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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 22, 2017 1:07am-1:37am PDT

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food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. ♪ live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." >> right now at 11:00, the young man who used to live in this
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oakland apartment is accused of trying to create social media accounts for isis. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. new since 6:00, we have talked to a long-time family friend of the terror suspect. >> "abc 7 news" reporter katie utehs has this developing story. >> reporter: we broke the shocking news to allie a kloss family friend was indicted on terrorism charges. >> i feel like crying because i know how much will hurt his dad and family. >> reporter: he has known 22 year old amer sinan al haggagi since he was a boy and the family lived bofd his market in berkley. they say al haggagi attempted to open social media accounts for the benefit of isis. >> i hope it is something that comes out like natural, like it is hard to believe. >> reporter: in court detention documents a judge notes, the defendant allegedly went so far as to meet with undercover agents on multiple occasions to
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plan a potential terrorist attack. al haggagi's attorney released a statement. amir is a very young and naive man and it appears he allowed himself to be drawn into conversations that he should have been far more suspicious of. >> reporter: al haggagi has been in custody in oakland since last november when he was arrested on an aggravated identity theft charge. agents say he bought good using a stolen credit car. kasim says he lived in west oakland, spent time in yemen as a kid and attended berkley high school. he also taught arabic at a local mosque. kasim says the local community watches out for radicalization. >> tie them to my hands make sure they don't go anywhere. >> reporter: al haggagi is considered a flight risk and being held without bond. in oakland, katie utehs, "abc 7
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news." a us air strike accidentally killed 12 afghan national police personnel. two others were wounded. in a state the pentagon says thor rant air strike happened during an operation against taliban insurgents. the helmand province is where afghan national security forces have been battling to retake territory under the control of the taliban. more to come on that story as we get it in. concerns over a possible terrorist attack during the sunday's san francisco marathon have prompted a partial closure of the golden gate bridge during the race. here's a live look now at that iconic span. all northbound lanes will be closed from 6:00 to 9:00 in the morning on sunday. "abc 7 news" was at fort mason today as some of the 27,000 racers picked up their bibs and got registered. with all of those runners hitting the streets sunday, drivers can expect major traffic delays. so be warned if you are trying to drive around the area. here is a look at the race route in green. these roads will be closed from 7:00 in the morning until noon.
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the areas in pink so where traffic can cross, but it is only when there's a break in the race. muni riders can expect delays. have video provided by the agency shows testing of new subway cars. the testing means several subway stations will partially shut down all day on weekends and at 9:30 weeknights starting tomorrow. buses will take passengers from west portal and the embarcadero. >> after witnessng a man being beaten by a group of teams outside of the bart station. the mayor took this picture of the man attacked yesterday. the mayor says he called 911 but the operator told him it was a bart problem. he called bart dispatch but no bart police officers respond he. to make matters worse he says two bart employees at the scene did nothing to help. >> everybody has a primary job, but their secondary job ought to be to do whatever needs to be done at the time to make the system work.
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>> bart police say the employees had no law enforcement training. they say each bart officer is assigned a beat that includes two to three stations. new tonight, two families say part of a bay area coastal highway is just too dangerous. highway 1 hugs the san mateo county coastline and it is where two families say their loved ones veered off the roadway and into the ocean. "abc 7 news" reporter lonnie rivera shows us what these two families are doing to prevent others from experiencing similar tragedies. >> reporter: this sign a painful reminder for two families that lost loved ones in similar circumstances. >> they are both the baby of the family, rose and richard. >> reporter: 22 year old richard moss was last seen may 25th before he left to drive aloss the coast to work. his aaa card washed up in late june on montera state beach. search teams located what's believed to be the wheel of his car. when we arrived alameda county deputies were using drones.
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they're helping san mateo deputies with the search. >> we are divers and boats out there. >> reporter: last year deputies say 20 year old rosie alba was driving north when her car veered off the road into the ocean. >> start putting in k rails so nobody else has to die. >> reporter: her body was found here at the beach but her car was never located. so far in the moss case they located car parts but his remains have not been found. dan moss is pushing for cal trans to install cement barriers along this stretch of highway 1. >> he would laugh and smile. that's how richard was. he was an angel. >> reporter: the moss family hopes the diligent work of law enforcement and volunteers brings closure. from montero stay beach, lonnie rivera, "abc 7 news." lower temperatures and higher humidity should help firefighters with the growing detwiler fire near yosemite
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national park overnight. it has grown from about 1,000 acres to 75,000 tonight. containment now is at 25%, that's up from just 15% earlier today. that is progress. 61 homes have been destroyed in the fire along with 63 other buildings. evacuation orders for the tone of mariposa were lifted today. some homeowners are returning to find everything burned to the ground, giving them a sad new reality. >> how long is the nightmare going to be you're not going to have your home or a home? you're going to be displaced, you know. what is going to be home to you or your kids? >> it is really tough. the fire continues to move south. that is away from yosemite national park. >> for the first time tonight an albany woman is sharing her story of survival after she spent nearly three days alone in the oregon wilderness. check out this video in southern oregon. the coast guard had to save 40-year-old amy nutbrokly
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she was hiking. she admitted to "abc 7 news" tonight she wasn't ready for the difficult trail. >> i soon realized it wasn't well marked or maintained at all. i don't -- it didn't look like people had been on it for quite sometime. >> and here is a photo of nuttbrock after the rescue. she says she was hungry, but except for pa few scratches she is fine. >> we have new details about the resignation of sean spicer as white house press secretary. in an interview with abc news white house correspondent late today, he said he is "relieved about his resignation." he shocked the political world this morning when he announced he is quitting after six months on the job. the resignation came after president trump appointed political ally anthony scaramucci as white house communications director. as abc's john carl points out, scaramucci called the president a hack politician two years ago.
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>> he brings that up every 15 seconds, okay. one of the biggest mistakes i made because i was an unexperienced person in the world of politics, i was supporting another candidate. i should never have said that about him. mr. president, if you are listening, i personally apologize for the 50th time for saying that. >> deputy press secretary sarah huckabee sanders will replace spicer. >> "abc 7 news at 11:00" continues with these new stories. >> the heated confrontation tonight between activists and the big city mayor facing pressure to resign. this man picked the wrong starbucks to rob. we're going to show you the heroic action from the good samaritan that jumped in to save the day. the soccer superstar who had fans lining up inside a shopping center. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya
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new tonight, protesters in minneapolis shouted down their mayor, demanding her resignation. >> we do not want you as the mayor of minneapols! we are asking you to resign! >> the tense exchange came minutes after mayor betsy hodges announced the appointment of a new police chief in the wake of a deadly police shooting. chief harto announced she is
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resigning. mayor hodges said she lost confidence in the chief's ability to lead after a series of police incidents including last week's police killing of justine damond. the australian bride tob called to report what she believed was a sexual assault near her home. police officers say they shot she was ambushing them. >> a newly released surveillance footage shows the moment a starbucks customer takes on an armed robber. the video shows a man approach the cash register with a knife and a toy gun as it turns out. he demand money from the barista when customer craig jerry saw what was happening and hit the robber in the back with a metal chair. the two men started fighting on the ground where jerry was stabbed in the neck, but he will be okay. >> it is not something we recommend. in this case it was a good outcome. no one died as a result of this incident. but he very well could have. but nonetheless, he is a hero,
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there's no question. >> jerry manages to wrestle the knife away and stab the attacker before he ran away. officers later found the man who reportedly admitted to the crime. shoreline amphitheater was supposed to be the venue of a concert with match box 20 and counting crows tonight but didn't happen. concert promoter discovered a collapse in the road that gives bands access equipment to the stage. the hole got bigger overnight and the concert was cancelled. the show is rescheduled for tuesday evening, but the crows won't perform because of another commitment. >> that's a bit of a downer but excitement is growing in the south bay as soccer fans gear up for the match between manchester united and real madrid. >> the match is being played at levi stadium making businesses as happy as fans. "abc 7 news" reporter katie marzullo is live at levi stadium. >> reporter: ama, dan, some 60,000 tickets have been soltd.
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hotels around the area are booked solid. it was a hat store in santa clara that attracted the first soccer fan crowd of the weekend. retired manchester united forward dwight york made a special appearance at lids at valley fair mall. dozens of fans waited for a chance to meet him and take home a memory. >> he wanted to autograph the balls and we like the team. >> reporter: this family was first in line. dad grew up in england and has good memories of watching york. >> i think he has a nickname called the smiling assassin. >> reporter: man u faces off against real madrid sunday at levi stadiums. the power house teams draw big crowds from all over. >> we appreciate the economic benefit it provides to the city of santa clara as well. it is like the world is converging on the little city of santa clara. >> hotels near levi stadium are
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sold out. >> a lot of people are traveling from out of state, like texas and phoenix. >> reporter: some international guests, too. kevin moony lives in san francisco but he originally is from ire land. he has been a man u fan his entire life. >> i used to be to manchester as a kid so it is cool when you live out here that you get to see them once every couple of years. >> reporter: limited tickets are available for the game. in santa clara, katie marzullo, "abc 7 news." fun stuff. what a great opportunity to see those teams. >> absolutely. it is time to find out how the weather will be this weekend. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is here. sound like hot, sandhya. >> it will be hot inland. for the match it will be warm. dan and ama, i will show you the forecast for all of the events happening in the bay area. first i want to show you a spectacular sunset. 8:27 tonight from our east bay hills camera. when the sun went down just a wisp of fog. a gorgeous shot as you look. tonight not a lot of fog outside. matter of fact, we are on our way to some hot conditions this upcoming weekend.
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temperatures, this is a look at walnut creek. you will notice inland spots will be a lot like this. starting out at 59 degrees but quickly heating up. you're going to be in the mid 90s by the afternoon. so definitely hot enough to where you need to stay hydrated and stay cool this weekend, especially if you're going to be in the inland areas. a live look right now from our kgo roof camera. we have a nice breeze going there, and that breeze will keep you quite mild along the coastline along with the fog this upcoming weekend. not everyone has to deal with the heat. live doppler 7 right now showing you that fog right near the san mateo coast. here is a look at the temperatures, in the 50s and 60s. brend woot 75 right now. a live look from our tower camera. it is a beautiful view of san francisco downtown. hot inland this upcoming weekend. comfortable near the coast and gradual cooling expected early next week. here is your hour-by-hour forecast. if you are starting your morning at 7:00, expect gray skies near the beaches and parts of the bay
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as we head into 10:00 a.m. the fog wb confine mainly to the coast. into the afternoon even parts of the coast will see sunshine, but there will be lingering fog for those who love it. temperature also low 50s to low 60s tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon in the south bay it will be pretty warm. 94 degrees in gilroy, 87 in san jose, sunnyvale 82 degrees on the peninsula, anywhere from the mid 70s on millbrae to mid 80s. 64 in pacifica. daly city 72, downtown san francisco. need the sunscreen in the north bay. 88 in napa, 893 in santa rosa. east bay communities in the upper 70s to mid 80s. inland spots will be cooking. 100 in antioch. 97 livermore. 96 in concord. check out the forecast for the giants game against the padres, at&t park, 1:05, 67. it will be sunny and mild. temperature will come up to about 72 degees so definitely
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can get away with shorts and tee shirt going to the game. if you are taking part in the marathon on sunday in san francisco, it will be a gray start. the fog will keep you company. mid to upper 50s so ideal race conditions for the sunday marathon there. w have one other event, obviously the soccer matchup at levi stadium on sunday. it will get pretty warm, mid to upper 80s. you know how warm it can get inside that stadium, so definitely need plenty of fluids. download the accuweather app. keep track of the temperatures to plan your weekend. the accuweather seven day forecast will feature triple digit heed inlands, still hot on sunday but not as hot as tomorrow. the temperatures will begin to come down on monday with a cooler day tuesday, wed. low 90s inland, low 60s coast. we will heat back up again thursday and friday with mid 90s. summer lives up to its name. >> thanks. coming up, celebrating success. >> the event tonight marking the
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contributions of some very special
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new at 11:00, a special night at the museum as the mention am festival celebrated young people at the de young to night. "abc 7 news" is a sponsor of this great event. our jessica castro what the emcee tonight as seven outstanding young mexicans who arrived as children told their story. one dreamer described her path to silicon valley. >> the reason is i was very stubborn. no, no, i have really good ideas. >> i had to hold my tears more than once. beautiful stories, and we want to celebrate the contributions that all mieg ranlgrants do to runtry. >> features performing arts, literature and food. it runs through sunday. terrific. >> nice. time to check on sports. those extra innings, man.
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>> another marathon. we got the one sunday and now one tonight. >> yeah, this is a baseball version. another long night for the giants, will end in kpraes an yoe wants to come back. this looks like home run derby here. the judge has ruled. my
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> good evening. while we wait for the expected return of pablo sand vaul, we remember when the giants used to beat the padres like a drum, like two years ago. those days are over. late drama tonight from the giants. tonight was national junk food day so get your eyes cream here! giants blew a 4-0 reed.
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lector sanche continues to destroy his old team, crushes it to the veggie garden off sanchez with four homers against the giants, seven total. top seven, wil myers, bombs away off hunter strickland. padres come all the way back and take a 9-6 lead. giants respond with three in the ninth. down through their last out, conner gillespie, high deep and allow ha after brandon mire. tied at nine and that's where we are at a four hour plus game now. 9-9 in the 10th. yoenis cespedes made headlines saying he wants to finish his career as an a. mets love hearing that. bottom of second, michael con fort ah comes off paul blackburn, so 2-1, metropolitans. ryan healey takes a rocket to the temple. said he was in shock when the ball hit him. walked off on his own. said he hopes to come back and play by tomorrow.
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still bottom six. bases loaded, a's up. they tag out one runner and then this ball was thrown into the bermuda triangle. it is just rolling. a little league homer for rivera. mets win 7-5. yankees in seattle. aaron judge just hit a ball that putin picked up on russian radar. this is almost clear out of s cofiel safeco field, caught by a fan in the last road. went so high stat cast continue measure the thing. yankees tweeted, home run that broke stat cast. yankees win by score of 5-1. warriors domination is driving the nba crazy. paul george talked his way out of indie and kyree irving wants out of cleveland. told them he wants to be traded. apparently he doesn't want to be in lebron's shadow anymore. he is probably thinking if lebron leaves for l.a. he doesn't want to be stuck in cleveland.
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irving averaged 25 points per game last season. and when he goes into uncle drew mode he is unstoppable. his reported number one choice is a trade to the spurs, which the warriors would not want. >> abc 7 brought to you by river rock casino. everybody is trying to make moves to catch the warriors. it is wild. >> they've changed things. >> for sure. >> thanks, larry. abc 7 continues often line, on twitter, facebook and your mobile devices with our
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that's our report. as always we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for sandhya, larry. thanks for joining us. on "jimmy kimmel live," adam crowe. >> hope you enjoy that show. have a great weekend. ♪
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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." >> i'm so happy. >> nine months ago -- >> roman and his girlfriend brittany found out they were pregnant. >> now it's time to bring their new bundle of joy into this world, but they're doing it their special way. >> it seems so much more endearing. they've got a fox in their home. >> even though it found a really good hiding place, simon knows where it is. >> leave it to simon to help find its way home. it's a stormy day and they're making their way to the rooftop. >> they're on camera. so what do they do? >> press on. >> that they do, and wait until you see why they did it. and they've got a tip on how to get out of plans with the
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mrs. >> to go hang out with the buddies. >> find out if their scheme works. >> i don't care how much blood there is. i have plans with my girlfriend. a brand new freshly delivered member of the youtube world. nine months ago roman and his girlfriend brittany found out they were pregnant. >> so happen. i. >> oh, my god. >> and in this, his latest vlog, he takes us on the entire journey of their pregnancy with their daughter. they already have two sons. >> i wanted my boys so bad and i got my boys. and then i really wanted a girl and i got our girl. a little baby atwood girl into the family. >> after all of the anticipation, after revealing the news to their family members, after learning that he was, in fact, going to have a daughter, they made the decision to have the baby at home.
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>> she going crazy? >> she's been going nuts. >> look, look, look. >> it's so weird looking. >> oh. >> dude, it's rolling around. >> well, on july 16th, 2:30 p.m., it was showtime. they had the entire setup for the home delivery there. they had a midwife or doula there to assist them in the entire process including the birthing pool. she's got those well wishes on the wall reminding her of all the love that she has. and finally at 6:38 p.m., she has arrived. >> she's got some sweet little cheeks you just want to kiss. >> she's about to pull her first prank. you wait. >> she gets checked. she's breathing. her heart's beating. they have a very healthy baby girl. >> oh! >> 8.5. >> that's what i said. >> really? >> toward the end of the video, the family is able to meet their new member and everybody just hugging and long


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