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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 16, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. we have a baby taken from a vehicle. >> police radio dispatch puts san francisco officers on alert to a baby kidnapping. only on abc7 news was there when police rescued the child and arrested her alleged kidnapper. good evening. i'm kate larsen in for eric thomas. we begin tonight with the fast action that resulted in a happy reunion for that baby. melanie woodrow is live at sfpd headquarters with details on how this ordeal for the baby's parents ended with relief. melanie? >> reporter: absolutely. san francisco police say this was a citywide joint effort to catch this suspect, and her choice of getaway transportation may have helped quite a bit. within 30 minutes of getting a call for the kidnapping of this
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baby girl, police were patting down and cuffing a 36-year-old suspect. >> everybody got involved. this was a big deal. >> reporter: just before 9:00 a.m. on sherman street, police say a 6-month-old was inside this vehicle while her father prepared a bottle for her a short distance away. that es when police say this woman snatched the baby and boarded a muni bus. >> i think she saw an opportunity and she took the baby. >> reporter: police alerted sfmta. >> our operators are trained to respond to emergency situations like these, and these operators did just that. >> reporter: but when the first bus stopped, the woman got off and boarded another. >> this is a very rare situation. >> reporter: the second bus driver then also stopped. abc7 news was at bay shore boulevard and arleta as police escorted the woman off the bus. >> did you kidnap a baby? >> no, i don't kidnap babies. >> reporter: the baby's mother rushed to the scene where officers consoled her as she was reunited with her child before being taken to the hospital for an evaluation. police say there was no report
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of injuries to the baby. also that the relationship between the baby's family and suspect is unknown. >> not one secoyou have to keep your children. >> reporter: a spokesperson says they've turned over surveillance video from the muni buses to police. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. to our weather now. a live look outside from our mount sutro camera. a milder night than last night, and we are getting some relief from all of this heat. it is on the way tomorrow. abc7 meteorologist drew tuma has a look. drew? >> yeah, kate. it was just oppressively hot today. highs ranged from 87 in oakland, a record high of 97 in san jose, to a stifling 108 in santa rosa. temperatures have been slow to cool this evening. a lot of 60s and 70s around the immediate bay waters right now. even warmer inland. still holding in the 80s, even low 90s as we approach midnight tonight. cooler changes are afoot in the
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form of our winds. they're now more onshore. that means our winds are coming off the cooler ocean water which will bring a cooler pattern starting tomorrow. future tracker temperatures tomorrow morning, 8:00 in the morning, temperatures in the 60s and 70s. so we'll talk about where our temperatures go tomorrow afternoon and how long this incoming cooler weather pattern will last in that full accuweather forecast. >> thanks, drew. >> we were in san jose where people had an escape from the heat. 11 cooling centers were open across san jose. the high reached a record high of 97 degrees. hot, dry weather across the state is fueling several wildfires. 13 large wildfires are burning across california. three of those started just this evening. the largest one is in kings county in the central valley. more than 6,000 firefighters are battling those flames. tonight, governor brown has issued an emergency proclamation
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for santa barbara county due to the whittier and alamo the whittier fire started eight days ago in national forest. cooling winds fortunately are in the forecast. 16 residences and 30 structures have been destroyed. homeowners in the area of the 18,000-acre fire are being showered with ash right now. >> we're getting more ash today than we ever have. we're actually getting fuel-sized leaves coming down, and we're hoping they're not hot. we check them, but they all seem to be completely burnt. but they're completely visible as a leaf. >> cal fire reports that fires have burned twice as much land so far compared with this same time last year. hundreds of buildings did not get follow-up inspections after oakland firefighters discovered potential safety risks. that includes at least 200
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apartment buildings housing thousands of oakland residents. firefighters flagged 879 properties for further inspection. this is dating back to 2011. our media partner at the bay area news group reports inspectors never visited 79% or 615 of those sites. oakland's fire chief blames a lack of staffing. these revelations follow last year's deadly ghost ship fire. a building that had a lot of code violations. a man is dead tonight after he drowned trying to save his son in morgan hill. it happened in coyote creek between the 101 and old monterey road. investigators say they were told a man went into the water to help some kids and didn't come out. firefighters describe the creek as having a fairly swift current. the victim's son was fortunately saved. a wildfire briefly threatened several homes in antioch this evening. you're looking at cell phone video of smoke looming over a row of houses that's right near
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highway 4. people first reported the fire just before 6:30 this evening. here's at look. look at those flames. as you can see, all of the fire raging right next to the freeway. crews had the fire contained a little more than 40 minutes after it started. the fire did burn about 30 acres. new at 11:00, a man was stabbed trying to stop a shoplifter in san francisco. it happened about 7:00 at a grocery liquor store on market street near franklin. a story employee was wounded in the attack but is expected to survive. right now police are looking for the suspect. a driver is accused of drunk driving and stealing a car after several people were hurt in a head-on crash in eastern contra costa county. you can see on this map exactly where that crash happened on highway 4 near sand creek road in brentwood. last night's impact crushed a minivan carrying seven people. this happened just after 8:00. highway patrol investigators say the driver of the stolen car was going the wrong way on westbound
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4 when he hit the minivan. nine people were hurt including two small children. >> one vehicle overturned off to the side of the road. one vehicle was a van full of people and children. we have multiple trauma victims that went to trauma centers, two by helicopter and multiple patients by ground. >> a man in his 60s suffered the worst injuries. he was in the minivan and remains at the hospital right now. the suspected drunk driver is now in jail after being released from the hospital. new at 11:00, a key road in the east bay will be closed for three months starting tomorrow. morgan territory road in clayton will be shut down just south of marsh creek road as crews work on storm-related repairs. abc7 news reporter lilian kim is live at the marsh creek road to explain what this means for the folks who live in the area. hi there, lilian. >> reporter: kate, this detour has been set up for local residents. it's narrow and going to take extra time. clearly the next three months
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are not going to be easy. morgan territory road is the only way to go for the people who live southeast of clayton. and for others getting to either livermore or antioch, it's a way to bypass the freeways. starting monday at 7:00 a.m., this key thoroughfare will close in both directions. a detour has been set up for locals ornly by way the marsh creek detention facility. >> it's a little slower and, i don't know, maybe 10, 15 minutes longer maybe. maybe. >> it's definitely an extra 15 minutes. it's -- it's a drive. >> reporter: contra costa couldn't's department of public works acknowledges the inconvenience the closure will have. the road, however, is in need of major repairs. the winter storms caused the earth underneath it to slide, reducing it to one lane and the use of one-way traffic snignals. it's finally stable for crews to begin work. >> it's important to remember when this landslide, it was losing up to a foot per day, and
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there's quite a bit of activity below the land, which took time for us to assess it. >> reporter: when it's done, there will be two structural retaining walls, new drainage, and a water main. locals can't wait. >> it's good. you know, finally get the road finished and done and looking forward to kind of getting somewhat back to normal. >> reporter: the work is scheduled to be done by october 18th. lilian kim, abc7 news. were you watching tennis today because the most talked about moment in wimbledon happened when play actually stopped. >> extraordinary scene on centre court. >> a head breaking point. raw emotion when an elite athlete realized he just can't give his best. and could crowdfunding help ease our housing crisis? we'll have a look at a new way to buy a home. plus a look at the growing trend of the s
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this july visit your local volvo dealer to receive sommar savings of up to $4,500. san francisco's golden gate park was filled with thousands of people today who were walking to raise money for people with aids and hiv. abc7 has been a proud sponsor since it began in 1987. this is the largest aids fund-raising event in all of northern california. it's raised more than $88 million for hiv programs and services in the bay area and for many people, the walk is personal. >> my mother and father lost the fight to aids, and i just feel like it's a great thing to do to support the cause and, you know, support the services. >> a great event. also great, our very own abc7
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news anchor dan ashley. he was today's master of ceremonies, and he also brought down the park with his band, push, at the post-walk show in sharon meadow. emotions ran high today on the tennis court at wimbledon. roger federer made history with his win but not until his opponent called a time-out, unable to hold back tears. abc news reporter rob claiborne has a look. >> it happened on tennis' biggest court. legendary roger federer with a scorching ace against marin cilic. then a moment rarely seen in sports history. cilic breaking down, crying. his shoulders heaving with emotion with a doctor kneeling next to him. >> extraordinary scene on centre court. marin cilic has been in tears. >> reporter: it went on for nearly three minutes in a break between games. >> something is hurting to the point where he doesn't think he can continue to play. >> reporter: at one point, cilic
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covering his head with a towel. but cilic did muster himself back onto the court, wiping away tears as fans cheered him on. but federer would go on to rout his opponent in straight sets to capture his record eighth wimbledon men's singles title. afterwards, cilic explained he had suffered a bad blister on his foot and had become overwhelmed with emotion. >> i knew i cannot give my best on the court. >> it is cruel sometimes, but he fought well, and he's a hero. >> reporter: for federer it was his 19th grand slam title. one of the all time greats in the sport says he wants to win still more. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. thousands of young americans are banking on a real estate option designed to help them afford homes. it's called e-fund, and it
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resembles crowdfunding. investors buy a minimum of 100 shares in fund rise. business insider reports e fund then sells its shares for $10 each, then pays to renovate older homes and build new ones. investors can then buy those homes at 10% less than they would with a broker. looking to make a few extra bucks? seems like many of us are. there's a growing sector of the american economy known as a side hustle. from baking to driving, millions of people are taking on a second or even a third flexible job, but that money-making tactic comes with a warning. here's abc news reporter rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: tonight from uber to etsy, millions of americans taking on extra work to make some extra cash. jason is a working actor who uses the app task rabbit to find odd jobs to supplement his income. >> i'm going to be installing some window guards, fixing some light bulbs. >> and how much are you making? >> it varies from task to task.
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but i average around between $40 and $60 an hour. >> reporter: he's part of a growing trend. a new study showing more than 44 million americans have side jobs in addition to working full-time. they range from retirees to millennials. the largest group of side hustlers. >> because millennials are contending with record levels of student loan debt and underemployment, they are extremely likely to side hustle. >> reporter: but experts warn be careful with that cash. >> some of the cons of a side hustle are burnout, living beyond your means. >> reporter: instead, money from those side jobs should be used to pay down debt and beef up that savings account so that you're not living beyond your means. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> we are wrapping up a warm week, and now the focus of our attention is cooler weather
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working into the picture over the next 48 hours. live doppler 7 along with satellite showing you it's a really quiet picture out there. no issues with precipitation. in fact, we have clear skies across the entire region. we'll take you outside with a live look from our east bay hills camera. great visibility. in fact, you can see sutro tower. temperatures are slow to fall tonight. san francisco right now 62 degrees. 65 in oakland. mountain view, just one degree shy of 70. gilroy warmer at 76. half moon bay one of the cooler spots in the 50s. santa rosa, a warm day today. still mild out there tonight. 67. 70 that current number in napa. novato, 63. look at concord. still holding at 84 degrees at this hour. livermore checking in with a mild temperature of 77 degrees. here's the call. overnight tonight, we're really going to see those temperatures mild away from the coast,
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holding in the 60s from concord to antioch to livermore. mainly mid-to-upper 50s around the immediate bay waters under plenty of stars. then highs in our microclimate. starting in the south bay, tomorrow we'll be in the 80s. today we are in the 90s. you can chop about ten degrees off from the highs today, and that's where we'll be tomorrow. 86 in san jose. feeling a bit better if you do not like the heat this time of the year. 88 morgan hill. 84 that number in cupertino. along the peninsula tomorrow, 81. that number in palo alto. 82 mountain view. breezy along the coast. downtown san francisco, today we were in the upper 70s. tomorrow we'll be in the upper 60s. 67 afternoon high. 65 and breezy in daly city. into the north bay, cooler air moving in. no longer into the triple digits in 123457santa rosa. 85 in vallejo. 87 san rafael. 89 in calistoga. oakland, a record high of 87
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today. nowhere near that tomorrow. 74 your afternoon high. 78 fremont. 73 hercules. we're warm inland, but today we were above the century mark. tomorrow will back off into the 90s. 92 walnut creek. 91 in livermore. if you are lucky enough to have the day off tomorrow and you're going to the coast, really a nice day. a lot of sunshine. a sea breeze will kick in, about 10 to 20 miles per hour. your ocean water chilly at 54 degrees. future tracker temperatures. watch what happens on tuesday. comfortable for most. we get out of the 90s, and then we stay in the 80s and really cool air moves in. 60s and 70s the name of the game around the bay. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. those numbers will drop over the next 48 hours. not as hot on monday. the fog returns on tuesday along the coast and that creates a day actually below normal for this time of year. it's seasonable and steady through friday, and then numbers climb just a bit over the weekend. but right now nowhere near where we were today. good news there. >> that's good. you know what tastes great when
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it's hot out? a cool beer. are you a fan? >> big time. >> i am once this baby's out. but beer connoisseurs listen up. we've got the scoop on what is likely the most limited edition beer in the entire world, and
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benedictine monks are selling a special kind of beer called earthquake beer. this is because after an earthquake devastated the town a year ago, the monks could not get to their vats of beer. so the beer fermented for an extra eight months. >> all of the flavors blended together in a way that none of our beers have before. normally, especially our dark beer gets better with age, and this one even more. >> the beer is called i love narci and is available only in limited quantities. if my husband is paying attention, i know his ears
11:26 pm
perked up. i bet they would have on the golf course today too. >> yeah, there was a reason to have a drink on the golf course after a good round today, especially by steph. he put on a show today but this time it
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>> announcer: abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. the a's are once again in rebuilding mode. so today they traded veteran reliever sean doolittle and ryan madson to washington for pitcher blake treinen and a pair of prospects. throwing out the first pitch this afternoon, oakland native and new raiders running back marshawn lynch. talk about beast mode. the a 's roughed up.
11:30 pm
ryon healy drives in two. then jacob bregman brings home two more runs to make it 4-0. the a's scored again in the third. lowry deep for his tenth homer of the season. it was 5-0. sean manaea gots a eighth victory striking out eight over seven innings. 7-3 was the final. >> it was great. we got the series sweep against a really good team and you know, judgment overru just overrule we played really good baseball. offense is coming around. defense is playing well. pitching overall has been really well, so it's just really exciting right now. the giants played the rubber game of their series in san diego. last night's hero for the padres, hector sanchez takes samardzija deep in the first for a three-run homer. the former san francisco catcher had a pair of hits. the giants tried to rally in the send. brandon crawford sends one into
11:31 pm
the gap. can't make the catch and then comes buster posey. san diego pretty much put the game away in the third as samardzija gives up another three-run shot. this one to corey spangenberg. the padres go on to win 7-1. samardzija is tied for most losses in the league with 11. it's no big deal when steph curry leads all scores in basketball, but today he did it on the golf course at the american century celebrity championship. another gorgeous day at lake tahoe. curry was in the zone on the par 5 18th. his second shot nearly goes in for a rare albatross. with the day's best 28 points, he jumped all the way to fourth place. for losing to his son, his dad had to go jump in the lake. i guess that makes him a splash brother. for the third straight year, former a's pitcher mark mulder would come away the winner. he nails this long put to save par on 10. he finishes with 73 points, nine better than marty fish and derek
11:32 pm
lowe. mulder with a repeat. this abc7 sports report has been brought to you by river rock casino. kate? >> thanks, rick. president trump's approval rating slips in the latest poll and his supporters have something to say about it. that's ahead. also flash flooding at ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century.
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get whatever you want, whenever you want, now wherever you want. order at >> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. good evening. i'm kate larsen in for eric thomas. in tonight's headlines, abc7 news was there when a woman suspected of kidnapping a 6-month-old baby girl was arrested on a san francisco muni bus. the baby was inside her parents'
11:36 pm
car when she was snatched, and the suspect made at least one bus transfer before she was caught. fortunately the baby was not hurt. governor brown has issued an emergency proclamation for santa barbara county because of two wildfires. this will make response and recovery funding available. cal fire reports that wildfires across the state have burned twice as much land so far compared with this same time last year. an east bay road damaged by storms in february will be closed for three more months. beginning tomorrow, morgan territory road in clayton will be shut down just south of marsh creek road as crews work on those storm-related repairs. and we switch gears to politics now. president trump on the defensive fllowing a historically low approval rating six months into the job. an abc news/"washington post" poll shows 36% of americans approve of his presidency. that is the lowest level at this point in 70 years of presidential polling.
11:37 pm
58% say they disapprove. abc7 news reporter david wright has the president's reaction. >> reporter: today's abc news/"washington post" poll shows donald trump is off to the worst start of any president since polling began. americans have deep concerns about his competence and effectiveness. two-thirds don't trust him to negotiate with other world leaders. nearly half say the u.s. has grown weaker on the world stage on his watch. trump does have die-hard supporters. >> it's all just anti-trump propaganda that isn't even true. we believe that, okay? so his supporters believe him, not you. >> reporter: today trump pushed back. the abc/"washington post" poll, even though almost 40% is not bad at this time, was just about the most inaccurate poll around election time. not true. abc's last poll before the election predicted the national results within two points,
11:38 pm
showing hillary clinton winning the popular vote. one major stumbling block for trump is russia. >> i have nothing to do with russia. i told you. >> reporter: six out of ten believe russia did try and influence the election. trump's reaction today is true to form. >> i love to talk about polls. you know, i'm a poll maven. only when i'm in first place. believe me, if i'm not winning, i don't talk about 'em. >> reporter: he's tweeted before that in his view, any negative polls are fake news. david wright, abc news. the congressional budget office will not release its analysis of the gop health care bill tomorrow as planned. the analysis will include the estimated cost and scope of insurance coverage. however, the senate budget committee announced today that the release has been postponed for unknown reasons. this announcement comes right after senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said he's going to delay a vote on the bill because senator john mccain is out recovering from surgery. arizona authorities say
11:39 pm
they're looking for another body tonight after a vicious flash flood swept through a popular swimming spot. nine people were killed, including two children. abc's kenneth moton reports. >> reporter: fast-moving water sweeping away a group of swimmers in northern arizona. >> trying to rescue this guy and his 1 month baby. >> reporter: one woman capturing the horrifying moments on camera. >> there's the son over there, and the mom's in the water. >> reporter: water, mud, trees and debris rushing down a mountain, flooding the creek below. >> finally got rescuers on site. >> reporter: at least nine killed, two of them children. four rescued. but tonight the desperate search for three still missing. >> one of the witnesses said he looked up and saw a wall of water coming toward him. >> reporter: choppers scouring the rough terrain for survivors. the flash flooding triggered by torrential rain, beating the windows of this waterfront restaurant.
11:40 pm
>> the whole dock has flipped over, broken on all sides. >> reporter: that blinding rain bending trees. >> when it rains up here, it really pours. not only that, it knocks down trees. >> reporter: the search continues for those missing swimmers. officials telling us that wall of water that swept them away, more than six feet high, rushing at nearly 30 miles per hour. kenneth moton, abc news, dallas. horror movie lovers are mourning a giant of the genre tonight. director george romero. romero gained fame and spawned many imitators with his black and white classic night of the living dead. that was nearly 50 years ago. critics admired romero's ability to frighten generations of movie fans while also leaving social themes like racism and conformity into his tales. he battled lung cancer and died with his family at his side today. he was 77 years old. tributes are also coming in for academy award winning actor martin landau. landau began appearing on tv and
11:41 pm
in the movies during the 1950s. millions remember him as one of the stars of the 1960s adventure show, mission impossible. he took home an oscar in 1994 for best supporting actor. he played bela lugosi in ed wood. he had been suffering from an illness recently and had just turned 89. a soldier's act of kindness has made strangers friends and has won over a lot of hearts. up next, the photo that's resonating with many as a reminder about the importance of small acts of kindness. also a sweet offer that quickly turned sour. why so many mcdonald's customers were upset today. and mime meteorologist drew tuma wrapping up a very warm week that included record highs today. now we're tracking
11:42 pm
11:43 pm
11:44 pm
some mcdonald's customers had a bit of a meltdown after a promotion today for national ice
11:45 pm
cream day didn't go quite as planned. mcdonald's offered anyone with its app a free vanilla cone today, but there was a glitch in the app and it didn't work. mcdonald's tried to fix it. the fast food giant told those customers they'd get a free cookie if they asked. still many vented their fru frustrations on social media. a simple act of respect has gone viral. a woman in kentucky captured a soldier saluting a funeral procession. tom llamas has the story behind that photo. >> reporter: it's the type of photo that gives you goose bumps. there in the pouring rain, a soldier standing at attention, saluting a funeral procession. kentucky resident erin hester was driving behind that soldier. >> it was the most memorable amount of respect that i've ever seen another american or human being for that show somebody else that they had never met before. >> reporter: she then shared it on facebook. it went viral. at last check, shared more than
11:46 pm
133,000 times. >> the next morning i woke up, and i had like, i think, 900 facebook notifications. >> reporter: that soldier was also on facebook and noticed a photo of what looked like himself. >> i was just a little taken aback, a little surprised, and kind of wondering how it happened. >> reporter: colonel osrey who did two tours in afghanistan didn't know anyone in that funeral procession. so why did he get out of his car? >> family, hurting, bad day. rain makes it worse. maybe i can help. and i just did it. >> reporter: having shared that special moment together and all that attention afterwards, erin and colonel usrey decided to meet up. >> hi. >> hello there. >> i feel like i should give you a hug. >> i think you should. >> how are you? >> colonel usrey knows people will remember this photo, but he hopes they never foregoat the lesson. >> i think the single simple message i'd ask folks to think
11:47 pm
about is every single day, we're all given opportunities if we just slow down and just help somebody. >> and that's a good point and a great story. we're going to move on to weather now where we've had a very hot weekend, but we've got a cooldown in the forecast and drew is here to tell us about that good news. >> yeah, kate. hot is an understatement today. four record highs today. a lot of spots at your century mark or greater than that. still some of that warmth is being held on to right now. 84 that current number in concord. 70 in san jose. 62 in san francisco. 70 right now in the north bay. overnight tonight, a mile night. plenty of stars out there. a nice-looking night. we'll hold on into the 60s inland. 59 that number overnight in fremont. 53 in san francisco. dropped about 55 in santa rosa. highs on your monday, about 10 degrees cooler across the region than what we just experienced today. so 67 in san francisco tomorrow
11:48 pm
afternoon. 86 in san jose. 74 in oakland. we'll go into the 90s inland but that's cooler than where we were toda today. accuweather seven-day forecast. cool monday and tuesday with the fog returning. steady pattern through friday. then just a little bit warmer as we head into next weekend. >> a lot of people going to be looking forward to tomorrow. >> i think so. >> i kind of like the warm weather. thanks, drew. i bet it was hot at the coliseum today for the a's game. >> the a's are certainly hot. i don't know about the weather. coming up, the a's complete a sweep of chief land. and who says wimbledon is too stuff
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>> announcer: abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. injuries sidelined roger federer for much of 2016 but he's come back strong. in january he won the australian
11:52 pm
open and today he captured a record eighth singles title at wimbledon. the last time he had won here was in 2012. federer turns 36 next month but still dominated marin cilic. some nice hustle at the net as he finds the open court. still in the first set, cilic tries to be aggressive but federer answers with a backhand winner. a frustrated cilic lost the first two sets 6-3, 6-1. to be fair, the croatian was playing with a painful blister which caused him to break down in tears while being treated. this was championship point. federer ends it with an ace. he joins bjorn borg as the only players to win the title without losing a set. >> wimbledon was always my favorite tournament, will always be my favorite tournament. my heroes walked the grounds here, walked the courts here, and because of them, i think i became a better player too.
11:53 pm
>> now, wimbledon is known for being a bit stojy, but during a women's doubles match on friday, a loud fan was invited on to the court by kim clijsters and company. clijsters even let him borrow one of her white skirts. he somehow got the skirt on. after taking a few swings with the women, they all took a photo together and left that guy with a memory he will never forget. with the a's looking to the future, today they traded veteran reliever sean doolittle and ryan madson to washington for pitcher bliek treinen and a pair of prospects. throwing out the first pitch this afternoon, oakland native and new raiders running back marshawn lynch. trevor bauer did not get out of the first. ryon healy drives in two runs with a bases-loaded single. jacob brugman brings home two more runs to make it 4-0. the a's scored again in the third. jed lowrie takes dan otero deep for his tenth homer of the
11:54 pm
season. it was 5-0. sean manaea got his eighth win, striking out eight over seven iengsz. 7-3 was the final as the a's sweep the defending american league champions. tomorrow the indians are at at&t park. today san francisco lost to the padres. hector sanchez takes jeff samardzija deep in the first for a three-run shot. last night sanchez won the game with a walk-of home run. the giants tried to make it a game in the second. brandon crawford sends this one into the gap. in the third, samardzija gives up another three-run homer, this one to corey spangenberg. the padres win 7-1. sa ma jar is tied for most losses in the national league with 11. next month, steph curry will be playing golf with the pros on the tour in hayward. this weekend he got a chance to tune up his game at the american century celebrity championship. it was another gorgeous day at lake tahoe. curry was in the zone on the par
11:55 pm
5 18th. his second shot nearly goes in for a rare albatross. with the day's best 28 points, he jumped all the way to fourth place. for losing to his son, his dad had to jump in the lake. for the third straight year, mark mulder would come away the winner. he nails this long putt to save par on 10. on 18 he'll tap in for birdie to finish with 73 points, nine better than mardy fish and derek lowe. mulder with the three-peat. the final round of the u.s. women's open belonged to park. she takes the lead on 15 with this long birdie. park fired a five under par 67 today. amateur hajen choi could tie her for the lead, but on 16, her tee shot will wind up in the water. she would double bogey the hole. on 17, park ups her lead to two with this birdie, then taps in for par on 18. she winds up 10 under, good for a two-stroke victory over choi.h
11:56 pm
there was an exciting finish at the john deere classic in illinois. dechambeau overcame a four-stroke deficit with birdies on four of the last six holes. he shot a final round 65. patrick rogers needed this chip to force a playoff but his ball rolls past the cup. day sham bow wins his first pga event and earns a spot in next week's british open. this week's nascar stop was in new hampshire. the race had to be stopped for a while because of huge cracks in the track. they were filled in. the race did resume, and with 34 laps to go, hamlin takes the lead. hamlin would hold off kyle larson to take the checkered flag. the victory snaps a 28-race winless skid. the tour de france continued today with stage 15. two time defending champ chris froome had a flat tire and had to take a new bike from one of his teammates.
11:57 pm
froome retains the yellow jersey as the overall leader. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. and the tour ends a week from today. >> and back to that guy on the tennis court. amazing. > wasn't that great? >> yes. good for him. all right. that's it for today. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. i'm kate larsen for drew tuma and rick kwan, thanks so much for joining us. have a good one.
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