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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 18, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. good morning on this tuesday, july 18th, we made it to 5:00 a.m. >> and one step closer to the weekend. already making those plans. >> we're not close. >> we're definitely not close. >> we have another warm weekend to look forward to but first let's get through this tuesday forecast. >> she's going to take the rest of us dragging all the way there, isn't she. >> i guess so. we do have interesting weather until we get to the weekend. gusting to 29 at fairfield, that's what the winds are doing right now. as you can see i overlaid that on live do particular 7. you can see the sea breeze in the fairy build, that's cooler weather for all of us today. that's your 7:00 temperature and 12-our day planner. the bottom line will be in the 50s at the coast, 71 at noon to
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75 around the bay to 70 around noon to 4:00. very comfortable inland at 83 to 75 at 7:00. so temperatures getting back to average after being so obnoxiously hot. i'll show you the newest numbers coming up. alex ips. good morning. taking a look at the bay bridge once again we're starting to pick up speed here. we had a piece of debris, some type of metal lid that they ran a traffic break for on that ramp, that's all clear as maybe seven, eight minutes ago so we should start to see those speeds improve. drive times looking good too. southbound 680 to walnut creek six minutes, walnut creek to highway 13 another nine and then westbound 580 phrasesy to dublin even out of the central valley you're in the yellow at 39 minutes. we ray crash in mill pete as we'll track that next. two gop senators say they oppose the health care bill and
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that means it's leaving the party short of the required votes to move forward. they said they will not support the current repeal and replace bill. mitch mcconnell concede defeat. they said their effort to immediately repeal and replace obamacare will not be successful. chief white house correspondent jonathan karl spoke about what's next. >> reporter: what they are doing, what this bill will be will be to repeal it over three years. so the actual repeal would not happen for three years. what you'll here republicans say is they will have time to come up with an alternative too pass in the interim so that had this all goes away there will be something to replace it with. this is of course no guarantee on what that would be. >> president trump meanwhile says republicans should just repeal failing obamacare now and work on a new healthcare plan, dems will join in. friends are mourning the death of a movie location scout shot and killed at san francisco's twin peaks. one friend told abc 7 news reporter lilian kim as far as location managers go he was one
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of the best. >> reporter: ed french was often with a still camera shooting locations for possible commercial shoots. it may have been why he was at twin peaks sunday at 8:00 a.m. when he was shot and killed while being robbed. police say the two people responsible were after his camera. >> it's really shaken the bay area film community too. >> reporter: special effects sean house met french 20 years ago. he says he was one of the bay areas best location managers. >> he could talk to anybody. location manager has to walk up to a person's house because a director likes the look of the house, knock on the front door and sai to the residents, can we bring in 60 people and film in here and get them to say yes. >> reporter: san francisco police describe the suspects as 20 something blackmail with shoulder length dreads and black female in late teens. they took off in a dark gray honda accord. last year two men were killed in an early morning shooting. still, french's death comes as quite a shock had the his passion carries on through the
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countless number of people he's trained over the years. including the kpekt executive director of the film commission. >> he explained thins well. he had the sense of hum more things were tough to make a joke about it and how hard it was to just make everybody laugh. >> reporter: a beloved figure who made his mark in the local film industry. in san francisco, lilian kim, abc 7 news. well this morning there are new numbers showing an increase in crime on bart. >> happening today a bart meeting to look at a safer ride responding to that incident when dozens of teens mobbed the train and beat up passengers. appearance 7 news amy hollyfield from berkeley this morning. >> one alarming statistic is that violent sex crimes are on the rise happening on the trains or in bart stations. the most recent one happened here at the north berkeley bart station when a man exposed himself to an autistic woman and then forced her to touch him. that's according to our media partner "the san jose america
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keury news". paper is reporting that there have been seven rapes reported this year so far on bart property. that's almost twice as many as all of last year. and you can see the numbers go down from there. there's also been a 41% increase in violent crime. a lot of the attention has been focused on the robberies by groups of teenagers. well, there will abe bart board committee meeting today to discuss police staffing and discuss safety. that meeting is set for 10:40 this morning in oakland. one victim who is suing bart plans to be at the meeting. live in berkeley, aim mip hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. we just got an update on the vegetation fire burning in saratoga. officials say this is 40% contained. the fire is burning along mount he'd den road west of peace road. no injuries have been reported. the fire has burned 10 acres it's not currently threatening any hopes.
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pg&e had to cut some lines so they did experience power outages. a check with the pg&e map this morning show the outages have been resolved. additionally an incident involve a drone forced a fire helicopter to land and that is now under investigation. no word yet on what caused the fire. air drops could resume this morning. again, this is 40% contained. north of santa rosa four fires continue to burn, were to in men de seen know county, that one closest to santa rosa is called the newer if i fire. you could see them working quickly in lake county to contain it. it started yesterday afternoon it's burning near highway 29 it's about three miles south of lower lake. it has burned 40 acres so far and it's 50% contained. we do want to remind you can stay up to date on these wildfires with the abc 7 news app. download the app for free and we'll send you breaking news updates straight to your phone. a san jose woman fell about 100 feet to her beth off a beach
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side cluf. this happened in daf von port in santa cruz county. the rescuers faced rising tide, high winds and steep terrain. they say it appears to be an accident. she was only 20 years old. now a live desk update. >> right now watch a developing story in atlanta. investigators right now trying to figure out what caused a roof to collapse at a popular bar there. and i want to tell you that they are trying to figure out if this building is going to collapse even more than it already has. and take a look at this video here on twitter by someone named sean b. those victims being taken out of the building last night, six people were hurt, one those hospitalized with a head injury. happened at the blue canteen an restaurant and bar. it has been raining recently in atlanta, they think that perhaps played a factor. i'm going to let you know as soon as we get any updates throughout the morning. back to you. assistant an clara county sheriff's deputies have arrested
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a 79-year-old man for attempted murder. he's fatsing the charge after a weekend shooting. neighbors on martinwood way reported hearing gunshots on saturday night. a 48-year-old man suffered nunn life threatening injuries. they arrested him last night and they say the two know each other. a hard fought victory late last night for governor jerry brown he rallied enough support to extend the program to fight climate change. more than two-thirds of the voters voted to extend the cap and trade program through 2030. >> it's a great day for california, a great day for bipartisanship, and for the planet and climate and clean air. >> the program requires polluteters to obtain permits for the greenhouse gases they emit. they say it's a thinly veiled tax that would hit poor californians the hardest when taxes rise. check it out. here's some captivating video we wanted to share with you this morning. it's the northern lights. but this was recorded in
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michigan. they predicted that the geo magnetic storm was going to be intense enough to be seen as far south as michigan and there you go, they were correct. you typically don't see them that far south, especially this time of the year. isn't this that absolutely gorgeous. wouldn't that be nice to see over the golden gate, the bay bridge? it would have to be a strong storm for that to happen. san jose 28017, looks a little hazy to start the day in the south beach. beaches we've got a small craft advisory north of the bay bridge through the delta and extreme sunshine if you're going to be out and about. temperatures along the east bay run from richmond at 53 to look at that hayward at about 59 degrees. we've got union city, fremont and alameda about 57 along with oakland. let's see if there's anybody else. san carlos, livermore, still warm around antioch and brentwood but you're the exceptions 'the look at that, low to mid-70s while the next warmest temperature is 60 in concord.
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we've got 50 in that vad doe, 50 in pacifica. average high 83 10:0070, 75 very did he lightful at in noon add upper 70s from 2:00 to 4 clock and enjoy an evening full of lower temperatures. 81 in tahoe, a little hazy there, even more so in yosemite with smoke and 92 degrees. it's going to be hot and humtd around palm springs, 105 with thunderstorms possible. check out our temperatures as we look at our east bay hills camera. pretty steady the next few days to even a little bit warmer. i'll show you the weekend coming up in the accuweather seven day forecast. alexis. we are pretty quiet so far on the roads this morning. we have had one collision initially sounded like four to five vehicles were involved now we know we just have three, minor injuries and everything off to the shoulder. sth is southbound 880 just before state route 237. i know they ran a traffic break to clear those vehicles to the side but never have seen much of a backup through that stretch
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that's a non issue. the bay bridge toll plaza no metering lights yet give it about 15 minutes and those should flip on and things should fill out through the maize. sounds like a semi did not quite make it through one of the toll booths on the richmond san rafael bridge we'll head back up there next. we're not even a week in ford's go bike on the east bay and vandals have apparently hit a station. a new study sugge happy ending for this limping little puppy. >> i think she's going to be just fine. >> see it next "right this just fine. >> see it next "right this minute."
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it's 5:13. we have new developments into a month's long murder investigation into richmond. they arrested a 15-year-old boy. officer believe the 20 yd was shot during an argument with the suspect this bast may at booker t. anderson park. she died from her injuries a short time larpt. the support is from el sa reet toe and was arrested around 6:00 last night. no word on how they limpinged him to the shooting. they hope this brings some closer to spicer's family. a family is demanding answers after minneapolis police shot and killed a woman who was calling 911. >> we have the details. >> reporter: in this morning's look, the fiancee justine domand pleading for answers from may police. >> sadly her family and i have been provided with almost no additional information. from law enforcement. >> reporter: late saturday night she called police to report a possible assault in the alley behind her home. that call came in at 11:28 p.m.
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>> fee maple mail vooem screaming behind the building. >> reporter: just four minutes later officers reported they had shots fired. this morning independent investigators are working to learn what happened between those two calls. there's no dash cam video of the incident and both officers body cameras were turned off. >> like up i have a lot of questions about white body cameras weren't on. >> and coming up at 7:00 a.m. we'll talk live with minneapolis mayor betsy hodges. i'm lind sip davis, abc news, minneapolis. happening today, the oakland city council the vote on a new law aimed at restoring the city's control of its resources. if that's approved oakland police officers would be required to follow state and local lawyer when working on federal task forces such as the fbi's joint terrorism task force. supporters say communities with no longer live in fear of being tarmd based on their religion or ethnicity. the city council meets alt 5:30 tonight. only on abc 7 news jail
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guards in santa clara county are facing an increased safety risk according to a union official. the union president says prisoners are becoming more defiant after three deputies were convicted earlier this year of murdering an inmate. she says in a recent inmate put a guard in a chokehold as the deputy was trying to handcuff him. >> there should be fairness for the inmates however there should be fairness for the officer. it has to be balanced because when the scale is tipped one way or the other, it become an unsafe environment for both staff and inmates. >> well, in a statement the sheriff's office says it has not observed a market increase in staff assaults and a pro protection of all persons is the highest priority. this is why we can't have nice things file, apparently vandals slashed tires at ford's no new go bike station in oakland. the north oakland station is on telegraph and 58th. yesterday someone tweeted at go bike saying that all their bikes had their tires slashed. ford responded and within hours
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they replaced the bikes. a spokesman tells the east bay times they've seen this before, it usually settles down within a few weeks. no word if they filed a police report. fewer red light cameras will soon monitor city streets. they're expected to approve a new vendor to maintain the system and reduce the number of cameras city wide from 20 stoichl 20. they say they will be removing cameras where activity is low, this includes fewer accidents and red light tickets. it starts at 1:00 p.m. happening today a move to help muni bus drivers. the meeting will vote that will create separated bus only lanes through much of the stit's busiest transit corridor. it will include dedicated bus lanes from market street to 30 fourth avenue. it's expected to feed speed up travel times for bus riders by as such as 20 minutes. let's take you underwater in
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santa cruz county out of the murkiness comes a great white shark. the woman who filmed said the shark was curious about the go pro camera there. she said she spotted at least nine sharks while out in the water. they were peaceful and i treegd whenever she put her camera underneath the water. >> what? where was she. >> is there are just sharks everywhere. >> is she in a shark cage or something. >> no, i think she stuck her go pro down like on a stick or something. >> okay. >> that's a technical term for it. >> is that safe? that's cool looking, just kind of came out of murkiness there. just needed the music to go along with. good morning. walnut creek clear this morning and move more comfort in our east bay neighborhoods back into the 50s and 60s. today not as hazy as some cleaner air is coming in on those cooling breeze. tonight clouds and fog and cool lows and the extended slow warming trend. here's a look at the cloud cover you can see it expanding across the coast over the last couple
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of hours. and that's going to mean cooler weather everywhere. it reaches even inland. 86, no more sies he will in concourt, pleasanton about 86. north bay 84 in santa rosa, that vad doar 819, south bay back to average, 82 in san jose, los gatos and gilroy little bit warmer 88 degrees. peninsula sunny on the bay side menlo park 76, cloudy on the bay side, 63 at half moon bay to pacifica at 62 and back to oakland touched by sea breeze means you'll be in the-degree range. little bit warmer at 77. done town san francisco 66. coolest neighborhoods, look at the marine a are mission, richmond, 66, 65, and 60 fou. low to mid-50s again tonight in most neighborhoods. ptomorrow a couple degrees worm warmer, same thing thursday, friday, saturday, and then by
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sunday we're starting to push 100 inland, 80s around the bay but still 60s at the coast. one of the warmer summers we've had in a while. alexis. we are off to a quiet start this morning. here's a live look at the richmond side of the richmond san rafael bridge. sounds like a semi did not quite make it through one of those toll booths at least clearly and did a limb damage to lane number seven gate there. doesn't sound like we have a lane closure and that semi did make it off to the side as you can see noond delays for those folks coming on that westbound side. quick check of the bay bridge. we did have a piece of debris on the harrison off-ramp so briefly had some backup in san francisco. maybe a tine nip bit of delay around treesh you're island but that is long gone. 406 bart trains and service no delays. you should is a beautiful day out on the san francisco bay ferry. next traffic update coming up just before 5:30. >> now a live desk update. >> this just coming in, big job news from pizza hut.
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the cup of company says it will add 14,000 delivery drivers by the end of the year, that's about 3,000 every single month. the young brands chain that owns the pizza company says its adding new technology services to improve accuracy of delivery sers r services and it comes after they announced plans to invest one hundred $30 million into pizza hut which say struggling pizza chain. back to you. we have a study that shows more high school students are earning "a"s. they report the college board which is the organization board behind the sat says while grades are better, sat scores have fallen. the study finds nearly half of the country's 2016 are "a" students. average sat score fell 24 points from the previous year. san francisco police are warning the chinese community bay recent scam. they say earlier this month an elderly woman was bilked out of $5,000 after a group of
5:22 am
conartists convinced her she had cancer. they told her she could be cured if she handed over the moneytor blessed and they promised to return it but never did. police are warning the elderly and the chinese community to be suspicious who claim that they can provide relief from me illness for money. police are reviewing sbans video in hopes of catching people involved in a home invasion in walnut creek. the family include a child was home at the time when they broke north carolina yesterday armed with handguns. it happened on oak gref road near deer park drive. police say the robbers ordered the family do what they said. had they got what they wanted and took off. the suspects possibly got into a tan or gold minivan or seed dra lane according to a witness. a neighbor tells abc 7 news he turned over surveillance video to police that he believes shows the suspects casesing the house from across the street. the city of hayward has a new police chief. captain mark koehler will be taking over the top spot. he's a second generation police officer and he's been acting chief since last august that's
5:23 am
when then police chief dieian stewart resigned. she had been placed on leave after a confidential personnel issue. that came from hayward city manager not from the police department temperature self. next, the seven things you need to know as you begin your day. and why two bay area counties are filing a lawsuit counties are filing a lawsuit against duds ebbs of oil and
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tnchs is phi:20 phi. number one, we just learned the vegetation fire burning in saratoga is just 40% contained. air drops could resume later this morning. so far no homes have been threatened. number two violent sex crimes are on the rise at bart according to our media partner the mercury news. the report comes as bart plans to meet today to talk about police staffing at its stations. number three from the live desk president trump tweeting right now about the defeat of the house healthcare bill. he says, quote, we were let down
5:26 am
by all the democrats and the few republicans. most republicans were loyal, terrific, and worked really hard. we will return. number four, when you step outside this morning you're going to notice a significant difference. check out this beautiful picture from the east bay hills this morning. look at those colors out there. today two to 11 degrees cooler than yesterday. and number five overall we've had a quiet start to the commute, at least for now. we'll enjoy it while it laftsz. those bay bridge metering lights on just a moment ago. 5:25 this morning so we're filling in in all the usual spots but no problems. the lady professional golf association is accuse of body shaming after rolling out a controversial new dress code. it prohibits leggings, deep v tank tops on the course. a sweet deal on breakfast today, i hop celebrating 59 years in business with 59 cent short stacks. you can get the deal from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
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>> we're coming back way full 90-minutes of news including two bay area counties taking gas and oil companies to course. wildfire forces hundred of people to evacuate in the sierra foothills with the balt against a fast-moving fire stands this morning. morning. let's get this tuesday off ♪ mom. ♪ ♪ where all the walls echo with laughter ♪
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good morning bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 morjz. >> we made is it through the hardest part which is through monday. we're at tuesday, welcome, it's july 18th the. >> 5:29 a.m. mike, how's it look. >> looks a lool cooler looks is unny once again except for the coast where it's going to be be grayer. you can see some of the clouds trying to push through. on the 12-hour day planner mid to upper 50s for most of us this morning 7:00. 60 in the bay, a few 80s inland
5:30 am
by noon, and notice the temperatures at 4:00. where are the 90s? there will still be 80 inland, 60s and 70 around the bay and temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s around the coast to low to upper 70s inland at 7:00 this evening. we come back we'll take a look at a little bit of a warming trend in your accuweather seven day forecast. alexis. good morning. i want to move to our traffic maps now and take you into the castro valley area about the we have some overnight road work till about 6:00 this morning. multiple lanes are down, you can see a little backup in each direction to be prepared for that. and a quick check of the richmond side of the san rafael bridge, if you're heading through the toll plaza we have a semi that clipped the gate at lane seven, made it off to the shoulder and through but there's a little bit of damage done to that gate. we'll take a look at drive times in less than ten. drep developing news in the south bay as a fire burns in
5:31 am
santa clara county. >> you can see the firefight here, the flames were threatening the mountain winery. abc news reporter matt keller is live in cupertino this morning. matt. >> reporter: good mong. interesting development, the numbers that we were given last night by firefighters were actually incorrect. they corrected them p this morning. they're at 40% containment. last night they said they were at 75% containment. obviously a concern there. the good news this morning it is cool here and that should help firefighters who are battling those flames. check out the video, you can see why people were obviously concerned when you see flames like this in the mountains especially during the summer. the fire broke out yesterday afternoon on mount he'd den road and pierce road threatening the nearby mount he'd den winery. the last check the fire was at 10 acres. the fliemz are burning uphill toward the winery which was good because the vineyard are the. the wet plants and filled ground make it a great fire break.
5:32 am
this didn't stop people living in the area to get out quickly. >> sometimes they can spread fast. i ran around the house, got all of our important paperwork, i got our computer, our family photos and threw them all in the van. >> a drone created some problem recommends around the fire yid. santa clara fire tweeted this out saying drone incident under investigation taf caused grounding of fire helicopter. please ren remember if you fly, we can't. firefighters also have a lot of equipment in the area, they're asking people who don't have to be up here to stay away from mount he'd den road. also a note, pg&e did say that they had to deagainer guys some power lines so there are six customers up here without power. reporting live. thank you. and happening now firefighters are working to contain 12 active wildfires burning across california. one of them burning in the sierra about 20 miles outside of yosemite. a debt weller fire has force dollars the evacuation of hundreds of families including
5:33 am
pets. it started late sunday and exploded from there. it's scorched 11,000 acres. it's only 5% contained this morning. they say the fire has destroyed one building and damaged another. and firefighters are make progress on the witnessier fire near santa barbara. they have lifted some evacuation orders, so far it has destroyed at least 16 homes and 30 structures. the flames have burned more than 18,000 acres. governor brown has issued an emergency proclamation to make recovery money available to the fire victims. >> you see this graphic next to me it says repeal and represent plaps. the replace didn't look like it's going to happen. repeal could be a different story. the revamped gop bill is all but dead this morning after two more republican senators have come out against it. they said in a statement that we should not put our stamp of approval on bad policy. the bill needed the support of at least 50 of the snats, 52 republicans. four of them say they'll vote no if the measure comes to the floor. senate majority leader mitch
5:34 am
mcconnell is now calling for a vote on a straight repeal of obamacare. the state department is clarifying who is exempt from president trump's travel ban. bhem e people who can prove that they have close family in the u.s. will be allowed to apply for visa and that includes grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, niece and nephews and kuz pint half and step relationships are included. it includes people from six majority muslim countries. a woman accuse of using a counterfeit $100 bail at a bake sale is due in court today. they arrested her at her home in rohnert park on sunday. high school students were selling baked goods to raise money for their mikes program. they say she bought several items and paid with a fake $100 bill, got $80 in clang. police found heroin and meth when they arrested her. she has been convicted on counterfeiting charges before. happening next the bart
5:35 am
workforce committee is going to hear an update about police staffing at its stations pay the victim of a violent mob attack at the coliseum in march going to be there. he filed a claim against the agency after dozens of teens jumped the fair gate and robbed and beat people on the train. the committee meets at 10:30 this morning in oakland. soon thea clara sheriff's deputies are releasing little information about two adults found shot to death inside of their saya towinga home. the bodies were found yesterday morning alongside highway 9. authorities do say the neighborhood is not in any danger. happening today, san francisco supervisor are set to create the office of cannabis. that office will approve permitstor businesses to sell recreational marijuana and punish violators. it will operate in addition to the permit process for medical pot dispense orreries in the city. the office will also offer advice to city leaders as they set regulations on recreational
5:36 am
pot sales which begins statewide january 1st. there's another clue into the faft a mission san na mateo county man. 22-year-old richard moss disappeared after leaving for work on may 25 pjt it is believed hez car left the road and plunged into the ocean. last thursday divers found pieces of a car believed to be moss's include a wheel. moss's family tells abc 7 news that the tire on that wheel is the same type purchased by moss just two years ago. police have not yet confirmed that. happening today caltrain is going to close the north park lot at the san carlos station permanently. they're going to add a new parking lot sage of the station on el camino real and cherry street. this is because of the construction of san carlos transit village going up between the tracks and real. it will include 200 apartments. happening today a move that could help the homeless in richmond. council members will consider using tiny homes like the ones you see here. they're transitional, they're not permanent so they'll only be used to help the moemless get back on their feet. if they approve this pilot
5:37 am
program before the august recess it could roll out as many as six of the tiny homes as soon as september. no word on where they'll be set up. >> now your accuweather forecast. let's take a look at what's going on with our san mateo bridge. looking westbound you can see it's a little hazy out there but unlike yesterday the haze is going to lift a little bit more, cleaner air is coming in. for the morning commute there's definitely some hazy and foggy spots out there so be careful with that. breezy north of the bay bridge if you're going fob commuting we've got a small craft advisory that goes up to about 9, 10 to clock. mass trinz transit is going to be cool to warm from the coast to the inland neighborhoods. concord 14 degrees cooler than yesterday, antioch eight, livermore nine. so the cooling has made it all the way to our hottest areas from yesterday which was the east bay valleys up in the upper 90s once again. let's take a look alt those temperatures. wake up to 56 right now in san ramon, dub palestinian, lafayette, pleasant hill, even
5:38 am
cooler in danville 54, black hawk 53. relief around pittsburg, brentwood 607, 70 in antioch. dress for 59 in hayward and mount april view. oakland and san carlos 57 if the novato, 58. san francisco 54. livermore average high 89, noon today a comfortable 79 we'll be in the mid-80s from 2:00 all the way to about 4:00 and then back around 80 at 6:00 and 70 at 8:00 if you're going to be out and about. and san mateo, look at this, noon today 66 degrees hovering right around 70 in the afternoon hours. looks really comfortable there. quick look at today's temperatures, the green are 60s, the yellow 70s rrts orange 80s, notice where the red is, the 90s, back into the central valley. but they're not going to stay there long. i've got a warming trend coming up in the accuweather seven day forecast. alexis. i don't have any major issues to talk about still this
5:39 am
morning so that's definitely some good news. i want to take out to the tracy area where are westbound 205 to 580 heavy but nothing terrible. 12 miles per hour, 17 miles per hour as you get closer to alt mont pass and a crash westbound 580 just past the 680 interchange in the dublin area. bay bridge toll plaza those metering lights on so filling in as usual there ant quick check of drive times. sich monday san rafael bridge 7 minutes. san ma taye know yij 13 minutes and dumb barton bridge 24. >> we have a warning for weekend riders why it's shut ub down the subway tunnels early. what do root beer floats, mike nicco and the oakland akts b "a"s all have in common? they're helping out a great cause today. cause today. kee
5:40 am
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abc 7 mornings. >> all news. >> all morning. the father of an australian woman shot and killed by may police is demanding justice for his daughter. 40-year-old justine domand called 911 to report a possible assault near her home saturday night. when police pulled up, the officer in the passenger seat shot across the officer who was driving and out the window and ended up killing the woman. overnight her father spoke about
5:43 am
what justine meant to her friends and family. >> justine, our daughter, was so special to us and to so many others. she was a beacon to all of us. we only ask that the light of justice shine down on the circumstances of her death. the offices have been identified as mohamed noor. it shows he has three complaints filed against him, two are still open. away don't know the nature of those complaints. the department of homeland security is expanding one of its work visa programs. secretary john kelly says there are not enough qualified and willing u.s. workers to filt needs of businesses so up to 15,000 new visas will be issued under the hb 2 pro groom. it offers temporary work permits to workers who have seasonal job offer. mar-a-lago plans to high 64 workers under that program. they say the new permits will hurt american workers. >> eadvantage liesed water tank in novato is book in business.
5:44 am
thousand of gallops of wear the had to be dumped after someone broke into the tank off wild horse valley drive nine days ago. they didn't want to take a chance the water might have been contaminated. tests did turn out negative. crews finished draining the tank last week and put it back on line yesterday. two communities are taking legal action against oil companies. they say oil giants have known for almost 50 years fossil fuels are changing the climate and causing seas to rise. marin and san mateo counties and the city of i am peerial beach filed the claims in state sooep superior courted. they named 37 companies producing oil, gas, and coal. they say it is monitoring the cases but does not comment on active litigation. well neighbors in pleasant hill are angry over a proposal to replace a shut down shopping center. some say the land should be used for afford able housing but carmax wants to open
5:45 am
dealership there instead. a representative from the company made his sales pitch before the council yesterday. they say the city would have to change the zoning from mixed use to commercial and that makes her worried about the regional housing shortage. >> all of a sudden when they put 100% commercial project in an area that is designed to accommodate housing, we're not going to meet our share of that need. >> as of right now, pleasant hill city council members say carmax's offer is the only one on the table for that location. amtrak is facing pressure to drop the idea of trying to jam more seats into its trains. amtrak ceo raised the possibility as a way to make more money. he says reducing legroom onboard would allow for more rowes of seats, more passengersans ref nuf. the senator says the move would hurt people who are looking for less expensive ways to travel. schumer says he'll work on ways to help amtrak bring in more money. starting this weekend the muni metro subway will shut down
5:46 am
at times to test new train cars. it will close early on weekend nights and all day on the weekend for about the next month. a bus bridge will be available for passengers. full service will be in place for outside lands which is the second weekend be in august. the first new cars arrived in san francisco in january and have been undergoing months of test runs on street-level tests. these will be the any trefts. subway. they are expected to be more quieter, safer and rhee liable phonold cars. the october land "a"s will kick off reet beer float day. >> we're going to be there from abc 7 news. they'll be helping them serve up sweet treats at the coliseum. proceeds go to the juvenile research diabetes foundation. and they'll offer sugar free root beer and ice cream. they have raised more than 4 hut ate thousand dollars. i could use some right now. >> yeah. i want a double scoop, both hands. the great thing is, after you pay the $5 for the generic
5:47 am
muk mug or the $25 for the bob melvin signed mug you can come back as many times as you want. >> is that right? >> yes, it is unlimited. >> you shouldn't have told me that. >> now you're going to come over there. >> ready go. >> the key is -- >> see if i show up. >> i hope so. i hope to see you guys there. getting back, the key is we're trying to raise money and so tips would be much appreciated every time we make you one of those because that all goes to the fund also. here's a look at the forecast. 7:05 first pitch 64 drop downing to about 59. so we're going to start about i forgot what time, 4:30 i think all the way up to about 6:30, 7:00 so it's going to be pretty nice. a long time to get a lot of root beer floats and a lot of tips. here's a look at the san mateo bridge it looks nice, becoming sunny, cooling continues were cool tonight, slow warming begins tomorrow. it's hazy this morning but the air will clean up a little bit more than yesterday because of the cooling breezes. look what that does to our temperatures in the south bay.
5:48 am
upper 70s in sunnyvale, medical pete tas 82, gilroy upper 80s there. 80 that's barry what we get in brentwood city, all the way down to 68 millbrae. how about 60 to 63 degrees along the peninsula coast to 66 in down stoun france. north bay coast 62, bodega bay, 64. . ha lum to 84 in santa rosa, 60s, richmond 66, berkeley 69, 70 in oakland to 77 in castro valley and free monday. 84 at san ramon to 89 in brentwood. no more melting in our east bay inland neighborhoods. tonight temperatures in the 50s once again. look at those temperatures reclimb about a degree or two and before you mow it we're in the mid to upper 90s this weekend inland around 80 for the bay, but still 60s at the coast. here's alexis to tell you more about that new accident. if you're going to be traveling into the tri-valley we've got a new problem in a tough spot. westbound 580 just on the other side of 680 past san ramon road
5:49 am
it involves a semi and a car and that's block the slow lane right now. they know about it and they're on the way to the scene and you're a little heavy there. i want to taken to the west is herman island and rio vista area if you're traveling between there and state rout 12 we have that overnight road work that goes until 6:00 this morning so seeing some delays and lane closures in both directions there. hopefully until ten minutes that will look a lot better. quick check outside a live look at golden gate bridge, low clouds this morning, few areas of fog but overall very light. new at soichl clk a major mistake could mean big relief for thousands of americans, why they're student loans could be forgiven. but first it's hard to believe no one got hurt in this huge explosion on a freeway. what sparked it. plus the robot world plus the robot world mourning the loss of this
5:50 am
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breaking news. welcome back that breaking news former house speaker dennis haas certify is out of federal prison. prison records show he was just released moments ago from prison in minnesota and is now under watch by officials in chicago has part of a reepttry program. haas certify served 13 months for paying millions to hide a history of sexual abuse of teenage boys. he is now 75 years old and will likely head to a halfway house. he was supposed to be officially released august 16th but got out early. back to you. this video looks like a movie. look at this. wow. that explosion that van clipping the side of the trailer 'this is on a freeway in china pat driver says he heard a big boom but he
5:53 am
didn't know what happened there the. truck was carrying steel products the van was carrying containers full of paint and other flamable materials. no one was hurt. toxic algae is growing in kont tran costa county. health officials are report a warning for people -- repiekt warning to avoid the water in discovery by abi. cruise first detected it last late month. the most recent studies show it's still at high levels. discovery bay had to deal with aalgy bloom last summer. they say it's only in the recreational areas. bay. the tap water from the bay is safe. scientists at uc berkeley have a $22 million federal grant to begin build a window into the brab. cal will use the non create an implantable system that will allow researchers to activate neurons with light. the goal is to convert the electro chemical signals into those need ford digital language. if successful, the research could be used to help people with newer lath cal damage wauds
5:54 am
by disease or injury. could allow the blind to see and potentially the paralyzed to once again feel touch. it's a good day to be anticipate uber driver. for one day only uber is matching all tips you give their drivers. uber recently rolled out a tipping feature here in the bay area. now it's officially launched neigh nationwide. uber is celebrating by matching awe tips that you decide to give. uber also plans to pay drivers for time spent waiting for late riders and the company will offer to help pay for insurance. these changes are aimed to address unhappiness among drivers and will be implemented in the next six months. well security robot looks out for crime but one in washington, d.c. didn't look where it was going in the is what happened. the security row bolt ended up in a water fountain inside of an office mall in georgetown. since there are steps lead together fountain, police feel this was most likely a prank. one twitter user suggests getting a robot lifeguard to watch over the robot security guard. >> that's pretty funny. >> wally. >> not that it fell in the water but to get a lifeguard.
5:55 am
hi, mike. good morning, guys. you may need to exercise some caution on our water. look at this. we've still got that small craft advisory until 11:00 this evening. south west winds blow through the bay, 15 to 20 knots, gusts to 30 knots. at the coast same speeds until 9 clock tomorrow evening. going to at&t park tonight, indians and giants 7-15 perse pitch dress for 61 cooling to 57. and it's going to be breezy. alexis. take a look it at the bay bridge toll plaza things are filling in as usual. meter lights were on 30 minutes ago. 5:25 this morning and normal back up into the maize. we're not seeing anything unusual there and quick check of drive times too. westbound 80 highway 4 to the maize about 18 minutes. another 12 across the bay bridge and southbound 101 san francisco to the airport not bad you're in the green at nine minutes. we do have a slow spot subpoena you're coming in the dub palestinian area where are we'll check on that collision coming up in less than 10. thanks. san francisco bay cloez clothing
5:56 am
kentucky company gymboree getting ready to close hundreds of stores. it's the latest retailer to cut back as online shopping cuts into their bottom lines. they have more than 1200 stores and 11,000 employees. it operates crazy eight and janie and jack stores. here in the bay area five gymboree stores, five crazy eights and one janie and jack are going to close. we have a link to the complete list on our website abc we have new video of humpback whales on the golden gate bridge. they're chasing food mostly an choef vis on the bay. it turned the bridge into one of the best whale watching spots in the bay area. >> it's easy to see them right now. want to be a warriors dancer? start rehearsing right ♪ >> and five, six, seven, and eight, and eight, the warriors dance team released this video showing prior auditions ant current team in action. the team announced they're going
5:57 am
to hold auditions for the next season starting august 12th. whole audition process takes about a week. 20 men e women make up the team. >> i feel tired looking atting that routine. new at 6:00 there's research limping your diet to dementia, the food plan that could help fight off the disease. new numbers snow a spike in crime on barptd. meeting today to address the problem. problem. a live look out side at ♪ ♪ award winning interface.
5:58 am
award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. this july visit your local volvo dealer to receive sommar savings of up to $4,500.
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good morning south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. good morning on this tuesday, july 18th, thanks for being here as we come' on 6:00. >> let's start with meteorologist mike nicco. it's been great out there. good morning everybody and that's going to lead to cooler conditions for all of us today. look at live do particular 7 you see fog starting to push into santa rosa, petaluma and clouds start tok climb over the east bay hills into the east bay valleys and that's a big time relief four guys.
6:00 am
let's take a look at your 12-hour day planner. temperatures in the mid to upper fists at 7:00. lower line that's the coast just upper 50s for the better part of dd. middle line 70 to 75 that's your noon and 4:00 temperature around the bay. 7983 that's your inland temperature. notice of lack of 100s and 90s. and 70s for just about everybody by 7:00. warmer weather coming up at gillive that you forecast in a minute. here's alexis with your morning commute. not too much happening on the road but we have have a collision in dub palestinian. westbound 580 past san ramon road we've got a two-car collision involve a semi and a car block the far right lane so clearly we have backup there through that 680 interchange. sound bound 238 between hiss speariannd phi 80 we've got road work. you are backed up to 880 and northbound side you're slow through castro v


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