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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 18, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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let's take a look at your 12-hour day planner. temperatures in the mid to upper fists at 7:00. lower line that's the coast just upper 50s for the better part of dd. middle line 70 to 75 that's your noon and 4:00 temperature around the bay. 7983 that's your inland temperature. notice of lack of 100s and 90s. and 70s for just about everybody by 7:00. warmer weather coming up at gillive that you forecast in a minute. here's alexis with your morning commute. not too much happening on the road but we have have a collision in dub palestinian. westbound 580 past san ramon road we've got a two-car collision involve a semi and a car block the far right lane so clearly we have backup there through that 680 interchange. sound bound 238 between hiss speariannd phi 80 we've got road work. you are backed up to 880 and northbound side you're slow through castro valley. thank you. this morning we do have new
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numbers showing violent sex crimes are on the rison bart property. >> that report dumz comes as bart plans to meet today to talk about police staffing at its stations. amy hollyfield live for us in berkeley with that story. >> reporter: we're seeing ann crease on sex crimes on bart property. the most recent one happened here in berkeley when a man exposed himself to a woman. riders we talked to this morning are very surprised to hear about this. let's look at the numbers. had accord to our media partner the san jose america keury news. they are reporting that there have been seven rapes or bart property this year, that's nearly double as all of last year. and the numbers decline from there. riders tell us sex crimes aren't something that they think about happening on bart. >> that's really crazy. i mean, i've never really felt that unsafe, but i do ride it times that probably aren't as busy, like this early in the
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morning. but wow, that's really surprising. >> there will be a meeting about bart's safety today and this man will be there, rusty stap. he was robbed on a train by a large violent mob of people. he is suing bart. he wants the agency to be more trance barnt its customers. today's meeting will focus on kplis police staffing and crime statistics. it is set for 10:30 in morning in oakland. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. thank you. two more gop senators announce they oppose the republican healthcare bill and that means it's leaving the party short of the required votes to move ford. jerry moran and brown said they will knut not support the repeal and repraise bill. mcconnell conceded defeat. he said it will not be successful. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl talked about what's next. >> reporter: what they are doing, what this bill will be will be to repeal it over three
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years. so the actual repeal would not happen for three years. what you'll hear republicans say is that they will have time to come up with an alternative to pass in the interim so that had this all goes away there will be something to replace it with. this is of course no guarantee tee on what that would be. >> president trump tweeted out this morning we were let down by all of the democrats and a few republicans as i've always said, let obamacare fail and then come together and do a great healthcare plan. stay tuned. we have a big change on the vegetation fire burning in saratoga. now, last night we were told by fire officials that this was 75% contained. this morning they updated it. now they say it's only 40% contained. that fire is burning along mount he'd den road west of peace road and so far no one has been hurt here. the fire has burned 10 acres it's not threatening any homes. pg&e did have to did he nize lines. six customers are now without poer this morning. a drone forced a fire helicopter
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to land and that is now under investigation. we don't know what caused the fire. air drops could resume this morning. north of santa rosa four fires continue to burn were two in mendocino county, one in ka louisa county and that one close to santa rosa is called the murphy fire. you can see them working quickly to contain it. it starte yesterday afternoon and burning near highway 29 about three miles south of lower lake. it has burned 40 acres so far. it is 50% contained. you can say up to date on these wildfires with the abc 7 news app. you can download the app for free and make sure to turn on push alerts to get updwats to your phone. after the murder of a move very location scout, edward french was shot to death sunday morning. he often photographed locations for possible commercial shoots which may have been why he was at twin peaks. police say the two people responsible were after his
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camera. those who knew him say he was one of the bay area's best location managers. >> he could talk to anybody. location manager has to walk up to a person's house because a director likes the look of the house, knock on the front door and say to the residents, hey, can we bring in 60 people and film in here? and get them to say yes. >> police describe the suspects as a black male in his 20s been shoulder length dreads and a black woman in her late teens. they took off in a dark gray honda accord with rear end damage. santa clara sheriff's deputies have ahe rested a 79-year-old man for attempted murder. he's facing the charge after a weekend shooting. neighbors on martinwood way and coup cupertino reported hearing gunshots. they threatened non-life-threatening injury and he was arrested last night and the two member do know each other. a san jose woman fell to her death from a beach side cliff. it mapped around night in a remote y in assistant april cruz county. they faced rising tide, high
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winds and steep terrain. investigators say it appears to be a tragic accident. she was only 20 years old. happening today the oakland city council will vote on a new law aimed at restoring the city's control of its resources. if approves oakland police oficers will be required to follow state and local law when working on federal task forces such as the fbi's joint terrorism task force. supporters say communities would no longer live in fear of being targeted based on their religion or ethnicity. the city council will meet meet at 5:30 tonight. governor jerry brown rallied enough support to extend the program to fight climate change. more than two-thirds of senators voted to extend the cap and trade program through 2030. >> it's a great day for california, it's a great day for bipartisanship, it's a great day for the planet, for climate, and for clean air. >> the program requires polluters to obtain permits for the greenhouse gases they emit. opponents say temperature a thinly it veiled tax that would
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hit poorest the hardest. a major mistake why billions of dollars in student loan he debt could be wiped away. less than a week into the program and already ford's go bike stationhas been hit by vandals in the east bay. eye lye look from our east bay hills camera this morning it is 6:07 and just beautiful light as it gets lighter out there. as it gets lighter out there. we appreciate your time
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. more signs that things changing outside. winds up to 21 miles per hour at the golden gate and the fog starting to take over. our activity planner beaches more gray today, small craft advisory north of the bay if you're on the water there will still be extreme smien as the clouds will go away. mid to upper 50s in the bay, 61 you're one of the warm spots. we've got 50 right now, one of the cool spots. around the state today, look at that humid, thunderstorms, 105 in palm springs, smoky 92 in yosemite, sun ny 80 and tahoe for us. looking at san rafael, kind of hazy, little bit of fog this morning. temperatures are going to stay steady for a few days and hot once again. i'll show that you coming up next. alexis. we have not had too bad of a
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start here to our tuesday morning commute. here's a live look at san mateo bridge, westbound 902 doing okay at this point. westbound 580 phrasesy to dublin 47 minutes here in the yellow. we do still have that crash just past the 680 interchange sounds like they're close to getting that contained to the right shoulder. westbound 4 antioch to concord yellow with 23, san rafael to san francisco you're in the green at 17 minutes. >> tens of thousands of people who took out private loans to pay for cooling but haven't kept up on their payments mak may get their debt wiped clean. that's according to "new york times" this morning. the fron that, the private lending companies who are suing borrowers who default can't drum up the documents tom prove they actually own the loans. as a result, judges are throwing out the cases and essentially wiping out the debt. a health alert this morning about your food, the diet that could help you fight off dementia, plus an incredible close encounter with a shark.
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abc 7 zblorngz all news. >> all mornings r morning. 6:14. that boat you're look at has no people on board. was spotted sunday on an indiana
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lake. the bhoerp shot this video said the operator made a high speed turn and all ten people on the boat were thrown off. the boat kept going on its own. at one point it hit a police boat then the dock. two people have to be treated at a local hospital. that boat operator now facing charges for boating while intoxicated. a monz month-long murder investigation police arrested a 15-year-old boy in the death of alexandria swietser. they believe the 20-year-old was shot during an argument with the suspect at booker t. anderson park. she died a short time later. he was arrested around 6:00 last night. no word yet on how police linked him to the shooting. police hope this arrest brings some answers to her family. only only abc 7 news jail guards in assistant an clara county are facing an increased safety risk according to a official. correctional officers union president says prisoners are becoming more defiant. this after three deputies were convicted earlier this year
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after murdering an inmate. they says in a resint mate a guard put a inmate in a chokehold after trying to handcuff him. >> there should be fairness nor the inmates but for the officers also. it has to be balance because when the scale is tipped one way or the other it become an unsafe environment for both staff and inmates. >> in a statement the sheriff's office says it has not on seshed a marched increase between inmate and staff assaults. apparently vandals slashed tires at ford's new go bike station in oakland. the program just launched a week ago. yesterday someone tweeted at go bike saying all their tires had been slashds. ford respond and within hours replaced the bikes. they said they have seen this before and it usually settles down within a few weeks. no report if they filed a report. lead authors from usf school of medicine found that healthily
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older adults who fold the diet had a 35% risk reduction in alzheimer's. it's veggie, whole grains and ole little oil. in the past of that has been connected to heart health and other benefits. let's talk to brighton state beach. out of the murky pns that great white shark coming straight at you. the woman who works there said the shark was curious about the go pro camera she had down there. she said she spotted at least nine sharks while out in the water. they were peaceful and just intrigued whenever she put got pro down into the water. >> they're peaceful until they're not. >> right. very true. >> do you think if you eat the mediterranean diet you become more delicious to him? >> they do like olive oil. >> i'm not going to find out. >> you've got to wonder if the electricity from the go pro attracts them a little bit. maybe that's it. something for somebody else to answer, i'll just bring the question with me hope somebody
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can tell us. hi, everybody, here's a look at walnut creek leading the sunglasses early little hazy tlantd clouds are rolling in as we speak and that means it's going to be cooler everywhere today. not as hazy as we head into the afternoons the last couple days because the breezes will bring many some cleaner air also. tonight the clouds will come bab, so will the fog and comfortable lows. we'll have a slow warming trend through kpt tended forecast. inland east bay neighborhoods walnut creek about 85 today after being in the upper 90s yesterday. pittsberg 87, fairfield about 86. go over towards the north bay 84, warm sunshine snn santa rosa, san rafael little breezy and 707 and little breezy in napa and 82. down in the south bay back to after ridge, 82 degrees. we will have some warm spots, look at los gatos and gilroy, 88, morgan hill 89, medical pete tas about 79. up in the peninsula 80 in redwood city, 72 in san mateo.
6:19 am
62 in half moon bay, 63. east bay 70 touched by that satisfy breeze, hayward around 74 and san francisco 66. our coolest neighborhoods with the marina at 60 fooichl, balboa park 64, daly city 62. here's a look. 7-day forecast and after lows in the 50s tomorrow we'll be jumping up a degree or two wednesday, thursday, friday and by the weekend 60s at the coast, nice, 80 around the bay but some mid to upper 90s inland. can't get rid of the heat completely. alexis. i want to take you back to the dublin area. just had an update from chp we now have a sig alert for this crash voch a semi and a car. we have no word on injuries but that right lane's going to be blocked for 30 minutes. this is westbound 580 just past san ramon road. both the vehicles involved in this kaye crash have been pushed off to the side but it sounds like part of the low that that semi was hauling spilled into that far right lane. they're going to have to clean that up and we've got at least a
6:20 am
couple-mile backup. i'll take a close being look at that next. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights on 5 twn 25 this morning into east bay, and a quick check of mass transsit looks good, no issues reported at pull. next next traffic update coming up around 6:30. fewer headlight cameras will sooning monitoring san francisco's city streets. today the board is expected to approve a new vendor did to maintain the system and also it plans to reduce the number ever cameras city wide from 26 to 20. the reason for that, officials say they will be removing cameras will activity is low that the that includes fewer crashes and red light running tickets. additional details will be revealed at today's meet agent city hall starting at 1:00 p.m. happening today a move to help some muni bus riders. the agency is going to vote on a bus rapid transit program that will create separated bus only lanes through many of of the city's bidsiest transit corridor. the gearry bus rapid transit
6:21 am
project will include dedicated bus lanes from market street 30 fourth avenue. it's expected to speed up travel times for bus riders by as much as 20 minutes and increase pedestrian safety. come willing up next, it's time to ask finney about cell phone accounts. more students are getting "a"s on their report cards. why that might not be a good thing. a live look at sfo, it's a live look at sfo, it's gray out there but it's going
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the world's largest restaurant change getting a make over. subway rolling out a new look and emphasis on fresh produce. stores will feature self-order key obviouslies, more comfortable seating areas, wifi and charging ports. the design is being tested in a dozen locations including some here in california. the goal is to roll out that new design in all 40,000 subway restaurants. san francisco police are warning the chinese community bay recent scam. they say earlier this month an elderly woman was bilked outs of $5,000 after a group of conartists convinced her she had cancer. they told her she could be kurnd cured in sme she handed over the money to be blessed when they promised to return but they never did. they are warning them to be
6:25 am
suspicious of people who claim they can provide relief for illness for money. we have a question about canceling a wireless account. >> he spoke to us at our ask anyone if i event. >> when you create an account with a wireless company and you never use it, once you receive a bill, how do you close and cancel the account? >> hey, good question. i want you go online or telephone customer service. now, if you sign a contract, i have bad news you're probably going to have to pay to cancel early. other wise, they should be fine with just closing down your account. so if you opened up an online account and never set up a phone account, you'll be okay. vernon, thanks for your question. >> if you have a question for michael finney, record it on your smartphone or tablet, share it on social media with the #askfinney. you may see your question answered right here on abc 7 mornings. a new study shows more high school students are earning a's.
6:26 am
researchers say they're not actually learning more. they report the college dord kbhord is the organization behind sat says that while grades are better, sat scores have fallen. the study found nearly haft of the country's class of 2016 are "a" average students but their s.a.t. score fell 20 points for the p people now kplefrexempt frot trump's travel ban. and unfortunately we do have a sig alert in dublin now in the shea two-vehicle crash voch a semi. part of that car gee that that sem my was hauling is lock block the far right lane and it sounds like it's going to be there a while. not a great alternates in this area but we'll talk about people next. thank you. a live look at our south beach camera at 6:26 in the morning. you can see gray bay bridge against gray skies this morning. we're keeping live weather and we're keeping live weather and
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good morning east bay. let's get up and get going. this is abc 7 mornings. welcome to all of you on this tuesday, july 18th at 6:29. hope you're having a good morning so far. the whole team assembled, ready for you ready to go. we're starting with a major commuter alert. we have a sig alert traveling through the dublin 80 west found u bound 580 just past 680. that's where we have that two-vehicle collision. haven't gotten word on injuries. we do have part of that cargo
6:30 am
that the semi was hauling in the far right lane and it sounds like it's going to be at least 45 minutes or so before that flatbed tow can arrive on the scene. so that's why we have a sig alert. it's not too nasty of a collision but seeing some reduced speeds for about four miles now. you're down ton 20 miles per hour, 14 miles per hour as you get through the tri-valley if you want to take dublin road for an alternate that's looking good. if you take 84 to ket south of here that's congested by this hour. we'll take a look at drive times coming up in less than ten. right now let's check in with mike nicco. cooler especially inland we're going to notice the change compared to yesterday where it was still in the 90s there the 'here's a look at live dopplar 7. you can see the cloud cover encroaching on our neighborhoods and look at these temperatures at 7:00 mid to upper 50s. as we head to the 12-hour day planner clouds back to the doeft by noon, 70s and 80s i land, same temperature profile at 4:00 but look at 7:00, 50s along the coast and into the bay, 60s and
6:31 am
70 inland. i do have more warm weather. we could get near 100 again in my accuweather seven-day forecast. i'll have that coming up. here's reggie and natasha with more news. >> we've been watching the fires in california including in south bay where it's burning be in assistant clara county. >> the flames were let in evening the mountain winery and neighbors have been told to keep off nearby roads. matt cellar is live for us this morning. >> reporter: here are the latest numbers here in saya towinga. cal fire says this fire is 40% contained. pg&e says it had to deenergize power lines so there are six customers without power this morning. tyke take a look of the video from yesterday. it started out at mount he'd den road and piece read. it was burning uphill toward the winery and that was good. >> it's burning into a vineyard. the ground is tilled, the plants are wet it's a great fire break. >> reporter: a drone created
6:32 am
some problems around the fire yesterday. they tweeted this out saying drone incident under investigation taf caused grounding of fire helicopter on he'd den fire. please remember if you fly, we can't. and alert also went out to cell phones throughout santa clara county telling residents on mount he'd den road to shelter in place. they told our media news that was a mistake they wanted foam stay off the roads because of all the fire equipment in the area. firefighters say if you don't have to be in this area, stay away. reporting life in couper tina, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> we're monitoring what's happening across the state. right now firefighters working to contain 12 active wildfires burning across kaf. one of them burning in the sierra about 20 miles outside of yosemite. the detective weller fire has forced the evacuation of hundred of families and pets. it has scorched 11,000 acres. it sonl 5% contained this morning. cal fire says the fire has destroyed one building and damaged another. and too firefighters are making progress on the whittier
6:33 am
fire near santa barbara. they've lifted some evacuation orders, still it has destroyed at least 16 homes and 30 structures. the flames have burned more than 18,000 acres. governor brown has issued an emergency proclamation to make recovery money available to the victims. the effort from the republicans was to repeal and replace obamacare. as you can see, replace is gone, now they're just trying to repeople the healthcare bill pretty much dead this morning after two more republican senators have come out against it. those are mike lee of utah and jerry moran of kansas. they said we should not put our stamp of approval on bad policy. the bill needed the support of at least 50 of the senate's 52 republicans, four of them say they'll vote no if that measure comes to the floor and at this point it looks like won't. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is now calling for a vote on a straight repeal of obamacare. the state department is clarifying who is exempt from president trump's travel ban. people who can prove they have close family in the u.s. will be
6:34 am
allowed to apply for visas, that includes grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins, half and step relationships are also include the. the rules affect people traveling from six muslim majority countries in the middle east and africa and they go into effect immediately. a north bay woman aused of used a counterfeit $100 bill at a school bake sale is due in court today. they arrested 41 nld michelle cruz at her home in rohnert park on sunday. these images of from july 10th in front of oliver's mash ket that's where the high school students were selling baked goods to raise money for their music program. they say she bought several items and paid with a fake $100 bill. she got $80 in change. police found heroin and meth when they arrested her. cruz has been convicted on counterfeiting charges before. well santa clara sheriff's deputies are releasing little information about two adults found shot to death inside of their saratoga home. the bodies were found yesterday
6:35 am
morning inside a home. thofrts authorities do say the neighborhood is not in any danger. a lot of us trying to wrap our heads around what happened in minneapolis. the father of an australian woman shot and killed by police there now demanding justice for his daughter. 40-year-old justine domand. called 911 to report a possible assault near her home saturday night. twh police got there the officer in the passenger seat shot across the officer who was driving and out window and killed the woman. over night her father spoke about what justine meant to her friends and family. >> justine, our daughter, was so special to us and to so many others. justine was a beacon to all of us. we only ask that the light of justice shine down on the circumstances of her death. >> the officer has now been identified as mohamed noor, records on taped by abc news overnight show he has three complaints filed against him were were to still open. we don't know the nature of those complaints.
6:36 am
happening today, san francisco supervisor are set to create the office ever cannabis. that office will approve permitstor businesses to sell krek recreational marijuana and punish violators. it will operate in addition to the permit process for medical pot sis spence sore fliz san francisco. that office will also offer advise to city leaders as they set regulations on recreational pot sales which will begin statewide on january 1st. helping today a move that could help homeless people in richmond. council members will consider using tiny homes. now these homes are trans transitional, not permanent so they would only be used to help the homeless get back on their feet. if the council fully approves this pilot program before the august recess it could roll out as many as six of the tiny homes as soon as september. no word on where they will be set up. three ocean front communities are taking legal action against oil companies. they say oil giants have known for 50 years fossil fuels are changing the climate and causing seas to rise.
6:37 am
marin and san mateo counties and empeer yell beach in southern california filed the complaints in state seep yore court. the claims name 37 companies producing oil, gas an coal. the western state petroleum industry group says it's monitoring the cases but does not comment on active litigation. now a traffic alert. >> from abc 7 mornings. going to take you back to dublin westbound 580 just past 680 near san ramon road that's where we've got a sig alert this morning with that far right lane blocked. it started off with a collision between a semi and smaller vehicle. everything as far as those vehicles are concerned is off to the shoulder but something that that semi was hauling is blocking the right lane. i'm guessing it's some type of heavy duty machinery they're calling for quite a bit of response there from the tow companies and from caltrans to help clear that. i'm not sure if it was a large pipe or machinery that it was hold and that slid off a flatbed. we're trying to confirm that we don't have details yet. in the mean i'm a little bit over a five-mile backup.
6:38 am
it looks like that's continuing to grow so that's in a tough spot and a quick check what this doing to drive times. westbound 580 tracy to castro valley 1 u one hour two minutes. northbound 101 to the san jose airport in the yellow at 16 and northbound 280 highway 1 to san francisco you look great nine minutes. nb new problem westbound on the san mateo bridge i'll check on that. mike. let's keep the commute going with a look at 101 and 880 you can see it's sunny down there in the south bay. you're going to find foggy spots in other areas more so than we did yesterday. on the bay it's going to be breezy north of the bay bridge once again through the delta. in your mass transit it's going to be cool at the coast to warm inland. unlike yesterday when it was mild to hot. here's a look at that small craft advisory it's until 11:00 this evening. southwest winds at 15 to 20 phi knots, but knots completely opposite at the coast, northwest
6:39 am
winds at about 15 to 25 notes through tomorrow evening. temperatures up to 15 degrees cooler this morning. we'll start on the peninsula 51 in daly city to redwood city's 56. let's look at the rest of our nainds flabds. mid to upper 50s everywhere. napa 52, santa rosa, antioch 63 the exceptions. we'll take a look at warm weather coming up in your accuweather seven day forecast. >> thank you. happening today caltran will be closing the north parking at the at the san carlos station permanently but a new parking lol lot will be opening on el camino ray yell and cherry street. it's going up between the caltrain tracks and el camino real. that vel age will include 200 apartments. a vandalized water tank in novato is back in business. thousands of gallons of water had to be dumped after someone broke into the tank off wild horse valley drive nine days ago. officials didn't want to take a chance the water could be contaminated it. they tested it and it's fine if
6:40 am
the they finished draining the tank last week and put it back online yesterday. why subway stun tun fells 8 be shoot shuting down early in the coming months. one minute you're going down the roadway full speed and then this. live look at the golden gate bridge this morning, 20 minutes ton 7. thanks for wake up with us and we swear that tower is is there in the fog. mike and alexis helping us make th
6:41 am
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6:43 am
6:42. you have to see this video. this looks like it's from a movie, that explosion. the van clipping the side of that trailer on a freeway in china. and the driver says he heard a big boom but he just didn't know the scope of what had happened. the truck was carrying steel products and the van was carrying containers full of paint and other flammable materials. the best thing about, this, no one was hurt. well mob attacks on bart has been a big concern in recent mops and now there is new worry the number of sex crimes is up. >> today a meeting is going to look at making your ride safer. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live in berkeley with details. amy. >> reporter: bart passengers we've talked to this morning are shocked to hear that sex crimes on bart property are on the rise. let's look at the numbers. accord to our meetya partner the san jose mercury news there have been seven rapes reported so far this year on bart property.
6:44 am
that's nearly twice as many in all of last year. and last year was a three-year high, so sex crimes are trending up. violent crime is also up. that's up 41%. riders tell us they just don't think about this happening to them. >> yeah, i'm just surprised to hear that. i ride bart every day and i never have, like, faced that or seen that. so that's kind of concerning. >> reporter: there will be a meeting today. bart's safety committee will meet about the number of officers on duty and the crime stat zikz th statistics. that's set for 10:30 this morning. thank you. there's another clue into the fate of a missing san ma taye cocounty man. 22-year-old richard moss disappeared after leaving for work on may 20 fooichth. it's believed his car left the road south of devil's slide tunnel and then plunged into the ocean near montara state beach. last thursday divers found pieces of a car believed to be
6:45 am
moss's include a wheel. moss's family tells abc 7 news that the tire on that wheel is the same type purchased by moss just two years ago. police have not yet confirmed that. neighbors be in pleasant hill are angry over a proposal to replace a shut down shopping center. some say the land should be used for affordable housing but carmax wants to open an dealership instead. a representative from the cup made his sales pitch yesterday. they say the city would have to change the zoning from mixed use to commercial and that worries here about the regional housing shortage. >> all of the sudden when they put 100% commercial project in an area that is designed to accommodate houds, we're not going to heat our share of that need. >> as of right now, pleasant hill city council members say carmax's offer is the only one on the table for that location. amtrak is facing prosch you're to drop its idea of trying to jam more seats on to its trains.
6:46 am
amtrak ceo raised that possibility as a way to generate more revenue. . he says reducing legroom on board would allow for more seats and more passion jerz and more money. senator chuck schumer says the move would hurt people who are looking for less expensive ways to travel. schumer says he'll work on ways to help amtrak bring in more money including increased money from washington. starting this weekend the muni metro subway will shut down at times to test new train cars. it will close early on weeknights for about the next month. a bus bridge will be available for passengers. full service will be in place for outside lands that's the second weekend in august. the first new cars arrived in san francisco in january. they've been undergoing months of test runs on street level tracks but these are the the first teftsd in the subway the they're expected to be more quieter, safer and more reliable than the old cars. the oakland a's will be kick uhha their 18th annual root beer float day. >> they'll be helping plafrds serve up the sweet treats. proceeds go to the juvenile
6:47 am
diabetes research foundation. sugar free root beer and ice cream are going to be available. root beer float day ban in 2003 and has raised more than $486,000 so far. we'll be talking to mike nicco how he's been getting ready for scooping that ice cream. first let alert. he's had dumbbells over there in the weather center all morning. we've got the same ning going on in this tri-valley so still a sig alert westbound 580 just past san ramon road. sounds like it's going to be until about 7:30 we have the far right lane blocked. we've got a situation wray semi was involved in a collision, sounded like the clig was pretty minor but part of that cargo as spilled into the far right lane. still have not been able to confirnl what they were hauling there but something that's going to take a while to clean you the. 26 miles per hour, 13 miles per hour approaching and that be backup is about five miles. san mateo bridge looking better vehicles off to the shoulder we did have a two-vehicle collision and it was blocking the two left
6:48 am
lanes, just stopped traffic and cleared that to the side but you are jammed solid from 880 a little bit of that spilled over on to 880 as well. let's go to mike. how's it look for the game? >> it's looking nice. comfortable temperatures there as we, yeah, make those root beer floats and try to raise money. the key is you spend $5 you get a generic mug. you spend $25 you get a bob melvin signed mug. you can come back as many times as you want, one thing, give you us a tip because all the tips go to the fundraising effort also plaintiffs we make you a good float let us know by giving us some money so we can raise some money. 64 at 7:05 to 59 at 10 clock. you can see the clouds, boy when they make their way into the east bay hills you know it's going to become cooler every way today and it will become sunny also except for the coast where the clouds will be a little bit more stubborn. partly cloudy and cool tonight slow warming starts tomorrow.
6:49 am
upper 70s in medical pete tas. uper 80s in los gatos. aelts in redwood city. we'll be at cool as 68 in millbrae, low to mid-60s along the coast. downtown san francisco been 66 degrees. if you're a giants nan you want to go over there they'll have root beer floats, raising money, but you'll have fun, dropping down to about 57 degrees. up in the north bay 78 in petaluma, 84 in san jose. along the east bay shore mid to upper 60s richmond and berkley, 77 in fremont and the cat tro valley and 84 to 89 it's going to be warm inland just not hot. temperatures tonight 50 to about 57 degrees. now that's some good sleeping weather. here's my accuweather seven day forecast. look at the slow warming trend while all of us are at work and by the weekend mid to upper 90s inland, 80s around the bay but 60s around the coast. now a live up daty jessica castro. >> another showdown about to get
6:50 am
under way in texas over its proposed bathroom bill in about only an hour law make iz will go into a special session there. conservatives want to, i transgender people to use bathrooms corresponding to gender on their birth certificate. similar to north carolina's law. but there is new opposition this morning including huge companies like ibm, apple, and american airlines as well. back to you. thank you. the department of homeland security is expanding one of its work visa programs. secretary john kelly says there are not enough qualified and willing u.s. workers to filt needs of businesses so up to 15,000 new visas will be issued under the conest today h 2 b pro grachl. it offers temporary permits to foreign workers who have a season job offer. even president trump's own florida resort mar-a-lago plans to hyper 64 workers under that program. they say it will hurt american workers. toxic applegy is growing in contra costa county they're
6:51 am
repeat ache warning to avoid the water in discovery bay. they first detect today late last month and it is still at high levels. discovery bay had to deal with an algae bloom last summer. this year it sonl in the recreational areas of the bay. so that means tap water from the bay is safe. security robot looks out for crime but fwhun washington, d.c. apparently didn't look what whereit was going. the security robot ended up in a water fountain inside of an office mall in george tuned since there are steps leading down to the fountain police think this is a most likelia i prank. one twitter user suggested get a lifeguard to watch over the security guard. uber is hatching any tips. they recently roeld rolled out a tipping feature here in the bay area now it's launched nationwide. they're celebrating by matching all tips riders give drivers. they intend to pay drivers for the time they spend waiting for
6:52 am
riders and help with insurance. they are aimed to address unhappiness with drivers and will be implemented within the next six months. gym more preis getting ready to close hupz of stores. it's the latest retailer to cut back at online shopping cuts into his bottom line. its is more than 12,000 stores. it also fraits operates crazy eight and janie and jack stores. here in the bay area, five gymboree, five kraes eights and one janie and jack. we have a link to the complete list on our website. back in 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know today. first our instagram photo of the dpa if the if you haven't yet please follow us on abc bay area. you can see a lot more great photos like this one and make sure you share your photos with abc 7 now. and we keep weather and and we keep weather and traffic
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6:54 am
it's 6:54 here are the seven things you need to know today. number one that vegetation fire burning in saratoga just 40% contained. air drops could resume later this morning. so far no homes have been threatened. number two violent sex crimes are on the rise at bart according to media partner the mercury news. the report c as bart plans to meet today to talk about police staffing at its stations. number three disgraced performer house speaker is out of federal prison in minnesota apd headingto a halfway house in chicago. he was serving time for a banking violations case that revealed he sexually abused
6:55 am
teenagers. number four the gop healthcare bill is on life support after two more senators announced their opposition. president trump tweeted, we were let down by all of the democrats and a few republicans. we will return. number 5 temperatures are up to 15 degrees cooler this morning compared to 24 hours ago. and look what it does to our afternoon and your 12-hour day planner. and number six still have our sig alert in the dublin area so westbound 580 just past 680 still have that right lane down. likely going fob about an hour until that's cleaned up give or take right around six miles for that backup. you might want to consider being a little lait for work today in hitting your local i hop on the way. separating 59 years in business with 59 cent short stacks today. it starts in a few minutes at 7:00 a.m. it goes until 7:00 p.m. tonight. i have the place that has the root intootty fresh and fruity. >> it is. >> and denny's has the grand
6:56 am
slam. >> and that whole line up of all the different flavors of syrup. >> yeah, the blueberry, i kicked her in the shin by vent zent, i'm sorry. >> you do owe me pancakes that's a great idea. >> okay, breakfast on me, i swear. >> another warm up to come this weekend, mike. >> it looks like it's going to get hot again. we're starting to see the first signs of maybe some 100s coming back for sunday have some for now a gray start. a soft start to our morning. >> we'll see new 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, health care collapse. two gop senators deal a fatal blow to the republican effort to repeal and replace obamacare. a major defeat for president trump. he responds just repeal it now, replace it later. brand-new details about that bride-to-be killed by police. >> shots fired. we've got one down. >> what we're now learning about the officer who reportedly fired from his vehicle as the victim's fiance speaks out. >> our hearts are broken. >> demanding an explanation. the mayor of minneapolis joins us this morning. bombshell claims. the parents accusing superstar r. kelly of holding their daughter against her will. >> my daughter is severely brainwashed. >> allegations that six women are living in cult-like conditions at the r&b star's homes.


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