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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 4, 2017 1:37am-2:07am PDT

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hall of fame indiction set for saturday backs, both bullpens have a camera and tv monitor can see each other. check out improv for the second city. d backs for the bob sledding team. nice flow. cubs answering with good old fashion pitching. they knocked down the 7-10 split in bowling. showing how playful baseball players can be. >> this "abc 7 sports" brought to you by river rock casino. i have to say steph shooting 74 is pretty impressive. he actually beat the guy that won last week by eight strokes, beat him by a stroke today. >> i want to point out on first tee he made a three-pointer. >> there you go. >> second career after basketball, yeah. >> thank. >> "abc 7 news" continues online, on twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices with
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a super concentrated pro-v formula makes hair stronger* in just 3 minutes. so it's smoother every day. because strong is beautiful. ♪...nausea, heartburn,♪ indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ here's pepto bismol! ah. ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ ♪ that's our report. we appreciate your time. i'm dshl. >> i'm kristen sze. right tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." >> god doesn't put us through anything we can't handle, and i'm living proof of that. >> a woman shares the story of a
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life-changing event. it's what she calls her burn anniversary. why she's hoping her journey will inspire others to keep moving forward. a mob ganging up on -- >> one kid, 17 years old. >> what happens when a brave lady decides to make it stop. >> between what you see and what you believe is a gap. >> how do magicians pull off those big tricks? >> well, pretty simply. >> the video lifting the lid off the secrets to illusions. and "rtm" brought to you the pin jana proposal years ago. now cowboy and muffin are back with more big news. >> woo! >> joy was 9 years old when she suffered second and third degree burns on her body. the gas stove was on and she lit a candle and it exploded from there. after it happened she was rushed to the hospital, seen by a
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specialist and they kept her isolated in a warm room so her body wouldn't go into shock. after five or six months she was released but she was bullied, people called her a freak, an alien and said she had kong kril skin. she's 33 years old and her burn anniversary. she decided to share this picture and video to youtube. >> i wanted to share to show how far i've come and hopefully to inspire other people who are going through a really rough time. >> she wants to get the message out for people to love themselves, in spite of what they're going through. >> it can get better, it will get better. just keep thefaith, take one day at a time, one breath at a time and as my mom would say, one minute at a time. >> it's pretty brave. to commemorate a tragic occurrence. not a lot of people do that. most people are trying to leave it behind, try to block it out and she's doing the exact opposite. >> it's beautiful she's walking in her truth. the pictures at the end of the
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video are very telling. she has a family, she has children and a great testimony i love she did that. we see so many things about perfection on the internet, for her to do that is really, really above and beyond. >> love yourself. you can do it. god doesn't put us through anything we can't ndle, and i'm living proof of that. sometimes all it takes is just one person to make a difference, and police in england want to talk to one person about what happened here. here you see a bunch of young people milling around late at night, but then something's about to happen. knees guys st these guys start beating up one kid, 17 years old. this whole gang of people pummeling him with punches and other people casually strolling by except this one person and that white dress, instead of staring she intervenes. >> wow she's vulnerable. >> the thing is, she doesn't look scared of them. hey, all right, enough, break this up. police say she is not a suspect.
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they just want to talk to her because they want to identify all the other people because they left that kid battered and bruised. he had a cut mouth, bruising and swelling to the head because of this beating. >> the fact that she's there and wearing a dress and gets in the middle, suddenly draws attention to the violence of the situation, none of them are going to attack her and it defuseeverything. >> in the news media all it takes is one person to mess stuff up. this is the airborne forces day in gorkie park in russia. he's talking and somebody else starts talking, too. [ bleep ]. >> that guy clearly not supposed to be part of a live report and then boom! punches the guy in the face. >> so this was really this guy being a clown, he did not have an issue with the reporter. >> police allege the man who threw the punch was under the influence of alcohol and he was arrested and is facing criminal charges, but he did apologize and say you know what? i'm sorry and i'm ready to pay the fine that they give me.
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>> but that's not enough. sorry, you can't just go up to someone who is trying to do their job and attack them like this. fine? sorry, no, a sorry? no. let's head over to italy, in a way you've never seen before. check this out. this is a destination for cyclists, for hikers, for mountain climbers, for base jumpers even, but in this case, it is not a proximity pilot that is flying between the mountains facing all of those rock walls. >> i see a beak. >> yep. >> it's not a wing suit pilot. it's a wing pilot. >> red bull strapped a 360 camera on this eagle and we get to experience its flight in this area which means as it's flying around this beautiful area, you can see all the way around it from every perspective. >> i always wondered how much it would affect them to have that little bit of extra weight on
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them because they are aerodynamically made to fly without that stuff on them but they manage to do it. >> give it a couple more minutes and that eagle will be a red bull athlete. >> i think it already is. >> it's spectacular the advancement in 360 technology since i started on the show how much more the resolution improved and how easy it is to manipulate the shot. >> i love this shot where the eagle stops and it just looks around the valley below. if you want to check out the whole thing head over to, click on tv show and check it out on our mobile app. along with "wired" magician david qwong will open your mind to the magical world. oh, you see him. using the power of his mind as he bends that spoon. blame your brain because -- >> your brain takes shortcuts and makes assumptions, like this spoon is one piece. >> you have programmed yourself to assume it's one spoon. >> neuroscientists call this a
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modal completion. between what you see and what you believe is a gap. >> he's going to teach us a trick you might be able to do on your mate. >> dribble down, say stop here and you would remember this card. little bit of a shuffle and i should be able to get your card to rise out of the middle of the deck. >> ooh. and there it rises, like magic. >> how does he do that? that was my card. that's the one he gave me. >> actually you're right. >> magicians manipulate your memory, because your card did not come out of the middle of the deck. it came from the top of the deck. >> so you're wondering how did he get your card to the top of the deck in. >> i took 52 decks and removed the 4 of clubs from each of them and loaded them. i showed you the first few cards, and from there, you extrapolated that the deck was normal. >> i hear you asking what if they picked one of those three cards instead of the four of clubs?
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>> magicians always have a backup plan. i have the seven of diamonds in my pocket, the queen of spades in my back and the six of hearts is hanging out back here. >> a magician's best friend, misdirection. >> it's the oldest trick in the book. you need to do something over here, so make everybody look over here. did anybody notice the giant trick that's been played on you the entire time? >> no. >> check this out. >> oh my gosh. look at that. it's all about perspective. >> watch this. he moves to the side. you get to realize how he does it. so there you go. going too fast, you want to see the whole video head to i promise it's not a trick. >> mila has an issue with her sister. >> oh. >> see how she plans on fixing her hashtag problem.
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>> if this happens to everyone, just do what i do. plus marty mcbubble is going for a new record. >> very cool. >> world's biggest bubble? >> find out if he's able to burst the guinness world record. sparkle®.
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the church meeting is over and now it's time to get your groove on. because that praying mantis is dancing on the dashboard. >> the bobblehead. >> nope, a real praying mantis. this is japan and the drivers said when they got in, the praying mantis was on the dashboard. they thought we drive, going its way. it had to twerk in front of them. >> it's like it took the challenge. you want to start the car? cool. i'm gonna stay right here. i love how it's just like hey, i got my moves. >> it does it for over a minute, until finally in the end, it's like you know -- meanwhile in australia they
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say the party is no good until the police showed up. when the police showed up they turned everything up. this was posted by western australia police. the kids helped them handle the situation so they were driving them home when they got to the home area the kids were like can you keep the music on? one of the police officers is like hey why don't we turn on the lights? he got his glass on like hey, i got my moves. >> he does have moves, too. look at him, go, go, go, go, go. can we just talk about sisters? >> this little girl has got opinions about her sister. oh. >> they probably say that about me. >> hashtag. >> she's a hashtag before everyone says it. >> hashtag change my diaper. >> hashtag adorable.
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>> it really is adorable but boy is it hashtag full of attitude. >> hashtag clean tain antagoniz. >> that's a good word. she also provides a solution for this problem. >> so if this happens to anyone, just do what i do. >> the look on that face. >> is that what we should do to you? >> and you? from that precious girl to this one, who is quite the performer. dj belle, dropping some beats. >> give it up for the dj. >> i love the singing. sorry, it is so unique.
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♪ >> she got the busta rhyme flow. >> she got that hollaback feel. i'm absolutely convinced there is a guinness book of world record for absolutely and anything and everything. >> very cool. >> world's biggest bubble? >> yes. >> oh, really? >> they call this man marty mcbubble ands' goi and he's goi largest indoor free floating salt bubble. i didn't know there was a thing. >> how do you measure it? >> that's what the markers in the background are for. >> they sent an investigator to make sure it was official and the bubble is 19.8 cubic meters, that's more than double the size of the previous record holder. >> how does he do it? that's cool. >> wow. >> i wish somebody would have had the satisfaction of popping it, though. because that's part of the fun, right, when you do these bubbles.
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the fellas from the bro channel are trying to come up with the world's largest something. this is not an official measurement, they decide they're going to create a really, really, really, really, really, really, really huge bouncing ball. they're going to make it themselves. first they start with duct tape and create a ball and then they're going to pump water and gelatin into the ball that they created. >> so they're using the duct tape as a mold. >> yes, exactly. now they have to get the ball up to the top of the building. >> we did it, guys. >> they take the tape off. here we go. they take the ball, toss it over the side of the building -- >> to be a proper bouncing ball it needs to go up three or four stories back up. >> that was too high for that ball. >> i say not bad for a homemade job. y'all keep working on that,
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okay? he's performing his first ink job. >> in fact, the tattoo that he's filling in right now is on his mop. >> he's a brave soul. >> watch this 11-year-old artist at work. >> don't you have to be licensed and all that to do this? >> whatever! he's not a pro, but that's not stopping him from diving in head first. >> he's about to jump 91 feet down. >> see why this landing is causing a splash. >> oh, my! that is so crazy! honey? can we do this tomorrow? (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow? if you have heart failure symptoms, your risk of hospitalization could increase, making tomorrow uncertain. but entresto is a medicine that was proven, in the largest heart failure study ever, to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine.
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as some of you know i'm currently in the market for three new tattoos and it's tricky when you get a tattoo, trying to find an artist you can trust. >> i'll do it. >> he can trust. >> the trust was the important part of that. >> oh. >> however, i may be tempted to give ezra a go. ezra is performing his first inking. >> what the heck? >> in fact, the tattoo that he's filling in right now is on his mom. >> she's a brave soul. >> you see while she was getting her tattoo, ezra at the time was 11 years old was watching and he's like, i might want to give that a go. the tattoo artist, ali garcia was like sure, you want to give it a go? i'll show you how. this is where he's trying to do the shading, the color of that flower. >> he had never done this before? >> nope. >> that's him like going to his
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mama's skin for the first time. with a needle. >> yes but he's 11 so he knows how to stay in the lines. >> that's brave of mom. >> and it is really cool but i do have to be that person at the table, don't you have to be licensed and all that to do this? >> whatever. because look at this. ali garcia has taken him on as an apprentice now. you can follow along on instagr instagram. while the lines have been done by ali, he is the one who is now shading it in. >> this kid is going to be a phenomenal artist in just a few years. >> i just think it's funny that tattoo artist doesn't have any tattoos. >> instagram breaks down all of his posts and he's practicing on oranges. pretty good line work i'm going to say right now, mate. >> it is. >> it's one of moments where a kid expressed interest in something, a passion, and the people there that had the opportunity to bring him in said, sure.
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there's really only one way to end a perfect summer day when you are a professional diver. you're by the ocean off the coast of italy. >> whoa. >> sergio guz man and victor, i'm not sure how high that dive is but it's impressive and they make it look so easy. >> if you're a professional, you got this. if you're not, don't do this. >> look at how beautiful that area is, the cliff, the buildings around it and them in their speedos ready to put on a performance. >> talking about the dive? >> right. >> she was just talking about spe speedos and you're throwing out tens. >> from that ten to this one that is not a ten. this guy asked for a five. >> give me a five! >> he's about to jump 91 feet down. >> two, one!
2:04 am
woo! >> that is so crazy! >> 91 feet is going to kill you if you land wrong. >> especially if you land on your head, which is what this guy is calling the sailor dive. he resurfaces. he's so excited he pulls oed of the dive. >> let's go! let's go! they're enjoying their vacation in barbados. >> they are. they're headed to the beach. and he pulls his his drone, capturing some beautiful shots. >> but wait until you see the best shot he
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but at this moment, she's fighting a brain tumor. announcer: please take a moment and join st. jude in finding cures and saving children. visit ♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. ♪ strummed guitar travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing. with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now.
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27 minutes 33 seconds, 203 cookies and a ridiculous amount of milk. lori lee and bridger are a couple vacationing in barbados. i'm jealous myself. >> they go about their day and
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vlogging and headed to the beach, bridger pulls out his drone, capturing some beautiful shots of the water and the sand, and then at one point, he hands the controls to her. he's like hey, try this. he has that little black bag in his hand, kind of created this distraction with the drone. he puts the bag down. >> got to be careful. that drone is going to go. >> he's getting down on one knee. he asked her to marry him, flips the ring on her finger. >> came out of nowhere. there was no preamble to it, nothing overly set up. it was just oh, wait, by the way. >> simple. >> let's get married. >> yes. >> we feature this next couple in 2013. >> this is justin and danielle. they go by cowboy and muffin. at this point they are part of "right this minute" because we featured their wedding proposal. they've been married a few years now and you know what comes


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