a missile that experts fear could potentially reach alaska. north korean leader kim jong-un and others were shown celebrating the successful launch and overnight president trump was tweeting about the test. he asked, does this guy have anything better to do with his life? >> and james, this comes on the heels of the summit with south korea's new leader, but how is the u.s. reacting this morning? >> reporter: paula, u.s. officials tell us they're analyzing the test. at this point they believe it was a more standard midrange missile. tensions, of course, between the u.s., its allies and north korea on the rise and the regime saying they've carried out at least 11 missile tests so far this year. and just last month the death of 22-year-old american college student otto warmbier, of
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course, he was there after 17 months in captivity and, remember, it's not just about how far a missile can travel but whether the technology is there to support a nuclear warhead. paula. >> seems they've been more bold and brazen in their actions. james, thanks for your reporting this morning. dan. >> we are in treacherous times, james longman, thank you. let's bring in steve ganyard, a former state department official. steve, good morning to you. >> good morning, dan. >> so, whether or not this is an icbm, would you say this launch is nonetheless a genuine step toward north korea having the ability to hit us in the mainland u.s. with a nuclear weapon? >> i don't think we should be too worried about what we call it at this point, dan. this is the first time if the analysis is correct that we're seeing a north korean weapon that can hit the united states, not the mainland, but alaska is very much part of the united states and this is a very worrying development. >> president trump has been trying for months to get china, north korea's most important ally, to intervene here. but in a phone call on sunday, just hours before this test, president trump told the chinese leader that the u.s. is now willing to go it alone on north
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korea so i guess my question for you is, what exactly does that mean? what are our options? >> well, president trump's really stating the obvious because china has left us on our own. there's nobody will solve this except the united states and the problem is with this launch it's no longer just a regional problem. this is a u.s. problem because it can now reach the u.s. territory soil, so right now the only thing the u.s. has is economic sanctions, it's the same thing that the past four u.s. presidents have, the problem is it's going to involve sanctioning chinese banks which is going to further exacerbate our very sour relationship with the chinese and so there's an interesting knock-on effect. this missile launch will have -- will, in fact, ruin or make our relationship with the chinese much worse. >> no good options, steve ganyard, thank you very much for your analysis on this holiday weekend. paula, over to you. the trump administration is getting ready for its first independence day celebration in the white house. the focus will be on honoring veterans and military families.
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trump is also preparing for the g20 summit, he leaves tomorrow making a stop in poland on his way to the critical meeting with world leaders and the president will have come face-to-face with %-p he confront the russian leader over that country's interference in the u.s. election? abc's david kerley is at the white house for us this morning with more on that. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, paula. we are not hearing from the president about that meeting coming later this week. he is tweeting this morning about the north korean missile launch but he is preparing for that big g20 summit in europe. this morning, ahead of his big meeting the president has been dialing for diplomacy, calling nearly ten world leaders but it is his first face-to-face with vladimir putin, the man accused of meddling in the u.s. elections that will get the attention. two men during the campaign who spoke glowingly of each other.
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>> putin, he said donald trump is a genius. >> reporter: putin praising trump. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: leading some democrats wondering if all these kind words led to cooperation during the presidential campaign. the election hacking, contacts between several trump confidants with russians and possible collusion, now the subject of congressional and a special counsel investigation. for several years mr. trump stated he had met the russian leader. >> tough guy, i met him once. >> reporter: but now says this will be their first face-to-face. >> i've never met him. >> you said '13, '14 and '15 you did have a relationship with him. >> no, look, what do you call a relationship? >> i'm asking you. >> i have no relationship with putin. i don't think i've ever met him. i never met him. i don't think i ever met him. >> reporter: syria and ukraine two friction points and the russians want their two diplomatic compounds back, facilities shut down by president obama for the russian interference in the elections. the trump white house won't say if the elections will be part of the discussion with putin. >> this is very important for us
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to make a statement that russia does not meddle, not just in our elections, here and the future, but in our allies. >> reporter: the russians are now telling us this morning the two men will be meeting on the 7th, friday, in hamburg, germany. we do not have an agenda, guys, as to exactly what they will be discussing during that pull-aside meeting? >> david kerley at the white house, thank you. let's bring in matthew dowd. matt, good morning to you. >> good morning. happy fourth to you and paula. >> thank you. >> thank you. in this meeting does trump have any choice really but to broach the issue of election meddling? >> well, you would think he would have no choice, but all the reporting and all of the things we've heard is that he is not going to bring it up. but it's obvious the dominant issue in our u.s. politics of how much they meddled in our elections, but i think donald trump is in sort of a precarious position because one of the only friends he has is vladimir putin in the international community when he meets over in europe. >> and, matt, putin is expected to demand from president trump that the u.s. return those
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compounds that were seized by the obama administration back in december, and russian officials have warned that retaliatory measures have been drawn up if this doesn't happen. how do you see this all going down? >> reporter: well, i think this is such a crucial time as you all talked about related to north korea and everything going on how much presidential temperament matters in these times. and i don't really know how it's going to go down. it almost sounds like donald trump will be involved in another real estate deal, but this time related to our diplomatic -- i mean the diplomatic compounds of the russians. i don't really know. i don't think donald trump -- because i say because one of the only people that he has a friend right now, a real friend is vladimir putin, so how much he pushes that is a real big question. >> matthew dowd, we always appreciate your analysis and happy fourth to you, sir. >> yeah, matt, you always have a friend in us, by the way, just in case you were wondering. >> i feel like it's saturday -- let's do this every fourth of july. >> happy weekend, everybody. sorry to confuse all of you. thanks, matt.
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now we want to send things over to ginger and those dangerous wildfires threatening the southwest as well as the west. good morning to you, ginger. >> good morning, paula. 29 large wildfires burning. mostly in the rockies and the southwest. this one from parker, arizona, brush fire, you can see over the colorado river there that intense flame all set by fireworks at the blue water casino. that's why officials are telling a lot of people please do not set off fireworks on this fourth of july. sparks, nevada, for example, this fire shut down i-80 for a time. now it's back open but my goodness conditions are not good. fire watch and warning around reno. excessive heat watch in phoenix. heat advisories up to idaho. that ridge is building once again. look at the numbers if phoenix, up to 116. what happened was they had a lot of moisture for the spring, a lot of foilage builds up then it dries out, paula and fires fuel. >> thanks for that explanation. ginger, you'll be tracking that story all morning. we know so many are traveling this holiday weekend. 44.2 million americans according to aaa but now the traffic app waze has narrowed down exactly when you do not want to be on the road today.
7:11 am
it anticipates, everybody, the worst times for driving will be between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. based on data from last year. traffic is likely to be the worst in urban areas holding fireworks displays tonight then waze says to expect a 3% increase in traffic after those shows as people make their way home. all useful information from one of my favorite apps. >> best to be careful on the road if you're hitting the road today. we turn to what some are calling beachgate, new jersey governor chris christie under fire and unapologetic after these pictures hit social media. that's christie and his family enjoying the beach even though he had just ordered state beaches to be closed as part of a government shutdown. abc's erielle reshef is on the story. erielle, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the three-day government shutdown in new jersey is now over after a late-night budget deal but governor chris christie is still facing a wave of backlash over his time at the beach. this morning, governor chris christie doubling down on his right to be here. on this deserted stretch of
7:12 am
sand. >> the governor has a residence at island beach. others don't. this is the way it goes. run for governor then you can have the residence. >> reporter: a local newspaper on sunday afternoon snapping these pictures of the governor and his family on a beach he ordered closed to the public. one of 40 state parks shut down in the midst of a budget deadlock. boy scouts forced to cancel their campouts, joggers turned away. christie defending his holiday escape. >> i think i've proven over the last eight years that i have a choice to make between my family and political optics, i'll pick my family. >> reporter: local beachgoers not amused. this banner flying over the jersey shore. just hours after these were taken the governor at first implying he was hard at work to re-open the government. >> governor, you look like you got some sun. >> i didn't get any sun today. >> reporter: and the government spokesperson saying christie, quote, did not get any sun
7:13 am
because he had a baseball cap on. christie also tweeting that despite the shutdown, 119 of new jersey's 130 miles of coastline are open. as his approval numbers stand at 15%, making him america's least popular governor. while social media had a field day with the now trending #beachgate. sparking memes of the lounging governor dropped in iconic scenes from the oval office to "forrest gump." governor christie says he was only at the beach for 40 minutes before getting back to work on the budget and this morning we know all of the beaches in new jersey are open just in time for the fourth of july holiday, paula. >> 40 minutes, not long but long enough to be photographed. and now to wimbledon and venus williams. the tennis superstar breaking down in tears at a press conference when she was asked about the fatal car crash she's being held responsible for and abc's adrienne bankert is here with the story for us. good morning, adrienne. >> good morning to you too. it was uncomfortable, venus started out composed. grateful for her first round victory and her 20th wimbledon. but when questions turned to that june 9th crash after tears
7:14 am
overtook her answer, the room fell silent and no one knew what to say. venus williams overcome with emotion. after celebrating victory on the wimbledon court monday, the tennis star breaks down at a post-match press conference when asked how she's coping following that deadly car accident last month. >> there really are no words to describe how devastating and -- yeah, i -- i'm completely speechless and it's just -- yeah, i mean, i'm just -- >> reporter: the seven-time grand slam champion unable to continue. visibly shaken, crying softly before leaving the stage. it's the first time williams has spoken publicly since the car accident that ultimately killed 78-year-old jerome barson and severely injured his wife linda. the police report states that williams was at fault for
7:15 am
violating the right of way of the barsons' vehicle. the barson family have since filed a wrongful death suit accusing williams of driving carelessly and recklessly. the family also wants access to evidence as their attorney told george stephanopoulos. >> there are video cameras that were placed at guardhouses where ms. williams lives and that the police have refused after multiple requests to turn those over to us. >> reporter: despite being found at fault, williams has not been ticketed or charged in the accident. and venus left crying as you saw there but later returned to the stage to answer a few more questions. now, according to legal documents, obtained by abc news, the barsons' daughter named in the lawsuit is seeking at least $15,000 in damages, no specifics on that total amount are not known at this time. >> she'll be able to compete through all of this. we'll see you later in the show. thanks for that. >> absolutely. and joining us now is pat
7:16 am
mcenroe. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, thanks for having me. it's obviously a tough situation for venus, no doubt about it. >> yeah, you know, but venus has been at this a long time but the accident as you saw just really wrecked her in this press conference. how does she play through this? >> well, it's going to be difficult obviously, but venus williams if anything certainly as you mentioned has a lot of experience and oftentimes when players are going through difficult things off the court, this is certainly very difficult, and we all think about the poor gentleman and the family who lost his life in this accident. that's number one and i think you can see from venus' response that she's feeling that, as well, and a lot of times the players can use the court, practice as a refuge from things going on in their life. my guess is venus will try to do that. this is the tournament where she's had the most success in her storied career and interesting that her sister serena, of course, is not here
7:17 am
because she's awaiting to give birth to her first child so she's not here, and before this incident happened, many of us thought, hey, this is venus' chance to win a sixth wimbledon title. obviously this puts a lot of that into question as how she can handle this moving forward. >> yeah, so the fact that it's wimbledon, that's going to bring her a little bit of comfort because she's won five times, but police say that venus is at fault. she hasn't been charged, we do want to note that. the family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against her. do you think it would be good for her to take a little time off maybe after this? >> i think that would probably be wise for her to do that. obviously this is wimbledon. this is, as you said, this is the place where all tennis players want to be and i think being here in familiar surroundings will help her but certainly after this tournament you would think she might need a little break. >> all right, pat, thanks so much for your analysis. everybody, you can see live coverage of wimbledon today on espn. dan. let's check the forecast yet
7:18 am
again with ginger. hey, ginger. >> hey there, dan. the picture behind me shows tornado damage from jonesboro, arkansas, on monday. that is a piece of siding injected into the side of a house and coming through so we got the outside and the inside look there. that was an ef-1 tornado that brought -- ran through. let's get you to tuesday trivia now brought to you by walmart. trivia brought to you by walmart. happy independence happy independence day, becoming mostly sunny, not too hot today, clouds return this evening, some summer heat
7:19 am
coming. let's take a look at temperatures today. 60s along the coast in san francisco, low to mid-70s around the bay and low to mid-80s inland. cloud cover tonight 52 to 57 put want a timetable on when the clouds will return this evening, go to facebook and i'll have itt >> coming up, i'll show you a tt potential for tropical storm development. >> you look so happy saying that. >> i know. i'm sorry. exciting meteorologically. >> she is a weather nerd. beautiful weather nerd, thanks, ginger. and coming up on this tuesday -- chilly new details in the case of that missing college student and the suspect making his first appearance in court and the shocking visit he made one day before his arrest. the hot air balloon that crash landed in a pond filled with alligators. we're going to hear from the people on board. thear from the people on board. ohear from the people on board. hear from the people on board. botox® is the only treatment for chronic migraine shown to actually prevent headaches and
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checkup? nailed it hello, i'm natasha. a shooting this morning has left one antioch officer dead, and a suspect on the run. it happened after a officer responded to a homicide call. the robbery was not the result of the officer involved shooting. and we go over to alexis with the traffic. >> we got results of a crash near bear creek that i got as i was walking up. so i will have updates on tw twitter, alexis on abc7.
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crave van! now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. what are you doing on this independence day? heading to the beach? watch out, because it is mainly cloudy except for in santa cruz. bright sunshine at the pool or the lake, but if you are the ta bay, it is brisk north of the bay bridge. to nigh, the temperatures in the middle 50s and area of fog around the bay. at 10:00, you can see places like petaluna getting foggy. and at the bay bridge, foggy, but everywhere else, clear. and my accuweather seven-day forecast is warmer by thursday. natasha? >> than you, mike. early warning for parents about the smoke detector in your home next on gma. and the we will have another
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update in about 30 minutes. and yes, socked in at the golden gate bridge and we hope it will liftt for fireworks.
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welcome back to "gma" on this tuesday morning and we want to say happy independence day. you are looking at washington, the capitol and the white house where there will be a huge fireworks display, and then a live look in new york at lady liberty and we want to say thanks for spending your holiday morning with us. for dan, i'm paula and it's not the weekend. it's a tuesday morning. we're so glad to be here for this fourth of july. >> it's not the weekend, it's a holiday weekend. breaking overnight, north korea claiming it launched its first intercontinental ballistic missile landing this morning in the sea of japan. experts concerned that the successful distance launch could put the u.s. in danger at some point. the president, meanwhile, and the first lady melania trump will celebrate july 4th by hosting a picnic for military families on the south lawn.
7:31 am
and tonight they'll watch the firework prs the truman balconb. that visiting chinese graduate student abducted in broad daylight. the suspect making his first court appearance on monday after new details have emerged about how he spent his day just before the arrest. and abc's alex perez has the latest details. >> reporter: this is the photo campus police say shows brendt christensen, the man accused of kidnapping a 26-year-old graduate student, appearing at a rally for his alleged victim. the photo taken by a cnn reporter just one day before his arrest shows the 28-year-old wearing all black standing alone on the outskirts of the crowd. on monday, christensen did not enter a plea during his first appearance in court. outside a crowd of hundreds demanding justice for yingying zhang. >> he's been charged with kidnapping and if convicted, the penalty is up to life in prison. >> reporter: the fbi says christensen, a former teaching assistant who earlier this year earned a masters degree in physics, told them he offered zhang a ride as seen here in
7:32 am
this surveillance video taken three weeks ago, the last time she was seen alive. but christensen says he let her out after she became panicked when he said he made a wrong turn. >> everybody is stunned. i've gotten many, many e-mails from graduate students and faculty expressing disbelief. >> reporter: investigators say christensen recently visited a sexual fetish website on his phone visiting a forum called abduction 101 containing subthreads called perfect abduction fantasy and planning a kidnapping. >> as long as everyone keeps an open mind and listens to the evidence and doesn't jump to any conclusions i think that will be for the best. >> reporter: for "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> we want to thank alex for his reporting and we want to bring in callahan walsh, he is a child advocate at the national center for missing & exploited children. welcome to you, callahan. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> we want to go back to that photo we saw in that piece taken at a rally for the victim. in the upper right-hand corner, that is believed to be brendt christensen just standing there, the suspect, who was arrested
7:33 am
the next day. this is really disturbing that he's at this, but this sort of behavior doesn't surprise you, does it, callahan? >> no, it doesn't, and we've seen tough like this before. you see it with arsonists, as well. they'll go back to the scene of the crime and watch the house burn down they lit on fire. his arrogance, he's reveling in his crime and it's disgusting. >> and the suspect's phone had records of a visit to a fantasy abduction forum according to investigators. how troubling is that to you? >> it's very troubling. he was obviously searching information trying to gain some experience on this stipe of crime and acted it out. you know, we protected by our first amendment rights and freedom of speech and these websites exist, you know, they have policies that say it should be for consenting adults only, obviously this is not what he used the information for. the internet has changed our lives for the better in so many ways but there are still some dark places. >> investigators say they have an audio recording which we haven't heard of christensen, where he's talking about holding
7:34 am
zhang against her will. why would he be so bold as to say that? >> this speaks to his m.o., shows up to the rally. bragging about his crimes. is arrogance is showing and, you know, he's a smart guy and he was a ph.d. student and just got his masters. i think he was trying to thumb his nose at law enforcement but great work by the investigative team capturing that audio. great job. >> and real quick, her body hasn't been found. investigators are assuming she's dead. she's been missing since june 9th. what do you think they're basing that on? >> i'm sure there's some sort of evidence or, you know, hearing his account of this -- of the situation probably has led them to believe that. but these stranger abductions are the most dangerous. within the first three hours the likelihood of a safe recovery is severely diminished and, because she's been missing for over three weeks, that is another reason why law enforcement is likely to believe she is dead. >> callahan, we thank you for your insight on this fourth of july. thanks for joining us, dan.
7:35 am
>> we'll turn to florida now where a hot air balloon had to make an emergency landing in a pond filled with alligators and it all played out on camera. here is abc's nick watt. >> reporter: this is the moment a hot air balloon full of passengers crash lands into a pond in orange county, florida. >> folks, we are going to get a little bit wet. >> reporter: the pilot carrying 16 people including children forced to make an emergency landing monday because of wind. >> it was adrenaline, it was pumping. it was scary but i mean and now we are kind of making fun of it. >> reporter: the pilot trying to avoid power lines aiming for a field off the turnpike but, instead, going straight into a pond filled with alligators seen here just moments after the crash. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: and while the passengers tried to keep it light and calm -- >> you pay extra for the water landing, guys. >> reporter: riders say it was far from funny. the basket overturning sending screaming and crying passengers into the water. one woman landing underneath the basket.
7:36 am
>> it was serious. just lucky that no one got hurt. >> reporter: the balloon operator saying in a statement we're both relieved and sad for our passengers. we're relieved they're okay but we know this has not been the fantastic experience we were looking for. we're committed to making things right with them. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, new york. >> not fantastic to say the least. >> that's an understatement. thanks to nick for his reporting. coming up, a safety alert about smoke detectors. could your child be in danger of sleeping through the alarm? our experiment is next. stay tuned. each year sarah climbs 58,070 steps. that's the height of mount everest. because each day she chooses to take the stairs. at work, at home... even on the escalator. that can be hard on her lower body, so now she does it with dr. scholl's orthotics clinically proven to relieve and prevent foot, knee or lower back pain, by reducing the shock and stress that
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visit your volvo dealer today and get up to $4,500 in allowances. welcome back, everyone. now to a warning for all parents welcome back, everyone. now to a warning for all parents out there about smoke detectors. they save thousands of lives every year but will they actually wake up your children? abc's gio benitez is here with new information on our eye-opening experiment. will we like what you have to say as parents? >> you'll be shocked, i think. good morning, paula. half of all house fires happen in the middle of the night when people are sleeping. that's why it's crucial kids know the family fire plan and wake up from those alarms. so, will they? well, we decided to conduct an unscientific experiment to find out. we're inside a connecticut home with firefighter travis gulick. we wanted to see what will happen. will smoke alarms wake up the children of the mcbride family, landon, 3 1/2 and noelle, 1?
7:41 am
>> it will really be interesting to see what happens. our son usually can sleep through everything. >> reporter: the mcbrides have an action plan in place in case there's a fire and even included their 3 1/2-year-old. their son knows to be up and ready to go the moment that alarm goes off. >> so you've talked to your son about the smoke alarms. >> he knows the sound. we have our plan. we actually have a fire ladder in our bedroom. and our plan is to obviously get them and get the ladder and get out. >> oh, wow. so what should every family be thinking about? when it comes to smoke alarms. >> making sure your smoke detectors work. put them in the bedrooms, have them outside the bedrooms and one on every level, especially near the stairwell, because the smoke rises, it's going to go up the stairwell. >> reporter: so, we rigged up cameras in the kids' rooms and we have a great view using their baby monitors. after they fall asleep our firefighter brings in a regular smoke alarm and set it off with a smoke device in the haul right outside the kids' rooms with their doors open. >> i'm nervous.
7:42 am
[ smoke alarm going off ] >> he's not waking up. >> she's not either. >> when you see that what do you think? >> i mean, that's not good. because you know what, what makes me think is like would we hear it? >> reporter: next, we set off the family's much louder smoke alarm system. it is set up through their phone and alarms are found throughout the house in all the bedrooms, hallway and downstairs. do you think they'll wake up? >> i do. >> okay. >> because they're in their room. >> reporter: that's right, there are speakers in their rooms. we trigger them and wait. >> emergency, emergency. there's smoke. >> reporter: 20 seconds later -- >> he is still sleeping. >> both of them. >> i truly thought they were going to wake up, like truly. >> i mean, i'm shocked. >> like -- >> i'm shocked looking at this. still asleep. that definitely i feel would have woken me up but i guess not when it's a kid. >> i truly, truly thought they would have woken up. >> reporter: an unbelievable four minutes later the alarm
7:43 am
still blaring and neither wakes up. >> as a mom and dad, what do you feel when you see this? >> you know, it just makes you think that you have -- not that you wouldn't react quick but it's kind of like you really got to react the second you hear that because they're not going to hear that. >> reporter: incredible. research suggests more than 80% of children do not wake up from a standard issue alarm so if parents hear it go off they need to act fast and that's the biggest advice, have a plan in place. don't expect your kids to wake up. >> yeah, well, parents already don't sleep. now we'll never go to sleep because we know our kids will never hear it. >> why does my kid wake up in the middle of my favorite tv shows all the time but not during a fire alarm. >> it's called parenting. >> look forward to you having children someday soon. coming up on the big board, the skyrocketing salaries of nba superstars and still lebron james thinks they're being underpaid. we'll find out why coming up. underpaid. we'll find out why coming up.
7:44 am
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7:47 am
tide and downy together. we are back now with our big board and the richest contract in nba history, steph curry over the weekend scored a blockbuster deal with the golden state warriors for an incredible $201 million over four years. that's over $50 million a year if you do the math in thank you for doing the math. i've never been good at that. >> almost $500,000 a game and 82 regular --
7:48 am
>> somebody has the abacus out this morning. but is the nba champ getting underpaid? lebron james seems to think so. the cavs star speaking out tweeting that curry should be getting 400 million. espn's darren rovell joining us at the table. so, is lebron right? >> okay, steph curry is a value. he is. and the reason lebron was doing it, based on the fact that the warriors are now said to be worth $2.6 billion, these guys bought the team for 450 million. although you would say that back then i think people thought they were crazy. lebron does not have a point in the fact that he's the vice president of the nba players association and they agreed to this deal that this is the max contract that steph curry could earn so players are still getting 51% of the revenue. but they agreed to the fact that 201 million was basically the highest that steph could get for this deal. >> and you wonder what kind of damage this can do in the court of public opinion. you have millionaires complaining about how much money they can get. do you think all this fuss over millions of dollars can do damage to the brand?
7:49 am
>> well, i mean, this is a little bit tough, 201 million. he doesn't make enough. that's never a good thing if people remember latrell spreewell couldn't feed his family when he had millions of dollars. i would say something positive happened last night in that kevin durant of the warriors is taking $9 million less because he wants to win a championship. so you think, okay, lebron is saying the max out, you can get, more money, but durant is saying i just want to do it for the love of the game, which is what a fan likes to hear, unfortunately that now negates lebron's "you're not getting enough," because he just took $9 million less than what he could get. >> let me ask about the nfl. the bills wide receiver sammy watkins is tweeting we got to get paid more. so some football players are a little jealous here. don't they have an argument given the nfl is more valuable than the nba. >> yes, so, the nfl's revenues last year were about 14 billion, the nba's 8 billion. again, the nfl players did a deal.
7:50 am
their deal's not as good. they don't have guaranteed contracts. i think what sammy needs is a calculator. there are 53 players on an nfl roster. there are 15 on an nba roster. yes, they are getting more money. you just have to divide it with more players. >> and they are also playing fewer games, 16 as opposed to 82 regular season. >> darren, thank you. bottom line we chose the wrong line of work. coming up here on "gma," rumer willis now six months sober opening about her struggles to stay clean sharing a message to everybody living with addiction.
7:51 am
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7:54 am
means if it gets to that point, tropical storm, it will be called don and a lot into the northern caribbean. this is pretty far out but we're watching it for sure. we also are watching that fourth of july forecast. i want to move out of the way so you find your home city and look at those pockets of rain, minneapolis is in one later this afternoon and evening, the possibility there in the mid-atlantic a
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by carmax. drive what's possible. ble. e. g ma 78 00
7:56 am
good morning and happy fourth. i'm natasha zouves, and good morn morning. mike, what are you seeing for weather? >> well, from the san mateo bridge to the san rafael bridge, that is the best area, as the fog clears and so inland and eastland and south bay, for sure, no cloud cover. alexis? >> well, we did have one new issue pop up in the last 30 minute, and the biggest traffic issue on a light day. we had ale rollover crash before alma bridge road that the did clear, but heavy traffic southbound and in northbound as well. we had reports of debris across all lanes, but it should clear up soon. >> and coming up, is the
7:57 am
hottests new diet putting you atk? that is coming up next on "gma." and you can join reggie, and a alexis and me weekday mornings from 4:30 to 7:00, and the weekday morning news show continues with "good morning america."
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and breaking overnight, north korea's stunning claim that it just test launched its first intercontinental ballistic missile. president trump already condemning the test. deadly day on the roads. july 4th, one of the busiest days of the year when it comes to driving. what to know to keep your family safe this holiday. new this morning, rumer willis' secret struggle, the star revealing she is six months sober. what season's saying about her long journey to getting better. ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ the story we can't wait to smar share this july 4th. a very special we are "gma" this morning. one man who lost almost everything devoting his life to helping those less fortunate around him. now an entire community coming together for an unbelievable thank you.
8:01 am
♪ and get ready to rock in the fourth. r5 here live in times square. their fans lined up all night just for this moment as they all say -- >> all: good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ there are so many young folks outside waiting for r5 to perform. good morning, america. we want to say happy fourth of july. dan and i thank you for joining us on this tuesday. >> we do. we're taking a look at lady liberty in new york city. she'll be bathed in the reflective glow of fireworks later tonight. so many americans across the country will be out seeing the show and after the fireworks, 40 million americans will be hitting the road for one of the biggest travel days of the year and linzie janis is already getting a head start out on the road with important safety tips. that's coming up in just a bit. but first this morning's top
8:02 am
story. north korea launching a missile overnight that might be powerful enough to reach u.s. soil. abc's james longman is in london with the very latest for us this morning. good morning, james. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, paula. a stunning claim overnight, north korea saying it successfully tested its first intercontinental ballistic missile. the announcement came on state tv early this morning. the secretive regime releasing images it says are of the launch. now, as usual it's very difficult to know for sure what's going on in that country but japan confirmed overnight that the missile flew for about 40 minutes before it landed in the ocean. if true, this would be the first time that north korea has tested a missile that experts fear could potentially reach alaska. now, north korean leader kim jong-un and other officials were shown celebrating the successful launch and overnight president trump was tweeting about the test, asking, does this guy have anything better to do with his life? u.s. officials tell us they're analyzing the test. at this point they believe it was a more standard midrange missile but remember it's not just about how far it can travel but whether the technology is there to support a nuclear
8:03 am
warhead. dan. >> nonetheless, seems almost certainly to be a step in the wrong direction in terms of u.s. security. thank you very much, james. we turn to the battle for iraq's second largest city, mosul, on the verge of being retaken from isis. but the terror group is fighting to the bitter end and abc's ian pannell is there. >> reporter: dan, this morning we're looking at a battle that's entering its final stages. in fact, many feel this is the week that isis will be finally defeated in mosul. don't forget the city has been the center of its power in iraq for the last three years and as the militants are pushed back so we're seeing hundreds of people emerge from their own homes where they've effectively been held captive and coming out with tales of abuse and deprivation. they haven't had any food or water for a number of weeks now so all attention now switches to raqqah in syria just 250 miles away. there u.s.-backed forces have breached the walls of the old city this morning. in other words, this morning,
8:04 am
dan, the battle looks good on all fronts. >> it does but still a lot to worry about with isis. >> a lot to worry about. it's so hard to see all those people starving. now what you need to know before driving home on one of the biggest travel days of the year. millions of americans are gearing up to hit the road after the fireworks and abc's linzie janis is live with more on how to stay safe on this fourth of july. good morning to you, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, paula. as you can see the roads are clear right now. but it is set to be one of the busiest fourth of july weekends ever. the busiest record-breaking weekend in terms of the number of people out on these roads and traffic is expected to peak after fireworks displays tonight. it's worth remembering the fourth of july is also the most dangerous day to be on the road. your chances of being involved in a fatal accident increase by a third on this day. drunk driving behind a lot -- a significant number of those crashes so the national safety council reminding people use a designated driver, maybe a
8:05 am
ride-sharing service and a recommendation for parents, do not allow your teens to drive around other teens. just one young passenger can increase a teen driver's fatal crash risk by 44%. so a good reminder to have fun but stay safe. dan and paula. >> yeah, great reminder to stay safe and great reminders and tips for parents as well. advice you can dole out to your teens. thanks, linzie. >> confirming my instinct to stay on the couch as well tonight. >> all right. i don't think you really needed anybody to confirm that. >> no, you know me well. coming up rumer willis revealing her secret struggle with addiction. the actress sharing an important message this morning. plus, breaking down the latest diet craze. how alternate fasting could slow down your weight loss. >> we only eat chicken? that's what i want to know. "gma" salutes one deserving hero with a surprise of a lifetime. rob marciano is going to have this incredible story. we're right back on this fourth of july. ♪
8:06 am
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♪ we are back now with a great audience on this tuesday morning. we want to say welcome to all of you. how about for this audience, they're up early. they'll be up late tonight with the fireworks. >> my favorite audience. >> keep them going, adrienne bankert here with "pop news." >> what do you want to say the next time you're here? >> my favorite audience. you know what, a lot of people's favorite shows season premiere happening july 16th. i know you're a huge fan of "game of thrones." >> huge. >> this is a nod to the first show. the first episode in the first season, winter is coming. yes, but a lot of you might not even know about "game of thrones." maybe you have a boyfriend or
8:11 am
family member that loves it. you don't have to binge-watch. you can get on the got bot created by fans and tells you everything you need to know about the show. we asked who is jon snow and it replied with a detailed biography. there was another greeting that said winter is here. get cozy with jon snow looking especially not cozy. and getting the meme treatment. why do i even bother conditioning my hair? >> he doesn't need -- he could look good even if his hair was unconditioned. >> we know what flavor paula likes. >> if you watched the snow, jon snow has bigger problems. >> than his hair? >> yes. >> very scary and it premieres july 16th. >> very good. talking about bearing it all, if you have little one, tell them to get cereal or play on the ipad because espn is getting ready to release its annual "body issue." somebody is excited. [ applause ] featuring athletes again taking
8:12 am
it all off. this year's lineup includes new england patriot and super bowl champ julian edelman. he actually hates his feet. i thought that was interesting because a lot of women hate their feet so nice to hear men also have those problems. >> do you like yours, adrienne? >> i like them in shoes. >> do you like your feet, ginger? >> i would say in general they're fine. they're nothing special. >> i really didn't see the conversation going this way. >> anyway -- >> do you like your feet? >> anyway, world series champion chicago cubs second baseman javier baez, olympic sprinter and breast cancer survivor, novlene williams-mills, caroline wozniacki, tennis star, and dallas cowboys running back ezekiel elliott are in this issue. and it hits newsstands on july 7th. >> has to be the moment they hear they're in that they just start doing more lunges. that is -- that got me so interested in sports really quickly there. >> well, something to think about. finally in a video a lot of people are watching earning over
8:13 am
400,000 views on youtube. a little girl taking her first sip of coke. >> don't do it, mom and dad. >> watch it. wait a minute. wait a minute. eyes rolling back in the head. ah. coca-cola coma. but wait for it. she likes it. >> she's going back for more. >> yes. mikey likes it. looks like she's found her new favorite drink. though she was shuddering a bit in the beginning. >> i saw a meme on that one yesterday and it said when a friend mixes you a drink and you're like, whoa. >> she has a future in comedy. her facial expressions are incredible. >> but takes a deep breath like, ooh, give me more, that sugar rush combined with the burn. >> and the head back. >> we can all relate not necessarily for coca-cola but other things in life. >> for some things. >> where are you going with that? >> bittersweet. >> nothing, nothing, dan. let's talk about feet again. >> we took a turn with the feet and then the half naked bodies. >> awry when adrienne wants us
8:14 am
to get back to talking about feet. >> let's get to the news. turning now to our "gma" cover story, rumer willis' stunning revelation. we've been talking about this this morning. the former dancing champ and daughter of bruce willis and demi moore revealing her secret struggle with alcohol. abc's diane macedo is here with all the details. good morning, diane. >> reporter: good morning to you. rumer willis' instagram is blowing up after she posted she's six months sober. first time she's ever admitted to problems with addiction. while it was a secret journey it was a long one. ♪ i'm on the road ♪ >> reporter: 28-year-old rumer willis is opening up with a candid message to the world. instagraming this bare-faced selfie revealing her secret struggle with addiction. yesterday i celebrated six months of sobriety. it's not something i planned on but after the long journey of getting here i can honestly say i have never been more proud of myself in my entire life. willis shared the news over the weekend with her 600,000 plus
8:15 am
followers, writing, i will be the first one to say i'm not perfect and i mess up sometimes. and every once in a while i get it right. the oldest daughter of hollywood stars demi moore and bruce willis has become a star in her own right. ♪ mastering the ballroom as "dancing with the stars" season 20 champ. taking over broadway as roxie in "chicago." ♪ started with a bang >> reporter: even taking on the role as a singing sensation. ♪ mountains high and the valley low ♪ >> reporter: and recovering drug addict on the hit show "empire". >> relax, i'm just saying hello. >> reporter: in real life, addiction runs through rumer's blood. her mom, dad and younger sister tallulah are all admitted recovering addicts. >> the good news is there's a supportive and empathetic family there that understands what she's going through. >> reporter: she's no stranger
8:16 am
to challenges, also becoming vocal about her battles with online bullying. >> unfortunately, i think it's one of those things that we're almost in a generation now where it's become socially acceptable for that kind of behavior and what bothers me the most is seeing young women put each other down. >> reporter: now her remarkable candor comes with a simple message, be gentle with yourself. and she hasn't revealed any more details on this apparent addiction but she did express gratitude for the love and support and there has been a ton. that post already has roughly 18,000 likes and over 600 comments and, paula, many are from people saying that just that one post has inspired them to try to get sober as well. very powerful. >> seems like it's resounding with so many this morning. diane, thanks for that report and we are joined by dr. jen ashton. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so it just seems like there's vulnerability and healing in that vulnerability but is it a healthy part of the process to open yourself up so publicly? >> i mean i think to be clear, there is no one size fits all when you talk about recovery and sobriety and substance abuse,
8:17 am
dependence and addiction. that really addicts in general have a problem with avoidance, denial, with embracing reality so anything that helps them be responsible to themselves for that reality, whether it's group, like this very, very public or whether it's private, you have to embrace reality for that to occur and i think what we need to realize here is that she's a public figure. you can imagine how incredibly difficult it is for all of the people in recovery struggling with addiction to go through this privately. it can be also difficult publicly either way. this is a condition that does not discriminate. whether you're a celebrity or an average person, you have to face those demons and it's incredibly hard. >> and as diane mentioned in the piece, there is a genetic component to this and kind of runs in the family. what do we know about that genetic component of addiction?
8:18 am
>> it's important just like it is in a lot of medical conditions and people who have other relatives who have struggled with addiction, that increases their risk. but the flip side is also important to realize that if you have it in your family that doesn't mean it's your destiny and your fate. it does mean you have to have awareness to try to take steps to lower that risk but family history is always relevant. >> family history and if you're struggling with this, reach out to others, open yourself up, be vulnerable, and get that accountability group. >> use whatever resources you have. >> dr. ashton, thank you. happy fourth. let's send things back over to dan. >> thank you, paula and jen. we will talk about the effectiveness of alternate day fasting. does this trendy diet really help you lose weight long term? abc's mara schiavocampo is here with a closer look. mara, good morning. >> reporter: hey dan, good morning. on the surface, it sounds great. diet every other day then eat pretty much whatever you want on nondiet days but does it actually work any better than good old-fashioned calorie cutting and is it something you can actually stick with? it's quickly become a top choice
8:19 am
for weight loss. >> now let's talk about the new diet craze. >> watch what you eat two days a week and eat what you want the rest of the week. >> reporter: alternate day fasting, a hugely popular diet that many swear by. but now, new research is doubting its effectiveness. does fasting one day and then eating pretty much whatever you want the next day really work? >> simply not sustainable and it's also confusing because it can put you at risk of actually overeating on the days when you're able to, quote/unquote feast. >> reporter: on fasting days you eat about 25% of your normal caloric intake. for someone on a 1600 calorie diet, that's just 400 calories for the entire day. what does that look like? three ounces of grilled chicken, five almonds, a small apple and half a cup of greek yogurt. for 34-year-old alicia, it was a great jump start to weight loss. she lost 31 pounds in ten months from eating just 500 calories two days a week and alicia says
8:20 am
for her it was easy to maintain. >> i love that i could still eat pretty much anything i wanted on the nonfasting days so, you know, it was a small price to pay for still getting to eat cookies and drink beer and like have burgers and bread. >> reporter: but a recent study compares those on an alternate day fasting diet with those who simply cut their calories every day. the result, both groups lost approximately the same amount of weight. >> so as long as you are reducing your food intake it really doesn't matter what the pattern of calorie restriction is. you'll lose weight. >> reporter: the study also found that the alternate day fasting group had a higher dropout rate. some arguing it's a tough diet to maintain long term. >> if i decided spontaneously to take a bike ride or to take a walk through the park or walk home, i would be really hungry and tempted to eat a lot more than what was allotted for that day.
8:21 am
>> reporter: now the study also found that alternate day fasting didn't offer any added protection against heart disease compared to those who just cut their calories across the board. now, the biggest issue is sticking with it. that's one of the biggest challenges. experts say alternate day fasting is best for those who only eat a few times a day. it's really hard for people who snake or graze a lot. going long stretches without food will be tough. >> sticking with it is the hardest part often of new habit formation. >> consistency is key. if you stick with it, you'll be okay. >> good luck to me. ginger, what's going on with you? >> i would pass out. i can't do that. i was just saying how hungry i was. we were all just talking about it. but you know what i'll bring you your "gma" moment. it wouldn't be the fourth of july without our friends mowry and moon. ah. they are the sweetest. we love seeing them all dressed up. you know what, it inspires me. look at that. just with the document in his mouth. love it. a couple of the fourth of july cities, washington, d.c., of course, today high 91. before that storm comes through.
8:22 am
and you will have sca happy independence day, and happy independence day, becoming mostly sunny, not too hot today, clouds return this evening, some summer heat coming. let's take a look at temperatures today. 60s along the coast in san francisco, low to mid-70s around the bay and low to mid-80s inland. cloud cover tonight 52 to 57 put want a timetable on when the clouds will return this evening, go to facebook and i'll have itt twitter, and i will have it for you. [ cheers and applause ] we're still talking about food, by the way. we are all talking about food and so hungry. let's move to the 30th anniversary of one of the biggest blockbuster franchises of all time. we're talking "lethal weapon," everybody. the stars of the classic buddy
8:23 am
cop movie sat down with our chris conley to catch up since their last scenes together, and they are definitely not too old for this stuff. >> reporter: it's a joyful reunion for the stars of "lethal weapon." mel gibson, danny glover, and rene russo. the first time they've been together since shooting the final scenes of "lethal weapon 4" the franchise's last one. why do you have such affection when you see each other after all this time? >> it was a time in our lives when something just sort of clicked. i think there was a lot of love between us. when i see them i just kind of get the same feeling which is, you know, it's kind of like seeing a teenage sweetheart or something. that sort of thing. >> i think you can say whatever you want about the films, but i think the relationship got better and better over the period of time. >> do you really want to jump? >> reporter: from the first film's 1987 debut "lethal weapon" turbocharged its genre. there was gibson's off the wall and back at you lawman, riggs. >> i think we're all a little
8:24 am
crazy and i'm probably crazier than most and it was easy to access. >> reporter: he was paired with glover's heading toward retirement family man who got the best loved line in buddy cop movie history. >> i'm too old for this. >> i can't get anywhere without somebody saying, just say it to me, just say, i'm getting too old for this, you know. >> it's the to be or not to be of this genre of movies. >> the scratch. >> it feels like grand canyon. >> reporter: in 1992's "lethal weapon 3", she would come on board as a cop. hers and mel comparing scars. >> favorite scene i've ever done ever. not just because you're this crazy good kisser which you are -- >> reporter: director richard donor would encourage mel's on-set improv vacation. >> like give me the best lines sometimes. >> you can't imagine how quick mel was. >> crazy. >> let's do it. >> i can't even remember dialogue now.
8:25 am
in fact, i have the body of an 18-year-old. i just can't remember where i buried it. >> reporter: it's state of the era action sequences kept "lethal weapon" audiences on the edge of their seats, but sometimes found glover asleep in his. >> i'm in the passenger seat, mel's driving and -- we have to drive to the location. i can't remember a time when i did not go to sleep. >> that's true, i remember. >> donner would always say, wake glover up before we start shooting. >> reporter: their clear chemistry makes talk of a possible "lethal 5" unavoidable. how much would you be interested in doing another one? >> you should see me walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night. like that is not going to happen. >> how tempted are you sometimes? >> you play off the fact they're not as limber as they used to be. >> you have to. >> and i think that would be fun. >> it would be a real comedy. >> rip van weapon.
8:26 am
>> i think they should do it. >> i will watch "lethal weapon 5" if mel gibson brings back that mullet. business in the front, party in the back. >> we all want to be heroes for the rest of our lives. i think it would be exciting. >> "lethal weapon 5" not too old for this stuff. >> come on. >> i'm feeling too old for this stuff and we're all still hungry. we are honoring a real american hero on this july 4th holiday. that's coming up. on this july 4th holiday. that's coming up.
8:27 am
>> good morning on this july fourth. i'm reggie aqui. the city is going to be full of parades. morgan hill, people began to put out parades since it began. and now, alameda will close the fairgrounds at a 8:00 p.m. to keep people from flooding the fairgrounds. so if you are going, get there early. alexis, is anybody going to work? >> no. the bay bridge toll plaza, and no metering lights. they are not flipped on this morning, but maybe later today when the volume is going to fill in for all of the festivities.
8:28 am
and the richmond and san rafael bridge just nine minute, and five for the dunbarton. >> and five people got up and they are watching us now. we have doubled the audience. and mike nicco is up next with to a look at the holiday forecast. denny's new strawberries and cream pancakes are in the house. your house. with new denny's online ordering, get whatever you want, whenever you want, now wherever you want. order at discover card. hooh, you're real?? you know i'm real! at discover, we're always here to talk. good, 'cause i don't have time for machines. some companies just don't appreciate the power of conversation! you know, i like you! i like you too! at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card and talk to a real person.
8:29 am
and now to a accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> the mid-50s to 60s with this evening with a light breeze near the fog. a little fog near petaluna and south and east of that bay bridge, you should be clear.
8:30 am
reggie? >> thank you, mike. another update in about 30, and always more on the website at ♪lways more on the website at ♪ on your feet again ♪ on your feet again ♪ yeah ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome back to "gma." that was r5. they are too cool for school. >> like the house band this morning, r5. [ cheers and applause ] >> coming up they'll perform their new single "if." ginger had a chance to interview them. >> yes. >> guys, we are so excited to hear your new song. [ applause ] >> we want to move first to an unsung american hero. remarkable story, one man lost everything, he devoted his life
8:31 am
to helping the homeless and many others rise up. this morning we are celebrating the fourth of july by honoring him. rob marciano traveled to oklahoma city for this unforgettable surprise. take a look. >> reporter: larry ross? >> yes. >> reporter: rob marciano with "good morning america." so good to see you. walk with me. [ cheers and applause ] >> so we at "gma" got a beautiful letter some weeks ago describing the work that you've done here at city care. that's why we're here. that's why everybody is here to celebrate that. so "gma" wanted to recognize you and we put a little tape together and we want you to have a look. for larry ross, life has been a lesson. after the oil boom busted in the mid '80s he and his family lost everything. >> all of oklahoma was suffering. we lost our business and lost our house.
8:32 am
when you lose everything that you've depended on, you start doing some soul searching. >> reporter: even though larry was staying with friends sleeping on their couches he felt compelled to help those less fortunate than himself volunteering at a church breakfast for the homeless. >> he saw a need to feed these people. >> he fell in love with that population. literally like they were his friends. >> reporter: that experience would become a life changer for larry. >> amen. >> reporter: one morning while volunteering he had an epiphany, he would abandon the oil business permanently and dedicate himself full time to the city's homeless population. he founded city care. first he raised funds to build desperately needed transitional housing for people struggling to get back on their feet. >> it was a place like a little cradle in between those two harsh realities. homelessness and the real world. >> reporter: next larry built permanent affordable housing for
8:33 am
the formerly homeless. >> i own a boxing gym. i own a house, i own a car. i have a wonderful wife. i have a wonderful daughter, now i'm a productive member of society because of larry. >> reporter: and then he turned to children to prevent homelessness before it begins. >> fix poverty and education to end homelessness. >> reporter: he created whiz kids, an after-school literacy program for kids at risk like april and bianka tobias. >> maybe we could have been part of that percent that dropped out of school. >> reporter: today city care services thousands of people on the brink of homelessness. but larry is not done yet. his final project before retirement, affordable housing for veterans, another group at risk for homeless innocence. the project called homes for heros. >> even though maybe he doesn't remember me or remembers my face, i want him to know just that he changed my life and he created this want and need to
8:34 am
help others and invest in other people. >> i just want him to know that he rebuilt me. i know for a fact that it saved my life. >> i've got a wonderful life, you know. thank you. i really appreciate it, larry. thank you. >> i'm speechless. >> give it up. [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm going to put my sunglasses back on. >> that's all right. there's a lot of love here, no doubt about that. not just homelessness but getting kids having trouble reading and helping them through that. how important is that? >> if a kid can't read, their chances for success are greatly diminished. ♪ i have the heart of a hero >> reporter: we know whiz kids is going into the digital age. in order to do that you need digital equipment so our friends from samsung have something that they want to offer up. this is annie wu from samsung. >> hi, larry.
8:35 am
pleasure to meet you. samsung is donating 200 of these chromebook pluses. >> did you hear that, everybody? you're getting 200 chromebook pluses from samsung. [ cheers and applause ] >> bless you. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> reporter: we got a call from an anonymous donor who wanted to give you $50,000. [ applause ] $50,000. i met major ed, a purple heart recipient. $50,000 to go to your first home for heroes. we want to thank the anonymous donor that made this $50,000 donation and thank samsung for the 200 chromebook pluses and of course we want to thank everybody here at mark twain elementary school. are you guys ready to show larry a little piece of your heart? let's do it. one, two, three, go. have a look, larry.
8:36 am
>> that's great. >> is that not amazing? >> that's amazing. >> how much love you feeling right now? >> a lot. >> we are "gma"! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> if that doesn't touch your heart, he had so many of his own needs when he lost his house and job and his first response was to help the needs of others. >> to see the response from the people he helped over the year, incredible. >> so amazing. larry is an incredible man so well deserved acknowledgments for him and all the wonderful work that he's doing and thanks to rob for bringing that amazing story. coming up, ginger. >> hey. >> you're putting on your dancing shoes. >> i have to. i got to go to talk to the tour. >> see if you remember the moves. >> the answer is no. >> looks like yes is the answer. >> i have a lot of learning to do again. ♪
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
♪ yeah we're all about a good time ♪ and we are back now, very done up for the fourth of july. look at my new friend coral. looking good for fourth. all right. my behind the scenes visit now with the "dancing with the stars" tour. i got to reunite with some of my favorite people on earth and favorite dance moves so let's see how the big return to the stage went. >> announcer: live from hollywood, this is "dancing with the stars." >> reporter: actually live from the city near you, it's the "dancing with the stars" tour.
8:40 am
season 24 mirror ball champions rashad jennings and emma slater hit the road visiting 43 cities along with some of your favorite pros and we got to go backstage right before their show at the mayo performing arts center in morristown, new jersey. >> meet the people that voted for you week one and been rooting for you the entire time and to see them face-to-face, give them hugs, perform in front of them is great. >> worst part -- maybe not worse but the part you're about to do -- >> sleeping with about ten other people within a six-foot radius. >> i snore. i would be so nervous. >> he has to have the bottom bunk because he is too tall and rolls out. >> i'm going to be dancing and thought i should go for a big fall and then i thought, wait, i sort of did already. >> i beat you to it. >> and i saw it in slow motion. i was like, no. >> positively the most epic moment i've had on stage. >> fake ginger fall. >> no. >> that would be good for tv.
8:41 am
>> yeah, yeah. three, two, one. >> all: ginger falls. >> reporter: now it's time to get a dance lesson for a little on-stage cameo. >> one, two, three, four. >> okay. ♪ >> that's it. >> cut! >> reporter: before the show starts, a visit to the dressing rooms. >> are you enjoying your makeup? >> yes, we are here trying to get ready for the show. give the people what they came to see. >> now it's time to dance. ♪ won't you say you love me all of the time ♪ ♪ stay just a little bit longer ♪ ♪ please let me dance, say you
8:42 am
will ♪ [ applause ] they are pros for a reason. i was so sore after that but it felt good. we only rehearsed that three times. i was sweating my booty off. "dancing with the stars" summer nights runs through august 19th and now we've got to move on. everybody is here ready for the fourth of july and getting a head start on the fourth of july with some good old barbecue. chick-fil-a has created its first seasonal sandwich. the smokehouse barbecue bacon sandwich. that classic grilled chicken gives just the right amount of summertime sizzle. their special sauce jack cheese, bacon, everybody by the way in our studio audience is going home with a chick-fil-a gift card so that you can try one tonight. good morning. happy independence day. the clouds are going be back into the bay by 7:00 after clearing. nothing extreme temperature-wise
8:43 am
today. the forecast, warmer inland starting thursday. ah, happy birthday. all right. let's go ahead and head up to dan. >> ginger, you have lost nothing in your moves. congratulations. i joined on a completely different note by father james martin, the jesuit priest who calls for compassion for the lgbt community after the massacre at the pulse nightclub caught the attention recently appointed by pope francis as a consultant to the vatican and now written a new book, there it is, called "building a bridge." and it's about bridging the gap between the catholic church and the lgbt community.
8:44 am
father, thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. >> what provoked you to make this video and were you surprised by the response? >> the pulse massacre happened and in response very few catholic bishops really reached out to the lgbt community so i was a little disappointed in that. i made the video for facebook and as you say it got a lot of responses and i was surprised. i think people were waiting for a word of comfort from the catholic church and maybe that's what this did. >> some -- we discussed this before. some conservative catholics were not happy with it. what kind of pushback did you get from those corners? >> well, unfortunately, a lot are against the whole topic of welcoming lgbt catholics and think it's caving in which is ridiculous. all i'm calling for is respect, sensitivity and compassion which is part of the catechism. >> where has pope francis been on this? >> he's really been a leader. i think his five most famous words are who am i to judge and he's talked about and used the word gay which is the first time for any pope and really advocated a real compassionate approach and really trying to listen to people and accompany them and meet them where they are. >> you say this is a two-way street and members of the gay community also need to show respect to the church. but i think there are some -- for some people that's a bitter pill to swallow given the amount of pain and rejection that they feel they've experienced in the church.
8:45 am
>> it's a very bitter pill. i'm very clear in the book the onus is on the church. the institutional church that is marginalized the lgbt community, not the other way around but i think both sides need to be respectful of one another. >> in your book "building a bridge," you start with this psalm. you knit me together in my mother's womb. i praise you for i am fearfully and wonderfully made. some of my colleagues at "gma" noticed there's some similarity here to lady gaga's "born this way." are you a fan? >> of lady gaga? yeah, and i think she got it from the psalm, probably not the other way around. a little theology there. >> you like the message she's spreading? >> i do. sort of shorthand i saw on a bumper sticker once is god doesn't make crap. we are fearfully and wonderfully made and all beloved children of god and that's one of the prime messages i'm trying to get across in this book to lgbt people. >> so what can and should the church be doing now? >> listening to the experiences of lgbt catholics, ask them the question, what's your experience of god like while welcoming them
8:46 am
and call for an end to the firings that have been going on and really making them comfortable in their own church. >> are you confident this is going to happen? >> i am. i'm hopeful and think there's a lot of signs of change, pope francis and more catholics come out and more know lgbt people and they're more and more part of the parishes. >> thank you very much. congratulations on the book "building a bridge." we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> we will be right back with more "gma." ♪ [brother] any last words? [boy] karma, danny... ...karma! [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you, now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first
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>> announcer: no way, lose weight and improve your health, mind, body and spirit and maybe fit into the new bathing suit you've been eyeing and all starts with a cup of coffee. what is the coffee diet? "gma" has the doctor and the answers. you're going to want to see this tomorrow on "gma." hope you're ready to jam, everybody. we are back with one of the hottest groups right now. fans have been lining up to see r5 since 3:00 in the morning and now the moment has arrived. fresh off the release of "new
8:49 am
addictions" r5 with their hit song "if." >> yo, good morning, america. happy fourth of july. ♪ ♪ all my days run together because it's dope ♪ ♪ hope my nights last forever like the rolling stones ♪ ♪ all up in your time line double tapping i like like ♪ ♪ hoping that you don't mind mind that was 4 weeks old ♪ ♪ caught up in your eyes we have been talking online line i won't trade you no lies lies that you've heard before ♪ ♪ tell me if you could love me make me somebody ♪ ♪ if you could love me, do ♪ can you take on my feelings angels and demons ♪
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could be with you ♪ ♪ i could and i would i could be with you ♪ ♪ i could be with you i could and i would ♪ ♪ i could be with you i could be with you yeah ooh ♪ ♪ now i know what you like damn we got a good life ♪ ♪ tell me if you could love me make me somebody if you could love me do ♪ ♪ can you take on my feelings, angels and demons if you could love me do ♪ ♪ i could be with you i could and i would baby i wanna know ♪ ♪ i could be with you i could be
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with you ♪ ♪ oh baby ♪ i could be with you [ cheers and applause ] there is a place where heroes hspider-man.... black widow...
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>> announcer: how would you like us to come to you and throw a summer block party for your friends and neighbors and wait for it.
8:55 am
performing live dierks bentley. >> it's the biggest block party of the summer. >> go now to party to find out how to enter. >> let's get this party started. >> announcer: presented by king's hawaiian. ♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by lowe's. lowe's salutes our military community with the lowe's military discount. [ cheers and applause ] >> okay, they are ross, rydel, rocky. >> ellington. >> ellington and riker. >> there we go. i know you have a big show in baltimore tonight. thanks for r5 for celebrating the fourth of july with us. >> you guys have been great. >> let's take another look at that heartwarming moment honking an american hero. we leave you with this image and wish you a happy independence day, a happy birthday, america. see you back here tomorrow. happy ipdz pence day, a happy birthday, america. see you back here tomorrow.
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because with citrusy peel shine, i might as well be spraying orange juice on...grape juice. get serious, get a cleaner with bleach in it. that's right...i'll get it. clorox means clean.
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good morning. it is fourth of july at 8:59. and oh, say, can we see the fireworks tonight, mike nicco? >> where have you been hiding that one? >> i know. >> and i have ten seconds, so on the north bay, encroach iing in petaluna about 9:30, and richmond and san rafael bridge, fog there, but south of the san mateo bridge and east of that into the inland area of the eastland bay, you will be fine, and the temperatures warmer inla inland. alexis? >> the volume is very light. and 14 minutes to the highway to the maze.
9:00 am
>> you have the city to yourself if you are up. and of course >> announcer: happy independence day. you're invited to "live's" 4th of july party. today, an all-american host and author, andy cohen. and throughout the show, members of our studio audience will compete for cash and prizes in our 4th of july games. plus, see who takes the plunge in a special holiday edition of dunking with the stars. all next on "live." >> ♪ 'cause, baby ♪ you're a firework >> announcer: now here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. >> ryan: hey! [cheers and applause] uh-oh.s and applause] >> kelly: oh, my god, what-- >> ryan: oh, no. >> kelly: hi! hi, guys! >> ♪ come on, let ♪ your colors burst ♪ make 'em go, "oh, oh, oh"


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