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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 5, 2017 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking news, the u.s. and south korea fire back overnight after north korea's missile test. now testing missiles of our own as kim jong-un taunts america calling his launch of that intercontinental ballistic missile that could reach the u.s. a package of gifts on independence day. high-stakes showdown. president trump about to meet face-to-face with russian president vladimir putin. the two leaders squaring off for the first time. the white house saying the president won't go easy on the russian leader. will trump confront putin on the russian meddling in the u.s. election? breaking overnight. a terrifying shooting in new york city. two police officers ambushed while on patrol. >> my partner's shot. my partner's shot. >> shots fired. >> hurry up. >> a female officer shot in the face and killed. bullets also strike an innocent bystander. why were the officers targeted?
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and tour de crash. this incredible video from the famous bike race in france. an elbow from a top rider causing a wild pileup on the course. one biker run over now seriously injured as both riders now out of the elite race. good morning, america. welcome back and, yeah, let's take a look at that incredible tour de france video. the biker after elbowed was run over in that pileup. we'll have much more on that. it was so close. >> so dangerous right there. but we'll begin with breaking news around the world. tensions high over north korea. overnight, the u.s. and south korea responded to the north korean missile launch with a show of force launching our own missiles into the sea. the u.s. confirmed that the missile was a long-range icbm. president trump leaves for his g20 summit.
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ahead of that, he'll stop in poland and he'll deliver a major speech there tomorrow. on friday his first meeting with vladimir putin. the big question, will trump confront putin over russian interference in our presidential election? we'll have more on that. first, the escalating crisis with north korea and our chief global affairs anchor martha raddatz. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. a very strong statement this morning from the top american commander in south korea saying that self-restraint is the only thing keeping the u.s. and south korea from going to war with north korea after its breakthrough missile launch. overnight, the u.s. and south korea responding with a show of military power. a volley of short-range missiles fired into the waters off the east coast of the korean peninsula. that coming just hours after north korea successfully test launched a two-stage intercontinental ballistic missile that could potentially reach alaska. a major breakthrough for a country that has long sought a missile to directly threaten the u.s.
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the country's leader, kim jong-un, there to oversee the july 4th launch, calling it a package of gifts for america on its independence day. the icbm was launched straight up into the atmosphere reaching an altitude of 1,700 miles, likely so it did not overfly japan or russia. but if the north koreans angled the trajectory for distance instead of height, experts say the missile could travel well over 4,000 miles, not just in range of alaska but very close to the u.s. mainland. celebrated as a success by a north korean news reader and applauded by the public, the missile called the final step in creating a confident, powerful nuclear state that can strike anywhere on earth. in reaction, russia and china proposing a moratorium on north korea's nuclear tests and a halt
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to u.s. and south korean large-scale military exercises. proposals which have been outright rejected. just days ago president trump warning kim jong-un to stand down. >> the era of strategic patience with the north korean regime has failed. many years and it's failed. and, frankly, that patience is over. >> reporter: before he took office, president trump warned that he would not allow north korea to develop a nuclear weapon capable of reaching the u.s. they have still not perfected that but they have now come one big step closer and it is unclear, george, what he can do about it. >> okay, martha, thanks very much. let's get more on this now from our military analyst stephen ganyard. let's begin with that north korean missile test.
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we know it's an icbm and the missile could reach potentially the united states but to have a missile be able to strike the united states they need to perfect a nuclear warhead, one that could survive re-entry into the atmosphere. >> that's right, george. we know -- we've seen a miniaturized nuke but the real trick is have that nuke on that rocket survive the high heat of re-entry. we know they're working on this. we saw they actually addressed the warhead temperatures so when does this happen? a year, two years, maybe three years, but we need to remember we have consistently underestimated the progress of the north koreans. >> they've been moving relatively quickly and we have relatively few options to stop it. >> right now the u.s. will go to the u.n., they'll talk to the u.n. the u.n. hasn't been terribly helpful in terms of sanctions, so this will be a unilateral effort by the u.s. the department of defense will have to play defense but the real offense here is going to be the u.s. department of treasury imposing sanctions on north korean illicit activities. >> and our missile test overnight provocative as well. the general who's in charge in south korea says this was designed to be a precision
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strike at enemy leadership. >> george, first thing if you look at, why would the u.s. launch these short-range missiles in response to a long-range missile? but general brooks' comment this morning was very clear. this was a demonstration of precision fires targeted at the north korean leadership. kim jong-un needs to remember that he is target number one in the event of hostilities. >> stephen ganyard, thanks very much. amy. the showdown with north korea happening at the very same time that the president takes on world leaders at the g20 summit. abc's jonathan karl at the white house with the latest on those high-stakes meetings. good morning to you, jon. >> reporter: good morning, amy. with a russia investigation swirling around this white house for months, no meeting on this trip will be more closely watched than president trump's first encounter with russian president vladimir putin. ahead of his trip to europe, donald trump struck an optimistic tone for the fourth
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of july. >> we do have challenges, but we will handle those challenges. >> reporter: the president will meet with the leaders of china and germany but no meeting will draw more attention than his first face-to-face with vladimir putin. >> i would love to be able to get along with russia. now, you've had a lot of presidents that haven't taken that tact but it's possible i won't be able to get along with putin. >> reporter: that was the president back in february. he consistently talked about improving relations with russia but over the years he has offered wildly different descriptions of his relationship with putin. >> vladimir putin, have you ever met the guy? >> he's a tough guy. i have met him once. >> i have no relationship with putin. i don't think i've ever met. >> putin even sent me a present, a beautiful present with a beautiful note. >> i don't know anything about him. >> reporter: whatever president trump's relationship with putin, the visit comes at a time of rising tensions with russia. of course, there's russia's meddling with the presidential election. something the u.s. intelligence community says was directly ordered by putin himself. another major point of tension,
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syria. u.s. officials say russia bears responsibility for assad's use of chemical weapons against civilians. white house officials insist he won't go easy on putin. >> if there's an opportunity the president would recognize that we have an extremely low point relationship based on distrust right now. >> reporter: but it appears unlikely that the president will confront putin about russia's meddling in the election, as one senior u.s. official told abc news, that would be a waste of time saying, quote, it is a loser of a topic. george. >> okay, jon karl, let's talk more about this now with cokie roberts and matthew dowd. matt, let me begin with you. i have to believe the white house staff is just trying to manage expectations there. it's hard for me to imagine that the president could actually go into this meeting with vladimir putin and not bring up the interference in our election. >> well, they may be managing expectations, george, but i also think they don't know what their president is going to do.
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donald trump has been incredibly unpredictable through the course of his campaign and his presidency so i actually think they're being realistic. they don't know what he might do. the idea that donald trump would show up in a meeting with vladimir putin and not say something about the election would be astounding. >> it would just be astonishing and cokie roberts, the stakes so high for this meeting, their first meeting, and there are historic parallels. >> absolutely. i was thinking yesterday, george, about jack kennedy at the same point in his presidency meeting with nikita khrushchev and khrushchev ate kennedy alive, saying afterwards it was the worst day of his life. this was a person who had been at his pt boat blown up during the war. it had really severe consequences because khrushchev saw kennedy as weak, as indecisive, and he then two months later built the berlin wall and a year later the cuban missile crisis happened and it took kennedy showing strength during that crisis for
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khrushchev to finally understand that he couldn't mess with the united states. so these can have very severe consequences if the president doesn't really back up his statements with some sense that the united states means business in taking on russia. >> matthew, we know the president likes to have successful meetings, wants to say he achieved something but there's some real tension there because he does also have to confront someone who's been taking him on across the globe? >> well, george, i think there's real tension. you take vladimir putin on one but there's real tension with a lot of members of the g20. you look at the recent polling in the international community, donald trump is not believed by most of the people in the european community to be trusted to do the right thing and you take with that with vladimir putin, and now with what's happened in north korea, the european community is worried about unpredictable, erratic leaders, not only one in north korea but one in the united states of america. >> okay, matthew dowd and cokie
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roberts, thanks very much. all right, george, now to the fight against isis in syria. u.s.-backed forces broke through a wall surrounding the old city of raqqah. a key stronghold for the terrorist group and in iraq, the fall of mosul just days or even hours away. we go now to abc's ian pannell who's on the front lines in that city. good morning, ian. >> reporter: amy, it's been a grueling eight-month slog but could this be the week that isis is finally defeated in mosul? its center of power in iraq for the last three years. u.s. military officials say the militants control less than a square mile but the iraqis are calling it and the prime minister has congratulated his troops on victory. this morning, the last gasp of isis in mosul. the fighting has eased. it hasn't stopped, but it's now confined to just a few blocks in the old city. it's taken months to get to this point. and the toll has been terrible. thousands of people have been killed or injured and many more have been made homeless.
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even though the fighting hasn't stopped, victory is being declared. prime minister abadi congratulated the fighters for families for a big victory bringing down the false state of isis. parts of mosul barely look like a city anymore. it'll take years to rebuild and recover here. thousands of residents have been prisoners in their own homes for months, denied food and water by isis. miriam says i'll never go back home. it's all destroyed and i'll never forget what isis did here. for many, this was the first food, the first clean water they had had in months. people are emerging shellshocked and shattered. relieved that this is over but unsure what the future holds for iraq and the region. so now the campaign switches westward. a few isis pockets left in iraq and then the main thrust against the center of all isis power, raqqah in syria. there, u.s. forces already
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taking on the militants but overall the picture this morning is progress on all fronts. george. >> boy, that city of mosul just devastated. okay, thanks, ian. we turn now to that tragic surge of violence in the u.s. in chicago alone, staggering numbers, at least 89 people wounded in shootings since friday, 13 killed. and in new york city overnight, a police officer shot dead while sitting in her patrol car. the police are calling it an assassination. two others injured and a shooter killed by police. abc's adrienne bankert is on the scene in the bronx. good morning, adrienne. >> reporter: good morning to you, too, george. it's terrible. officer familia dying from her injuries. she was stationed behind here as part of an anti-gang unit to stop the violence. instead the commissioner says she was assassinated. >> 10-85, shots. my partner's shot. my partner's shot. >> reporter: this morning, a brutal targeted attack, a man armed with a gun walking up to a police vehicle shooting police
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officer miosotis familia in the head. >> hurry up central. >> get a blood bank going. get everything. >> reporter: her partner radioing for help after this 4-year-old man fired through the window at point-blank range. >> we got the perp over here in custody. >> reporter: two chasing him one block exchanging gunfire. bonds drawing his revolver. those officers striking and killing him. >> this was an unprovoked attack on police officers who were assigned to keep the people of this great city safe. >> blood bank, be advised. you have one mos shot at this time. >> reporter: another person believed to be an innocent bystander struck in the shoot-out. they're in stable condition. >> they were quite simply assassinated, targeted for their uniform. >> reporter: it's an attack similar to one in 2014. two officers sitting in their patrol car executed in brooklyn.
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and we know that the nypd is telling us that suspect, bonds, was a career criminal. at one point using brass knuckles to attack an officer. they're looking over surveillance video now of him purposefully walking up to that anti-gang unit where officer familia was sitting. and sadly, even though it was brazen and unsophisticated attack, it comes days from an execution-style shooting of officers in dallas and baton rouge. amy. now to a lawsuit filed against major league baseball, longtime umpire angel hernandez claiming racial discrimination keeps minority umps from getting the best jobs. abc's t.j. holmes is here with more on this story. >> reporter: good morning. this umpire claims that since 2000 every single promotion to crew chief has gone to a white guy. he said that's not fair to him but the other thing he says hurting his chances is that somebody in the commissioner's
7:16 am
office has been holding a grudge against him that goes back at least 16 years. >> strike. >> reporter: angel hernandez has been calling balls and strikes as a major league umpire for nearly 24 years. >> call from angel hernandez, full count. >> reporter: now, he's calling foul against major league baseball. the cuban-born ump is suing the league for racial discrimination pointing the finger at former new york yankees skipper joe torre, now executive vice president overseeing baseball's umpires. according to the lawsuit, since torre's arrival, there's only been one nonwhite umpire assigned to the world series and the 55-year-old claims he has not been promoted to crew chief despite having more experience than nine of the ten umpires that were promoted. >> he's pleading with angel hernandez. >> reporter: hernandez alleges the bad blood between the two men started in this game back in 2001. torre was outraged over this call, getting in hernandez's face, torre was tossed from the game. >> every time -- something happens to one of the teams.
7:17 am
>> reporter: hernandez claims torre took to the media to insult him, reportedly saying hernandez just wanted to be noticed over there. and that once torre assumed his role with mlb in 2011, the notion that hernandez just wanted to be noticed permeated hernandez's early evaluations as an umpire. >> it's hard to know whether joe torre is holding a grudge or not. if you look at the history of baseball, and if you look at the way grudges are held, it doesn't seem so ridiculous after all. >> reporter: now we reached out to hernandez, joe torre and the umpires union and haven't heard back but, again, this is not the first time we've heard of something like this. >> that's right. umpires feuding with major league baseball, nothing new. >> there was an age discrimination suit back in 2000 and they sued for 20 million and they settled that one. another beef in 2004 umpire sued saying they were demoted and settled that as well so the back and forth with umpires and mlb is not necessarily something new. this one with racial discrimination is something new. >> all right, t.j., thank you. to ginger now. those fires out west just devastating.
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>> now we're starting to get eerie images. see this in sparks, nevada where someone driving close to that earthstone fire, a lot of folks on the road. exploded more than 25,000 acres and they got that 20% contained. this brush fire 50 acres, 101 in the foreground. with all the cars going by there. this is now 30% contained. not great news as far as red flag warnings all the way up to montana. a quick look. if billings gets to 100, it's the first time in nearly three years. hot cities now brought to you bring sprint. good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike
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nicco. clouds to sunshine. cool to warm, highs from the coast to inland today. patchy drizzle just like this morning and the extended, a string of some heat coming the inland neighborhoods. today 90s. antioch. 80s just about everywhere else. 79 in san jose. low to mid-70s from the coast to san francisco. 50 to about 57 degrees tonight. andn coming up here, the t. case against pharma bro martin shkreli. he took to youtube for hours while prosecutors are calling for a gag order to keep him quiet. nancy grace weighs in. and then "gma" investigates. are the smart devices in your home vulnerable to hackers? what you can do to protect your personal information when we come back. back. ♪ showing up in your beat up truck ♪ ♪ and now i'm sure it's more than a stroke of luck ♪ ♪ yeah, i love you, do you love me, too? ♪ ♪ yeah, i love you, do you love me, too? ♪ ♪ clap your hands if it feels good ♪ ♪ clap your hands, ohh
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unblocking your system naturally. miralax. good morning. i'm natasha zouves. a fire broke out after fireworks broke out a flame that firefighters are trying to kon confirm that fireworks did indeed confirm that it was sparks that caused the fire. and we go over to look at the traffic. >> you can see that the volumes are heavy at the 580 wes where richmond and san rafael bridge is backed up about eight minut
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minutes. and
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and now your ak u you weath weather forecast with mike nicco. >> good morning. if you are headed out, check out the temperatures of 51 to up to the 60 in los gatos. the commute planner, a advisory near the north bay where it is chopper. some reports of drizzle, but most of it is drying up. the small craft advisory is going the start up at 3:00, and the same areas where it has been for the last couple of days you ready for the heat? well, the free air conditioning is at the coast. natasha? >> thank you, mike. is your home at risk for hackers? how to protect your family on "good morning america." we will have another update in about 30 minutes.
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hurry in to lowe's and get wood-look tiles starting at only $1.49 per piece. welcome back to "gma." there is a live look at air force one sitting on the tarmac about to leave andrews air force base. president trump going to the g20 summit where he will meet vladimir putin for the very first time. >> and he's up and tweeting this morning about trade deals. also right now, the u.n. security council holding an emergency meeting today in response to that missile launch. the u.s. and south korea launched at least two missiles in a military exercise as a show of force to north korea. and venus williams is taking the court at wimbledon today for the first time since that press conference where you saw her break down. she was talking about that deadly car crash calling it devastating. she has been found at fault for the accident but no charges have been filed. we begin with the fraud trial of the former pharmaceutical ceo dubbed the most hated man in america. prosecutors asking the judge to issue a gag order for martin
7:31 am
shkreli after his latest public social media rant. abc's linsey davis is here with more on this story. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, amy. both the prosecution and his own lawyer are eager for martin shkreli, aka pharma bro, to stop talking and posting on social media. but it doesn't seem to be working. for more than 12 hours yesterday shkreli streamed live footage of himself, at one point telling anyone who was listening that he was planning out his next moves. just one day after prosecutors asked a judge for a gag order, infamously outspoken pharmaceutical ceo martin shkreli appeared on his youtube live stream for multiple hours tuesday, the 34-year-old hedge fund manager, notorious for raising the price of an hiv and cancer drug by 5,000%, singing madonna's like a virgin. ♪ like a virgin >> if i have one water -- >> reporter: watched "house of cards." >> i thought you saw what i saw. >> reporter: and popped bubble wrap. late monday prosecutors filed a
7:32 am
motion to silence shkreli saying he embarked on a campaign of disruption by surprising reporters in an overflow room in court during his trial for charges of securities fraud, calling the prosecution "junior varsity," dismissing testimony against him from an alleged victim and complaining i think the world blames me for almost everything. the self-proclaimed pharma bro is famous for his stream of consciousness video chats. >> i don't really care about people hating me. >> reporter: he's currently on trial for securities fraud. prosecutors are also asking to ban him from social media, worrying his comments may taint the jury. his attorney objected to that order. but outside court friday he told cnbc shkreli should stick to his right to remain silent. >> i would very much appreciate it if he did not talk to the press. >> reporter: since his first arrest in 2015, shkreli hasn't shy add way from the spotlight. >> attention is not something i am desperate for or crave but if
7:33 am
it there and i don't have to work for it, why not. >> reporter: on twitter he called lawmakers on capitol hill imbeciles, but in court his attorney defended his client with a lady gaga quote saying shkreli was born this way. his lawyer also defended his client to jurors saying maybe he's just nuts but that doesn't legally make him guilty. shkreli has entered a plea of not guilty. so far one investor has testified that she initially felt betrayed by him but later admitted she ultimately got her money back and made close to $2 million. amy. >> all right, linsey, thank you. let's bring in nancy grace in atlanta with more on this. nancy, shkreli's own lawyer called his twitter history horrific. how unusual is it for prosecutors to ask for a gag order? >> it's very unusual for prosecutors to come out and ask for a gag order. sometimes i have seen defense attorneys ask for a gag order so the evidence about the trial doesn't get out there before the jury hears it for themselves. this is very, very unusual.
7:34 am
but, frankly, shkreli has brought this on himself. now, here's the deal. this trial has nothing to do with him hiking the price of one pill daraprim for cancer and hiv patients. it costs 17 cents to make it, it was selling for $13 and he hiked it to $750. that's not what this is about. this is about securities fraud and that seems so esoteric. this is why it's important, securities fraud came into effect, the laws after the crash. think about my dad working for the railroad. my mom crunching a computer till 10:00 at night and they invest their money. well, what the state says shkreli did is this, he took these people's money and used it to pay off bad investments in a whole other business. would you invest your money if that's what you thought he was going to do with it?
7:35 am
your hard-earned money? so, yes, he may be right that his investors were paid off, they didn't lose any money. but the fact is, if the charges are true, hardworking people invested their money and were scammed. that's a problem. >> yeah, and, nancy, the defense arguing the gag order would violate his right to free speech. what do you think the chances are the judge will impose -- you're laughing -- would impose that gag order on him? >> listen, if the founding fathers had any idea that one day martin shkreli would whine about free speech they'd roll over in their graves, okay. free speech is really to protect political speech, to protect the right of religion, and what you want to say, not to protect yourself in court from getting to get around a prosecution. i think there's a very good chance that the gag will be put in place. >> all right, we will see what he does with that.
7:36 am
nancy grace, thanks so much. we appreciate it. >> nancy is always very clear. >> je yes, she is. coming up here, could hackers break into your home? the easy ways to take down your network, even your coffeemaker and hair brush could put you at risk. maybe it's time for otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months,... with reduced redness,... thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you're allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts... or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight... and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea,...
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back now with "gma investigates." today a closer look at hacking. it's paralyzed the computers of companies and government agencies around the world. is your home vulnerable as well?
7:40 am
abc's gio benitez is here with that investigation. good morning, gio. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. if you have even just one smart device this is a story you'll need to watch because as we found your home network could be hacked within seconds so this morning, "gma investigates." it's the hot home trend of the year, making your house smart. >> turn on the light in the living room. >> reporter: smart doorbells, thermostats, a smart coffee pot or hairbrushes, all connected to the internet ready for your commands. 21 billion devices worldwide just like these expected by 2020. but can hackers outsmart your smart devices? well, "gma investigates" wanted to see how vulnerable your smarthome could be to hackers, so we brought in james lyne, head of security research for cybersecurity firm sophos. >> the sharks have smelled the blood in the water, they're circling. it's time to prepare. >> reporter: we brought him to this family's home. they have four smart devices and are adding more. >> i also get alerted when my garage door opens.
7:41 am
>> could somebody potentially get into our computer, into our bank accounts? >> reporter: that's exactly what we wanted to know. how easily can your personal information be accessed? so james set up their house with a wi-fi network and some devices any family might have. a dvr, one of those smart coffee pots. sort of a backdoor right into your virtual information. >> right, into your home, into your wireless network. >> reporter: then with james nearby, our hackers lair in the backyard it's time to hack. within one minute he's on to the network. >> and we're into the dvr. >> you're in. >> yeah, it was that easy. >> reporter: just like the hackers who brought down twitter and netflix, he's in the dvr using hacker tools. but that's not what he's after. >> now, we have a computer sitting inside the network that we can use to attack other things. >> reporter: he says devices like a dvr that are connected to the network are a secret gold mine because many have limited security features. they can create a gateway into devices with personal data like your banking information.
7:42 am
next, he heads for the wi-fi connected coffeemaker from his computer, he makes it work without a password. >> let's make some coffee. >> reporter: there it is making two cups of coffee. using grinds. >> so i'm going to replace this software on this coffee machine with an evil version of the brewing software. >> reporter: next, he sends me inside to start using a computer that's connected to the internet. >> all right, let's have a look at what he's doing on his screen. >> reporter: typing in my password. through that coffeemaker he now has access to my screen. >> i can see him shopping online, i'm suspecting. i see everything that you need to make your own purchases online as a cybercriminal. total compromise. let's see if we can activate his webcam. there we go. >> reporter: i had no idea he could see me. >> and let's just prove a point here. oh, that worked. >> now it's shutting down. >> i think i just killed his
7:43 am
computer. >> reporter: what should you do? know many of these smart devices will be vulnerable. >> treat it like a computer. update it. keep it on the latest version. make sure you have a nondefault secure password for these devices. >> and what do those in the industry say? well, they urge to remember these devices are constantly involving, so the industry including the manufacturer of that coffeemaker is currently working on making security stronger for consumers. >> okay, they're working. you've got our attention. what do we do about it? >> you know what, we asked our expert about this and he says that your router usually has about two different networks on it. he says use one of those networks for your smart devices, use the other network for your computers, but just keep your computer off when you're not using it. that's the best defense. >> you say you put tape over that camera now. >> i do. if mark zuckerberg does it, i'm going to do it too. >> all right, gio, thank you. coming up next, tesla's long-awaited model 3 set to hit production on friday. could it revolutionize the auto industry? industry?
7:44 am
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on our big board today, big news from tesla. just days away now from producing its first mass market car, the model 3. >> yes, ceo elon musk on monday announcing the highly anticipated low cost automobile expected to begin rolling off the factory floor this friday and that's two weeks ahead of schedule. becky worley joins us now with more on this. >> and, becky, let's begin. musk hasn't announced what he's going to be doing.
7:48 am
we know there is a huge demand for the car, we've seen the lines out there. you've been to the factory. do you think they can keep up with it? >> elon musk may be the most interesting man of our time. i mean, you've just said he promises big and he mostly delivers. the plant, it's in fremont, california. just 40 miles from where i'm sitting now. the robotics completely state of the art. tesla says they want to produce 20,000 cars a month by the end of this year, but this is the same factory where tesla had delays in producing their suv, the model x, so only time will tell. >> all right, we know that teslas are known for being high performing cars and they normally have come with a very high price tag. tell us about the cost of the model 3. >> this is an electric car, amy, that's in the crucial midprice category. sticker price, $35,000. but a lot of optional bells and whistles, enhanced autopilot. full self-driving capability. a charger for your home.
7:49 am
that price could skyrocket by $10,000. now, tesla hasn't released the price of these add-ons yet, but we're estimating based on the prices for their other cars. but let me talk to you about that autopilot add-on. after trying it out, i will never buy another car without it. autopilot completely took the edge off of driving in traffic. game changer, guys. >> really. >> that is a big sell right there. a lot of investors have been impressed by tesla. we've seen their stock run up. they're betting on the fact this is going to disrupt the entire auto industry? we're looking at competitors like the chevy volt and the nissan leaf. if the model 3 sells big, a watershed moment for all electric cars. and, remember, tesla is now worth $58 billion. more than gm, ford and bmw. >> wow. that's incredible. see what happens on friday to all of those stock numbers. all right, thanks so much. we appreciate it. becky. and coming up next, travel alert, the new warning about online booking. how it could ruin your summer
7:50 am
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7:54 am
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7:56 am
>> good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 news. i'm natasha let's go over to mike nicco for a look at the weather. >> at least on the sand no si out there today. look out for breezes north of the bay bridge if you are on the wat water. look at the seven-day forecasts. a little heat wave there. and what is alexis working on? >> well, a earlier crash that is slowing you down. between a lamo and danville, before you get out there to el patalado. and we have the metering lights on for the bay bridge toll plaza and a lot of folks heading back to reality.
7:57 am
>> yes, and diet, can it help you the lose the weight? we will have another abc 7 news update in about 30 minutes. ♪ [brother] any last words? [boy] karma, danny... ...karma! [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you, now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event.
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking new details on the missile test. firing missiles of our own. north korean leader kim jong-un taunts the u.s. calling his intercontinental ballistic missile that can reach american shores gifts for the fourth of july. high-stakes showdown. president trump about to meet face-to-face with russian president putin. will trump confront him over the russian interference in the u.s. presidential election. >> if you're booking your time away online, be aware. the disclaimers so many people miss that it could mean your vacation is canceled before it starts. is coffee the key to healthy weight loss? inside the diet that's getting all the buzz with the doctor that's behind it? watch out for iron man, robert downey jr. one-on-one >> don't do anything i wouldn't do. >> he's
8:01 am
zooming into our show this morning. >> we're all here to say -- >> all: good morning, america. and good morning, america. times square this morning saying hello to them. lara and her friends upstairs. a lot going on. >> a lot of news to get to. a major show of force by the u.s. overnight after that missile launch by north korea. abc's martha raddatz has the very latest. good morning, martha. >> reporter: that's right, amy. u.s. and south korean forces launched two short-range missiles east of the peninsula, a warning to north korea after the north koreans tested that breakthrough two-stage intercontinental ballistic missile. capable of traveling more than 4,000 miles, far enough to potentially threaten alaska and even come close to seattle. the top u.s. commander in south korea saying this morning that self-restraint is the only thing keeping the u.s. from escalating this conflict.
8:02 am
north korean leader kim jong-un called the launch a package of gifts for america on its independence day, reaction to the launch negative around the world. russia and china proposing a moratorium on north korea's nuclear tests and putting a stop to u.s. and south korean military exercises in the region. proposals which have been outright rejected. george. >> okay, martha, the president was asked about north korea on his way to europe just heading to marine one. he said we'll do very well with north korea. of course, this is all ahead of his high-stakes meeting with vice president respect on friday. jon karl at the white house with the latest on that. >> reporter: good morning, george. as you mentioned the president just left the white house aboard marine one leaving from the south lawn en route to his first stop which will be poland, followed by a meeting in germany with the leaders of the 20 largest economies in the world including china and this morning, the president is already criticizing china for not doing more to deal with the north korean threat.
8:03 am
he tweeted this morning that north korean trade with china grew by 40% in the first quarter and said so much for china working with us. as for that putin meeting the white house says this could be a tense meeting but, george, there is no guarantee that the president will bring up russia's meddling in the election, in fact, one senior u.s. official, white house official told abc news that it is, quote, a loser of a topic. >> we will see what happens. jon karl, thanks very much. amy. >> we are following breaking news from chicago. stunning numbers regarding gun violence. nearly 90 people shot in the windy city since friday and at least 13 have been killed. that violence coming despite an extra 1300 officers on the streets each day of the long weekend. a new york city police officer was shot and killed overnight an ambush attack. a man opened fire as she sat in an nypd command vehicle in the bronx shooting her in the head. the suspect was then killed by responding officers who say he pulled out a gun. also breaking overnight
8:04 am
another major cyberattack has been prevented. ukraine says it stopped an attack raiding a business where last week a virus started. that cyberattack paralyzed computer systems in the u.s. and worldwide. a louisiana congressman is facing criticism over a video he recorded at a holocaust museum. in the video republican clay higgins appears in a former gas chamber at auschwitz in poland. museum officials are calling the filming inappropriate. so far no response from the congressman. and tour de france officials have made the rare move of disqualifying a star cyclist after a serious crash. peter sagan was seen elbowing another rider, mark cavendish sent crashing into a barricade. he suffered a broken shoulder and is out of the tour. sagan's team has appealed his ejection. finally holidays are all about relaxing. take a look at this seal.
8:05 am
forget swimming. he has his own boat to get around. sammy the seal. he hangs out off the coast of northern ireland. apparently he just needed a break and sorry to disappoint, george, but i just couldn't find a pun. >> no. >> to meet your seal of approval. >> you got it. >> i tried. >> you got it. coming up, why your summer vacation is not guaranteed. the big travel warning about overbooking. how could a cup of joe jump-start your diet. lara is upstairs with that. >> hello amy. such a great audience. we have fun tips ahead. we are simply hooked -- i knew you'd love that one -- hooked on simple tips for stretching out your closet space. a small closet. i'll make it work, people. stay with us on "good morning america." we'll be right back. ♪
8:06 am
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8:10 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] wow. that was just a roar this wednesday morning. >> well, you got to do it all over again because lara has "pop news." >> yay. [ applause ] we have such a great audience. hi, everybody. good morning to you and good morning to you. we begin "pop news" with this. twitter has claimed another victim. ed sheeran is the latest celebrity to quit the site saying it is just too negative. he tells "the sun" earlier this week he is sorry to leave his 19 plus million followers but he just cannot read things people seem to say for zero reason. lady gaga has ed's back. she has just posted a photo of the two writing in part what an incredible artist. no reason to tear down an artist just because he's on top. i wish all people in on the internet would be positive and loving. >> yes.
8:11 am
>> amen to that. >> she said it best. they want to tear him down because he's up there. makes sense. >> i can also understand not wanting to go on and read negative things from people that you don't know. so good for you, ed. whatever you decide, just keep making that music. also in "pop news" this morning -- [ applause ] >> they like that. >> why, thank you. special applause from fonsi the stage manager. thank you. you'll like this one too. two police officers responding to a complaint at a block party in asheville, assess the situation and decide too hot to write a ticket. a lot more fun to join in. taking off their radios, the officers with a couple of hefty bags. >> i love that. >> that is a major slip and slide. >> take a turn on the slip and slide. unfortunately officer joe jones did not fit in the hefty sack so he was offered an inner tube.
8:12 am
officer jones went on to break the block party record for the longest slide. i want to say the asheville communications supervisor said zero wrongdoing. the noise they heard and responded to was kidding laughing and the slip and slide was far off the street. zero reason for a citation. she says in fact the video is now up on the asheville pd's facebook page. happy summer to everyone. >> oh, i love that. [ applause ] >> yes, sweet. now finally we have wimbledon news for you. victoria azarenka, one of the biggest grunters is on the court right now playing the second round at wimbledon and a new study might indicate whether or not she will win or lose just by listening to her. you don't even have to watch her play. just listen to her. a new study -- well, this is an old match of hers but she is outrageous. it sounds like something -- like she's getting injured and also a goat is being herded but she's really fun to watch and this study out of the uk, university
8:13 am
of sussex says the player on the court with the higher pitched grunt is likely to lose the match. and that is usually served up before the match is begun. 50 matches including the top 30 players were analyzed. scientists say the lower the grunt the more confident and dominant the player. the higher grunts consistently were the losers and researchers believe it might have something to do with nerves or the player's mental state going into the match. >> wow. so you play a lot of tennis. >> i do. >> what in relation is your grunt like? [ applause ] i want to know. are you a low grunter or high -- >> i'm a low grunter. [ laughter ] i am -- i am a low grunter. but i don't win all the time so i would like to serve up this study. >> why do tennis players talk to themselves more than any other athletes. >> it's such a mental game. mostly to say how bad you are. you're the worst. i can't believe you did that.
8:14 am
you should get off the court. hit yourself with the racket. just nice things like that. i don't know why i lose. >> i can see why you love the sport. >> that's "pop news" this morning. >> thank you, lara. [ applause ] >> we're going to turn now to that "gma" consumer alert. it's an important warning about travel and online bookings. the story of a family who reserved their summer vacation months in advance only to have it canceled on them just weeks before. and abc's paula faris is here with that vacation nightmare that, unfortunately, could happen to you as well. good morning, paula. >> good morning. it was canceled because the hotel overbooked the rooms and this happens a whole lot more than we think. unlike the airline industry where overbookings stats are tracked by the government, hotels are not and consumers end up paying the price. summer is here and many of us have already booked our much needed vacations months in advance. but consumers, beware. booking your hotel room early doesn't always guarantee your stay.
8:15 am
>> bend is not the largest of towns or cities. and things get really crowded. >> reporter: halley booked a condo for a three-day family vacation with more than four months in advance. >> i felt having been four months ahead of that surely i was ahead of any queue that formed. >> reporter: a couple of weeks before she received notification from expedia that her reservation had been canceled due to overbooking. in a statement to our abc news affiliate they said the overbooking was caused by external factors beyond the direct control of expedia. >> hotels overbook for the same reason airlines do. they're greedy. they want to make sure their hotels are full even if they have a nonrefundable room rate which many of them do now they'll still try to sell that hotel night to somebody else. >> reporter: we took a look at their disclaimer. while many would miss it we found this, the expedia companies and the expedia
8:16 am
partners have no liability and will make no refund in the event of an any delay, cancellation or overbooking. >> it took me about three days, it was on the third day that i had this resolved. i logged my phone time. there was an excess of 6 1/2 hours of actual logged phone time. >> reporter: her persistence paid off. expedia reaccommodated her stay at a nearby holiday inn and gave her $500 worth of expedia coupons but she said that's not enough. >> the product i had purchased was not delivered and what i received in turn was not a refund of cash, it was a refund of an opportunity to do business with them again. i felt that that's a rip-off. >> reporter: now our expert tells us the hotel and airbnb industries are not regulated so there is no way to track how often they're overbooking. when they do they are obligated by practice not by law to find another hotel that's comparable but for her it wasn't sufficient.
8:17 am
if you are part of a loyalty program that can protect you but no promises. holly is now advocating because there are no regulations. >> i'm surprised at that. >> i know. seems like there are regulations in the airline industry but not in hole tell or airbnb. read that fine print. by the way, great color choice. >> i got you, doll. also, in the news this morning, we're going to turn from a vacation nightmare to a coffee lover's dream drinking more than an average of three cups a day spending $14 billion a year and now "the coffee lover's diet", a new book could help you lose weight. mara schiavocampo has more. good morning, mara. >> reporter: this could be great news. doing this, just drinking a cup of coffee could be the best thing you do all day adding it won't just make you more alert it could also wake up your diet too burning fat, helping you stay satisfied even boosting workouts. is this the right diet for everyone.
8:18 am
we hit joe new york to find out. for coffee connoisseurs a cup of joe is no joke. it's a matter of fine taste. you say that coffee is the new red wine. >> it's the new red wine because there are more taste elements in coffee than in red wine. just this tremendous number of aromas. >> reporter: but according to dr. bob arnot who sells coffee on his website coffee doesn't just smell good, it's good for you too. while studies have shown an association between drinking coffee and lower mortality rates from some diseases, researchers haven't proven it's coffee causing those perks but dr. arnot recommends adding several cups of coffee to his low calorie balanced diet. >> first of all it's going to increase your metabolism a little bit. you know, you'll burn 100 or so more calories with the caffeine and helps to take fat out and
8:19 am
use it during exercise. it does improve the intensity you can exercise at. >> reporter: but arnot notes some need to take their coffee with a grain of salt. if it makes you stressed, anxious or sends your heart racing scale back or switch to decaf. >> i always tell people be aware of your caffeine levels of what you can tolerate. >> still, for those who can handle it the biggest coffee boost will be to your mood. >> you're just going to feel great when you're losing weight as opposed to awful. >> here's to coffee. >> to coffee. >> cheers. >> cheers. >> now, dr. arnot notes if you're going to add more coffee to your diet skip the cream and sugar. otherwise, you'll adjustor peed doe your diet. he says we're all drinking coffee wrong. the correct way to drink coffee is like this. that sounds rude. i was slurping it. he said by doing that you add air then you can taste and smell it better. i'll just keep slurping. >> please do. we'll join you. joined by abc's senior
8:20 am
medical contributor dr. jen ashton. so, jen, you're a new triggsist. >> i was slurping. >> cheers to that. the book actually argues that coffee is a good idea for this weight loss program. agree. >> well, it depends. not so fast, full disclosure, i'm a huge coffee fan but when it comes to diet it's important to remember that evidence shows any diet can work in the short term. the key is maintaining those success -- that weight love after the two-year mark. talking about drinking black coffee which has no coffee, bring it on. talking about -- mine is like a lot of half and half with a little coffee and then you add some sugar. you can as we just heard definitely derail -- >> that's a bowl of ice cream. >> pretty much. >> what are the risks of drinking too much coffee? we talk about it. worth saying again. >> 100%. we have to remember caffeine is a drug. it's one of the most widely used drugs in the world and as such there can be side effects. it can raise your heart rate. it can raise your blood pressure.
8:21 am
it can potentially lead to dehydration, tremors, insomnia. irregular heartbeats. everyone will have a different response. i'm about three or four cups a day. >> wow. >> steady as a rock. but everyone's different. you do have to keep those in mind. some people who are prone to high blood pressure let's say should be careful. >> what about decaf? where do you weigh in on that? >> decaf, remember, doesn't have zero caffeine. it has a lot less. between 0 and 7 milligrams per serving based on, you know, comparative to regular caffeine. much, much less but any drug you talk about dose and frequency. so the dose might be less but if you increase the frequency you still could be getting a lot of caffeine. >> all right, all right. shall we. >> i say slurp away. >> slurp away, america. >> i love it. >> i can't do it. i feel so -- my mom is coding me over the tv. we're going to cheers and throw it to ginger. >> really? i would say my parents are doing it right then. i love you guys. i just -- i hear you drink a lot of times. that's all. anyway, it is final for your "gma" moment. it's such a great morning for
8:22 am
this because it's hot, it's humid. it's july. and little james says, i am diving in belly flopping into july. it's so sweet. that's what you do on the fourth of july. he's in dallas, georgia, just loving the sunshine. great start. you have a great morning. ready for a belly flop. how about we belly flop into your local weather good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. clouds to sunshine. cool to warm, highs from the coast to inland today. patchy drizzle just like this morning and the extended, a string of some heat coming the inland neighborhoods. today 90s. antioch. 80s just about everywhere else. 79 in san jose. low to mid-70s from the coast to san francisco. 50 to about 57 degrees tonight. and now to the latest wedding trend that has some couples jet-setting just before they say i do called the
8:23 am
earlymoon, and it's on the rise. see what i did there. abc's diane macedo is here with more. >> amy, good morning. weddings are awesome, right? we can all agree on that but seating charts and guest lists not so much so more and more couples say the key is the earlymoon. get away before the wedding so you can destress from the planning and remember why you're getting married in the first place. it's the newest trend in the wedding world. earlymoons. a prehoneymoon designed for couples to destress before their big day. in a survey of 500 engaged and newlywed couples, 71% said wedding planning was more stressful than buying a home or finding a job. pippa middleton and her husband reportedly jetted off to st. bart's before their wedding but these trips aren't just for celebrities. >> that's a cool picture. >> reporter: christina and nick took one before they walked down the aisle last year. >> we had a family trip planned to south africa and we noticed that our layover on the return
8:24 am
was in paris and so we decided let's just make that our earlymoon so it was kind of just us being able to enjoy each other's company and kind of just relax with no burden. >> reporter: wedding planner amy shey jacobs says use these tips so you don't break the bank. >> they can be as simple as a staycation. driving to the beach, renting out a cabin. the point is to reconnect. it does not need to be extravagant. or expensive. >> reporter: for the couple their earlymoon gave then the recharge they needed. >> great time to get away and connect and just kind of think about the wedding that's ahead and what your lives will be like together and how great everything is going to be. >> i would recommend taking one after you've booked all of your important vendor like photographer, band, florist and venue, but before you send out your wedding invitations. >> reporter: once the excitement of the big day is behind you there's the honeymoon to look forward to. seven months after saying i do the hymers went to spain.
8:25 am
>> we jokingly refer to that as our second honeymoon. [ cheers and applause ] >> remember, you can tailor your earlymoon to whatever works best for you, maybe date nights. anything that helps you take a break and connect with your partner. you had an earlymoon. >> we didn't mean to do it. i always joke andrew preposed to me. on a vacation we were on in greece and it worked out because when we got back, he did officially propose when we got back and our own honeymoon could only be four days because of work so we think of that as our earlymoon. you can always prepose. just making sure the girl says yes. thank you very much, diane. coming up olympic medalist gus kenworthy on stripping down for his freezing photo shoot in espn's "the body issue." espn's "the body issue."
8:26 am
8:27 am
i'm reggie aqui. a fireworks mishap caused a man to suffer from what newark police are causing horrific injuries. police tell us that a man was lightinging a mortar-type firework inside of a tube and the explosive went off before he had a chance to get away. he is being treated at a a trauma center. alexis has the traffic this morning. >> all right. the sun is out, and looking like a nice day in walnut creek, and the highways are fielding a number of more vehicles even though we have been holiday light. it is 27 minutes up on the santa
8:28 am
rosa to san francisco. and in los
8:29 am
now, your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> sunny and cloudy outside and 60s in the south bay and the east bay, and here is a look at the commute planner. small craft advisory on the water. and in the afternoon, the mass transit is just about over.
8:30 am
and starting with the heat tomorrow inland. >> and another "abc 7 news" ♪> and another "abc 7 news" welcome back to "gma." loving the audience here in wednesday morning. amy, you'll kick us off. >> that's right. in fact we know it's the time of year when our kids are officially out of school which means we have to keep them busy with three months with camp, sport, family activities. summer break is a lot of work for parents, i think most would agree. sometimes we feel like we might need a vacation from vacation. you know, when you come back and like, oh, my god, i need a vacation. two moms have come up with a solution for all of us. take a look. >> seriously, there needs to be a summer camps for mom so we get a break from the sumer. >> yeah, camp whine a lot. makeup, mimosas, breakfast,
8:31 am
mimosas, brunch, nap. >> now, right now this is just a dream. but it would be pretty awesome and i love that they suggested it should be ten days. that's just enough time for you to miss your kids and them to miss you and realize what you do for them. what would you want to do at camp? >> i would like to do a lot of the things that our kids do. >> my daughters' camp. >> me too. >> i want to get into that. >> waterskiing but with mimosas and with naps. >> that could get a little dangerous. >> i would like someone else to pack me and get me ready for camp. that would be nice too. >> you want a butler. you don't want camp. >> that's part of camp, right? you can see kristen and jenna on their moms night out break tour -- summer break tour right now and they're so funny. >> good food for thought this morning, isn't it? >> they did the one about the bathing suits. still one of my favorites. i go back and watch it and say
8:32 am
how does this look good on any woman. good summer stuff. meanwhile, we'll get into a fashion debate for all of you guys over guys wearing high socks with shorts. this is something i have been noticing with my son. i guess it's big in the lacrosse world and they just keep -- they wear them for practice and it has melded over into the school wear. now it's hitting the runways like a real thing. paris fashion week. we saw it, celebrities from justin bieber, jonah hill all sporting the look and asked some participants to try the look out. guy, what do you think of your new look? here in the studio we've got four guys. [ applause ] if harry styles can do it, i say why not. and we know you -- what's your name, little guy in the blue? >> max. >> max, you're a lacrosse player. >> yeah. >> it's a bit of -- it's kind of standard operating procedure. >> i wear them to every practice. >> we're all just copying you.
8:33 am
so these are the looks and apparently you don't want to wear them with too short a short because then it gets '70s. >> took me ten years to stop doing that. >> please, bring it back. bring in a picture. no real short-shorts with it. also no real long shorts with it so i guess it has to be just the right length. right there, straight ahead with the sort of gucci look -- i think you nailed it. i think your shorts are perfect. [ applause ] you like the look. >> yeah, i think it's great. >> so -- >> yeah. >> our younger look. >> i agree. >> how would you feel in your husband -- >> oh, no, no, no. >> do it but don't do it with a sandal. >> apparently better with an athletic sock than a black sock. >> i also like george's age requirement. that's important. >> see, we are like a public service announcement. so that's that.
8:34 am
that was the big debate in fashion this morning. >> all right, cool. now we get to move on to espn's annual "body issue" is here. yeah. >> i saw some of the picture, wow inspiring. >> so it features the most buzzed about athletes and it includes olympic skier gus kenworthy striking a pose right now in the snow and this morning he is joining us live actually from denver. good morning, gus. [ cheers and applause ] >> good morning. how are you? >> all right. i'm going to just read this from my card because i'm supposed to ask you, were you actually fully nude when posing for these photos? >> i was. i was 100% nude. i'm actually nude right now from the waist down. [ laughter ] that's the best part. i was naked for the photo shoot for six hours. it was crazy. >> did you have any hesitation in doing that? >> yeah.
8:35 am
i did. i was definitely nervous. i had reservations but i was also really excited to be a part of it and i've always been a fan of "the body issue." i think it's such a beautiful issue and showcases so many different types of bodies and athletes and so it was an honor. >> did your family weigh in? >> my mom said, you're so brave. which is maybe not the reaction i wanted and then she said, she was like, i wouldn't do it and i was like, well -- >> i will. >> hopefully they don't ask you, i don't think. >> gus, i've been skiing out in colorado before. it's awfully cold out there. [ laughter ] >> are you thinking of a "seinfeld" episode? >> did they have heaters?
8:36 am
>> no, they had a robe that i could put on but it was actually freezing and so like the photo editor had already prepped me and she was like, think about poses you can do to kind of like hide yourself and like think of creative ways to hide yourself and i got out there in the coal and i was like don't worry, it'll hide itself. >> oh, yes. [ applause ] >> oh, wow. >> this guy is funny. >> i would say you're not hiding a lot though. in prepping for something like this when i see these photos i think immediately i would get right to work. did you do a lot of diet and exercise change? did you plan for it? >> i did for sure. i mean i think like i tried to kind of stick with what i had been doing anyway just in my normal training in my normal life. i didn't do a complete 180 but i definitely was like in the gym twice a day, my diet especially for the week right before the shoot was really, really strict. like no salt, no sugar.
8:37 am
dairy. it was basically like i was eating ice cubes. >> well, the photos are beautiful. you look fantastic. i'm sure your mom is very proud, gus. >> thank you. >> you ready for 2018? >> i appreciate that. i am. i'm looking forward to it. it's coming up soon. >> us too. we'll be rooting for you. >> thanks, gus. all right, and by the way, guys, the ninth annual "body issue" hits newsstands on july 7th in case you want to pick one up. coming up next one-on-one with robert downey jr. find out what iron man's go to karaoke song is.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
back here on "gma," we are celebrating this july 5th are charlize and cheyenne. i wanted to show you the beach forecast because so many people are getting into that. the water, though, only 63 degrees in atlantic city. at least the air is nice and warm. you can get really cooled off. wilmington, almost 80. hello. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. by 9:00, the drizzle dries, the clouds start opening and typical summer day to unfold f. you liked yesterday, today about the same. now, i have a heat wave this weather brought to you by t-mobile. lara. >> thank you, miss ginger.
8:41 am
turning now to one of hollywood's biggest stars, robert downey jr. he had a blast with "avengers" swing nothing theaters and asked when will he retire the iron man suit. jesse palmer went one-on-one with the superhero to find out. >> reporter: he's just your friendly neighborhood iron man? that's right. robert downey jr. reprising his role as tony stark for a seventh time. but not in an avengers film. this time in "spider-man: homecoming." set the scene. where does it pick up from. >> in "civil war" tony is a little desperate and he starts trying to get some fresh meat recruits. winds up in queens and turns out young peter parker proves himself a worthy addition to the team provided you got some training wheels on him. >> don't do anything i would do and definitely don't do anything i wouldn't do. there's a little gray area.
8:42 am
>> peter parker coming of age. >> when your 16-year-old says, well, i have a license, i can drive and you want to put a tracker in their car and want to be able to deactivate it. >> your character has a great line. >> if you're nothing without this suit then you should -- >> this is like boy meets world suit. boy kind of blows it and then maybe at the end there's a redemption but he's got to earn it. >> a great lesson for parents everywhere. if your kid starts acting up take their superhero suit away. easy, done, solves everything. >> for us it used to be no tv for a week, you know. so it's a little more complicated nowadays. >> you grew up reading "spider-man" comics. >> of course. >> what was it like to be in the movie. >> i genuinely had a blast. i just loved "spider-man" so to me being able to participate in reintroducing spider-man to a new generation, that's why it's called "homecoming." >> all right. that's not a hug. i'm grabbing the door for you. >> seventh time we've seen you
8:43 am
as ironman. we'll see an eighth. how many more of these can you do. >> it's like anything. it's like with a team. if you're going to hang up your jersey you want to make sure the team is in good shape and can still compete at a high level. ultimately that's what made the whole thing worth doing. >> years and years down the road, the iron man suit opens up and you come out with a cane. spider-man is in a walker. >> yeah, iron wheelchair. >> want to play a speed round. first concert? >> the police. "synchronicity" tour 1983. >> george michael. >> oh, yeah. >> go to karaoke song? >> little red corvette". >> humpty dance. favorite movie genre. >> "thriller." >> japanination. >> favorite hobby. >> painting. >> wow. do you paint. >> a little bit. >> i can't match that. any superstitions?
8:44 am
>> what's mine? i like having crystals around or energy whatever. i might have been a celtic monk in another life. >> for "good morning america," jesse palmer, abc news, new york. [ applause ] >> to me the big revelation was japanimation. "spider-man: homecoming" in theaters nationwide this friday. how to declutter your closet.
8:45 am
8:46 am
we are back now with the secrets to decluttering your closet without breaking the bank. we had "redbook" editor in chief meredith rollins with tricks to minimize even the smallest space. i love how you start out by utilizing your closet door. >> yes, the back of the door is a totally underutilized space and my feeling is you've got to get the most out of all of your real estate. >> you really have done it here. i'm impressed. >> start with a hook, a couple
8:47 am
of hooks up top. what i love to do put out myout fit for the night before. so in the morning you're not like going through your closet like a maniac trying to figure out what to wear. the other great idea put up a mirror because if your family is like my family you're fighting for bathroom space in the morning. everything is sort of steamy from the shower. this just gives you a place to do your makeup. >> so you do your makeup in your closet possibly. >> open the door and just do it right here. >> ooh. [ applause ] >> and then, you know, you can check your jewelry and do everything right here and just have a little bit of a moment of zen. >> all right. >> so a little round hookup like this from ikea. container store. can you find all of this super easily. >> my daughter did this on her wall and put a string up to put sunglasses and thought it was so ingenious. i love this. >> this is from etsy. it has a bungee cord already in. my favorite is to do towel rods and hang your shoes on them.
8:48 am
towel rods, you can get them anywhere. >> that's a good idea. >> isn't that nice? >> yeah. >> hang your shoe on the heel and all set and see what you own which is very important. >> that's so -- this is all just on your door. that's incredible. so we'll move on now because you know what, i have this problem. when you have those little clutch purses they're always falling over. you can't see them. they're behind something. >> exactly. >> this is so smart. >> this is actually -- just a smail sorter. average everyday mail sorter. put glasses cases, clutch, wristlet, all of that stuff there and then in the drawer. >> yes. >> i'm always looking around to figure out like where is the bra i want, where are the socks? we did scarves here, you just use drawer organizers. it feels obvious. >> i forget what i have because i can't see it because everything is smooshed somewhere or behind something so this is great because you can visually see it. >> it's super easy. customize the shape. >> then the containers are a
8:49 am
huge part. >> the containers are great. so if you have enough space to put sort of nice decorative storage you can put your winter sweaters this there and put things you don't get to very often. if you've got the space this is great. if you don't, one of these nice clear bins is fantastic to put in a place like an attic or a basement and use acid free tissue paper to wrap up things like your prom dress, wedding dress, things like that that you don't need all the time but it's going to keep it nice and pristine. >> the one that goes underneath your bed, i'm a huge fan of those. we know especially in new york city with apartment living, you have no closet space and then you have all this extra stuff so slide it underneath your bed and you can see it. >> you can get it if you need it. >> i love it. well, thank you very much. i feel inspired. i actually really need to attack my closet and do some of that in the back. >> amazing how a few little things make an enormous difference. >> meredith, thanks.
8:50 am
>> thanks for having me. >> special thanks to "redbook." check out the current issue. it's on sale now. lara, over to you. >> i'm doing it too. thank you. thanks, amy. [ applause ] i'll take you on vacation. a vacation with new heights literally called giraffe manor in africa and "nightline" anchor juju chang got a chance to check it out. >> reporter: it's breakfast time and this morning my table for one has some very lean and lanky party crashers. >> kind of crazy, right? fraternizing with the guests is not only allowed but encouraged here. so that visitors feel akinship with these great but increasingly vulnerable animals. >> i usually don't kiss on the first date. what are you doing for breakfast tomorrow. >> reporter: built in the 1930s in the style of a scottish hunting lodge it's now owned by fourth generation kenyans. tanya and mikey. everywhere you turn, there they are. sticking their heads in bedroom
8:51 am
windows. mingling with the guests at tea time. >> they just love interaction. >> they all have very different characters. >> reporter: even interrupting our interview. >> oh, my goodness. just got nudged. >> reporter: but it's not all tea and crumpets for these genteel giants. giraffes are facing a silent extinction. their population down 40% in just 20 ine ine inpoliticably. >> some of the species are down 60% of their original numbers. by 2030 if the trend continues, a lot of the species will be extent. >> reporter: we head into the park with arthur muneza of the conservation foundation. he is getting his ph.d. at michigan state. traffic jam. amidst the monkeys, zebras, you see the hippos and giraffes dotting the landscape another ubiquitous site. this image sums it up, doesn't it?
8:52 am
that man is encroaching on his habitat. >> yes, if you look straight up ahead you can see the real problem. so those are housing developments coming up. >> yeah. >> and a few years back, you know, you never used to have that. all this used to be open, animals could my great going that way but now most of those areas are just inaccessible. >> reporter: detour. that giraffe is completely holding its ground. it's like huh-uh, i ain't moving. you're in my hood, church. for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. >> that was incredible. thank you, juju. we'll be right back. ♪ [brother] any last words?
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>> announcer: he's one of the artists in the game and now friday -- ♪ i think i'm ready to jump out the window ♪ >> reporter: big sean takes over the morning in a big way. friday only on "good morning america." presented by king's hawaiian. ♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by publishers clearinghouse. ♪ she is always right there tomorrow on "good morning america" we have a big "project runway" takeover and, of course, "deals & steals." >> it's thursday. thanks, everyone. see you tomorrow. >> have a good day.
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good morning, bay area. gooder morning and time for a lot off you to get back to work after a little vacation. i'm reggie aqui, and mike has the forecast. >> yes, reggie -- where did everybody go? nobody in santa cruz yesterday. the beaches are going to be bright and exercising extreme burn factor today and a small craft advisory through the bay bridge bridge. and the delta, heat wave and tomorrow through the 90s through monday. alexis? >> issues on the roads if you are traveling through 80 westbound and we have a multi car crash backing the lane. and sounds like the driver is out of the vehicle, but the vehicles are blocking southbound


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