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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 18, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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in the mercury news that was a mistake. . >> they just wanted foam stay off the roads because of all the fooip fire equipment on the roads. matt kerl, abc 7 news. >> thank you. and happening now, firefighters are working to contain 12 active wildfires burning across california. one of them burning in the sierra about 20 miles outside of yosemite. the detective weller fire has forced the evacuation of hins of families including pets. it started late sunday and exploded in size. it scorched 11,000 acres and only 5% contained this morning. they say the fire has destroyed one building and damaged another. and firefighters are make progress on the witnessier fire near santa barbara. they've lifted some evacuation orders. so far it has destroyed 16 homes and 30 structures. the flames have burned more than 18 thousands acres. governor brown has irnd an emergency proclamation to make recovery money available to fire victims. now to the republicans efforts to replace obamacare, the revamped bill is on life
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support this morning after two more republican senators say they are not going to vote for it. abc news reporter elizabeth joins us now with the details. >> reporter: good morning to you. for seven years republicans have promised to repeal and replace obamacare but the chances of that happening with this current bill appear to be over. >> overnight, two key republicans delivering a fatal blow to the gop healthcare bill. senators mike lee of utah and jerry moran of kansas announcing their opposition. moran saying in a statement we should not put our stamp of approval on bad policy. the bill needed the support of at least 50 of the senate's 52 republicans but a total of four republican senators now declaring their no votes, bill appears to be dead on arrival giving democrats a reason to declare victory. senate minority leader chuck schumer tweeting this second
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failure of traufrp care is a sign that the core of this bill is unworkable. the bill was already on hold after senator john mccain's health scare this weekend. frustrating president trump who as candidate trump made this promise. >> to immediately repeal and replace obamacare. >> in a late-night tweet the president again called on republicans to just repeal, failing obamacare now and start from a clean slate adding democrats will join in. and it's possible president trump gets that repeal. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell now says he will hold a vote in the coming days on a straight repeal with a two-year delay to make that transition. >> reporter: but as it stands now, whether mcconnell will have the gop support even on this straight repeal remains to be seen. democrats have already said they are not on board.
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reporting live in new york, abc 7 news, back to you. >> thank you. the state department is clarifying who is exempt from president trump's travel ban. people who can prove they have close family in the u.s. will be allowed to apply for visas, that includes grandparents, grandchildren, aupts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins half and step relationships are included. the rules include people from six muslim countries and go into effect immediately. a father of an stramian woman shot and killed by minneapolis police is demanding justice for his daughter. 40-year-old just teen doe manned called 911 to report a possible robbery near her home. she was shot while standing up next to the window. overnight they spoke about what she meant to her friends and familiar. >> i just teen our daughter meant so much to us and all of
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ore friends. we only ask that the light of justice shine down on the circumstance dollars of her death. >> the officer's been identified as hoe ham med noor. records obtained overnight show that he has three complaints filed against him and were to still open. the bart safety workforce commission is going to hear an update of police staffing at its stations. a victim of a violent mob attack at the station in april is is going to attend the meeting. rusty staff filed $3 million in claims against the agency after dozens of teams jumped the fair gate then robbed and beat people on a train. staff wants bart to release video of the attacks. the committee meets at 10:30 this morning in oakland. >> a north bay woman aus could of oozing a counterfeit $100 bill is due in court today. they arrested her at her home in rohnert park on sunday. these are from the market and that's where the high school
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students were selling goods to raise money foyer their music program. she got $80 in change after using the fake $100 bill. she use today to buy heroin and meth. she has been conskroiktd over charges before. san francisco supervisor settle approve permits to businesses to sell recreational marijuana and punish violators. it will offer medical pot dispensaries in san francisco. the it will also offer advise to city leaders as they set regular layings on pot sales which begins statewide january 1st. >> a move that could help the homeless in richmond. they will consider using tiny homes just like the ones you see here. they're transitional they're not permanent so they'd only be used to help people get back on their feet. they could royal out as many as six of the tiny homes in september. no word on where they will be set up. if you ride caltrain, the
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north park lot is going to be closed permanently, a new parking lot will open south of the station on el camino real and cherry street. it's due to the construction that's going up between the caltrain tracks and el camino real. the village is going to contain 200 apartments. let's open up the weather window on your commute this morning. you can see from you are south beach camera we're looking at the bay bridge which is getting kind of busy at least traffic wise. we'll let alexis tell you more about that. weather weiss not much in the way of cloud cover but it is lurking and will increase over the next couple hours. some fog will develop especially near the coast. it's going to be breezy north of the bay bridge again and we'll round out your commute planner with cool to warm conditions if you're taking mass transit today. look at the temperatures, we're up to 14 degrees cooler than yesterday. so hopefully you slept well last night. around san francisco 52 in west portal to ocean beach. about 54 degrees, not up much of
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a spread there. 56 in bell monlt, palo alto, pleasanton 59, petaluma 51. livermore, average high 81. we'll be in the mid-80s once we get past noon but before the evening commute it will drop back into the 70s. temperatures 63 in half moon bay to 88 in antioch. the heat is gone. it's going to come back a little quicker than we talked about yesterday. here's alexis. we will enjoy the cooler temps for now. we're liekt smooth commute. we do have one new issue in the medical petous area. four vehicles involved. southbound 880 just before the get to 37. we possibly have injuries involved as well. we have no information on how many lanes are blokd. i know they ran a traffic break to try to clear some of this crash but for now it's light through the area. the san rafael bridge, the westbound side 580 once you make it past the toll plaza we zo
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have a disable vekd reported. sounds like off to the shoulder but they're calling for a tow truck to be on the look out for that. we'll take a look at drive times coming up in less than ten. there's a plan to turn a closed east bay shopping center into a car deerpd and it's sparking a fight over affordable housing. san francisco muni has a warning for weekend riders why warning for weekend riders why it's shutting down the t
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now a lye desk update. >> welcome back. new this morning video from pakistan after a deadly building collapse there. we just got these images only a short moment ago. two people were killed, eight people hurt, you can see there are folks trapped in the rubble. this happened in ka roch which i, it was a three-story building in a poor neighborhood. they think the age of the building could be what caused the collapse. right now rescuers are searching for more survivors. officials said they do think the death toll could rise as workers sift through that rubble. i'll keep an eye out for updates. back to you. there is another clue in the fate of a mission san mateo county man. 22-year-old richard moss disappeared after leaving for work on may 25th. it's believed his car left the road south of devil slide tunnel and plunged into the ocean. last thursday they found pieces
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of a car believed to be moss's include a wheel. they say that the tire on that wheel is the same type purchased by moss just two years ago. police have not confirmed that. neighbors in the east bay are angry over a proposal to replace a shut down shopping center. some say the lanes should be used for affordable housing instead. carmax wants to open up on chill pan king goe parkway. >> a representative made his sales pitch for a used car deerpd to the pleasant hill city council zblil we're going to be redeveloping an unutilized site that's been vacant. >> he's talk about the des late lot that used to be a k mart and mcdonald's. they want to build a new facility at the former shopping center on contra costa boulevard. >> we're losing untold opportunities to build housing. >> this woman says council would have to change zoning from mixed use to commercial. she's worried about the regional
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housing shortage. >> all of a sudden when they put 100% commercial project in an area that is designed to accommodate housing, we're not going to meet our share of that need. >> a representative with neighboring did he abblow valley college says they want the property developed and soon. >> the old dbc shopping center has been abandoned and neglected for far too many years. it has criminal activity and a homeless population is gathering in this location. >> as one council member pointed out carmax is the only offer on the table. >> it's a great opportunity since it -- since the place has been idle for so long. >> neighbors hope they're not being sold a lemon. katy ute tis, abc 7 news. the muni metro subway will shut down at times to set of new train cars. the subway will close early on weeknights and all day on the weekends for about the next month. a bus bridge will be available for passengers. full service will be many place
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for outside lands which is the second weekend in august. the first new cars arrived in san francisco in january and have been undergoing months of test runs on street-level tracks. these will be the first tests on the subway itself. they're expected to be quieter, safer and more reliable. the oakland a's will kick off their float day. >> we'll be helping players serve up sweet treats and that starts at 4:30 and proceeds go to the juvenile diabetes research foundation. root beer float day began in 2003 and has raised more than $486,000. >> i know you've been practicing that curl, you ready to scoop and grod. >> i did some curls at the gym yesterday, ready to good, buffed up. it's going to be fun and fun to see the kids and how excited they are and the parents so to see how excited they are. we help contribute by you giving
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us tips if we make a good float because all of those tips go back to the a's found dodation. 64 at 7:05 first pitch dropping down to 59 degrees. look at the wind at the golden gate bridge, it's up to 21 per hour. we're going to have a stiff sea breeze and that means the cooling trend continues today that's going to bring us mainly sunny sky away from the coast. a slow warming trend begins as quickly as tomorrow. upper 70s in sunny ville, san jose 82, upper 80s in los gatos, sunny 74 in santa cruz. peninsula, 80 in redwood city, everybody else in the low to mid-70s. along the coast cooler today, not as much sunshine as yesterday, low to mid-60s for you. 66 downtown san francisco, up through the north bay 78 petaluma, 84 santa rosa,
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lakeport 92. east bay shore mid to upper 60s and 70 in oak tloond 77 at fremont, and 84 to 89 from san ramon to brentwood. no more 100s and maybe a 90 here and there. that will be the exception. low to upper 50s tonight. here's the seven-day forecast. we add a couple of degrees wednesday, thursday, friday, and before you know it we're in the mid to upper 90s this week around 80 for the bay and 60s at the coast. hi, alexis. good morning i'm going to head back to oakland and look at that road work at least of the area where it was scheduled to go until 5:00 this morning. southbound 880 and 23rd avenue. full high wye closure is required. we saw the same thing yesterday. looks like we've got lanes open ahead of schedule this morning and i believe everything is back open according to caltran. so we did have a little bit of a backup on the south end of lake merit there were looks like that has thingd r thinged out and no longer have semis available for
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an alt terp nate and you don't need it either. westbound 580 tracy to dublin up to 38 yooenz minutes in the yellow. antioch to contort 13, and san rafael to san francisco looking great at 16 minutes. a.m. frack is facing pressure to drop the idea of trying to jam more seats on to its trains. amtrak raised that possibility as a way to generate more money last week. he says reducing legroom would allow for more seats, more passengers and more revenue. charles schumer says the people would hurt people who are looking for less expensive ways to travel. schumer says he will work on ways to help amtrak bring in more money including increased funding from washington. dozens of young penn women are in oakland this week build a bridge for their future. girls are being handed a number of challenges like this one to engineer a bridge out of paper. the program aims to inspire the next generation of engineers to think about the kind of things they would want to build. >> the golden gate bridge, because, like, i would be over
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the water and it's very popular, almost everyone goes over it. it's really pretty. >> oracle arena, like a little building for homeless people to help them get more education, help them get shelter because on the streets i see a lot of homeless people and i feel really bad for them. >> young engineers were judged on the length andth and the strength of their bridges. 4:48 a security robot looks out for crime but one in washington, d.c. didn't look where it was going and that is what happened. the security robot ended up many this water fountain inside of an office mall in georgetown. having no arms or legs, the robot needed human help to get back on its feet. since there are steps leading down to the fountain they think his swim may have been the result of a prank. i don't know how important of getting a good night's sleep is now there's another reason to get plenty of zs. >> one second they're zooming down the highway the next second, this what we are learning about this phiry scligs
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in china. the garden discovery who's a world champion this morning, but first sec bytes. >> something new today if you take an uber. >> you can now leave a tip through the uber app and today the company is matching all tips as a way of thank s its drivers. >> they will be able to add the tip after they rate their drivers up to 30 days after the trip. >> if do you have you have one great driver. >> you liked him. >> yes. amazon is about to enter the meal kit market. >> meal kits are premeasured fresh ingredients delivered to fresh ingredients delivered to home the it's already
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a crash between a van and semi parked open a china freeway caused a violent explosion. take a look. surveillance video. it captures the van clipping the side of the trailer has it turns the bend there. the driver says he heard a big boom but he didn't know what happened. the truck was carrying steel products and the van was carrying containers filled with paint. the free way was closed for abhour and a half crews mopping up the debris and putting the fire out. no one was hurt. toxic alguy is growing in contra costa county. they say they're repeat a warning for people to avoid the water in discovery bay. they first detect today late last month. the most recent surveys show it is still at
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they had to deal an algae bloom last summer and they say this is only in the recreational areas of the bay. tap water from the sba safe. gym bore rhee is getting ready to close hundreds of stores. it is yust the latest retailer to cut back as online shopping cuts into its bottom line. gym more reap has more than twufl hundred stores, 11,000 ploip ease. it also operates crazy 8 and janie and jack stores. here in the bay area, five gym bore rhee, five krait create eights and one janie and jack will be closing their doors. want to be a warriors dancer, reginald, you better start rehearsing right now. >> auditions are less than a month away. ♪ >> the warriors dance team released this video showing prior auditions ant current team in action. the whole process takes about a week and it's going to start august 12th. 20 women make up the current
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warriors dance team. >> this is so athletic, i mean vur to give them props. >> i wouldn't be able to follow the first eight count, honestly. hi, mike. they do it and look so graceful too. i'd be sweating and look god awful by the end of that. >> i want to see that. >> no, you don't. >> i do. >> good morning, everybody were, i want to talk about the winds they're already 21 miles per hour at the golden gate bridge and they're blowing through the delta up to 30 knots through 11:00 and out at the coast they'll be blowing up to 30 knots. coming out of northwest until 9:00 tomorrow evening. a quick look at at&t park tonight, indians and giants 59 at 7:15, breezy, dress appropriately. we've got heavy traffic heading into san francisco on the bay bridge right now. here's a live look. we have reports of a metal lid on the maris son off-ramp so chp just ran a traffic break a few moments ago. looks like that has cleared from the board so i think everything is cleared up and this should be gone in a few minutes but i will
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keep a close high on that with the we had an issue in medical pete yas too, this is getting better, southbound 880, sounds like three vehicles involved in this crash total hads been pushed off to the side. minor injuries involved in that one. we'll take a look at drive times in five. all right. >> i'm not ready for this story. yet another reminder of the importance of sleep. there is no research that finds that people who are sleep deprived lose some of their ability to be positive. it's -- yeah, okay. so while that may not sound so serious, medical experts say an inability to think positively is a serious symptom of depression. the study was published in the journal cognitive therapy and rezblerj i think it's serious. >> i spend most of the time not here screaming, in fact. scientists at uc berkeley have a $22 million federal grant to begin building a window into the brain. cal is going to use the money to create an implantable system that will allow researchers to
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activate brain neurons with light. the goal is to convert the electro chemical signals needed for digital language. if successful it could be used to help people with neurological damage caused by disease or injury. it could allow the blind to see and the paralyzed to feel touch one day. we have new video, take a look at the humpback whale spotted just bemeej the golden gate bridge. and also chasing food, mostly an choef i haves right now. it has turned the bring in one of the best whale watching spots in all of the bay area. we're going to slow it down for the world snail racing championship. 1 134 snails sprinted from that's what you want to call it, through a course in england this weekend. it measured 13 inc., that's the whole length am of the course. the winner finished in under three minutes. congratulations to larry. >> it's not really sunk in now. a kind of event say bit of a
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challenge with my friend and now larry's a champion. so, yeah, no, it feels great. >> i'm obsessed with terra and larry. >> is she serious. >> and they're trophy. >> i think she is. >> i love this. i think this is great. >> she said she's having trouble taking it all in right now. okay. >> and she also says that the night before in the garden they practice. so larry -- this didn't just come to him, this is sweat, hard work and dedication. not sure if they do sweat. >> there's like a whole pix ar movie about that. next at 5:00 new numbers about crime on bart and how the agency is addressing it today. and what's that in the water? wait until you see the up close and personal encounter after the santa cruz county coast. and a restaurant collapses in atlanta, several people are hurt. i'll tell you what's happening this morning to make surety building is safe. what san francisco
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good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. good morning on this tuesday, july 18th, we made it to 5:00 a.m. >> and one step closer to the weekend. already making those plans. >> we're not close. >> we're definitely not close. >> we have another warm weekend to look forward to but first let's get through this tuesday forecast. >> she's going to take the rest of us dragging all the way there, isn't she. >> i guess so. we do have interesting weather until we get to the weekend. gusting to 29 at fairfield, that's what the winds are doing right now. as you can see i overlaid that on live do particular 7. you can see the sea breeze in the fairy build, that's cooler weather for all of us today. that's your 7:00 temperature and 12-our day planner. the bottom line will be in the 50s at the coast,


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