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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 25, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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drug offenses and he was out on bail for a recent burglary arrest, when, for some reason, he drove into this parking lot yesterday and decided to leave his little son behind. this is the man that police say abandoned his own baby. 18-year-old daniel mitchell, shown cradling a newborn boy just two weeks ago. it appears to be the same baby mitchell is accused of dropping off in a strip mall parking lot, captured on surveillance video. the man pulls in, sets a car seat on the ground, and then just drives away. >> he opened the back door, sat him down. >> reporter: wendell cooper was the first to stop the baby. >> we brought him inside, because we thought maybe they forgot the baby. >> i was just doing what any real man would have done. there was a child in that car seat. i was just making sure the child
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was safe. >> reporter: police identified the father as 18-year-old daniel mitchell, arrested a short time after the baby was abandoned on an unrelated hit and run. police remind people there are better options than a parking lot. >> probably would have dropped him off at a hospital or a firehouse, probably would have been alerted. >> he was so cute. it was more emotional for all of us, just seeing a baby very helpless, thrown in the lot like that. so it was more shocking than anything. >> reporter: the boy's mother was not in the car and has not been charged at this time. his father will be arraigned on multiple felonies wednesday afternoon. laura anthony, "abc7 news." happening now, sky 7 is over gilroy garden theme park where an operation is under way to rescue nine people stuck on a ride. these are live pictures from the scene that you are seeing here. we have now just learned that
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everyone is safely off the ride. the parkgoers are stuck -- were stuck on the sky trail monorail which got stuck in the park's greenhouse more than an hour ago. firefighters are working to get the ride moving again. let's take a look at a photo from one person stuck on the ride. firefighters say they used ropes to pull the ride to an area where the passengers could safely get off. now to new details on the attack of a man near the richmond b.a.r.t. station. the victim says he was assaulted by a mob of young men. vic lee is live at the richmond police station with that story tonight. >> reporter: dan, richmond police just got that videotape from b.a.r.t. police today. so investigators here have looked at that tape, and just a little while ago, the mayor of
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richmond dropped by richmond, so he's also looked at that tape. so the big question is how useful is that videotape to police in their investigation? landon sims, in his 30s, says he ws "jumped by a mob of young men and beaten and kicked" just outside the richmond b.a.r.t. station thursday morning. there was a prominent witness, the mayor of richmond. >> as i got closer, i saw a woman there screaming at him, you know, stop, stop, get out of here, get out of here. >> reporter: the security video captured the entire incident, but police lieutenant felix stand says the video quality is poor and grainy. >> you can tell something is going on, and there's movement but you can't really tell much of anything. >> reporter: police are not releasing the video saying it has no public value. sources with knowledge of the video tell us you can see blurred figures standing at the plaza next to a convenience
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store. sims walks towards them. some conversation appears to take place. sims takes his jacket off. that's when the attack begins.s sims is beaten to the ground. >> the tape wasn't as helpful as it could have been. >> reporter: the mayor called richmond police dispatch, but they transferred him to b.a.r.t. police. >> these agencies need to talk with one another, and work out their interjurisdictional protocols. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. says their officers responded within five minutes. vic lee, "abc7 news." a developing controversy on a 7-year-old murder case in berkeley. a man was murdered in 2010 walking home with his fiance. while police try to catch the killers, his fiance is fighting
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a new battle today to preserve a garden memorial where the crime happened. lonny rivera is live with the plea. >> reporter: yes, ama, that garden is just behind me here. his former fiance and neighbors today spruced it up. over here, there's a photo on a poster that says, this is feto. everyone in the community wants everyone to remember his face and this unsolved murder case. >> i lost the love of my life, but i found the man of my dreams. >> reporter: amber nelson found love again and now lives in brazil. but returning to this berkeley intersection stirs up a painful memory. >> he was trying to do anything to distract them from me. that's what caused his fatal wounds. >> reporter: september 12, 2010, amber and her vie yfiance were
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celebrating his 35th birthday. as they walked home, two men tried to rob them. he was shot and died here. the painted circle marks the spot and just inside, a living memorial to him. but now that memory may be threatened by a development project in the works. >> they're going to destroy this whole garden for this site, and we've been asking them please, don't do that. >> this serves a greater purpose for the community, that's bigger than myself and his story. and so i believe that this garden needs to be preserved in its entirety. >> reporter: the developer tells us he's open to acknowledgeling the victim with a plaque. as for the case, there were some strong leads, even rewards offered. but the murder investigation is still open. >> it's been a long time since we've heard anything. so part of what today is about is to ask the community and ask the police department to please continue your efforts.
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>> reporter: in berkeley, lonny rivera, "abc7 news." the central california woman who live streamed a deadly car crash on instagram will make her first court appearance tomorrow. the 18-year-old was arrested on suspicion of dui and vehicular manslaughter for the death of her 14-year-old sister, jacqueline, in the back seat of the car that crashed. another teenager survived. the chp says sanchez was impaired when she crashed, but the stockton teenager refused to submit to a chemical test and did not cooperate with officers. >> what we would do normally is author a search warrant to draw the suspect's blood. but in this case, the hospital that we were at would not do that. >> investigators plan to subpoena her medical records to prove she was under the influence. prosecutors say the video will be a key this case. sanchez is heard saying she
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expects to spend the rest of her life in prison. today, victims of the det wi wiler fire applied for government loans to help them recover. one man suffers from several medical conditions. he came needing a new walker. the fire destroyed his old one, along with his home. >> my walker is gone. so they're going to replace that. and they're going to try to help us recover as quick as they can. >> the fire destroyed a total of 63 homes. firefighters now say the detwiler fire is 65% contained but charred more than 123 square miles since breaking out nine days ago. harsh words for washington today, as california's governor extended land mark climate change legislation. governor brown was joined by former governor arnold
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schwarzenegger for the signing of the bill. leslie brinkley was there, and she's there live now for us with the story. leslie? >> reporter: there were plenty of jabs at the president, and there were also reassurances to the whole world that california is still the gold standard when it comes to climate chapgnge. it was here in 2006 that the original bill was signed. today, the extension was signed too. a coming together of democrats and republicans and environmentalists, and business leaders. >> this is california. our industry, our wealth, people representing oil, agriculture, business, chamber of commerce, food processing, foster farms, gal low winery, the whole crowd. >> reporter: what seemed impocket a few weeks ago was signed into law today, extending the cap and trade program until 2030. >> legislative unicorns do exist.
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there was almost a mystical nature in how this came together. the rarity of different industries, environmental groups, political parties, coming together to find a solution. >> reporter: the bill passed the senate and assembly last week. >> the state of california today is shining. because this is a very important message, i think, not only for the state, but for the country, and for the whole world. we have a functional government here in california. but democrats and republicans worked together. >> reporter: california is the only state with cap and trade lemlation requiring polluters to get permits for every metric ton of carbon dioxide emitted. if they reduce their emissions, they can sell their credits to companies that pollute more. republican leaders in washington opposed, but former governor arnold schwarzenegger, he said
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cap and trade has created the lion's share of new jobs, planted trees and supported zero emission vehicles. california is on target to hit its 2020 goal and is pledging to cut emissions by another 40% by 2030. governor brown says china and other states are replicating what's happening here. i'm leslie brinkley, "abc7 news." a major vote today on capitol hill. the senate can begin to debate proposed changes to american health care. >> tonight, what it took just to get us to this point. plus -- >> that night plays back in my head over and over again. >> it was one night that's now led to a lawsuit against draymond green. >> i'm spencer christian. the fog is back, which off means cooling. but we have a warming trend coming our way. i'll have the forecast coming up. the sprawling macy's store here could be on the way out.
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i'm jon
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a block buster deal in the fashion world, michael coors is buying jimmy chu for more than $1 billion. jimmy chu was put up for sale earlier this year. it's known for high end shoes and counts jennifer lopez and beyonce among fans. stilettos can sell for more than $1,000. we no longer have to wait for takeout food or a taxi thanks to on demand services.
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that's now spread to getting prescriptions filled. david louie shows us a startup that's trying to disrupt the brick and mortar drugstore chains. >> reporter: this is your typical drugstore. it's a $225 billion sfri that's facing a new competitor with ambitious ideas. this is now rx, a startup in mountain view. it looks like a regular pharmacy but offering free same-day delivery. even one-hour delivery for a $5 fee. >> this is on demand pharmacy. you get it when you need it. think of it as just in time pharmacy. >> reporter: the thinking is that people are fed up with waiting for their prescriptions. the wait helps the drugstore to general rate new revenue. >> they don't mind if you wait, because you're likely to pick something else up. >> reporter: now rx saves money
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by serving a large geographic area. glenda appreciates the convenience of home delivery. >> my husband has dementia, so having to not have to get him in the car and go someplace is great. >> reporter: this way you can stay home and keep an eye on him and get your prescriptions on time. >> on time and no charge. >> reporter: background checks are done on drivers, because they may be delivering controlled drugs. customers working during the day can schedule early evening deliveries. the company is delivering to san jose, but hopes to reach 20 cities across the country. david louie, "abc7 news." netflix just ordered a new series from the creator of "the simpsons" called "disenchantment."
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netflix is investing so much money into creating new programs. the stock in the company continues to rise. you've heard of summer brain drain when kids forget what they learned. hundreds of kids in the bay area have been learning how to prepare for next year through a program called aim high. it's free and helps kids in underserved communities. leeann melendez visited one in san francisco. >> reporter: few kids decide to spend five weeks in the classroom during their summer break, but these students are gaining the tools they need to succeed academically. the program is called "aim high." there are 17 sites in northern california designed to help kids in underserved communities. >> a lot of our work comes around students building self-confidence in themselves, and building an academic sort of ground work. >> reporter: jonathan miller says what he learns here today
6:18 pm
will make him feel more confident once he starts high school in the fall. >> when i start the new school year, it's easier to call myself a freshman or a ninth grader. >> reporter: aim high is not affiliated with any school district. kids and their parents apply and there's usually a waiting list to get in. >> i hope everything i learned here will stay with me forever. that way i can carry on and teach my other friends, too. >> it also gives them motivation and success for high school and it helps them envision a future in cleollege. >> reporter: so is all of the summer work worth it? 97% of these students will graduate from high school on time and enroll in college. about half of the interns here were once students themselves. >> i believe aim high gave me a big opportunity to step up and become a leader, not only in my community but also in schools. >> reporter: on friday, they'll
6:19 pm
have completed five weeks of making their summer matter. in san francisco, leeann melendez, "abc7 news." >> what a great idea. spencer never had much brain dane. >> we're going to start with a look at the east bay hills. the fog spilling out over the bay, and it's going to be comfortably cool this evening, warmer afternoons ahead tomorrow, and it's going to be warm in the bay and hot inland. let's move to live doppler 7. you can see the fog building along the coastline. still sunny over most of the baysho bayshore, and this probably isn't going to have much of a cooling efblgt. -- cooling efblgt.
6:20 pm
ye >> san jose and gilroy, 62 degrees at half moon bay. and this is the view of the low clouds from mount tam. you can see them moving rather swiftly there. napa 73. 80 at concord and livermore. and here's the overnight view of the fog pushing out over the bay and inland. mild overnight with low temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. so not very cool. and of course, it's going to be warmer tomorrow, with high temperatures reaching low 90's in the inland east bay. you'll see mid to upper 70s around the bay. 80s in the north day. farther north, low to mid 90s. breezy and mild at the coast tomorrow. beach forecast is looking good, if you like mild weather. mid to upper 60s in most bay area beaches tomorrow. 71 the high at santa cruz.
6:21 pm
very high uv index tomorrow, so take the sun screen with you if you're going to be out in the sunlight for very long. by thursday, quite an increase in our high temperatures. concord from a high of 87 tomorrow to 100 on thursday. napa from 81 tomorrow to 92 on thursday. so as i mentioned, the warmth is on the way, and here it is. the accuweather seven-day forecast. highs inland will top out at 100 or higher on thursday. the heat holds on friday, with most inland locations mid to upper 90s. saturday through tuesday, we'll have more seasonal range of highs, mid 90s inland. upper 70s to around 80 around the bay. mid 60s on the coast. not much to complain about. >> thank you, spencer. coming up next, the features being added to the two most popular
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uber just rolled out more improvements for drivers, it's part of a campaign which started with adding a tipping feature to the ridesharing app. today, uber introduced phone service available 24-7. drivers should be able to reach someone within two minutes. uber will pay and charge items for returning lost items.
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taco bell is introducing a new lift feature. it's all part of a test run. all you have to do is push a button and your lift driver will take you to a taco bell drive through between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. right now it's only offered in southern california in orange county. but if it goes well, it could roll out across the u.s. next year. just an hour ago, berkeley and its mayor celebrated the official launch of ford go bike, the bay area's bike share program. that's the mayor standing in front of a bike rental station. by the end of the year, berkeley will have 39 bike stations with 459 bikes total. new stations are opening around the bay area. the goal is to grow from 700 bikes to 7,000 by next year. price ranges from $3 for a
6:26 pm
single $30 minute ride to $150 for an annual pass. the owner was caught on tape kicking and hitting him. >> but look at this puppy now. how he's doing and the punishment handed down to his abuser. when a concert was canceled at the shoreline theater, some fans got refunds. others did not. what made the
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live where you live. this is "abc7 news." >> we're now one step closer to liberating our citizens from this obamacare nightmare. >> new at 6:00, president trump taking a victory lap at a campaign rally in youngstown, ohio this evening. his speech was interrupted a couple of times by protesters u be he touted what he said were the successes of his administration so far. including immigration and building up the military. now the showdown over health care played out today on the senate floor. >> senate republicans narrowly passed a vote to debate the
6:30 pm
bill. the bill was so important, senator john mccain came back to washington after being diagnosed with brain cancer. >> reporter: arizona senator john mccain getting a bipartisan hero's welcome from his colleagues in the u.s. senate. his return, a week after revealing that he's fighting brain cancer. back in time to cast his vote determining the fate of obamacare. >> mr. mccain, aye. >> reporter: the senate deciding to move forward, with the vice president casting the tiebreaking vote. they now move on to debate the repeal and possible replacement of obamacare's signature health care law. post poll shows americans prefer obamacare to a gop replacement 2-1. >> all we've managed to do is make more popular a policy that wasn't popular when we tried to get rid of it. >> reporter: protesters making their voices heard around the capitol and on the senate floor.
6:31 pm
>> kill the bill! >> a vote in favor of the motion to proceed will mean deep cuts to medicaid, maybe deeper than in the house bill. it will mean people with preexisting conditions will be left high and dry. >> reporter: president trump meeting with the prime minister of lebanon today, but keeping a close eye on that key vote on his biggest campaign promise. >> now we move forward towards great health care for the american people to look forward to that. this was a big step. >> reporter: there are still a lot of questions about what the final measure will look like. senator mitch mcconnell said he's open to ideas and amendments. so expect several significant votes in coming days. megan hughes, abc news, washington. now, the vote touched off an angry reaction here in the bay area. dozens converged outside the snan general hospital. the protest was organized by the
6:32 pm
chinese progressive association. they say proposed cuts in medicaid will hurt millions of families and threaten a high percentage of people in the asian community. >> we do know that when obamacare came out, asian-americans disproportionately signed up for the insurance. we know that if obamacare is repealed, then that means a lot of our folks will lose coverage. >> reporter: the organization says that approximately one-third of californians now rely on a version of state medicaid. in a rare show of bipartisanship, the house voted to slap more sanctions on russia for its alleged meddling in the 2016 presidential election. congress voted 419-3 in favor of a new round of sanctions on north korea, russia and iran and limit president trump's ability to undo them. it's unclear whether the president will veto it.
6:33 pm
>> these sanctions are a clear signal that the united states will hold president putin and his close associates accountable. they're also a declaration that congress can and will act even when president trump refuses to do so. >> reporter: president trump today intensified his criticism of attorney general jeff sessions, saying he should not have recused himself from the russian investigation. and the president's son-in-law jared kushner was interviewed by two house panels investigating russia. we have some new information for you tonight about the largest study to date on cte. that's the debilitating brain disease linked to football players who have experienced repeated wl eed blows to the he. now local football coaches are adjusting how they practice to keep players safe. chris nguyen has more now from the south bay. >> reporter: it's undeniable that playing football can be dangerous. >> this is a contact sport where
6:34 pm
even the hits we do don't look like the hits we see on tv. >> reporter: and it's all about safety first. >> now we're able to teach the kids, listen, when you make a tackle, maybe your head is up and you're not making the initial contact with your head. >> reporter: a new report found cte a debilitating brain disease in nearly 90% of the brains donated by football players who experienced concussions and troubling symptoms before they died. parents tell us they welcome the study, which looked at 202 players, ranging from pros to athletes at the high school level, saying they've noticed local football coaches taking more preventative measures during practice. >> helmets only, no contact. 7 on 7, two hand touch, even bringing flags out, getting used to the movement without being struck every time they run the ball. >> reporter: he says the
6:35 pm
findings aren't surprising but serve as a wakeup call to athletes and families. >> a good team member keeps themself in peak performance, even if it means sitting out a few games. >> reporter: while more research still needs to be done, the study is a good start. in san jose, chris nguyen, "abc7 news." and draymond green is known for his defense on the court. now superstar is a defendant in a lawsuit, stemming from a dispute in michigan. legal papers beginning with green being described as a bully with anger management issues. the former michigan state football player says he and green argued one evening and green turned violent. >> i think about what happened with draymond every day. i still feel his hand on my jaw.
6:36 pm
>> east lansing police arrested green on assault charges. he later paid a fine. green's attorney said "draymond looks forward to defending himself and clearing up the misinformation put forth today." a san francisco man was sentenced to three years' probation for abusing his puppy. he was caught on camera kicking and hitting the 10-month-old puppy in may. sortly after, he pleaded no contest, and as part of his pobation, he cannot own a pet, must perform community service and pay for the puppy's care. this video from animal care and control shows him interacting with officers. they say the dog was treated and is now doing much better. you'll be glad to know. a big box store could soon make way for many others. >> we show you what the macy's at san francisco's stone's town galleria l
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drone view 7 flew over san francisco today where big changes could be coming. >> as jonathan bloom explains,
6:40 pm
the mall could be saying goodbye to a big department store. >> and also saying hello to a trend that's sweeping the country. >> reporter: you wouldn't know it from the shiny marble floors, but stone's town is california's oldest shopping center. a row of shops in the '60s, a mall in the '80s. now it could reinvent itself again. would you be sad if this macy's left? >> no. >> reporter: and that's what might happen if a request is approved. drone view 7 shows the department store that they've asked to reconfigure and use for other things. >> i think an arcade would be cool or a bowling alley, something that's not typical for a mall. >> reporter: though the owners stress they have nothing to announce, they do say they've made similar changes at other properties and it's reflective of a bigger trend. >> across the board, retailers are being really forced to right size and be more experience
6:41 pm
oriented. >> reporter: real estate firm jll says those are just some clients who have expressed interest in the space opens up. >> we're seeing theaters reinvent themselves in terms of experience. they're upgrading seating and food and dining. >> reporter: across the country, they've opened 15 entertainment venues, and brought in six grocery stores and four gyms. >> they can draw in more people and make themselves more relevant. >> reporter: but not everyone would welcome the change. one employee says this macy's has a loyal following with seniors. >> we have a clientele of people who are here for years. and all this gossip about us moving makes customers sad. >> reporter: macy's has not said when or if it will close. jonathan bloom, "abc7 news." some music fans are disappointed that the concert they'll hear tonight isn't the
6:42 pm
same as what they bought tickets for. >> michael finney explains the
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go to and enroll today. the no parking signs are out at broadway plaza.
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police and firefighters will conduct a live training drill late tomorrow there, from 10:00 p.m. wednesday night until 2:00 a.m. thursday. police warn there will be loud bangs and smoke, as well as some partial street closures in that area. so be warned. when a concert was canceled at shoreline theater friday night, some fans got refunds, others didn't. now another concert has been called off. >> tears with fears at hall&oats, so refunds? >> fans are disappointed. these are big names. nothing is certain with live shows. tonight, a family illness prompted tears with fears to postpone. last friday it was matchbox twenty and counting crows. matchbox twenty will perform tonight but not counting crows. some said it's not the show they paid for. >> i'm a huge rod thomas fine.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: rebecca was set da friday night show when it was called off. >> yeah, it was shocking. >> reporter: instead, matchbox twenty will perform alone tonight, a tuesday. >> i work on tuesday. i work 12-hour shifts. and counting crows were supposed to be there, too. and they can't with there, so that's not what i paid for. >> reporter: live nation offered refunds to everyone who bought directly through their ticket office. however, rebecca bought from third party vendors and not all of them were giving money back. >> if you used a credit card, the credit card can in many cases get your money back. >> reporter: ticket sellers may have varied refund policies, but if you pay with a credit card, you're protected from a unfair.
6:47 pm
he says using a third party vendor can be more risky. >> the further you get away from the original seller and the more intermediaries that come between you and issuing the ticket, more of a chance of a headache. >> live nation said they had no record of our purchase. >> reporter: dana didn't realize she clicked on a third party website. that seller didn't give her money back. rebecca bought her tickets through vivid seats, but she contacted 7 on your side, we contacted vi eed vivid, and they gave their money back, saying they were allowing customers to discuss ticket options. >> i'm so happy. thank you for helping me get my money back. >> as for tonight's canceled performance with tears for fears, that show will be
6:48 pm
rescheduled. your ticket will be honored at that time. i want to hear from you. my hotline sup monday through friday, 10:00 to 2:00. call with any concerns or consumer questions, 415 hch 954-8 151 on or facebook. >> thank you very much. time to turn back to the weather. nice blue skies. >> with heat coming. spencer christian is back. >> heat is right. here's a look at live doppler 7. sunny skies everywhere. we'll take a look at what's coming our way tomorrow. warmer than today. not a hot day tomorrow. but some locations will see highs in the low 90s. so it's warming up. thursday, you can see it is going to be hot in some spots, especially in the north bay, nighs of 99 at concord at thursday. 98 in fairfield. 101 at cloverdale. 89 at santa rosa. san francisco, a high of 75.
6:49 pm
so that's pretty warm. this is the accuweather seven-day forecast. thursday, the hottest day in the forecast in our inland areas. the heat will gradually ease up on friday, not much. just a couple of degrees. but we'll see milder, more moderate more temperature range from saturday through tuesday and it will stay that way. not much change after saturday. >> thank you, spencer. nice and warm for baseball. >> absolutely. larry beil has the latest. >> yes. despite lots of humors out there. sonny gray was on the found for the a's. but we asked the eternal question, how much l
6:50 pm
the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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good evening. the warriors made it official, almost everyone is coming back, starting with steph curry, finalizing his $201 million deal with the warriors. it's five-year deal, kevin durant signed his contract with golden state and they announced the signing of their free agents.
6:53 pm
still waiting on magee to decide if he is going to return. we got this post from seth curry in china, featuring a samurai sword wielding seth. look at his face. that is the baby faced assassin. for the past month, we've been wondering whether sonny gray is out and whether that is his last with the a's. gray did take the hill tonight, but we have to watch this. did elon musk come up with that? i'm just fascinated by that. now all eyes on gray. morales, it's a shopper. gray throws it away. so everybody is safe on the error. 1-0, jays now. this is grounded up the middle. makes the dive and the stop and throws high. another error. again, everybody is safe. so still in the second inning,
6:54 pm
ryan gomes, opposite field, down the line, two runs score. gray gives up four unearned in the second. he does rebound. batista, a swing and a miss there. nine ks for gray in six innings. but the a's are trailing. it is 4-1 now and they're in the eighth inning. the panda watch tour continues in sacramento tonight with pablo sandoval. the panda played three games in san jose after signing with the giants. that's a ball. the big giants are posting pittsburgh. eight months ago, bruce arena took over a soccer program that was in desperate shape. they head into tomorrow's gold cup final. the national team spent the day practicing at the home of the san jose earthquakes. they will take on
6:55 pm
tomorrow night at levi stadium. >> we know we face an opponent that has played well, and will be a very difficult opponent to beat tomorrow. i know they'll be prepared. this is a big game for jamaica as it is for the united states. so we're hopeful we have a good crowd and good game. >> we're getting better. we're getting stronger. the partnerships in defense are getting. they're more cohesive and you're always going to limit opportunities. jim harbaugh, busy this summer. took his michigan wolverines football team to rome. called it the experience of his life. and check out this shot of harbaugh today. he's the only coach who is not wearing a suit. his excuse was tremendous, saying "i pack light, i packed a toothbrush and a good attitude." harbaugh also had this to say about how he likes his
6:56 pm
quarterbacks, one see is the ability to be loud. >> be loud. it's really easy. be loud. blue 80, blue 80! that's the easiest thing about being a quarterback. >> harbaugh is having fun. and the beer, they call it the bottoms up. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on cable channel 13. chipolte reveals the cause of a nor row virus outbreak. the changes the company is about to make nationwide. >> and at 11:00, a shop owner in san francisco who has had enough. when a man started beating him, he took matters into his own hands. >> at 8:00, it's "the middle" and back-to-back episodes of "blackish." at 10:00, "somewhere between" and don't miss "abc7 news" at 11:00.
6:57 pm
>> at 11:35, it's jimmy kimmel. >> so enjoy. that is this edition of "abc7 news." look for breaking news on twitter. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz, for all of us, thanks for joining us.
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- an attorney from orlando, florida... an attorney from san diego, california... and our returning champion, a high school history teacher from homer, new york... ...whose 3-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. somehow, justin, our champion, finds a way to win the game. he could be in the red for a while, but then he starts coming back.
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he falters a bit and then he builds it up. and at the end, he is triumphant. will that happen again today with catherine and mackenzie? we start finding out right now. here we go. categories for the three of you are... next... and... justin, off you go. all the days of italy for $200, please. mackenzie. what is sunday? right. italy, $400. justin. what is saturday? no. mackenzie. what is today? today. oggi. italy, $600. justin.


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