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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 13, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ good morning, everyone. i am carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, august 13th. a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist, frances dinglasan, in for lisa argen this morning. >> good morning, everyone. you are waking up to gray skies and fog along the coast and around the bay. live doppler 7 showing you how it's already cleared from some inland areas in parts of the south bay.
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temperatures in the next few hours will be in the 50s and low 60s. mostly sunny for everyone except at the coast by lunchtime and a mild afternoon ahead. inland numbers will be in the upper 80s is the warmest locations and around the bay. look for mid 70s. the coast still in the 60s. a cooldown is on its way. i'll have more details. >> frances, thank you. the fbi is launching a civil rights investigation in virginia after a white nationalist rally ended with one person dead, another in jail. a driver plowed into a crowd of people who were protesting the presence of the racists in charlottesville. 20-year-old james alex fields jr. has been charged with second degree murder, malicious wounding and hit and run. the collision killed 32-year-old heather heyer and injured 19 others. president trump weighed in from new jersey, appearing to blame both sides for the violence. >> no matter our color, creed,
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religion or political party, we are all americans first. >> hours after the protest two virginia state troopers died in a helicopter crash outside charlottesville. they had been patrolling the rally earlier in the day. the black student union at the university of virginia tweeted the photo of the victim, heather heyer, saying they'll never stop fighting for her. a virginia native. a candle-light vigil is planned in her memory tonight in charlottesville. california congress woman house minority leader nancy pelosi issued a statement condemning the violence and criticizing the president saying, quote, the prez 'ssiden talk of violence ignores the shameful reality of white supremacism in our country today and continues a disturbing pattern of complacency around such acts of hate. here in the bay area
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protesters held demonstrations to remember the victim killed and the ones injured in virginia. and to protest the white house response. abc7 news reporter elissa harrington has the story from union square. >> reporter: candles light up union square for a silent protest. demonstrators covered their mouths with tape. an act to symbolize this moment when president donald trump ignored a reporter who asked if he wants support from white nationalists like the group at the center of the rallies in charlottesville. a louder protest echoed through the streets of oakland. >> no hate! no hate! >> we have to call out the hatred and the bigotry and say, no, this is not who we are. >> reporter: anne daniels made her own sign, a play off these images of torch-bearing white nationalists marching through the university of virginia. >> this is a statue of liberty. it says "this
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i believe in liberty and equality for everybody. >> this is taking america bag to his dog days. >> reporter: the head of san francisco's naacp places blame squarely on the shoulders of the president, who he says has created and encouraged this type of climate. >> that has sent a signal to these conservatives, these racists, alt-right people too, to feel that it's open season to pick on minorities and marginalized people. >> you cannot put this at the president's doorstep. >> reporter: an outspoken trump supporter calls the weekend's violence horrible. but argues that these groups have been around for decades and all sides need to take responsibility for their own actions. >> we have to stop this fighting, protesting and screaming and go home, hug our families, and look for a way to unite our country. >> reporter: elissa harrington,
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abc7 news. >> more vigils for charlottesville are happening today. here are jut some of the events here in the bay area. organizers are planning rallies in san jose, novato, santa cruz and castro valley. the locations and times are on your screen. those attending are encouraged to bring signs and flashlights. protesters attending last night's rally in oakland momentarily marched on i-580 near grand avenue. this is video taken by a reporter for uc berkeley's student newspaper "the daily cow." protesters took over all lanes of traffic in the westbound direction. some set off fireworks. police and highway patrol cleared the protesters in about 30 minutes. it's unclear whether any arrests were made. developing news out of union city this morning. two families are homeless after a car crashed through a duplex early this morning. the alameda county fire department says the crash
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happened just after midnight, feet away from station 32. first responders found a pickup truck on the lawn and a bmw in the home. police say the drivers were racing down the street, just moments before that crash both drivers and a passenger ran from the scene. police have one person in custody. luckily, no one living at the duplex was hurt. running back marshawn lynch is already generating controversy in his first game as an oakland raider while other players stood during the national anthem before the game against the cardinals, lynch was photographed sitting on a cooler. head coach jack del rio says lynch told him he has always sat during the star spangled banner. del rio calls it a non-issue. lynch is a native of oakland and is the -- in the first year of a two-year, $9 million deal with the raiders. as you know, former 49er quarterback colin kaepernick sparked controversy over the same issue.
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at least three brush fires burned across the bay area yesterday, including this close call in south san jose. take a look at just how close the scorched earth is to homes. the seven-acre grass fire burned near highway 101. flames raced up the hillside towards homes were stopped by a fast response from firefighters. officials believe a passing car on the highway started the fire. firefighters are containing a grass fire that broke out near lake berryessa in napa county yesterday afternoon. it's burned 114 acres. it's now 80% contained. one firefighter suffered minor injuries. no structures have been damaged or threatened at this time. that's good news. the cause of the fire is under investigation. in morgan hill, a smokey grass fire that broke out yesterday is now 70% contained.
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it charred 100 acres near the intersection of hale and tilton avenues in santa clara county. the fire forced vta to suspend service of the 68 bus in the area. that's one benefit of the cooler weather. it makes the fire danger go down. >> yeah. the cooler weather is heading our way tomorrow. but the winds will be picking up. so that's going to help -- that's not going to help firefighters. >> no. >> here is live look from emeryville over the overcast skies around the bay. sunshine is heading our way. more coming up. thanks, frances. also coming up, a handful of people scored serious dough. they are getting a slice of last night's powerball jackpot. where those lucky tickets were sold. and -- >> we cannot believe it! we were so excited. >> oh, yeah. they are winners. a south bay couple
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welcome back, everyone. it is 6:11 on this sunday, august 13th. thank you for waking up so early to join us for the abc7 mornings. this is a live look at our iconic golden gate bridge. it is shroudd in fog this morning. probably a bit windy there too. if you think today is a bit on the cool side, well, just wait for what the rest of the week holds. that's a bit of a tease for frances, who is coming up a bit
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later with a full accuweather forecast. operations are back to normal at mineta san jose international airport after a security mishap caused an evacuation and a security sweep. passengers shared these photos of the long lines at tsa checkpoints yesterday after officials decided everybody in termal a had to go back and be rescreened. >> we were all about to board, and then they suddenly said, okay, we can't board anybody. and then a little bit later on the whole terminal, i think, had to recheck, go back through tsa. >> what a nightmare! the airport explaining that checked bags were inadvertently dropped off inside the terminal. they sometimes contain items banned from carry-ons like weapons or sharp objects. >> they had received a different level of screening, and since they were brought into terminal "a," which is considered a sterile area, we found it necessary, we made the decision
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to rescreen everybody in terminal "a." >> and that spokesperson says nothing dangerous was found. of course, we are all following the latest developments in charlottesville, virginia. this morning investigators have identified the man charged with plowing into a crowd of demonstrators, killing at least one person and injuring 19 others. it happened after violent clashes between white nationalists and counterprotesters. abc7 news reporter meghan hughes is live in charlottesville. good morning, meghan. >> reporter: good morning to you. it's a calm morning here in charlottesville. we are actually at the scene where that car plowed into a crowd. this morning we have been talking to charlottesville residents who have come out here with brooms, they say to cleanse the area. you can see the make-shift memorial behind me. there are flowers, candles. incense burning, there is a card about love.
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the only indications that this was the scene of a deadly rampage. overnight, the charlottesville community holding a vigil for healing. this after a day of panic and chaos in the streets. a car plowing through a crowd of counter protesters, killing one 32-year-old woman and sending 19 people to the hospital. >> hit like two or three other cars and smashed into eem. the driver a 20-year-old white male from maumee, ohio. it capped off a weekend of hatred and violence in the city. white nationalists swinging torches. saturday the groups clashed, a state of emergency declared. two virginia state police officers, lieutenant h. jay cullen and trooper pilot berke m.m. bates died in a helicopter crash. president trump speaking to the nation, denouncing the violence
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but not the white supremacists specifically. >> we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides. >> reporter: the governor of the state of virginia said he did have a message. >> and i have a message to all the white supremacists and nazis who came into charlottesville. go home! >> reporter: the man arrested, james alex fields jr., has a bond hearing set for monday. his mother telling the "associated press" she thought her son was going to a donald trump rally. in charlottesville, virginia, i am meghan hughes, abc7 news. >> thank you very much, megan. in the north bay a known sex offender has moved into rohnert park. dan cilley is living with relatives after serving jail time for harassing a teenage girl. he was known as the "downtown l.a. predator" for videotaping women on the street without
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their permission and uploading the clips to youtube. >> feeling so good this morning, like it doesn't matter that there are all these people like, scared and like talking -- saying bad things about me. >> he is an individual that is a high risk of reoffending, and so we wanted to make sure that the residents there knew that he was moving in. >> police say cilley is required to stay away from children. no photos or videos. officers will be watching him, and they are asking neighbors to do the same. today is the last day of the outside lands music festival. fans are hoping the lineup will stay the same. this after a big let-down yesterday. a tribe called quest canceled friday. was rescheduled for last night but later an alert went out saying their show would not go on. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian has more from golden gate park. >> reporter: this alert flashed
6:17 am
on outside lands screens just as a tribe called quest should have been taking the tnwiea they earlier canceled because of travel delays. >> it's a bummer. we thought we were going to get lucky and see them. i saw they got canceled again. >> it sucks. but we have been having fun all day, and not quite sure why they got canceled. maybe there were other reasons. >> reporter: organizers blamed further travel complications for the double cancelation. it's not clear if the group will miss the festival altogether. the sudden change in lineup didn't dampen too many spirits. most were here for metallica. >> super excited to see them. they're all about the fans. >> i have always liked harder rock, metal. and they are one of the originators. amazing band. >> reporter: due to filming restrictions, we were not allowed to record any part of the two-hour concert, but the band did not disappoint. ticket holders were happy, and those without tickets still found a way in.
6:18 am
we saw this fan jump the fence with a large group. and according to private security, there have been about 30 fence jumpers per day. they too have become an expected part of outside lands. in san francisco, lisa amine gl gulezian. abc7 news. >> if you're heading there today, download the abc7 news app. you'll find a video on how you can maneuver and get around the festival site, along with weather and traffic updates throughout the weekend. be sure to enable push alerts. the powerball jackpot keeps on growing and growing. tickets with five winning numbers were sold in california, texas, illinois and new york. no one had all six winning numbers to claim the $356 million prize. here are the numbers. 20, 24, 26, 35, 49, and the powerball number 19. wednesday's jackpot, it's worth at least $430 million.
6:19 am
a south bay couple has big plans after winning more than half a million dollars for mach matching five out of six numbers in the mega millions jackpot. they bought the lucky ticket at lake vista liquors in sunnyvale. they found out they won after going back to the store yesterday morning to check their tickets. >> we were supposed to go to work. we were supposed to go paint and finish our job. i don't know. i think we might take the day off. [ laughter ] >> terry and jack plan to buy a house, go on vacation, a mega millions ticket matching all six numbers was sold in illinois. that's a happy story. live doppler 7, satellite images. showing us the low clouds and fog along the coast and into parts of the bay. it is clearly, actually, from some inland areas pretty quickly.
6:20 am
we'll zoom out and show you this trough. this will dig south. and that's going to increase the onshore flow and bring us much cooler temperatures tomorrow. here is a look at the bay bridge. you see the gray skies overhead. most temperatures in the 50s. right now san francisco 55. oakland 57. san jose, 59. half moon bay, 57 degrees. and just a few minutes before sunrise we are lookingea broay diablo. a few low clouds still but lots of clear spots as well inland already. santa rosa, cooler, 53. apa,, cooler, 53. downtown concord is at 57 degrees. downtown san francisco and the gray skies once again. we're going to deal with the fog around the coast and the bay in the morning hours. partial clearing at the coast. sunshine for everyone except at the beaches, and then much cooler tomorrow. get ready for that. here is a look at the fog animation forecast. the clouds, you notice all along
6:21 am
the peninsula and coast. already cleared during the morning hours in parts of the north bay coast as well. notice by lunchtime, everyone gets sunshine, with the exception of just san francisco, down south towards pescadero. santa cruz looking clear, though. tonight you'll see the clouds moving in and these areas of green, which are pockets of drizzle along the coast and into the east bay, it will start tonight and continue into tomorrow morning. you'll probably turn on your windshield wipers a few times heading into work. highs today will be close to yesterday's numbers. so once again, plenty of sunshine for everyone. warmest areas will be in lake port, cloverdale, low 90s. fairfield, 88. antioch, 86. comfortable in oakland at 71 degrees, and nice and sunny in san jose at 80 degrees. downtown san francisco 66 degrees. a little more sunshine. so partly cloudy conditions at the beaches today. and there will be a strong sea breeze as well. 10 to 20 miles per hour for the
6:22 am
most part. but it could even be gusty to about 30 miles per hour in some spots. chilly ocean temperatures at 59 degrees. if you're heading to outside lands today, i would definitely grab a jacket. it will be partly cloudy and breezy with temperatures in the low 60s today. gusts will be breezy as well, today into tomorrow afternoon. and that strong seabreeze, the onshore flow, that's going to drive temperatures down for tomorrow. we will be as much as 10 degrees cooler than average in some areas. that means 60s still at the thee coast. possibly only the low 80s inland for tomorrow. here is the accuweather 7-day forecast. a little change today. typical summer weather. tomorrow, drizzle overnight into tomorrow morning. a much cooler afternoon. temperatures will rebound on tuesday. they keep on rising wednesday, thursday, friday looks to be the
6:23 am
warmest day of the week. >> oh, my poor brother who is in town. >> guests visiting. the typical cool weather at the golden gate bridge. >> that's all right. the bay area is still a thing of beauty. >> yes, it is. >> thank you, frances. just ahead the art for the dogs. the story behind an exhibit made for our furry, four-legged friends. did you know "american idol" is coming to abc7 this fall? auditions will be held in oakland one week from today. the "american idol" bus will be in jack london square, giving you the chance to be a star! you don't have to wait. you can audition online right now. we have a link to the application at a
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we're joined from new york to learn what's coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america." >> we're covering the deadly attack out of virginia. charlottesville is in shock this morning after violence between white nationalists and counterprotesters turned deadly. a car plows through a crowd at high rates of speed killing one and injuring others. two police officers in addition were covering the scene and were involved in a deadly helicopter crash. the suspect was arrested overnight. he is from ohio. the fbi now tries to piece together the driver's motive. we have team coverage on the latest developments all on "gma"
6:27 am
this sunday morning. hope to see you soon. >> thank you. scores of canines and owners are flocking to an outdoor art show in new york city. the dogs are feasting their eyes and mouths on ten masterpieces created just for them. dogumenta is the briain child o jessica dowden, inspired by her rescue dog rocky. the artworks are placed at eye level for the canines and feature dog-friendly colors, blue, yellow and green as well as addressing taste and smell. still to come here on abc7 mornings. did he say enough.some of the ce president is facing following his statements on charlottesville. plus, with a car speeding right for him, a police officer right for him, a police officer has nowhere to go but right for him, a police officer has nowhere to go but ♪ sun to the farm ♪ ♪ to the seeds in a row ♪ ♪ goodness begins with the seed that you sow ♪ ♪ plant that oat and watch it grow ♪
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welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half hour with a look at the weather with frances dinglasan in for lisa. >> i'll show you a beautiful weather shot. the sunrise happened seven minutes ago. most of us are under gray skies but inland areas are already seeing some sunshine. such a pretty shot.
6:31 am
if we could stay there a little bit longer. temperatures in the 50s and 60s over the next few hours. notice the clouds just stick to the coast. but, by lunchtime and this afternoon we will see sunshine everywhere, except along the peninsula coast. san francisco will start to warm up to 62 degrees. 76 in san jose. concord 75. and then this afternoon, mostly sunny conditions, temperatures will be close to what we experienced yesterday, but get ready for a cooldown coming up, carolyn. topping this half hour, the aftermath of the white nationalist protest in virginia. today people all over the nation will rally in solidarity with the victims in charlottesville. that's where violence during a so-called unite the right rally led to three deaths. 32-year-old heather heyer was skilled when a man plowed his car into a crowd of counterprotesters. two virginia state troopers responding to the protest died in a helicopter crash.
6:32 am
dozens more people were injured. this morning 20-year-old james alex fields jr. is in custody. police say he was the driver in yesterday's attack. a wave of criticism is following president trump's comments about the rally in virginia. it's not what he said. it's what he did not say that has some people so upset. abc7 news reporter david wright is traveling with the president in bridgewater, new jersey. >> we are closely following the terrible events unfolding in charlottesville, virginia. >> reporter: the president finally did say the hate and division in charlottesville has no place in america. >> we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence many sides. non o many sides. >> reporter: but the president seemed to blame both the white nationalists and the counterprotesters equally. many of the white nationalists
6:33 am
who organized the rally near a statue of confederate general robert e. lee voted for trump. among them. former klan leader david duke. as these horrific scenes of hatr and out, the first white house response came not from the president but from the first lady. our country encourages freedom of speech, she tweeted, but let's communicate without hate in our hearts. no good comes from violence. #charlottesville. president trump waited another 40 minutes to weigh in himself, tweeting we all must be united and condemn all that hate stands for. there is no place for this kind of violence in america. let's come together as one. the president's response took fire from all sides. the mayor of charlottesville tweeted, thanks, at long last, for condemning hate in speech and action. our work here is jus
6:34 am
republican senator cory gardner tweeted, mr. president, we must call evil by its name. these were white supremacists, and this was domestic terrorism. david duke, not happy either. he tweeted at trump, i would recommend you take a good look in the mirror and remember it was white americans who put you in the presidency, not radical leftists. >>t tiha t.abs wawsc after the president's comments about virginia, he signed an emergency spending bill to fund veteran's medical care. the bill will pump more than $2 billion into a program that allows veterans to receive private medical care at government expense. it addresses a budget shortfall at the department of veterans affairs that threatened medical care for thousands of vets. president trump made improving veteran's care a central campaign promise.
6:35 am
abc news chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz as an exclusive interview with anthony scaramucci. his first tv interview after his stint at the white house. "this week" starts at 8:00 after the weekend edition of "good morning america." one of four inmates who escaped from a jail in mississippi early friday has been apprehended. a manhunt continues for three other escapees, including a man who is accused of rape and murder. the jail is located about 90 minutes south of memphis. >> i am very scared. and i want to know just what's going to be -- what's going to be did about this here. >> a $1,000 reward is being offered for the capture of the escapees. the sheriff's department is not
6:36 am
saying how the man escaped from custody. a houston split second to r when an accused drunk driver barrels towards him. his body camera is rolling. janae norman picks it up from there. >> officer down. he jumped off the side of the freeway. >> reporter: the terrifying moment caught on tape. a houston police officer making a split-second decision to get out of the way of the oncoming car. >> i heareecr sgch of tires. >> reporter: in late july officer carter forced off the side of the highway. >> before i knew it, a car was right up on me. i had less than a second to react to the situation. >> reporter: that decision, captured on officer carter's body cam, saved his life. when he and his partner were investigating an accident on the highway inoust r.onponders turn look, and carter is forced off
6:37 am
the guardrail. >> i am falling. >> reporter: hitting the ground 16 feet below. >> i kept thinking, when am i going to stop falling. >> reporter: the driver, out on bond and officer carter left with multiple injuries though thankful to be alive. >> i know if i would this froze still, the car would have ran me over and probably taken my life and i wouldn't be here today. >> reporter: houston police say the alleged drunk driver, bianca bennett, has been charged with intoxication assault. she is due in court at the end n.thormajan. abc news, dallas. to the two men who made a video of themselves climbing the golden gate bridge. the chp is recommending that 18-year-old peter curler and ec charged with a misdemeanor for trespassing. they scaled the golden gate bridge in aa recorded stunt tha went viral.
6:38 am
they're being sued for unspecified damages and legal costs. the marin mammal center seen 68 sea lions this year. the poisoning is linked to toxic algae blooms. most of the animals are being rescued from the central coast. experts say acid levels are rising and creeping further up the coast. the sea lions are exposed to the toxins by eating fish like sardines and anchovies that consume the algae. still ahead here on abc7 mornings. the law of baseball knows no boundaries. the bay area little league kids coming together with friends half a world away. and here is a live look from our east bay hills camera. temperatures today close to normal. htigsl bly spots. but they're really going to take a dive tomorrow.
6:39 am
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♪ ♪ abc7 news was in richmond where hundreds of people dressed as rosie the riveter gathered to hold on to a hometown record. the event celebrates the contributions of women during world war ii by gathering the largest number of roseies in the
6:42 am
same room. the record was 2 year's event. >> people flooded in there all over the bay area. now we're trying to go farther out and catch all the people who are interested in this wonderful event and that wonderful era of history. >> love it! this year's estimated crowd, 1600. another rosie gathering will take place in octobern michigan to challenge the richmond record. happening today, it is your last chance to enjoy the sonoma county fair. the fair is going out with a bang with horse racing, live music and carnival rides. this year's theme is holidays. today halloween is coming early to sonomantou cy. trick-or-treaa pumpkin pie and meet the fairy godmother at the fair. fair is s morning until 11:00 tonight. it kind of feels like fall out there. >> right now it does. but santa rosa will warm up to
6:43 am
the upper 80s, 85, 87. lots of sunshine. it will cool down again tonight. for us, we are dealing with gray skies during the morning hours. it's a typical day today. but tomorrow we have big changes. that's coming up. thank you, frances. also coming up, the giants and nationals withstood a three-hour rain delay before they threw out the first pitch. oh! washington star bryce harper slipping on first base, leaving the ge.
6:44 am
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in sports today the giants are scheduled to play a day/night double-header against the nationals. that will make up for friday night's rainout. the first game starts at 10:05 this morning at nationals park, weather permitting. game two is slated to begin at 4:05 this afternoon. the a's face the orioles at oakland coliseum. first pitch at 1:05. the raiders opened their preseason last night in arizona against the cardinals. here is shu with the highlights. good morning. >> we kick off with raiders football, hosted by the cardinals. first preseason game with most of the raiders' star players not participating. derek carr, khalil mack, marshawn lynch all did not play. this is the cardinals' second preseason game so carson palmer did make the start. he was 4 of 8. 39 yards with a td pass. 7-0. cards. played one series and then drew
6:47 am
stanton took over throwing for 112 yards and one td. buying time, hits nicholas for the 7-yard score. 14-0, cardinals. e.j. manuel, former snoem. 40 of 12. yonarec sds.efds and then a 43 yard field goal. raiders down 17-3 at the half. third quarter. looking to make a comeback. ovnner cook dr to crockett. he takes it 29 yards to the cardinal 36. he capped off the play with a 63 yard drive with a one-yard touchdown run. but the raiders fall. 20-10 your final. >> the giants and nationals withstood a three-hour rain delay. didn't start the game until 10:00 p.m. on the east coast. no game should be started that late as injuries become an issue.
6:48 am
joe panik found the center from jackson. the result, see ya. g-men out to an early lead. bottom first. aforementioned injury. bryce harper to first. watch his foot as he hits the bag, probably dauchl dmp due to rain. his foot hits the bag. he slips, hyperextends his left leg. hits hard. they carry harper off. he is done. manager dusty baker cannot believe what he just saw. nats rally and score two runs in the inning. off samardzija. zimmerman singled in. the nats win the contest. 3-1 your final. a's and os at the coliseum. if you were late, you missed a seven-run first by baltimore. it was a hitting clinic against the pitcher who lasted just one third of an inning. gave up six hits and four runs beforeeing removed f game by bob melvin. he officially gets credit. it was six runs against when tim beckham hit a two run double off brady extending his hitting streak to 12 games. orioles led 7-0 after one. pretty deflating.
6:49 am
before your team ever comes to bat. the a's battled back with two home runs. bottom of the first. davis, his 32nd home run of the season. 40ome n season.or back-to-back the os hammer oakland. 12-5 the final. that's the way the ball bounces. i am mike shumann. see you again tonight at 5:00. have a great day. good sunday morning. live doppler 7 with satellite images showing us once again. gray skies, fog and clouds. we're going to pull out to show you the weather pattern that we're expecting. big changes on the way. here we have the trough, the onshore flow will start to slide south and drive cooler numbers for tomorrow. right now we're dealing with fog at the golden gate bridge. gray skies there. temperatures mainly in the 50s. oakland, 57. san jose, 59. gilroy, 55 degrees. i wanted to take you up and look
6:50 am
from the east bay hills outdoors, mount diablo. sunshine in store for most of us this afternoon. we're already seeing it in some inland areas. right now. santa rosa 52. napa 53. novato has dropped to 50, one of our coolest spots. fairfield and concord in the mid to upper 50s as well as livermore. sfo, no delays reported yet. marine layer a bit shallower. we haven't seen any reported. so far we're just dealing with morning fog along the coast and bay and partial clearing at the coast. much like yesterday, mostly sunny for everyone else. then, much cooler tomorrow! i will show you by how much. here is the cloud animation forecast. in the next few hours we'll see clearing all along the north bay. still clouds along the peninsula coast and into parts of the bay. by lunchtime and this afternoon everybody gets sunshine with the exception of the peninsula coast, south of san francisco, down towards pescadero. you see the areas of light green
6:51 am
popping up. those are the clouds moving in tonight. overnight into tomorrow. the light green shows where we might get drizzle. that continues overnight. for monday morning you will be possibly waking up to some wet highs will range from the 60s at the coast to upper 80s in inland areas. we may top out in the low 90s in locations like cloverdale, lakeport. oakland, 71. san francisco, downtown, 66 degrees. san jose, sunshine and mild at 80 degrees. now, if you are headed to the a's game this afternoon, you will maybe need to bring a jacket. even though temperatures are mild in the upper 60s throughout the game, there will be a breeze. and the breeze will stick around today. in fact, here is how it shows you -- this shows you the winds tomorrow.and into winds will be anywhere from 10 to 20 miles an hour.
6:52 am
that onshore flow will drive temperatures down. and so, for example, in san jose, even though our average high is 82, we are a little bit below that today. tomorrow will almost be 10 degrees below average. we slowly ramp back up again, close to normal by the end of the work week. you will also see that with the accuweather 7-day forecast. so a little change today. if you liked yesterday, you will like today. the clouds move in again tonight, and we'll start off with some drizzle tomorrow morning with much cooler temperatures tenacoorrooromw. end of the work week. >> okay. [ laughter ]etng for everyone, e mentioned. >> thank you, frances. one final game for the boys of summer. today a team visiting from japan will play the final game of a five-game series against a san mateo team. the week-long visit by the japanese team is a traditional cultural exchange that makes them all winners. abc7 news reporter katie
6:53 am
marzullo has the story. >> reporter: they came a long way, but the baseball diamond feels like home to these young players from japan. they came to the bay area to play a team from san mateo. it's part of a sister city tradition dating back to 1979. >> i like playing against, like, other people, not just people in san mateo and in playing agains people out of the country. >> reporter: the game is played every other year and the cities host every other time. this tradition is about so much more than baseball. >> i learned a word for good evening. >> reporter: the players take language and cultural classes because they're not just playing baseball with the japanese kids, they're hosting them in their homes. >> it's actually really fun, but the communicating part is where it kind of falls apart. that's where google translate comes in handy. >> reporter: ken played on the team as a boy, and his family hosted a japanese player, now his son plays and ken is the
6:54 am
host. >> i would not pass this up for the world. >> it's really fun to kind of learn some japanese while they're learning some more english. >> reporter: in 2019 it will again be japan's turn to host. george has made the trip many times. >> it's so great to see how the barriers are just broken immediately by kids playing together. >> reporter: a victory for everyone involved. in san mateo, katie maullo.up, chance to enjoy one of the biggest music festivals in the south bay. we'll tell you the headliners for today's summer jazz fest.
6:55 am
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. one of the biggest music festivals in the southra wayaz ps festival features jazz, blues and funk. this year's lineup features more than 120 acts. today the whispers. macio and jazz by five. performances begin at 11:00. the festival is at cesar sll c . they cost $25. let's get a final check of the forecast. >> temperatures this afternoon will hit a high of 80 in sanor the coast. oakland, 71. santa rosa, 87. concord, 85. basically, enjoy the weather. summerlike while it lasts.
6:58 am
tomorrow it will be much cooler and about 5 to 10 degrees below average. that is going to do it for us. thank you for joining us on abc7 mornings. i am carolyn tyler along with frances dinglasan who is in for lisa argen. the news continues online, on twitter, facebook and instagram. abc7 news continues at 9:00. "good morning america" is up next. have a great sunday, everyone, have a great sunday, everyone, and a great week ahead. ♪ hey! ♪ bee to hive to the comb ♪ combing that honey ♪ into some gold ♪ take that gold and make it an o ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around hey! ♪ ♪ bee to hive to the o ♪ oat from the farm is the yum in yo bowl ♪ ♪ put in the good and the good will grow ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around hey! ♪ ♪ good goes around good goes around and around and around. hey! ♪
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chase. so you can. good morning, america. breaking news. terror in charlottesville. chaos in the streets. >> go, go, go, go! >> as a car plows in c ato wdro >> pools of blood all over the ground. people screaming. i have never seen such a blatant horrific racist attack in my entire life. >> victims thrown in the air. one woman dead. others critically wounded. bigoe out here. >> the alleged driver arrested. what we're learning about the suspect this morning. was he fueled by hate? and fighting erupts. on the streets of this american city. hate groups making nazi salutes. >> please, go home. and never come back. >> skirmishing with counterprotesters. beating each other with clubs.


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