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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 29, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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test. good morning. it's saturday, july 29th. we're going to start with a quick look at our weather. >> good morning, kate. we have a good deal of fog out there this morning. it's going to take some time until we see some clearing. in fact at the coast we'll see a good deal of low clouds and fogs. temperatures today will be slightly cooler. right now we're in the 50s in campbell, santa clara, 57 in alameda. 55 san francisco. with the low clouds and fog staying put for a while, temperatures will be a little bit slower to warm. 50s and 60s the sun comes up in another hour. wide range today with 50s at the shoreline to the mid 80s by
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noontime. notice 4:00 in the afternoon. mid 90s. that will be a treat considering the next seven days we're featuring much more warmth. in fact inland temperatures. we'll have the full details in a few minutes. this morning general john kelly is now president trump's new chief of staff. the president announced reince priebus's departure at joint base andrews. it was a surreal scene as priebus got off the plane in the pouring rain and word spread of his departure as he was walking towards his suv. he was left alone sitting in the car as the without him. >> two out in seven days. in the midst of turmoil, chief of staff reince priebus is out and general john kelly is in. >> reince is a good man.
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john kelly will do a fantastic job. >> tweeting i have just named general secretary john kelly as the white house chief of staff. he's a great american and a great leader. john has also done a spectacular john at homeland security. he has been a true star of my administration. >> general kelly has been a star. done an incredible job thus far. respected by everybody. >> tension between priebus and new communications director anthony scaramucci hit a boiling point. scaramucci unleashing a scathing personal attack in a profanity laced tirade. he called priebus a bleeping paranoid schizophrenic, but despite that priebus tells cnn wolf blitzer there are no hard feelings. >> this is not like a situation where there's a bunch of ill will feelings. this is i think good for the president. >> sources tell abc news the president felt he needed a white
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house chief of staff what could push his agenda forward and get the west wing in order. as one source puts it, this was a long time coming. the "new york post" updated it's cover from yesterday morning in a tweet. the newspaper crossed out the picture of reince priebus on the cover with the caption the tribe has spoken. the political climate inspired former san francisco resident van voejones to host a nationwi tour called "we rise." he took his message to san francisco. lonnie has more on his call for unity. >> it seems like there's an internal struggle in the white house for power, but power to do what? help who? that's why we have to rise up ourselves. >> that message inspired this gathering at the san francisco ma sonic. it was an invitation to bay area residents from various backgrounds to have a healthy discussion about politics and
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social change. >> i think when people start talking to each other, they realize that their similarities are much greater than their differences. >> it's about moving away from the republican versus the dems. it's about moving to each other and how we can actually build community. >> reporter: the civil discourse in this theater is a contrast to divisiveness in washington. after gop health care failure. >> this is a disappointment. a disappointment indeed. >> there are renewed calls to work together again. >> sometimes you need a little spark that inspires the forces of coming together. >> van jones says there's still lots of work to do regarding %-pt relieved, but we should be working even harder now to get this country back o >> reporter: organizers goes to dream corp, committed to green energy, access to tech jobs and
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prison rehabilitation. abc 7 news. house minority leader nancy pelosi is offering to work with republicans on health care. she wrote a letter to the gop leaders say democrats extend the hand of friendship and look forward to our working together in the regular order for the good of the american people. pelosi also said house democrats are prepared to support some of the elements in the better care reconciliation act which was voted down on tuesday. that includes a short term stable fund and cost sharing subsidies. and happening today, people across the nation will rally in support of medicare, medicaid and women health. the bay area rallies in san jose and santa rosa. san jose will meet at the corner of winchester and stevens creek santa rosa will be in a parking lot at 2300 county center drive.
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one will be held later and that event starts at 1:00. a judge has reduced the bail for one of the two men charged in the deadly ghost ship fire in oakland. lawyers for max harris asked the judge to release him from jail pending trial but that request was denied. they also asked for a reduction in bail and the judge did agree to that dropping his bail from more than $1 million to $750,000. both harris and the operator face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. a 2-year-old boy who police say was severely abused has died. police arrested the child's stepmother on tuesday. the infant was felony from stockton to the east bay hospital after suffering from a severe head injury. he had been on life support. maynard is now facing three counts of child abuse and is due
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in court on monday. palo alto is looking for a person of interest for four suspicious fires in the downtown area. this is a surveillance area with a man seen walking near a dumpster. there was also a car that was set on fire in the parking lot. a fire inside a parking garage on high street and a brush fire near the bike path. the man was wearing a beanie, light colored long sleeve shirt, dark pants and was carrying a backpack. if you know who he is, call palo alto police. the moment tesla fans have been waiting for has arrived. the more affordable version has just rolled off the assembly line. last night tesla passed out keys to the first 30 owners. all of them are tesla employees. nbc news reporter employees will be looking for kinks in the new model three. >> we have the first 30 production cars here being charged right now right there.
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>> reporter: tesla ceo elon musk have sent the first owners out into the world. one gala attendee shared these fa photos with us. it has the lowest price tag of all the tesla. owners welcome it to the family. >> model three serves its purpose for getting people involved with e.v.s who may not otherwise be able to. >> embracing that kind of technology in mass production can oem nly be good for us as a country. >> it's one thing to have a great car. it's another thing to be able to manufacture them, deliver them and make a profit from them. >> reporter: musk said he expects to turnout 20,000 cars by the end of the year and 500,000 by the end of next year.
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he ordered one. he has high expectations and hopes tesla can deliver. >> when i bought my model x, i was not really satisfied. because i had so many problems with the car initially. >> reporter: about half a million people have put down $1,000 deposit on model three. abc 7 news. so here's a guy to tell all the models apart. model three starts at $35,000. this starts at $69,000. model x will set you back at least $82,500. wells fargo says it's cutting 70 senior executive jobs. facing a second customer account scandal. the bank has admitted it signed up thousands of its customers for auto insurance they didn't need.
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it noticed the problem last year but was waiting for the right time to tell its customers. moving on to weather, lisa is here with a look at the forecast. >> today we're starting out with the cloud cover which will help you out in inland east bay later on today with temperatures not as hot as it's been. we're in the 50s pretty much for everyone. upper 40s, santa rosa, 58 in livermore, 54 for you. cooler day out of the weekend, then it's august. that is going to bring some sizzling heat inland. i'll explain coming up next. also ahead, a warning to resident, watch out for bats after this one tested positive for rabies. and the gilmore garlic festival
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good saturday morning. we're taking a live look. you can see that the sun is just starting to rise. you can see a little fog above the lights there in the distance. moving on, we have a warning from the health department. a bat found near the children's splash pad in clayton tested positive for rabies. health officials say rabies is almost always deadly in humans. abc 7 news reporter katie has more from grove park in clayton. >> reporter: children splash care free in clayton's grove park, but a warning from the health department has parents on edge. a sick bat seen in these pictures was found on a pathway in the park last week. it tested positive for rabies. >> it was positive for rabies. i mean, that's terrifying. >> reporter: katherine served as a communicable diseases program
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chief in the army. >> one of our biggest concerns on deployment, was, in fact rabies. >> reporter: it's a concern for the health department too. >> rabies is nearly 100% fatal in human beings. >> a man died in 2012 after exposure to a bat. >> by the time he developed symptoms it was too late to save him. >> reporter: the county reports three hab rabid animals has bee found this year, all year. >> i wouldn't touch t. bats, you've got to get tested for rabies. >> reporter: the wildlife hospital treated the sick bat but it decide. they say only 1% of bats are rabid. most are helpful mosquito eating creatures. if you encounter a trapped or sick bat, call animal services. in clayton, katie,
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>> merck says a cyber a tact halted production of its drugs. merck says it doesn't know the full magnitude of the impact because operations are still being restored. merck says it's confident they'll be able to maintain a continuous supply of all its top selling and life saving drugs. a group of drama students will head out today despite needing to raise money to cover the costs. they will perform at the american high school theater festival. they have raised $42,000, but they still need $24,000. the drama teacher and principal entered into an agreement that gives them until september 15th to pay the rest interest free. >> i go to bed pging abothinkin this and i wake up thinking about this. >> i'm not worried. students from skyline, we work really, really hard.
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>> reporter: after the deadline the money is subject to 5% interest. they plan to auction off tickets to a warriors game. a group of injured that were nursed back to health were released into the wind. this is a safe place for the birds to restart their lives. they had been living in a tree in downtown oakland but it split in half and fell into the street. oakland zoo rescued the birds. international bird rescue nursed them back to health. thnch this weekend is the annual gilroy garlic festival. you want to bring your appetite. garl garlic frys, mushroom, and one of the most popular items pepper steak sandwiches. jeanine has more on this very popular event. >> reporter: you know you want some. garlic ice cream. garlic vanilla.
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ch garlic chocolate. >> reporter: you heard right. at the garlic festival, anything goes. >> i don't really taste garlic in it. i taste the chocolate ice cream but i've got to try everything. >> reporter: the sizzle and fire and taste of garlic lured them here from out of state. >> we saw it on the travel channel and it looked fun. this is our vacation. >> reporter: gar llic corn. garlic crab fries. you name it. they have it. >> i'll be out here the whole time. >> reporter: around 100,000 people are expected to taken the garlic festival through the weekend. while people stroll and taste, they can listen to live music, but a lot tend to head over to watch the show put on by the pryo chefs. after taking in all the sun, some found relief under the misters. others cooled off wherever they could find shade. paramedics on bikes are riding
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around making sure everyone stayed hydrated. >> we'd like to catch it before they have an event by handing out waters, making sure they're staying in shape. making sure they're limiting the alcohol intake. that predisposes people to having a medical emergency. >> reporter: we searched but couldn't find garlic beer but we did find garlic wine that some really enjoyed. >> garlic wine. you've got to try it. it's actually quite good. really good. it actually is really good. i'm not looked good even at this hour. you'll notice low clouds and fog all the way looalong the shorel. moving in locally across the bay. we'll look for that this morning. they will be clinging to the coast. temperature this is morning anywhere from two to five degrees cooler than we were yesterday. yesterday we did enjoy a cool down inland so that continues.
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in the city right now it's gray. 55 degrees. 56 in oakland. 58 mountain view. mid 50s gilroy and half moon bay. we will be looking at a pleasant day today and then the heat returns. in fact, much of next week looks pretty warm even kind of on the muggy side. 52 santa rosa. southwest wind up to 28 miles an hour. woo we have that delta breeze going. here's a look from mt. tam. you can see the beginning of the sun rise. can you make out the low clouds? typical mid summer pattern for the next couple of days. we will be looking at the heat turning slightly warmer tomorrow. that means that we'll look for the temperatures to come up inland approaching 100
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here's your hour by hour forecast. you'll notice that the fog doesn't come away anytime soon. it will break away temporarily from the marin county coast f. you're planning ongoing to the beach, look for cloudy skies. temperatures in the mid 60s. santa cruz we get some sun, 75. slight l slightly warmer for sunday. in the south bay 84 today. on the warm side here. 85 santa clara but not as warm as it's going to get. mid 70s for you in san mateo. in the city today upper 60s. you'll notice some of the clouds along the coast. in the north bay mid and upper 80s. napa about 85 today. nice afternoon with the mid 70s
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looks like a pretty nice afternoon. even inland. notice those dark reds. they're way out towards sacramento valley. bit of a break today f. you're coming into oakland tonight, upper 60s 6:00 for the game. seven day forecast featuring today the coolest day out of the seven. download our weather oapp and yu can keep track. that very, very hot regime where we have temperatures near 100 degrees inland. we could get sub tropical moisture. we'll watch it for you. >> the east bay looks beautiful. >> it does. >> for a change. >> thank you so much. just ahead giants fans have a unique chance to snag three hunter pence autographs. you're going to have to work a little bit
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chicken nuggets are growing up. thought of as a staple for kids meals, nuggeting as are provinge a favorite for >> reporter: there's nothing unusual about wine tasting in sonoma county, occasionally people are known to have a beer or two as well. but this is different. the wine and we are are being paired at hip chick farms. the kitchen, the first tasting room dedicated to chicken nuggets. yes, chicken nuggets. >> it's a dream come true.
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>> reporter: jennifer johnson is the chef at the kitchen. she worked for millions. prior to that she cooked in berkeley. the kitchen will feature products from hip chick farms and is the brain child of jennifer and her wife sarah. jennifer and sarah now raise organic chickens at this farm. >> we've learned how to raise animals humanely. we're really passionate about our humane standards. >> jennifer developed her unique recipes for chicken nuggets while working for the the cause is already in the nuggets. they began selling their creations at whole foods. hip chick farms chicken nuggets will be available in 5,000 stores nationwide. >> the foundation of cooking is
5:26 am
simplicity. >> this past weekend the new tasting room had its soft opening. the official opening is scheduled for august 11th. early reviews are good. >> i've never liked ipa before but this ipa and the chicken nuggets worked really well together. >> having the sauce infused into the coat suggesting is a great . several attractions at disney land are set to reopen. they were closed for nearly a year in preparation of the new star wee"star wars" themed land. the railroad did get a bit of an upgrade with some new views along the rivers of america. it's one of the park's original rides. >> it has a direct connection to walt. now with this new section t just makes it better. walt never wanted disneyland to sit still. he wanted it to keep being improved. >> they were temporarily closed while disney rebuilt frontier
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land. they're making room for the 14 acre star wars themed l l hunter sense says his friends have hidden autographs hats and jerseys in san francisco. he tweeted where would you go to get a hat in the city in the final clue will be revealed today. so stay tuned to pence's twitter, facebook, and instagram accounts. still to come on abc 7 morninging mornings. >> i said please don't be too nice. >> the president is being criticized after speaking to law enforcement about the way some suspects should be treated. plus al gore's newest documentary on the environment is in theaters. hear why the former vice president has reasons to
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and it is 5:30. we'll start this half hour with a look at the weather. lisa is here to tell us what we can expect this weekend. >> kate, good morning to you. as you look outside, you see from our tower camera that the low clouds and fog with us this morning. that's going to allow for another comfortable day here in the city. little chilly to get going. san francisco 55. 56 in oakland. 60 in san jose. there's the breeze, that sea breeze. in fact, it's alive for some of the cooler marine area to reach the delta. 57 in napa with upper 50s and conquered. compared to yesterday at this hour, we are still cooler. three to five degrees cooler. we're going to keep that trend going today and allow for some comfortable readings. by noontime we're in the mid 80s. still in the 50s at the coast, but by 4:00 in the afternoon, we'll keep it cool in the 60s. mid 90s inland.
5:31 am
warming comes for the second half of the weekend. stay tuned for that. a very hot looking first week of august as this is video from a live fire exercise in south korea just hours after north korea launched an intercontinental ballistic missile. the u.s. and south korea countered the north congestive heart failure launch with their own thr own, this one showing the rocket's precision firing capability. experts saying the north korea missile test went higher and further than any test before. could this kind of missile reach cities on the west coast of the u.s.? abc chief global affairs correspondent martha radditsrads more. >> reporter: the missile traveled further than any muscle they have ever launched.
5:32 am
a airborne for close to five minutes before splashing down in the sea of japan. >> it looks like this about 10000 okilometers. they've finally done. >> meaning hawaii, seattle, los angeles and possibly even washington, d.c. and new york. like the missile launched on july 4th, this icbm was blasted straight into space, but the north can angle the missile trajectory for distance instead of altitude. the missile went higher and flew longer than the july 4th test which is why experts fear can could possibly hit the main land. >> getting close is all that's needed when you're dealing with nuclear weapons. >> the u.s. and south korea responded by conducting their own missile exercises, something they did after the july 4th test to little effect.
5:33 am
abc news, washington. president trump traveled to long island to tout his administration assess crack down on illegal immigration and violent crime. the president spoke at a community college in brentwood new york where the street gang has committed a string of murders. flanked by local police officers, mr. trump vowed to destroy the gang and deport its members. >> they have transformed peaceful parks and beautiful quiet neighborhoods into blood stained killing fields. they're animals. >> the president is also being criticized after joking about police brutality. >> i said please don't be too nice. like when you guys put somebody in the car and you're protecting their head, you know, the way you put their hand, like, don't hit their head and they've just killed somebody, don't hit their head. i said you can take the hand away, okay?
5:34 am
>> some members actually say the president's attacks as well as his policies have actually helped them claiming people in immigrant communities are now afraid to report crimes to police out of fear of being deported. this morning president trump honors our nation's heroes in his weekly address. the president recapped his week saluting the military and law enforcement. he honed men and women n. ohio he awarded a veteran who survived the pearl harbor attack. he also thanked police officers in new york city and washington, d.c. heroes among us represent that american spirit, courage, love and sacrifice. our hearts are filled with pride and gratitude for all of those who, for over two centuries, have secured our nation and protected our citizens. >> the president says it's a privilege to spend time with these heroes. an undate thpdate this morn
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the murder trial of the man accused of the high profile shooting of the san francisco peer 14. his lawyers announced that a federal ranger will be called to testify about the gun used in the shooting which was stolen from his car. the rangers at the bureau of land management had tried to shelter him from appearing sighting agency policy. but public defenders say the trial judge will now decide on the relevance see y of his test. >> the blm wanted to try to restrict the areas that he could testify in. we made it clear to this court that the trial judge would get to decide that, not the blm. >> whether or not the -- this ranger's testimony is relevant, being as though the defendant is not charged with, for example, auto burglary, remains to be seen. >> both sides will be back in court tuesday when the trial date is expected to be chosen. al gore's latest movie is in
5:36 am
theaters in a limited release. followup to his award winning documentary about climate change. the former vice president was in san francisco on monday to talk about his film. he sat down with george from our sister station in los angeles. >> it is right to save the future for humanity. it is wrong to pollute this earth. >> follows the 2006 oscar winning documentary, "an inconvenient truth." the film continues the conversation about finding solutions for the effects of climate change and continuing to lead the charge, former vice president al gore. >> i don't know how the passion doesn't ever wane. does it? >> no, not for me. it's a privilege to have work that justifies pouring every bit of passion you have into it. it's the most serious challenge
5:37 am
we face. sounds weird to say, it gives me a sense of joy to have work that is really worth doing, but that's the way i feel about it. >> we're seeing a tremendous amount of positive change. >> gore sees that the challenging are as big as ever, but he remains hopeful. >> despair is just another form of denial. we don't have time for it. we've got work to do. the basis for hope is real and authentic. the solutions are here. >> it will not be easy. >> and in his view the most important thing any of us can do, speak up. >> use your capacity as a citizen to let candidates and office holders know that this is important to you. when we win the conversation, when you use your voice, then the laws begin to change. >> all i see you do in this movie is work. i want you to tell me how you play when you're not working. >> i love to go out on my farm and not far away there's a lake in tennessee where i've got a house boat.
5:38 am
i call it my red neck yacht. i like to hang out with my kids and grand kids and water ski. so i do work hard, but i get some rest. >> an >> still ahead, we are less than a month away from a total eclipse of the sun. here's a live look from the roof camera of the beautiful bay bridge. lisa will have your forecast in a few minutes. lo
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golden gate bridge no. traffic if toupt heyou want to r the bridge right now. happening today, delor es park comes alive with free music. fe features 15 local bands that will perform live music. the festival will take place in the northern part of the park. more than 11,000 people say they're interesting in going to event on facebook. the sun is not up. it looks like haze on the bridge. >> some people are liking the break. it's been hot in the east bay. i've heard people say it's been so cold in the city, so typical summertime pattern. looks pretty out there. 58 degrees in liver more. we'll see high in the mid 90s. not as hot as it could get. we'll talk about that with my
5:42 am
extended outlook and some look at weekend events around the bay coming up. >> also next is a battle between rivals, the giants near l.a. taking on first place dodgers this weekend. game one of the series did not go the way the giants had hoped. larry beal
5:43 am
5:44 am
here's a live look at santa cruz this morning. you can see the peer ier in in n the san jose earthquakes. the 20-year-old nearly downed in lake tahoe on july 4th. two paddle boarders were able to drag him to shore. a third man gave him cpr. they will be thanked during a pregame ceremony before the quakes face the colorado rapids. soccer fans headed to the game can use a new pedestrian tunnel.
5:45 am
our media partners say this tunnel makes it easy and safe for pedestrians to cross the train tracks. cal train is offering free rides from san francisco to santa clara today to celebrate. show your game tickets or wear quakes gear when boarding. the plane departs san francisco at 2:47 this afternoon. in sports, the giants and dodgers will battle out in l.a. this afternoon. ty block starts for san francisco. first pitch is at 1:05. the a's play the twins at oakland at 6:05 this evening. the game will be followed by a witches and wizards themed fireworks show. last night, though, the giants tried to beat the dodgers for the seventh time this season. here's larry beal with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. the giants and dodgers renewed their rivalry last night in l.a. the dodgers took the field
5:46 am
leading by 31 1/2 games. 31 1/2. there are some giants fans in l.a. nice ribbon there. seconding in, here it comes, there it goes. brandon crawford. solo homer off of alex wood. his ninth of the year. we are tied at one. the giants would rally to score three in the seventh. over his head. 4-2 giants. but then the dodgers answer with four in the bottom of the seventh. gives up a two run bomb to corey seager. they're 32 1/2 up on the giants now. how about the a's hosting the twins on bobble head an oakland rapper throwing out the first pitch. ex-giant scores. wild pitch.
5:47 am
bounces off the catcher. actually over the net behind the plate, jason castro in 4-0. takes too much time, throws high. can't make all these mistakes. dozier scores. when you can't hang on to the ball, all unraf els for the a's. luke voit, right back and drills arizona pitcher robby ray in the head. they got the out when daniel made the catch on the play, ehire thankfully doing fine. was released from the hospital last night with only a few stitches and the cardinals won the game 1-0. nfl, the raiders signed their first round draft pick last night. he's ready for the first practice today. d donald penn not going to be there. he wants to redo his contract. he's holding out. penn scheduled to make $7 million this season. he's got some leverage but he wants to upgrade a deal he
5:48 am
signed only last year. the raiders with high expectations this season. ready to get to work. >> we take it one day at a time. i think all our guy s can say yu can't look too far ahead. one meeting at a time. one practice at a time. looking that far down the road, the season is so long. >> it definitely gives us confidence going into this season knowing we can win games. that's what it's all about. it's all about winning games. >> check the niners. solomon thomas was holding out but he signed his contract with the 49ers. the stanford man gets a four year deal worth $28 million. suited up and joined his teammates, so the niners have everybody in camp and football season is here. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend everybody. >> your accue weather photograph. >> last weekend of july. a lot of summer to enjoy. we get our warmest weather here
5:49 am
usually fog free in september. looking good from mt. tam. you'll notice the low clouds and fog. as a result, temperatures are pretty comfortable out there. as we get started this morning you'll notice that we are looking at temperatures in the city from the mid 50s. 60 in san jose. gilroy in the 50s. more 50s than 60s. you see the flag blowing behind me. in santa rose a we've got the l 50s. nice switch this morning with the cooler numbers and then with the sea breeze out there we will be allowing for not only the cool numbers at the coast, but it is going to be awfully gray there. we're not going to get a lot of sunshine in the san mateo coast. maybe temporarily the marin county coast. here's live doppler 7. little bit of low cloud moving into the east bay. we'll look at this to continue for the next several hours. as a result we're cooler this morning. anywhere from three to five
5:50 am
degrees cooler from livermore and antioch. but we're looking itat the low clouds and fog hanging out along the shoreline. we will look for slightly warmer temperatures tomorrow as we get into a wind shift. then that big bridge of high pressure that keeps visiting us and then leaving is coming back into town and we're going to bring some warmth. in fact, triple digit heat returns to our inland valley. let's take a look at next week where monday we're looking at temperatures climbing into the upper 90s in inland east bay. we've seen that routine. then into tuesday, the first day of august getting into about 100 degrees in livermore. by wednesday very little change. gets warmer around the bay and slightly warmer close to the coast, but once again, they'll escape the heat. let's take a look in particular at livermore. highs today will be in the low
5:51 am
90s. then look at the slow i can't remember up come the early part of the week. by the middle of the week, temperatures want to hover into the upper 90s and stay that way. looking at numbers in the low to mid 80s today for sonoma raceway, should be a nice afternoon there all the way down to san jose with low 80s this afternoon for the soccer game. earthquakes at about 4:45. 81 degrees. 6:45, 73 degrees. from the low 60s at at at ata look for 80 today in fremont. 93 by the delta. download our weather app and you'll notice the temperature ares in the range of where they should be for late august. as we go through the next several days, coming up just a bit inland. by wednesday and thursday we could see extra cloud cover, maybe increase the humidity. that's going to make you feel just a little sticky and hot for
5:52 am
early august. between now and then it looks pretty nice out there. >> i know we've had our typical san francisco summer fog, but it has felt warmer. >> you're right. july has been trending a bit above average. >> thanks so much, lisa. millions of people across the country are making plans to see the solar eclipse cross over the united states on august 21st. this has not happened in 99 years. here's a look at what you can expect and what you should know before you look up. >> reporter: starting at 9:00 a.m. on august 21st, the shadow of the moon will sweep across the usa from oregon to south carolina. >> in a solar eclipse the moon completely blocks out the light of the sun. >> rob is is traveling to wyoming to broadcast the eclipse. he points out right here in the bay area there will be a 76% eclipse peaking at 10:15 a.m. >> it will get quite dim, kind
5:53 am
of spooky. >> a relocation and special shades are your best best. how dow know you've got a safe pair of eclipse shades? when you put them on and look at anything, you should see nothing but black. >> but when you take your shades outside and look directly at the sun, thises w you should see. >> it's a very social experiment. >> robin, a director, has been planning their trip to the eclipse in oregon and wyoming for two years. >> at this point most hotels are booked solid. most campgrounds are filled, but there are exceptions. i think if you're diligent online, there are someplaces, like if you search oregon eclipse camping, you can find some camp sites. >> robin says traffic on the road will be packed. best to drive long before sun rise. >> there are some campgrounds still available. i looked them up. if you want to look at the e
5:54 am
cla eclipse, nasa recommends special glasses from u.s. manufacturer, american paper optics, or tse 17. next a day of family fun in the east bay. what's on tap for this weekend's annual kite
5:55 am
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here are the winning numbers from last 6. 31. 52. 11. tuesday night's jackpot goes up to $303 million. there is fun for the whole family at the berkeley kite festival which is happening today. kicks off at 10:00 this morning. you make a kite and lrp earn toy it or you can stand on the sidelines and watch kite battles and routines.
5:57 am
they will showcase their traditional kites made from paper and bamboo. the festival runs through sunday. next on abc 7 mornings at 6:00 a.m., shakeup at the white house after a week of turmoil, president trump tries to hit the reset button. and a big debut for tesla. the car company puts the first model threes on the street. why you may not get yours just yet.
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good saturday morning. it's july 29th. i'm kate in for chris today. we're going to start with a quick look at the weather is meteorologist lisa. good morning. >> good morning, kate. we have a good deal of low clouds and fog this morning. as you step outside, you may need the jacket this morning. it is certainly cool. here's live doppler 7 with low clouds and fog. even spreading into the north bay. when we look at our camera, you'll notice the flag blowing there. it will be a cool one at the coast. only partial clearing. 58 mountain view. gilroy at 55 degrees. from east bay hills camera, yes, the liquid movement of the fog there. looks pretty. it's going to be a nice afternoon. not too hot out there. low 50s santa rosa and nevada with 57 in livermore. this time yesterday we began that cool down. we're two to six degrees


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