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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 8, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> it is saturday, july 8th. good morning. it is great to have you with us. let's start with the forecast. here's lisa tracking live doppler 7 for us. >> good morning to you. we are looking for another round of hot temperatures. in fact, show iing the clear sk right now and i'm looking at advisories to pass on. we're looking at a red flag around east bay harrison until 9:00 tonight for gusty winds. northwest, 25 miles an hour. low humidity. and in the area westward towards the bay is a heat advisory. from san ramon, livermore all
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the way through 9:00. so looking at temperatures, that's right, 82 degrees. 66 in livermore and hayward, 68 in san jose. 50s closer to the water. and we'll be k lolooking ats mi along the shoreline. we'll talk details coming up. >> thank you. a four alarm apartment fire has burned three buildings in antioch. it started around 10:00 last night around fair view driver. 18 units were damaged. the fire also spread to an acre of dry grass next to the property. three people were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. four others were treated at the scene. a fire captain says illegal firework may have started the fire. investigators believe there's nearly a million dollars damage done. two richmond police buildings were evacuated last night after someone called in a bomb threat. the police station and jail as
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well as the 911 dispatch center at mcdonald and nevadaen were all evacuated. tiffany wilson explains, so were the residents who lived next to those buildings. >> the threat started with two phone calls. both times, the caller used profanity and said a bomb inside the building was going to employee blow up. the five emplemployees, ten stas and several prisoners in cells all evacuated around 6:40 this evening. police went door to door asking residents to clear the area. >> i couldn't go down the street. i lost my journal. >> but police loaned richmond a bomb sniffing dog. it took about 45 minutes to clear the communications center. during that time, all 911 calls went to the mobile command center and contra costa county sheriff's department. >> it's the lifeline for the community. for any of the safety concerns.
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so, that's why it was a priority if for us to ensure that the communications center is cleared an safe and that way, we can within the kopt with our normal operational dispatching. >> the communication center reopeneded at 9:00. police station cleared at 10:15. in richmond, tiffany wilson, abc7 news. in oakland, evacuations are still in effect for whose who live next to a construction project. the cause of the fire is still under veinvestigation. as cornell bernard reports, many have strong suspicions as to what set off the fire. >> neighbors grabbed their cell phones when they woke up to this friday morning. a wall of flames seven torres tall. >> my apartment was glowing orange and i saw
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was on fire. >> sky7 was over the blaze where a 196 unit apartment building under construction became an inferno. the intense heat of the fire caused the giant construction crane to spin. up to 900 people living nearby were evacuated and can't return home until the danger has passed. >> there's substantial hazard with the instability of the crane and the scaffolding nearby, so because of that, we don't want to put anybody in harm's way. >> the fire department now working on a plan to dismantle the crane, arson investigators are looking for a cause. >> we are serious about it. we are bringing all resources to bear to investigate this incident. >> officials not calling this arson, bothers believe it's highly suspicious. they know some in oakland are antidevelopment. >> you put more oakland people at risk. >> a dog was allowed to return home with a police escort to grab some belongings. it's a but i first friday in
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oakland, but some restaurants are closed. >> we opened for dinner, but it's not the same. we're being affected by the fire. >> luckily, no one hurt. time now is 5:05. the abc7 news i-team has been digging into sus pitches of arson into yesterday's fire and as dan explains, this inferno appears to fit into a string of suspecteded arson events in the area in recent years. the marketing photo for the project shows its promise. 196 units of badly needed houszing in oakland. 31,000 square feet of retail. the project was in a crucial stage before the fire retardant and stucco was applied, it was just tender, so skeleton ready to burn. the mayor spoke what was on many people's minds, could this be arson. >> we know that two recent fires on the emoryville oakland border
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were confirmed as arson and that is incredibly disconcerting to us. >> some workers said they suspect the motive was the use of nonunion labor. oakland city council member posted on his facebook page, burning down housing under construction doesn't help make oakland housing more afford bable. it speeds up displacement of existing residents. a spokesman said the company recognized the dangers and took steps to protect the project. >> wood partners added security. several officers around the clock. security cameras. >> the -- under construction unr that have burned, several in just the past year. fire officials feel that the question about one possible sign of arson, did the fire have multiple points of orgin. trained individuals to look at every piece of evidence to
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ensure they understand what the cause of this incident was. >> wood partners with talk iing with its investors to try to determine if they will rebuild. >> it's too soon to say what's going to happen, but we're big believers in oakland and thin ts neighborhood and community. >> i spoke off camera with several builders who work in the area. they are frustrated none of these cases have been solved. no one has been arrested. and this morning, we're tracking three large grass fires across the golden state. the 3,000 acre alamo fire is just 10% contained and there are evacuation warnings. in butte county, the wall fire has burned 1,000 acres and up in yolo county, the winters fire has grown to nearly 2,000 acres. evacuations have been lifted. sky7 shows us a park in san francisco that's scorcheded.
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a fast moving grass fire burned 23 acres in mclaren park and came dangerously close to homes yesterday afternoon. fire crews were able to stop it from spreading. in one was hurt. turning to the east bay now, new details regarding the hit and rund accident that left two children dead. the suspect, wilson jr. has been discharged from the hospital and is now in jail. video shows an officer escort ing him to the martinez detention facility. wilson is is accused of driving under the influence on highway 4. this is video from the crash last week. police say he slammed into a family's suv then left the scene. two children died in the wreck. 5-year-old vincent reyes and his 10-year-old brother, lorenzo. a u.s. postal service carrier is is in stable condition after she was shot in her truck. the shooting happened in oakland near the corner of bancroft and avenue yesterday. oakland police say the shooter
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fired several rounds and bullets went through the vehicle, but the motive is unclear. >> we can't speculate if she was or wasn't a target of this shooting. >> this is a serious crime that we have a anding 50,000 reward. if anybody has any information, we'd like them to contact the oakland police department or postal inspectors. >> the postal worker was shot in her hip. the fact she's an employee, makes this a federal crime. they are helping the police department with its investigation. lisa is here now and we're talking about the heat. >> yesterday, 08. sonoma county airport, so the national weather service issued a heat advisory. 64 in fremont. 60 in the city. another hot day, but not as hot. i'll explain with my forecast, next. >> thank you. also ahead, we're talking the heat, the return of near triple digit heat.
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welcome back. a man representing the -- will announce the filing against the city. 18 yaerlz anthony nunez tried to commit suicide before she was fat fatally shot. his family has hired an attorney who accused san jose officers of ignoring nunez' health. he was unarmed when shot. last year, police used great
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judgment when responding. attorneys for the two men facing criminal charges in the federal g osha prior, say they plan to ask a judge to release them without bail. derek and max appeared in court yesterday. melanie woodrow has more. >> neither entered the plea has planned. they're waiting for the district attorney's office the to turn over more discovery. >> we see no evidence that they can never show our client committed any act of criminal negligen negligence. >> we're looking for the damming evidence. it isn't there. >> his attorney says what he's seen are cause reports from federal authorities saying they couldn't identify a cause in the fire. he says he's received written statements saying his client was
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h in the right. the district attorney's office writes there was a lot of discovery and defense and our office are working ensuring everyone has all they're entitled to. attorneys say they plan the to ask the judge to release both on their own recognizance. in other words, bail reduced to nothing. >> he has no resources to flee. he has a pro bono legal team. >> 31 of the 36 victim's families have signed on. >> i feel most these people created this fire trap that people could not get out. there should be be account b bable and stay in jail. >> attorney mary alexander say they believe the building's owner should be charged. in san francisco may get a new name. a petition to change the name in honor of poet and former san
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francisco driver mayo angelo has collected nearly 10,000 signatures. the woman behind the petition laub launched after she learned about justin her man. he ran the agency and led efforts to demolish thousands of black owned hopes and businesses. if you plan to go to the beach this weekend, you'll want to avoid the monte rio beach in sonoma county. county health officials closed the beach thursday citing high levels of e. coli bacteria.bactt they caution people to not swim, touch or wade the water. the continue will continue to test the water and the beach will remain closed until levels drop. it's located about 40 minutes west of santa rosa. a heat advisory is in effect, but that's not stopping people from taking advantage of these hot summer nights. we have the story from
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pleasonton. >> in pleasonton, there's an ice house. and outside of it, some struggle to stay cool. in the morning 100 degree heat. >> just came out here for ice cream. back inside. >> ice cream melts quickly in these conditions and sometimes, so does your composure. >> dairy workers try to keep everyone cool. >> non-stop. cars comie ing all the time. the walk up the street. ♪ >> busy is how you can describe the park. >> when we set it up at night so we have our spot in the shade. zpl hundreds line along with picnic blankets. some are drawn to the sun. >> 90 degree heat, wine, enjoying the afternoon. can't go wrong. life is good. >> life is good if you can manage the summer heat. >> with the spritz or spritzer in your neighborhood park.
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>> it does spray water. happening today, barry bonds will be enshrined on the san francisco giants wall of fame. nearly ten years after he played his final major league game for the giants, the team will unveil his plaque as 3:30 this afternoon before tonight's home game against the marlins. he'll be the 49th giant to be honored along the wall which is located outside the stadium on king street. the street will be closed from 10:00 to 5:00 for a ceremony honoring the record holder. good saturday morning to you. starting out with very mild temperatures. the coast is cool, but upper elevations quite warm. looking at live lehr 7 and we're clear. we will get fog in here late tonight and the cooling begins for the second half of the weekend. so, a live look outside. you can see the clear sky. we're concerned about the winds throughout the afternoon. 59 in san francisco, 60 in
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oakland. 68, san jose. gilroy at 61 and pacifica, 64. golden gate bridge, a few clouds and looking at a sunny beach again today. in fact, warm down around santa cruz in the 80s. 59, with 64 in napa and 1/2 tden the mid-70s. concord and livermore in the 60s. you're up in elevation and we have some 80s around brentwood, so we are looking at the hot weather again inland with our red flag warning for the diablo range and a heat advisory, so looking at some perhaps heat stress today. so, do take it easy with mild to warm temperatures around the coast and bay. cooler pattern sets up tomorrow through monday. so let's check out your micro climates with 60s today. half moon bay. that sounds good. 71 downtown san francisco. but you head over to oakland, 80 degrees. 101 in walnut creek, so cooler
5:19 am
than yesterday, but still, that dangerous category. 104 in antioch, if you want relief, it's quoing to be warm, but beautiful in the valley with isolated thunderstorms today and tomorrow. upper 80s for tahoe and then a slight chance on monday for temperatures to come down. talk about low 80s in santa cruz. another warm day then look at the 70s as they arrive tomorrow. that malrine lairer increases. it will spread through tomorrow afternoon. so a look at san jose, average highs should be in the mid-80s. 92 today. and then we'll come down significantly tomorrow. so, really, it's one more day of the excessive heat then the cooler days tuesday, wednesday, then we're going to warm back up into next weekend. so, looking at the fog, none of them here throughout the day, but as we go through the late day into sunday, it comes back, so by tomorrow morning, halfway
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arpd the bay and by the afternoon, some cooler number, but today, another warm one. 80 in oakland. 87 today for you in fremont. 88 palo alto, redwood city. livermore, 102. look for 102 in fairfield. tonight, low clouds and fog. mild inland with 60s and download our app and you'll notice we will see the hottest day of the week today and then temperatures will trail off throughout the middle of the week, but some slower cooling as we get into tomorrow, so we want to talk b about this year's aides walk. just eight days away on sunday. that's july 16th. the 10k fund-raiser benefits local hiv and aids programs. so there's still time to r register. just have to call 415-615-walk. that's always a fun event. >> a good time for a great cause. just ahead, football and
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golf are coming together in the south bay. the difficult challenge for those teeing it up this wee
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dash cams have been the staple of tv news of late capturing dramatic video, but there's another use of dash cams that a local company wants you to know about. michael finney has the soir. >> this police incident. this plane crash and this meteor shower have one thing in common. they're all captured by dash cam. despite the high profile of some of these videos, dash cams are nonexistent in most cars in the
5:24 am
united states. >> it's not because of markets in europe or asia where all these taxi drivers have their own. >> because of this, san francisco bay's -- hoped to change that. a kick starter campaign has raised more than its goal. >> it's the first camera of its kind allows you to swim at 360 degrees, is it can really capture any angle. >> that means you'll be able to record inside the car, not out. moments with your friends and family can be captured, then you can use the app to upload content to social media. this promotional video shows a pool karaoke moment being recorded. >> so if you're a parent, you would be able to capture what's going on in the backseat with your kid. >> jeffrey lee thinks it may be on to something. >> ipg it's a cool feature. >> however, lee thinks safety will continue to be the primary
5:25 am
reason anyone will purchase a dash cam. it will automatically record when the car is in motion. the camera will continue to record even when the car is stopped, as long as it's hooked up to a charger. it also records in hd. >> a lot of people who buy dash cams are concern that had the quality of the dash cam will be able to pick up license plate numbers. >> the dash cam is scheduled to be b released in august and will retail for $199. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. we're learning more about a brawl on the delta airlines flight. pictures show the damage on board. a passenger now facing federal charges for punching a flight attendant. investigators say a 23-year-old man tried to open an exit door in first class and attack a flight attendant who stoppeded him. passengers hit the suspect on c
5:26 am
t the head with wine bottles. >> it was a pretty serious incident. >> the plane was headed from seattle to beijing. the incident forced the pilot to turn the plane around. time now is 5:26. this is a first for levy stadium. abc 7 was in santa clara where people were golfing on the gridiron. they've turned it into a golf course, but swrus for this weekend. a hole in one is possible, but not easy. >> if if you told me we'd be golfing inside the stadium a year ago, i'd like at you like you're crazy, but we put a hockey rink in here, too. >> even 49ers tight end teed off yesterday. he grew up golfing, but has never hit one from a stadium. walt disny is looking to shake up the world of animation. we were in the presido as they held their class just for girls.
5:27 am
the creator of doc was on hand. she says she wanted the clear as the lead character even though she created the character for her son. still to come, facebook has big plans to expand and give back to men low park. but their current neighbors aren't sure they like the idea. but first, protesters get violent outside the g-20 summit in germany.
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♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer today and get up to $4,500 in allowances. thanks so much for waking up with us. we're starting this half hour with a quick look at the weather. here's lisa. she's tracking the conditions where you live. >> it is hot in some areas. at 5:30 this morning, but also comfortable as we look at your current temperature check around
5:30 am
the bay. numbers ranging from 50 maf moon bay, 66 in livermore. brentwood has dropped to 77, but look in the upper elevations of los gattos, we are in the 80s. red flag warning for the east bay hills, diablo range. high fire is a risk. relative humidity at times below 10% and look iing at the heat advisory here in the south bay to the east bay tonight, so, we have this last night, but it holds on for this area this afternoon then a few clouds out there, but we're really waiting for a day for that marine layer to return. so temperatures in the 50s and 60s up to 90s by that time, it's still triple digit heat inland. we'll talk about your sunday relief and look ahead in just a few minutes. >> thank you. now to the highly anticipated showdown between president trump and russian president putin.
5:31 am
their meeting lasted for more than two hours. they spoke so long that rex tillerson said melania trump was sent in to break it up. >> it was only supposed to last b about 35 minutes. but president trump and putin had so much to say, their meeting went on and on for a full two hours and 16 minutes. the cameras allowed in briefly to witness that high stakes face-to-face. president trump reaching out to shake the hand of man accused of meddling in america's election. there was smiling and small talk before they got down to business. there was even a back pat. but even before president trump brought up russia's meddling, he said this. >> president putin and i have been discussing various things, it's going very well. we've had some very, very good talks. we look forward to a lot of things happening. with russia and the united
5:32 am
states. it's an honor to be with you. >> and vladimir putin returned the compliment saying he was pleased to meet president trump, hoping their first meeting would have quote positive results. just 24 hours earlier, the president said election meddling could have been russia. it could have been others. but in the doors closed, the white house says president trump raised the issue right out of the gate. what happened next each side tells a different story. secretary of state rex tillerson was in the room m he says the president repeatedly pressed the issue and putin denied russia's involvement. >> the president at this point, he pressed him and then felt like at this point, let's talk about how do we go forward. >> so the president stopped pressing. >> there was not a lot of relitigate ofg the past. >> tillerson's russian
5:33 am
counterpart, laugh rov, was also in the room. president trump heard putin's denial and accepted it. the white house says this is not the case. the two moving on from election meddling, which the president's intelligence community blames on russia. they say putin ordered it, motivated by animosity toward hillary clinton. secretary tillerson said the issue may remain unresolved and the senate's top democrat called it quote, disgraceful. the marathon meeting went on so long, first lady melania trump entered the room trying to wrap it up. they went on for another hour after that, but the two men, not the only ones who seemed to hit it off. just hours later, cameras captured these images of the first lady and putin chatting and smiling and seated together for dinner. >> the president also met with mexico's president. as the two were sitting together, someone asked if
5:34 am
mexico is still playing for that border wall. president trump said absolutely, but there was no reaction from pena and it reportedly did thot come up during their talks. demonstrators and police clashed on the streets of hamburg last night. protesters set fires and nearly 200 officers in riot gear were injured. this is a live look at hamburg where demonstrators are marching up to 100,000 people are expected to protest. >> in hamburg, rage against world powers. protesters lighting fla ining f set vehicles on fire, breaking windows, thick smoke filling the streets. police douse d the crowds with water cannons. protesters and police have been out for hours.
5:35 am
the call to protest goes out on social media, people assemble here when the police are here because they know this is the city on edge. they're here with a range of grievances. >> i don't think -- allowed yesterday have the right to be in my city. namely trump, putin and everyone. >> and some are here to provoke. people are expegting things to get much, much more tense. as you can see, police pushing through and running up towards the protesters as they run away. rows of police lining up, protesters linking arms as the two sides face off. protesters arrested, some dragged away. the first lady forceded to stay in for part of the day, missing a boat tour hemmed in by the chaos. as night falls, the scene intensified. it's nighttime and things have gotten a lot worse. there's more protesters and behind us and they continue to
5:36 am
throw things at the police. more skirmishes as thousands fill the streets, a second night of fire and tourmoil. >> president trump ripped international trade deals in his weekly addressed and talked about his promise to bring manufacturing jobs back to the u.s. and attackeded the nonbinding paris climate change deal which the president says did not put america first. >> we've also sent a clear message to the world that we will not allow other nations to take advantage of us any longer. that's why i withdrew from the one sided paris climate accord and believe me, it was one sided. >> president trump withdrew from the deal in june making the united states one of only three nations globally that hasn't committed to the accord. facebook unveiled its plans for a massive expansion of headquarters in menlo park. project leaders say their goal is to create a neighborhood
5:37 am
center for all to enjoy, but some wonder how it will impact some of the housing and traffic issues that plague the area near facebook's current campus. in the not too distant future in menlo park, more changes could be coming to facebook's footprint. >> it's going to increase the favalue of the homes, but the quality of life has gone done down? >> they have announced plans to develop old park it owns. new renderings show a mixed use village to be built along rural road in accept ra faces. one group is all for the prou project. >> if people can be close to their jobs, that means a lot less driving. they can choose not to own a car and that that has a great impact on improved air quality, reduce carbon emissions. >> the 59 acre site is south of the bay front expressway. offices, grocery, retail, a
5:38 am
hotel, as well as parks and plazas would be open to all. if approved, construction would begin in 2019 with the first phase scheduled to open in 2021. >> it needs to be integrated into the community and there needs to be pathways and connections to neighbors feel like they can access the community and the amenities and retail stores. >> in an effort to relieveuate traffic. they want to help ease the local housing crunch. 1500 units would be built on the property with 15% offered at below market rates, but some say it's too late for families who have been pushed out of the area. >> it affects your way of life. what you can do, how you can make a living. how you can educate your children. >> another sign of these changing times in silicon valley. >> facebook declined to comment on the cost of the project. still ahead, meet the south bay girl who's about to take on the best of the best in chess.
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♪ bowl to the spoon, to the mouth of the boy in the room ♪ room for that goodness... inside him to bloom ♪ ♪ good goes around... and around... and around ♪ ♪ seed to the oat to the o, on the first day of school ♪ ♪ schoolin' your sister on why...and just how to be cool ♪ cool if she hangs, you can show her what's go♪d ♪ good goes around...and around...and around ♪ ♪ good goes around and around ♪ good morning, everyone. we're taking a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. we've got a widespread of temperatures this morning. lisa will let us know where we can expect triple digit heat. >> a driver in santa rosa couldn't outsmart the california
5:42 am
highway patrol. an officer pulled over a vehicle in the car pool lane and found a dummy in the passenger's seat. the officer says he knew the passenger was fake because it was hoo hot for anyone to be wear iing a hoodie. organizers of the country's largest food festival hope their event this weekend will bring people together. the two day event will kick off in fremont today. dozens of vendors will sell halal food and jewelry. the event is in its fifth year and organizers say it's grown from one-day event to a two-day making it the nation's largest event of its kind. looking forward to that. >> it was supposed to be with xuan-day, now, two. which includes today, so we'll have temperatures in the triple digit range f. you missed the half hour top of the show, we're looking at heat advisory and red flag warning for bay. u 66 in hayward, 64 in mountain
5:43 am
view with temperatures soaring. check out the wind. that's going to help us out in some spots today. i'll explain next. >> thank you. also, next, the excuse that nu
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thanks so much for waking up with us on this saturday morning. we are taking a live look at the santa cruz waterfront. if you look close enough, left side of the screen, you can see there is someone walking out there this early. we'll get a check of those coastal temperatures from lisa coming up. in sports, tonight, the a's and giants will try to rebound from losses. san francisco hosts the miami marlins at at&t park.
5:46 am
first pitch at 7:05 p.m. the a's take on the seattle mariners. first pitch at safeco field is at 7:10. before the giants game tonight, the team will honor major league baseball's home run king. here's anthony flores with that and your morning sports. >> good morning, everyone. barry bonds will take his place alongside the all time greats in giants history. he's been enshrined on the giants wall of fame this afternoon. he rejoineded the team as an adviser this spring after spending a year as the marlin's hitting coach. the same marlins team the giants are hosting this weekend. speaking of fish, a new aquarium at the field. juan carlos practicing for the home run bi. his 24th of the year. the giants came to bat. top three now. 5 5-0. moore's glove, but another gold glove play. only makes one mistake and there
5:47 am
it is. to j.t. crushes it out of the yard, it's 6-0. giants get on the board in the ninth. he splash aed down, his own tribute to bonds, giant lose though, 6-1. the a's in seattle. john, tough to tell. top three with his first rbi since coming back from the disabled list. a two-run double down the line the score joyce and davis. 2-1, but at the bottom of the inning, ja sean gives two back. 3-mariners, after that, he sat down 11 straight batt nice play by mat chapman on o the broken bat. bottom eight now, mariners beaten up on the a's pan. a three-run homer. the 300th of his career. they go on to beat oak bland by 7-2. warriors have one roster spot left after zaza agreed to a
5:48 am
one-year contract friday afternoon. the question is whether or not it will go to mcghee or someone else. they introduced nick young. last year, young tweeteded this out. quote, i hate golden state fans, they don't know nothing about basketball. hey, nick, why were you hating on the nation? >> i think my followers had -- everybody just hacking is a big thing these no, but yeah, you know, that's my story. >> sticking to it. >> better think of something nice to say. nba summer league ball making his debut for the lakers. thealy oop to ingram. only 2 of 15, but of course, his dad declares he's got rookie of the year sewn up u and says the lakers are a playoff lot.
5:49 am
they lose to the clippers in overtime, 9693. have a great weekend, everyone. good morning to you. certainly mild out there right now. in fact, warm in some of our east bay valleys, but that's where we have our heat advisory and a red flag warning. in san francisco right now, all is is calm and it will be comfort bable again today with temperatures in the 70s. 60s at the beaches though and as we take a closer look to our east bay valleys, where all the heat has been, we will be slightly cooler today. it's not really what you want to see, but it's better than yesterday. maybe by about 3, 4 degrees, but it's not until tomorrow when you notice that change. in fact, temperatures are going to come down significantly into the 90s. once the sea breeze gets going, then the coolest numbers will arrive monday and tuesday. as we take a look outside, it's sunny out there and we're not looking at anything in the way of cloud cover. in fact, the it's going to be towards dawn tomorrow when we
5:50 am
see the increase. the low clouds and fog and spread the cooling around the bay. here's live doppler 7. that confirms we are looking at clear conditions, so mt. tan, you can see the breeze, but this is really the only spot that we have a breeze. 27 miles an hour northwesterly winds here and boy, it have hot yesterday. went from 101 in san rafael, 108 at sonoma county airports and temperatures today, slightly cooler. 60 in oakland. 64 in mountain view, 68 in jose. pacifica, a cool 55 degrees and from santa cruz back into the 80s today. right now, temperatures are quite comfortable in the 50s. 59, santa rosa. napa, good morning. 60s. 55 in novato.nova final ly in emoryville, our las stop here, pretty nice day here. so hot inland, high fire danger. mild to warm coast and around the bay, cooler patterns sets up
5:51 am
for tomorrow. right on through tuesday. enjoy it because these numbers will rebound after that. a temperature profile looking at temperatures today, over 100 degrees inland. upper 70s around heyward. then look what happens into tomorrow. the cooling begins, so it will be out of the triple digit, not much change though around the bay. you have been kind of comfortable at the coast, but then by monday, yeah, looks like we're into that summer spread. this is what we can take. what we're used to with 90s inland. 87 in livermore. so today, beaches, mid-60s, half moon bay and comfortable in monterey at 67 degrees, but here is what you probably want to see. when is the fog coming back, right? overnight tonight, looking at about early tomorrow morning, through 11:00, it sets up along the san matteo coast, so highs today in the south bay, 90s for you in san jose. upper 80s, redwood city. san francisco, pleasant afternoon in the 70s. look at those upper 90s.
5:52 am
86 castro valley. and 101 pleasonton, 102 in livermore. download our app and you'll notice today, the hottest day of the week, comfortable sleeping weather tonight. sfwl you know, it's so easy to forget to drink water when it's the weekend, t hot and you're just on the go. >> right. >> get it done. >> good advice. >> thank you. this weekend, a 16-year-old girl from san jose will arrive in st. louis, much to the dismay of her competitors in a prestigious chess tournament. as jonathan bloom explains, she's a rising star and pioneer. >> not much talking in this house once the chess board comes out. sisters deep in thought. the pieces speak for themselves. >> once i start playing, i get more concentrated and nothing else matters. >> do you have this able ility just tune out everything? >> yeah. >> it's that unbreak bable concentration that's helped her to amass a room full of medals
5:53 am
and trophies. >> even if i'm losing, i'll always fight back, so it's not over until it's completely over. >> that's what happened two years ago at the u.s. junior championship in st. louis. she came back from a loss to win the whole thing. this year, she's invited. >> who is your grudge match against? >> all of them. we've all beat each other. >> she's practicing with her sister and at the santa clara chess club she founded with her father. >> sometimes, i could potentially lose the game, but after that, i cannot beat her. >> beyond winning tournaments and making her father proud, she's doing something else in a sport steeped in centuries of traditi tradition, she's breaking down barriers. >> there's more fwirls now. >> she grew up playing a game dominated by men. >> there was only one or two girls that i saw at tourn lts. >> now? >> six in the open session and in the other sections.
5:54 am
>> as she's xwrabed headlines, her dad gives her credit. >> she's a stand out in the nation and in fact, i can easily say that she was kind of instrumental in bringing all other girls coming to this tournament to come up fast. >> but to those players, her little sister has a warning. >> she doesn't give in that easily, so it's tougher to beat her. >> and she would know. what just happened there? zwl i won. >> jonathan bloom, abc 7 news l. next, nfl players are giving back with a youth football camp. the natives who will be taking part in this annual event.
5:55 am
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$202 million. in the east bay, 1,000 decierre iing can kid wills get chance to hone their b football skills today along some hometown pros. nfl players and oakland natives marshawn lynch and josh johnson will hold a free football camp today. kids invited will also learn viable team work and sportsmanship skills. the event is organized by fam first foundation which lynch and johnson have been deeply vofld in. next on abc7 mornings, a four alarm fire damages an apartment complex. what investigators believe could have start ed the flames.
5:58 am
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♪ sun to the farm ♪ ♪ to the seeds in a row ♪ ♪ goodness begins with the seed that you sow ♪ ♪ plant that oat and watch it grow ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around ♪ ♪ seed to the oat ♪ to get made to an o ♪ ♪ o from the farm ♪ ♪ straight into your bowl ♪ put in the good and the good will grow ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around ♪ ♪ good goes around and around... ♪ let's get up and get going. this is nbc7 morning. >> good morning, it is great to have you with us.
6:00 am
let's start with the forecast. here's lisa. tracking live dioppler 7 for us! i wish i had fog to show you, but we are firmly entrenched with a strong area of high pressure over the bay area. one place with the breeze is right here. look at the temperatures, 58 in san francisco, 67 in san jose. low 60ness fween from oakland, pha sif kai and gilroy. bright sunshine, 56. you cooled down significantly overnight. 74 by the delta. upper 60s, concord and livermore. so a red flag warning for the diablo range. east bay has high fire danger possibility with gusts up to 25 miles an hour. a new advisory into 9 clk preside:00 tm. it's going to be a hot one today. temperatures comeing down on average about 5 degrees inland. chris. >> thank you. a


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