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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 31, 2017 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. president trump facing overseas tests as russia retaliates for those u.s. sanctions. and overnight, u.s. bombers warn north korea as president trump tries to rally key allies after that missile launch. all this as the new chief of staff starts this morning to reboot the white house after the latest shakeup. terror takedown. authorities arresting four suspects accused of trying to bring down an australian airliner, reportedly planning to build a toxic bomb filled with deadly poison gas. now screenings intensifying. what it means for security here at home. airport outrage. the tense confrontation caught on camera. a flight attendant throws a punch at a passenger with a baby
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in his arms. what started the brawl. the investigation now under way. and the incredible rescue. firefighters swooping in using a ladder truck to save a driver and his dog stuck in their car as dried land turned into this terrifying flood. good morning, america. we hope you had a good weekend. that was some rescue. >> absolutely. a great rescue. those flash floods, they came on quickly in colorado and some good samaritans also jumped in to help with the rescue. >> ginger is going to have the very latest on that in just a bit. also this morning, we are following new developments out of washington. overnight, president trump spoke with japan's prime minister about the response to escalating tensions with north korea in the wake of that missile launch. president putin has ordered the u.s. to cut 755 members of their diplomatic staff in russia. this comes as president trump's new chief of staff, retired general john kelly, the secretary of homeland security, starts his new role as white house chief of staff this
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morning and he replaces reince priebus who was forced out last friday. >> we'll much more on that in just a moment. but first, we want to get to the u.s. response to north korea's missile test, its most powerful yet. the experts say where it could reach major u.s. cities. abc's martha raddatz has the very latest on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. there's no question this is one of the most serious challenges the trump administration is facing. north korea is making far greater progress on its missile program than officials ever imagined. overnight, japanese prime minister shinzo abe declaring that the u.s. and japan fully agreed that they needed to take further action following a phone call with president trump. that phone call after the latest military provocation by north korea. their second test of an intercontinental ballistic missile in the past month, traveling farther than any missile they have ever launched. the north korean icbm blasted
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2,300 miles straight into space, but experts fear that north korea could angle the missile to potentially travel as far as washington d.c. or new york. u.s. bombers conducting a joint exercise with south korea and japan in response to that icbm launch flying over the korean peninsula in a ten-hour mission. the u.s. also conducting a previously scheduled test of the thaad missile defense system, the pentagon video showing a test missile being detected and intercepted. >> people have been warning about the north korean icbm for 20 years, they've been barking wolf about this while the wolf is at the door. this is a very real threat to the united states. >> reporter: nikki haley, the u.s. ambassador to the united nations, tweeting that north korea's continuing provocations require an international solution. done talking about north korea, china is aware they must act.
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japan and south korea must increase pressure. not only a u.s. problem. it will require an international solution. president trump also weighing in on twitter, blaming china, saying they do nothing for us with north korea and, quote, we will no longer allow this to continue. amy? >> martha, so, a lot of tough talk, a lot of tough tweets from the administration, but what about the u.s. being any closer to using a military option here? >> reporter: well, you know, amy, a military option is always on the table and certainly if we were directly threatened we would no doubt take action, but the fear with any kind of preemptive strike is that the response from north korea could be devastating to our allies in the region. so, for now, the president is trying increasing diplomatic and economic pressure, but as you know, amy, many before him have tried that as well. >> martha, thanks very much. we appreciate it. george. the white house facing
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escalating tensions with russia. president putin has responded by forcing drastic reductions in u.s. embassy staff. our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega has the latest on that. putin is retaliating even before president trump has signed the sanctions legislation. >> reporter: yeah, this is a direct retaliation for those sanctions, george. vladimir putin appeared on russian state tv yesterday to say that there will be an expulsion of hundreds of u.s. diplomatic personnel in that country. we're talking about more than 700 people here. that would cut the embassy staff down to just 455 people. that's the same number of russian personnel working in this country. moscow also seized two u.s. diplomatic properties in russia. russia is saying, hey, look, we will respond in kind here. now, we know that these sanctions were payback for russia's election meddling and we also know that the president had not been happy about it. he had been critical about this legislation, george, but he is expected to sign it at some point soon. >> cecilia, a fresh start at the white house.
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the new chief of staff, john kelly, being sworn in at the white house after the president fired reince priebus late friday afternoon. >> reporter: what a week it was, george. so, yes, john kelly gets sworn in this morning and is expected to attend his first cabinet meeting as chief of staff. the big question heading into this week, for this west wing, can the new chief of staff be the one to bring some calm to the chaos that is still enveloping this west wing, george. >> we know the president has enraged by the leaks and the government more generally and the embattled attorney general expected to take action on that this week. >> reporter: exactly right, george. embattled attorney general jeff sessions has an active investigation into leaks. we are told that we could hear a result, at least an update on that investigation at some point soon, but look, we know this is going to also be one of task number one for john kelly coming in looking into the problem of leaks here in washington, specifically to this white house, george. >> thank you, cecilia. sflmplts let's get more from matthew dowd.
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john kelly, what a job he has coming off of last week, the collapse of the health care plan for president trump, rebuffed by his joint chiefs of staff over that transgender ban, the white house basically seeming to fall apart towards the end of the week. the big question on the table, what difference can a new chief of staff make? >> well, you're right, george. he comes in probably after the worst week of donald trump's presidency in this. we'll have to wait and see but i actually don't think it's going to make much difference at all. it's as if you're changing lieutenant and you still have captain queeg leading the vote on this and a new lieutenant is not going to change the direction of the vote in this and i think that's what he's fundamentally going to face. general kelly still has the same person in charge of the ship and i don't think it's going to go in any different direction. >> but, he's got crises on so many fronts. the president also at odd s
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with his own party not only on health care but a range of issues. >> george, i think we have not seen a congress assert its authority and rebuke a president like this on a foreign policy concern since 1986 when the congress overrode reagan's veto of the anti-apartheid bill in south africa. we have not seen a rebuke like this. it's as if the congress has decided the president is a child and they're going to put the valuables on a higher shelf and put covers on to outlets so he can't harm himself or the country. that's what this vote and that's what this seems like the sanctions bill that they passed is a rebuke to the president. >> they are also sending strong warnings to the president about taking any action against the attorney general, jeff sessions. >> exactly, and i think that's a red line for this congress. that's a red line for the republicans in this congress. we saw a few peel off in the health care bill. if he was to fire jeff sessions, i think that would be a fundamental difference for the president and this congress. >> matt dowd, thanks very much. achly. >> matt dowd, thanks very much. now to those chilling details on those terror arrests
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in australia. four men taken into custody, reportedly planning to release a deadly toxic gas to take down a passenger plane. security understandably at airports there now stepping up. abc's james longman is tracking the latest from london. good morning, james. >> reporter: good morning, amy. it looks like this could have been a devastating terrorist attack, and unlike so many of the more improvised random killings we've seen in recent months, this time there was a plan. this morning, airports across australia on high alert after a plot to take down a plane is foiled. >> there has been a major joint counterterrorism operation to disrupt a terrorist plot to bring down an airplane. >> reporter: five sydney homes raided by police. four men arrested. local sources say two fathers and two sons of lebanese descent yet to be charged. >> we do believe it's islamic-inspired terrorism. >> reporter: details scarce but one local newspaper with chilling details. a toxic gas
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possibly being prepared to kill or immobilize everyone on board. sources telling abc news american intelligence officials are closely monitoring the case. because of suspected communications between the allegeds and isis. homeland security says they are assisting australian investigators and have taken extraordinary steps to protect flights bound for the united states. all this comes just days after the tsa announced new security measures across u.s. airports citing an increased threat to airport security. any electronic item bigger than a cell phone will need to come out of your bag at the screening area. george. >> okay, james, thanks. let's get more from our military analyst stephen ganyard. we know that al qaeda and isis have been focused on planes as a top target for more than a decade but this is a different kind of a threat. how would it work? >> that's a good question, george. it's actually unique. we've never seen this before. so, apparently, the australian police seized something like a meat mincer or grinder about the
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size of a bread loaf. so you would think is this a binary weapon, two chemicals that would get mixed together, which is very complex, is it sort of a gas canister? hard to say. it would have to be something really big to affect the whole airplane. remember that the air conditioning on every plane recirculates the air every three minutes. the pilots could dump the cabin pressure or dump the oxygen masks. i'm not sure how far this would have gone but it's certainly chilling that isis and al qaeda continue to be obsessed with bringing down airplanes. >> it shows insight into their thinking while we're focused on some kind of an explosive set off in that way, they're moving in a different direction. >> exactly. it's sort of this technological tit-for-tat. we know that they're trying to get different kinds of laptop bombs that can get by our screening machines, and so they're trying something else here. they're going to continue to work and find innovative ways to bring down airplanes or affect the general flying public. >> is this kind of threat something you had heard about before or is this brand new? >> this is brand new. i looked back and i couldn't find anything that has to do with gas.
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it just shows you how determined they are to bring down an airplane and get around screening procedures. >> like you say, it's chilling. steve ganyard, thank you very much. amy? all right, an investigation is under way after an airport worker punched a passenger. a photo posted online shows the worker attacking the man in front of all those other passengers, and if you look closely, you can see that passenger was holding his baby. this happened as the passengers were leaving nice, france, going to london after a 13-hour delay. eyewitnesses say the two were arguing and the passenger may have tried to film the worker. easyjet says it's concerned to see the photo, adding that the worker is not one of its employees but works for the airport. i would say that is a bit concerning. >> that's some punch right there. okay, now, we're moving to a prison break in alabama. 12 inmates escaped overnight and 11 have been caught. law enforcement officials are warning residents to stay indoors. diane macedo tracking the latest.
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>> reporter: officers are still searching for one of those dozen inmates that escaped from a high security correctional facility outside birmingham, alabama, and this happened last night around 6:30 p.m. multiple law enforcement agencies are now on the hunt and even some private citizens are getting involved. this morning, a manhunt is on for this prisoner, one of a dozen inmates who escaped overnight from a high security center outside birmingham, alabama. the other 11 have been found overnight and brought back to prison. residents are on edge after being ordered to stay inside and turn on all their outside lights. the crimes of the dirty dozen range from resisting arrest to drug possession to attempted murder. the walker county sheriff's office first reported the inmates missing on their facebook page. by midnight, eight of the escapees had been found. the walker county jail built in 1998 only holds about 250 prisoners. neighboring police forces joined in the hunt with several local residents tweeting they would shoot the men on site. we don't have many details about the escape at this point but the big question is where is this guy.
7:14 am
the other big question is how this group got out. >> 12 people. >> 12 people out of 250 roughly that are kept at that facility, so a very big question that investigators for sure will be answering as soon as they find this inmate. >> yeah, a lot of questions there. and there's another mystery we turn to now, one of the country's biggest tourist attractions, people visiting niagara falls say they were shocked when they saw this smelly black water bubbling up near the falls. the inky blob growing for hours over the weekend, catching business owners, even city officials off guard. well, it turns out that discolored water was legal discharge from the local waste water treatment plant. the sewage discharge apparently is done periodically during the year. but here's a suggestion, maybe they don't do it during the height of the tourist season so people don't have to see it. >> and turn off the satellites. >> right. i don't want to see that. maybe they'll make a change. happy monday.
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tourists are also facing problems on north carolina's outer banks. thousands forced to evacuate after a massive power outage that officials now say could take up to two weeks to fix. abc's eva pilgrim is on the outer banks with more. good morning to you, eva. >> reporter: michael, this area without power now for five days. tourists told to get out, forced to go home. deputies set up a roadblock behind me to make sure people know these barrier islands are closed. this morning, a popular vacation destination now a ghost town. >> i think this is the only gas station that has power. >> it's pretty disappointing. i mean, we had another day left and wanted to be on the beach. >> reporter: 50,000 vacationers forced to evacuate north carolina's outer banks. the governor declaring a state of emergency after an accident knocked out the main source of power for two entire islands. only residents allowed to stay behind living off of diesel generators. >> it's been hot, our food spoiled, very uncomfortable.
7:16 am
>> reporter: the nightmare started thursday. construction crews working on a new bridge made a mishap, driving a steel casing through all three underground transmission lines to the area, killing power, forcing businesses to shut down. >> this is peak season, so every day that we're not able to do "normal business" we're losing thousands of dollars. >> reporter: the electric company now saying the power will be fully restored in a week or two, but business owners say the damage is done. >> if it's one week, we might be able to save the summer. if it's three weeks, it's going to be devastation for this island. >> reporter: now, they are allowing construction crews and residents onto the islands. there are generators that have been brought in but officials are asking people to be mindful and conserve energy. michael? >> thank you, eva. hopefully they're rushing because as she said they want to save their summer. >> that makes a lot of sense. we turn now to new jersey governor chris christie who's
7:17 am
involved in another not so fan friendly moment. at a baseball game. take a look. governor christie getting into the face of a man who accused christie of being a hypocrite. christie apparently screaming you're a big shot before storming off. this comes just a few weeks after christie was booed when he caught that foul ball at a new york mets game, and of course, this month, the governor was also seen lounging on a beach closed to the public during the state budget showdown. it's been a bit of a tough summer for chris christie. >> tough summer. let's get to ginger now with more on that water rescue. we have to start with that video out of fremont, colorado. you can see the man and his dog being rescued there. everybody is okay. the car was sitting in a dry riverbed and quickly filled with water. in florida, thanks to tropical storm emily, making land fall this morning and diminishing as it crosses.
7:18 am
either way, tons of rain. from tampa to ft. myers, back out into the atlantic. good monday morning.
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i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. quick sunshine, warmer temperatures today. tonight, partly cloudy and comfortable for most of us. the heat that peaks earlier will subside as we and coming up here, a prominent american lawyer shot on vacation with his family during a robbery in a popular caribbean spot. how to stay safe traveling this summer. and the top chef battle in court. what the popular host says she was threatened with when her car pulled up to a shoot. and the case of a shrinking airline seat. how much leg room are you really losing on flights and what can you do about it? maybe the faa can help.
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good morning to you, a popular breakfast destination remains closed in los gatos, while it's being repaired following a crash. police don't know why the driver veered on to the sidewalk along north santa cruz avenue. the woman was taken to the hospital, she is expected to survive. >> good morning, we definitely have a lot of slow areas, not many crashes blocking at the moment. here's a look at westbound 92. decently heavy volumes there, no incidents to report. westbound 4, 32 minutes in the
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yellow, no issues there. san rafael to san francisco you're in the green at 17 minutes. >> thank you. you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next. the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine.
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good morning, we're starting this morning pretty mild. temperatures in the medicine 50s to mid-60s. we have issues if you're going to be on tomorrow evening it will be hot, make sure you list ing to your body. the coolest weather will be this weekend. natasha? >> the latest on the investigation of an american man shot at turks & caicos while on vacation. that's next on good morning america. we'll have another update in 30 minutes and always on our free abc 7 news app.
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and record and -- >> welcome to arizona state. >> ah, it's happening. >> welcome to arizona state's admissions portal. we regret to inform you -- >> oh. >> pal. >> don't leave us in suspense, what did they say? >> ouch. >> oh boy. welcome back to "gma," everybody. that's luke on "modern family" finding out he was rejected from college, and hundreds of families are feeling that similar frustration this morning, thinking they were accepted to the university of california, irvine, only to have their offer yanked just weeks before the new school year starts. >> it's hard to imagine. what's the back-up plan? you don't have one. >> that's exactly what we're going to talk about on the big board. what is the backup plan? >> looking forward to that discussion. also right now, it is a busy morning in washington.
7:31 am
president trump is swearing in his new chief of staff, john kelly, who's replacing reince priebus. the president holding a cabinet meeting as he faces tensions with russia and north korea. and screening is stepping up overseas after authorities uncovered a plot to take down an airline in australia. four suspects now under arrest for reportedly planning to build a toxic bomb filled with what could be deadly poison gas. the u.s. department of homeland security says they are assisting with that investigation and have taken extraordinary steps to protect flights bound for the united states. >> this is a serious one. we're going to move to a different travel threat, the latest on the american tourist shot on vacation this weekend in the turks and caicos. the washington attorney is recovering this morning but he is not the first american shot this summer. gio benitez is here with the story. good morning, gio. >> reporter: that latest victim is in a florida hospital this morning and the search is on for the shooting suspects. the governor on the island is issuing an urgent warning about the increasing number of attacks there. this morning, another american tourist apparently targeted and shot in turks and caicos.
7:32 am
this time a prominent d.c. lawyer and georgetown professor staying at this private villa. 57-year-old michael jones and his family returning to their lavish beachfront rental friday. two masked men forcing their way through the back of the property just after 10:00 p.m. even a security guard couldn't stop them. >> the security guard had been lightly bound at the scene with his own shoelaces. >> reporter: jones confronting one of the intruders but was shot. the men getting away with just a laptop. >> what we don't know is why the shot was discharged, what led up to that shot being discharged. >> reporter: and it's happened before. the governor there citing an increased incidents of violent crimes, there were 130 robberies in the tourist area last year, most of them with guns. just last month, kevin newman from alabama almost died at the end of his family's week-long dream vacation, a gunman robbing and shooting him near his resort. doctors removing his kidney,
7:33 am
putting him in a medically induced coma. >> we don't understand why it happened. >> reporter: newman telling "gma" overnight, my family and i are recovering and will not live our lives in fear. private home rental sites are becoming more and more popular. one of the most popular, airbnb hosting around 80 million guests in 2016. by all accounts, it seems the latest victim, jones, did everything right. the villa even had an alarm system and of course that security guard. >> we have to remember that a security guard is different in the u.s. you have to go in with a really open set of eyes, really being vigilant when you're staying overseas, locking doors, making sure that when you do travel that you don't look flashy. >> reporter: and if you're at a hotel or resort, experts tell us don't just let anyone in your room. a criminal could be posing as a housekeeper, so call the front desk first, and make sure they're legit. and we're told you should check the state department's website for whichever country you're visiting and you can even submit
7:34 am
your travel plans through the smart travel program. but we should tell you in the case of turks and caicos, there's no specific warning about armed robberies so you have to do your own homework on the web, amy. >> great advice, thank you. now to boston where jury selection is starting in the "top chef" extortion trial. four teamsters are charged with threatening show producers, trying to secure union jobs, one even accused of threatening the host herself, model padma lakshmi. abc's linsey davis is here on that story. good morning, linsey. >> good morning, amy. it is a real-life drama spurred by bravo's reality show, "top chef." it is alleged a group of teamsters used old-school thug tactics to get jobs. they described what was a terrifying ordeal. >> doug, please pack your knives and go. >> reporter: padma lakshmi is used to placing chefs on the chopping block. but now, she's preparing a deal with some heat outside of the kitchen in a federal court.
7:35 am
the model and "top chef" tv host is expected to testify during a trial of four teamsters charged with attempting to extort the show's production company while they were filming at the massachusetts restaurant because "top chef's" production company is nonunion. >> times up. >> reporter: lakshmi told the fbi she felt threatened when pulling up to the restaurant to film, describing the situation as volatile and tense. when one of the defendants came up to her car, she said the window was down and he leaned in less than 15 inches away from her face and said something intimidating, like, lookie what we have here, and i'll smash your pretty little face. in court documents obtained by abc news, prosecutors said, without using their hands, the teamsters bumped their stomachs and chests into the production assistant and several others. prosecutors also say some time that morning tires of at least nine vehicles belonging to the production company were slashed. but the defendants who lakshmi described as fat guys with beer
7:36 am
guts who looked like smokers have all pleaded not guilty. they argue their picketing was part of their union's political protest against the abuse of the massachusetts film tax credit. >> the brazen nature of their actions, the way that they carried out their intimidation tactics in front of so many people makes this a persuasive case for the prosecutors. >> reporter: according to one police officer's report, the "top chef" crew also acted aggressively. lakshmi says she did not want to cross the picket line and has been trying to put this whole day behind her ever since it happened and she was reluctant to testify but she's going to go forward with it and we'll see what happens. >> sounds like a b movie script. >> right. all right, thank you, linsey, and coming up, the fight for more leg room. how much are you losing, and could a new ruling stop those airline seats from shrinking. we'll talk to t.j. holmes about that when we come back. that when we come back. ♪
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we are back now with what a judge is calling the case of the incredible shrinking airline seats. the faa has now been ordered to take a closer look and t.j. holmes is taking a closer look for us. what's up, t.j. >> all right, your comfort is not the faa's problem. that's why for years they've rejected calls and complaints to regulate the size and leg room of airline seats, because that's not their issue, your comfort. their issue, however, is safety. that is in their purview and now a court is arguing that an uncomfortable seat might also be an unsafe one. we've seen cabin confrontations
7:41 am
lead to shocking scenes like this. >> oh, my god, look at what you did to him! >> reporter: and we've seen stressed-out passengers over cancellations and delays. these are the friendly skies? >> you stay out of this! >> reporter: and on top of all that, as the cabin pressure is rising, leg room is shrinking. now, a federal judge is calling on the faa to take a closer look at the amount of space passengers have on commercial planes, responding to advocacy group, fliers rights request that the faa step in and finally regulate seat sizing. >> during the certification of the aircraft, the faa looks at how quickly all the passengers can get off the airplane in the event of an accident. but there's a great difference between people who are trying to get off the aircraft in a test and what happens in a real accident when people see fire, smokes, flames. people react very differently. >> reporter: according to fliers rights, seat widths have
7:42 am
decreased about an inch and a half since the early 2000s and not only that, they say the space between seats has decreased from an average of 35 inches to 31 inches. some bargain airlines, like frontier and spirit, have just 28 inches of leg room. >> the seats really were designed for the way people were in the 1950s and obviously people have gotten larger, they've gotten older, they've gotten taller. >> reporter: all right, gotten taller. 6'5" these days apparently. >> people getting bigger? >> they are. we have smaller seats and human beings -- literally americans are getting larger and this is an issue. you got a guy 6'5" like stray. maybe most people aren't that height but a lot are. he's sitting in a seat. this is kind of a luxury these days, that's 35 inches that you have right now when it comes to room. fellas can y'all help me out. >> this is before they lean back. >> this is before they lean. a lot are going to 31 inches and you can't even move the seat all the way back.
7:43 am
>> i'm going to have to get to know my neighbor real well. >> but some argue that the reason they are doing this and they want smaller seats, you can get more seats on the plane and the argument is you got more seats on the plane, we can spread the wealth when it comes to prices. so, if they have to have fewer seats on the plane, maybe the prices will go up. that's one argument that some people are making. you don't buy it. >> i don't -- it doesn't do me any good because i can't sit to go anywhere anyway. the price argument means nothing. i think people want a little more room for a few more dollars. as a matter of fact, let's move this out of here so i can -- >> some people are using 28 inches, those are the low cost airlines. yes, a lot of people are shocked by that but, yes, they say it's better for the cost. >> yeah, the intimation is that they would pass that savings to us, the consumer. we would have to see about that. >> you have to trust the airline. >> of course we do. thanks, t.j. thanks, stray. coming up next, outrage over that major university's decision to revoke hundreds of admissions just weeks before school starts. i don't want to lie down.
7:44 am
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we're back now with our big board and that college chaos. imagine you've been accepted to the school of your dreams and then just a few weeks before class begins you get a letter saying your admission has been revoked. >> well, that's what happened at the university of california at irvine for nearly 500 students. outrage is growing and some are fighting back. nick watt has all the details from los angeles. nick, what exactly is going on here? >> reporter: good morning, michael.
7:48 am
the headline is this, the university of california at irvine has rescinded 499 offers of admission only two months before the start of the fall term. just imagine, you're all excited about going to college, you've been accepted, life is good and then the 11th hour, maybe the 10th hour, the rug pulled from under you. ain't happening, you are no longer going to uc, irvine, like you thought. one tweeter calling that a disgrace and many saying it's because the college is overbooked. >> okay, well, is that true? is the university giving them a specific reason why their admission has been revoked? >> they are. the chancellor told us that some kids were denied entry just because of poor high school senior year grades and most of them did not file the required paperwork by the july 1st deadline. one unsymphatetic tweeter was commenting, sorry, snowflakes,
7:49 am
no special treatment if you don't follow the rules, but a lot of the kids are saying that's not true, they did follow the rules. they say they sent everything, and word around the social media campfire, many of those claim the college just offered places to too many people and is cooking up bogus reasons to get them down to a freshman class of a little over 6,000. >> nick, i know a lot of people are wondering and i want to ask you this question. do the students have any recourse? >> yes, they do. one 18-year-old wanna-be student told the "l.a. times," i couldn't stop crying, i thought i was going to pass out. the university claims that she didn't send two transcripts by the deadline. she said she did. she along with many others have filed appeals and the college admitted they were tougher on paperwork than they were in years past. they apologized, admitted they could have handled it better and urging anyone who feels they've been treated unfairly to launch an appeal. guys, that's a stressy summer. >> yeah, it's tough. some of these students gave up other opportunities at other
7:50 am
universities and other scholarships and are now left empty-handed, right, nick? >> yes, you know, two months before class begins, you know, it's not a lot of time. but the university says, listen, we are just playing by the rules. these kids did not put stuff in by the deadline, so them's the breaks. nick watt, thanks so much. coming up next here on "gma," the incredible doctor who came to the rescue just before giving birth. now she's sharing her story. >> that's a super woman. and the legal battles brewing between lady gaga and music producer dr. luke. ♪ i was born this way ♪ i was born this way ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:51 am
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7:54 am
emily just making landfall in florida. the west coast of florida, but such a large region is going to be impacting by flooding rains. flood watch is for a widespread 3 to 6 inches. the warning includes eight inch of local rainfalls. all the way to ft. myers, the wind up to 45 miles per hour. 40 miles per hour when they clocked it last. as it moves across, everything dries out by early tomorrow morning. this is really a monday event. that's all brought t
7:55 am
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7:56 am
good monday morning to you. let's get over to mike nicco now, hey, mike. >> let's talk temperatures from 69 in san francisco to 97 in antioch. the heat is on inland again and what comes with it, by wednesday is the possibility of poor air quality in our east bay valleys and the santa clara valley. the hottest temperatures are today through friday. we'll get some relief. we'll have to wait until the weekend. i want to take you to southbound 680 just before you get to sonore boulevard. a new crash involving a motorcycle and sedan. we have one lane backing up. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza, we're clearing out, still jammed up the middle, though. a doctor delivers a baby while in labor with her own daughter.
7:57 am
the incredible story from the two moms, that's next on good morning america. we'll have another update in about 30 minutes and always free on our abc 7 news app. join us for abc 7
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. russia retaliates against u.s. sanctions. vladimir putin cuts back american diplomats and overnight president trump tries to rally key allies against north korea after their missile launch. all this as the new chief of staff starts at the white house this morning. going for gaga. dr. luke targets lady gaga in his latest defamation suit. the producer claiming she has relevant information to the case. how the superstar is firing back. the doctor is in labor. the pregnant ob/gyn delivers another mom's baby after she's in labor herself. how she came rushing to the rescue after hearing the mother and child was in distress. the incredible story this morning. plus, get ready. matthew mcconaughey and molly shannon are live in times square. and she's here to say --
8:01 am
>> good morning, america! [ cheers and applause ] good morning, america. how can you not love molly. >> brought it this morning. >> she brought it this morning. surprised me, caught off guard by this. happy monday, everybody. it's great to have you with us. and we have an inspiring story about a mom on a mission to cure her child's illness after medicine didn't work. was food the key to his healing? dr. ashton is here to weigh in. >> yes, that's interesting. more on that ahead but first the top story in our morning rundown, escalating tensions with russia as the president tries to hit the reset button, swearing in his new chief of staff this morning. cecelia vega at the white house with more. >> reporter: the swearing in just wrapped up. president trump and john kelly in the oval office. the president asked how things would be different with the new
8:02 am
chief of staff. here's his answer. >> we just swore in general kelly. he'll do a spectacular job. i have no doubt. as chief of staff. what he's done in terms of homeland security is record shattering. . you look at the border and the tremendous results we've had. >> reporter: on twitter said, the president said there's no chaos in his white house but this has been a west wing deep in chaos. at a cabinet meeting this morning, president trump and embattled attorney general jeff sessions in the same room. one of the first items on the white house' agenda vladimir putin, announcing the expulse of 755 of u.s. diplomats. it's down to 455. those sanctions payback for russia's election meddling. president trump had been opposed to the sanctions.
8:03 am
he's now expected to sign the legislation soon, george. >> cecilia another top story, a foiled plot. abc's james longman with that story from london. good morning james. >> reporter: george, airports across australia on high alert after a terrorist plot to take down a plane was foiled. australian officials saying four men have been arrested for preparing some kind of improvised device aimed to kill air passengers. police have been conducting raids in the sydney suburbs and believe the attempt to be motivated by islamic fundamentalism. details are scarce but local sources say two fathers and two sons of lebanese descent have been arrested, yet to be charged. one local newspaper with chilling details, a toxic gas possibly being prepared to kill or immobilize everyone on board. sources telling abc news american intelligence officials are closely monitoring the case because of suspected communication between the alleged plotters and isis. george.
8:04 am
>> this is a brand-new threat and amy has today's top headlines. tensions are escalating with north korea following its most alarming missile test yet. overnight, japan's prime minister said he spoke with president trump and they agreed to take further action. the phone call came after north korea launched a long-range missile that may be capable of reaching as far as new york. in a show of force u.s. bombers conducted a joint exercise with japan and china. the president turned up the pressure on china to intervene. breaking right now, tropical storm emily has formed off the west coast of florida, is expected to drench parts of that state today. weakening as it moves inland. ginger will have much more coming up. and we are also following breaking news from alabama, where a dozen inmates escaped from jail prompting an intense manhunt. they broke out of the walker county jail near birmingham. 11 were recaptured overnight. no word yet on how they escaped. it was a terrifying scene in los angeles, as a car plowed
8:05 am
into people eating outside a restaurant. at least nine people injured, several others still in the hospital. that driver is in custody. and it was a thrilling comeback for the u.s. women's soccer team. the team was trailing in the last minutes against brazil. megan rapinoe tied the score with five minutes to go. then julie ertz scored the game winner in the final minute for the win, 4-3. i love that celebration. and finally, a little girl in tennessee proving you're never too young to leave your mark on the world, literally. 2-year-old isadora was searching through the house for her parents when this happened. she trudged right across freshly poured concrete in the basement leaving a trail of adorable little footprints. the pictures instantly went viral. as a keepsake, i love this, mom let one pair of footprints dry as the rest were smoothed out. i think that's a good call. >> adorable for mom. dad had to redo the basement. >> but it's cute for all of us
8:06 am
to look at. >> it is. when we come back, dr. luke now targeting lady gaga in his case against kesha. and a bachelorette exclusive. what happens when rachel confronts her in men tell all. we've got a sneak peek in tonight's showdown and lara is upstairs with a very special guest. who's in the mood for a "fun mom dinner?" i know we are. molly shannon is going to explain that coming up. we have a great audience, so don't go anywhere. [ cheers and applause ] hi, i'm paul. people ask why i switched to sprint. well, their network reliability is within 1% of the big guys. and they have the best price for unlimited among national carriers and... wait! are you watching this on the awesome iphone 7? you gotta get iphone 7 from sprint! and they'll give you a second one on them! what are you doing? go switch to sprint! who's he talking to? i don't know. but i better go to sprint. wait! two iphone 7s. love you! (vo) get sprint unlimited. and now, get iphone 7 for people with hearing loss,
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the type of confidence to suddenly switch to an english accent for no reason whatsoever. yep... . at carmax, it's all about confidence. nothing but net. nailed it! or should i say, nailed it gov'nor. [ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "gma," everybody.
8:11 am
whoo. we have a wonderful audience here with us this morning. [ applause ] and we have the wonderful lara spencer with "pop news." >> thank you, michael strahan. good morning to you. good morning, guys, and good morning to you. let's begin with "twilight" fans, get ready. the woman who brought you the romantic world of vampires versus werewolves has more to share. stephanie meyer is given an order for a supernatural thriller that sounds really good. it will be called "the rook" and it's based on a 2012 novel. she didn't write it. the series which meyer is co-executive producing revolves around a young woman who wakes up in a london park surrounded by dead bodies. listen, amy, this is so up your alley. >> sad but true. >> she has total amnesia and pursued by paranormal adversaries. a lot going on. >> i love it. >> they say the lead will be one of the, quote, most fascinating and thrilling female protagonists on television ever.
8:12 am
>> okay. >> tough job. i like all the ingredients. >> i do, too, sounds great. i'll check it out. >> all right, stars has announced "the rook" will be part of its 2018 lineup. cannot wait to see that. [ applause ] what else, what else. all right, an international superstar and lead of "quantico," priyanka chopra, will try her skills on the other side of the camera and serve as executive producer of a series of a former bollywood star tries to insert if you will her colorful lifestyle and her boring if you will neighbors. the still-untitled series is in the early stages of development. chopra writing on instagram, though, she is so looking forward to rolling up her sleeves and getting to work. she is already one of the hardest working actresses. she is a massive star. she does not need to do any of this. i think she won miss world, miss
8:13 am
universe. she's a huge movie star there, now a huge star here, now working behind the cameras. and congratulations to her. >> you bet. [ cheers and applause ] >> talking to her, when she's not filming "quantico," she flies back to india and does movies. >> she's a very hard worker and really fun and nice too. you root for her. then finally in "pop news" this morning, a case of the boys copying the girls. a new trend is catching a lot of attention this morning. it's male cleavage. >> oh, no. >> come on. >> it is. i'm not going to say i have or have not seen it right here on the set. singer and actor harry styles, he's doing it. basketball star dwyane wade is doing it. many other celebs and models showing off their smooth packs with their shirts unbuttoned to their sternums all to show off their assets. men want to show off their physiques like their female counterparts. they do say the look works best
8:14 am
with button-down shirts. listen up, boys. you want them unbuttoned halfway down but tucked in at the bottom for a neat cleavage look. the look is not for everybody, as you might imagine. just as it is with women, a smaller cleavage can be tasteful. experts say if a man is built, best to keep those bad boys under wraps. >> there's no hair, they wax. >> remember the wild and crazy guys? >> absolutely. they were ahead of the curve. >> wait until tomorrow's show. >> oh. [ applause ] >> he promised it, guys. tune in tomorrow. >> not just for him. >> george, i can't go alone, man. i need you as a back-up. >> that's "pop news." >> well done. [ applause ] we're going to move on now to our "gma" cover story, it's a new twist in the legal battle between kesha and her former producer, dr. luke. she's accused him of abuse.
8:15 am
he's suing her for defamation, and his legal team now trying to bring lady gaga into the case. diane macedo with the details. good morning, diane. >> reporter: just when we thought the legal battle couldn't get uglier, dr. luke's lawyers are now trying to force lady gaga to testify. they say she witnessed kesha's alleged defamatory comments and urged sony music to fire him. but gaga is not really known for following orders and clearly this case is no exception. ♪ applause lady gaga is pushing back. fighting against being pulled into the legal fight between kesha and music producer dr. luke. lawyers for dr. luke served gaga with a court order over the weekend compelling her to testify in a deposition, this after they say the singer refused to submit a date. and only submitted redacted unintelligible copies of text messages. now in a statement to variety, gaga's lawyers accuse luke's
8:16 am
team of attempting to manipulate the truth and exaggerating lady gaga's role. >> lady gaga's team have said in a statement they have given everything that dr. luke's lawyers asked for and they're happy to take it on in open court if that's what it requires. >> reporter: suing kesha for defamation after she sued him for sexual assault. her case brought a wave of public support, including from lady gaga, who frequently tweeted messages of solidarity under the #freekesha. >> lady gaga has very much been in support of kesha. it's been more than four years since she put out a record. her career was at a complete standstill. >> reporter: as part of her suit, kesha asked for an injunction, allowing her to release music without permission from luke. the motion was denied but in april sony removed luke from the label. ♪ i've been a prisoner of the pain ♪ >> reporter: now the singer is releasing a string of new songs and is getting ready for a massive tour for her upcoming album. ♪
8:17 am
>> reporter: and with that subpoena now issued, gaga will have to set a date for appearance of three hours at a deposition and luke's attorneys have mentioned that celebrities, plural, are being deposed in the case, so mike and amy, we will be staying tuned for what other big names may be called to testify. >> diane, we appreciate that. now to that incredible special delivery. an off-duty doctor stepping in to save a baby's life. >> but she didn't do it just on any day. she did it while she was just hours away from giving birth herself. take a look. for ob/gyn dr. amanda hess delivering babies is all in a day's work. >> i probably delivered since i started over 1,000 babies. >> reporter: but when the doctor who was nine months pregnant herself arrived at the hospital in the earliest stages of her own labor, preparing to be induced for the birth of her second daughter, the last thing she was expecting was to put on her scrubs. >> i was waiting for an iv,
8:18 am
was waiting to get hooked up to the monitors and my husband actually said is that a woman screaming. >> reporter: down the hall, her patient leah johnson, was in labor with her fourth baby and her contractions were speeding up but the on-call doctor had yet to arrive. >> leah was a patient of mine and i had seen her a few times throughout the pregnancy. when i came down to the hall to her room, i made sure i put on another gown to cover my backside. it looked normal, i don't think you could tell i was wearing a hospital gown. >> reporter: leah's baby girl making her debut and 12 hours later amanda's daughter made hers. the new moms reconnecting over skype. >> i've been talking about you for a week now. i'm glad to finally get to speak to you. >> i know, i'm glad you're doing well. >> reporter: leah counting her blessings, and dr. amanda too, both marveling in the births of their sweet little girls. >> i'm so happy. you deserve to be recognized. i tell you, i had no idea when you came into the room that that's what was going on. >> i'm impressed with how you did. i can't believe how fast you went and you were totally in
8:19 am
control. it was amazing. [ applause ] >> great story. incredible story. our senior medical correspondent dr. jennifer ashton is here. incredible story, but how is this medically possible? >> i think we definitely have to file this one under the category of i am woman, hear me roar. i mean, look, it's possible because every labor, every induction, every delivery is different, and that's not only true woman versus another woman but within the same woman it can be different. and they just have to be at different stages in the course of their labor and delivery. this was for the doctor an elective induction which obviously hadn't started yet, and for the woman, the patient, second stage of labor, imminent delivery, and that only takes if everything goes well a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes. >> in a situation where you have fetal distress, how much time is available? >> you know, full-term babies, they are built to withstand the
8:20 am
stress of labor and delivery because it's not just stressful for the mom but for the baby too so their heart rate can drop periodically. that happens all the time. in general, when it goes down and stays down, we start the clock, the clock starts ticking and we can watch that for a few minutes. personally i gave it like a six to seven-minute limit and then that baby has to come out, whether that's with a stat c-section or operative delivery like forceps or vacuum and, when you here that primal shriek you know things are starting to go down. >> i like how you put that. >> that's the technical term. >> but was this a safe scenario for either of them, though, for either one of them? >> i think you have to remember in on stretices, there are two patients for every one pregnant woman so in this case four lives at stake, the doctor, the hospital, the nursing staff would never let anything go on that would endanger any one of those four lives. but i think it speaks to the
8:21 am
very powerful drive that all health care professionals have. we always sacrifice, compromise our own sleep, our own health for the sake of the patient and that's what you saw. >> two moms who were fighting for their babies, really. >> absolutely. a great sisterhood. >> super women. >> i love seeing those after pictures, all the smiling faces. >> me too. >> thank you, dr. jen. we appreciate it. let's head over now to ginger. >> update on tropical storm emily, just became a tropical storm only really an hour ago and now we have it making landfall within the next two hours. this is a quick mover. we knew there was going to be a lot of rain but look at that tropical storm watches from tampa, including bradenton to ft. myers. the flood watch is what i want you to key into because three to six inches of rain, or eight-plus locally, that's where we're going to see real problems on the roads. as far as the track goes, looks like it weakens, becomes a depression again, then a tropical storm as it heads
8:22 am
wednesday and thursday away from land into the atlantic. again, rainfall, rainfall, rainfall is key. four-plus widespread, some places up to eight. good monday morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco. quick sunshine, warmer temperatures today. tonight, partly cloudy and comfortable for most of us. the heat that peaks earlier will subside as we head to the weekend. our spread today, mid to upper 60s at the coast. mid 70s to mid 80s around the bay. look at the mid 80s to mid 90s inland. good news. we'll be back in the mid 50s to near 70 degrees tonight. my seven day forecast, hottestst okay, now to our , hottestst "bachelorette" exclusive. fans are gearing up for one of the most anticipated shows of the season. yes, the "men tell all" episode where rachel and her suitors confront each other, and abc's abbie boudreau is in l.a. with a sneak peek for us.
8:23 am
good morning, abbie. >> reporter: expect a big night of drama, maybe the biggest ever. this season of "the bachelorette" is a history-making one in more ways than one. a season of highs. >> i like adventure. >> reporter: and lows. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: in rachel's search to find true love. >> i don't have the answers for you. >> reporter: down to her last three men, brian, eric and peter. and a couple of emotional evenings in the fantasy suite. >> i don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. >> reporter: and tonight, an explosive "men tell all." >> you cannot call anyone on this stage a joke. >> i can say whatever i want. you don't know anything about me. >> reporter: demario defending himself over claims he had a secret girlfriend while on the show. >> we were on again off again. we had something. >> reporter: kenny and lee facing off after a season of sabotage and drama. >> one day you'll understand. >> reporter: and lee in the hot seat, as he's confronted over the revolutions over controversial tweets.
8:24 am
>> the racism is ingrained in your behavior is still pushing you to behave in a certain way towards kenny, eric, me in a way that you don't even recognize. >> reporter: rachel, in a "gma" exclusive first look, confronting lee face-to-face for the first time. >> it's so disappointing to me because you had such strong opinions on such sensitive topics, and you turned it into something so ugly, like i didn't want to get any life into you, your opinions or your brief time on the show. i feel like i'm in such a unique position to where i have the opportunity to be a spokesperson for african-americans, for women. >> reporter: rachel also doing her best to help heartbroken dean move forward after their shocking break-up. >> are you still in love with her? >> there's a part of me that will always love her but i'm ready to move on. >> i have a lot of love for dean even today. he means so much to me. so to sit there on the couch and hear him question me and not have closure, that was hard.
8:25 am
>> reporter: and now the clock is ticking for the happy ending rachel is promising her fans after already announcing she's engaged. >> it worked, it worked, and i love -- i love that they're letting me tell people that it worked and i really did find my equal. >> so, how is brian doing? >> who? did you hear her? she tried it and it did not work. >> i know you guys wanted me to do that. >> reporter: and tonight's two-hour event is one of the most intense ever. it goes beyond the rose, diving deep into racism and other big issues. and as for rachel, she did reveal one clue about her fiance, she has a code name for him, jerome. lara, back to you. >> jerome, that does not sound like brian. very good try, i totally appreciated the effort. thanks, abs. you can see "the bachelorette: the men tell all" tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. coming up, get ready -- >> all the craze, online meal
8:26 am
kits right your door. how do they stack up against each other and who has got the best deal for your family and money? we're serving up answers this week on "good morning america."
8:27 am
good morning, happy monday to you, i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 morningings. bart officials hope to reduce cell phone thefts. the campaign encourages riders to protect phones near train doors. bart has displayed this poster inside trains. there have been 235 phone thefts so far this year compared to 250 in all of last year. just before you get to sonole boulevard, all lanes are opening up. also hearing about a crash westbound 92 connecter to 101. we're looking better on the heyward side. reggie, back to you.
8:28 am
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use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next. good morning, our temperatures right now in the mid-50s to upper 60s already. heat advisory for tomorrow, 11:00 in the morning, to 9:00 wednesday evening. poor air quality is likely wednesday also, the heat will subside by the weekend, reggie. >> thank you. another abc 7 news update in about a half hour. always on our news app and abc
8:30 am we hope you ♪ welcome to my house [ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "gma" and we've got a great audience here as you can hear on this monday morning. and, you know, nothing better than laughing and laughing with your audience. we have a very special guest who's going to make us laugh, she's a true superstar. she's starring in a new movie called "fun mom dinner." please welcome molly shannon. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ welcome to my house >> yeah. george. amy. michael. >> thank you. thank you for coming. >> this is so fun. >> isn't it? we are so excited to talk about your movie, "fun mom dinner."
8:31 am
>> yes. >> your character in the movie is obsessed with social media. >> yes, she is. she's an oversharer. >> an oversharer. all right. we want to talk about your instagram because we checked yours out too. >> you did? >> yeah, we found this awesome video of you water skiing. tell us about this. >> my family and i were on vacation in lake arrowhead and my kids and my husband were going to wake up and water ski and they're like, you're going to do it too, right, mommy? and i really didn't have a desire to do it. >> that was your first time? >> that was my very first time. thank you, george. [ applause ] >> it takes a lot of muscle. >> it takes so much muscle. i stayed up and i was so nervous. i was surprised how out of breath you get. i don't need to do it again, let's say that. but i'm glad i did it. >> molly just mentioned she's a very physical person and in this movie, "fun mom dinner," she flips a guy over a table. do you ever worry about stuff like that when you're filming
8:32 am
because you are such a physical comedian? >> wow. >> yes, i actually do worry about that. i think, because i did physical comedy so much on "snl," we always had the same people helping us with stunts and making sure everything was padded. but in movies, things do happen so you do have to be careful. so i always think -- yeah, that was -- that was the hardest. i think i learned so much about -- i would prefer if it was just me and an object versus me and another person, but yeah. ridiculous. >> we saw her in "snl." let's see a little bit of the movie. >> i got us a reservation at a new tapas restaurant. would you want to join? >> topless? >> yeah, topless. sexy dancers. no, tapas. tapas. >> wow, yeah, that would be really nice, thank you. >> we like to do these fun mom dinners, lots of wine, no kids. it's kind of heaven. >> why not? >> yes, yes.
8:33 am
>> do your kids think you're a fun mom? >> they do. i think they think i'm silly. i like to play games a lot. like my -- we were interviewing new babysitter/nannies and i said to my daughter, we should trick -- my son nolan, her brother. so my daughter stella dressed me up in an outfit, she put a wig on and sunglasses and a scarf, and i pretended to show up on the front lawn to ring the doorbell and we had my son and his friend look out the window and i pretended that i was the nanny interviewing for a job. i picked up a leaf and acted really weird and waved to them and they were like, she looks weird! so we do silly things like that. >> and there's a great karaoke scene in the movie. you look so natural at it. when is the last time you went out and had a karaoke night? >> well, michael, i'm not that big into karaoke but i had dinner recently with kate beckinsale and she said, come on.
8:34 am
we're going to go sing karaoke. so we stayed up all night and did shots of tequila. actually, she did. but we sang songs from annie and it was so much fun. >> there you are. >> i love that. that was from our karaoke night in los angeles. >> your instagram. >> you really have. >> isn't it amazing the more tequila you drink, the more you like karaoke. >> exactly. >> and the better you sing. >> yeah. >> but things get out of hand in this movie at the dinner. i'm curious, do you have anything you can say for morning television about maybe one of your real-life fun mom out dinners? >> yes, michael. i had this crazy fun night. my husband was out of town and my neighbors tracy and laura -- >> morning tv now. >> morning tv. they came over and it started out where we were sitting on the front lawn and had a little champagne. then my friends came over and we stayed up all night drinking champagne on the front lawn.
8:35 am
by midnight the kids were making waffles and things were breaking. it was one of the best nights. we all laughed. it was spontaneous and fun. >> and your husband missed it all. >> my husband missed it all, yes. but i think the movie is interesting because it is true that sometimes you become friends with these mothers who have kids and you may be the only thing you have in common is you have kids and you think i would never be friends with this kind of person if it weren't for our children but then it is true in life, i had a friend like that who our kids were friends and i thought, oh, we're so different and i really grew to love her and it was funny because she wouldn't be the type of person that i would be friends with. >> i love some of my mom friends. >> yeah, and then they're sharing your closest thing which is being a mom. >> your children. >> your children, yeah. it takes a village. >> you've had that, lara? >> oh gosh, yeah. i have this whole crew and we're so different and they're nothing like the girls that i grew up with, but they're so dear to my heart and we all have something to offer and we really do parent as a group. we all do here too.
8:36 am
it really does help to have other parents to lean on and have tequila with occasionally. >> it really does. >> tell you what, i guarantee a lot of moms are going to have a fun mom night out by seeing the movie. the movie is "fun mom dinner." it will be in select theaters and on demand this friday. check out the very funny molly shannon. molly, we love you. thank you for coming in. and coming up, the mother helping her son conquer his illness with diet. was that the key? dr. ashton will be back with us to discuss this story. dr. ashton will be back with us to discuss this story. at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? oh, on the bed? you never told your dad and i about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag. ♪ strummed guitar wait, what's going on now? you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us.
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♪ hey, welcome back to "good morning america." look at this crowd out here. i even found -- what's your name again? >> ron. >> ron, who is from naples, and i said you're missing all the rain. the next 24 hours is going to be really wet thanks to tropical storm emily moving through the coast. you can see it's just west of sarasota now. it will decrease in intensity as it passes florida. by tomorrow morning drying out. you're totally missing it, ron. that's the big pictu good morning, i'm meteor olgsist mike nicco. check out the huge summer spread on our day planner. my accuweather 7-day forecast hotter tomo
8:40 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> this weather brought to you by jiff peanut butter. let's head up to you, lara. >> thank you, jirpg. we're going to turn now to medical breakthroughs featured in a new book called "the other side of impossible." it's about people running out of medical options and finding hope in unconventional approaches. mara schiavocampo is here with all the details. good morning, mara. >> good morning, lara, the stories are remarkable, a child making a full recovery from a painful illness, a woman confined to a wheelchair walking again, all because they wouldn't stop looking for answers. >> reporter: at just 3 years old, suzanna meadow's son shepherd was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis causing pain, swelling in the joints and fatigue. his doctors prescribed medication but it made him sick. and with the pain getting worse, suzanna felt helpless.
8:41 am
she took a leap of faith and researched options outside the realm of conventional medicine. >> it was desperation. >> it was desperation. >> absolutely. >> reporter: she removed dairy, gluten and limited sugar and added fish oil, probiotics and a chinese anti-inflammatory herb. after six weeks -- >> he said, mommy, my knees don't hurt anymore and ran out of the room and you can imagine how stunning that was for us. while there's no way to know for sure what helped him, i believe that it was this protocol that we tried. >> reporter: once a skeptic of nonscience-based medicine, suzanna wrote about her son's recovery in "the other side of impossible" where she profiles six other stories of people who hope to defy the medical odds, going beyond conventional medicine to take on daunting conditions. one of those stories is of terry
8:42 am
walls, a clinical professor at the university of iowa, diagnoses with multiple sclerosis in 2000. after just three years, she was confined to a wheelchair. but terry is a fighter, spending nights pouring through scientific articles looking for the latest studies on m.s. she created a food plan, an extreme form of the paleo diet. eating up to 12 cups of fruit and vegetables a day. >> at nine months i got on my bike and biked around the block for the first time. i'm crying, my wife's crying, my kids are crying. >> reporter: 17 years later she has regained almost all of her muscle function. such an amazing story. suzanna's son is off pain medication and is pain-free. the people in this book did work in consultation with their doctors on these unconventional treatments and the one thing they had in common, perseverance.
8:43 am
they would not give up. >> the power of positive thinking, amazing, mara, thank you. dr. jen is with us to talk about it. what is your assessment on the link between these elimination diets and chronic disease? >> there's not a lot of good research out there yet and hopefully there will be. let me explain to you basically what's involved in an elimination diet. if you look at this cascade here, this is kind of the major food groups that's part of the typical american diet. the thinking is they all may contribute to a common pathway that ends in some type of inflammation that a lot of chronic illnesses have. with an elimination diet you break that down, bear it down to the bottom level, you take all these things out and then you slowly add them in, reintroduce them -- >> to see which ones are causing the problem or not. >> another way of thinking, you're kind of taking all the junk out of our diet and eating clean and the thinking is that that may reduce inflammation. now, there's not a lot of research out there yet on this. nutritional science is lagging way behind medical science. we need to understand more. you've probably heard the saying let food be thy medicine. this is an example. >> we saw the woman with m.s.,
8:44 am
amazing, but there are some patient scenarios that should not try this. >> yeah, i think any time you take something to an extreme and potentially sacrifice or compromise something that is proven and known to work in most patients, then that becomes a little risky. if you're becoming malnourished in the course of this elimination diet, which generally is a temporary thing, it's not meant to be totally long term in most cases, i think that's a problem. again, mara said it at the end, the best, in my opinion, holistic health care is when you incorporate the best of western medicine to the best of nonwestern medicine and really individualize that and find what works for the patient. nutrition and food has to be a big part. >> it's our fuel, just like a car. >> definitely. >> and mara mentioned perseverance and i'm a huge proponent of that. the energy you put out is the energy you get back. does that really play into this? >> absolutely it does. in medicine and science we call that the placebo effect. this is real. it's thought to work up to 30%
8:45 am
of the time which means, if you go into something expecting a positive outcome like your hip surgery, you have a good chance of experiencing that. by the way, the flip side of that is also true. if you go into something expecting the worst, you have a good chance that that's what you're going to feel. this leads to this. it's so important. >> this is really an important story. i hope and pray it's all good. thank you so much, dr. jen. "the other side of impossible" is out now. check it out. coming up, check out matthew mcconaughey. he's with us next.
8:46 am
8:47 am
back now with the one and only matthew mcconaughey who's taking on idris elba in "the dark tower," about the ultimate battle of good versus evil. take a look. >> you tell the kid what happened to the old crew. you tell him that everyone that
8:48 am
walked with you dies by my hand. we both know that death always wins. that's the deal. >> not this time. [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome to mr. mcconaughey. man, thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> i've been looking forward to this movie, and you play walter, evil guy, not exactly the devil, but for you was it cool to play somebody who is deceptively bad but charming at the same time? >> yeah, it was a lot of fun. i mean, he's not the devil but he's the devil impersonated. he's the man in black. walter, the story is i'm trying to bring down this tower that holds the universe together. idris plays the gunslinger, the last in the line. he's the only man that can keep the tower from falling and the only guy that can kill me. you got to see the movie to see if he does that. >> you don't think he will. stephen king has a big fan base, especially when it comes to his books that are turned into movies. was there any pressure for you
8:49 am
or idris to make sure that this came across? >> somewhat. he's got 8 books and they're not the kind you skim, 800 pages. it's a lot of reading. people have loved -- the people that love these books i mean have loved them for decades. so we're going into it, you got the responsibility of the inherent fans of these books, but pretty quickly it got fun. it just got, you know what, this is going to be our incarnation of this. i got to be the author of walter now. idris gets to be the author of the gunslinger. and stephen was very open of, look, you're going to make the movie. i understand it's different than my eight books. >> you make it your own. >> you make it your own based off of what stephen put on the page first and hopefully we put out something that the fans are going to love and the essence of the books. it's also something that if you've never read a page of the books, you're going to take a great ride. >> tell you what, you never disappoint, let you know that right now.
8:50 am
>> thank you. >> and last time you were here, another movie i loved, you were here to talk about "gold" which i really enjoyed. >> yeah. >> you gained 40 pounds for that movie. >> 47 pounds. >> what was the transformation for this movie? >> started off with a ten-day fast to kick-start losing all the fat that i had on myself in "gold." mind you, putting on 47 is more fun than losing. >> i can imagine. >> started off with a ten-day fast and then just slowly started to move around a bit, like take the stairs to the second floor which i didn't do when i was doing "gold." and then just started working out and was happy to know, hey guess what, the old body remembered where it could go and let's get back to 185 and get in shape. >> you got to get me in lessons, man. it's hard for the old body to get to where it needs to go. i saw this fake story. it said that you were retiring. you were moving to moscow, idaho.
8:51 am
>> i heard about this too. >> do you always hear stuff like that about yourself? >> yeah. i heard i have nine kids, too. as far as i know i got three. no, i really do only have three. a buddy of mine goes, hey man, i'm looking at some property up here and i'm at this realtor who says that she sold you property here in idaho. i said tell her she is lying because i don't have any property in idaho. i like idaho, idaho. but i don't have any property. >> and you're not retiring yet? >> no, i'm not close to retiring. >> good. everybody hear that? [ applause ] when you say you have three kids, we got to say happy birthday to your son. >> levi. just turned 9 the other day. there he is in mauritius where we're working right now. we have three, all healthy. levi is 9, vita is 7 and livingston is 4. >> i love the names.
8:52 am
>> levi is a name for matthew in the bible. we talked about matthew junior if we had a boy. my favorite book of the matthew 2 in the bible. levi was one of six different names. i didn't want it to be matthew because i thought it would be matthew junior. levi was one of six possible boy names. he's born, find out he's a boy. you're not thinking about the name. an hour later the doctor comes up and they hand you that card that you fill out. blank was born at 6:22 p.m. so we went, it's levi. >> wow. >> that's how he got his name. vita we always knew we wanted and livingston, i've met a couple of livingstons in my life and they were men that, if you saw them from 200 yards way, it was like, that man's got a great that man takes care of himself. i thought it was cool,
8:53 am
livingston alvarez mcconaughey. >> i named my son michael junior, i failed. you have a great constitution, man. >> thank you. >> we love you, brother. >> appreciate it. >> "the dark tower" opens nationwide on friday. we'll be right back, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next.
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we want to thank you guys for watching and give a big thanks to matthew mcconaughey. thank you so much. >> thank you, man. >> great way to start the week. thanks, guys. have a great monday. >> have a great day.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning, it's 8:59. let's go to our forecast and mike nicco. >> hi, everybody, let's start inland, antioch 77. oakland 75, and about 69 in san francisco. you think some of those inland temperatures are hot now, we have a heat advisory tonight into tomorrow morning. mainly in our hills. we could have some poor air quality also. alexis? >> we have a very fire slowing you down on northbound 101. we have one lane blocked. emergency crews are on the scene, the far right lane you're not going to be able to get through. here's a look at westbound 80. the folks heading toward the maze, not too bad. time now for "live with kelly & ryan." we'll be back at 11:00 a.m. for
9:00 am
the midday news. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, academy award winner matthew mcconaughey had a! from the new series "what would diplo do?," james van der beek! and a woman from minnesota gets a new book. we kick off the "summer selfie makeover" . plus actress busy philipps goins ryan at the cohost desk. all next on "live"! ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are ryan seacrest and busy philipps! [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ >> busy:


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