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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  July 30, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. new overnight, applying the pressure. the u.s. taking to the skies with allies. following north korea's intercontinental ballistic missile launch. president trump expressing his disappointment with china as well as republicans struggling with health care reform. what he wants them to do next. terror plot. the plan targeting the skies. >> there has been a major joint counterterrorism operation to disrupt a terrorist plot to bring down an airplane. >> four men arrested in australia. believed to be inspired by radical islam. airports are now beefing up security. vacations ruined. 50,000 tourists ordered to leave the outer banks. after a major power outage. fun in the sun cut short.
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>> we didn't get to do everything we wanted to do. >> who is getting blamed this morning? border outrage. members of congress are speaking out. expressing strong reaction to an abc news investigation and exclusively obtained video showing the encounter between a mexican teen and two border offers. >> watch the male agent. he says, now, drink another one. >> that encounter turns deadly. >> watch the male agent. he says, now, drink another one. >> that encounter turns deadly. . >> watch the male agent. he says, now, drink another one. >> that encounter turns deadly. . >> watch the male agent. he says, now, drink another one. >> that encounter turns deadly. . >> watch the male agent. he says, now, drink another one. >> that encounter turns deadly. . >> watch the male agent. he says, now, drink another one. >> that encounter turns deadly. . >> watch the male agent. he says, now, drink another one. >> that encounter turns deadly. . >> watch the male agent. he says, now, drink another one. >> that encounter turns deadly. . >> watch the male agent. he says, now, drink another one. >> that encounter turns deadly. . >> watch the male agent. he says, now, drink another one. >> that encounter turns deadly. good sunday morning, everyone. dan is still off. somehow, we convinced our chief white house correspondent, jon karl to come back. >> thanks for having me back. >> it was marciano's doing. >> where's harris? >> he's on vacation, as he should be. as we come on the air, we just confirmed reports that the u.s. missile defense agency just conducted a test of the t.h.a.d. anti-missile defense system. that's the system designed to intercept any incoming missiles that could potentially pose a threat.
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>> the test had been previously planned two days after the latest rocket launch by north korea and has new implication for the u.s. the north korea rocket's trajectory sent it 2300 miles into space before coming down into the sea of japan. >> this morning, there is growing concern that the angle of that trajectory can extend that range by a whole lot. kim jong-un now says the missile can reach the entire united states. >> all this as president trump is now lashing out at china on twitter for not solving the north korea problem. he's still wrestling with health care reform. david wright is at the white house with more. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, jon and paula. the white house is treating this latest north korean missile test as a significant provocation, escalating the u.s. response. it comes just as the white house struggles to regroup after the big staff shakeup. the president clearly frustrated that his agenda appears to be stalled.
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u.s. war planes fueled and ready. this bilateral mission on the korean peninsula a direct response to the north's provocation. friday's launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile was especially worrying. icbms might be able to reach the continental u.s. the u.s. is testing countermeasures. overnight, the president also fired back with tweets. i'm very disappointed in china, he wrote in one tweet. then in another -- they do nothing for us with north korea. just talk. we will no longer allow this to continue. earlier in the day, another tweet storm on health care reform. don't give up republican senators. the world is watching them calling them total quitters if they don't hold a revote and saying they look like fools and are just wasting time.
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>> boy, oh, boy, they've been working on that one for seven years. can you believe that? the swamp. >> reporter: the president blames senate rules that require a 60-vote majority to end debate and pass major pieces of legislation. republican senate must get rid of 60 vote now. he tweeted. it is killing the republican party. allows eight democrats to control the country. but that's not what killed health care reform. it took 51 votes to scuttle that bill. republican john mccain's dramatic thumbs down. one big question now, as general john kelly takes over as the new chief of staff, who will take over at homeland security? some senior white house aides want attorney general jeff sessions to move into that role. that may be a nonstarter with senate republicans. senator lindsey graham pointedly tweeted, attorney general jeff sessions has a good ring to it. highly qualified. committed to the rule of law. tough on crime.
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and fiercely independent. any effort to move jeff sessions out of the department of justice would likely be seen as a precursor to trying to fire the special counsel, bob mueller, who is looking into russia. that would cause a political firestorm here in washington. jon and paula? >> sure it would. that story to be continued. david wright, thank you for your reporting from the white house. we want to bring in chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz who is in washington, busy this morning. she'll host "this week." good morning, martha. >> good morning, paula and jon. didn't i just see him here? >> we're not sending him back to d.c., by the way. >> oh, yes, you are. yes, you are. >> we are fighting over you. let's begin with the issue of north korea. they tested an intercontinental ballistic missile that kim jong-un says can reach the entire u.s. but now the president is tweeting china is not doing enough about it. what do you make of the twitter diplomacy? is trump threatening a trade war with china? >> it sounds like it. but i think what the president
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is is incredibly frustrated. they keep up the rhetoric that was very similar to our past president's when it comes to north korea. but north korea has made enormous gains. what's happened is incredibly alarming. this is the second icbm test. "the washington post" recently reported about a confidential report by the defense intelligence agency that said north korea could have a nuclear armed icbm by next year. >> wow. >> but what could china do that they're not doing now? what does the president want china to do? >> well, what the president really wants china to do is cut off north korea, economically, in other ways that will really put pressure on north korea. they haven't done that. the president is right. they continue to say they'll help. but there has been no real hard evidence they have. a bigger question is what does donald trump do next?
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what does he do about these missile tests? what does he do about north korea trying to get a nuclear weapon that could go on top of that? you remember from the campaign, jon. he said, we will not let that happen. how they could do that is just unclear. >> and final question for you. we want to talk about john kelly. his first day on the job is tomorrow as chief of staff. do you think this four star general, martha, will really be able to restore law and order in the west wing? >> i suppose if anybody can instill some sort of order, it is a retired marine corps general. this is a challenge like he has never faced before. he goes into a white house with lots of different factions. lots of different people and personalities to deal with. just look what happened last week with the rant by anthony scaramucci. how do you deal with that? but john kelly is a very steady guy. he will go forward with whatever he can to try to maintain order in the white house.
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and as we know, donald trump likes him very much. they have a very good personal relationship. >> certainly do. we're going to let you go. we know you have a big show to boo raven-symoneem prepare for. including a cameo from this guy. >> i'll be asking him questions in a little while. >> i know. all right, martha. great to have you, as usual. >> thanks. coming up, martha has the show. "this week." after the gop's failure to repeal obamacare, she'll going one on one with secretary of health and human services tom price. and former hillary clinton campaign chair john podesta. plus russia's deputy foreign minister responding to the tough new sanctions passed by congress. you have a lot to unpack, as usual, on a sunday morning. breaking terror news out of australia where police have thwarted a plot. >> officials are saying the plan was to bring down an airplane. gloria riviera is in washington with the latest. good morning, gloria. >> reporter: good morning, jon. good morning, paula. certainly airline security operators around the world are
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taking note of this most recent concerning event in australia. it's the second time australian authorities have been on alert. earlier this summer in melbourne, one man was killed and three officers wounded in an attack isis took responsibility for. this most recent scare could have been much worse. >> there has been a major joint counterterrorism operation to disrupt a terrorist plot to bring down an airplane. >> reporter: an australian terrorist attack thwarted overnight. raising concerns worldwide about airline security. >> we do believe it is islamic-inspired terrorism. >> reporter: four suburbs across capital city sydney raided saturday evening by heavily armed police. four men under arrest. australian police officials believe the foiled plot involved an improvised device. >> the first thing australian security forces are concerned about is, did we get everybody? is it just these four or were there other individuals involved?
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did they find information about the scope and scale of this network? were they part of a broader plot or a group like al qaeda or isis? >> reporter: this morning, at sydney's airport, security beefed up with added law enforcement. >> travelers should be prepared for additional scrutiny. >> reporter: concerns about bombs on airplanes growing. a laptop bomb blamed on a explosion on a somali flight in 2016. the tsa announcing just this week, new screening procedures for carry-on electronics larger than a cell phone across ten airports in the u.s. this following an electronics ban earlier this year on some international flights coming into the u.s. the investigation far from over. >> they're going to work with countries like the united states. and you can bet that tonight, intelligence officials through tomorrow and through the following couple days are going to be looking through databases and sharing information. >> reporter: to identify terrorists and other national security threats before they board airplanes bound for the u.s., the department of homeland
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security is is working on expanding its preclearance program. when they interview passengers at international airports before they board. it's in place at at least 15 airports around the world. but they would like to see it at many more. jon? paula? and for the second time this summer, an american tourist has been shot in turks and caicos. >> this time, a masked gunman opened fire at a home during a burglary. eva pilgrim has more on this. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning. a dream vacation quickly turning into a nightmare. another american tourist targeted while vacationing in the turks and caicos. this time, attacked inside their luxury vacation home. an american tourist in the hospital this morning, shot by a masked gunman while vacationing in turks and caicos. >> they arrived very quickly and found that the security guard had been lightly bound at the scene with his own shoelaces. >> reporter: the man staying here in the conch villa, a luxury vacation home, featuring
7:12 am
breath-taking views of the ocean and an alarm system. police say friday night around 10:00 p.m., two people forced their way into the home from the back of the property. >> what we don't know is why a shot was discharged. what led up to that shot being discharged? but we do know immediately following the discharge of the firearm both suspects fled the scene. >> reporter: a 57-year-old from washington, d.c., was taken to the hospital, where he was later transferred to ft. lauderdale. this morning, he's in stable condition. investigators using security videos in the home hoping it will identify the suspects. authorities say the burglars took a laptop but nothing else. >> we have a serious crime investigation team on this particular and the previous robbery. >> reporter: this is the second shooting of an american tourist in just weeks. an alabama man also shot during a robbery while vacationing with his family. the state department hasn't put out an advisory for american
7:13 am
tourists but has reminded people to take precautions and to be aware of their surroundings. saying crime is low but increasing. still worrysome. this family had a security guard. >> and an alarm system in the house. i don't know whether or not it was activated. that's scary. you go on vacation, you don't want that to happen. eva, great to have you on a sunday morning. and, everyone, as you can tell, ron is not here today, that's because marciano is also sitting in his chair. >> i have a seat. >> so jon and i are going to take over news duty. and bring you the other storying happening around the globe. we begin with the fbi joining a hunt for whoever put a bomb disguised as package on a new york city porch and waited for days for it to explode. cell phone video shows the building's landlord knocked to the ground just after opening the package. this, moments after he was consumed by flames. the 73-year-old is in critical condition with burns over most of his body. the family says the package may have been on their doorstep for as long as a week. >> frightening. overseas in spain, more than
7:14 am
20,000 people were forced to evacuate a popular outdoor music festival in barcelona on saturday night when a fire broke out on stage. look at that fire. the organizers say it was caused by a technical malfunction. no injuries reported. back here in the u.s., an update on the deadly accident at the ohio state fair. the coroner's preliminary finding was that 18-year-old tyler jarrell was killed by blunt force trauma. after he was hurled from the fire ball ride to his death. overnight, the owner of the ride says mechanical failure was likely the cause of the accident. all rides at the fair except the fire ball are expected to open this afternoon. also in ohio, police are looking for a thief who stole a rare gold replica of the lunar space module from the armstrong air and space museum. it went missing on friday. the missing replica was made by cartier. it was given to neil armstrong after his 1969 trip to the moon. finally.
7:15 am
this is jon karl's favorite story of the day. it might be yours as well. love this story. a colorado police officer responds to a very important call. about possible intruders in a home. >> what kind of intruders? >> you're going to find out. police officer david bonde arrived at the scene to help a 4-year-old girl afraid that there were monsters in her house. the two looked everywhere. you saw them looking under the bed. they looked high and low. we're happy to report this morning that the home is monster-free. >> so the key is they used flash flights. police flashlights. they looked under the couch. under tables. under the beds. they did it during the day. i'm a little concerned. >> because monsters usually come out at night. my little guy is 3. he's going through this. they can't distinguish between reality and their imagination. we give him bad guy spray. so he just goes around spraying everybody. bad guy spray. >> don't point that at me. we want to move to a massive power outage in the outer banks forcing 50,000 vacationers off the island at the peak of tourist season. >> police are enforcing a mandatory evacuation.
7:16 am
with penalties if it's not obeyed. the electric company warns it might take weeks to repair the damage. erielle reshef is here. with new information on what caused the blackout. good morning. >> reporter: a local construction company saying it accidentally punctured a key electric line. that man made blackout turning vacation into a bust. this morning, a popular north carolina vacation spot is still in the dark. sending more and more visitors packing their bags. >> we didn't get to do everything we wanted to do. we thought we would have more time. >> reporter: a power outage forcing 50,000 people away from the outer banks after authorities enforced mandatory evacuations saturday morning. >> it was upsetting. we had all of our food that we bought. everything was packed. the car was ready to go. >> reporter: the nightmare beginning on thursday on hatteras and ocracoke islands. construction crews working on a new bridge drove a steel casing into this underground
7:17 am
transmission line. taking out a two-foot chunk. the governor declaring a state of emergency. local officials urging visitors still on the island to vacate as soon as possible. saying those who do not comply will be issued citations. >> it's been very hot. our food spoiled. very uncomfortable. >> reporter: with homes and businesses running on backup generators until repairs are finished, the usually bustling tourist destination now becoming a ghost town. >> this is summertime. right in the peak of summertime. it definitely affects. >> reporter: you have to feel for the businesses. the governor of north carolina is pressing for faster action. to restore the power. he says if the construction company is found to have caused the outage, it would be responsible for the cost of the repairs. no word yet, though, on when the electric line will be repaired. a lot of tourists out of their vacations and a lot of residents frustrated. now for weather. our man, rob. >> it's nice on the outer banks
7:18 am
right now. >> yeah, if you have a place to stay. if you're allowed to be there. >> a rough couple of days before the nice weather moved in. this in west virginia yesterday. heavy rain. five, six inches of it led to flash flooding there. eight counties in a state of emergency. you can see how quickly the water rose. new jersey saw about five to six inches in spots. heavy rain with a very unseasonably fall-like system yesterday. now, an unseasonably fall-like air mass is dropping down with not only just cool air but dry air all the way down to the gulf of mexico. that is something to enjoy, at least for a day. temperatures will be seasonably cool. 80s. warmer tomorrow for the northeast. the humidity levels will remain comfortable. even though temperatures will creep up to near 90 in philadelphia. and rain across florida, the sunshine state. good morning. lisa argen in san francisco. look at all the fog.
7:19 am
beautiful start to the day. noticeably warmer. strong rip current along the shoreline and a warming trend taking us at least through midweek. let's look at the garlic festival today. mid-80s by 2:00. very nice throughout the morning hours in the 70s. look at 80 today in fremont. 81 in vallejo. the >> and because jon karl asked for it and he's going right to the jersey shore after this we're going to go over the beach forecast in the next half hour. whether with beach balls. >> of course. this is great story. a very dedicated doctor who was in labor with her own baby, but went down the hall at the hospital to help another woman deliver first. >> and then moments later, she gave birth herself. i'm exhausted just thinking about this story. adrienne, can you tell us what happened? >> oh, baby. that's all we can say. the pregnancy play by play intense. a pregnant woman in labor who happens to be a doctor, in her gown, ready to be induced. when she comes to the aid of
7:20 am
another woman fully dilated. the timing of both births couldn't have been more perfect. new mom and doctor amanda hess is counting her blessings. marveling in the birth of her sweet little girl. >> this is ellen joyce. >> reporter: as the ob-gyn was preparing to give birth herself, just down the hall, she heard screams from a woman in labor. >> my husband actually said, is that a woman screaming? she was completely dilated. >> reporter: with the on-call doctor still on the way, dr. hess jumps into action. recognizing the patient, leah halladay johnson. she had seen just days before. >> i put on another gown to cover up my backside. put on boots to cover my shoes to keep from getting fluid on me and went to her room. and i knew her. >> reporter: she says johnson's baby was ready for her big debut. mom was happy to be able to just start pushing. >> i love doing what i do. i love taking care of mothers and babies. you really, a lot of doctors,
7:21 am
most doctors are always thinking of their patients, even when they're a patient themselves. >> reporter: just moments after jumping in, supermom dr. hess returns to her room, giving birth to her brand-new bundle of joy. >> bringing life into the world is one of the most amazing things that you get to be a part of and you get to share. she was there with my last delivery. she worked with me up until the last second. >> literally. last seconds of her pregnancy. she did plan to work late into her pregnancy. probably not that late. she's going to go on eight months' maternity leave. this is her second baby. yeah, she needs a vacation after that. >> i'm in awe of women that make it look that easy. i'll be right back. >> some have it easier than others, for sure. neither jon nor i could do it. >> me, neither. new details on an abc news investigation. a mexican teen dies at the border. how members of congress are speaking out. about the video showing the 16-year-old's encounter with two u.s. border officers.
7:22 am
why friends of a colorado man this morning say his hunt for a treasure led to his disappearance. and if you're having trouble sleeping in the summer time, everybody. there is a reason why. when we come back, we're going to solve all of your sleep problems. over single one of them. >> does it have to do with "weekend gma"? >> no. i think it has to do with doing "this week." ♪ the moments that connect us don't happen overnight. they happen one morning at a time, and one cup at a time. folgers, the best part of wakin' up.
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good morning. i'm kate larsen. we have breaking news in the south bay. the chp investigating a deadly crash in san jose. at least one person was killed in a collision on metcalf road happening just before 6:00 a.m. near the pg and e transmission substation. at least three vehicles were involved in the crash, with one
7:28 am
of them catching fire. we'll switch gears to weather with lisa argen who has a look at the sunday forecast. hi, lisa. >> kate, good morning. a familiar sight from mt. tam. visibility reduced. 55 in the city. as well as gilroy. 59 in mountain view. one more day for the garlic festival. upper 80s today. it should be very nice. 57 by the delta. quicker clearing, this is your noontime temperature. by the afternoon, we're well into the 80s. warmer than yesterday. kate? >> thank you, lisa. the news continues now with "good
7:29 am
7:30 am
welcome back to "gma." on sunday, this morning, happening right now, direct response. confirmed reports this morning that the u.s. missile defense agency just conducted a test of its t.h.a.d. anti-missile defense system, this after the air force flew two b-1 bombers over south korea. in a show of force after north korea's latest missile test. president trump lashing out on twitter, criticizing china's handling of north korea. saying i am very dispointed in china. also right now, acceptance revoked. almost 500 students are scrambling after the university of california irvine takes back their acceptance saying, there is no room for them at the inn. this just weeks before they were set to start classes. the university saying they had too many students accept admission this year. that's got to be frustrating.
7:31 am
the class of 2017, tim raines, ivan "pudge" rodriguez, and jeff bagwell. bags. getting ready to be inducted into the baseball hall of fame in cooperstown, this afternoon. 55 of the 74 living hall of famers are expected to attend the ceremony. former commissioner bud selig will be there. you're a big fan of pudge rodriguez. >> i love pudge. love pudge. he played for the washington nationals at the end of his career. one of the greatest catchers of all time. and coming up, what happened to a missing man who disappeared on a rafting trip in a hunt for hidden treasure? his friends and family are speaking out this morning. but first, reactions are pouring in this morning to the shocking video obtained exclusively by abc news showing two officers at the border allowing a 16-year-old mexican teen to drink from a bottle which turned out to contain a highly concentrated form of methamphetamine. which killed him. >> the official report initially called it an accident and described only one voluntary drink. abc's chief investigative
7:32 am
correspondent brian ross has more. >> reporter: the two officers encourage or at least permit the young man to drink it. >> cruz now points at the bottle and she's saying, okay, drink it. and she makes the gesture that we associate with to drink. now, watch the male agent. he says, drink another one. you see them exchanging glances and smiles. >> reporter: then it happens again. >> two more sips. >> reporter: a total of four swallows in all of the highly toxic solution. something the officers will later say under oath the teenager volunteered to do, with no prompting from them. and before they had any suspicions about what was in the bottles. despite what the video appears to show, the officials at customs and border protection apparently believed the claims of the two officers instead. >> officer perallon, was any discipline ever imposed upon you for the events that occurred on the 18th of november, 2013? >> no, sir.
7:33 am
>> even as a result of the death of cruz velasquez acevedo, no discipline was ever imposed on you, was it? >> no. >> not even a reprimand? no? not even a reprimand? >> i have never gotten a reprimand. >> reporter: the two officers remain on duty to this day. >> thanks to brian ross for that reporting. this morning, strong reaction as well as outrage. the ranking member of the immigration subcommittee says this teenage boy does not deserve a death sentence. >> congressman adriano espaillat says this shows that u.s. customs officers should be required to wear body cameras. it is critical that we hold officers accountable. this happened back in 2013. time to check in with rob once more time. you were looking for the beach forecast, right, jon? >> we are. but, why do these guys have beach balls?
7:34 am
>> we'll get to it in a second. first, we want to talk about the snow that is hanging around the northern sierra. this road, highway 89. over the lassen volcanic national park, finally open. after clearing this the last few months. once the snow finally ended. now, we're talking about heat. a lot of that will continue to rapidly melt. we have excessive heat watches and warnings from east of sacramento to all the way into seattle. they start tuesday, last into thursday, if not friday. it will be a long-duration heat wave. in some cases, all-time records will be threatened or broken. portland, 107, 109. right around the all-time record. the waters there much, much cooler. beach forecast for the northeast. the nor'easter storm yesterday. they churned up the waters a little bit. temperatures in the water cooling a few degrees. air temperatures quite nice. 80 degrees at the belmar fishing club. 76 in ocean city. folly beach, where they love to do kite boarding and wind surfing, 84.
7:35 am
water temperatures in the 80s. as we mentioned earlier, rain across florida. dodging the rain drops, you'll see some nice beach weather. rain across the intermountain west. san diego, 76 degrees. good sunday morning. i'm lisa argen from mt. tam, we have low clouds and fog once again. it's clear inlachbltd we'll see warming quicker today. 60s with partial s >> this weather report is brought to you by geico. which insures just about everything, including getting hit with a beach ball. there you go jon karl. >> you have to keep them bouncing. >> you have to bounce them to people. >> all right. any way. nice to have you, jon. >> nobody poke their eye out. >> last time it was a little dicey. >> nobody told me about the beach balls. >> well, you were prepared nonetheless. >> it turns into dodge ball in a hurry. >> good word, paula. coming up on "good morning america," the search for a missing rafter takes a new
7:36 am
twist. was he on the trail of hidden treasure? and could this little guy be a mirrorball winner in the making? the story ahead in what? "pop news." hat? "pop news." ♪ no, please, please, oh! ♪ (shrieks in terror) (heavy breathing and snorting) no, no. the running of the bulldogs? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money aleia saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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investigators this morning are working to identify what could be the remains of man who went missing during a colorado rafting trip. >> eric ashby's friends say he disappeared while looking for hidden treasure. stephanie ramos joins us with more. stephanie, good morning to you. >> reporter: paula and jon, good morning. the mystery continues, as more people try to find the so-called hidden treasure. the 87-year-old man who started all this says he just wanted to get people out in nature. but these adventures have turned deadly. this morning, a colorado springs man is still missing after his friends and family say he was on the hunt for buried treasure. >> something happened down there that day. we just want answers. >> reporter: dave says his friend, eric ashby, moved to colorado just to search for $2 million worth of gold and jewels. supposedly hidden in the rocky mountains. >> the chest is filled with emeralds, and rubies, and
7:41 am
diamonds, and sapphires. >> reporter: 31-year-old ashby is reportedly one of many treasure-seekers. his family says he used clues mapped out in a cryptic 2010 poem by forrest fenn, a new mexico art dealer. >> i guarantee you, when somebody finds that chest, they'll be shocked. was on the arkansas river with three other people last month when his raft capsized. the others made it to safety. he did not. his sister said, something sinister happen that day at the river and i'm looking for my brother. authorities discovered human remains friday afternoon. the group rafting with ashby have not been charged with a crime. fenn's promise of riches blamed in two more deaths. both men found dead in new mexico after searching for that treasure. authorities speaking out in june after wallace's death, asking fenn to put an end to this
7:42 am
mystery before anyone else gets hurt. >> i want mr. fenn to retrieve the treasure or call off the hunt after he retrieves the treasure. >> reporter: fenn telling abc news overnight that he compiled a list that will make people safer when they go into the mountains. fenn calls ashby's disappearance a tragedy. so far, he's not calling off this treasure hunt. jon? paula? >> pretty unbelievable. >> unbelievable. >> thank you, stephanie. coming up on "good morning america," how to get your kids back to their school year sleep schedule. ahead in our weekend download. >> i'm just excited they're going back to school soon. what santa's helpers are doing this summer. stick around for "pop news" with adrienne. ing back to school soon. what santa's helpers are doing this summer. mmm, you know what that needs? hey, l'eggo my eggo. uh uh. not c-c-c - cause i have the and i - i.
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get your first prescription free at ♪ welcome back, everyone. in today's weekend download, summer means longer hours of daylight so that, of course, you can enjoy the season. it can also affect our sleep. here with some advice, abc news chief women's health correspondent, dr. jen ashton. great to have you here. can you tell everyone what are the medical recommendations for sleep based on our age? >> first we have to talk about why. we're a sleep-deprived country. one-third of us are not getting the recommended amount of sleep. to be clear, it affects our mood, our heart health, immune system. so it's really, really important. adults, seven to nine hours a night. for kids, and i had to look up these recent recommendations. 6 to 12 years old, 9 to 12 hours of sleep every 24-hour period. teens up to the age of 18 need
7:47 am
eight to ten hours of sleep. you can't make up for it on the weekends. this should be part of our regular ritual and regimen. no ifs, ands, or buts. >> so why is it so hard for people to sleep in the summer? it's hard to go to bed and then i'm woken up. >> it is harder, right? i think there are a lot of reasons for that. number one, more sunlight hours. our circadian rhythms get thrown off. if you don't have a regular wakeup time. which some kids don't have in the summertime, or some adults. and what's really, really important and sleep hygiene. a regular schedule. regular go to bedtime. regular wakeup time. that doesn't deviate season to season. >> how do we ease back into those sleep patterns? >> that can't happen overnight. so really, the time to start thinking about it is now. if your kids are completely disrupted or if you are, start gradually. every 15 -- 15 minutes earlier every night. try to go to sleep a little earlier.
7:48 am
and set a firm wakeup time in the morning, regardless of whether you have to be up or not. adult or child. and again, if you're talking about trying to get your kids ready for school, it helps to lead by example. so we need to practice what we preach. >> if my husband asks why i'm sleeping so much, i'll say dr. jen told me to do it. >> blame it on me. >> thanks, jen. >> you bet. >> cheers to sleep. right back with "pop news." heers to sleep. ♪ towel please! ♪ while other insurance companies just see a house. we see the home you've worked really hard for. so why not give it the protection it deserves. ♪ that's why at petsmart we carry royal canin breed health nutrition formulas.
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7:53 am
>> it's moving around. >> he's adorable. he looks like mom. >> you know what? paula, you were saying they don't want him to necessarily go into professional dancing. maybe just do it for fun. >> i interviewed them right after shai was born. they said they don't want him to be a dancer. maks is hoping he'll be an nba player. not sure it's in the dna. you can always hope for your kid. >> might start with hoops next. let's talk about -- >> sean spicer on "dancing with the stars." >> there you go. >> highly anticipated to see him on "dancing with the stars." thank you for throwing in that washington, d.c., connection, jon karl. >> i try. >> you're good at that. do you ever wonder what santa's helpers do in the summer? >> what are they doing? >> they go swimming. because everybody likes to swim in the summer. >> they all have swim suits? >> yeah, sure. the annual world santa claus congress. they're having a ball in denmark. the four-day event, a festive and professional gathering. talking about all things santa and a way to bring christmas cheer to july. >> are those real santas? >> those are actually, you know,
7:54 am
there's only one real santa. these are santa's helpers. the ones that you see at the mall and stuff. >> okay. >> yeah. they came up with this event back in 1957, y'all. it's a little old school. it's worthy. everybody needs to take a dip. >> i love it when you throw a y'all into "pop news." >> a little country. a little bit country. one more story. "shark tank" has a new spin. a special summer of service series, spark tank. real-life shark mark cuban joining a panel of kids who want to change the world listening to ideas from people like jimmy kimmel. and miss piggy. >> gotta love a clothing drive, right? if you can help someone in need. and also have an excuse to get a whole new wardrobe, what's not to love, right? >> what's not to love about miss piggy. this summer, you, too, could be inspired by helping others. go to inspired. if you know a young person making the world a better place, make sure to let them know about the opportunity.
7:55 am
now through september 30th. kids can apply for a $500 summer of service grant. now a reward for our own paula faris. she's been highly anticipating the end of national ice cream month. because -- all month, she's been talking about what she considers the best ice cream on the planet, graeter's. >> graeter's out of cincinnati. >> not a kid. when you were just starting your career. >> i worked in cincinnati for three years. graeter's is amazing. the chocolate chunks are huge. >> chocolate chunks. this is a special recipe. they've been using it for 145 years. the smallest batches of ice cream in the united states. and they hand-scoop the pints. >> man, that is good. >> it is so good. >> you can't use the machines. what flavors are you guys liking? >> everything. >> vanilla bean? chocolate chip cookie. >> have you tried the cookie dough? >> if you're in cincinnati, you have to have graeter's, skyline chili, and montgomery inn barbecue. >> i have had the skyline. >> did i disappoint?
7:56 am
>> did you have this flown in? >> on my private jet. my wonder woman jet. >> thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. i didn't know we were getting ice cream. >> say bye. bye. >> see you soon. bye. good morning. i'm kate larsen. the san francisco ballet is performing for free today in the city. their performance at stern grove in the sunset district begins at 2:00 this afternoon. this is the company's only show in the bay area all summer long. performers will dance to live music from the san francisco ballet orchestra. members of the ballet will give a talk before the show at the stern grove clubhouse and that
7:57 am
talk begins at noon. happening today in napa. the 7th avenue porch fest. local bands will perform on more than 50 porches in napa. there's a little music taste for everyone. indie, jazz, country and more. picnic tables will be at fuller trunk. families encouraged to bring lawn chairs and blankets to chill out and have a lazy sunday afternoon. the festival is from noon to 6:00. lisa argen is here with a look at our sunday forecast. lisa, how is the weather looking today for the events? >> it looks good for your weather preferences. you can see the fog burning back sooner. it's 60 right here. from the east bay hills camera, look at all the fog. it's in the distance, you're clear in the inland valleys and warmer today. at least 5 to 8 degrees warmer. low 60s right now. the winds backed off from the delta. that means that temperatures
7:58 am
will begin to warm up throughout the afternoon. here's the way it looks today with mid-90s inland. upper 60s on the shoreline. tomorrow, the heat continues to build. it's still going to be warm inland. look at tuesday. we're looking at temperatures well over 100 degrees. we're going to have relative humidity. that will increase. your dew points will increase. also some sub tropical moisture. we could see a heat advisory from the national weather service as early as tomorrow. last seen throughout the week. the look ahead is comfortable at the coast. thank you so much for that lisa. oh hey! it's me mom, catching some side eye. first rule of motherhood. someone's always judging. breastfeeding, didn't work out. guess what? world's still turning. yeah, i bribe my kids. how else you think stuff get done around here? mom's special juice, it's wine. now if you think that's shocking, check this out. good old fashion yoplait®, it's not made with cage free norwegian hemp milk. and guess what?
7:59 am
she loves it. ♪
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"this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. >> inside the war at the white house. >> if reince wants to explain that he's not a leaker, let him do that. >> the president's major shakeup, replacing his chief of staff. >> john kelly will do a fantastic job. >> and seemingly embracing his bombastic new communications director. >> putting anthony scaramucci in that job was like throwing a grenade into an ongoing civil war in the white house. >> will there be more changes? and is the west wing drama damaging trump's ability to govern? we'll get the very latest reporting from the reaction from trump country


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