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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  August 20, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> very funny man, very talented. we're going to miss him. >> now at 5:00 saying good-bye to a comic icon a man known for his slap stick humor and jerry's kids. hello, i'm eric thomas. tonight the world is paying tribute to two comedic giants. dick gregory died late last night in washington, d.c. then this morning we learned legendary comic jerry lewis passed away at his home. cornell bernard is here with the
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latest. >> reporter: everybody knows the name jerry lewis. he was an actor, comedian, and humanitarian. the passing already generating thousands of reactions on our abc 7 facebook page. many of you have a memory. >> my brand mother used to call me jerry lewis. >> reporter: really? >> i was like the comedian in the crowd. >> i loved him. he was very funny, especially in his younger days. >> reporter: a true come did he legend jerry lewis defined comedy as a man in trouble. gags and pratt falls were the foundation of his career. >> his facial expressions and his over the top humor, as we thought the guy was hilarious. >> reporter: he remembers watching those famous buddy movies pairing with dean martin. >> give me the driver. >> reporter: and later when lewis made and directed his own films like the nutty professor. it was his role for more than half a century as spokesman for
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the muscular dystrophy association which made him most proud. the labor day telethon raising millions of dollars. evgenia >> he seemed like an incredible humanitarian. >> reporter: he said he didn't care how the world would remember him. >> i have to let you know i'm concerned what you think of me right now, and that's all i care about. >> reporter: jerry lewis was 91. cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> we invite to you join the more than 250 people who have shared their favorite people moments on their facebook page. search for abc 7 news. the country is getting ready for tomorrow's total solar eclipse. abc7 news was at lawrence berkeley hall of science where people secelebrated the eve of totality. it included demonstrations in how to create pinhole projecters. >> something different, and it's a good chance for the kids to learn about astronomy and the
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way the sun works and the way the earth rotates. >> tomorrow the lawrence hall of science will host various activities and stream live feeds from the path of totality. millions of americans have flocked to small towns stretching from oregon to south carolina to watch the first total solar eclipse to sweep coast to coast across the u.s. in nearly 100 years. abc7 news reporter maggie ruely is in charleston, is being stk where crowds and an advertise are already building for tomorrow morning, right, maggie? >> reporter: eric, exactly. crowds are already here in charleston. this is supposed to be the most watched eclipse in history. and already from coast to coast, small towns and cities are filling up and cashing in. t-minus one day to the great american eclipse. >> it's a once in a lifetime thing. they say almost every person that sees it, it's the biggest event of their life. >> reporter: the hype and the traffic jambs are only growing.
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>> it's busy here. >> reporter: some driving whatever it takes to hunt down totality. this man logging more than 1,000 miles. >> because when they say we're going to have a solar eclipse in our generation to actually see it. >> reporter: millions are trying to catch the moon's shadow as it races from or or to south carolina. with every city in between, boasting the best views. >> i'm building to put a pitch for charleston because we're the last place, we're also the best place. >> we're the point of greatest eclipse. >> reporter: hopkinsville in western kentucky sits in the bull's-eye. locals are expecting $30 million in eclipse tourism. coast to coast, small towns and cities are hoping for a big business bump. >> once in a lifetime event here, you know. and take advantage of it. >> reporter: many hotels and airbnb's are at capacity. >> some places were charging $1500 to rent their rooms out. >> reporter: local dance teams are cashing in. >> we're selling water, cookies and pop sickles. >> haven't been a tourist community before, but now we are. >> reporter: and here in
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charleston, moon pies are flying off the shelves and we even picked up this t-shirt totality mooned. in charleston county, south carolina, maggie ruely abc7 news, eric? >> what the governments are doing and police department for the influx of tourist. how about the people who live and work there, are they happy about having all these people flooding in? >> reporter: you know, so far most people we talk to say it is all worth the hassle. they understand you have to take precautions. traffic is going to be insane. but everyone is so excited for this. again, t-shirts on sale. every restaurant running drink and food specials. in true southern fashion yesterday i even saw an eclipse hot biscuit for sale so people are certainly taking advantage, hosting events, literally hundreds of events. one of the most unique, eric, though, is happening at this water right behind me where thousands are going to go out on an aircraft carrier during the eclipse. so, certainly a lot happening between now and tomorrow. >> wow, okay.
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maggie, i wear 2 x if you buy an extra t-shirt. that's maggie ruely reporting live in charleston, south carolina. thank you so much for the information, maggie. see you later. well, here in the bay area we'll see the solar eclipse starting around 9:00 tomorrow morning and it will peak about an hour later. meteorologist drew tuma is tracking the best spots from which to see it. drew? >> eric, we're right outside the path of totality. so, we'll still see a partial solar eclipse here in the bay area. all going to begin tomorrow morning at 9:01:00 a.m. that's when the moon will begin to move in front of the sun. at 10:15, that is when the solar eclipse will peak. for us that means about three-fourths of the sun will be covered by the moon. right now the forecast does include a lot of cloud cover along the coast. future weather, let's go hour by hour monday morning. here we go. the eclipse begins patchy fog around the bay, but look, san jose, livermore, antioch, santa rosa has clear skies. maximum eclipse now does look like the coast will be cloudy. so move as far away from the
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coast for best viewing conditions. ifyou weren't able to score a pair of the eclipse glagses, we'll show you how to make them with things from home in the upcoming forecast, eric. >> thanks. share your photos and videos with us on social media. use the #abc7now. abc7 news will have the great american eclipse including live coverage beginning tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. anchored by abc's david muir. we have new details now on a small plane from the bay area that crashed near an oregon eclipse viewing site. officials now say there was only one person on that single engine home built plane that crashed in m adr as yesterday. it took offer from san carlos airport and registered to an owner in menlo park. a family member of the pilot was originally scheduled to be on the trip but ended up not going. in mooartinez, new details.
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34-year-old joey carol led deputies on a chase last night. estopped at a gase station on arthur road. officials say carol rammed into the patrol car and deputy fired at him. carol was not hit. officials say he drove the wrong way on interstate 680 and hit another car. he suffered minor injuries and was taken zpo custody. we have new details on a brutal killing in chicago. they were denied bail today. they met online and talked about carrying out a fantasy of killing someone. then killing themselves. their charged with killing trenton last month. they were in a relationship but police wouldn't call it a domestic crime. >> it was not domestic in nature like a husband/wife or boyfriend-boyfriend or love triangle. that was not the motive. it was a little more dark and disturbing as far as i'm concerned. >> the two suspects were arrested in the bay area after more than a week on the run. a man arrested for not paying his bart fare got much
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more than a ticket. bart police caught 9 man lat night at the fruitvale station. he had a $20,000 warrant on suspicion of identity theft. they arrested him and took him to jail. officers have been cracking down on fare cheaters. it costs bart an estimated $25 million per year. scary video in china. a extra collapses and a man on a scooter goes right inside. he's okay, but wait till you hear how this unfortunate crash happened. and. >> i don't know much about -- >> the next
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there are potholes, there are monster sink holes. check out this video from china.
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you can sigh the street collapse leaving a huge gaping hole in the road. minutes later, watch this man riding a scooter. he disappears right into that hole. he was not seriously hurt. he appeared to be looking at his phone just before the crash. hundreds of volunteers are making sure deserving children are ready for school. abc7 news was at uc berkeley where thousands of school and dental supply kits were packed up. the event was organized by the nonprofit supply, the group says there is an added purpose this year because the school supplies for homeless children fund is down by $125,000. they say that's because of changes on turbo tax that made it harder for tax payers to make charitable donations. bay area musicians had a chance to show off their skills today. "american idol" is in town and we'll hear from some of the locals hoping to become the next singing superstar. >> and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. it's all about tomorrow morning's partial solar eclipse. clouds for
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♪ ♪ the next singing sensation could be right here in the bay area. "american idol" is back on the hunt for the next big superstar. long lines of singing hopefuls lined up in oakland this morning. it's one of 19 cities holding open auditions for the return of the big show next year right here on abc7. abc7 news reporter elissa harrington was there with more of the sights and sounds. >> i've been wanting to do this since i was in like second grade. >> reporter: thousands of people all chasing the same dream. pat in square sunday. the line for "american idol" open auditions stretched down the street and around the block. >> the bay area has a lot of talent and a lot out here. everybody around here can sing. >> reporter: singers full of excitement and nerves pass the time practicing for what could be their big break.
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♪ i want to swing from the chandelier ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: sky was one of the first in line. she arrived at 4:00 a.m. and told me she's excited "american idol" is back. >> so, the year that they ended "american idol" was the year that i was finally old enough to be on it, like the next season would be, i cried for about a week. this has been my dream since i was like 5. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: alma body from east oakland is happy idol is showcasing talent from the bay area. >> to come to oakland means a lot. to come to oakland and have positive people out here singing, beautiful voices out here means a lot. it gives the world to see oakland in a different view. >> reporter: friends and family watched from the sidelines, like this dad who drove up from fremont. his 16-year-old daughter gianna
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did not make the cut this time. >> you know what, i still think my daughter might be the "american idol" some day. not this round. >> i'll get over it. i know this is what i'm meant to do. it's okay. >> reporter: others who dressed like wonder woman got the coveted golden ticket. >> i'm very hopeful. i'm excited. >> reporter: those who advanced will audition in front of a panel of the celebrity judges including katie perry on a future date. in oakland elissa harrington, abc7 news. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> and in acwith yccuweather, aw on the forecast tomorrow morning. there will be some cloud cover for some as we experience that partial solar eclipse in our neck of the woods. live doppler 7 along with satellite, coastal cover right now, 90% of the region is dealing with sunny skies. just to our east we go, you do notice in the sierra live doppler 7 tracking a couple thunder showers that popped up. as the sun starts to set,
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they'll lose their daytime heating and fall apart and not affect our region at all. outside the picture showing you live look from san jose in the south bay. this is one of the area's tomorrow morning that will have ideal viewing conditions. clear skies to see that partial solar eclipse happening in the bay area. out there right now, really comfortable afternoon at 79 in concord, brentwood sitting at 84, 78 in san jose. under sunny skies, 71 in oakland. little bit of cloud cover in san francisco. 67 in napa. on the cool side for this time of year checking in at 72 degrees. here's the call. overnight tonight we have that fog right along the coast. we'll have patchy fog developing right around the immediate bay waters. mid 50s to lower 60s will be your starting temperatures tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning it's all about that total solar eclipse for some. the path of totality is very narrow, only about 70 miles wide where the moon will completely cover the sun. that will pass through 12 states from oregon all the way to south
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carolina. so, it is coast to coast. it will take about 90 minutes to cross the united states and the last time there is a total solar eclipse in the u.s. back in 1979. for us, back here at home it is going to be a partial solar eclipse. the moon will not completely block out the sun, but it will obscure part of it. the eclipse for us will begin at 9:01:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. that's when the moon will first move in front of the sun. max eclipse, this is going to happen at 10:15 in the morning tomorrow morning. that is when about three-fourths of the sun will be covered by the moon. about 75%, and then the eclipse is going to wrap up right around 11:37 a.m. in the morning. let's talk about where the cloud cover will sit at monday morning. future weather will start you at the beginning of the eclipse right around 9:00, 9:01 in the morning. cloud cover on the coast. fog around the bay from oakland into san mateo and hayward. that peak eclipse time, 10:15, some good news. the fog will fall part way,
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still socked in along the coast. if you live in santa rosa, fairfield, antioch, fremont, san jose, 10:15 tomorrow morning you'll have really good sky conditions to see this partial solar eclipse. so, enjoy. highs on your monday 67 in san francisco. about 70 the high in oakland. 81 in san jose. about 84 in antioch tomorrow afternoon. 75 the high in santa rosa and lake port. up to 90 degrees. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we have the solar eclipse for you tomorrow morning. get as far away from the coast as you possibly can to guarantee yourself a better viewing spot. clouds on tuesday, nice afternoon mid week wednesday, steady pattern thursday. and then just a slight warming trend into early parts of next week, but no excessive heat for this time of year. if you weren't able to score yourself a pair of those eclipse sunglasses, do not worry. you can make a pair just out of a cereal box. we posted a video on and the abc7 news facebook page. all you need, cereal box, piece of paper, aluminum foil.
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diy you can do with your kids in five minutes. >> you didn't know he was a magician. >> i want to make an eclipse viewer from the cereal box. >> that's not your only skill. thanks, drew. keep the video going. >> i have a five-year-old at home. >> while he does that, i'll do this. a solid effort on the hill keeps the brooms in the closet in houston. how the
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>> announcer: now sports from abc7 news.
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>> despite losing the game last night, the giants scored five runs in the bottom of the 9th. they were hoping mighty mo would carry over this afternoon against the phillies. once in a while we need a little help like this duck. 4th inning giants down 1-0. buster posy up the middle. tomlinson scores. it is 1-1. madison bumgarner through six solid innings allowed one run. base hit in the 5th, giants up 2-1. also struck out 7. however, the bull pen falters again. hunter strickland giving up five straight singles in the eighth. pedro knocks in two and the phillies going on to win it by the final 5-2. a's, first inning check this out. houston looking more like the bad news bears. marcus runs to short. he throws it away. powell scores from second. josh's throw is cut off by marvin gonzalez. he throws it away. that allows simeon to come all
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the way home. that's a little league home run, 2-0 a's. two third innings allowing two runs on four hits. the a's avoid the sweep. 3-2 is your final. well, the important thing to remember about the nfl preseason is don't overreact. it's only preseason. that might be easier said than done when talking about the raiders. their offense can light up the scoreboard but their defense has some major issues. the raiders lost 24-21 to the rams saturday night at the coliseum. the game winning 20 yard touchdown with a little remaining in the fourth quarter. former cal quarterback led the rams on three scoring drives in the first half against most of the raiders' defensive starters. >> less concerned with like the play call and more concerned with just basic execution right now. i think we'll go a long way when we clean some of those things up. you know, the things that we've talked about for too long in terms of communication errors
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and eye violations and things like that keep you from ever being really good on defense. those just have to get cleaned up. >> as bad as the raiders looked on defense, the 49ers looked even worse on offense at home against denver. the niners had four first half turnovers and a 33-14 loss to the broncos. he was eight of 11, through an interception that wasn't his fault. the play that will haunt him for a while is this fumble right here that slips out of his hands when he was trying to throw a pass. >> it's like the worst feeling. you go to throw the ball and you're looking all of a sudden you look around and you have no idea where it is. it's like, it literally is the worst feeling i've had as a quarterback. >> that whole game was concerning. five turnovers in the game, four turnovers in the first half struggling to run the ball there, too, just looking at the -- throughout the game. it's really tough to win when you put your team in that situation. >> the 49ers next preseason game is at minnesota next sunday night. and that is a look at sports.
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>> they'
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we have break being news. a collision at sea involving the u.s. navy destroyer east of singapore. the uss john mccain is damaged and there are search and rescue efforts underway. we'll have the latest information coming into the newsroom tonight at 6:00. and that's it for abc7 news at 5:00. we thank you for your time. for drew and anthony, i'm eric thomas. we'll see you back here at 6:00.
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tonight, the major cosmic event. we're on the eve of the eclipse. millions of americans getting ready to see history, creating what could be the largest traffic jam ever. where you need to be to get the best view. and the one thing that could ruin it all. breaking news out of hollywood. jerry lewis has died. the comic genius, movie star, and bumbling sidekick. >> class dismissed. >> he was also a titan of telethons, raising billions for charity. trouble in trump country. after the president's mixed messages on charlottesville, and one of his worst weeks yet, a new poll shows him losing support in three key states that gave him the white house. and, jackpot hacker. with lottery fever in the air, tonight, meet the computer programmer about to be sentenced for manipulating lotteries in


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