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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  July 9, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. ♪ >> hymns filled city hall for three men whose lives were cut short. i'm eric thomas. three men died when a ups coworker entered and opened with fire. they held a tribute. cornell bernard is live at city hall with more on this. cornell? >> reporter: hi, eric. i have to say it was a fitting tribute to those three ups drivers. respected and loved by their colleagues and of course their families.
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the clive memorial church ensemble performed a song to honor the lives of three u.p.s. workers. but the family and friends knew them by other names. >> big mike. uncle ben son. and infectious wayne. >> reporter: the three were gunned down on june 14 by fellow ups driver jimmy lam who had filed a grievance about working excessive overtime. lam took his own life the same day. mayor ed lee offered the vi vi victims' families these words. >> we will do everything to help you recover from this tragedy. but we begin with appropriately honoring their memories here today. >> reporter: congresswoman nancy pelosi says gun violence must end. >> things like this so unexpected, gun violence leaves a trauma behind. >> reporter: the cousin matt says his family is just trying
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to cope with the loss of a man who was bigger than life. >> maybe later. >> reporter: the teamsters and u.p.s. family standing as one. ♪ >> reporter: in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> the parents of a missing san mateo man have flown in from hawaii to search for him. abc7 news was in monera when they looked for him. he disappeared may 25th. he was last seen in his car driving on highway 1 through tom lantos tunnel. his father dan moss said he's getting neighbors involved in the search but he needs help spreading the word. >> if somebody out there can help me with how to get this to the next level, think outside the box, that's what we're going to be doing tomorrow morning, have a meeting with six or eight people and throw ideas out on the table and see. >> the parents have set up a go
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fund me account to fund the search. they need to hire a private investigator and fly from hawaii to california each week to look for their son. deputies are investigating a shooting. a man was shot several times last night at a home on hill avenue. he died at the scene. they searched for evidence. so far no a refrts, but anyone with information should call the alameda county sheriff's office. vallejo determined whether an officer used a racial slur during a traffic stop. yesterday estopped two possible suspects in a high jacking. one officer used a racial epithet. that officer has been identified and placed on leave during the investigation. the department released a statement saying in part, quote, the vallejo police department takes all reports of unprofessional behavior seriously and has no tolerance for such behavior. the city of oakland is
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scheduled to appear in court tomorrow following a rare order by a federal judge. the judge wants to hear why the police department mishandled the sexual assault investigation. they prematurely closed a criminal and internal affairs investigation into the matter. tomorrow's conference will also address the 14-year-old reform effort of the police department which o.p.d. has yet to fulfill. president trump is back from the g20 summit to headlines that people in his inner circle had a meeting with a russian lawyer last year before the election to discuss information concerning the dnc and hillary clinton. abc7 news reporter gloria riviera has details from washington. >> reporter: the president is back in the u.s. and the white house out in force, defending his big meeting with russian president vladimir putin. >> the president absolutely did not believe the denial of president putin. >> reporter: chief of staff reince priebus disputing
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te team's stance regarding their meddling in the election. i strongly pressed president putin twice about med nlg our election. he vehemently key need it. i've already given my opinion. trump and putin say they may create a joint cyber security unit to prevent further hacking. >> that's not the dumbest idea i've heard but it's pretty close. when it comes to russia he has a blind spot. >> we might as well mail our ballot boxes to moscow. i don't think that's an answer at all. >> reporter: also greeting president trump upon his return, "the new york times" reporting the president's son don, jr., son-in-law jared kushner, and campaign manager paul manafort met with a lawyer who has ties to the kremlin during the height of the 2016 campaign. in an updated statement, don, jr. tells abc7 news he was
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invited to the meeting by an acquaintance. i told them nothing of the substance. the woman stated she had information that individuals connected to russia were 23u7ding the democratic national committee and supporting mrs. clinton. her statements were vague, ambiguous and made no sense. it quickly became clear that she had no meaningful information.o. glor gloria riviera, abc7 news, washington. >> abc7 news was in oakland when crews tore down this crane at the construction site on valdez street yesterday. the city wanted to make sure it wouldn't fall and injure anyone. they then allowed residents back into nearby apartment buildings. they tell abc7 news ash destroyed his apartment and clean up will take months. >> he says he's fixing it up, like it will take three months. i don't know where i'm going to go for three months. >> he says the red cross is working with the city to arrange hotel accommodations for his
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family. the fire may also have damaged an apartment building across the street. today police correspod onned off apartment building. they were allowed to return home last night. to developing news now, the battle against 14 wild fires, this map shows the locations of those fires. none are in the bay area. cal fire said some 5,000 fire fighters are battling the flames. they hope cooler temperatures ahead will help their efforts. one of the largest fires burning in the state is burning about an hour south obispo. san francisco fire fighters are heading there to help with the fliemz. at least 150 homes are threatened. >> the terrain is extremely difficult. coming in all over from the central coast to put a line around it. >> shifting winds are also making it difficult for fire fighters to contain the flames. that fire is 10% contained. early this morning, southern marin and mill valley fire left
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to help fight a wildfire outside of butte county. that fire has burned seven square miles since it started two days ago. cal fire said flames have destroyed ten structures including homes. while people living in the area say as many as 50 houses have been lost, just a short time ago governor brown declared a state of emergency in butte county because of that fire. it is now a 4th of a mile away from the rescue city in ban gor. workers were able to get most horses to safety, but today staff rushed to get 15 remaining horses out. abc7 news viewers helped save the nonprofit from a financial crisis in 2015, and the rescue center has now started a fire evacuation fund and we posted a lincoln our website and you can keep up with all the latest developments on california's wild fires with the abc7 news app and enable push alerts for instant updates into your phone or tablet. a group of researchers is fighting wild fires with fiber-optics.
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ahead on abc7 news at 5:00, fighting fire with fire, what scientists are hoping to learn. >> made something what it is today. >> why big groups of people in santa cruz and surf spots around the world paddled out onto the water today. >> and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. outside the fog trying to make its presence known along the coast. we're 10 degrees cooler than we were yesterday and that cooling continues tomorrow. numbers ahead in the accuweather forecast.
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water main broke today. they tell abc7 news it was a 6-inch cast iron pipe that affected service to just two customers. repair crews had to open up part of the street to get it fixed. back to the wild fires plaguing california, crews today say they gained control of a grass fire in rodeo. it was close to the philips 66 refinery yesterday afternoon. cal fire said flames never threatened the refinery. it sent smoke to i-80. no word yet on the cause. australia is fighting fire with fiber-optics whoehoping reduce -- the cables relay the ground temperature helping
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scientists to determine which seeds can survive a fire and which ones cannot. >> we come to a balanced decision and affect the fire management to fire and lives. also the impacts. >> so far researchers have found that moisture is important. the dryer a seed, the tougher it is. a fitting tribute today in santa cruz for a surfing icon. that's ahead. they didn't need more cow bells. they had plenty. check out, on a roll, organizers of this in-line skating marathon, big goals for the sport. >> and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. a cooler finish to the weekend today, some 5 to
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surfers around the world padled out to sea today in honor
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of jack o'neal. o'neal invented the wet suit. he passed away last month. today hundreds of surfers joined the paddle out near where he lived. >> he was legend. he made surfing what it is today so to honor him with going out in front of his house and remembering him out in the water that he used to surf is like a huge honor to participate in. >> organizers of the santa cruz paddle out say they broke the world record for the largest such event today. in-line skaters from across the country raced in san francisco today. the barbara coast marathon is the only in-line skating marathon in the west coast. skaters sped down the great highway by ocean beach. organizers say they want to bring more awareness to their sport. >> what you're looking at here is an attempt for roller skaters to become more of a viable sport and transportation. we have people who come here
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from all over the country to race on the great highway. >> organizers say they want inline skating to become an olympic sport some day. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> in accuweather today we continue to track cooler weather moving in over the next 24 hours. live doppler 7 along with sat light, we still have coastal cloud cover bumped up right along our shoreline. but outside, a live look from the santa cruz cam. showing you folks are soaking in the sunshine in santa cruz today. the boards are busy. it's a nice day to be at the coast right now. we have 630s and 70s there. you take a look at the 24-hour change, most spots are running cooler than this time yesterday. in fact, we're 12 degrees cooler in palo alto right now, 8 degrees cooler in napa and 2 degrees cooler in livermore. it's still warm inland. 93 90s on the board. heading in the right direction if you don't like the hot
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weather. 98 in concord. contrast that oakland sitting at 69 degrees, at a pretty comfortable 82 in san jose right now. 63 in san francisco. and novato checking with a current temperature of 84 degrees. here's the call. overnight tonight a little bit of fog moving in from the coast around san francisco, and stretching into emeryville and oakland. but that's about it in terms of the marine layer. the majority of the region will have plenty of stars out there and a couple of 60s inland. antioch, san jose dropping to 60 degrees overnight. 56 overnight oakland, 52 in san francisco and santa rosa dropping to about 53 degrees. and tomorrow once again, especially inland, you can chop another 5 degrees off your afternoon high. so, a lot of spots are getting out of the 90s tomorrow settling into the 80s. concord up to 89 degrees. still 90 in antioch, 88 in livermore, san jose pretty much spot on where you should be for this time a high of 84 degrees. 66, though, in san francisco, 71 in oakland and santa rosa, and afternoon high of 84 degrees.
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if you're lucky enough to have the day off tomorrow, you ought to head to the coast tomorrow. the beach forecast looking really nice. we will have that morning fog, but that midday clearing will lead to afternoon sunshine. once that sun gets out, slap on the sun screen and u.v. index at extreme levels. high of 70 in santa cruz. bodega bay, 58 degrees. want to quickly take you into the tropics. we have a major hurricane in the ocean. category 3 storm winds, 15 miles per hour. thankfully moving to the northwest at 12 miles per hour and is forecast to move to cooler ocean waters. what that will do in the coming days, it will weaken the storm down to category 1 monday night, and then it will weaken even further. and just become a run. the good news is it will stay well off our coast line and have no impact to the lower 48. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. cooling continues tomorrow. look at tuesday.
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we are near average across the board. that is going to feel nice coming off this warm to hot weekend. sunny clouds mix on wednesday and the numbers climb each and every day. by thursday and friday we're warming again. and by saturday we're hot in spots, but looks like we will stay in the 90s and not triple digits inland. sunday a little cooler. really this is the intense heat this weekend and we'll have cool numbers mid week. >> just like the dog days of summer, which brings me right over to mike shumann. he told me to say that. >> i like that seven-day, couple guys are about to go on vacation. seattle left lumber in oakland. details to come. gee an car low home run derby today at at&t park. find out why this blast wasn't the biggest hit
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>> announcer: now abc7 news sports sw mike shumann. >> tomorrow just destroyed the giants pitching game. 26 hits equaling two victories. johnny on the hill trying to improve. keep your eye on the ball. not necessarily in this case. a catch by this kid. you have to see it again. the ball finds his glove for a free souvenir. no score in the second. brandon crawford tattoos this field. it's a homer, the eighth of the year. 2-0 giants. 2-1 now in the third, marcelo laser down the left line. he scores. 70 rbi already this season. 5th inning,ject out gee an car
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low stand, crushed. he'll be in the home derby monday. that ball would have taken out the avocado tree. miguel gomez call up friday, looking for his first big league hit and he delivers the game tying single. scores, crawford, 7-7. the fish swam ahead of george. 2-run shot by a.j., second by stanton. 13 more hits, 39 and 3 games, marlins win 10-8. we have definitely reached the dog days of summer. the a's in seattle for a battle between the seller dwellers. the youth move in a full swing. let's see if they have back to back wins against the maraners. safeco field in seattle. no score in the second. nelson cruz. shows off the arm strength. makes it look so easy. 4th inning, 1-0 mariners. no one is going to stop this cruise ball. crush to dead center, two-run homer.
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mariners up 2-0. rbi single to left, danny valencia scores. maraners win 4-0. they finish the first game under 500. the green briar zander. he finished 12 under shlgts tide for third. clutch on 18, tee shot on the par 3. landed within 3 feet of the hole. top four players separated by one shot at one point on the back 9. taps in for birdie. takes the lead to 14-under. then had to wait and watch on the 18th. chance to force a playoff with a birdie chip. going to come up zblaer zander 14 under par. monterey, these guys are insane. this race, jonathan ray was in a class of his own, setting a new race and lap record at laguna
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second a with one-minute 23.275 lap. he won easily and sta standings of 345 races. squeamish, you may want to look away. richie nearly rides off, slides embank man. taken away via ambulance. all right. into the states, didn't disappoint. colombia, rigoberto, photo finish. 113-mile run through france. he retains the yellow jersey. not sure what's more dangerous. i could see you on a super bike or mountain bike. what do you think? >> i think you're dleer ious. [ laughter ] >> that's what i think.
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abc7 news at 6:00, a new system to make it easier to cross the street expands to another east bay city. trump tried at joint base andrews, but the wind was not cooperating. yesterday mr. trump stopped to grab a hat that had blown off the marine's head. he put the hat back on, gave him a pat on the arm. moments later the hat blew off again. the president passed it on to somebody else. that's how politics works. that's it for abc7 news at 5:00. we did you for your time.
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i'm eric thomas for drew and shu. we'll see you back here at 6:00. tonight, the new details just in. what we've learned about that meeting between the trump campaign team and a kremlin-linked lawyer. tonight, the president's son explaining what he was allegedly promised, and what it had to do with hillary clinton. plus, president trump's new proposal. a partnership with vladimir putin that has some in his own party outraged. also tonight, raging infernos. more than 40 large blazes burning. thousands evacuated. children trapped at a camp. and the firefighters who made sure this american flag was saved. driving out isis. u.s.-backed forces in iraq claiming a victory in mosul. we're on the front lines with the humanitarian crisis unfolding. plus, the survivor story. a florida man trapped in a death roll with a ten-foot gator.


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