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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 6, 2017 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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t up to $4,500 in allowances. good morning, america. breaking right now, president trump lashes out, blaming president obama for doing nothing about the russian hacking. >> i think what happened is he thought hillary clinton was going to win the election and he said let's not do anything about it. >> but trump still refuses to clearly blame russia for the hacking, just hours before his face-to-face meeting with vladimir putin. and the president's new threat to north korea, hinting military action in the wake of those missile launches. manhunt. the search for this suspect accused of setting wildfires and then shooting at firefighters battling the flames as 38 fires blaze right now in the west, scorching ski resorts in colorado. the dangerously high temperatures and bone-dry conditions fanning the flames. gun battle. an eight-year feud erupts between two neighbors.
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one of the men shot four times in the chest in critical condition. why this neighbor who shot first is not facing charges. ♪ don't go for second best baby ♪ ♪ put your love to the test secret affair. the never-before-seen letter from tupac shakur to madonna. the love note he wrote from behind bars, the legendary rapper opening his heart to the pop star, revealing intimate details to their romance and why he had to end it. ♪ hey hey hey ♪ if you want it right now i can show you how ♪ and good morning, america. a lot of news from the president in poland this morning. >> that's right. he just wrapped up a press conference where he still refused to clearly call out russia saying nobody knows for sure. in minutes the president is set to give a major speech at the memorial of the warsaw uprising against nazi germany during
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world war ii. all this ahead of the g20 summit in germany tomorrow with the north korean nuclear threat high on the agenda and the president will sit down for his first face-to-face meeting with vladimir putin and cecilia vega in warsaw with the president. she starts us off. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hey, george, good morning to you. they were looking to see if president trump take aim at vladimir putin. he did over ukraine and syria. calling on miss cow to join the community of responsible nations. >> the west is also confronted by the powers that seek to test our will. to meet new forms of aggression including propaganda, financial crimes and cyber warfare. we urge russia to seas its destabilizing actions in ukraine and elsewhere. instead of join the community of responsible nations in our fight against common enemies.
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>> reporter: in a press conference before that speech, a different tone. the president hedging when asked if he believes russia interfered in the election. >> well, i think it was russia and i think it could have been other people and other countries, could have been a lot of people interfered and i won't be specific. but i think a lot of people interfered. i think it's been happening for a long time. it's been happening for many, many years. >> reporter: he went on to compare the intelligence on russia hacking to the reports of weapons of mass destruction in the leadup to the iraq war. >> i remember when i was sitting back listening about iraq, weapons of mass destruction. how everybody was 100% sure that iraq had weapons of mass destruction. and guess what, that led to one big mess. they were wrong and it led to a mess. so, it was russia and i think it was probably others also. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence agencies, however, have not hedged, concluding that russia meddled in the 2016 election with the hopes of giving
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president trump a boost. and today, president trump again turned the attack on his predecessor. >> he did nothing about it. why did he do nothing about it? he was told it was russia by the cia as i understand it, it was well reported, and he did nothing about it. they say he choked. >> reporter: now it is all eyes on tomorrow's meebt. one senior administration official says the whole thing could be a waste of time and quote, a loser of a topic. but president trump has been preparing. his national security team prepping briefing books about u.s./russia relationships ebb though the president notoriously hates them and prefers charts and graphs instead. something else, we know the president loves a good crowd size. this square is packed full of polish supporters.
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he enjoys popularity in this country compared to elsewhere in europe. compared to the protests he's extented to face when he lands in germany later today. >> that infamous weekend tweet when he body-slammed cnn, he was asked about it. >> reporter: he said that he seemed to say that cnn took that tweet too seriously. he went on to bash the network. of course, he did this while standing alongside the polish president who has cracked down on press freedoms right here in this country. >> they were echoing each other, thanks very much. now to north korea and president trump's comments this morning saying there will be consequences for the country's bad behavior. abc's martha raddatz is in washington with more. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, amy. president trump has had very strong words from north korea saying after his election that he would not allow north korea to get a nuclear weapon capable of reaching the u.s., but today in poland he said he doesn't have a red line.
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>> as far as north korea is concerned, i don't know. we'll see what happens. i don't like to talk about what i have planned, but i have some pretty severe things that we're thinking about. that doesn't mean we're going to do them. i don't draw red lines. but i think we'll just take a look at what happens over the coming weeks and months with respect to north korea. it's a shame that they're behaving this way but they are behaving in a very, very dangerous manner and something will have to be done about it. >> reporter: so you have there a promise in effect that something will have to be done but it doesn't sound like the president will respond immediately, even after that test launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile that could potentially reach the united states. amy. >> but there was a response, martha, at the u.n. security council which was an emergency session yesterday. we heard from ambassador nikki haley.
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>> we sure did. she said without question the u.s. is prepared to do whatever it takes to defend ourselves including the military. although she said the u.s. prefers not to go that route and essentially pleaded with the world community, especially china, to pressure north korea diplomatically, economically but did say that a possibility of a diplomatic solution is quickly closing off, amy. >> all right, martha raddatz, thank you. george. let's get some analysis from our chief white house correspondent jonathan karl, republican strategist kristen soltis anderson and, jon, let me begin with you. the president asked for a yes or no, did russia interfere in our election, and refuses to give that yes or no answer. perhaps because he doesn't want to then get pressured to have to impose sanctions on russia. >> reporter: yeah, and it's striking, george, the president's response to that question has changed almost not at all since during the campaign. you remember during the debate way back in september, when he talked about how it could have been a 400-pound guy sitting on his bed. during that debate he also said it could have been russia.
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it could have been china and now his answer essentially the same. really not only a question of sanctions but the president also doesn't want to acknowledge anything that could any way raise questions about the legitimacy of his election victory. >> i think that's right. kristen, the president happy to keep up this feud with cnn. >> he loves nothing more than to sort of paint himself as the victim, talk about how the media is not fair to him and finds that there are lots of his own voters who tend to agree with him. republicans overwhelmingly trust president trump more than they trust mainstream outlets like cnn. and so for him he kind of enjoys it but at the same time, a lot of his voters would prefer that he focus on the issues he was elected on, that, if he's a driver who is supposed to be driving america to a great, new destination, tweeting while driving can be dangerous and is a distraction, and i think that's how some of his voters view it. they don't take it so seriously but prefer he stick to the issues. >> it's more about the opportunity costs right there. jon, the president is set to
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give what they are calling as we said this major speech in warsaw today. and he's trying to really reach for history here but this is unlikely to echo another famous speech in germany, ronald reagan's "tear down that wall" speech. >> reporter: what's interesting, he's reaching out to the nationalist movement you've seen certainly in poland reflected in the government in poland but throughout europe, but one thing about this is the polls their biggest concern, including the nationalist government is russian aggression. and unclear that is a topic that the president is willing to take head on. >> of course, just a day ahead of that meeting with vladimir putin, jon karl, kristen soltis anderson, thanks very much. george, now to that backlash some gop senators are facing in town halls across the country. the issue, the republican health care bill. that bill is in trouble. these nine gop senators opposed to it as it stands and abc's david kerley is in washington with more on that. good morning, david. >> reporter: the republicans can only lose two, amy, and just days before the senators return here, but over the fourth of
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july recess, critics say many republicans have been avoiding public appearances because of the health care debate. [ chanting ] >> reporter: attention over health care reform. critics complaining the republican senators have been avoiding town halls but overnight -- >> i don't think there's been another issue more thoroughly litigated in american politics than obamacare. >> reporter: texas senator ted cruz at a veterans health meeting may have seen protesters outside but inside -- >> we're obviously having major debates about obamacare. i'm doing everything i can to lead the fight to repeal obamacare and to give people choice. >> reporter: the senate leader isn't planning to change the bill. with estimates that say 23 million americans will not be able to get health care in the future. and as of this morning, it doesn't appear there are enough votes for passage. some of those protesting with what has become the democratic message. >> people will die under this plan. people may have had to pay an
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increased premium under obamacare. let's fix it. >> it's not a health care bill. it's a tax break for the rich. >> reporter: now polls continue to show that nearly two-thirds of americans are opposed to the current bills on the hill but many of the republicans preparing to take a vote ran on repeal and replace. so, george, it looks like the showdown could come next week. >> yeah, we're waiting for that. david kerley, thank you very much. we move on now to the wildfires in the west. this man you see suspected of setting some of those raging fires. there are 38 fires now with california, arizona, nevada the hardest hit. concerns this morning that extreme heat could fuel more flames and matt gutman reports from the heart of the fire zone in california. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, george. the forest service says there are major blazes in 12 western states and 50% more acres burned this year than last year. adding to all that trouble that arsonist you mentioned in arizona. authorities on the hunt for him still and that has included the fbi and s.w.a.t. teams.
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this morning, wildfires raging across the west. in arizona, where at least 23,000 acres are burning, law enforcement agencies are searching for this man. authorities in phoenix say the suspected arsonist is armed with a pistol and a shotgun and allegedly set eight brush fires and then opened fire on a forest service employee investigating the fires tuesday. the employee was unhurt. in colorado, this fire near breckenridge erupting wednesday afternoon. >> breckenridge is on fire. >> reporter: flames bursting above the tree line. that mile's high column of smoke towering over the popular ski resort. around breckenridge multiple mandatory evacuations. >> quite a few of my friends, you know, had texted, contacted me saying they had to pack their
7:13 am
bags and get out. >> reporter: so far that fire is zero percent contained even as planes dive bomb the blaze. >> this something i've never seen in 33 years. >> reporter: a lucky shift in the wind direction helped them keep the fire from burning towards the resort town. in nevada, fire crews fighting a blaze that exploded from 3500 acres to 5,000 acres over the past 24 hours. now, all that excessive heat not only increases the chances of more fires but also makes the work for firefighters that much more difficult. these folks are often carrying 40 pounds of gear uphill. i'll give you a sense of what it is. there are 200 feet of hose here. they carry webbing like this which includes a fire shelter and often a tool like this called a mccloud and all this while hiking uphill towards a fire. >> wow, brave and hard working men and women. thanks so much, matt. now to the new developments in the disappearance of that chinese exchange student, the man charged with her kidnapping is now being held without bail and abc's diane macedo is here with the new details emerging about that suspect. good morning, diane.
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>> reporter: amy, good morning. brendt christensen will await his pending trial behind bars after a chilling day in court. prosecutors claim he even went to the victim's vigil and started picking out potential other targets. the judge in the case said he's a danger to the community. [ chanting ] >> reporter: overnight 28-year-old brendt christensen, the man charged with kidnapping 26-year-old university of illinois exchange student yingying zhang denied bail. at a court hearing wednesday prosecutors said they believe christensen, seen in this photo attending a vigil for zhang, was allegedly casing the crowd for other possible targets. while there he was allegedly recorded making statements about the characteristics of an ideal victim and saying zhang fought and resisted when he brought her to his apartment. according to the fbi, zhang was last seen on june 9th in this surveillance video getting into christensen, a stranger's car
7:15 am
after he offered her a ride, but the fbi says christensen claims he let her out after she became panicked when he said he made a wrong turn. investigators found recent visits to a web forum called abduction 101 containing the subthreats perfect abduction fantasies. and planning a kidnapping. zhang's family are devastated and heartbroken. >> the father said repeatedly that he will not leave until he finds the daughter. >> reporter: the defense has urged the public to keep an open mind as they haven't presented their side of the case. christensen hasn't even entered a plea yet due back in court next week. but amy and george, if convicted, he could face life in prison. >> and no help to police in terms of finding her. >> in court he barely said a word. no expression, no reaction. >> thank you so much. there is another black eye for the airline industry this morning. united forced to apologize after a toddler's ticket was taken away by mistake forcing him to sit on his mom's lap for a trip lasting more than three hours. linsey davis has the story.
7:16 am
good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning. shirley yamauchi was on her way to boston for a conference when she was forced to give up her 27-month-old son's seat for a standby passenger. she says her son is 25 pounds and half her height which not only made for an uncomfortable flight. she said she temporarily lost feeling in her legs and left arm. shirley yamauchi was traveling with her 27-month-old son taizo from hawaii to boston last week paying nearly $1,000 for each ticket. >> tickets were scanned without any -- without any incident, i didn't see any difficulty or anything strange. >> reporter: all of a sudden she says a passenger who was on the standby list arrived at the aisle with a ticket for her son's seat. >> the flight attendant when i let her know that these were my seats and she came back and told me that the flight's full and she shrugged and that was the end of it. >> reporter: yamauchi said she was forced to hold her son on her lap for the 3 1/2-hour flight seen in these photos crammed in the area. she says she didn't want to cause a scene like last april when united made headlines
7:17 am
dragging a doctor off his flight in order to give his seat to another passenger. >> i didn't want him hurt especially. i, of course, feared my personal safety with everything i've seen with united airlines. i didn't want to see anybody get hurt. >> reporter: according to the faa, the safest place for your child on an airplane is in a government-approved child safety restraint system or device, not on your lap. you aren't capable of holding your child securely, especially during unexpected turbulence. and according to united's own manual, only children under the age of 2 are allowed to travel on an adult's lap. on wednesday, united issued an apology to the mother and in a statement to abc news they said we inaccurately scanned the boarding pass of ms. yamauchi's son. as a result her son's seat appeared to be not checked in and we released his seat to another customer. we are also working with our employees to prevent this from happening again. no doubt uncomfortable, i'm sure she'll be well compensated. >> good thing they apologized.
7:18 am
linsey, thanks very much. let's go out to ginger on that new island off the coast of north carolina. ginger, good morning. >> hey, good morning. lots more coming about shelly island in just moments. but we want to start with the wildfires because that's been such a huge story. this one in southern wyoming, almost 400 acres burned. 25 cabins had been evacuated and the heat and the fire alerts still on. the san joaquin valley just had a new heat advisory for friday issued. let's get to the stormy cities now brought to you by pampers.
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more sunshine and more warmth today. tonight, not quite as cool as it has been the last couple nights. we have a little heat wave for our inland neighbors. you can see the mid 90s to upper 90s there. mid 80s in the south bay. 70s around the bay itself, and san francisco about 69. good news, we'll be comfortable tonight in the 50s and 60s. my seven-day forecast, look at the heat spipipipipipipipipipipi coming up on "gma" that neighborhood showdown caught on camera. what left one man in critical condition. the shooter may not face charges. and a newly discovered letter from rap legend tupac shakur opening up to madonna about their relationship and why he ended it.
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hurry in to lowe's and get wood-look tiles starting at only $1.49 per piece. good morning east bay. get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 news" morning. i'm natasha zouves from "abc 7 news." it turns out that the san francisco phone number set up to report illegal fireworks went up to 1100 calls from midnight went up as people complained that illegal fireworks were worse this year than last. do you agree? >> i a agree wit. i did not call, but it was not fun. but i thankfully caught up on some sleep last night. we have issues on west boubd bo before you get into the
7:24 am
caldecott tunnel. and on the san mateo bridge, you are basically on the stand
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> we have a wide range of temperatures because of the cloud cover. 60s around hayward and san jose and los gatos up to 72. this is the commute planner and no small craft advisory, but if you are taking the mass tr have the sunglasses ready. foggy in petaluma and santa rosa. look at that seven-day forecast, heat spike tomorrow and remaining above average through the weekend. natasha. >> thank you, mike. shocking new way of teens getting high, and what every parent needs to know next on "gma." the next update is in about 30
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kleenex. take care. take it on. welcome back to "gma." you are looking live at a brand-new island. it has appeared off north carolina's outer banks and authorities are now warning tourists to stay away but ginger is there and she's going to tell us why. that's coming up. >> ginger is perfectly safe. also happening right now, president trump is in germany, meeting with world leaders and face to face meeting with vladimir putin tomorrow. and the annual running of the bulls begins today in pamplona, spain. 16,000 runners are expected to be chased through the streets during the eight-day festival. and the town is prepared for 1 million people to attend that celebration. >> always looks so scary. >> doesn't seem like a celebration to me. good luck to everyone. we're going to move on now to that nasty confrontation between two indiana neighbors.
7:31 am
police released security footage overnight showing how it escalated into a shoot-out. you see it there as prosecutors conclude that the man who fired first will not be charged with a crime. abc's linzie janis here with the story, good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning. the bad blood between these two neighbors goes back years. but this morning, one of them is in critical condition and prosecutors say the other acted in self-defense. the entire incident starting with name calling and ending in a gunfight caught on camera. this is the moment a fight between neighbors turns violent. 59-year-old jeffrey weigle is captured on security video hurling insults at his neighbor across the fence. >> i see you got the [ bleep ] out. >> reporter: then getting on his lawn mower. it's unclear what dean keller, a firefighter, says in response but weigle reverses his mower and pulls a handgun out of his pocket. 49-year-old keller quickly grabs his weapon and fires multiple shots. weigle returning fire.
7:32 am
weigle is hit four times in the chest, but gets up and walks away. >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: now more than a week later he's in critical condition and indiana prosecutors say at this time his shooter won't be charged with a crime. saying he acted in self-defense. according to sheriff's records, the two men have argued more than a dozen times in the last eight years. over a range of issues from the location of a fence to keller's dogs. in 2011, both charged with battery after getting into a fight that left keller stabbed in the arm and weigle with cuts. prosecutors say they'll decide whether to charge weigle with a crime when and if he recovers. in a statement to abc news keller's lawyer says his client is praying that his neighbor survives but does not regret defending himself. prosecutors have pointed out that weigle rents a room at the property next door so he doesn't even have an ownership interest in either side of that disputed fence. george. >> okay, linzie, thanks very much.
7:33 am
let's talk about it now with dan abrams. break this down right now, take us step by step of how they made the decision. >> they used this video, i am certain, and went frame by frame. i did this last night. i went through this video last night frame by frame to look at when did he lift up the gun, looking at him moving backwards in his lawn mower -- remember, he goes forward in the lawn mower, then the guy with the gun moves forward to the fence. the victim then comes back on his lawn mower with his gun in a sort of threatening manner and so this is exactly what prosecutors did because typically you don't have a video and you just have one person saying here's what happened and here's what i thought and here's why i shot. here you can go through every single frame of that moment because, boom, right there you see him lift up the gun and then there's a threatening thing with the arm and that is exactly the -- >> much better chance if there's no video he gets charged. >> oh, yeah, no question, the video is enormously helpful to
7:34 am
him here because what prosecutors might do, if there wasn't a video, is say, you know what, this is pretty sensitive here. let's let a jury decide this. we shouldn't be the ones to decide. but when they had the video, they can say, look, we believe this is classic self-defense and as a result we're not even going to charge him. >> and if the victim survives you think he does face charges. >> it's possible. it's definitely possible because, remember, the self-defense law here is, did he reasonably believe he was in imminent danger of injury or death? for the guy who got shot, the question is was he menacing him? i mean, there are real possibilities that he could get charged. now, i think the fact that he was shot is going to help him in terms of potentially not getting charged. but as a strictly legal matter, it doesn't get him off the hook. the fact that he was shot. if he was the one who was wrong here, if he was the one who
7:35 am
initiated this, if he was the one who was creating this dangerous situation, then he could be charged with a crime. >> okay, dan abrams, thanks very much. all right, and coming up next, the never-before-seen letter from rap legend tupac shakur to his secret love madonna. why he broke up with the pop icon.
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...karma! [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you, now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event. now to the newly revealed letter between two music icons, rap legend tupac shakur writing to madonna from behind bars revealing why he ended their secret relationship. abc's mara schiavocampo is here
7:39 am
with that story. good morning, mara. >> reporter: amy, good morning. that letter written 22 years ago kept private for decades by a friend of madonna's, now being released just before it will be auctioned off later this month. it reveals a deep friendship between the two, a bitter split and tupac's touching attempt to make amends. ♪ >> reporter: this morning the never-before-seen letter from one controversial music icon to another. ♪ >> reporter: tupac shakur's heartfelt handwritten note to madonna from prison. addressed simply to m., the then 23-year-old rapper writing the 36-year-old, i must apologize to you because like you said, i haven't been the kind of friend i know i am capable of being. >> the tone of the letter is passionate and loving and apologetic even though he is breaking up with her, but there's clearly like a deep
7:40 am
emotion toward her. >> reporter: an unlikely pair. the two quietly dated in 1994, madonna confirming the relationship just two years ago to howard stern. >> i was dating tupac shakur at the time and the thing is he like got me all riled up about life in general. >> reporter: in the letter tupac reveals race was the reason for their split writing, for you to be seen with a black man wouldn't in any way jeopardize your career. if anything, it would make you seem that much more open and exciting. but for me, i would be letting down half of the people who made me what i thought i was. race something that often weighed heavily on 'pac. >> i represent that thug mentality from the street. >> reporter: the letter, the latest in renewed interest in the legendary rapper. a contradictory figure known for brushes with the law and his introspective music. ♪ even though i act crazy i got to thank the lord that you made me ♪ >> reporter: in the letter to
7:41 am
madonna, tupac adds, i never meant to hurt you and it ends asking madonna to visit him in jail. now, we reached out to tupac's estate but they had no comment on this letter. it goes up for sale for auction on july 19th. the starting bid, $100,000. but the estimates are that it could go to $300,000 to $400,000 and, amy, the auction house has already received starting offers. joining us is kevin powell whose recent memoir, "the education of kevin powell" included a chapter on tupac shakur, and you're also writing a bio on tupac. >> the fall of 2018 it will be out is the plan. >> you have the ability to do it because you did a series of interviews with tupac while he was in prison, and in the same period when he presumably wrote this letter to madonna, correct? >> it's wild. i literally interviewed tupac at rikers island in january of 1995 and this letter is dated january 1995, and he mentions madonna, mickey rourke and other folks in the letter that were supportive of him, and it's been kind of a quiet secret that he and madonna
7:42 am
had a relationship, you know, and he was grappling with it and he was considered a spokesperson for young black men, but dating a white sister who he had a great affinity for and talked about, do i publicly acknowledge these relationships or not. he didn't talk about the romance part of it. >> did he discuss just the problems he was having with race and relationships? >> absolutely. here is someone who was in high school in baltimore, in the performing arts high school, met jada pinkett smith and some of his biggest mentors were white brothers and sisters, but he felt this responsibility to be a spokesperson for his race. that's where the conflict came, as you see in this letter. >> he was just 25 when he died. what do you think his stance would be today? would he still have concerns? >> i think he would be talking about race across the board. i mean there's video interviews of tupac talking about donald trump in 1992, talking about, you know, his version of black lives matter, et cetera. but i also think that tupac had the ability to be a bridge
7:43 am
builder because there's -- i have seen people of all different backgrounds, white, black, latino, straight, gay. every kind of background you can think of, who are tupac shakur fans. he would have been that bridge builder had he lived. >> when you see the content of the letter there was so much emotion, so much sensitivity. do you think people will be surprised when they hear how poetic and how he wrote this letter to madonna? >> you know, people who know his music and how vulnerable he was -- he reminded me of john lennon and other artists before him. he put it out there, who he was on his chest. it was just another example of how vulnerable he was. he was living his life out loud, grappling with stuff. >> we are very much looking forward to your book. very timely, indeed. thanks so much for joining us, kevin powell, we appreciate it. >> george. coming up on our big board, the mysterious island that popped up off the coast of north carolina. beachgoers should stay away, authorities say. ginger is there to explain why. (hard exhalation)
7:44 am
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in today's big board, a rare natural phenomenon happening off the north carolina coast. >> it's been dubbed shelly island, a massive sandbar that's risen from the ocean practically overtight, but now authorities warning beachgoers as they flock to the summer hot spot. ginger is joining us now from shelly island. so, ginger, first question i think is the obvious question. how did that happen? >> how does this happen? well, we're going to get into
7:48 am
real details and get really nerdy later. i can tell you it had a lot to do with the weather and how the atmosphere has formed this sandbar that was submarined but is now sub-aerial. i think it will help with this perspective. you see the vehicles over there. that's cape point, cape point on cape hatteras. you know the barrier islands here, the outer banks, well, they form into that little triangle. at its nearest 50 yards away this crescent-shaped island that is now at least a mile long has formed. and when they found it, when people started coming here was a football field wide. look how wide it is now. we can't seen see the other edge. i would venture to say it's maybe four football fields wide. down here, this shows you it's all sand and thousands and thousands of shells. so this place is incredible. we're seeing even some horseshoe crabs this morning. a lot of wildlife right here. >> well, you are all alone with that boat to escape. why isn't it safe? >> that's the thing. we took a boat here. we took the long and safe way.
7:49 am
just because it's 50 yards away from cape point does not mean that that 50 yards is not treacherous. people even experienced kayakers and swimmers have had to be rescued every single day. that and when we were coming in on the boat we saw at least 15 sharks. there's a lot of wildlife. nutrient rich. yeah. it's known for its wildlife and its fishing. you don't want to be in that in that water. >> could it disappear as quickly as it appeared? >> even more quickly than it appeared because all it's going to take is a tropical storm or nor'easter to shift the sands and this thing is gone. so we're happy to be here and be here safely. >> get out while the sun is shining. >> yeah, exactly. it's a beautiful day here at shelly island. got to put a stick in the sand, a flag. >> all right, ginger, thanks so much. more from you coming up later in the broadcast. but coming up first, a parenting alert. teens snorting chocolate to get a buzz? yeah, the new warning on that this morning. and new ways your phone can
7:50 am
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when i can't do something, it makes me feel isolated. with aleve, you can stay strong longer because only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. tylenol can't do that. i get to be present and enjoy what i love. this is my pain. but i am stronger. aleve. all day strong. all day long. back here on "good morning america," we are live at shelly beach in north carolina. but we want to start with damage from severe storms that moved through. up to 50-mile-per-hour plus gusts in western north carolina. caldwell county where you see some of the damage pictures there. trees into homes and that's not the only place that have been dealing with severe weather, including flash flooding. that would be dallas-ft. worth. in the first couple of days of july here up to 5 plus inches. they had 2 to 3 very quickly. now, we have another region that we're watching for somewhere storm, wisconsin takes the heart
7:54 am
of it. green bay, madison and you can see from traverse city, back through north chicago, the suburbs, evans stone in that light risk area and through friday another risk area. all that brought to you by aleve. your local news and weather next and a lot more coming from right here on shelly island.
7:55 am
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7:56 am
good morning to you. i'm natasha zouves, and we are almost ready for the weekend and mike nicco says a warmup is on t the way. >> yes, more than average along the inland, and the beaches are warmer, and exercising 90s on the calmer along the inland. near 80 at the bay, and 60s is as warm as we get at the coast. thank you. looking at the roads, we have a stackup at the bridge, and the toll plaza with the metering lights on, and make sure that you have glasses with you in the car this morning. nine-minutes backing up at the richmond and san rafael bridge. and the looks like folks are taking the alternate on the
7:57 am
dunbarton this morning. >> thank you. and off of the coast of the outer banks of north carolina, we will have that coming up on "good morning america." and also, you can get all of the ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer today and get up to $4,500 in allowances.
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking right now, president trump lashes out right in the middle of his high-stakes foreign trip, blaming president obama for doing nothing about russian hacking of the u.s. election but still refusing to clearly blame russia himself ahead of his first face-to-face to vladimir putin. parenting alert. could your kids really be snorting chocolate? the bizarre and dangerous new fad that's being marketed right to your teen as the drug-free way to get a buzz. dr. ashton weighs in live. ♪ on my way forbidden island. it sprung out of the graveyard of the atlantic caught between two dangerous currents. authorities warn tourists to stay away. one time only we are live from all angles by air, by sea. ginger is there. >> made it to shelly island. yes! ♪ the final countdown "project runway" like you've never seen it before. i love sparkles. these three designers just ten minutes in our props closet and what they have designed. we're revealing it live and look
8:01 am
who is here to judge, heidi, zac, nina. >> and they're all here to say -- >> all: good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] good morning, america. hello to everyone out there in times square. now we know you love sparkles. >> everyone knows that. i know. >> let's take a look at ginger, she is on that island that popped out of nowhere off the coast of north carolina. it is a lot more dangerous than it looks and ginger will have more ahead. and we are excited to have the stars of "project runway" here. we have our own "gma" "project runway" challenge fashioning some incredible outfits for some of us, some familiar faces. we'll be modeling them later. we got a big clue on what mine looks like. can't wait to see what they come up with in just a bit. >> they have been working hard all morning long. a lot of news including president trump overseas
8:02 am
right now, delivering what the house is calling a major speech. and our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega is there. good morning, cecilia. ♪ >> reporter: george, good morning to you. the president, in fact, just walked off the stage after wrapping up that speech here at this historic site where the polish held an uprising against the nazis during world war ii. george, this is a packed crowd and they were cheering on the president as he laid out the future in very stark terms, asking basically in this age of terrorism, does the west have the will to survive, to protect its borders and its values, but really it is that press conference that he held before taking the stage here that is making headlines this morning. president trump was directly asked if once and for all he would definitively say that russia did interfere with our election. he hedged. he didn't answer directly. take a listen. to what he had to say a few minutes ago. >> it was russia and i think it could have been other people and other countries, could have been a lot of people interfered and i won't be specific. but i think a lot of people interfere, i think it's been
8:03 am
happening for a long time, it's been happening for many, many years. ♪ >> reporter: so he then went on to blame president obama for not doing more in the wake of that election hacking or rather we should say election interference. this crowd here was really hoping to hear president trump take aim at vladimir putin and he did that on that stage over russia, over syria saying, quote, he's calling on moscow to join the communities of responsible nations. the president heads to germany where he has that big one-on-one with vladimir putin tomorrow. >> their first sit-down. okay, cecilia, thanks very much. the other big story this morning, the battle against dozens of wildfires burning in the west, including one that is threatening a popular resort town. abc's matt gutman joins us with the latest on that, hey, matt. >> reporter: hey, george, the peak of wildfire is months away but firefighters tell me they feel like it's happening right
8:04 am
now. 40 major blazes across the west, 50% more acres burned this year than last year, and in arizona you can see this fire, 23,000 acres burned. in breckenridge, colorado, that column of smoke rising right above the ski town. that fire is zero percent contained and there are mandatory evacuations on the fire right now. now, we talk about the air attack so often. how important it is to get to the remote blazes but a lot of the work still being done on foot. i want to give you a sense of what goes on here. they carry 40 pounds of gear and with triple-digit heat forecast over the next few days it's going to be very rough going for firefighters. george. >> that is a very tough job. okay, matt, thanks very much. now, amy you have the other top stories. and we begin with a rare and strong earthquake that jolted montana overnight. the magnitude 5.8 quake briefly knocked out power, tipped over shelves, broke glass, it is the largest quake in that region in 20 years and was felt as far away as spokane, washington. congressman steve scalise is back in intensive care three weeks after he was shot at a baseball practice in virginia. doctors are now worried about
8:05 am
his risk for infection. they've downgraded his condition to serious. a new scandal at the vatican. a local newspaper reports police have raided the apartment of an italian cardinal who is a top adviser to pope francis. they reportedly found drugs and arrested one of the cardinal's aides. just last week another top adviser to the pope took a leave of absence to face sexual assault charges. and the arts and crafts store hobby lobby has agreed to pay a $3 million fine for buying ancient artifacts, apparently smuggled out of iraq. investigators claim the company was warned the items, including a clay tablet, may have been stolen. and finally, firefighters in florida were called to help a little boy who got his finger stuck in his desk, they freed his finger and posed for this photo telling him to hold up the finger in question. as you can see, well, maybe you can't, it was his middle finger so they added a censured graphic. my favorite is the quote on the photo said, show mommy the finger that firefighters had to rescue out
8:06 am
of the desk. >> mystery smile over that one. >> that's the one and only time he'll get to do that. coming up here, how your smartphone could save your life when it comes to health care. and tory johnson is cooking up "deals & steals." simple summer solutions and then lara is upstairs with our audience. >> i do have a great audience, amy and george. right? [ applause ] they're really excited because "project runway" is here and then we'll talk about the summer phenomenon, ginger exploring a mysterious new island and she will show it to us live. can't wait to show you coming up. ♪ ♪
8:07 am
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8:10 am
welcome back to times square this thursday morning.
8:11 am
got a nice audience up here. you want to know how great this audience is, that was just three-quarters. >> that was only three-quarters energy. you can imagine what's coming then. give it up for "pop news." >> full energy. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, guys, thank you, george. amy, good morning to you. all we begin with jay-z. he has a new song on his album called "smile" and he definitely has reason to be doing just that this morning. the rapper's album "4:44" has gone platinum in less than a week, everybody. that is an amazing feat. the recording industry association of america ceo and jay posing with the plaque and there they are. and they tweeted out a big congratulations to jay z for creating more platinum albums than any other hip-hop artist ever. >> wow. >> in the history of music. so congratulations to you, jay-z. >> good year. >> every year is a good year for jay-z.
8:12 am
let's face it. also in the news this morning, martina navratilova, nine-time wimbledon singles champ, wants you to have a piece of her history. teaming up with swiss brand watch avantist to use the strings in her actual racket. in her 1987 wimbledon win. only 30 of these will be made and that exclusivity comes at a hefty price. $10,000 and up for the watches. her racket string will be seen in the dial set beneath a sapphire crystal and as an added incentive, customers who buy one of these limited edition watches will get to meet her in person on the sidelines at a grand slam tournament of their choice. >> wow. [ applause ] >> we don't know exactly how it's in there. you don't? >> as i explained, george, it's underneath the bezel. no, it's in there. you just have to look for it. [ laughter ] trust me, george. finally in "pop news" this morning, you might have heard that tiny houses are all the
8:13 am
rage these days and one family from illinois is now busted for taking the idea to a new level turing an old school bus into a cozy home. take a look. i think is a great idea. in fact, think we should do this on "gma." luke davis, his wife rachel and their baby charlotte live -- they now live in that gutted renovated 1982 genesis. davis bought it for $4,000. the home on wheels features now reclaimed wood, paneling, custom cabinetry, crown molding, a fully functioning kitchen. it has a wood burning stove and solar paneled roof that enables them to operate off the grid for over two weeks at a stretch. all that work done, yeah, i mean, i think this is the future. >> i love those windows. >> sp as people are scaling down, you've seen the airstreams. why not if you can find an old bus this is called upcycling at its best. he did the work himself. he was a pipefitter by trade and
8:14 am
unemployed, living in a conventional home when he decided to scale down but he wanted to explore the united states on a budget so far they visited 32 states and counting, ensuring a new backyard to plan every single day. >> that is very impressive. i love that. i love that. >> find an old beat up bus, trick it out and then go on a "gma" road trip. that's your dream come true, george. anyway, we'll talk. that's "pop news." [ cheers and applause ] that is your worst nightmare. >> not my worst nightmare. all right, we turn to that "gma" parenting alert. big trending article in "the washington post" that definitely caught our attention. could teens be snorting chocolate and what are the health risks? abc's t.j. holmes looked into all of that. good morning, t.j. >> look at your faces here. look at your faces. all right, everybody, let me be clear. before you try to grind up your hershey bar and do lines of it. we're talking about a new chocolate-based product that's
8:15 am
meant to give you a buzz when you snort it. yes, there are some health concerns here. of course, does any parent want to see their child with a rolled up $100 even if the product is drug-free? a new way to get a buzz from something that's inexpensive, widely available, perfectly legal and teens already love it. chocolate. a new chocolate-based product, coco loko is a powder that users can snort. >> it's basically crazy chocolate because it's chocolate mixed with other things that creates a crazy effect. >> reporter: the product is actually a blend, cacao powder mixed with other ingredients that are often found in energy drinks. the makers claim it can produce an elevated mood and a state of euphoria similar to the feeling of ecstasy and give you a steady rush of energy and motivation that's great for partygoers to dance the night away without a crash. >> anybody that just wants to party, dance and have a little extra energy, that's mostly our market. >> reporter: but chocolate
8:16 am
snorting craze first showed up in european nightclubs last year but nick anderson, founder of orlando-based legal lean, is hoping to bring it to the forefront of the u.s. party scene. >> i didn't consult with any medical professionals. i basically just saw what europe -- what was going on in europe. there were no health issues out two, three years. everybody seems fine. it's very popular. no negative publicity so i felt we're good to go. >> reporter: but many are now wondering. is it safe? well, nobody really knows. the fda isn't even sure if it falls under its jurisdiction yet. telling abc news, the fda will need to evaluate the product labeling, marketing information, and/or any other information pertaining to the product's intended use. again, they say they are marketing this to people over 18 years old and, robach, get this, in europe, in some places it was so popular some clubs didn't even serve alcohol. they just served this snortable chocolate. >> thank you.
8:17 am
and we're joined by dr. jen ashton for answers. obviously the big question is whether or not this is safe. do we even know? >> no, we don't. you know, in medicine and science we like decades ideally or many, many years, tens of thousands of patients. we just don't know, that's the short answer. but to be clear, when there are stimulants involved, we know that there can be physiologic effects on the body. it can increase the heart rate and increase blood pressure. obviously it can give a jolt of energy and potentially if you're talking about high doses these can be significant. >> there were some jaw-dropping moments for me in t.j.'s piece, among them when the ceo said that they did not consult any medical professionals. as a parent what are your main concern? >> i mean, as a parent of two teenagers, i think this is concerning. i think what's also concerning is that teenagers will hear, oh, it's natural. it's chocolate. that means safe. there are a lot of drugs that are natural. you know, cocaine is natural. marijuana is natural. some medications we use in hospital settings come from plants.
8:18 am
that doesn't mean it's safe. >> and why snorting it? does that bring it to the bloodstream quicker? >> you know, we do give medications through an inhalational route and there is that blood/oxygen interface and some medications therapeutically can be safely and effectively administered that way. but when you're inhaling a particulate matter anything that's solid, there can be risks. it can worsen respiratory conditions and, again, your lungs are meant to take in air. >> okay, i hope everyone heard that. all right. thank you very much, dr. jen. we appreciate it. george, over to you. we have another health alert now focused on how smartphones are revolutionizing health care. there are now hundreds of apps to help manage chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. kayna whitworth is in los angeles with a look at how they work. >> reporter: the experts that i spoke with truly believe that using apps could change health care globally and drive down costs. the catch is, we have to be more engaged patients. like most of us, susie takes her cell phone to the gym.
8:19 am
but she is not texting. >> a year ago i had a mild heart attack. i had angiogram and angioplasty done and i had two stents placed in my heart. >> reporter: she's on the phone taking care of herself using health apps to track her vitals. >> something like a pill tracker can be life saving. when you were a chronic heart disease, your medications are critical. >> reporter: apps on the market are really easy to use. this one cardiograph. if i put my finger right over the camera of my phone and press start i'll know my heart rate in seconds. hundreds of apps now available to help people manage chronic illness like diabetes, heart disease, copd, asthma and many more. >> currently i'm in remission. >> reporter: rachel whitman is part of a clinical trial managing her multiple sclerosis through the myms app. she tracks her vision, walking and cognition, and then easily shares the information with her
8:20 am
doctor. >> it's helping me feel like i'm doing as much as i can. >> reporter: important to remember, these apps do not replace your doctor, and are not regulated the way the medical industry is. but experts say the future is fast approaching and believe that someday they won't just help manage disease, but predict and prevent. >> wouldn't it be great to get a notification from your app your child was going to get sick the next day. >> someone lives in a rural area doesn't have access to a specialist, could their phone be the answer to that? >> absolutely. there will be home diagnostic testing for things like colon cancer to macular degeneration, leading causes of blindness to breast disease. >> reporter: it can connect patients to other patients. >> and create network of patients with the same kind of chronic diseases. >> you don't feel as alone and feel a little more encouraged to continue, you know, on the path to good health. >> reporter: so at this point, virtual medicine does not offer solutions to every problem. for example, if you enter data that signals an emergency and you need to see your health care
8:21 am
provider right away, the app can't address that. but dr. saxon is currently working with the fda and global regulatory bodies to ensure that the standards of care are not lowered simply because it's digital health. george. >> that is critical. kayna, thanks very much. let's go back to ginger down in north carolina. ♪ george, a new tropical depression, 4, that is about 2,700 miles southwest of us here. i want to take you to the map. this thing has formed but looks like it will die out before it gets anywhere close to land. to give you an idea of where it's headed or at least the direction it's headed. still going to chop up the seas especially in the north caribbean. more sunshine and more warmth today. tonight, not quite as cool as it has been the last couple nights. we have a little heat wave for our inland neighbors. you can see the mid 90s to upper
8:22 am
90s there. mid 80s in the south bay. 70s around the bay itself, and san francisco about 69. good news, we'll be comfortable tonight in the 50s and 60s. my seven-day forecast, look at the heat spipipipipipipipipipipi ♪he heat spipipipipipipipipipipi we are ready for some "deals & steals." tory johnson is with us bringing us some simple solutions to make your day a snap and the best part is every single thing you're about to see is 50% off. hi, tory. >> hey, you always have my back but now you have my hair too. >> yes, i do. a sprinkle. i love this product. >> so first up, flexsafe, what is super cool, it was a "shark tank" favorite. daymond john invested in it. you can attach onto the handlebars of a stroller, a lounge chair at a pool, the rack on a golf cart. you could even use it on a rod in a dorm room or a hotel room to stash all of your valuables. >> i like the idea to bring on a trip. >> to bring on a trip.
8:23 am
absolutely. you set your own combination as many times as you want you can reset it. it's flash-resistant fabric. then it has rfid blocking on the inside so that thieves can't scan your credit card data. >> taking it and running. >> but you got to take then the entire stroller. you got to take the entire golf cart and take the entire big chair. >> haven't thought of everything. >> so this one, new and improved regularly $60 slashed in half, 30 bucks to keep yourself safe. >> you can't beat that. so when you want that radiant glow without the sun, self-tanning products do enter. she's creating that just like gorgeous glow on her skin, covers any kind of like imperfections that you don't want to see or just to create beautiful radiance. so body blur is their signature product. the other super fabulous popular one right now is the ten-minute tan so you only have to wear it for ten minutes. you can then shower off and about six hours later the tan comes up so at night when you don't want to have to sleep with
8:24 am
tanner and ruin your sheets or wake up and forgot to tan this ten-minute tanner is fabulous. it locks them in. >> the body blur is more like a makeup. >> correct. >> this is what we use. "gma's" secret. >> it's a good one. ten different options all range from $30 to $54. everything slashed in half, $15 to $27. >> love that. i'm shopping there. thank you. if you need any kind of peace of mind if you take care of somebody who takes a lot of pills, or you take a lot of pills, this little system here allows you to set up a month in advance. so morning and night, 7 days a week times 4 weeks, there's 56 compartments in here and it prevents you from forgetting pills or taking too many. really great peace of mind. normally $40 slashed in half, 20 bucks for you. >> you have it all covered today, my friend. >> yes. i love this. this is for saving time in the kitchen. >> all right. this is from rapid brands,
8:25 am
started on "shark tank" with just the ramen cooker so you could cook ramen right in the microwave and expanded to a cake maker, minute rice, brownie maker so, instead of brownies taking 40 minutes in the oven, you get stovetop or oven quality in the microwave for 3 1/2 minutes? oh, my gosh. you can bake a cake in six minutes in your microwave. >> been taste tested by our staff. >> normally 10 to $20 for singles and sets slashed in half, $5 to $10, singles and sets. >> nicely done. okay. you know this one, these are -- this is sort of a magical mix of pima cotton and spandex in three different styles. we have the sporty, the hipster and the tummy tucker. smooth, support, kind of does it all in a variety of neutral color, big size ranges, as well. these are terrific. they range normally $35 to $39. all slashed in half, $17.50 to $19.50. >> nice, nice. really they keep it all where it's supposed to be. >> where it's supposed to be. that's the best.
8:26 am
then bandi wear. these are like modern day fanny packs. this is what they look like. they have a secret compartment so you can keep your phone, passport, credit card, keys, cash. you're from florida and chicago like you could be hands-free in a variety of colors. what i love also, there is a classic and new wider one to hold passport and bigger cell phones. normally these range from $30 to $34, all slashed in half. 15 to 17 bucks. >> they're really cute. >> you guys were great. >> it doesn't get any better. tory, we want to thank you and everybody who participated and we partnered with all of these companies on these great deals. get the details on our website. you know the website. check those out. tory, we love. you stay with us. "project runway" coming up. [ applause ]
8:27 am
kwood morning on this thursday. i'm reggie aqui, and three weeks after a deadly shooting in san francisco, only 15 of the 50 or so workers there are back on the job. the union official representing the workers said they are fearful of going back. three u.p.s. drivers were kill and two others wounded in the june 14th shooting. police say that the gunman, 30-year-old jimmy lam killed himself when confronted by the responding officers. let's look at the thursday morning commute. >> yes, a news alert if you are coming from concord don't take southbound 242. we have a sig alert before the alert, and stick with
8:28 am
excuse me. 680, excuse me. and there are a couple of crashes along the route 24,
8:29 am
♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer today and get up to $4,500 in allowances. and nour your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> temperatures are already 74 in brentwood on the way to about 100 today, and that is where the sunshine is, and 50s and 60s elsewhere. and you can see the sunshine to be light breezes theday, and if you are going to be up in the north, the fog is just about
8:30 am
over. it is going to be hotter tomorrow, reggie. look at that 100. >> too much for me. and the another ♪ talk to me [ applause ] welcome back to "gma." we have a great crowd here this morning. a lot to get to in the next 30 minutes including going back to ginger. >> that's right. let's go back to that forbidden island that's popped up off the coast of north carolina's cape hatteras. ginger live from that brand-new land mass. we want to remind viewers getting to and from shelly island can be treacherous. we hired an experienced fishing boat operator to get ginger and our crew there safely but ginger, you mentioned on your way there, you went the safe route you saw a lot of sharks and then just moments ago a fisherman there with you caught one. >> minutes ago. we saw a sandbar shark caught and they were putting it back in the ocean so it could go free. guys, i don't think i come out of the studio and don't see sharks. that's what i'm assuming.
8:31 am
i just get to beaches and see a lot of sharks. yes, one of the many dangers around shelly island. >> wow, tell us about your trip to the island. >> right, so we came the long and safe route. you said we took that boat here. about a 45-minute boat road through the pamlico sound and hatteras inlet and out. you say that sounds far away. cape point on hatteras island is right there. we can see it and see where the vehicles are. it's a very, very narrow area between this island, this cresce crescent-shaped island that formed and cape point and people say, i want to check out the new island but that 50 yards can be very treacherous and volatile. the currents, there have been dozens rescued. rescues every single day of experienced swimmers and kayakers here on shelly island. >> why is that? >> yeah, because, well, there's a lot of reasons this is a high energy part of the ocean. you have the labrador current coming from the north, the gulf stream coming from the south and meet and make this turbulence and so these shoals and sandbars
8:32 am
have been called the graveyard of the atlantic because there have been thousands of shipwrecks at this very point. now, this island specifically has always been here. it was just submarined. i want to take you to google earth images. this is the big question. how does this happen? how does an island come up in just a couple of months? well in april people started seeing it. by today it is now more than a mile long and i'd say four football fields wide. i can't even see the other end of the ocean. it's not because of the gra graveyard of the atlantic description, not just because of currents but because of the persistent weather pattern. yep, it's all because of weather. let me take you to this map. high pressure system, they've had a very mild winter. right here in north carolina, no nor'easter, they were all north into northeast and new england. that high pressure rotates clockwise and get that southwest flow. the southwest push of winds and that bills up the sandbar which is now no more longer submarine but sub-aerial. this thing keeps growing, i
8:33 am
talked to dr. stan rigs of east carolina university. he told me if this consistently persists, if this high pressure sits there we could see this island weld to the beach. so this may not be the end of its growth. >> wow. >> and, ginger, you know, you've talked about this and know that tourists are being warned against going there. is it absolutely prohibited? >> it's, you know, nobody owns it. they aren't even -- no one is really taking responsibility for it yet but they are from the cape point side saying, please don't do it. especially if you have no experience. if you've got a boat that you can jump off and safely be on once you're on here you guys all that we see is thousands of shells and a lot of wildlife that cops up on here. it's not just sharks, there have been manta rays the side of car hoods and a lot of things if you're a tourist coming you don't want to encounter. >> i was looking at those shells behind you. that's how the island got its name, i understand. >> yes, so caleb regan, a tourist that came here, 11 years
8:34 am
old, kind of a thing, oh, my gosh, there's a lot of shells here, i'm going to call this shelly island. and he called it shelly island and it stuck. >> it's cute. >> a nickname that stuck. good for caleb. >> that's great. and there's even a commemorative t-shirt. doesn't mean go get one, everybody. great job. so fascinating. >> she's having fun out there. >> if i can add one thing, guys, if i can add one thing, the shorelines here are ever changing. change is the name of the game. just as quickly as it appeared could disappear. it will take a hurricane or tropical storm or nor'easter it'll be gone so glad to be here to talk about the east side of the aisle recessing about i a quarter to a half mile. the south side has been adding so this is just another place the sand is adding up. >> okay. ginger, thanks very much. >> she is so good. >> yes. >> she really is. coming up here the stars of "project runway" heidi klum,
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
back here with the stars of "project runway." ready to talk about the upcoming 16. ginger in north carolina first. hey, ginger. >> hey, guys, one more thing i wanted to share with you. our captain jake found this. we know it's called the graveyard of the atlantic but found a piece of a shipwreck. this is where they would have put the spikes to put the boards together. that and so many shells. we saw some of the horseshoe crabs earlier today. this place is amazing but, again, if you're going to be
8:38 am
copping here it has to be with a safe and experienced boater. that is the big good morning. we are waking up to more sunshine and that means warmerer temperatures away from the coast, and we will be in the 50s and 70s at the bay and 80s this report brought to you by pronamel and, george, i'll have to bring this one home for you. >> i'm sure you are. thank you, ginger. back upstairs celebrating the newest season of "project runway," we have the stars here, heidi klum, zac posen, nina garcia. [ cheers and applause ] 16 seasons. >> oh, my god. 16 seasons. sweet 16. >> that is a sweet 16. what surprises do you have in store? >> what surprises? well, to be honest our designers are always the big surprise because you never know who you're going to get, right? because they are real people, not actors. most of them have other jobs and they have this amazing talent
8:39 am
and they want to break into the fashion industry, so here they are and we give them these crazy challenges. week after week and they just have to make it work in a day. >> including one that's going on right now? exactly. >> here at "gma." this is the first season we're seeing models of all sizes represented. >> isn't that amazing? it was about time. george, you know, the perception of beauty really changes throughout the times. we went from twiggy to the supermodel to. waif. now happily, the industry is embracing body diversity. and so are we. i'm very proud to be part of a show that has full-figured women. real women, designers designing for real body types. >> it is going to be great to see. you guys have really made a career now of finding out -- finding the hot, new talent out there. christian soriano, michael costello. how do you know it when you see it. >> for me it's an instinct. they have to have the talent and personality and they have to
8:40 am
have -- >> newness. >> newness and you feel it. you see it. and now today to be a designer you kind of have to be like a triple threat within the fashion world. the full package. >> do you guys usually know -- agree right away. >> we kind of do. >> rarely -- >> we're getting there. i mean when it gets down to the best six, then we kind of fight a little bit. yeah. but in the beginning we kind of weed through them. >> we're passionate. i mean, we feel strongly, you know, and we each have our favorite, sometimes we agree. and then sometimes we have to battle it out. >> if somebody wants to come on the show what is your number one piece of advice. >> to be honest with what you are creating, not trying to be someone else. sometimes they're trying to please us and that's the wrong thing to do. you have to be honest with your creativity. go for it. >> in today's world authenticity is essential. >> and a point of view. you know, there's so much
8:41 am
voices, you really have to stand out with a point of view. very distinct point of view. >> because we've seen it all already so show us something different. >> this season is so full of drama and it built and built and built. and, you know, we're just sitting there like on our seats holding on because there are -- >> running off the stage. i've never had this happen before. i'm like, hey, why don't we all just take a break right now. what's happening here? >> for artistic integrity. >> okay. we can't take a break right now but we are going to have you stick around for our "project runway" challenge and we have designers creating unique looks from things they found all around the studio for amy, lara and mara. amy has a look at the process. if can't wait to see. ♪ >> reporter: from newspapers to crushed candy to greeting cards, the aspiring designers on "project runway" can turn trash into fashion treasures. we set up our own unconventional challenge and paired three
8:42 am
former contestants, fabio costa, kelly dempsey and ashley nell tipton with our "gma" talent who shared inspiring ideas for outfits. >> my idea is elegant fun. >> sounds good because i like classic but a little bit modern. >> yes. >> maybe like a dior silhouette with little touches. >> please do. >> i would say my vision is kind of urban meets ladylike. >> i can see a very clean cut on you, very cinched into the waist. >> yes. >> very form-fitting. >> i'm all about looking great but also feeling great. >> do you have a problem with anything sparklingy. >> i love sparkles. >> reporter: they only had ten minutes to find their materials. >> glitter. i have to find glitter anywhere. >> fabio, can you give me a hand please. >> oh, sure. here you go. >> look at this cute little clock. >> anybody need this? >> ki wear this during the segment? wow. >> i'm taking it. >> no! >> i'm trying to pick up
8:43 am
different textiles. hello. no time to chat. >> oh, my gosh. this is perfect. >> now the race is on to make a masterpiece. [ applause ] >> and the designers putting on their final touches right now for a "gma" "project runway" challenge. we'll be right back.
8:44 am
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- give $5, get $5. help us fight hunger, july 1st through july 31st. "gma" "project runway" challenge. okay. you guys all ready? first up we have amy. she paired with designer kelly dempsey. let's take a look. ♪ it wasn't long [ cheers and applause ]
8:46 am
wow! >> wow. >> wow. what did you use? >> i mean i can kind of see -- >> i found the shineiest things i could pick up and grab and, yeah, that's what i came up. cds and glitter tape. it was amazing. >> wow. >> i mean i have to say, i have to say you were always very good at making your own textures. you were never really like let's go to mood and pick whatever. you always did that and did it again today. i love it. it's kind of like '60s. >> very '60s. >> i like sparkles. >> you are a human disco ball. >> maybe you can make it a little shorter because you have awesome legs. >> thank you. >> so you approve? >> i think it's so good. i was so impressed which saw it. >> would you wear that out.
8:47 am
>> i ylove it. >> is it spiky. >> you have to walk a little carefully. >> it is amazing and took one day to do in one day? and made her little earrings too. >> yes. >> well done. >> great start. >> started out with thumb's up. next mara will be in a design by ashley nell tipton. [ cheers and applause ] >> wow! >> she said urban meets ladylike and that is what she got right there. zac, what do you think. >> i think it's great. what is it made out of. >> it's made out of a dog bed which we got the fabric for and a net. >> like a mini ham knock. >> yes, exactly. >> i think this is great. you know, very summertime
8:48 am
appropriate. transparency overlay. you built good textures. do you feel comfortable. >> i love it. it is comfortable. a couple of people backstage said i look like beyonce in the "holdup" video. >> so far and finally lara with a look designed by fabio costa. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ perfect illusion [ cheers and applause ] >> wow. >> all right. nina. >> hi. >> wow. >> hi. >> fabio, i love this. tell me -- 24 looks like a real dress off the rack. i have to say. >> well, i was trying to think of like what she could actually wear to host a show so i grabbed
8:49 am
gaf gaffer's tape for the lies in the studio. >> this is how they mellow the lights, diffuser and gaffer's tape and a deck of cards. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> created that little belt with, i mean -- >> with playing cards. >> with playing cards and you see the little -- the circles. >> he cut them out. >> his new emblem. >> yes, it is. >> talk about the right length. heidi, look at her length. >> this is her. [ applause ] >> i might have -- >> shorter, shorter, shorter. shorter. >> i did like your -- >> i was channeling. >> to me every designer has to make a duct tape gaffer's tape dress. you have to make -- >> yeah. >> is it what you imagined, lara. >> it's better than imagined.
8:50 am
i can't believe he pulled it off with tape and diffuser and a deck of cards in one day and it's just so fun and smart. going places. >> you can relax in that with your dog and play some music. >> yes. >> you guys have a very, very tough job ahead. i'll let you deliberate over the next break to see who the winner is. we'll be back.
8:51 am
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>> announcer: what is it that takes a young man from an expensive privileged boarding school. >> he was the chosen one. he was the prince. >> announcer: to america's most wanted serial killer. >> everybody is hunting for him. >> who is he going to quill next. >> announcer: follow the path, his die scent into madness. the desperate nationwide manhunt and the encounter with celebrity that ended in -- >> i'll kill somebody famous. >> announcer: in the shadows of south beach. >> the world will remember my name. >> announcer: dying to be famous, the versace murder friday on a special "20/20" on abc. >> announcer: he's one of the hottest artists in the game. ♪ i think i'm ready to jump out the window ♪ >> big shakean takes over the morning in a big way by king's hawaiian. >> reporter: t-mobile built for unlimited data. >> celebrating "project runway," season 16, premieres august
8:54 am
17th. on lifeline -- rather lifetime but right now we have this. heidi klum, kelly dempsey first and also ashley tipton and mara and fabio costa and lara. who is the winner? >> da, da, da, da, da. we are giving it to kelly. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. mwah. >> thank you. thank you. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. >> congratulations. how does it feel? >> oh. >> any words for your fans? >> sparkle on. [ cheers and applause ] >> "project runway" on lifetime august 17th. great job, guys. congratulations. have a great day.
8:55 am
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happy thursday. i'm reggie aqui and it is 8:59 and mike nicco has a look at that the day. >> isn't that delicious and inviting? it is calmer on the bay if you want to get out to play. very nice and inland the 90s. the thing that sticks out is inland, mid-90s to 100. and again tomorrow. and 60s at the coast. and we have the sigle ale an the concord area, and this backup is spilling on to 104 as well. before you get to 680 we have the two lanes blocked and traffic is backing up. reggie? >> thank you, a alexis. we will be back at the 11:00 a.m. for the midday a.m. and as always our reporting
9:00 am
continues on abc >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, he's back as agent cooper from "twin peaks" kyle maclachlan! "world news tonight" anchor david muir joins kelly at the "live" desk! all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and david muir! [cheers and applause] ♪


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