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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 8, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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smartit senses your every move and automatically adjusts on both sides. right now save on sleep number 360™ smart beds. plus, it's the lowest prices of the season with savings of $500 on our most popular p5 bed. ends sunday. that breaking news, a grass fire is charring a hillside with flames getting close to a refinery. cal fire crews have joined the battle to help stop a dangerous situation from turning into a disaster. we are live where the fire started about two hours ago. what's the latest. p>> reporter: well, i want to step out of the way so you can see what we're seeing here. on the ground those dark thick plumes of smoke. this fire is 100 plus acres. there's no structure threat.
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there are more than 100 firefighters working to fight this fire. no injuries. no threat to the refinery. here's some video from earlier. we've met quite a few people out here, about half a dozen people that live in homes nearby that have come out of their homes to stand on the overpass or stand in this area where we are near the refinery. we're taking pictures and some of them telling me they've never seen a fire burning this closely. we've been listening to radio traffic and it is a well choreographed dance when helicopters drop water on this fire. about 100 personnel who are fighting this fire. we talked to some people who stopped to take a look. >> we run a machine shop that provides parts for the refine refineries. so when we saw it was up here, we thought it better come look and see because if it's something that hits a refinery, we could get a call. >> reporter: that was shelly who said she didn't get that call, but there was no threat to this
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refr refi refinery. they're making a drop right now. about 100 fire personnel who are fighting this grass fire here, but nobody injured, no threats to any structures. some good news there. to put this in perspective, when we called cal fire for some information, so you get a sense of how routine this has become for them recently, they asked which fire. they're fighting so many fires in the state they wanted to be sure we were talking about the same one. abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. our unusually hot weather is contributing to wildfires across the state prompting a red flag fire warning across the area. we have a look at the conditions at t that firefighters are facing. >> high windows are dampering efforts right now. winds are gusting to 18 miles an hour, but the air is bone dry
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and the humidity at 19%. once you move from the coast, 11% humidity in livermore and 14% in fairfield. the air is very dry there. the dry air and the combination of winds gusting over 25 miles per hour at times, a red flag warn something in effect for the east bay hills. this is meaning those very high fire danger right now because of the warm air and gusty winds and dry atmosphere. we'll talk about when we get relief from this hot air coming up. >> thank you. those conditions drew was telling you about are fueling some 15 large wildfires burning across the golden state. flames have destroyed at least ten structures including homes and scorched more than three square miles. the started yesterday afternoon and about 200 homes are under an evacation order.
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>> you're in danger. staying at your house is a decision we get to make, but we don't recommend it because we can't guarantee we can save you or send a fire engine to your location. >> an inmate firefighter suffered injuries in the fire which is about 2% contained. to another fire that has forced hundreds of people in oakland out of their homes for a second night. the under construction apartment building went up in flames about 4:30 friday morning. 700 neighbors remain out of their homes and they will not be allow to return until crews remove a burned crane that could collapse. abc 7 news has the latest on this developing story live in oakland. you just got an update from the fire investigator. >> reporter: the fire department has a plan to take down that unstable construction crane you see there that's posing such a danger to so many homes around it. they will be using an excavator
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to make that happen. it may be tomorrow before neighbors are allowed to return to their homes. crews are ripping down the burned scaffolding of this building reducing it from seven stories to one in a few hours. the fire destroyed this apartment building under construction. sky 7 captured the giant crane spinning out of control above the smoke and flames. >> it was a long sad day for oakland and it still is. >> reporter: sara is one of 700 residents displaced by the fire. >> we're being told as soon as that crane back there comes down, we can go back home. >> reporter: the fire department says it's got a plan to remove that unstable crane. >> it's an excavator they'll be using with two cables, one attached to rotate the gig in the area we want to bring down the crane. >> reporter: some neighbors won't be able to return home
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until sunday. home inspections must be done first. this man is frustrated about the lack of information he says he's getting from the city. >> we'd like to know when it's okay to come back home and there is a plan set. we know about it. power has been cut to our apartments. think of the implications of that. >> reporter: federal arson investigators are joining local teams to search for a cause and reviewing surveillance video. >> my gut is telling me it's arson. >> reporter: some are anti-development. >> we have a housing shortage and people who are against development, i don't -- i don't agree with that. >> reporter: back live. it is possible that people living in this building, the grand apartment building, could back in their homes by tonight, but folks living in homes on the other side of the fire zone likely won't be allowed back home until tomorrow, until home inspections to make sure that the buildings are structurally safe. it depends on whether or not
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this construction crane comes down in the next couple of hours. we're live in oakland, abc 7 news. >> thank you. investigators will be looking at similarities between friday's friday and arsons last july that tore through another apartment building two miles away. that building was under construction when the fire started, both of them in a stairwell. there's a reward to capture the arsonist. people living in 50 homes that were evacuated were allowed to return. cal fire says three fires broke out near marsh flames charred a total of about 300 acres in that rural area. now to a busy weekend for president trump fresh from his face-to-face talk with russian president vladimir putin.
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mr. trump dove into discussions on trade and north korea in a packed agenda with world leaders at an international summit. >> reporter: president trump wrapping up the g20 summit with more meetings with world leaders, but he was still talking about his conversation friday with vladimir putin. >> rex and i had a tremendous meeting yesterday with president putin. >> reporter: it was the russian president who had the last word here in hamburg. president putin held a press conference where he denied russian interfered in last year's election. the two leaders talked at length about this thorny issue and ultimately president trump was satisfied with and accepted putin's denial. the white house disputes that statement, but when given a chance to respond today -- >> mr. president, did the russians lie about the meeting
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yesterday. >> reporter: president trump didn't comment and no white house official would go on the record to refute the claims. north korea topped the meeting. today no public push for china to take a harder line. the white house says that took place behind closed doors. blowing up on social media, this image of ivanka trump taking her father's place at a g20 working session when he stepped away, the white house brushing off criticism saying ivanka only briefly joined the main table. there was a collective action on climate change. the united states was the only nation to not sign on. a footnote says the u.s. is reviewing its policies on this issue. abc news in hamburg, germany. a pittsburgh woman faces charges tonight in the murder of her parents. police arrested the woman at her home yesterday. they went to the family's house
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after getting a call from the woman who reported the crime. the couple was stabbed to death and appeared to have been dead for a few days. the woman tried to make it look as though the stabbings happened during a fight between her parents. a family is suing san jose police after an officer shot and killed we were at san jose city hall when lawyers revealed details of a federal civil rights lawsuit. the family called 911 on july 4th of last year. they told dispatchers the man was depressed and had a gun. >> there was no effort to provide any kind of services to deescalate the situation for this young man who was feeling depressed and suicidal. >> police said last year that officers shot the man after he aimed a hand gun at them. the city attorney has not commented on the lawsuit.
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next on abc 7 news at 5:00, fighting cancer using the internet. tonight researchers are crediting google for key information and it could be a help going forward. we're going to be in our community. >> hundreds of high schoolers in the east bay get orders from natives from the nfl including the newest raider. giants legend getting a special
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"wow" means you save 50% or more. there are three stages of "wow". denial. - is this price right? - acceptance. and boooyah! wait for it. boooyah has three "o's". ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ - give $5, get $5. help us fight hunger, july 1st through july 31st. many of us turn to google to answer questions and many believe the search engine may help them fight cancer. searches could help fill in gaps
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for information not included in national cancer registries. google searches for five common cancers correlated with the number of people fighting those cancers. hundreds of aspiring youth football players got to learn from some legends today. radars legend hosted the camp. it was co hosted. peters and johnson grew up in oakland. >> it's important for us to give back to our community, not just giving back, but being a part of our community, letting them know we never left our community, we're always going to be in our community. >> the kids at today's camp received a free t-shirt and enjoyed a meal, in addition to meeting their heros. hot rods took up the street in san francisco today. up next we'll check out some
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the bay area's most polished rides. much of the region under a heat advisory
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low rider enthusiasts came together to show off their cars across san francisco. ♪ we looked at today's low rider cruise parade. many of the cars can perform different stunts thanks to elabora elabora elaborate suspensions. you may see more low riders cruising this evening. many drivers plan to show off their cars at 6:00 this evening. right now it's warm to hot,
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depending on your location. in fact, many locations hit that century mark a few degrees above that. if you're not a fan of the heat, today is the peak of it. we are seeing the return of the marine layer right along the coastline. we'll show you that picture outside. this is the fog beginning to make a comeback, however you notice from this vantage point it's limited. it's going to have limited effects for communities away for the coast overnight. it's for that fact you can see the majority of the region continues to be under this heat advisory until 9:00 tonight. every area you see shaded in orange, that's much of our east bay and parts of the north bay and south bay because temperatures are abnormally warm for this time of the year. out there right now we're holding at 104 in brentwood. san jose, we were in the mid 90s today. we've backed off to 87 right
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now. much cooler along the coast where we have fog. half moon bay checking in at 60 degrees. by 10:00 at night, you notice a thin layer of fog making its presence known into the east bay that. that fog is not going to bring relief inland tonight. we'll have to wait until tomorrow night see those numbers come down inland. mild overnight away from the coast holding in the 60s. 61 the overnight low in san jose. cooler in san francisco with the fog. 52 overnight and 56 that number in napa under plenty of stars. highs on sunday, starting in the south bay, not as hot tomorrow. 87 tomorrow in san jose. along the peninsula, up to 79 for redwood city. foggy half moon bay at 63 degrees. downtown san francisco, well get afternoon sunshine and temperatures about 67 tomorrow afternoon and 65 that number for
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daily city. inland 98 in clover daily. tomorrow in the east bay, we'll be in the 70s in most spots. 73 for oakland and freemont 83. tomorrow inland we're backing off from the heat. no triple digits, but warm. we're holding in the 90s. so the seven-day forecast, as we plan the next seven days, the heat begins to ease, but watch what happens on monday. that marine layer more expansive and cooler area wide. we may be doing this again next weekend as numbers go on the rise again. >> happy to hear that. that's great. thank you. >> sure. there's this guy that used to hit down the street here down at the at&t park. >> yes. it's almost too hot to play golf, by the way. >> almost?
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>> almost. >> in death valley. >> but the prod i gal son has returned. today his plaque was put in
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the giants hall of fame is like baseballs hall of fame west. modern day players like will clark and bobby barns, barry bay
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getting acknowledged into the baseball hall of fame, but today he joined giants into the hall of fame. he hit 762 career homers. in his 22 years as a pro. there's some of the former greats. he was one of the most exciting yet controversial players in the game and he was part of the movement to keep the giants from moving to florida back in the early '90s. he never won a ring, but had a career he could walk away from knowing he left it all out on the diamond. >> we've all come a long way and i'm so grateful for being part of that. i love you so much. i can never, never, never thank you guys enough for what your loyalty to me and my family. >> that
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prie pirates. >> they'll be coached by chris demarco. we'll have highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. he has an extension with the rockets that guarantees him $228 million. he has two years left on his current deal. four year extension is the richest in nba history worth $170 million. barns coming off a career year averaging 29 points. he finished second in the mvp vote to russell westbrook. >> the first week at is in the books. third set, he hits it to the corner. he runs it down.
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amazing winner down the line. what a forehand. djokovic with the incredible hustle. the number two seed wins sraight sets and he moves into the round of 16. >> third seed first set tie breaker. second set he keeps the volley going. he sends a forehand over his head. he'll return it, but he goes back to the forehand shot for the point. he wins moving on to the round of 16. >> on the ladies side, wins the first set. a nice shot that falls inside the left baseline for the point
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that's good. >> love them or hate them, well deserved for barry bonds. i think eventually he'll get
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firefighters are battling a grass fire off highway 80 near the phillips 66 refinery. the refinery is not threatened. it has burned 160 acres. we'll have an update at 6:00.
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that's it. thanks for your time. tonight, what really happened in that room during the face-to-face between presidents trump and putin. putin's claims he now insists trump seemed to accept his denial of russian meddling in america's election. and tonight, what the white house is not saying. american tourist killed. the young college graduate vacationing on a greek island, beaten to death in a bar brawl. scorched. the roasting temperatures fueling more than 40 large wildfires across the american west tonight. deadly plunge. an acrobat's tragic fall at a summer music festival. why the organizers are under fire tonight. plus, hollywood equals? the oscar winner who says some of her male co-stars are truly being leading men, making economic sacrifices in the name of equal pay.


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