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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  July 30, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> he came right in my face and then boop. >> in an instant, robbers steal his laptop and maybe stole his career. it is at story of a gang of thieves who targeted people at an east bay coffee shop. hello, i'm eric thomas. thanks for joining us. we begin with a victim story a reminder for us all. they are targeting people at coffee shops. cornell bernard is there tonight and you talked with a victim there. >> reporter: yeah, eric, victim gene ham says he'll be brewing coffee at home for new, at
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least. he's just too scared to come back here. that's where a robbery happened last night at the starbucks store. police don't believe starbucks is being targeted, but it is one of the few coffee houses in town open late. >> i've never been that scared in my life. >> reporter: cartoon animator was working on his laptop computer saturday night creating a new educational dvd for kids. >> alphabet around the globe. >> reporter: he was about to become the victim of a brazen robbery. >> if he had a weapon i wouldn't be talking to you. >> reporter: he says four young men wearing hoodies stormed inside the starbucks. one headed right for him. >> suddenly he grabs my laptop right out of my hand, knocks the drink over and is out the door with it. >> reporter: another customer had her laptop stolen during the strong armed robbery and tried chasing down the suspects but they got away in the parking lot. on july 18 two customers had their laptops stolen in alameda
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by suspects who police say ran in and ran out. p>> in both incidents the suspects were anywhere from late teens to early 20s, ranging between two and four suspects. >> reporter: police say laptop thefts can happen anywhere but can't say for sure if these crimes are related. >> be vigilant. try to stay alert and aware of your surroundings. >> reporter: some customers taking no chances. >> i often have a friend with me, i'll ask them to keep an eye on it, otherwise i'll put it in my bag. >> reporter: now he says his animation career is on hold. >> i have to start over, get new software, a new computer. and i think starbucks owes me that. >> reporter: starbucks tells abc7 news it's working with local authorities on the investigation. the safety of customers and employees remains a top priority. in alameda, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> police in the north bad are looking for the thieves who stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry today from a costco store. these photos from a resident showed the smashed digs play
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indications at the novato costco. this happened around 10:00 this morning when three thieves wearing surgical masks burst in, took the merchandise and got away with in a black chevy with temporary license plates. the value is $50,000. they are investigating to see if this case is connected with other recent robberies at other bay area costco stores. for the second day in a row robbers targeted bart passengers in downtown oakland. the latest robbery happened yesterday afternoon when a robber grabbed the phone of a victim on the train of the west oakland station. she chased the suspect and when confronted him he shoved her to the ground and ran off. on friday a man wearing a ski mask stole a purse at the 12th street oakland city center station. hundreds of pg&e customers are still without power after a transformer exploded hours ago. abc7 news was in san francisco's outer richmond neighborhood where the equipment malfunctioned at california street and 16th avenue. the fire department says crews were called out to investigate a downed wire, but instead found a
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transformer that had blown up and started a fire on a power pole. >> it is actually ignited the telephone pole. so, we're trying to keep it from continuing to catch on fire. the problem is it's a high voltage. >> at the height of the outage more than 5,000 people were affected. right now a few hundred remain without electricity with full restoration expected within an hour. a deadly crash shut down all but one lane of highway 101 in san jose today. at least three cars were involved in the crash that happened around 6:00 this morning near the pg&e transmission substation on metcalf road. one of the vehicles caught fire and one person died in the wreck. it backed up traffic for well over a mile. this is the last day of the gilroy garlic festival and many people use 101 to get to gilroy. the lanes reopened about five hours after the crash. australia's prime minister says counterterrorism raids prevented a planned terror attack in the skies. police last night arrested four
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men during the raids in several sydney suburbs. office certificates say terrorists wanted to bring down an airplane. security has since been increased in sydney airport since thursday and increased security measures were extended to all major term namz around australia overnight. to developing news, russia is expelling hundreds of u.s. diplomats in response to the senate's approval of a package of sanctions against russia. russian president vladimir putin ordered 755 state department personnel by september 1st. that will reduce the number of embassy and consular employees in the country to 455. you will remember president obama kicked out 35 russian diplomats last year in retaliation for russia's interference in the u.s. election. tomorrow marks the start of a revamped white house operation. the new chief of staff will take over. abc news reporter david wright has a preview. >> reporter: a new week begins and the trump administration is hoping to turn the page. the new white house chief of
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staff, general john kelly, takes over from reince priebus on monday. >> i think the president wants to go a different direction, wants a little more discipline, a little more structure in there. >> reporter: for one thing, a bit more structure may help the white house with its legislative agenda, including the push to repeal and replace obamacare. health and human services secretary tom price. >> it takes an act of congress. >> reporter: another worry for the administration, north korea. u.s. war planes took to the air over the korean peninsula in direct response to pyongyang's latest missile launch. an inter-continental ballistic missile possibly capable of reaching the u.s. so, the u.s. missile defense agency is testing counter measures. in this test of the thaad missile defense system conducted sunday in alaska, the thaad missile successfully intercepted its target.
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they have learned top white house aides are urging the president to solve another problem by moving attorney general jeff sessions over to secretary of homeland security. the job being vacated by his new chief of staff. any effort to move sessions out of the department of justice would likely be seen here in washington as a precursor to firing the special counsel, bob mueller, who is looking into russia. and that would cause a political fire storm here. david wright, abc news, the white house. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi says she's ready for the next round in the fight to repeal and replace obamacare. pelosi said on "fox news sunday" that president trump's approach is the wrong one. >> when the president went into office, there really was an opportunity to say, you have -- you don't like this, how would you do this? but instead they said we're repealing the whole thing, 22 million people off, costs will go up, benefits will go down. that's an a way to go down a
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path. >> pelosi says she's willing to work with republicans on some issues including ensuring cost payments reductions will continue. former u.c. davis chancellor who resigned under a cloud is coming back to teach. she will return in the fall as professor of electrical and computer engineering. she will also teach women and gender studies. university of owe fishlds told the salk sack bee that she will be paid $318,000 for a nine-month contract. she resigned last august amid accusations of ethics violations. she is best known for being in charge during this infamous incident when campus police pepper sprayed occupy demonstrators in 2011. a transgender man is celebrating the birth of his son. >> i'll say it's unique. i understand that. >> hear from the new father who gave birth just two weeks ago and how the couple tried to handle their unique situation. also ahead, one paw less
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than your average cat but no less precious. hear from the folks trying to find knox a home. >> it's a beautiful looking picture live from our emeryville camera. baby blue skies, warmer finish to the weekend today and those numbers increase in the coming days. we'll take
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a transgender man in oregon and his husband are celebrating the birth of their biological son. tristan reese gave birth to leo two weeks ago. reese was born female and began taking hormones a decade ago. he's okay being a man with a uterus. that doesn't make him feel like any less of a man. estopped the hormone treatment when he planned to get preg.
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>> -- pregnant. >> i undestand two people are not used to two men are used to having a biological child. >> he hid his pregnancy by wearing baggy clothes, trying to stave off negativity. the couple says they are getting backlash on social media. a kentucky doctor has become the definition of selflessness when moments before going into labor she jumped into action to deliver the baby of one of her patients. amanda hess is an ob/gyn in frankfurt, kentucky. she was due to give birth when she heard screams from a woman in labor and it was one of her patients. the on-call doctor was on his way so she jumped into action. >> i put on a gown to cover my backside and put on some boots over my shoes, you know, to keep from getting any fluid and all that stuff on me. and went down to her room and i knew her. >> after that delivery hess gave birth to her daughter, ellen joyce. a friendly cat who only has three legs is in need of a
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loving home. abc7 news was in burlingame where the peninsula humane society and spca is putting knox the cat up for adoption. the 3-year-old black cat was brought in as a stray with a severely injured front leg. that leg had to be amputated to save his life. knox quickly recovered and is now ready to go home with a loving owner. >> even though he's missing a limb, he's basically a tripod cat. he's incredibliay agile. agile. >> anyone interested should contact the society center in burlingame. some east bay ferry passengers will face new parking rules this week. the story straight ahead. also, school tradition, a muslim group in the south bay is helping deserving kids gear up to go back to class for the 9th year in a row. >> well, a new week means a new round of warm weather. how hot we go getting up in the accuweather forecast ahead.
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parking changes go into effect tuesday for commuters who use the alameda harbor ferry bay terminal. they will no longer be able to park on neighborhood streets surroundling the ferry terminal. there is a 250-space parking lot there but it is not big enough to meet demand. on weekdays an estimated 100 vehicles park on nearby streets. neighborhoods surrounding the terminal approved a permit parking program that goes into effect on august 1st. it allows for up to four hours of parking unless the vehicle has a permit. a zoo in germany is giving us a different perspective on the importance of water conservation. take a look. the zoo in colon placed a water bucket to reveal how different animals drink. an elephant, a tiger who swatted at the water. da vinci states water is the driving force of all nature. they agree with that. hundreds of children will go back to school in the coming
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weeks prepared for class thanks to the good will of a muslim american community group. in santa clara the muslim bay area society stuffed hundreds of brand-new back packs with school supplies. 750 back packs will be distributed to deserving children on monday throughout the south bay. >> we live in an area where there's a lot of wealth but there is also a lot of poverty and a lot of kids who are not -- don't have as many privileges. so, it's a really good opportunity for kids to do something tangible that can help other kids who aren't as for the nat. >> donations from the community help pay for the supplies. the distribution is now in its tenth year. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> and in accuweather forecast this afternoon, it's a warmer finish to the weekend and those numbers are going to continue to climb in the coming days as warmer air once again moves into the region. live doppler 7 showing you a
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very stypical summer pattern. we're tracking thunder showers popping up around lake tahoe now. live doppler 7 along with satellite showing you a few popped up showers. featuring vivid lightning. however, as the sun sets these showers will be in the next hour or so. the tamme cam showing you we have a little bit of fog along the coast. not as thick as it was this time yesterday. an indication that we're going to start to see high pressure and warmer weather move into the region. out there right now, typical summer spread. you have a little something for everybody. 63 in half moon bay, but it is getting warm inland. 94 in brentwood, 95 na current number in danville. san jose pretty comfortable at 79. 68 right now in oakland and novato checking in with a temperature of 82 degrees. overnight tonight those numbers will mainly drop into the 50s, we'll have clouds along the koeflt featuring some patchy fog in and around the bay. and future weather as we go hour by hour for you, watch the time stamp. corner of your screen, 6:00 tomorrow morning, you do notice
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we'll have a little marine layer with us. so, patchy fog will be an issue for some first thing in the morning but by midday we are already seeing that quick clearing. that fog pulling right back to the coast and that wide range in temperatures we associate with the summer months tomorrow. you will see 50s on the coast. 60s and 70s around the bay. and 80s, even 90s inland. highs on monday, take a look. warm away from the coast. 95 in concord, same in antioch. sn jose a little warmer than you are today. tomorrow about 88 in the afternoon. 69 in san francisco, about 83 in santa rosa. 82 in vallejo. oakland up to 74 tomorrow afternoon. live look mount tam cam showing you the fog once again. we'll have that tomorrow morning at our beaches. we'll squeak out some sunshine into the afternoon. but the bigger story, we're going to continue to have that rough surf along our coast line. so, it's for that fact where the beach hazard statement lasting through tomorrow night. what that means, our south facing beaches like stenson beach will have the stronger
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than normal rip currents and breakers. if you are heading to the beach tomorrow, try and swim near guarded beaches. as we take you to the coliseum tomorrow, the bay bridge series getting underway, jiernts versus a's first pitch. about 70 degrees. pretty comfortable. by 10:00 as the game is wrapping up, temperature falling to 62 degrees. we'll take you into future tracker temperatures and look what happens on tuesday. the numbers will continue to climb. we're calling it august warmth around here. triple digits return inland. i think people will begin to notice around the immediate bay waters some warmer air moving in. 70s and 80s the name of the game there so we're warming up especially tuesday and wednesday. accuweather seven-day forecast shows you it is hot inland on tuesday. i think everyone is going to feel it on wednesday. and then we'll start to ease that heat thursday into friday. look at the weekend. cooler air rise feeling rather nice out there by sunday. >> sir, thank you very much. thank you for bringing up the bay bridge series. before that, the a's are in action. >> that's right, out at the coliseum, looking for two in a
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row against the twins in the coliseum. minnesota a 5-0 read. rallied to forced extra inchesings and we
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>> announcer: now abc 7 sports with mike shumann. >> after the a's ended their manager bob, his 1,000th win ended a five game slide. today they're trying to win two straight against the twins. after tomorrow's trade deadline, cotton gets et start. seagulls are taking over. oh, my that was a close one.
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a's down 5-0 in this game. came roaring back. jason hits it to the moon and back. third home run of the season. oakland trailed 5-3. bottom 8, two on, two out. over the head of rosario. 5-5, this game goes to extra innings. we go bottom 12. yonder a london so. second come back win, second of the season for yonder, 6-5 your final. 38-year-old texas ranger joined an exclusive club. the double off baltimore's wade miley. he reached the milestone of 3,000 hits. he becomes the first player in major league history to a cheech this feat in his 20th season in the bigs. baseball hall of fame inducted five new members today in coopers town.
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ravens catcher, 21 years in the bigs. caught more games and more put outs than anyone. former astro jeff bag well, only first base man with 400 runs and 200 stolen bases. former montreal base man, also getting the nod, former commissioner bud seelig. hot rod association has a number at the raceway. the pro stock division, the pro stock motorcycle winner and funny car todd wilkerson blows an engine during the race allowing j.r. todd to win at 323 miles per hour. under four seconds. that led to a mosh pit. top fuel, an tron brown. torrance gets him at the start, never looked back. 329 miles per hour, taking the title. well, the niners don the pads the first time in training camp today. this is when you can find out who can really play. anyone can look good in shorts
5:26 pm
and t-shirts. ruben foster first round pick in alabama had shoulder issues coming into camp. he was live today and this kid can play. 6'1", 245 pounds run sideline to sideline. challenge for starting spot. he lined up next to know var owe bowman today. >> i was worried at first, i was worried because you look at bo and you look at me. he's a man, like that's a man. you see his arms? [ laughter ] >> like -- in the nfl there's a lot of grown men. it's not college. at first i was worried and anxious and nervous, but at the same time it was like him just talking to me about like it's the same thing as college, you know. and i felt that. >> he's going to be a player. all right. tee it up at 6:00 and congrats to the newest members of the hall of fame. greatest honor an athlete can achieve. >> nice to see tim rains up there. >> montreal expos. >> i know. by the way, i know somebody who doesn't look good in t-shirts and shorts.
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it's either a big bird or a hungry one that targeted a power pole in washington state and he had to have quite an appetite. the sonoma utilities department posted a picture of this power pole pecked by a woodpecker. they had to take this photo first. now, there is an over achiever. that's it for abc7 news at 5:00.
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thank you for your time. we'll see you right ba tonight on world news, the terror plot targeting a passenger plane. disturbing new details about what the terror suspects planned to do -- were they in direct contact with isis? the high alert, investigators in gas masks and the moment they moved in. breaking news. the massive blast. police injured. teenage protesters killed. the violent and pivotal day for venezuela. escalating tensions and now the force. u.s. bombers conducting drills, in direct response to north korea's latest missile launch. and now president trump accusing china of doing nothing. white house chaos. day one for the new chief of staff after a series of shake-ups.


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