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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 12, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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live where you live this is abc 7 news. >> car just plowed through. hundreds of people. >> a shocked witness describes a scene during a counter white supremacist protest in south virginia. and we begin with the aftermath of the violent clashes in virginia. one woman died. officers are linking two more deaths to the death that's griched the city after w450i9 nationalists white nationals began reporting there last night. >> the governor of virginiaia says three people are dead following the violence in
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charlottesville. state of emergency after protesters clashed. police disspursed the crowds alling it a unlawful assembly. the violence reached a new level when a car plowed into the group that was protesting white supremacist. >> the car just plowed through. hundreds of people. the the crash taking 32-year-old woman. et suspect a white male. foul play is not suspected. white nationalists are being blamed by the governor for bringing violence to the state. >> go home you're not wanted in this great commonwealth. >> and donald trump. >> we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious
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display of violence on many sides. >> republican senator tweeted we should call evil by its name my brother didn't fight against hilt erfor challenges a home. we are learning about the man who slammed into the crowd. james alex jr. squhacharged wit did eeg murder. has a bond hearing monday the woman who died is heather hire. she is a virginia native. a candle light vigil
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tomorrow in charlottesville. nanlcy pelosi had this to say -- in the bay area protesters held their own demonstrations to remember the victims killed in virginia and protest union square. >> here a candle light vigil wrapped up about an hour ago. demonstrators coming out showing solidarity to the victims in charlottesville and protest president trump's response. >> candles light up the square for a silent protest.
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in act when donald trump ignored when asked for support for white nationalists like the group in charlottesville. a much louder protest in oakland. >> no hate. no hate. >> have to call out. the hatred. we have to call out the bigotry this is not who re with. >> white nationalists marching. >> i believe in liberty and equality for everybody. >> this is taking america back to its dog days. >> head of naacp places blame on the shoulders of the president who has encouraged this type of climate. >> it has sent a signal to nethe
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racists, to feel it is open season to pick on minorities d marginalize people. >> an outspoken trump supporter calls the weekend's violence horrible and argues that white nationalist groups have been have to take action. s and all s >> we have to go home and hug families and unite our country. >> abc 7 news. protesters attending tonight's rally in oakland momentarily marched on interstate 580 near grand avenue. video from a reporter from the daily cal. protesters took over all lanes of traffic at 9:30 some setting
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off fireworks they were cleared off the freeway in about half hour. running back marshawn lynch already generated controversy as first player as oakland player, he was photographed on a cooler holding a banana during the star-spangled banner.n-issue. lynch is in the first year of two year $9 million deal with the raiders. security mishap at the airport caused evacuation and security sweep. long lines at tsa check points after officials decided everyone in term needed to be rescreened. >> we were all aboard. they suddenly said okay we can't board anybody. little bit later on the whole terminal had to recheck go back through tsa. >> the airport explained the
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bags were inadvertently dropped off in the terminal sometimes contained items banned from carry on such as weapons or sharp objects. >> they received different level of screening. they were brought into a sterile area and we made the decision to rescreen everybody in terminal a. >> said nothing dangerous was found. n the north bay known sex offender has moved to live with relatives after serving jail time for harassing a teenage girl he was known as a downtown l.a. predator for videotaping women without their permission and then up loading to youtube. >> i was feeling so good. doesn't matter if things are scared, talking, saying bad things about me. >> he's an individual that's at high risk of reoffending. we wanted to make sure the residents there knew he was moving in. >> please say silly must stay
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away from kids, no photos, or vide videos, officers will be watching and ask neighbors to do the same. >> at least three brush fires burn across the bay area including a close call in san jose. the 7 acre grass fire burned near highway 101 raced up towards homes but were stopped by firefighters. officials believe a passing car on the highway igniting that fire. firefighters are maintaining grass fire that broke out yesterday afternoon, canyon fired burned 114 acres and is 60% contained with more than 300 firefighters battiling that blazer. >> santa clara county fire forced vta to suspend service of
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the 68 bus. >> handful of people getting a slice of the power ball jackpot. up next, where the lucky tickets were sold. >> we cannot believe it. we're so excited. >> and later he had just a split second, terrifying moment involving a police officer and out of control car. we'll hear from him. >> hi everyone, you can see the clouds coming back into play. on shore breezes keeping another cool day for us.
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a bigs let down for
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thousands of fans at fans at fat lands music festival that wrapped up. >> a triebe called quest go on they were scheduled to go on at 7:30 but at 7:15 an alert flashed on outside lands screens as tribe called quest should have been taking the stage. tonight was their reschedule after cancelling yesterday because of travel delays. >> it's a bummer. we got tickets today and thought we would get lucky to see them and they cancelled again is it sucks. we've been having fun all day. not sure why they were cancelled. >> they blame further complications for the double cancelition a.
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not clear if they will miss the festival all together. the sudden change in lineup didn't dampen too many spirits the most were here for tonight's headliner, metallica. >> i am super excited to see them. >> i've always liked hard rock and they're one of the originators. >> we weren't able to record any part of the two hour long concert but ticket holders were happy and those without tickets still found a way in. we found this man jump the fence with a large group. about 30 fence jumpers a day she too have become expected part of outside lands. >> if you're at outside lands tomorrow download the abc news app and see the video how it get around with weather and traffic alerts. just enable push alert.
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power ball keeps growing and growing. california, texas, illinois, and new york, no one with all six winning numbers to claim $356 million jackpot. 20, 24, 26, 35, 49, power number 19. wednesday's jackpot is now worth $340 million. and a south bay couple is drawing up grand plans after they won more than half million dollars for matching five out of significant out of mega millions jackpot. terry and jack bought it at lake vista liquor in sunny veil. found out they won after going back to the store to check their tickets. >> we were supposed to go to work, paint and finish our job but i don't know i think we might take the day off. >> terry and jack plan to buy a house and go on vacation.
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mega millions ticket six matching numbers out of six sold out of illinois. >> hundreds of teachers came to pick up free school supplies this morning, first of ten giveaways during the year. scrap rescues were headed to the dump and make it's them available to teachers at no cost up to $200,000 supplied in three years. >> we don't have a lot of funds and equipment this is great way to bring in natural reused equipment and supplies for the kids. >> scraps says teachers in california spend about $650 a year on school supplies. >> abc 7 news was in oakland where free backpacks were distributed with haircuts at the west oakland church. volunteers say it is crucial for some families who have hard time
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being able to afford school supplies. now the accu weather forecast. >> hi everyone. good dose of low clouds and fog have maintain mild pattern inland. we look at what we can expect around concord in several days. average numbers should be in the 80s. upper 80s and we'll be looking at temperatures cooler than that. as we go into next week. live doppler 7. low clouds and fog along the san mateo coast. not much gathering from the marin county coast. will get sun down towards golden gate park tomorrow. this is a system that will keep us from getting too warm tomorrow. as it pushes north we cool down. upper 50s in san francisco. oakland. 6
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58 in half moon bay. 63 by the delta. these winds have been keeping it rather mild inland. we will be looking at some more heat returning by the middle of the week. enjoy the cool down if you like ape preview of fall next couple days. golden gate bridge midst and drizzle as the fog moves across the bay. we'll get partial clearing. looking at the coolest part, the early part of the week. in napa average highs in the low 80s. about 82 tomorrow. by monday and tuesday numbers bottom out into the 70s. trying to recover into wednesday. you will notice the numbers come up comfortable conditions for the lateral part of the week in the low 80s. overnight if lows mid to upper 50s from napa to oakland and fog towards concord tomorrow morning early and see things scatter
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quickly. this is your hour by hour forecast. you will notice we got that low deck fog across the bay tomorrow morning. from the north bay not much by way of fog stopping at 10:00 tomorrow. see clearing off the coast. even into 1:00 in the afternoon. looks like we can get brighter, some breaks in the overcast golden gate park an by 3:00 or 4:00 surges back. will be cool. warming up in the peninsula to 80s. mid 60s. downtown. nevado. oakland about 70 in berkeley. 84 in livermore. download the accu weather track all of the changes over the coming days.
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cooler days arriving i should say monday. tomorrow status quo and monday low 80s. slow recovery. warmest day on friday and dropping back off next weekend. >> thank you very much. >> art is for the dogs. intentionally.
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hordes of canines and owners are flocking to new york city. dogs feasting their eyes and in some cases not just their eyes on ten master pieces created is exclusively for them. was inspired by her rescue dog rocky. the artwork placed at eye level. for the canine feature blue,
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yellow and green as well as addressing staft and small. >> i always wondered if dogs can see color. >> they can. >> we know now. >> we like yellow and gold. silver and black are our colors. let's move on to the nationals. >> after three hour rain delay they threw out the first pitch they threw out the first pitch and bryce ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century.
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abc 7 sports. brought to you by river rock. >> pre-season football raiders hosted by the cardinals.
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mack, lynch didn't play. carson palmer did. 4 of 8. 39 yards. 12 yard td pass to golden. 7-0 cards. drew stant yoofrn stanton 112 yards one td. ej manuel. 10 of 12. 107 yards. great strike to clive. into enemy territory. raiders down 17 34-3 at the hal. to make the come back, goes 9 ya goes 29 yards to cap off five play 63 yard with one yard touchdown run but the raiders fall 20-10.
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giants and national in three hour game delay didn't start until 10:00 p.m. on the east coast after these high paid athletes have been sitting around injuries become an injury that's what happened to bryce harper. p panik found this from jackson and see you, g men out to early 1-0 lead. now bottom of the first. ma manager dusty baker cannot believe what he just saw. nats will take the contest. 3-1 your final. a's and oerks's if . a's and o's.
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sean manaea gave up six hits credited with six runs against. brady extenneding to twelve games. led 7-0 before the first. deflating before your team comes to bat. >> a's battle bag. davis with his 32nd of the year looking for back-to-back 40 homer season they had 20 hits 8 double and orioles hammer oakland 12-5 your final. steph curry in the news coming up later in this newscast. stick around. thank you very much. did he say enough, some of the criticism the president is facing following statements on charlottesville. and then with a car speeding right for
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live where you live this iss abc 7 news. good evening our top story a white nationalist rally in virginia ends guys one dead another in jail. a driver plowed into a crowd of people who were protesting in charlottesville. 21-year-old james alex field jr. has been charged with second degree murder and malicious hit and run. mayor condemned those responsible for the violence. >> this day will not define us. >> the president weighed in on the rally from new jersey after
11:36 pm
appearing to blame bequeath ss for the violence. >> no matter our color, creed, religion or political party, we are all americans first. >> hours after the protest two virginia state troopers died in a helicopter crash just outside chavrls. charlottesville. they were patrolling the rally earlier in the day. what president trump didn't say has many people upset. we're traveling with the president in bridgewater, new jersey. >> we're closely following the terrible events unfolding in charlottesville, virginia. >> today the president did say the hate and division in charlottesville has no place in america. >> we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious ee display of hatr hatred bigotry d
11:37 pm
violence on many sides. >> he seemed to play the white nationalist and counter protesters. many organized near confederate statue general e lee among them former klan leader david duke as these horrific scenes of hatred and violence played out. the first white house response came not from the president but from the first lady, our country encourages freedom of speech she tweeted but let's communicate without hate in our hearts no good comes from violence #charlottesville. and president also tweeting -- let's come together as one. the response took fire from all sides.
11:38 pm
mayor tweeted thanks for l last condemning this speech and action. our work is just beginning. and another saying we must call evil by its name these were white supremacist and this was domestic terrorism. david duke tweeted i would recommend you take a good look in the mirror and remember white americans put you in the presidency not radical leftists. >> that's abc news reporter david wright after pretz's comments he signed emergency spending bill to fund medical care to allow veterans to receive private medical care at government expense. i addresses a government shortfall that threatened medical care for thousands of vets. mr. trump made improving veteran care a central campaign promise.
11:39 pm
president trump told the governor of guam he stands behind him after north korea singled out the territory as a target. president trump suggested guam's notarity might be a good thing. >> you've become extremely famous. going to go up with expenditure. going to congratulate you. >> the grekt director of washington, d.c. office tells the post none of this is good pub wlblissity and residents lo for calm. a man hunt continues for three escapees including one who is accused of rape and murder. not clear how they escaped from the jail located 90 minutes south of memphis, teessee. >> i'm very scared and i want to
11:40 pm
know just what's going to be did about this here. >>hodla rd a is being offered for the capture of the escapees. the sheriff's department would not say how the men escaped from custody. a houston police officer had a split second to react while accused drunk driver was plowing towards him. his body camera was rolling the terrifying moment caught on tape. houston police officer making a split second decision to get out of the way of oncoming car. >> i hear screeching and tires. >> in late july officer was forced off the side of the highway by an alleged drunk driver. >> before i knew it there was a car right up on me. i had less than a second to react to the situation. >> that decision caught on his body cam saved his life. he and his partner were investigating the accident on the highway.
11:41 pm
watch as he finishes talking to the firefighter and two other officers turned to look and carter forced off the guard rail. >> i'm falling. >> hitting the ground 16 feet below. >> i kept thinking to myself when am i going to stop falling. >> that driver out on bond and officer carter with multiple injuries though tonight grateful to be alive. >> i know if i would have froze still the car would have ran me over and probably would have taken my life and i wouldn't be here today. >> houston police say the alleged drunk driver has been charged with intoxication assault. she's due in court at the end of the month. abc 7 news dallas. new details on the two men that made video of themselves climbing the golden gate bridge. 18-year-old and 21-year-old each are charged with a
11:42 pm
demeanor. for trespassing. 68 sea lions this year compared to 70 last year linked to toxic ass id levels rising are creeping further up the coast, the sea lions are exposed to the toxins when eating fish that conassume the algae. san francisco claims big victory at major game changer, giving smusk a reason to celebrate. we'll tell you why. fee settled in to cooler pattern with
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week.
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together, we're building a better california.
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in a stunning upset a botch
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backed by artificial intelligence, the bot won in the international which is taking place in seattle the gamer and bot playing the game go to two. the bot was made by elon elon firm ai in san francisco. nasa is looking for hewlett packard to help get humans to mars. on monday space born launch about have a computer similar to one you buy this has never been done because gamma rays destroy computers. they will be tested fior a to see how they handle the calculation. there's limited computing
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capability in space. america idol bus will come to san francisco. will give you a chance to be a star. you can audition online. link on our website. potential contestants need to be at least 15 years of a inch. let's look at the weather now. >> we're looking at cool temperatures right now. fog in san francisco. 58 degrees. upper 50s across the bay. 60 in hayward. low 60s in san jose. low 70s in brentwood. monday below average temperatures in low 80s. look at all of the 60s. by tuesday warming up. upper 80s the average high for concord and livermore. numbers below average by wednesday looking upper 80s, 90s still comfortable at the coast.
11:48 pm
hopefully can get you son there. it's been awfully gray. cooler tomorrow and again on monday. as we recover will see pattern of low clouds and fog at the coast, maybe sun by the end of the week at the shoreline. >> we'll see. a little golf action. final major of the year, pga championship. this tournament is up for grabs. we may have
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. third round of the 99th pga championship in
11:52 pm
jordan spieth is out of contention after three rounds. the final major of the year is up for grabs. beautiful quail hollows. 90 degrees. tough conditions. long birdie putt on 18. tough speed to read. he nails the it 5 under. crazy round. birdie on 13, eeg eagles 14 and 15. he is two under par. jason day. goes right. is dead. had quadruple bogey on par 4 out of contention. chris shroud last play to make the event. bogeys 17 is now 6 under but still on the hunt.
11:53 pm
masuyama two under for the day. makes it 6 under par. 1 back. kissner bogeys 18. shot a 1 under 72. kinsler in first. >> i thought there was more green. so much speed on the putts. just a lot of burning the edges, a lot of great putts hopefully they'll all go in tomorrow. >> round four set for tomorrow. earlier this week steph curry held elite basketball camp for 24 elite high school athletes. who better to learn from than two-time mvp and nba champion. curry doesn't se ithletes. he gets involved with the players big time and shows them the nba ropes. he has plenty of help.
11:54 pm
these highly touted athletes are hand picked for is this camp talked to him since he signed 5 year $201 million deal and he nr understands what comes with one of the largest contracts in history. >> to really impact the community and use my connection and ideas to make it happen. the country does put more of responsibility on myself to make that happen and i'm obviously aware of that. and have a great team around me that's going to help me do that. so i think that there's a huge opportunity potential to not only win championships, you know, give our fans, amazing memories. but do some really, really good in the community. >> anybody deserves that contract it's steph curry.
11:55 pm
49ers got their first win for head coach kyle shanahan. on the road. it was sloppy. lot to clean up both sides of the ball. rookie linebacker. shot with his first interception in a game at any level but couldn't come up with it. he was solid thrown into the starting role with malcolm smith's season ending injury. he will need as much as he can get going into the season. >> i was mad at myself. i thought, you know, i could have caught a pick but you know it was best to do what's best for the team. so a fast break is always great. and then a catch. >> they'll get another chance. earthquakes taking on the houston dynamo. 36th minute. directs it in. celebration flip.
11:56 pm
dynamo go on to win 3-0. track and field world championships usain bolt's final race as an athlete. takes the baton, pulls a left h hamstring he goes down and britain with the upset, japan gets the bronze not the way we want to see the greatest sprinter all time to end his career laying on the track but he has eleven titles that sthoushould hold him over. busy day. >> michael johnson had the similar thing happen on his last outing. >> he didn't train well as he should have and boom pulls the hammy. he's the greatest sprinter all time. case closed. >> thank you very much. that's it for tonight.
11:57 pm
abc 7 news continues tomorrow at 5:00. thanks for joining us.
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