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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 28, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> reporter: hi, dan. this family told us they were blind sided by these -- this federal indictment, these charges they say are completely out of character for this young man that they know. >> what is being said is a total surprise. that is not the picture of the -- of the individual we know. >> reporter: the uncle of oakland's amer says federal terrorism charges against the 22-year-old berkeley high school graduate do not jive with the young man he knows. >> it doesn't matter frankly. again, nonviolent. nonaggressive. nonharmful. very cooperative and very humanitarian. >> reporter: but a federal indictment paints a different picture of a young man trying to create social media accounts to benefit isis and plotting violent attacks in the bay area, including a suicide bombing. >> he reiterated his plan was to have some type of car bomb in
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san francisco and lay backpack bomb it is the east bay. >> reporter: prosecutors say he spoke about plans to start fires in berkeley and san francisco, sell cocaine laced with rat poison in nightclubs and he downloaded a bomb making manual on his computer and sent an fbi informant photos of guns he on sane -- obtained. >> this was a priority. >> reporter: but friends and family told us they saw no signs he was radicalized, much less planning to act on it. >> it was like opposite ends, that sort of thing. there's this one picture we have of him, and the other picture we see being painted of him, and it's kind of saddening to see that. >> reporter: he's considered a flight risk and being held without bond. in oakland, laura anthony, "abc7 news." now to a new shakeup at the white house and the reaction is pouring in. president trump announced today
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that reince priebus is out as chief of staff. priebus resigned after six months on the job amid reports of a feud with communications director anthony scaramucci. priebus told cnn he resigned after president trump made it cheer he wanted to go in a different direction. >> the president has a right to change directions. the president has a right to hit a reset button. i think it's a good time to hit the reset button. i think he was right to hit the reset button, and i think it was something that i think the white house needs. i think it's healthy. >> priebus says he will remain a trump fan. president trump has chosen homeland security secretary john kelly as his new chief of staff. president trump is condemning the latest north korean missile test. the pentagon detected a missile launch out of north around 7:45 pacific time today. it's pyongyang's second test this month.
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the missile traveled straight up 1700 miles into space and landing in the sea of japan. experts say had they angled it for distance, not height, it would have come close to seattle. an update in the murdle trial of the man accused of a high profile shooting that killed 32-year-old kate steinle. today, his lawyers announced a federal ranger will be called to testify about the good used in the shooting. the ranger's superiors at the bureau of land management tried to shelter him from appearing. but public defenders say the trial judge will now decide on the relevancy of that testimony. >> they wanted to try to restrict the areas that he could testify in. we made it clear to this court that the trial judge would get to decide that, not the blm. >> whether or not this ranger's
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testimony is relevant, being as though the defendant is not charged with burglary, remains to be seen. >> both sides will be back court tuesday when a trial date is expected to be chosen. >> one of two men charged in the deaths of 36 people in the ghost ship fire was denied release today. his lawyers were asking the judge to release harris pending trial. the judge denied that motion. they also asked for a reduction in bail. the judge dropped it from more than $1 million to $750,000. >> max harris sin sent. we have a young kid, an artist who did his best to save lives the night of this tragic event and now he's subject to raising $750,000 bail. >> both harris and derek el menna face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. while harris has no prior criminal history, high bail
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might assure his appearance in court. a stockton woman will remain in jail after a judge refused to lower her bail. 18-year-old sanchez faces charges of vehicular manslaughter and dui. her 14-year-old sister jacqueline was killed in that crash. another teen survived. became was set at $560,000. sanchez's lawyer says it's excessive and his client doesn't have that kind of money. >> having been in foster care for the last few years and still being in it, and only 18 years old, that she would have $5,000 so to post on these charges is absud. >> the chp says san says was impaired when she crashed. in fremont, a 77-year-old man has been arrested for sexual battery against a woman with developmental disabilities. witnesses say they saw they sa
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and the woman in grimmer boulevard. police talked with witnesses, looked at surveillance video, interviewed lee, and then arrested him on multiple charges. li is a registered sex offender. he was convicted of sexual battery in 2001. great news for smartphone users in san francisco. the devices are down significantly, unless you get on b.a.r.t. they're warning people this type of crime continues. lyanne melendez is live in oakland with more on this disparity. >> reporter: here's the disparity. the number of smartphone robberies in san francisco has been cut in half in the past three years. on b.a.r.t., not so much. last night, b.a.r.t. police reporting yet another case. 225 cases in this area on
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b.a.r.t. from january to june. >> people were getting viciously assaulted for their smartphones. >> reporter: that was before the d.a.'s office passed a law in 2014 demanding that the wireless industry install a software commonly known as a kill switch. >> the majority of consumers have this technology enabled after their turn on their own. >> reporter: when the phone is stolen, the thief is unable to put it on a new carrier, because only you have the user name and password. as a result, san francisco has seen the number of smartphone thefts reduced by 50% since 2013 at the height of this crime spree. >> reporter: modern technology is almost your friend when it comes to lost items. they make it where you can mind your items, even though you lost it. >> reporter: despite this knowledge, this type of crime continues on b.a.r.t. strains and stations. >> we're still seeing a level number of cell phone thefts.
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>> reporter: b.a.r.t. says in the past six months, there have been 225 thefts of electronic devices. >> never use it during train doors, station stops or exiting the station. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. makes periodic announcements on its p.a. system and will soon have posters warning people. >> be aware of your surroundings and aware of your devices as the trains are pulling into stations. >> reporter: leeann melendez, "abc7 news." the fireball ride at the board walk remains shut down indefinitely two days after an accident on the same ride at the ohio state fair. today, inspectors cleared some rides and the fair's kitty land to reopen. other rides remain closed indefinitely. one man was killed and seven
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others were injured in ohio. one of them went home from the hospital today. a ride -- wells fargo struggled to overcome haste year's fake account scandal is cutting 70 senior executive jobs. wells fargo is facing a second customer account scandal. the bank admitted it signed up thousands of customers for auto insurance that they didn't need. wells fargo says it noticed the problem last year but was waiting for the right time to tell customers. senator elizabeth warren is calling on the federal reserve chair to remove members of wells fargo's board. tomorrow, a group of high school students from oakland fly out for the trip of a lifetime. their dreams are dependent on a very dedicated drama >> a tremendous amount of positive change. >> al gore's newest documentary on the environment comes out
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today. next, hear why the former vice president has reasons to hope about the future of climate change. i'm spencer christian. the marine layer is here and it has had a cooling efbl ining ef already. how to get the right computer for back to school. i'm michael finney. 7 on your side is coming up.
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things are heating up on the wta time to play when the us open series hits stanford... for the bank of the west classic, join the celebration of summer. where the action off the court, is just as hot as the action on it. july 31st through august 6th join us monday, july 31st for net generation kids' day. the ultimate family tennis experience! don't miss the wta action while it's in stanford. wail watching tours off santa cruz have seen a 20% jump for tourists hoping to see the great white shark population.
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the david louie looks at how sharks, swimmers, and surfers are sharing the same water. >> reporter: less than a half mile off of santa cruz, there's a whale of a show for anyone on a boat or a kayak. scan the water line for a spout and a glimpse of a hutch back follows. but there's another attraction, great white sharks, which have clustered around the shore. chris victorino is captaintaintn this ship. white sharks are getting lots of interest. >> a lot of times you get too close and they leave. but other times, we've had some really good looks where they'll come right up and do what we call a drive by. >> reporter: on a good day, this is the kind of encounter passengers get, just a few feet from the motor. they're hopeful that people are
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learning now to fear them, that co-existence is possible. >> they're just doing their thing. a lot of people here that like to play in the ocean, we understand that we don't swim alone. we have to share the space and i think as long as we respect their space and we're aware of their presence, hopefully he can co-exist relatively peacefully. >> reporter: eric has spent his life studying marine life. he takes drone videos of the growing cluster of sharks off santa cruz. that video shows how the young sharks swim near kayakers, even passing underneath, posing no threat. >> they're very inquisitive animals. they'll come, circle, and swim away. they lose interest and swim away. >> reporter: bonnie brown, a guest on the boat haste month, took this dramatic underwater video. the shark even displayed its seethe, almost seeming to play to the camera. >> beautiful cameras that have been around for millions of
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years. and i hope more people can have an appreciation. that's why i love taking people out in the boat and showing them these amazing creatures we're so fortunate to have. >> reporter: david louie, "abc7 news." garlic chicken, garlic bread, garlic corn, garlic ice cream? it's time for the annual gilroy garlic festival. "abc7 news" joined the crowds in gilroy today. and okay, the one thing we couldn't find was garlic beer. organizers expect 100,000 people to attend. it includes live music and chefs. but for most, all about the food. >> i'm going to go through the whole thing. i'm going to be out here the whole time. anything with garlic, i'm going to taste it. >> i love the intense flavors. >> to beat the heat today, some people sought relief under
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misters, and in shaded areas. paramedics on bikes helped people stay hydrated also. al gore's latest movie hits theaters in a limited release. it's a follow up to his award winning documentary about chi matt change. >> he was in san francisco monday to talk about the film. today, he sat down with our sister station from los angeles. >> it is right to save >> reporter: this follows the 2006 oscar winning documentary "an inconvenient truth." the film continues the conversation about finding shugss for the effects of climate change and continuing to heed the charge, former vice president al gore. i don't know how the passion doesn't ever wane. does it? >> no, not for me. it's a privilege to have work
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that justifies pouring every bit of passion you have into it. it's the most serious challenge we face, and sounds weird to say, it gives me a sense of joy to have work that is really worth doing. but that's the way i feel about it. >> we're seeing a tremendous amount of positive change. >> reporter: gore sees that the challenges are as big as ever. but he remains hopeful. >> despair is just another form of denial. we don't have time for it. we've got work to do. the basis for hope is real and authentic. the solutions are here. >> it will not be easy. >> reporter: and in his view, the most important thing any of us can do, speak up. >> use your capacity as a citizen to let candidates and office holders know that this is important to you. when we win the conversation, when you use your voice, then the laws begin to change. >> reporter: all i see you do in this movie is work. i want you to tell me how you play when you're not working.
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>> i love to go out on my farm. not far away, there's a lake in tennessee where i've got a houseboat. i call it my redneck yacht. and i like to hang out with my kids and grand kids and water ski. yeah, so i do work hard. but i get some rest. >> reporter: "an inconvenient sequel" is in theaters now. >> let's talk a little chi mali now for the weekend. >> i can't cover climate, butky cover the weather. as you know, there's a difference. san francisco right now 61 degrees. 63 across the bay and oakland. 69 in mountain view. san jose, 76. gilroy 76, and 62 at half moon bay. santa rosa, 84 degrees. and fairfield, 91. still warm in inland east bay and 86 at livermore. here is live doppler 7 hd. you can see that the building marine layer has brought us
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quite a significant 24-hour temperature change. on we go, with a look at that cooling marine layer, they're still building and drifting out over the bay. today's temperature pattern will repeat tomorrow. turning slightly warmer on sunday, continuing into the middle of next week. overnight, we'll have a little bit of a cooldown near the bay. and coast, low temperatures under foggy conditions low to mid 50s. lows reach only into the upper 50s to near 60. so mild in many of our inland areas. tomorrow, low clouds and fog will linger at the coastline. still, mild there, with highs of 62 at half moon bay. mid 60s and other coast allocations. along the bayshores, highs tomorrow in the mid to upper 70s. inland areas, much like today,
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upper 80s in the north bay. low to mid 90s in the inland east bay. let's take a look at beach forecast for tomorrow. clouds linger as i mentioned. breezy, most of the beach locations see highs in the low to mid 60s. here's the accuweather seven-day
6:21 pm
forecast. sunny skies, looks like the peak of the warming that's building -- starts building on a sunday. the peak will occur on tuesday and wednesday, as inland highs are right around 100 degrees in most locations. mid to upper 80s around the bay. 70 degrees on the coast, and temperatures moderate as we reach the end of the week next week. >> thanks, spencer. next, the record setting
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they have reason to cheer. the dow entered and finished in unchartered territory today. for the first time ever, it closed above 21,800, after gaining 33 points. this graph shows the dow's movements since january. it's up nearly 2,000 points during that time. remarkable run. the real estate brokerage website red fip made its debut on nasdaq with an ipo price of $15 per share. by the end of the day, shares were $21.70, a 44% increase. according to tech crunch, stitch fix may go public soon. it's a subscription styling website, started by a bay area native in 2011. stitch fix, which has headquarters in san francisco, is one of several companies
6:25 pm
offering this kind of service. amazon just launched its own service called prime wardrobe. just hours are left to weigh in on the seat colors for cal train. to vote on the seat color, look for a link on our website, voting ends at 11:59 tonight. help wanted by the alameda community food bank. they alerted us that they're in need of volunteers next month. 150 people are needed every weekday to sort and pack fresh produce. weekend help is also needed. "abc7 news" was at the food bank last month when they challenged cleveland and won on who could bring in the most donations during the nba finals. to sign up to register or volunteer, look for a link on the food bank is located on edgewater drive not far from oakland international airport. a high school drama class is
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counting on the generosity of others to help them pay for the trip of a lifetime. next see how much they have raised and how much they owe the day before they fly out. plus -- >> a flurry of feathers, as these herons and egrets are released back into the field. the unlikely story of where they came from, ahead on "abc7 news." and we're tracking a road trip that's taking a parade of vintage vws from the
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live where you live. this is "abc7 news." we've had a roller coaster ride, and knowing or not knowing are we going to be on the plane or not. >> a drama teacher at skyline high school has come to the rescue of her students on the eve of their trip to perform in scotland. the teacher and the principal are willing to take on the $24,000 that are still owed. >> they're committed, obviously. they've been fund-raising, but as leslie brinkley explains, they haven't brought in enough to cover the costs.
6:30 pm
>> he was looking for you earlier. >> didn't find me. >> reporter: eight skyline high school students rehearsed on the shoreline of lake merritt today. tomorrow is the big day. they board a plane bound for london and perform at the american high school theater festival in scotland. >> oh, my gosh, the opportunity of a lifetime. >> reporter: fund-raising for the school netted the students $42,000. but they're still $24,000 short. they may be leaving tomorrow, but they're going to come home in debt. >> we have to raise $24,000 by september 15 to be interest free. after september 15, they're going to start charmi icharging interest until paid. >> reporter: she and the principal signed the repayment agreement. is that a frighteni ining thoug? >> i go to bed and wake up thinking about this. >> i'm not worried, because we worked really hard. >> reporter: and the warriors have pitched in.
6:31 pm
a game ball netted the students $2200. now they're going to auction off four tickets. neighbors are dropping off $20 here and there at the school. the drama teacher behind the dream is willing to take the risk for these kids to go. >> i wanted to open doors for them and be a gateway into their future, that the sky is the limit. >> reporter: in oakland, leslie brinkley, "abc7 news." for the second day in a row, drivers face detours in walnut creek. take a look at the telephone and cable tv lines that came down this morning. workers had just restrung those wires after an suv knocked over a utility pole yesterday afternoon. that driver escaped without being hurt. you can see the exact location of where this happened on map. silicon valley schools are going to get more internet band
6:32 pm
width. the office of education started building a network of dark fiber, giving schools faster internet access. they hope to have it finished by november of next year. poepe francis says he's praying for the parents of charlie gard. charlie died today, one week before his first birthday. the little boy suffered from a rare genetic disease that caused brain damage and left him unable to breathe unaided. his death comes a day after a judge ruled that charlie should be transferred to a hospice and taken off life support. his mother said "our beautiful little boy has gone. we are so proud of him." the outhook is uncertain for health care in america following another failed attempt by republicans. senator john mccain joined senators in voting against the so-called skinny repeal bill that would have scrapped parts of the affordable care act.
6:33 pm
it's not known what comes next. >> we have to work in a bipartisan capacity. >> at the very beginning, we should stabilize the system. then we should sit down and trade ideas. >> some republicans are now shifting their focus to tax reform. but democratic senator bill nelson says he and republican susan collins are working on a new bipartisan health plan. president trump traveled to long island today to tout his administration's crackdown on illegal immigration and violent crime. the president spoke where the ultraviolent street gang ms-13 has committed a string of murders. president trump vowed to destroy the gang and deport members. >> they have transformed peaceful parks and beautiful, quiet neighborhoods into blood-stained killing fields. they're animals. >> some ms-13 members say the president's attacks, as well as his policies, have helped them, claiming people in the immigrant
6:34 pm
communities are afraid to report crimes to police. this is a sense of normalcy in mare posa. the red cross closed its shelter for the detwiler fire ire ire ie 63 homes destroyed. people who live at homes on one road are still under an ev evacuation order, but tourists have started coming back and businesses are open once again. >> it's great to see the town coming back alive and to see the blue skies. it was a very scary situation for everyone involved. we were just focused on our community, getting people to safety, trying to get visitors out of the area and into new places where they could stay. now everything is back to life. >> a free concert will be held at the art park tomorrow. residents will be able to thank firefighters and celebrate the strength of their community. the latest travelers taking flight out by the oakland
6:35 pm
airport aren't airline passengers, they're birds. jonathan plume hballoon bloom hb >> reporter: it's the last leg of a long trip. and it could be the last time these snowy egrets and herons have to see the inside of a cage. though by some estimates 90% of the bay area's wetlands have been lost to development. conservationists managed to save this spot. >> a safe place to restart their lives. when they're ready to go, they'll disburse. >> reporter: but it turns out one of the biggest colonies of these birds is one of the most unlikely places. though nature may have intended them to live on the shoreline, they've found everything they need in the street trees of downtown oakland, a thriving community, but not so great when you're learning to fly. >> when they fall out of the trees, they hit concrete, so they get hurt and they have no
6:36 pm
way to get back up into the trees. so they're stranded and doomed. >> reporter: that's where the oakland zoo comes in. you're hike the bird plans. >> we are. we're the first responders. >> reporter: so when this tree unexpectedly split in half and fell into the street, the zoo came to rescue the birds that survived. >> they seem sed so scared, so e them out here is wonderful. >> reporter: some were injured. one with a broken bone. >> to know that he's out here is remarkable. >> reporter: international bird rescue spent weeks nursing them back to forth. an expensive >> it never ceases to amaze me and make me happy that we have put one piece of nature back in order. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, "abc7 news." well, today is the day.
6:37 pm
it's the day that first tesla three owners get the keys to their new cars. >> sky 7 found a bunch of them under wraps outside the fremont manlt and it's just hours until they'll be driven away. >> and check out the
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a caravan of volkswagens from all over north america has almost reached its final destination. they're traveling from the top of washington state almost to mexico. today, they rolled into southern california. this video shows them coming down the freeway as they pulled into ventura for a pop-up car show. wednesday, "abc7 news" was in half moon bay when a caravan pulled in there. this is the 19th year for this unique event. in tonight's bay area business watch, a local company is opening up. the electric carmaker will deliver its first 30 model three compacts to owners tonight. the model three sells for $35,000. other models cost at least twice that. and you're looking at the newest
6:41 pm
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believe it or not, back to school shopping is in full swing, and a lot of the money being spent is on computers. >> michael finney has some buying advice. >> it's halfway through july and august. now, there's a great deal to think about, with so much on the line when buying a back-to-school computer. you don't want to overthink it. buying a computer is not an easy task. look around this best buy. laptops, gaming computers, tablets. and the price range, from not much to oh, my. kevin grassler is with bay area consumers checkbook. >> computer manufacturers have caught on to the fact that there's this wide range of need
6:45 pm
out there, and so their goal these days, for the most part, is to offer something to -- that will fit just about anyone's needs. >> that makes it seem harder to find the right computer. but with online reviews and in store help, it's easier now to match your needs with the right computer. back-to-school is one of the times to get a deal. when going to college, you have to miprice a computer with tuition, room and board, and books. >> we don't have a lot of money in my family, so we just bought a cheap computer that has everything that i need for school. so if it has what i need, it's okay. >> reporter: exactly. to save money, do not buy more computer than you need. >> most of the time they do come in. oh, i want an apple or windows. i like to ask questions to see what their needs are. >> reporter: manny flores is a sales consultant and a student. he says if you're an engineering
6:46 pm
student, buy a more robust computer from the start. if you're an english major, not so much. he tells me his two best ways to save money when buying a computer. >> i would recommend open box. we also have a price management guarantee. >> reporter: you also need to look online and off. bay area consumers checkbook has found prices for computers are all over the place. >> i found big price differen differences, especially for high end models for hundreds of dollars, simply by choosing a less costly store to buy from. >> best buy is among the best brick and mortar stores in the bay area when it comes to prices. if you want to see the entire report, you can. for free, just because you're watching right now. i'll post a link on our web page and put it up on facebook, as well. i want to hear from you. my 7 on your side hotline is open weekdays from 10:00 to
6:47 pm
2:00. my number is 415-954-8151. of course, you can reach me through the facebook page and on >> thank you, michael. >> want to update the weekend weather forecast. >> spencer? >> a mixed bag. a little cooler on one day, a little warmer the other. let's look at live doppler 7. we have sunny skies over the bay area. fog building at the coastline. low temperatures generally in the mid to upper 50s. tomorrow, the cooler of the two days this weekend. but still warm inland, where we'll see highs in the low to mid ninths. low 60s on the coast. it gets warmer on sunday. we're using livermore with the high temperature trend over the next seven days. warming up gradually to midweek next week and holding steady at about 100 degrees at some inland spots.
6:48 pm
temperatures moderate just a tad. that's reflected here on the seven-day forecast. locations around the bay reaching into the mid 80s by midweek next week. 70 on the coast. so lovely beach weather, but quite warm inland after tomorrow. >> thank you, spencer. kind of a photo finish for a brand new 49er. >> signing just in the nick of town. the top draft pick, he's ready for practice number one. but there is a very large man
6:49 pm
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good evening. the raiders opened training camp today without their pro bowl corner back donald penn, because he wants more money. he wants to redo a contract he just signed last year. scheduled to make $7 million, he protects derek carr's blind side, so he's extremely important. at age 34, he knows there's not many years left. we'll see how the raiders respond. they're expected to be among the best team in the entire nfl, but veterans know you have to prove it on the field. >> we take it one day at a time. i think all our guys can say you
6:52 pm
can't look too far ahead. you have to stay in the moment, one meeting at a time, one practice at a time. looking that far down the road, the season is so long. >> it gives us confidence to go into the season, knowing we can win games. that's what it's all about, winning games. >> i take it one sports cast at a time. the 49ers started practicing, as solomon thomas was finalizing details of his contract, worth in the neighborhood of $28 million, four years. he signed his contract mid practice and got on the field for the first day of training camp. with everybody in now and new faces on the roster, a lot of excitement around the niners, hoping to improve after last year's 2-14 season. >> one of the big reasons i came was to be with kyle. you know, having been around him as a head coach, i'm just -- i think everybody is excited. i know for me personally, this is the most excited i've ever been going into a training camp.
6:53 pm
>> we've all been talking about it. you can just feel the energy, guys aren't -- training camp is here. i'm glad training camp is here. >> it's been clear from day one what the mindset should be for every player. it's just up to go out there and build on that. >> you feel hike you're competing to win something. everything we do is about winning. that's all we care about. so it definitely feels hike we're headed in the right track. >> to see how popular the nba has become globally and the warriors in particular, when you look at the crowds with steph curry and kevin durant, first from south korea, a lot of curry fans on hand to catch a glimpse. seth, he loves interacting with the fans, the kids playing one on one. one guy did his best steph impression by draining that from half court. >> amazing opportunity to be
6:54 pm
here, to see the fans, to see some of the talent on the court here and just have fun. that was the goal, and it was very fun event and something that hopefully everybody in the arena and everybody who is watching, you know, enjoyed. >> kevin durant in india, set a new world record by hosting the largest basketball lesson across multiple venues, almost 3500 kids took part. durant was at the basketball training center in deli while the rest participated via satellite. and the drive by dunk challenge with tall people jumping out of their cars to dunk on driveway hoops in parks. he jumps right over this dude right there, had no idea. and just hammers it home. poor guy never saw it coming. and derek jones, jr. then scurries back to his car. we do the same thing in the sports department.
6:55 pm
i do it with a nerf hoop, with authority. giants 31 1/2 games back. dan and ama? join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv 20. one of the biggest surf competitions in the world is about to start. it's not the waves, but what's under them that is causing the most concern. on "abc7 news" at 11:00, a model three party. if you missed the event, we'll have all the excitement as the electric car hits the streets for the first time tonight. finally tonight, a few thoughts about what really matters. ideas. ideas matter. but so does how they're expressed, especially when your job is to express them from the white house. it's a sad state of affairs when which literally cannot repeat comments made to a reporter by the administration's brand spanking new communications director. no doubt you saw the quotes from anthony scaramucci's conversation with a "new york times" reporter. a crude comment about his
6:56 pm
colleagues in the white house, zeroing in on chief of staff reince priebus who just resigned as we reported here. scaramucci tried to flip it around the next day, claiming he should never have trusted a reporter. really? that's his takeaway? that's what the white house communications director thinks was the failure here? scaramucci's new job deserves dignity and decor rum, not this. we know our president talks that way to reporters too. you heard the bus tape. he called it locker room talk. it doesn't belong there either, of course. but what matters is it has no place in the white house. i always appreciate hearing from you. let me know what you think. follow me on stwiter and facebook. >> that's going to do it for this edition of "abc7 news." look for breaking news on twitter and on i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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