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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 16, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist, lisa argen. we have just a little bit of patch patch fog. we'll start with the upper elevations and winds will be gusting.
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near 95, and it will be pleasant in san francisco, but we're looking at temperatures staying quite warm through the evening hours and a look at my seven-day outlook is just a few minute away. >> firefighters say in contra costa county have put out a three-alarm fire in bay point. the fire department posted this video on twitter. you can see heavy smoke and flames rising from two homes on north street. crews were called around 10:30 last night. they say they have the fire under control about an hour later. there are no reports of any injuries. the cause is under investigation. this morning we're getting a first look of new video of a water rescue in east palo alto. the u.s. coast guard rescued a
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child and two adults who went overboard when their boat capsized and all three are at the hospital. lonnie rivera has the story you will see only on nbc 7 news. a coast guard chopper lifted one boater who was stranded in the choppy, chilly bay water near coolly landing in east palo alto. once it landed, one victim gave officials a thumbs up. menlo park fire and other emergency officials responded to this water rescue call saturday evening. >> we saw all of the fire trucks coming in, the police and saw chem wheeling in the strange boat. >> once we saw open water. it started to capsize their boat. >> it carried all three victims to shore. >> basically the three victims that were in the water held on to the kayak. the person in the kayak notified 911 and the coast guard.
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>> martin watched the team of responders come together. she's happy it ended with lives saved. i was very impressed with the rescue. it was very efficient. they all showed up. all of the people in the boats had their life vests on so that's a critical point. >> boating with another buddy nearby who called 911 was critical, too. in east palo alto, lonnie rivera, abc 7 news. developing news, as the largest of the active wildfires in the state now stand at 50,000 acres. 1300 firefighters are national guard members in kings county in central valley. it was 68% contained. high winds are fueling another massive wildfire this one in santa barbara county. the whittier fire has burned 17,000 acres and eight homes in the los padres national forest. cal fire says it is 36%
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contained. more than 1,000 firefighters are trying to keep the flames away from homes. >> just getting ready in case they need to do any burning operations should the fire come out of the hills into the front country. the fire started last saturday. officials have told more than 2700 people to get out. a family in burlingame is suing the city over storm damage to their home. the homeowner says the damage earlier this year could have been avoided if the city had just done its job. abc 7 news minglisan has the story. >> reporter: jennifer is talking about the wall of water that swept to her garage. >> it was up to here and everything got lifted up and dropped. everything. this is a photo of the garage that night and a river of water rushed through the entire lower level of her house.
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>> i kept thinking it was a bad dream i would wake up from and my house would be back together and my life would be back together and no. not even close. it would cost hundreds of thousand of dollars to decontaminate and gut the house. she blames the city for what happened. >> it didn't look like the infrastructure around me was working the way it's supposed to and it's downright terrifying. >> you recaburlingame city atto respond. burlingame was hit with a microburst rain event equivalent to a 500-year storm, and it was built to industry standards. the city knew the drains couldn't hold up in a major rain, vent and it had two prior claims to the department. >> they knew there were flood risks to this property related to storms and to the failure to clear the drains around the prop are the and didn't take any action.
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>> still, all her daughters want is to move back home again. in burlingame, lisa amin gulezian. a man was shot in the chest. it happened after 3:30 afternoon at keith street. investigators believe it may be gang related. the shooter ran away, they're concerned because there have been several shootings in the area over the past few weeks. the gucci store in union square should be back in business after a pre-dawn breakin that may have cost more in damages than stolen goods. police say someone rammed the vehicle into the store before 3:00 yesterday morning. the inch-thick, triple-laminate glass doors and windows collapsed leaving the thief free to make off with thousand of dollars worth of purses.
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that left would-be shoppers out of luck for much of the day. >> i was hoping to get a gucci belt. my grandma looked it up in the hotel room and everything. >> i'm obviously shocked and something untoward happened. >> this is just the latest in a series of union square smash and grabs. nearby montclair has suffered four break-ins since opening last june. sunnyvale's department of public safety had to be shut down due to a bomb scare. the department said two citizens brought world war ii grenades into the lobby for disposal yesterday afternoon. the building had to be evacuated while the bomb squad was called. they were inactive, but the department is calling this a teachable moment. >> if you find something that you believe is an explosive or ammunition. leave it where it's at, don't touch it. evacuate the area. call 911. >> the department tweeted this
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photo of the disassembled grenade after returning to business. happening today, thousands of people will join the aids walk in golden gate park. the opening ceremony starts at 9:45. the walk begins at 10:30. so far this year they raised about $1.5 million for hiv programs in the bay area. it's the largest aids fund-raiser in northern california. aids walk san francisco has raised more than $88 million over the past 30 years. abc 7 news is a proud sponsor of this year's event, and it should be whether, i hope. not too hot. >> no, but it will be getting warm. how about 60 degrees at 8:00, and right now we have temperatures well into the 70s, but in the east bay. how about concord at 70 degrees and 67 in livermore, a hot day today. the hottest day of the week and we have a red flag warning and i'll let you know how hot in
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just a few minutes. >> thank you, lisa. >> a new poll is out about how americans feel about president trump and his time in office. we'll explain the latest approval rating, plus -- >> women, specifically, we felt that we haven't been heard. >> having their say. we'll take you to an
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welcome back, everyone. it is 5:11 on this sunday morning. thank you for waking up so early to join us for the abc 7 mornings. this is a live look from our mountain cam. this is going to be a hot day today, the hottest of the week according to miss lisa ar
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she has figures coming up in the accuweather forecast. president trump has the lowest six-month approval any president polls. the latest abc news/washington post polls are in, only 36% say they approve of mr. trump's leadership and 58% disapprove. most people think russia tried to influence the election as abc's elizabeth hurr reports, the president calls the russia investigations a hoax. >> reporter: president trump enjoying another round of the u.s. open at his golf club in new jersey, but he can't get away from that alleged kremlin connection, and that meeting don junior had at trump tower last june with a russian attorney he was told was offering official documents and information that would incriminate hillary, part
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of russia and its government support for mr. trump. the president's son insists nothing came of the meeting also attended by son-in-law jared kushner and paul manafort. >> as far as you know? >> this is everything. this is everything. >> but there was more. >> the problem is we've seen changing narratives. >> it turns out there wasn't just the russian lawyer natalya veselnitskaya that was at the meeting, also there was this ak met shin who was not trained as a spy. days after the trump tower meeting the russian lawyer turned up at a congressional hearing about russia. her front-row seat reserved for her by a republican consultant with close ties to the trump campaign. trump's florida campaign chair
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while some of president trump's supporters turned out at his golf course with a message for the press. >> it's all just anti-trump propaganda that isn't even true. we believe that, okay? so his supporters believe him, not you. >> elizabeth hurr, abc news, new york. the discussion on the russia investigation continues on this week with george stephanopoulos. jay circulo and adam schiff will explain what's next for the trump administration on abc 7. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will delay a vote on the republican health care reform bill. the senate leader had planned action on a controversial bill this week, but senator john mccain won't be around to vote following surgery in arizona. so that put the measure in jeopardy in the closely-divided senate. republicans can afford to lose only two of their party's votes
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if they want to get that bill passed. now to a road hazard we've all encountered at one point or another, debris flying off other cars or trucks. video shows a heart-stopping close call in florida. abc news reporter kenneth mowton has a look. >> reporter: a freak accident on the highway. a florida man miraculously surviving after his minivan is crushed. >> the car flipped over and there is smashed metal into the vehicle. >> the jaw-dropping image, a large metal pipe crashing into escobar's vehicle in orlando. the debre came from above after a car hauling scrap metal flipped on the overpass. escobar, a husband and father of three escaping with his life. you can see others tending to his injuries on the side of the road. he'll be okay. >> there it goes. >> the roadway dangers all too common. a wooden plank, a potentially
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deadly projectile. a steel plate from a bridge hit a missouri car in june, her 12 week old baby baby baby baby >> 200,000 involve debris crashes in 2014, 500 died. safety officials warning drivers don't tail gate, stay alert and if you see debris coming try to slow down. don't swerve at a higher speed. abc news, dallas. a plane that crashed. a small airplane crashed in kenwood around noon yesterday. the sonoma county sheriff's office says the pilot walked away from that wreckage and was not seriously hurt. investigators are working to find out why the single-engine aircraft plungeded into a field along highway 12. ntsb investigators are expected to be in the bay area this weekend probing that
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near-disaster that was averted at sfo. yesterday veteran pilots have been questioning the air canada crew, as well, for not noticing color coded lights during the attempted landing. it was back on july 7th, bright white lights line the side of the runways at night and taxi ways look much different. they're lined with blue lights on the side and green lights down the center. air traffic controllers ordered the air canada jet to abort that landing just in time. a renowned stanford mathematician and the only woman to win the press eejotigious mes died after a long battle with cancer. her work of quantum mechanics and other disciplines. the iranian-born mathematician joined as a professor.
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she was 40 years old and is survived by a husband and a daughter. hundreds of people from all backgrounds marched through sacramento to help empower african-american women. the march finished with a rally outside the state capitol. organizers say they want black women to play a role at the forefront at the conversations about social issues. >> it's time for us to stand up, to speak out, to step out on faith and to lead boldly, bravely and unapologetically. >> community leaders say they were inspired to hold black women's marches due to what they say was lack of diversity at the women's march in sacramento in january. now your accuweather forecast with lisa archin. >> we broke a record at the a airport. 86 degrees. live doppler radar, there could
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be patchy fog in san francisco. it's in the cold waters of the pacific and it's still a category 4, but as we continue to watch it and as it gets closer to hawaii it changes to a tropical storm. so it goes from 130 mile-an-hour winds and monday, it's still a hurricane and tuesday it's still a hurricane, but finally by wednesday a tropical system. so if you have plans to visit the islands, no problems there, and as we look outside it looks nice and calm. san francisco, 58, and 63 in mountainview, and 68 in gilroy, and half-moon bay. we are all in the 50s with 67 by the delta. concord at 70 and livermore, 67, and finally, notice not much in the way of cloud cover out there. so that's going to make for a quicker warm-up today. yesterday, remember, we had those clouds in the afternoon so
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that inhibited some of the warming and it was hot enough, but it could have been hotter and today without the cloud cover, and high fire danger and heat advisory both last until 9:00 tonight and triple digits with a cooler pattern tomorrow. aids walk just a couple of hours away with 60, and mid-60s at 10:00 and in the 70s. it will be a warm day for san francisco standards and in fact, look at this. sunshine and how often do we get temperatures this mild to warm at our beaches? so if you're headed to santa cruz, half moon bay, ocean beach. look at that, near 70 degrees and upper 60s in bodega bay. it will be a popular place as temperatures climb through the 90s today in the south bay. 95, san jose and look at los gatos, and sunnyvale, and on the peninsula, very warm from the upper 80s to low 90s again. no break for you and we will
5:21 am
have a sea breeze keeping san francisco comfortable in the mid-70s and we were about 80 degrees yesterday at the airport and near 100 degrees and look at the color contour coming into play and this means very, very hot and as we go into the east bay, plenty of 80s for you and you head inland and we're looking at once again over 100 degrees and we were at 101 in concord and 101 in livermore and it will take several hours to get this cool and we'll be in the 70s early and toward dawn we'll be in the 50s and 60s. you download the accuweather app the hottest day of the week and we cool off significantly tomorrow and warming up to typical july summer standards. so it's a handy app to have if you download the accuweather app and that will help you navigate. aids walk san francisco is almost here and it's this morning at golden gate park and it benefits dozens of local
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there's still time to register. the walk begins at 10:30. call 415-615-walk or visit visit new friend, maybe. >> stay hydrated. lots of water today. thanks, lace. flower power in san francisco. the city that hosted the summer of love breaks a world record to mark the anniversary of the cultural movement.
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>> it's becoming common place to
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use navigation apps to get around and they generally work well for road trip, but an effort is under way to develop a system for getting passengers to the right train or track at transit stations like diridondin station. the secret weapon, artificial intelligence. abc news reporter david louie has the story. >> it's confusing enough with the tunnels, mazes and platforms. confirmation that they're in the right place or on the correct train. that could include those with disabilities. >> if we can reduce the need for transit and let people be -- let people use public mass transit it will be economically much more efficient. >> roberto manducci is a professor at uc santa cruz. he's collaborating with mta, thanks to a nearly $1 million
5:26 am
grant from the national science foundation. it taps into passengers' smartphones and the cloud and this beacon to guide people. if imagine it can alert you if someone has gotten lost on public transit. >> using the beacons and gps you would be able to track my dad and if he strays away from the registered trip you would get as a client to get an alert and he would get an alert, as well. the system may also be useful for those who don't understand signs or public address announcements. >> now it's telling you in your native language, your second language, what station you're at. this is your bus. >> reporter: the project could help to boost ridership, in san jose, david louis, abc 7 news. remove jackets and remove
5:27 am
sweaters. >> meet tracy the robot. tracy just spent some time speeding up the security lines at seattle tacoma international airports. she speaks six languages. they believe they can free humans to focus on other jobs. engineers hope future robots will be able to recognize passengers wearing hats and sunglasses and reminding them to take them off before entering the screening area. people broke a world record in san francisco and you're watching all 2405 of them forming the world's largest human flower. the asian art museum provided this time lapse video of yesterday's historic feat in civic center plaza. the city organized this record-setting attempt to honor the 50th anniversary of the summer of love. >> still to come, a devastating fire in hawaii is prompting change. the lesson learned as flames
5:28 am
tore through this apartment high-rise in honolulu. plus the painful process of returning home after dealing with the loss
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new pantene doesn't just wash your hair, it fuels it. with the first pro-v nutrient blend, making every strand stronger because strong is be welcome back,everyone. we are starting this half hour with a look at the weather. here is our meteorologist, lisa archin. we have not only a warm morning, but we are looking at not only high-fire danger, but the national weather service highlighting 5,000 feet where there is a red flag warning and we have breezy, northerly winds that have kept us overnight near 70 degrees in some of our neighborhoods. so our heat advisory continues until 9:00 and this could mean a risk once again of risk-related
5:31 am
illnesses. we're starting out warmer, 10 to 17 degrees warmer from concord to antioch, oakland to hayward and six to seven degrees warmer and with temperatures in the 60s to near 70s and hay bard, 65 we'll be well into the 80 throughout the morning hour. your forecast today will look like this, with a warm morning and 60s on the coast and we're talking 102 inland and we broke a couple of records yesterday and less cloud cover today and we're talking about the hottest day of the week and cooling begins as soon as tomorrow. carolyn? >> thank you, lisa. temperatures are expected to soar in san joss toe hit the mid-90s. people looking to beat the heat can visit the center from 1:00 this afternoon until 9:00 tonight. we have cypress center camden community center and roosevelt
5:32 am
community center. the elderly and young children are those most at risk for heat stroke. we are now hearing from the family and friends of a santa cruz man who died battling isis alongside kurdish militia fighters. robert went to syria just a few days after turning 28. he explained he joined the kurdish forces to help them in their fight for autonomy. his family learned he'd been shot to death along with another american fighting isis. >> i'm sorry that he can't continue to do good work in the world. i'm sorry that his energy isn't here. >> he believed we all had the capacity to charge the world. we just have to do it. >> groet was a former occupy wall street protester and a volunteer medic. now to that deadly high-rise apartment fire in hawaii, residents were allowed back in the building yesterday, and that fire started in a unit on the
5:33 am
26th floor. three people died and 12 others injured. abc news reporter marcy gonzalez has the details. >> reporter: flames tearing off this balcony, whipping through the 26th floor of this high-rise in honolulu. >> that was like a horror movie. >> apartments engulfed, residents' chilling screams cutting through the roar of the inferno. >> i heard three women's voices screaming, pleading, moaning, please help me. >> reporter: those who could rushing out of the massive marco polo condominium complex, some telling residents to shelter in place, helping through the blinding, suffocating smoke to safety. >> smoke, smoke, smoke, so many smokes. >> reporter: residents watching in disbelief from a distance. the thick plumes visible for miles. >> horrendous. there were flames shooting out and the black smoke. >> a dozen people injured and at least three people killed found in two different units on the
5:34 am
26th floor. 54-year-old brit rello calling co-workers saying he was hiding under a bed, unable to get to his 85-year-old mother. neither made it alive. >> i drove down there and basically watched his floor be consumed. >> reporter: fire investigators at the scene piecing together what caused the fire. what is clear is how much of this devastation was likely preventable. >> if there were sprinklers in this apartment the fire would be contained to the unit of origin. >> no sprinklers anywhere in this 36-story high-rise because building codes didn't require them when it was built in 1971. >> how is it possible that a corporation doesn't install something as inexpensive and as effective as sprinkler system. there's anger. >> there were no sprinklers in the apartment building in london
5:35 am
where this fire tore through, killing 80 people. lawmakers will now look into requiring that older buildings be retrofitted with sprinklers. marcy gonzalez, abc news, santa monica, california. >> we are getting a clear view of the progress on repair work on the oroville dam. it looks at work being done to reconstruct the spillway. this video was released last week. you can see crews pumping in concrete to form the new foundation and drainage system for the spillway. the contractor has a november 1st deadline to finish those repairs. you'll recall how badly that spillway was damaged during the past winter storms. the disaster led to the massive erosion on the hillside forcing the sudden evacuation of some 180,000 residents downstream. work begins tomorrow on a stretch of road in contra costa
5:36 am
count they washed away during the winter storms. morgan territory road is closed from the area north of livermore to the area east of the clayton and march creek road was damaged by a landslide in february. crews will work to install new retaining walls, improve drainage systems and put in a new water main and repave the road. the road is expected to remain closed through mid-october. developing news in florida where a sink hole that swallowed a boat and destroyed two homes has stopped growing. officials now say it has not had any significant movement recently. abc news reporter victor okindo is on the scene. >> reporter: all eyes on this massive sink hole creating a disaster zone in the middle of a neighborhood. the ramirez family scrambling to safety losing their home. >> it's emotional. i mean, what can you say? you wouldn't wish this on
5:37 am
anyone. especially our neighbors. >> pasco county emergency officials taking us to the very edge of the disaster area now filled with mud and toxic debris. >> there is a lot of hass douse material, there are fuels, septic tanks, household hazards and chemicals. >> this is the largest sinkhole to hit in three decades. as you take a look from above, the neighbors who evacuated won't be able to return home for nearly a week. >> they're returning home to recover essential belongings and hearing the houses give way. >> it's creaking and splashing. you know, wood breaking, ripping. just sounds that, you know, just are not normal. >> the gaping sink hole is 225 feet wide and 50 feet deep, while unusually large, sink holes are a common problem in l f
5:38 am
florida. they occur when lime stone hases water. >> state geologists will continue to monitor the sink hole this weekend before determining when cleanup can begin. still ahead on abc 7 morning, we'll show you what it's like flying black bird, the newest air carrier that doesn't even need an airport. >> and here is a live look from our abc 7 roof cam. weather records were broken yesterday around the bay area. what about today? copdso to breathe better,athe. i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro.
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in anaheim had something for every disney fan yesterday. star wars rolled out a new sizzle reel of behind the scenes footage of "the last jedi," john boyega, mark hamel and the rest of the cast made an onstage appearance. star wars is famous for its non-human characters, too. >> there's new creatures and there's new planets and cool new stuff. >> fans also got a look at the upcoming adaptation of "a wrinkle in time." that movie doesn't come out until march, but the stars were out in full force including oprah. >> it was just one of the great experiences working experiences of my life. >> emily blunt was also on hand to talk about her upcoming project, mary poppins returns. the expo continues today in anaheim. disney,as you know, is the parent company of abc 7. oprah is always so dramatic.
5:42 am
most -- experience of my life. i love bread! >> right. we're being dramatic today with the weather. >> we love hot weather. >> what are we going to do about it, right? we can be prepared. here is a look at santa cruz where it is clear. 56 degrees yesterday and near 80. once again, a repeat performance, less fog and a sunnier day and a quicker warm-up. we have that going for us. we'll talk about how hot it's going to be in your backyard next. >> thank you, lisa. >> next, madison bumgartner took the mound after a three-month
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
in sports, the as will try to sweep the defending american league champion cleveland indians first pitch at the oakland coliseum at 1:05 this afternoon. giants will try to win their series in san diego after splitting the first two games. first pitch at petco park at 1:40. last night san francisco's ace madison bumgardner made his first start against the padres. here's rick kwan with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> reporter: in his first start since april 19th, madison bum gardner pitched well, but did not get the ace last night in san diego. in the first hundred, he delivered a two out bases loaded single. it's 2-0 san francisco. mad bum could not have gotten off to a better start. he wound up with five ks and he
5:46 am
threw 102 pitches and did give up a pair of two runs and put the padres on top. trailing 3-2, the giants pulled in the sixth and it's all tied up, but in the bottom of the ninth former giants catcher hector sanchez delivered a two-run blast off stephen okert and padres win 5-3 and his formier team nate gets the hero's welcome. ricky henderson, former cy young award winner struck out two and not rookie matt chapman who went 3 for 3 to make it 1-0. in the eighth, chapman connects off kluber again, and his second of the contest and ties the game at three a piece. then in the ninth, chris "crush" davis sends everyone home happy with a two-run shot off brian shaw. the as walk off with a 5-3 victory and davis leads the team
5:47 am
with 25 home runs. >> to say life is good for steph curry would be a huge understatement. two weeks after signing a contract with the warriors, curry is hanging out this weekend with justin timberlake at the celebrity golf championship. let's go to lake tahoe for fun and games and j.t. hikes a basketball to tony romo who finds steph for the slam dunk. if basketball had not worked out for curry he might have pursued golf. steph is tied for 13th with 32 point. his dad dell is also pretty good with his short game and he's tied for 27th. former cal quarterback aaron rodgers had one of the best shots of the day on 7. his ball would nearly go in for an ace. rodgers is tied for 6 with pawelski who finds the cup. former as pitcher mark moulder has 48 points and he's trying to win for the third straight year.
5:48 am
the women's national open is being held at the trump club. amy yang is tied for second thanks to this 25-foot birdie putt. yang is 8 under for the tournament as is choi. she and yang are just one stroke back. the leader's china chenchen feng, she's trying to capture her second major title. she won the lpga championship in 2012. the leaderboard has feng on top at 9 under and then choi and yang, and christy ties for five back. i'm rick kwan. see you again tonight at 5:00. now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> hi there, everyone sunday morning another hot day. right now it doesn't look very breezy, but we are looking at upper elevation wind that has allowed the national weather service to issue a red flag
5:49 am
warning yesterday. we're looking at another very hot day today and not only inland and yesterday at the airport it was 101 today and no changes out there and once again, excessive heat for you and we'll see temperatures as much as 10 degrees cooler and tuesday appears to be in the low 80s and we will rebound somewhat the rest of the week and nothing too extreme. as we look outside, a little hazy in san francisco where the winds will get gusty later on today and that will provide a sea breeze and temperatures very comfortable once again from the coast to the city and all of the way down the san mateo coast and marin county. live doppler 7 not picking up anything in the way of fog and the red flag warning above 1,000 feet and the upper elevations all over the bay area. this lasts until 9:00 tonight, and you can see probably about
5:50 am
90,000 people affected by that. so it will be a very warm day. this is the east bay hills camera and look at the haze out there. 58, san francisco. 63 in oakland and san jose the upper 60s and gilroy, half moon bay. you can see the golden gate bridge. it will be a warm day, no fog this morning and we're looking at mid-50s, and 67 by the delta, liver more and concord, 70 degrees and you know how quick it's going to warm and from the golden gate bridge it looks very, very still. >> the ridge of high pressure and the dominant weather maker that's keeping us so hot begins to shift towards the sacramento valley today and that should bring in a breeze, but maybe a little too late. so we will look for the very warm weather even at our beaches and how about 80 degrees in stenson. high-fire danger and inland, again, a cooler pattern, you saw begins as soon as tomorrow. throughout the day tomorrow
5:51 am
you'll notice temperatures will stop where they should in the low 90s as the heat backs off and into tuesday and looks like it's almost cool in some spots with upper 60s and oakland will rebound on wednesday, but as the high begins to build back in we won't get as extreme. last day for the menlo park festival and mid-80s and it will be a warm day on the peninsula high and ranging from 70. 88, palo alto, and looking at 90 in redwood city and the accuweather, seven-day forecast and we're looking at temperatures excessive today, 102 inland with numbers near 90 around the bay and download the accuweather app and you'll notice the cooling wind and onshore flow and by tuesday it should be pleasant around here and if you look at warm and summer like, we have more of the 90s on the way and low to mid-90s for much of the rest of the week. you know, it looks like we need the status quo by mid-week, it
5:52 am
should stay pleasant. >> thank goodness. >> i know. >> tomorrow not good. yeah. or today not good. tomorrow better. >> yeah. yeah. >> i don't know why i'm talking like that. thank you, lisa. traffic frustration was the inspiration for a new start-up that wants to get you places faster. abc 7 news lund took to the skies. >> while the pilot warms up the engine most airlines will tell you how to fasten your seat belt, but on aaron singer's sea planes it goes something like this. rod davis was ready for this the first time he rode to lake tahoe. >> honestly, you do it once, that is enough. >> especially you do it on a sunday and you spend seven hours in the car. >> that's how he got the idea for black bird. >> black bird is a new way to travel. so we are really -- we sit between driving and flying and
5:53 am
we fly short-haul regional flights. you book online like a regular airline, but that's where the similarity ends. >> it turns what can be a three-hour process just to get to the airport and to essentially go down the street and hopping in my airplane. >> the economics are startlingly simple. most people can't afford to charter this airplane, but buying one seat is a price that makes sense for people. once you tell people this is possible for $100 they ask when they can fly with us. >> that's compared to 5,000, black bird picks different planes based on demand. >> we have about 10,000 people on the app right now for only about four routes that we're operating. in california for now they'll expand later this month to washington, colorado and texas. >> you're going to see the golden gate bridge. >> he does sightseeing tours when not flying charters, but on
5:54 am
the 75-minute flight back from tahoe he plans a different kind of sightseeing. >> i love to fly poem over highway 80 just to see the traffic they're missing. jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. coming up, today marks another fun-filled day under the sun in san francisco.
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san francisco today, this time with family-friend le activities in the making. the street festival starts at 11:00 this morning on street between did yubose, ther will be hip-hop dancing and arts and crafts and live music and more. the festival ends at 4:00 this afternoon. up next on abc 7 mornings at 6:00, a witness praises rescue crews who rushed to save three boaters who went overboard in the rough waters of the bay.
5:57 am
and this past winter storm is still causing headacheses for one bay area family. why they are suing the city of burlingame. for one bay area family. why they are suing the city of burlingame. -- captions by vitac --
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let's get up and get going. this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining uses on this sunday, july 16th. let's get a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> another hot and dry day. live doppler 7 picking up on very little fog to no fog out there and as a result the national weather service has issued red flag warning until 9:00 tonight, that goes in conjunction with our heat advisory. not only are we looking at the very warm temperatures again today. inland, the higher elevations, we're looking at breezy, northerly winds that continue to dry out the atmosphere. so we're starting out 10 degrees warmer in conc


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