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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  July 14, 2017 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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dozens out in front of an oakland church this morning protesting the promotion of two oakland police officials connected to the bay area-wide sex scandal. thanks for joining us today. i'm reggie aqui. >> and i'm kristen sze. >> oakland mayor libby schaaf has weighed in on the promotion of the two police commanders. critics charge the two were involved in a cover-up. abc 7 news reporter janine de la vega is live with more. >> reporter: protesters are standing outside the greek orthodox cathedral holding up signs here for the last hour. they are upset about the
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promotions of these officers. they yelled at oakland mayor libby schaaf as she drove into the parking lot. >> libby, sick animal. >> reporter: as you just hear, they yelled at the mayor to leave office over the scandal involving police officers and a young prostitute now known as jasmine abuslin. the protesters are picketing the promotions of two officers who they say failed to properly oversee the investigation. a federal report last month found top officials at opd and the city mishandled the investigation. the east bay express reports two high ranking investigators involved in the investigation, john lois and ronald holmgren are now being promoted by the chief. >> you can't promote cops that cover up a rape scandal. a young woman raped by several officers in this department, and in response instead of investigating, instead of taking those officers out of the force,
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they have responded by covering it up. >> we believe in freedom of speech. that is a sacred right in the city of it oakland, so i appreciate all voices. that's an important part of democracy. >> reporter: holmgren is being promoted to captain and lois is being promoted to assistant police chief, the second highest post in the department. oakland police did not comment this morning on the promotions, but a spokesman echoed the mayor's response saying the protesters have the rights to express themselves. reporting live from oakland, gentleman known de la vega, abc 7 news. >> thank you. overcome with grief. the university of san francisco learns of the death of one of its instructors. he was flying a plane with his family on board when that plane went down yesterday in sonoma. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is on campus this morning. >> reporter: hi, reggie. a university spokesperson says those who knew bill goldman say they are just too distraught to talk right now.
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they did release a written statement calling him a generous and beloved teacher. goldman was 38 years old. he was an assistant professor at usf. he comes from a very philanthropic family. he has served on the board of the hass foundation and is the grandson of richard and rhoda goldman who are well known for supporting jewish and environmental causes. the woman on burt who was hurt was the goldman's nanny. their young son and wife was pulled and their injuries are severe to critical. a witness rushed to the scene yesterday afternoon after watching the plane fall to the ground and helped the little boy. >> we just helped him out a little bit but he popped out. george is his name. what's your name, bud? my name is george? can you get me out? hang on. i'm going to get cut the seat belt and he was able to pop out.
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>> the cirrus sr-22 plane had a high-tech parachute and sky 7 was over the crash where you could see the orange and white barr chute that had been deployed. witnesses say it looked like the plane didn't have enough altitude for that parachute to help. the faa and the ntsb are on the scene investigating what happened and why this crashed. live in san francisco. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. new this morning the man convicted of the massacre at the oakland oicos university will spend the rest of his life in prison. less than an hour ago the judge sentenced goh to seven consecutive terms of life in prison without. possibility of parole. he was found guilty of seven counts of murder with special circumstances and three counts of attempted pre-meditated murder. in april 2012 goh went to his former school and shot and
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killed seven people. former oakland mayor jean quan and her husband are opening a medical marijuana dispensary in san francisco and they faced vocal opposition at a meeting that got pretty hairy. >> please save our children's future! >> you can see these. these are sheriff's deputies trying to calm the situation outside of last night owes planning commission meeting. the majority said they did not want the dispensary in the hearing. after hours of public comment the commission approved plans to open the west side's first medicinal pot shop denying the concerns that the dispensary would be dangerous to the neighborhood. >> a lot of people were told that it was illegal, poisonous, that we were going to give candy samples to induce their children. >> even though they got aproefshlg the battle may not be over yet. that's base the commission's decision can still be appealed
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to the board of supervisors. >> and new developments in san jose. alan rock park was reopened to the public after a grass fire broke out there earlier this week. drone view 7 shows the destruction from the 120-acre blaze. the fire led to the closure of the park and its trails. the city reopened them today. three firefighters were hurt battling the flames the sunset hills neighborhood. and drone view 7 also flew over this lafayette building that's in danger of collapsing. the building caught fire yesterday morning and nine businesses are just gone, including the chamber of commerce. fire officials estimate the flames caused more than $1 million in damage. investigators are not deeming this fire suspicious, but they are still looking into a cause. >> hey, good morning. i'm meteorologist mike nicco. opening up the weather window on the explortorium, you can see there's more sunshine. rest of the plan for evening hours. 50s in the coast and all day dropping into the mid-50s by
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9:00. your middle temperature there, that's around our bay. mid-70s to mid-60s and can you see some 90s in our inland neighborhoods. nothing like what we'll have in the hills and mountains the next couple of days it. a heat advisory from 8:00 tomorrow morning until 9:00 sunday evening mainly because the lows will be in the 770s and 80s. we'll still have 80s, 80s and 100s for high. a look at your neighborhood and where you'll end up coming up. >> thanks, mike. president trump left comparies to come to the back. quite a few democrats aren't waiting for his return to demand action. house minority leader nancy pelosi wants the president's son-in-law and top adviser jared kushner to face punishment. he took part in a meeting with a russian lawyer and don junior. >> i also called for the revoking of the security clearance for jared kushner. it's absolutely ridiculous that he should have that clearance. >> the president insists nothing came of the meeting. he also came to his son's
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defense saying he doesn't blame don junior for agreeing to meet with the russian lawyer who claimed to have dirt on hillary clinton. >> my son is a wonderful young man. he took a meeting with a russian lawyer, not a government lawyer but a russian lawyer. it was a short meeting. >> pelosi and other top house democrats are calling on congress to take action. they are asking for a vote on independent commission to investigate russia's election meddling and ties to the trump administration. a bay area congresswoman is leading a day long protest on capitol hill against a decades old ban on sleepless tops or dresses in the halls of congress. you're looking at a tweet from representative jackie spear showing her colleagues and her in sleeveless dresses. she says, quote, because women hve the right to bare arms. their action follows female reporters being removed from certain areas for wearing sleeveless outfits. republican house speaker paul ryan has urged compliance with
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the dress code though he may look into the possibility of revising it. men are currently required to coats and ties but representative spears says the enforcement is uneven. >> still to come on abc 7 news, an exclusive on o.j. simpson's fight for freedom. a hearing to determine if he's going to get out of prison less than a week away. >> what his he's conquered his first skateboard trick. >> dude! >> next right this minute. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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new this morning, you can apparently get back in the water. the city of santa cruz lifted
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its beach restrictions after an incident involving a shark earlier this week. the restrictions went into effect after a shark took bite out of a person's contact. we saw many surfers just ignoring the warning. the restrictions have been lifted a day earlier than planned. santa cruz city leaders say aerial searches and beach patrols over the past few days have shown that that water is safe. >> in less than a week, o.j. simpson will plead for his freedom. in an abc news exclusive his accomplices in that vegas robbery that landed him in jail are speaking out about that night. jessica castro from abc 7 mornings has that story. >> yes, friend of the disgraced athlete are recounting that night inside a vegas hotel room, many of them with regrets of how things played out. o.j. simpson trying for a full release after spending years in a nevada prison convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping. he landed behind bars after a botched attempt number 2007 to
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reclaim his personal memorabilia. >> i thought i was confronting friends and retrieving my property. i didn't mean to steal anything from anybody, and i didn't know i was doing anything illegal, so i'm sorry. i'm sorry for all of it. >> now some of the men who helped him that night tell abc news they all have regrets. >> he asked me would you go with me to be my security. >> sure, i'll go with you. little did i know that it was going to turn into what it did. >> so, o.j., you know, what if they call the police, and he looked at me, what they going to do, take me to jail for taking my own stuff? it was all funny to him. >> count one, conspiracy to commit a crime, guilty. count two, guilty. count three, guilty. >> simpson would be sentenced to up to 33 years in prison, some feeling the tough verdict was really payback for this. >> we the jury in the above entitled action find the defendant orenthal james simpson not guilty of the crime of murder. >> his 1995 acquittal in the
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brutal slayings of his ex-wife nicole brown and longtime friend ron goldman. >> his longtime friend believes the robbery was a setup and has visited him. >> is he counting on this? is he hopeful? >> yes, he is, very hopeful. >> you can watch more of this abc news exclusive tonight on "20/20." that airs at 10:00 p.m. right here on abc 7, and i should note o.j. simpson's parole hearing will be next thursday, july 20th. he'll not attend in person. instead, there will be a video conference. i'm jessica castro, abc 7 news. >> jessica, thank you. our first peek at beyonce's babies. the twins revealed for the first time. they are already stars. >> of course. and just in time for national mac & cheese day, a restaurant in san francisco is helping you get your fix. a sneak peek at a special opening this weekend. >> it's a nice morning out there. here's a live look from our explortorium camera at
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so we're locking at a pretty warm weekend already. looks like we're at good start, right? >> beach day. >> i think you might want to be, if you like the sunshine, head there tomorrow, maybe a better chance than today. definitely going to be nice. that's where you want to go to get away from the heat. hey, check out the beautiful colors this morning on this timeline i put together from mt. tamalpais. you can so the pinks and nice soft colors on this friday morning. not much has changed, whiter and
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brighter now that the sun is full on. temperatures will be a little bit warmer today. a quick heat wave is almost here. coming tomorrow and lasting through sunday and we'll already have cooling starting on monday. all right. let take a look at santa cruz. can you see it a little cloudy here right now. sunshine and calmer conditions at the beaches. remember all the dangerous rip currents and sneaker waves. that's not as prevalent ought there. lighter breezes and no small craft advisory and watch ow for the extreme sunshine if you're out there trying to keep cool. an area of low pressure right off the coast. because it's spinning counterclockwise it's keeping the coast pretty cloudy and the north bay will be the first to see sunshine and then eventually the peninsula coast, but it will be really late in the day. 81 down in milipitas and 85 in san jose. look at 90s around los gatos, morgan hill and gilroy and earthquakes are hosting a team from frankfurt, germany. 75 when they kick off the match so warm to pretty comfortable there. let's take a look at the peninsula. 82 in redwood city and 72 in
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millbrae so quite a spread. coast, throw mid-60s and up through the north bay valleys, 84 to about 88 degrees until you get up around cloverdale and clear lake. get up there you'll be in the mid-90s. 74 and berkly, look at oakland with 74 with hercules and fremont. got a game. the all-star break is over. cleveland in town to take on th stars. let's take a look at inland because it's getting warm. almost air conditioning weather from san ramon to about 92 and here's a look at our lows tonight. even when it does get hot this weekend we'll still for the most part fall into the 50s and 60s. remember it's up in the hills where we'll hit the 770s and 80s and we have the aids walk in san francisco and increasing sunshine at about 67 by 1:00. it's a quick hit of heat. look at that. 100s inland saturday and sunday and mid-80s around the bay and mid-60s at the coast. reasonable temperatures return
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monday and lasts through most of next week. this week's aids walk is two days away this sunday, specifically in golden gate park. the walk benefits dozens of hiv and aids program such as positive resource center. there's still time to register. just call 415-615-walk or visit >> now that we've talked about exerting calories, let's talk about consuming calories, almost lunchtime. getting hungry. mac & cheese is checking it out this weekend. >> a taste from our partners at ho hoodline. all of your macaroni cheese and dreams come few. it specializes in making and building your own mac & cheese bowls >> me as a home-trained chef it's amazing to have people
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and try your food and then come back to your booth and that's what we needed to have the confidence to open the space. >> whatever combination you can dream up. matt will make it for you. >> we have bacon, hot dogs, you know, peas and corn, but there's some pretty out there ones as well so a filipino sausage, kimchi which is preserved vegetables that's korean and we also have others. >> which happened to be part my winning combination, bacon, peas and hot cheetos. they will stay open until 2:00 a.m. on fridays and saturdays. you can burn off a few of the calories at salsa festival fillmore. a dance party under the stars, complete with dance lessons, live bands and free admission. if you've ever wanted to be part of setting a world record you got your chance. be at delores park saturday at
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1:00 p.m. to attempt to break the world record for the most people doing a handstand simultaneously. the current record was set in belgium in 2006 with 399 people. handstands not your thing, don't worry. there will be lessons and competitions with prizes. rsvp at galt to our website for more information and we'll hook you up with hoodline. >> eat the mac & cheese after the handstand. >> the photo looking for. >> the syringe posted this on instagram. the photo has nearly 8 million likes. beyonce and her husband jds uniphase we also parents to 5-year-old daughter blue i've, and you can take a closer look at this on our website, her son's name is sir. >> okay. >> that was a knew one for me.
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>> i think my post-baby picture does not look anything like that. >> alexis posted hers, posted a parody of mine that you can see on my facebook page. >> finally friday and you know what that means. >> time to meet this week's perfect pet. help sasha the survivor find her forever home. >> and michael finney is heading to madera town center to meet you. be sure to bring your questions and you may be able to ask one live on abc 7. you can also ask the questions on social media. just
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these may worsen with anoro. call your doctor if you have worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain while taking anoro. ask your doctor about anoro. ♪go your own way get your first prescription free at coming up on "abc 7 news at 4:00," panic for brides after a popular bridal store shuts its door with no notice. what's left for brides without their dresses and deposits? >> the east bay spca needs your help to find a new home for a loving dog. >> as promises, mike is back to introduce us to sasha. >> hey, mike. sasha, and i think you're really going to love her story. the east bay spca calls today's perfect pet a perfect survive. let's show you sasha. the shelter nursed her back to
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health after show was hit by a car. nothing to laugh about there, very serious. sasha is healthy now hand that's the great news and is even so strong she would make a great running partner. she's a 3-year-old pointer american pit bull mix. volunteers describe sasha as a quick learner who is easy to please. to make her part of your family call the east bay spca. just one of the many great things they do. they saved her life and now she will make someone a great family pet. >> you would never she was in a crash. >> super strong and healthy. >> isn't it amazing what they do. >> i don't think it will take too long until sasha is taken. >> "who wants to be a millionaire" is next. >> enjoy that sunny weather. have a great weekend.
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>> hi, everybody. i'm marie osmond, backstage here at flamingo hotel in las vegas, and i just have to say that i am so excited that "millionaire" has come to las vegas. i mean, come on, you are gonna love being on the strip. i mean, we're practically next-door neighbors now. but really i want to say best wishes for yet another great season of "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ >> hey, everybody. welcome to the show. it's celebrity week las vegas on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] and we are continuing celebrity week with a returning contestant who is a winner of "america's got talent" and now performs his show, "magic reinvented nightly." it's over at the link hotel. playing for charity today, please welcome back mat franco. [cheers and applause] mat, welcome back, buddy. >> great to be back, thank you.


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