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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 24, 2017 2:30am-3:59am PDT

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final five holes at the british open, winning over matt kuchar. next stop, the pga championship. those are some of our stories on this monday, july 24th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> jordan spieth turning 24. >> and it's a big week for us. diane macedo is back. >> hello! i missed you a lot. when i was sitting by the pool drinking pina coladas. beautiful castles and palaces. i thought about you a lot. >> i bet. i can't wait to see the vacation pictures. you did post them? >> no. but i have plenty. we begin this hour with president trump focussing on his agenda as stories of russia overshadow the white house. >> the president will give a statement on health care later this afternoon. we're not sure what he plans to say, but a tweet, warnings for republicans if they don't repeal and replace obamacare. >> and his son-in-law, jared kushner will face questions from
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congressional investigators. and donald trump jr. and paul manafort will be behind closed doors. after agreeing to turnover documents to a senate committee. >> and the white house is not clear on pardons. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: the white house struggled to explain where the president stands on pardons, after he tweeted this weekend, all agree, the u.s. president has the complete power to pardon. >> i'm in the oval office with the president last week. we're talking about that. he says, he brought that up, he says, but he doesn't have to be pardoned. there's nobody around him that has to be pardoned. he was just making the statement about the power of pardon. >> reporter: the constitution does give the president broad powers to pardon, but a president has never pardoned himself. president trump's private lawyer says there's been no talk of pardons. >> while it makes for interesting academic discussions, let me tell you what the legal team is not doing. we're not researching the issue because the issue of pardons is
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not on the table. there's nothing to pardon from. >> reporter: the new white house communications team was on the offensive. >> listen, there's obviously a communications problem. >> reporter: trying to change the talking points. >> the top three issues that americans care about is immigration, health care and jobs. the top three that the news cares about is russia, russia and russia. >> reporter: but the white house is still not convinced the russians did meddle, even though the intelligence community insists otherwise. >> somebody said to me yesterday, i won't tell you who, that if the russian actually hacked this situation and spilled out those e-mails, you would have never seen it. >> reporter: when pressed about his source. >> how about it was the president. >> it's -- >> he called me from air force one. and he basically said, you know, maybe they did it, maybe they didn't do it. >> reporter: this week, the president's son-in-law, jared kushner, heads to capitol hill to be interviewed behind closed doors, by the senate and house committees investigating russian meddling. this weekend, kushner revised
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his financial disclosures, yet again, having inadvertently omitted 77 assets worth at least $10 million. he and his wife ivanka reported personal assets of between $206 million and $760 million. while jared kushner is headed to capitol hill, we're not expecting to see don junior or paul manafort there. the senate committee originally wanted them to testify on wednesday and even threatened them with subpoenas but backed down from that after the committee said the two agreed to negotiate to share documents. committee members have a lot of questions for them, and they still hope to hear from them at a later date. david wright, abc news, the white house. >> he's the worst snitch ever. like i'm not going to tell you who, but it rhymes with crump. [ laughter ] >> it starts with a p and ends with resident. >> that's awesome.
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welcome to the communications department. >> there are some conflicting responses now from the white house to a sweeping bipartisan package on russian sanctions that the house is expected to vote on as early as tomorrow. >> the legislation would require the president to get permission from congress before lifting or easing sanctions against russia. newly promoted press secretary sarah sanders told abc this week that the president now backs the bill. >> the administration is supportive of being tough on russia, particularly in putting these sanctions in place. the original piece of legislation was poorly written, but we were able to work with the house and senate and the administration is happy with the ability to do that and make those changes that were necessary. >> but on a different sunday news program, the communications director says the president hasn't made a decision on the measure as yet. the bill could reach his desk before congress breaks for the august recess. and russia is replacing its
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u.s. ambassador at the center of allegations into election meddling. sergei kislyak's tenure has ended. meetings between kislyak and members of the trump campaign forced michael flynn to resign. it also prompted jeff sessions to recuse himself from the investigation and caused jared kushner to amend his security clearance form. and at least two people are dead and one injured after a shooting in israel. embassy in jordan. a jordanian man attacked an israeli security guard with a screwdriver. he was one of two jordanians entering the building to do some carpentry work. israeli authorities say the security guard opened fire after being attacked. now breaking news right now from afghanistan. the taliban is claiming responsibility for a suicide car bombing that has killed at least 24 people in kabul. these are some of the early images just coming into the newsroom. more than three dozen other people were wounded.
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the attack targeted government employees, but you see the scenes and video he there we're getting in moments ago. the attacker rammed a car into a mini bus, carrying government workers. by but it was government workers going to a mine. no one so far has claimed but it should be noted that both. pope francis speaking out about the deadly tensions over jerusalem's temple mound. the pontiff made a plea for moderation and dialog while addressing crowds at the vatican. the temple has seen clashes when some were shot two weeks ago. and people in the midwest will be cleaning up this morning from severe storms over the weekend. hundreds of utility crews are working through the night in the kansas city area to restore service to tens of thousands of customers. the storms caused widespread damage, knocking down trees and snapping utility polls. towns in northwestern illinois and across the border in iowa and wisconsin are waiting for floodwaters to recede after this weekend's heavy rains. there could be flash flooding again in the southwest today. let's check in with accuweather's paul williams. paul, good morning. >> good morning to you as well,
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diane, and welcome back from your trip. good morning to you, kendis. we're looking at a high pressure system that will begin to move over to the east and out of the way. widespread scattered showers are going to cover the four corners area. nevada, california and further north. and that's going to and good thing, providing some fire relief. so yeah, we're expecting inland thunderstorms, staying pretty numerous, covering a good portion of arizona and new mexico. but we'll have some problems with flooding. severe storms likely to touch off through winnipeg, down through bismarck and rapid city. rapid city's going to warm crazy warm with the chance of isolated coverage tornados and hail and excessive rain. widespread scattered showers throughout the deep south. and along the gulf coast. kendis, diane. >> temperatures today in san antonio expected to be 103, paul. thank you. a massive fire has destroyed an apartment complex in a boston suburb. residents report hearing several explosions during the eight-alarm fire. the contractor says the
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five-building complex was nearly complete. the project was built almost entirely of wood. nearby apartment buildings were evacuated and yesterday's latino festival parade was canceled. we're seeing new images of john mccain since he was diagnosed with brain cancer. on sunday, he tweeted a photo of himself relaxing with a friend, dipping their feet in a creek. on saturday, his daughter meghan mccain of shared a photo after the two had just finished a hike. partying can be rough, especially in washington, d.c., where a man ended his weekend by getting trashed. not the way you think. >> rescue workers had to pull him out of a trash chute. he dropped his cell phone and lost his balance trying to find it. firefighters pumped in some fresh air while they worked on the rescue. luckily he was not hurt. no word on the condition of the cell phone. >> did he get the cell phone?
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and an ohio mom says she is only ordering pizza the old-fashioned way from now on after using an app that didn't work out so well for her. >> so jimmy stead wanted a pie with pepperoni from dominoes. so she used the new app but forgot a few things like the tomato sauce and the cheese. >> ah, dominoes delivered exactly what she asked for. a crust and some pepperoni. >> what's the problem here? >> that prompted a response from digiorno, offering ten free pizzas, all with cheese and sauce. guaranteed. >> oh, shade from digiorno. >> apparently. her son had a good laugh at her expense over this one. the way the app works, you build your own pizza. you check-off all the ingredients that you want. but she assumed cheese and sauce were a given and she'd have to put on the extras. >> i would do the same thing. >> that pepperoni bread looks pretty good.
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>> i'm sure they ate it still. coming up, tagging humans with microchips. why one company in wisconsin wants to start implanting its employees, and how they're trying to sell it as a convenience rather than an invasion of privacy. but first, the rescue of two elephants stranded in the sea. off sri lanka. the whole thing caught on camera. we'll show you how it ended. first, here's a look at today's temperatures. "world news now" weather, brought to you by flex seal. brou you by x seal.
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for the second time this month, sri lanka's navy has rescued elephants swept out to sea. the pair was about a half-mile out to sea. sailors, navy divers brought them to shore. they're said to be okay. two weeks ago, an elephant was saved after it was discovered eight miles into the indian ocean. >> wow. wandered quite far. >> swimming out there. might seem like something out of a sci-fi flick. a wisconsin company is saying it will soon be offering microchip implants for employees. >> josh rosenfeld from kstv reports. >> reporter: at three square market in river falls a team of programmers designed software for break room markets like this
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one. believe it or not, this is the reason they're about to do this to more than 50 of their employees. >> it's the next thing that's inevitably going to happen, and we want to be a part of it. >> reporter: the concept is pretty simple. just like how you can buy something nowadays using your phone. what if you could use a microchip inside your hand instead. you're going to show us how this could potentially work. >> yeah, this is considered a break room in an office complex. we'll come up, scan the item, hit pay with credit card. and it's asking to swipe my proximity payment now, i'll hold my hand up, just like the cell phone, and it will pay for my product. >> reporter: instead of a credit card. >> correct, because my microchip is now my credit card. >> reporter: more than 50 employees are having them inserted next week. not only will they be able to buy things, they will be able to
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get into the front door and log into computers. each chip costs $300. the company's picking up the tab. it goes between your thumb and forefinger and todd westby says it is encrypted and secure. >> reporter: if i'm one of your employees and i have this chip in my hand, you won't know that josh is slacking off? >> no, there's no gps tracking at all. >> reporter: employees aren't required to get the chip. one of those choosing to is a hockey coach, curt jiles. if someone told you back in the day when you're flying on the ice playing with the north stars that you're going to have a chip implanted in your hand, you're going to use it to pay for stuff, get in and out of building, what would you have thought? >> i would have thought about a chipped tooth but not the technology we're talking about today. >> good one. >> i don't like that. >> i don't like that idea at all. >> that freaks me out. >> i like walking into the
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barbara walters building with our card checking in and barbara saying "welcome to abc." that's what i like. >> "welcome to abc news." the micro chips are about the size of a grain of rice. they say if you change your mind you can pop it out. >> really? huh, all right. if you want brown rice, is that extra? >> ow! coming up, britain's princes opening up about their mother, princess diana. the touching new memories they're sharing as the 20th anniversary of her death approaches. you're watching "world news now". >> only the guacamole. approa >> only the guacamole. ♪...from far away. but they only ♪harsee his wrinkles.♪ ...
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and get a glimpse of amazing. with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. as the 20th anniversary of princess diana's death approaches her sons are sharing touching memories of their mother.
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here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: william and harry's intimate portrait of princess diana. speaking for the first time about the mother only they knew. on the 20th anniversary of her death, the sons cherishing her memories in this new documentary. >> this is the first time that the two of us have ever spoken about her as a mother. arguably, probably a little too raw up until this point. it's still raw. >> reporter: william saying he thinks of his mom every day. harry, recalling her playful nature. >> all i can hear is her laugh. in my head. and that sort of crazy laugh of where there's just pure happiness shown on her face. one of her mottos to me is you can be as naughty as you want, just don't get caught. >> reporter: harry can still feel the hugs his mom used to give. both sons still agonizing over their last phone call with her the night she died in paris.
2:50 am
harry, speaking of the deep regret over rushing off the phone. if i'd known that was the last time i'd speak to my mother, the things i would have said to her. looking back on it now, it is incredibly hard. >> there's not many days that go by that i don't think of her. her 20th anniversary year feels like a good time to remember, you know, all the good things about her and hopefully provide, maybe, a different side that others haven't seen before. >> reporter: william adding that he thinks diana would have loved being a grandmother and thinks she would have been the type of grandmother who showed up right before bedtime riling his children up. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. >> i like that motto. >> that's a good motto. that's another motto. ♪ vacation's all -- >> we're going to look at diane's vacation pics. >> we' oing o l at diane's vacation pics. oon,
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♪ girls trip >> you had a girls trip, a ladies trip. want to welcome back diane after a well-deserved vacation. while you were gone, there was a bit of confusion over where exactly you were. >> i wonder where that confusion came from. >> i have no idea. >> welcome back. adrienne bankert is here with us. >> slow clap. it's been a while. diane is swimming with turtles in the galapagos right now. adrienne is here while diane is hiking kilimanjaro. >> diane is spearfish, in the great barrier reef of australia. >> diane is backpacking in bataan this morning. >> feeling sorry for her. >> diane is cruising with oprah winfrey this morning. erielle is here with us.
2:55 am
>> i can't tell you what it was like being on vacation, showing my husband all the messages i was getting, how's kilimanjaro. how did you get to the great barrier reef? how's gayle? how's oprah? it took me a minute to realize what was going on. someone told that i was in rehab on my honeymoon. i was in croatia. this is in a national park there. absolutely beautiful. crystal clear blue water and of course gorgeous water falls pretty much anywhere you went. this is a little town there, the scene of some of the shots of "game of thrones," and there i am accidently matching the sign. >> color-coordinated. >> that was unplanned. awkward. we move on to havar. it is at the top of the mountain, and we rented a boat.
2:56 am
that's me playing skipper. they actually let me drive a boat. watch out, everybody. >> was everybody okay? >> everybody was okay. nobody got injured. we did not capsize. >> at what point did your husband roll his eyes and say i'm another instagram husband? >> no, these are mostly selfies. besides that one and this one. so we are in king's landing. we missed the first episode of "game of thrones" but we went to kings landing. that's me practicing my shame pose. >> shame. shame. >> these are the stairs for that scene. >> those are the shame stairs. >> those are the shame stairs, so of course that's where i belonged. welcome, off you go to the shame stairs. >> you did get revenge. >> such a beautiful city. the whole place is amazing.
2:57 am
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this morning on "world news
2:59 am
now." millions of americans facing severe weather. >> overnight there's flooding in several states as torrential rains move into the northeast. we're tracking it all. and a busy day on tap for the trump administration. overnight the white house saying the president will make an announcement on health care this afternoon. this as his son-in-law faces investigators in the russian probe. then, a man is suing a state lottery commission over a denied jackpot. hear why the state is refusing to pay out the $5 million prize, even though the man has the winning scratch-off ticket. and then an olympic swimming legend versus one of the world's most feared predators. michael phelps racing a great white shark. it is must-see tv unless you actually see it. >> i hope that's not phelps. >> that was phelps. it was good while it lasted. who came out on top? [ laughter ] >> on this monday, july 24th. from abc news, this is
3:00 am
"world news now." that was an unfortunate edit. >> we don't know how it all ended up. >> we will leave you all in suspense and come back to that. welcome back, you weren't planning on coming back for several days and you found out it's national tequila day. >> i demanded to be home. >> welcome back. >> mine is empty. it's 5:00 somewhere. well, good morning to you all. we're going to start things off with flash flood watches. in effect from the ohio valley to the northeast. >> you can see storms on the move. there's flooding in towns in northern maryland and much of pennsylvania and about a fourth of the flights into and out of new york, philadelphia, washington, d.c., their airports understandably delayed. >> and a waterspout off southern new jersey after storms battered the midwest.
3:01 am
abc's adrienne bankert has details. >> reporter: destruction across the midwest. powerful floodwater the ravage entire towns. and the storm's not over yet. this home carried two football fields away from his foundation in mason county, kentucky. look at it teetering right on the edge of a river. >> we looked outside and seen our neighbor's house. our house is turned and we got out. >> reporter: dozens more rescued from the raging waters. and the desperate search for one man, missing after his house was swept away. up to half a foot of rain overwhelming streets, piling up cars, others now left stranded. >> this is epic for us. we've never had anything like this. >> reporter: in fair bank, iowa, nearly the entire town desperately filling sandbags, trying to barricade their homes. a similar scene in illinois, the
3:02 am
galena river rising. >> there is a storm coming and lightning is on its way. >> reporter: and in indianapolis. race officials temporarily suspend the brickyard 400 after lightning was reported in the area. adrienne bankert, abc news, new york. >> there are also severe storms expected in the south and southwest. >> we'll get the details right now from paul williams. good morning. >> good morning, kendis, diane. thunderstorms will now expand throughout the southwest. that's a bit of good news with a little bit of a twist. first of all, we're expecting the rain to reach into the four corners region, from california, to idaho, wyoming, montana. it's going to provide wildfire relief. however, it will come with the caveat of flash flooding. the moisture surge will feed into a frenzy of storms. showers to threaten the mississippi valley and down to the southern tip of florida downpours will be widespread for the afternoon and evening hours.
3:03 am
we're looking for scattered showers begin to migrate to portions of the deep south. diane, kendis. we're learning new details this morning about a human trafficking tragedy in san antonio, texas. nine people are dead after being found inside a sweltering 18 wheeler parked outside a walmart. nearly 20 others rescued from that tractor-trailer in extreme condition. some suffering from extreme dehydration and heat stroke. the victims are being remembered with memorials and vigils. some of the survivor the are poods from mexico an and at least two others from guatemala. >> folks were literally baking in the texas sun and did not have access to water. >> we treated it like you would do an airline crash, any major incident. >> all of those dead are men. authorities say at one point, more than 100 people may have been on that truck. the alleged driver has a court appearance this morning. >> temperatures over the weekend there were in the triple digits. moving on now, president trump delivering a statement from the white house today on
3:04 am
health care, this as republicans prepare to hold a key vote. the president issued a warning last night, tweeting if republicans don't repeal and replace obamacare, repercussions will be far greater than any of them understand. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is holding a procedural vote this week, but it's not clear whether it would call for repeal and replace or repeal only. jared kushner heads to capitol hill today to meet with congressional investigators. he'll be questioned as allegations linking the trump campaign to russia continue to plague the white house. and there's some mixed messages from the white house about whether the president is now looking into his power to pardon. abc's brian clark has the latest. >> reporter: jared kushner heads to capitol hill to be questioned behind closed doors by the senate and house committees investigating russian meddling. in the 2016 presidential election. >> i'm confident that when jared kushner speaks and i'll keep my fingers crossed in saying this to you, it will probably be the
3:05 am
last time he has to talk about russia. >> reporter: the white house trying to move past the media attention on russia. >> there's a ton of focus on what i like to call russia fever. >> reporter: the white house struggling to stand on where the president stands on pardons, leading some to wonder if he'd pardon himself. >> the issue of pardons is not on the table. there's nothing to pardon from. >> reporter: and according to a poll, the democrats will unveil their economic agenda monday. >> what do democrats stand for? a better deal for working families. higher wages, less costs. tools for the 21st century. >> reporter: brian clark, abc news, new york. and today's the final hearing in the ongoing legal battle for a terminally ill british baby. charlie gard's parents want to bring him to the u.s. for experimental treatment. but british doctors treating him say his case is hopeless. the little boy suffers from a
3:06 am
rare genetic disorder. the judge will hear findings by an american doctor who examined the baby. a california man is in a multi-million dollar fight with the lottery commission. >> he says he has a winning $5 million scratch-off ticket, but the state won't give him the cash because thomas' 16-year-old son bought the ticket for him. the vendor never told his son he was too young to buy the ticket. >> that doesn't seem fair. >> complicated. well, marines are trained to be tough and combat ready. >> their kids, however, aren't always so tough. that little guy's 4-year-old gage. he is giving a big hug to emily. she and gage's dad tied the knot in western new york. >> so gage became a little overwhelmed after hearing vows
3:07 am
his new step mom wrote for him. >> i never gave you the gift of life, but life gave me the gift of you. >> oh, he's totally overwhelmed. the new couple, by the way, is still on active duty, meaning no honeymoon for them. >> but they'll have a lifetime of that. clearly husband and wife head back to their base in new jersey in a few days. her words, i may not have given you the gift of life. but you have given me the lifetime of a gift. a big congratulations to them. our team on the isis front lines as coalition-backed forces attempt to drive out the islamic state. and five people were forced to cling to an overturned boat and a cooler as the coast guard races in to help. see how the boat's crew did everything right to stay alive. and do remember to find us on facebook at
3:08 am
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check out this dramatic video of five people being rescued from a capsized boat. the coast guard received a mayday call that a boat was eight miles off the north carolina coast taking on water. just minutes later, the boat capsized. now the coast guard responded with a spotter airplane and two boats and got everyone out safely. they say the people on board did everything right, including setting off flares, and they were all wearing their life jackets. >> and you're supposed to stay with the vessel itself so they can spot you. they hung onto the cooler there, which i've done in the ocean, open seas, it was not easy. >> was it full of beer? >> no, that's a reason i would have held on, but no, it is not an easy thing. i can guarantee. you're supposed to empty it first.
3:12 am
pentagon officials will face congressional leaders to answer claims they wasted nearly $30 million on afghan army uniforms. a report found the uniforms have a camouflage pattern. woodlands cover just 2% of the terrain. they were chosen by the country's defense minister. they were bought without any test to determine their effectiveness in the battle. and turning to the front lines in syria, the u.s.-led coalition is hoping to knock out isis, pushing them out of their de facto headquarters in the city of raqqah. >> as they retreat, authorities are making surprising discoveries, including a whole lot of drugs. >> abc's ian pannell is there. >> reporter: driving into the heartland of isis, going forward with american-backed forces. until recently, the militants controlled this land. we're heading to the front lines with the christian fighters who are taking on the militants.
3:13 am
they take us to a make-shift mosque set up by isis. this is the flag of isis here. we find evidence of drug abuse. you can see a needle there. a sign of the pressure the militants now face. america's sending vehicles and guns to local forces. foreign volunteers have joined the fight against isis, from america. to europe. >> the least i can do is fight and resist them and fight back. >> reporter: let me just explain, the sound you can hear is a u.s. military fire base very nearby. the sound you can hear is the sound of mortars going out. >> i think the morale that the american war machine gives to the local force is incredibly strong. >> reporter: he leads a local unit of volunteers on the frontline. the young syrian kurd joined straight from high school. she says she's fighting to protect and liberate the people.
3:14 am
but she's worried the troops don't have the guns or protection they need. this is the enemy. isis in raqqah, standing and fighting to the death as shown if their own propaganda film. we've now come up to one of the front line positions. the fighters here are holding this ground, trying to protect other fighters who are trying to move forward. they've been attacked by isis snipers. life ends quickly here. the day after we met her she was killed. she was just 24 years old. it seemed everyone we met knew someone who'd died. and privately, the american coalition admits that like mosul, a long, drawnout and bloody battle lies ahead. ian pannell, in northern iraq. >> we hope his crew stays safe. coming up, the deepening mystery in louisiana, involving the wife of a fire chief. it turns out her death was not caused by the fire that engulfed their home. the surprising clue that's now surfaced. but first, phelps versus
3:15 am
shark, the most decorated olympians squares off against one of nature's most fierce sea creatures. we'll show you who won. tu os e sea creatures. we'll show you who one. every year, kids miss 22 million school days due to illness. lysol disinfectant spray kills viruses that cause the cold & flu.
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♪ [ laughter ] >> so jordan spieth is ticking off the boxes, heading into the pga championship for the chance to become the youngest career grand slam winner. >> the 23-year-old texan played his final five-holes yesterday at the british open at 5 under par and closed with a three-shot victory over matt kuchar. he is calling it a dream come true. >> i am going to thoroughly enjoy this. i look back on 15 and say i'll enjoy it, but i don't realize the significance until you hit a low, a pitfall. and this is as much of a high as i've ever experienced in my golfing life.
3:18 am
and i'm going to enjoy it more than i've enjoyed anything that i've accomplished in the past. >> he turns 24 on thursday. >> woo-hoo. >> and he didn't wait for that. fellow golfer, justin thomas shared this video of spieth swilling something out of the official claret jug there. >> it was water for sure. definitely water. >> i'm sure it was water. >> got to stay hydrated. >> maybe he was celebrating national tequila day. meanwhile, in the world of professional cycling, chris froome has won the fourth tour de france. his smallest ever winning margin. froome moves one win away from the all-time record holders with five wins. you may recall that lance armstrong won seven tour de france titles, but was stripped back in 2012 for doping.
3:19 am
and usa beats costa rica 2-0. clint dempsey gets the save on the goal. u.s. faces jamaica in santa clartia, california. >> jamaica drove the mexicans crazy with the last-minute goal. sports has all sorts of legendary match ups. bobby rigg sns and billie jean king. then ali and frazier. now one for the times. >> at least for as long as shark week lasts. michael phelps, the 23-time olympic gold medalist squares off against a great white shark in south africa. it wasn't a true race. that's because the shark wasn't
3:20 am
actually swimming next to him. the shark beat phelps by only two seconds. >> i don't like taking silver medals, but i'll take one to a great white. maybe next time we can have a better race. >> quite a few viewers were disappointed that the shark wasn't really in the water next to phelps. >> boo! >> phelps swam against the time of the shark. there were others that were disappointed that that wasn't phelps in that slow-mo right there. >> that is not phelps? >> no, that is not michael phelps. >> that would be an exciting end to the race. that's how a shark celebrates his victory. >> discovery doesn't have that kind of insurance plan. >> no. a man streaming himself playing a video game gets the fright of his life offscreen. and meet the dog too cool for the pool. the mix is next.
3:21 am
3:22 am
3:23 am
3:24 am
♪ okay, so i don't know if you're a big gamer, but obviously -- >> tetris, baby. >> there's this scary dad, he was live streaming, he's just in the middle of that game. he was loving every moment of it. he was killing some zombies, some monsters, and then -- his daughter walked in, interrupted him. freaking him out. that scream. and he goes, are you okay? [ laughter ] >> so tough in the virtual world. not so much in the real world. that's adorable. the little girl's like what's wrong with you? >> you are weird. >> so earlier, we talked about jordan spieth calling his win a dream come true on the golf course. here's another couple celebrating a dream come true on a different kind of golf course.
3:25 am
that's richard and emily godfried. they visited 743 mini golf courses all over the uk. their goal is to reach 800 golf courses. they're on track to do that over the next 12 months. >> how is that there are more than 700 mini golf courses in the uk? is there nothing else to do in the uk? >> we've been to so many places and they're different and fun in their own way. >> i can't think of one other thing to do in the uk. >> mini golf? >> country's empty. >> they represented great britain at the 2012 world adventure golf masters. they came in fourth place. no word on how many people actually competed. >> there are three other people who competed in that competition? who knew. this is a good thing. mcdonald's is selling a line of clothing accessories. >> ooh, i'm listening.
3:26 am
and it's a onesie? >> the big mac onesie. the delivery collection is here to celebrate the mcdelivery service in conjunction with uber eats. it's sort of going global. >> will they deliver the big mac onesie to me? >> we'll work on that. we would like that. >> please, mcdonald's, work on that, will you? >> they say they'll do just about anything to make their customers happy. why are there no fries around here? why isn't there a prize here or a onesie. speaking of happy. here is someone happy. meet diesel, the golden retriever who not only swims but wears his shades. he goes to the pool, fetch the tennis ball, comes on back just as he's told. you know what he doesn't do, though?
3:27 am
3:28 am
this morning on "world news
3:29 am
now," we have new details in the human trafficking tragedy in texas. dozens of people found in a hot semi trailer. what we're learning overnight about where those people were coming from. and the white house announcing the president will make a statement on health care this afternoon. what will he say? plus, the president's new communications team defending his claim that he has the power to pardon himself. and new this half hour, you, too, can dress like conor mcgregor. >> remember the pinstripes with the special expletive message? how you can own that suit, expletive and all. and could ben affleck's days on team batman be numbered? hear the report that's questioning the actor's role. we have that in "the skinny" on this monday, july 24th.
3:30 am
from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning to you all. we begin this half hour with the shocking tragedy in texas. the suspected driver of what became a fatal journey for at least nine men is now due in federal court this morning. at least 17 of those rescued from a sweltering truck in texas in san antonio, are in critical condition. mexican nationals are among the victims as well as two guatemalans. there were dozens of people on that big rig. >> the victims are being remembered with vigils overnight here. authorities say that more than 100 people may have been packed on that 18 wheeler at one point. abc's kenneth moton is in san antonio. >> reporter: a deadly and horrific case of human smuggling in san antonio. federal investigators say 38 immigrants inside this tractor-trailer suffocating in excruciating heat. >> folks were literally baking in the heat of texas sun and did not have access to water.
3:31 am
>> reporter: officials making the grim discovery. the trailer in a walmart parking lot with no air conditioning. 20 in critical condition. suffering traumatic brain injuries from heatstroke and dehydration. most of them in their 20s and 30s, but at least are two young children. and one more dying at the hospital, bringing the death toll to at least nine. the u.s./mexico border 150 miles away. the roads becoming thoroughfares for smugglers. the victims could have been in that truck for hours. temperatures inside at least 140 degrees. video shows people jumping out of the truck before being discovered. a worker called 911 when he spotted a man desperate for water. the driver james matthew bradley of florida was taken in custody. >> it's a mass casualty situation for us. you treat it like you would an airline crash or any major incident.
3:32 am
>> reporter: the acting director of i.c.e. confirms the identity of the people. they are looking for those who ran, some jumped into waiting cars as the survivors fight for their lives inside this hospital. kenneth moton, abc news, san antonio. the president and his new communications team are facing a busy week as the first member of the trump family is set to talk on capitol hill has part of the russia probe. >> the president is expected to deliver remarks about health care at the white house this afternoon. his son-in-law will be questioned by investigators with the senate judiciary committee. not actual senators. and democrats plan to unveil their economic agenda. the white house is sending mixed messages following president trump asking his legal team about possible pardons for family members and even himself. he has tweeted that he has complete power to pardon, but
3:33 am
added that the only problem so far is leaks. one of his lawyers insists pardons have not been discussed. >> while it makes for interesting academic discussions, let me tell you what the legal team is not doing. we're not researching the issue. there's nothing to pardon from. >> in an interview later this week, chuck schumer warned what would happen if president trump were to pardon himself or to get rid of the special counsel. >> if he fired mueller or pardoned himself or someone close to him under investigation, it would be one of the greatest, greatest breaking of rule of law, of traditional democratic norms, of what our democracy is about. i think it would cause a cataclysm in washington. i cannot imagine a republican colleagues, including ryan and mitch mcconnell just standing by if he were to do either of those things. >> the constitution does give the president broad powers to pardon, but no president has
3:34 am
ever pardoned himself. we're learning new details this morning about the final moments of an australian yoga instructor fatally shot by police in minneapolis last week. her fiance is now speaking out about their last conversation and her death. abc's erielle reshef has the details. >> the death of justine is a loss to everyone who knew her. >> reporter: don damond is speaking out for the first time. in an interview with the "new york times," a grieving damond says he is still trying to fill in the blanks of how and why she died. he was in las vegas for work when he got a call from justine shortly before midnight. panicked about noises she was hearing in the alley way. damon, a casino manager, told his scared fiancee to call 911. on thursday, authorities releasing the transcript of the australian yoga teacher's call. i can hear someone out the back, she says. i'm not sure if she's having sex or being raped.
3:35 am
damond staying on the phone with his fiancee until police arrived. asking her to call him back before they said good-bye. that would be the last time they talked. damond says i have played this over and over in my head. why didn't i stay on the phone with her. what happened next no one could have predicted. by 12:45, he received a call, but not from his fiancee. it was from police saying a woman had been shot. they believed it was justine. flying home the first thing the next morning, damond recalls, there's a glitch. in the matrix. i just know i'm going to wake up from the nightmare. both officers have been placed on leave and the mayor forcing the police chief janee harteau to step down. but she was defiant after calls for her own resignation. >> i will not be resigning. >> reporter: officer noor is not speaking to investigators. only releasing a statement through attorney expressing condolences to the family.
3:36 am
erielle reshef, abc news, new york. to the west now and two wildfires erupting in southern california. one of them 30 miles east of los angeles. scorching 30 acres and moving uphill toward homes. the second fire is about 65 miles northeast of the city and prompted mandatory evacuations. more than 1 million acres have been burned but the currently active fires in the west. and the guy with apparently the best poker face in the world this year comes from new jersey. >> we're talking about scott blumstein who is $8 million richer today. he won the world series of poker. he and dan otto went head to head for the final 66 hands. blumstein says he's pretty tired of poker right about now. >> ya think? >> he's like choking up? >> now he's got plenty of money to take a nice, long break. exhausted.
3:37 am
>> so you can now be a proud owner of conor mcgregor's infamous suit. just don't wear it around the kids or to church. >> that might be awkward. remember we showed you the statement outfit that he wore to the news conference for his fight with floyd mayweather. the suit was made up with pinstripes and the pinstripes were made of two words, forget you. but it wasn't forget you. it starts with an f. >> find you. >> find you, yes. >> you can buy it for $6500. there's already a three-month delay to get it. >> $6500? >> it's actually a pretty good deal on a pricey suit. >> that's not your birthday present, no dice. >> that won't work? >> no. >> you can put the sentiment. >> no, i'll wait for the knockoff version.
3:38 am
the mystery surrounding the death of a fire chief's wife in louisiana. the investigation is now taking a whole new turn after an autopsy found her death was not caused by the fire that engulfed her home last week. and o.j. simpson reacting just days after a parole board voted to release him from prison. what he's now saying this morning. and first here's a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather, brought to you by uy
3:39 am
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♪i'll be your i'll, i'll... sarah? cleaning up. ♪ not all fish oil supplements provide the same omega-3 power. megared advanced triple absorption is absorbed three times better. so one softgel has more omega-3 power than three standard fish oil pills. megared advanced triple absorption. 60% of women are wearing the w...experience leaks. introducing always my fit. find the number that's right for your flow and panty size
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on the top of any always pack. the better the fit, the better it protects. always. visitors to miami's south beach had unexpected company when a six foot long alligator showed up off shore. wildlife crews captured the alligator two hours after. it was captured and it was struggling near a jetty after it apparently lost its way. very unusual for a gator to be in saltwater. a national forest is closed this morning as authorities are searching for a man described as armed and dangerous in pisgah national forest.
3:42 am
philip stroupe is a suspect. he fled into the park after leaving a stolen motor vehicle parked across a roadway to block it. o.j. simpson won't leave prison until sometime this fall, but his attorney says he's quote, on cloud nine. the former football and media star was granted parole last week and has been moved to protective custody within a nevada prison. simpson's attorney says moving him is good because there's a legitimate concern about threats. he spent nine years in jail for his part in a robbery and kidnapping. and now to louisiana and a fire chief's wife was found dead in a house fire. >> her body was so badly damaged that dna had to be used to identify her. but investigators learned it wasn't the fire that killed her. abc's eva pilgrim has the story. >> reporter: a louisiana mystery heating up. a fire chief's wife killed in what looked like a tragic house fire. a new investigation showing it wasn't the fire that killed her. >> i can't imagine it.
3:43 am
i can't fathom it. can't put it into words. >> reporter: for a week, most assumed 49-year-old nanettekrentzel died in the fire that destroyed her home outside of new orleans. but the coroner, making a bombshell announcement during her memorial service friday evening. >> we got the information as everybody else did. >> reporter: the autopsy revealing a gunshot wound. the coroner not giving a cause of death but concluding her death was not caused by the fire. the st. tammany office not calling it a homicide nor saying if there are any suspects. >> the likelihood that this is a suicide is relatively low. >> reporter: her husband was reportedly at work when the fire call came in around 2:30 friday, july 14th. >> typically, if you have someone shot and a house set on fire, it's not a stranger. it's somebody in her life. >> reporter: for now, this
3:44 am
community rallying around her husband. >> we will rally behind our brother. >> reporter: as they all wait to find out what really happened to nanette krentel. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. ben affleck lashes out about a report that says his batman days are numbered. and a new day for j. lo on her birthday. "the skinny's" next. b y. "the skinny's" next. takprotect. ltry align probiotic.n your digestive system? for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. also in kids chewables.
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3:46 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny >> nice. >> you like my skinny drum? it's been a while. i was out of practice, but i got it back. time now for "the skinny" starting with ben affleck's future with team batman. >> you have the hollywood reporter which cited unnamed sources saying that warner bros.
3:47 am
was working on working him out. as the batman. >> now affleck is on the offensive. chris hardwick began to bring that up issue when affleck cut him off. >> affleck said the rumors are quite blanking amazing. and he didn't use blank, either. >> affleck told the crowd that batman is the coolest in any universe and he's thrilled to do it. >> no doubt if they keep cutting him those eight-figure paychecks, although there are probably some fans that said please let it be true, please let it be true. j. lo has songs that say "i ain't your mama", and there are some who say she's old enough, and she has kids, but she's not lookin' her age at all. >> no, baby.
3:48 am
>> jenny from the block is celebrating her birthday today, turning 48. >> and she and her boy friend alex rodriguez celebrated their birthdays together. a-rod celebrates his 42nd birthday on thursday. >> the celebrity couple got a jump start on celebrations over the weekend in miami where a-rod threw a surprise party for jennifer. it couldn't have been too much of a surprise, though, she was already decked out in a semi-cutout sheer mini dress. >> that's what she calls tuesday. a source tells e! news that the couple got down on the dance floor and both looked happily in love. they're pretty. they're young. they're rich. >> happy birthday. what's not to be happy about. >> exactly. next, something that makes me happy. channing tatum. he gave a fan a surprise of her life. >> so, you know, the magic mike star launched his own brand of born and bred vodka earlier this year, and just for a little bit
3:49 am
of a joke, he decided to deliver the goods to several people in person who ordered online. and then this happened. >> what's up? how are you? >> holy -- >> hi. how are you? happy friday. >> i'm wearing a -- >> let me just say hi to everybody. britney jones? >> yes. >> so britney clearly took a note from ben affleck. she kept our bleepers working. she'd been drinking at a bacon fest. >> if the vodka business takes off, he'll even be able to afford a real cameraman. >> i'll be with you. i'm just ordering, a really quick bottle. >> channing? >> channing? no. not yet. >> i'll try a case. >> all right.
3:50 am
just get it anyway. even if he doesn't come with it. so finally, what could easily get the votes for the photo of the day or -- >> hold on a second. >> nicolas cage was pictured next to the first lady of kazakhstan after he dropped by to the eurasia film festival. >> and he chose to wear the official kazakhstan dress as well as the blank stare. >> he isn't the only a-lister in attendance. john malkovich and adrien brody will also drop in, but i doubt they will be as well-dressed. >> he looks like he wants to say "i drink your milk shake." >> he doesn't have any films at the festival but six in production. >> six? >> yeah. >> busy. >> what was he there in that outfit trying to plug? >> just hangin' out. >> what we do.
3:51 am
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♪ i will still rise ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh, >> i could not bother the frank! did frank miss you? >> frank doesn't care how much time you spend with your phone. he missed me, of course. >> did he recognize you were gone? a high jumper was paralyzed in an accident but refused to give up. >> he even kept a long-held promise to his new bride, surprising everyone in the house at his own wedding. tom llamas has the story. >> reporter: that's olympian jamie nieto soaring to new heights. a freak accident recently crushed his dreams and his neck. from his hospital bed days after his accident, jamie, describing what happened. >> i hit my head doing a flip. and my disc in my neck slipped
3:55 am
and hit the nerve. and paralyzed me. >> reporter: making things even worse, he was about to get married. >> a lot of things come into perspective when something like this happens. >> reporter: jamie, vowing to his fiancee, he would walk down the aisle with her. >> i think i had a little anxiety, just because i want to walk the best i can walk. >> reporter: so jamie started intense physical therapy, learning to walk again, building back his muscles to show his wife he wouldn't break his promise. and on their wedding day, jamie started out on a walker to preserve his strength as he put on his tuxedo. then came that moment. after the new couple said "i do." this home video is shaky, but you can see jamie right there, slowly taking the first steps with his new wife. >> this is a really special day to see him walk down that aisle and just to have him there on my arm. >> reporter: jamie's life has changed so much, and though he can't compete against other olympians, he's taking that same
3:56 am
drive to fuel his personal come back. >> you just keep pushing and fighting, and every time you fall you get back up and try it again. >> reporter: tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> his doctors told him that moment might not be possible. >> he was determined, no cane, and he was going to do it on his own. no walker as well. >> the whole crowd erupted in applause and of course lots of waterworks, who could blame them. >> and stay with us. don't miss our updates on >> more news on the back side of this. this is abc news "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:57 am
3:58 am
3:59 am
making news in america this morning, president trump is warning republicans about the consequences of not repealing and replacing obamacare. this comes as the president's son-in-law heads to capitol hill today to answer questions about russian election meddling. another busy week is getting under way, and we're live in washington. also developing, the human trafficking tragedy in san antonio. authorities now detailing the nationalities of those found in that scorching hot truck and mourners gathering overnight to honor the victims. new this morning, the shocking street signs that have started appearing in minneapolis following the police shooting death of a woman from australia. and vacation dangers, new warnings about holidays gone wrong south of the border.


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