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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 14, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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afternoon as a jump gives a san jose man the maximum sentence allowed after he admitted to stalking, kidnapping and killing cats. >> it is a case closely watched by animal rights advocates across the country. abc 7 news recorder chris wynn has the story. >> reporter: inside this santa clara county courtroom, victims of an accused cat killer shared stories of heartbreak before a judge. >> still be young when released. it's a terrifying thought to think of what could happen if he makes another mistake in his life. >> reporter: calling him a danger to society, a judge sentenced 26-year-old robert farmer of san jose to the maximum term allowed. 16 years in jail with credit for time served. after he pleaded guilty to 20 counts of felony animal cruelty, one count of attempted felony animal cruelty as well as two misdemeanors committed in the fall of 2015 in the cambrian mark neighborhood. farmer arrested by police after found asleep in his car next to
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a dead cat. the defendant did not address the court but instead wrote a statement that his attorney read on his behalf blaming the usa of meth for what he did. >> reason to feel anger at me because i stole a member of their family. >> reporter: farmer won't have to register as a sex offender upon release which the prosecutor asked for. >> you don't have to be a human victim to matter. all crimes matter in this county and we prosecute to the fummest extent of the law. >> reporter: the families affected along with advocates who followed the case, today's sentences wag far from closure. >> we are the voice of the voiceless. we are the voice for our animals, and we will not tolerate animal abusely inmore. >> reporter: many now trying to heal and move forward with their in san jose, for abc7 news. oakland police are looking for a man who smashed windows on more than a dozen cars this morning causing thousands of dollars in damage. >> and the cars were parked
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along center and chester streets around 8th and 9th in west oakland. witnesses tell abc7 news the man use add crow bar to bash in windshields and car windows on 14 vehicles. the vandal escaped. police say they know who this person is and are looking for him. police arrested a man in connection with a vandalism spreeberkeley last week. >> officers tally more than 35 instances of graffiti on cars and fences. many of them scrawlings were raceist and anti-police. >> live in berkeley with details on the man accused of these crimes. loni? >> reporter: yeah, dan. the suspect is 21-year-old ismail shamu. the investigation is ongoing and could be more arrests. he is here in berkeley jail on kargs of suspicion of vandalism, and hate crimes. >> ftp on a lot of cars up and down the street, yes, and then ours had the anarchist sign. >> reporter: this berkeley resident remembers waking up the
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morning of june 28th to this scene. cars and homes tagged including his fence and his partner's car. >> police came and talked to me and said, did you, do you have any enemies anything like that? no. started seeingup and down the street. >> some of the slogans were racially motivated, derogatory in nature, identified certain people by race, makes it a hate crime. >> reporter: arrested 21-year-old ismail at his san francisco home thursday night. they believe he is responsible for all 35 vandalism acts. last month, police arrested him after officers responded to a burglary. >> he was stopped for that reason because the description matched, they were the only guys out on the block at that hour. >> reporter: police arrested him for having an illegal knife which they found under a vehicle near where he was taken into custody. the district attorney released him days later. he complained on social media police racially profiled him during that arrest.
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he's scheduled to be arraigned on the vandalism and hate crime charges monday. in berkeley, for abc7 news. >> san jose looking for hot spots ar a grass fire broke out near the east ridge mall. >> at capital expressway and gym gymquimby road. the far started about 2:15 this afternoon. no one hurt. rescued this kitten. the cat is receiving medical treatment now. and the trails in san jose back open to the public. closed more than a week. first because of mountain lion sightings then a devastating brush fire wednesday. the 100 acre fire destroyed a house and scorched dry brush surrounding it. >> that park is reopening just in time for a hot resident. >> and here with more on that. >> it is going to get uncomfortable this upcoming weekend. now, pretty comfortable. 50s, 60, coast side to the 90s
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inland. when you choieck out what will happen, temperatures crank inland. heat-related ill newses possible. heat advisory saturday 8 o'clock a.m. until sunday 9:00 p.m. and santa cruz mountains and take it easy in the heat. obviously stay hydrated and find a cool spot. now the coolest spot on live doppler 7 is the beach. back with the hour-by-hour and the weekend forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> terrific. thanks. traffic is moving again after a dump truck overturned in marin county. >> that truck and spilled its load blocking northbound 101 marin city off ramp nearly two hours today. the truck overturned bile goi eg around a curve. >> driver said coming down the off ramp at 35 or 40, and hit the brakes, the brakes couldn't stop him, because he had a 12-ton load in the back. went to make the turn, couldn't make the turn, truck rolled over on to its side. >> the truck driver suffered minor cuts and bruises.
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and abc7 news was in san francisco after a car went off the road along o'shaughnessey boulevard this afternoon. also knocked out a light pole. a large tree stopped the car from plunging deeper into glen canyon. the driver suffered minor injuries. one day after a plane crash killed a ucf professor injuring to children and a nanny, we still don't know what happened. >> the grandson of a prominent family who gave hundreds of millions in prize money to environmentalists. >> family and friends are not talking to but an investigation is under way. >> abc7 news reporter joining us live from sonoma sky park with new details about what may have kaut caused the crash. wayne? >> reporter: a small airport. the results are particularly upsetting saying it's difficult to watch an airplane leave and have the kind of result they got. they describe it as having been a normal takeoff. no reason for alarm or concern
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until airport manager ron price told us he heard the engine just failed. >> i wouldn't say it stalled. it just quick. it quit. boom. it didn't make noise, just stopped. >> reporter: 20 miles ay way it came to rest in a heap in this field after reaching maybe 300 in altitude. ntsb arrived to find a cause. among their questions how could a plane with an emergency parachute onboard crashed so fatally? this happened before. san rafael aviation says 300 feet of altitude is not enough. >> not a chance. parachute needs about 1,000 feet to deploy. that's only if you're lucky. >> reporter: they take great pride in the plane's built-in parachute allowing passengers to walk away from this crash june 30th. as the coast guard video shows,
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deployment of the parachute doesn't happen instantly. takes seconds for the strap to deploy, the chute to fill and plane level. yesterday witnesses say the plane landed nose first. representing a client against them after a serious crash suggests the plane has a design flaw. at low altitude, the parachute cannot resolve. >> certified by the faa, they allowed ar airplane with awful stall characteristics to be certifies long as it had this parachute and it isn't any good under 1,000 feet, in the most critical time. >> reporter: when an airplane is low and slow essentially taking off or landing. we reached out to the aircraft company defend, defended their plane and handling. "the splane has been deployed
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many flights, 148 lives who returned to their families. the company added, 6,500 such aircraft in service they have flown 7 million safe miles. in sonoma county, wayne friedman, abc7 news. >> wayne, thank you. this san francisco killing that sparked a nationwide debate over sanctuary cities. the legal pieces missing in the trial of the man who'd mitts ''o killing kate steinle. and illegal drugs. first of its kind in alameda county. we explain. and the new movement for housing activists to line up with developers. i'm michael finney. finney friday free stuff coming up. look at these guys and tell me, what do you think free stuff is what do you think free stuff is today? ♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves
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the trial date for kate steinle could be set as early as next friday. >> abc7 news reporter live at pier 14 where kate was shot and killed. melanie? >> reporter: well, here's the issue. defense attorneys want that federal agent to testify, but the bureau of land management says he's exempt from a subpoena. those defense attorneys can put in a special request, but even that can be denied. the man charged with kate steinle's murder, juan francisco lopez sanchez said he found a gun in a bag under a bench. the bullet he fired ricocheted and hit steinle. someone stole the gun from a vehicle when off duty. not clear how it then got to
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pier 14. lopez sanchez' attorney say they want to ask the agent about the gun when the murder trial begins. say the dlm tells them the federal agent is not subject to a state criminal court subpoena. >> there's a certain degree of arrogance on behalf of the blm, which i have to ask you. do taxpayers want a federal agency to be working to try to stop us from calling a witness or not providing us with information? >> he knows about the condition in which the weapon was stored. the history of the weapon itself. >> reporter: in a letter sent to the public defender's office yesterday, the u.s. department of the interior outlined its regulations relating to subpoenas. the blm is a bureau of that department. >> there is a process whereby we ask permission to call him as a witness and the agency would decide whether or not they want to abide by it. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the district attorney office did not offer a position on the issue today. >> in this case, it's going to be prosecuted in court and those
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issues will be hashed out in court. >> reporter: lopez sanchez' trial date could be set as early as next friday. we reached out to the bureau of land management for a comment. they referred us to the department of justice. a spokesperson for the u.s. attorney's office said he could not comment on pentdi inpending litigation. for abc7 news. >> thank you. the man who killed seven people at oikos university in oakland sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison. >> a judge spentensed juan goh to seven life terms one for each of the people he killed in 2012. six of the victim s students, oe a receptionist. he dropped out then runned with a gun april 2, 2012 because he couldn't get his tuition refunded. his lawyer read a letter of apology. one victim says she hopes goh rots in prison. the alameda, the first to
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offer life-saving protection from certain deadly drugs to its canine officers. >> abc7 news at the department of canine training facility in dublin today as officers began learning how to give the dogs narcan. >> this life-saving nasal spray can quickly reverse the effects of opioid drugs like fentanyl, oxycontin and hydrocore doerc c. they run into calls almost every day. >> inhale through their nose, walk through them on their feet and lick them, and some of these drugs are very concentrated and have a profound effect quickly. >> the training how to administer narcan takes about a week. alameda county is making a video to show other departments how to use it. cover your canine is raising money across the state this weekend to help buy the kits for other departments. a conference in san francisco trying to solve the bay area's housing problems by building more housing.
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>> organizers of this is the on way to end the housing shortage. the pro-developers point out new housing has been shown to stabilize prices and in cases lower rents. it stands your yes, in my backyard, yimb. >> end up with the problem we have now. not enough housing's that's what we're about, really. providing homes for people. we believe everyone has a right to a home. >> and adding, they believe housing is a human right. >> all right. moven on, a very special finney's friday free stuff. michael in corde madera. >> what's on there there today? tap there today? >> a lot going on. start with the sf charity fashion show. giving away free tickets to this thing. it's a huge event.
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the money goes to a very good cause. won't have to spend money. put you to the fashion show for free. a wonderful event. the first 200 people get the free fashion show tickets. helps right care sf, starts july 15th. this saturday. if you need, if it's a date night, you don't want to pay. we've got you taken care of. okay. now standing in a candy store, you can probably tell that. the reason we're here, next thursday it's national lollypop day. so from we have -- >> marsheena. >> and you? >> jensen. >> for the lollipop, preparation of lollipop day, what are you doing? >> giving away our loppy popps, our most famous lollipops here and you can win 200 of them signing up. >> 200 people get a full box of this and like 12 in there? >> 12 in here.
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yes. you can share. >> yes. >> maybe you share. >> i was telling you guys. i grew up in the bay area. how long have they been around? do you know? >> around since 1921. lollipops, not quite since 1921, but pretty close. >> okay. now that's for the first 200 people to get in on finney's friday free stop. next thursday, what are you up to? >> anyone who walks too a store next thursday, july 20th, get a free full-size lollipop. >> you walk in -- >> and handed a lollipop. >> so i'm going to be going to firch or six places that day. >> definitely, no problem. >> yes. >> just go from, from town to town. >> absolutely. >> we have about 50 bay area shops. >> really? that many now? >> you could game the system and get 50 free lollipops if you wanted to. >> thanks a lot. >> thank you. >> all the information how to get in on this finney's friday free stuff and the fashion show
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tickets go to look for finney's friday free stuff and then in order to get these items, you have to beat dan. i'm michael finney. >> reporting live -- >> corde madera. >> thanks, michael. talking about how hot. not for how long. >> the question of the weekend. we have more. >> a two-day deal for the weekend, seeing triple digits. live doppler 7 showing fog. just hugging the coast. hasn't really budged, and want to show you quickly, dew points now. 50 to 59 degrees is muggy. notice some places are in the upper 50s, like napa, mountain view. we certainly are getting a little bit of that muggy feel out there, and that's thanks to these clouds you're looking at. mid and high-level clouds from the east bay hills area once part of a hurricane. 64 degrees in san francisco now. 69 in oakland. low 80s around san jose. half moon bay is a good place to cool off. 59 degrees. fog is keeping it really socked
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in on the golden gate bridge. notice there. take it easy crossing the bridge. going to be hard to see for this evening. 83 degrees in santa rosa. 91 in concord. 88 in livermore. a view of that shallow marine layer from our mount tam cam. this is going to stick around as we head into the overnight hours, but a heat advisory is in effect for some hills and inland valleys this upcoming weekend. inland temperatures above 100 degrees and a cooler pattern begins monday. hour-by-hour forecast, 11:00 tonight, see the fog. really right down on the deck tomorrow morning. it's going to be a lot like this morning, where it's dense fog in spots. now at 10:00 a.m., fog thins out, high clouds moving in. those clouds add a little more humidity to the air. might feel even worse than it really is in our inland valleys tomorrow afternoon. just keep that in mind as those clouds continue to stream in through the evening hours. temperatures first thing in the morning begin in the low 50s to low 60s. fog confined to the coast andy
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parts of the bay. inland, clear skies. highs saturday, gilroy, 96. 90, san jose. peninsula, at high clouds and sun. mid-80s, palo alto, mountainview, 63 pacifica. staying comfortable at the coast. 74 downtown san francisco and north bay see the triple digits and ukiah, cloverdale, lakeport, 98 in santa rosa. a hot spot in the north bay. 80 in oakland, hayward, head inland, sizzling. 100 in antioch and livermore, 99 concord and pleasanton. beaches always a place to escape around this time of year at least. partly cloudy, extreme uv index. heading to beaches mostly 60s except santa cruz and monterey, 70s and 80s. good idea to put on extra sun screen and take something to keep you hydrated. heat peaks sunday as if it wasn't hot enough saturday. temperatures go up more inland. 102 for some of our hottest spots. don't worry, though.
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the aid walk in san francisco, weather's nice. cool start at 8:00 a.m. sun shining, 54 degrees. great walking weather as the walk gets underway around 10:30. sunshine in the amp afternoon. temperature about 66 degrees. keep track of the minute-by-minute forecast anytime you want. accuweather shows mid-60s to low 100 saturdays with extra high clouds around. sunday fog is gone. going to be sunny. cooler weather on monday and the breeze will drop temperatures a few more degrees tuesday. then when the numbers go up, only going to be by a few degrees. dan and kristen, stay cool this weekend. >> okay. thanks. a question. how does a selfie causeses 200,000 worth of damage? you'll see exactly how, next. >> yeah. then at 5:30, "world news with david muir." don't, the gop takes another shot at health care. how medicaid preexisting conditions and your premiums could change now. will mitch mcconnell connell find the support needed to push
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the plan forward? this is where a
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hard to believe but the driver of a lam ber gene suffered no injuries after his car caught fire pumping gas, scary. video taken by a news viewer jordan. you can see the flames at the chevron on woodside road in red wood city. happened around 8:30 last night. the fire department posted a picture on instagram showing the damage to the lamborghini, which is extensive. and the police department tells abc7 news the driver was told by two people to shut off the engine while fueling but he refused to listen. >> hmm. >> all blamborghinis, at least this one, sells for $200,000. >> scary. and expensive. next time you're at an art gallery, don't do this. >> see it. video, look on the right side of the screen. you soo a woman crouches down to
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take a selfie. >> game over. $200,000 worth of art destroyed. here we go. look -- oh, like dominoes. see the employ, hands up in shock walking don the line of ruined art. oh, boy. >> okay. well here's what the actual artwork looks like. yeah. nice stuff. not clear who will pay for the damage. i feel a little sorry for her. you wouldn't expect it to be set up in a way one goes, the rest -- >> literally like dominoes. in the corner office, no ed to talk to you. warriors steph curry spending the weekend in lake tahoe playing golf with celebrity buddies. >> the american century championship pt curry has a mean approach shot placing one just inches from the pin. justin timberlake and aaron rodgers among other celebrities. >> steph later tried for a long birdie just slipped out. watch this now. a great roll. oh! almost. the first round is over. steph is tied for 23rd with his father, dell curry.
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a good golfer. and that's the sound of the fastest drone in the world. the drone racing league posted this video showing prototype racer-x setting. the beginners record yesterday, set the record outside new york city. >> the aircraft it fly top speed just und eer 180 miles aen hour. official record, 163.5 miles an hour. the racers x weighs just under two pounds and probably you'll hear it before you see it. high-pumped whine you hear. >> really cool, gives you a headache watching that video. the only thing better than
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coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, joining us with an update on his exclusive report. the quick reaction these pictures from a government group's halloween party are drawing after our story was sent
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to every sitting jump in california. just six weeks are from burning man. the unlikely source of this wood helping create the centerpiece on abc7 news at 6:00. >> thanks. see you then. >> and finally tonight, in the dog days of summer, of course. makes you want to hit the beach for a little surfing. >> sure. or just hit the colosseum, like abc7 news did. dogs are on the boards there. that's macho. he not only surfs check this out. he shows those balloons just macho he is. >> that's coppertone with the too cool shades. these surf dogs are not just for fun. they came with a message. >> a serious side. about the lucy pet foundation. 80,000 dogs and cats a week in the united states are put to sleep because there's too many. people don't spay and neuter their pets. >> look for lucy pets at the colosseum and bark at the park tonight. >> fun.
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>> cute. "world news tonight with david muir" i tonight, several developing the russian meeting at trump tower. we have now learned there were others in the room when don junior took that meeting with a russian lawyer. tonight, the man born in russia, who allegedly once worked in soviet military counterintelligence. why was he also in the room? and why wasn't it revealed? also tonight, the devastating images. homes swallowed by the earth, families barely escaping. we're on the scene. inside the killings. what we did not know. authorities now revealing what happened on that property to those four young men who vanished. severe storms hitting as we come on the air tonight. a treacherous commute. and now, flood watches from ohio to new york. o.j. simpson on the eve of his parole hearing. will he now go free? deborah roberts and what's she's learned.


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