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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 21, 2017 2:30am-4:00am PDT

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good morning. i'm lynda lopez in for diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. here are some of the top stories we're following on "world news now." it's happened again. a navy destroyer collides with another vessel. now a massive search is under way for ten american sailors missing following the crash. this time, the "uss john mccain" colliding with a tanker. off singapore. details coming up. the u.s. and south korea started their annual drills this morning. the 11-day training follows north korea's missile tests and sharp exchanges of words between president trump and north korea's kim jong un. actor jerry lewis has died at the age of 91, after a career that's spanned some seven decades. he'll be remembered for films like "the nutty professor" and hosting the muscular dystrophy telethon. for more than 40 years.
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and millions are heading to the path of totality to view the great american eclipse. the first total eclipse seen in america since 1979. we'll have more on this cosmic event on this monday, august 21st. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we want to get started with the breaking news from southeast asia. ten american sailors missing after their navy destroyer collided with a tanker off of singapore. >> five were injured after the crash from the "uss john mccain." the injuries are not expected to be life threatening. the damaged warship is heading back to port on its own power as search and rescue efforts continue. president trump initially responded by saying "that's too bad." a couple hours later he tweeted thoughts and prayers were with the sailors. >> and john mccain followed with
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a tweet. the mccain is named after the senator's father and grandfather. this follows a collision in june that killed seven on the "uss fitzgerald" off the coast of japan. the captain and several others were disciplined. president trump is set to unveil his long-awaited plan for afghanistan from ft. meyer, virginia. >> president returned to the white house facing declining poll numbers in michigan, pennsylvania and wisconsin, three states that helped him win. and the backlash continues over his response to the violence in charlottesville. we get more from abc's david wright. >> reporter: president trump returns to washington, damaged in the eyes of thousands of demonstrators this weekend. because of his failure to stand up forcefully to white nationalists. instead, the president has been wishy-washy. >> you look at both sides. i think there's blame on both
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sides. >> it's going to be difficult for this president to lead if that moral authority remains compromised. >> reporter: the only black republican in the u.s. senate called on trump to sit down with people who have endured the pain of racism. >> without that personal connection to the painful past, it will be hard for him to regain that moral authority from my perspective. >> we all have obligations as leaders to not put salt in the wound. to bring a decency and a respect to the table to say, look, we're going to call evil what it is. >> reporter: trump gets conflicting advice from his staff, according to the president's former chief strategist. steve bannon told the "washington post," no administration in history has been so divided among itself about the direction about where it should go. back at breitbart, bannon is taking his white house feuds public. breitbart blasted the national security adviser as a koran-kissing apologyist and
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accused ivanka trump and jared kushner of being serial leakers. on tuesday, trump heads to arizona for a political rally. reportedly, he's considering pardoning sheriff arpaio, the controversial former maricopa county lawman. >> the nation without borders is a nation without laws is no nation at all. >> reporter: sheriff joe, as he's known was convicted of criminal contempt for defying a federal judge's order to stop racial profiling in his roundups of immigrants. trump is a fan. >> he's done a great job. >> reporter: officials in phoenix are already bracing for possible protests. david wright, abc news, new york. syria's president wants nothing to do with western countries until they cut ties with his opposition. bashar al assad thanked russia, china, iran and hezbollah for supporting his regime and helping him gain ground in the six year old civil war. he says countries like the u.s. will play no role in ending the crisis.
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and that embassies will stay closed. u.s. forces have launched an assault to retake tal afar. united nations is warning that thousands of civilians are expected to flee that fighting joining more than 30,000 who have already fled. two florida police officers who were killed in the line of duty have been honored by their community. a vigil was held in kissimmee, florida. for officers matthew baxter and sam howard. they died after being attacked while on patrol in a neighborhood with a history of drug activity. the suspected gunman is a marine veteran named everett miller. he's in custody, expected to be charged with first degree murder. spanish authorities say they are close to finding the driver of that van that hit dozens of people in barcelona, killing 14. they believe the 22-year-old man may have left the country. they also want to question the former religious leader of the town. where most of the attackers
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lived. they think the imam may have radicalized the men but may have died in a blast at a home used by the plotters. memorials for the victims were held yesterday in barcelona and paris. back here at home, this incredible sight on the jersey shore. lifeguards and firefighters formed a human chain to rescue swimmers struggling near cape may. the coast guard and police were also ready to assist. all four swimmers are fine. and we are hours away from the olympics of cosmic events. the great american eclipse. >> with millions of americans cramming into the very narrow path of totality, crossing the country, officials are bracing for what could be the worst traffic jam in u.s. history. >> yeah, tens of thousands of have set up tents in tent city here in oregon, quadrupling the town's population. you thought burning man traffic was bad. look at that. maggie rulli has the latest from the other end of that path in south carolina. >> reporter: we're less than a day away from the great american eclipse. >> woo, woo, woo.
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>> reporter: as the moon's shadow races from oregon to south carolina, small towns are turning into international hotspots. >> the people here who have traveled days and weeks and thousands of miles. this is a life changing experience for them and it makes it all the more real. >> reporter: and with it comes massive crowds and epic traffic jams. >> we're really concerned with the massive population surge in the area. the rural infrastructure's not set up for that. so we've really beefed up our resources, our assets. >> reporter: but for most people visiting, all the hassle is worth it. >> it had to be totality. we couldn't settle for anything even a little bit less. >> reporter: she drove through the night for 12 hours to get to totality. we caught up with her while shopping for, what else? eclipse gear. >> really almost everything else is sold out. i'm really excited with one day left i found something. >> reporter: we found this one. totality mooned. >> i like that one. >> reporter: one thing that's
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hard to find anywhere, we've met multiple people here in charleston desperate for glasses, but they keep finding signs like this, "sold out." luckily for nicole, she's prepared. >> we've had our glass ordered online since january. so we are very ready. >> reporter: there are hundreds of events happening here in charleston, but maybe most unique, just behind my, there's going to be a party on an aircraft carrier during totality. maggie rulli, abc news, charleston, south carolina. >> completely jealous of maggie rulli. >> charleston is a great city. get to see the eclipse there as well. >> in its totality. >> that will be very cool. coming up, the 4th grader who applied for a job at nasa, saying he's qualified because my sister says i'm an alien. and jackpot hack. the computer programmer who's about to be sentenced for a multi state lottery scam. that earned him millions of dollars. how did he do it? >> but first, a look at today's temperatures.
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some tense moments last night as a small plane made an emergency landing on a florida highway bridge. the pilot says the engine and all the electronics quit midair, forcing him to land there. neither he nor his passenger were injured.
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the famed hollywood producer behind the lethal weapons series has been slapped with a lawsuit over the death of his personal assistant. joel silver and his assistant chef are accused in the wrongful death of 28-year-old carmel cosgrove. it happened during a honeymoon party in bora bora for jennifer aniston and justin theroux. it blames silver for providing alcohol and providing work conditions that may have led to musgrove's fatigue that led to her drowning during a swim. powerball fever still sweeping the country. with the next drawing on wednesday and a prize worth more than $500 million. >> at the same time, a man who won multiple lottery jackpots is headed to prison after he figured out a way to hack the lottery. here's abc's erielle reshef. >> reporter: this surveillance video showing the mastermind of a multi-million dollar lottery scheme taking what prosecutors say was his final gamble. former cyber security boss, eddie tipton awaiting his sentence. >> do you want to proceed with this guilty plea?
2:43 am
>> yes, your honor. >> reporter: he wrote software to rig the system. >> i wrote software that included code to allow me to understand or technically predict winning numbers. >> reporter: the computer engineer admitting to fixing drawings in colorado, wisconsin, kansas, oklahoma and iowa. it was this video that finally tipped investigators to his trail. >> a mystery puzzling iowans for years. >> reporter: tipton himself caught on camera, buying a hot dog and a ticket. a $16 million winning ticket. the guy in the hoodie ultimately unmasked. >> eddie tipton has been arrested. >> reporter: the man who defied the odds and pulled off the biggest lottery scam in decades facing 25 years in prison. tipton is due to be sentenced in iowa on tuesday. his attorneys expect him to serve between three and four years. erielle reshef. abc news, los angeles.
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>> and of course, the reminder, at least $650 million up for grabs with the powerball this week. >> did we update the number? i thought it was in the 500 range. >> yeah, i took a look at it. coming up, we've sent the global resources of abc news out all across the country and to the other side of tv 3 here to bring you the most thorough eclipse coverage possible. >> we're getting our solar glasses ready, too. that's coming up next. solar glasses ready, too. that's coming up next. and sprays in the bathroom can be ineffective. try mr. clean magic eraser. simply add water, and use in your kitchen for burnt on food, in your bathroom to remove soap scum, and on walls to remove scuffs and marks. it erases 4x more permanent marker per swipe. for an effective, multi-surface clean, use mr. clean magic eraser. brand power. helping you buy better.
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♪ this gun's for hire ♪ even if we're just dancin' in the dark ♪ >> eclipse day. the eclipse will be happening. and besides watching the live coverage here at 1:00 p.m., if you want a live look at it yourself, you've probably heard about the special glasses, the things that you need to watch it.
2:47 am
>> it is the biggest event ever hosted by america, and with all the excitement, it's easy to forget that our eyes actually don't like staring at the sun in the middle of the day. let's get some vital viewing advice from dick debartolo. >> i got my glasses. you should get your glasses and they should be stamped to meet safety requirements of iso 12312-2. these meet that requirement. bought them on amazon, but then i got an e-mail from amazon that they could not verify that these glasses meet that standard and to throw them out and a refund was coming. so now they went to the nasa website, found a supplier that they recommend, bought another set for $20 for 10. then i read an article that you should check your solar glasses to make sure they're not scratched or wrinkled. now my new glasses are very wrinkled.
2:48 am
so i can't chance using them. you can check yours before you go out. i'm not taking any chances. in a few hours, i'm going out using this. >> that's best idea. >> that's the way to go. good tips there, thanks, dick. now let's bring in ali roggin. she has trivia for us. >> the kansas city royals are getting in on some of the eclipse mania. me they have an off day at home. they all live near the path of totality. as you know, that is where the eclipse is going to be the darkest. and the royal's manager, ned yost, sounds like he's ready, take a listen. >> i do have the glasses to watch it. i do have an app on my ipad to track it. so i'm very excited and very interested to see it, no joke. >> it's the -- >> not all sports managers heads
2:49 am
are that blase about it. >> he's quite into it. >> there's a lot of talk about where we get those coveted eclipse glasses. we have an embarrassment of riches on this desk. one place folks have been flooding is their local public libraries. you might be surprised to learn. that's because a group called the space science institute has been giving out 2 million pairs and they've landed at over 7,000 libraries. most of them have already been handed out, but if you haven't gotten yours, it still might not be too late. some libraries are holding onto a portion of their glasses for folks going to view their solar eclipse parties. >> i ordered mine weeks ago, and now i'm feeling like it wasn't quite a nerdy move after people ordered months and months ago. >> you're going for the subtle look. i'm going for a little bit of bling. if you think that's hot, it gets better. >> kendis is putting the sun in your eclipse. >> just in case there's a little bit of rain. >> not everyone is going to be
2:50 am
lucky enough to get glasses like kendis. if he can work them correctly. but some folks have been wondering what they should do for their canine friends during the eclipse. >> that's a good idea. >> but according to nasa, see, the thing is, you don't have to worry about protecting your dog's eyes, not because we don't care. chances are your pets are no more likely to stare at the sun during the eclipse than they are on any regular day. but look at this. a quick search of google reveals plenty of options if you feel like protecting the doggies. >> there's a chance. you don't want their eyes to get messed up. >> will the animals act kind of weird during an eclipse? >> yeah, apparently some of them. >> dogs do that? >> dogs are part of that category. >> i think some of the while wild animals may feel like it's time to go to sleep. there may be retreating into wherever they go. >> take a nap. >> keep your pets indoors,
2:51 am
right? >> i feel like that's more common sense. just don't -- >> lynda and i were talking about what would be on our play list for the great american eclipse. i was saying, "moon dance" was mine. >> yeah, i like that one. i like "dancing in the dark", too. >> "dancin' in the dark", i don't know if the drummer really hits it out of the park there with "dancin' in the dark." >> he's okay. >> do you think he has a career at all? >> i don't know, he's just still starting out. >> please don't let him know that. >> full confession. >> my dad's the drummer. >> and many brilliant songs. >> would this be your version for the solar eclipse? >> we've said it to death already, "total eclipse of the heart." also pink floyd's entire album, "dark side of the moon."
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zzzquil helps you fall asleep in less than 20 minutes. because sleep is a beautiful thing. another eclipse visible from america 38 years from now. >> for the first time this century. it is lights out and hands up. ♪ >> the first solar eclipse in 38 years. abc news and david muir are there. share your pictures. today. the great american eclipse. starts at 1:00 eastern and 10:00 pacific brought to you by abc. brought to you by the mitsubishi eclipse. ♪ [ speaking italian ] >> go with god! this man's killed over 150 people. >> 250, easy.
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>> but who's counting. >> it took out the competition at the box office and claimed the top spot. all with $21.6 million. >> and annabelle came in second. and logan lucky, unlucky, a distant third place with $8 million. you may remember nasa was looking for a new planetary protection officer, this person would be responsible for sounding the alarm in case of alien bacteria invading the earth. >> and we have more on the 4th grader who applied. all with gloria riviera. >> reporter: josh davis thought he was perfect for that job. as planetary protection officer. >> i've seen almost all the space and alien movies i can see. >> reporter: arguing in his application letter. >> i am great at video games. i am young, so i can learn to think like an alien. >> liftoff. >> reporter: nasa didn't hire him.
2:57 am
he's too young, but someone else did. this week, jack reported to the liberty science center in new jersey. their very first kid science adviser. >> this is jack, he's our newest addition to the science center team. >> welcome onboard. >> whoa! you're star. we hired the right person. >> reporter: jack's initial reaction? >> yeah! >> reporter: and his dad? >> just got to ride his coattails from now on. going to retire early. >> reporter: jack's job started with the solar eclipse. not a bad first week on the job for a little boy with a mission to be -- >> a guy who walks in space. >> reporter: he has all the right stuff. gloria riviera, washington. >> how cute is that? >> so cute, and his dad's hilarious too. you see where he gets it from. >> should mention that jack listed qualifications in that he's seen marvel agents of shield but hasn't seen "men in black."
2:58 am
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breaking news this monday morning on "world news now." several u.s. sailors missing after a collision at sea. >> for the second time in two months, a navy destroyer has collided with another vessel on the open water. a number of sailors are injured as the search and rescue mission gets under way in one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. president trump prepares to make his third prime time address to the nation. and while the strategy in the longest-running war will be the topic, a lot of focus on white house palace intrigue as we learn new detail about how the recently departed steve bannon knew he was on the way out months ago. and remembering a legend of comedy. jerry lewis passing away yesterday. he brought smiles to faces over the years. from his bombastic style of
3:01 am
humor to raising millions for children in need. we take a look back at his life and legacy. ♪ total eclipse of the heart >> and oh, forever going to start tonight or technically, later this morning. yes, the great american eclipse, the eclipse to beat all previous eclipses is upon us, the sun blocked by the moon, a reminder that the universe prefers america. where will you be watching? it is monday, august 21st. > from abc news, this is "world news now." >> excellent choice to go with the dance. >> we go with the dance remix of it, of course. you have to have "total eclipse of the heart." are you ready? >> can i tell you, i ordered a couple of these weeks ago, because i'm a little bit of a nerd, for my daughter and i to be all prepared. i didn't want them to run out. i wanted to be ready. >> so you're all set. i've got mine as well.
3:02 am
i'm completely prepared for it. >> those are not going to protect your eyes, kendis. >> i'm told it works. it will protect your sun, your nose from sun. >> from people being near you. >> but everybody excited about this. >> i'm actually really excited. my little ones are excited. >> some of us will be sleeping when it all takes place. but millions of americans in the meantime are going to be crowded into what's called the path of totality. that's that 70-mile wide swath, cutting across america for the best viewing of the great american eclipse. >> this will be the first total solar eclipse seen in america in nearly 40 years. >> and right now it looks like the weather for the most part is going to cooperate, although the visibility is predicted to be poor east of the rockies. in parts of the midwest and the east coast line, you can see it there. here's matt gutman to get us started. >> woo, woo, woo.
3:03 am
>> reporter: spectators from around the globe. scrambling into small towns teeming with crowds. the 70-mile wide shadow cast by the moon will speed across a ribbon of the country, stretching from oregon to south carolina, plunging parts of 14 states into total darkness for about 90 minutes. all of the united states will get to see at least a partial eclipse. 200 million americans live within a day's drive of the path of totality, which is why officials are bracing for what could be the largest traffic jam in history. our clayton sandell is en route to hopkinsville, kentucky. >> reporter: this is the inter state 70 here. and every few miles you get a sign like this, warning drivers that traffic is going to be heavy on eclipse day.
3:04 am
>> reporter: schools planning to keep kids indoors for eye safety. and in states like california who rely on the power grid, they are keeping a close eye but say there's little reason for concern. thousands streaming here which nasa says is the best spot to view the eclipse. from this perch, you can see the tents. 5,000. this quadruples the entire town of madras. nasa's dr. jim green says this is a rare chance to see the sun like never before. >> what we want to look for is how extensive the atmosphere of the sun is. >> reporter: the last time americans got a good look at one, jimmy carter was in the white house. >> not until august 21st, 2017 will another eclipse be visible from america. >> reporter: let's say you don't have nifty solar glasses. there are a couple work arounds. turn your back to the sun, put your phone on selfie mode.
3:05 am
take a cracker with holes in it. turn your back to the sun and watch the projection of the eclipse through the holes in the cracker onto a sheet of paper. personally i recommend using your smartphone. matt gutman, abc news, madras, oregon. >> so many different ways to watch the eclipse. >> that's a new one on my. >> there's that fancy way that some people are doing, turning on their tv and watching the live coverage for two hours. >> or catching it later. >> exactly. is there that. we'll get to eclipse later. we want to get to breaking news overnight. a navy ship colliding with a ship in the waters off singapore. >> ten sailors from the "uss john mccain" are missing. >> this video came in moments ago. you can seat damage to the ship as it's headed back to port
3:06 am
under its own power. but take a look there. you can see where all that impact might have taken place in the middle of the vessel. a rescue operation is ongoing with the help of authorities from singapore and malaysia. >> this latest incident comes two months after seven were killed when the "uss fitzgerald" collided off the coast of japan. >> senator mccain said he was praying for the sailors. on the ship named after his father and grandfather. and the president tweeted his thoughts and prayers. we will stay on top of the breaking news story all morning. the president has returned to the white house after his vacation in new jersey. >> he touched down following a tumultuous 17 days. this all over the controversial comments over charlottesville. tonight he plans to unveil a new strategy for afghanistan.
3:07 am
abc's ali roggin joins us now. >> we do expect president trump is going to be making a major announcement this evening. a prime time address from the oval office. defense secretary james mattis told reporters that he had made his decision. the president had come up with his decision about what he's going to do in the war in afghanistan. now while those details have not been publicly laid out, what we do understand is that president trump's announcement is going to reflect the desires of secretary mattis. we anticipate that the president's going to be announcing that's going to add 4,000 additional troops in afghanistan. there are 8400 already there. another element of this plan that we anticipate he's going to be announcing today is more of a role from pakistan. the united states is going to be putting more pressure on pakistan to drive out some of the elements that are there, the taliban, some strains of isis.
3:08 am
kendis and lynda, this is a moment for the president to really take ownership of this 16 year war. >> let's talk about his chief strategist, steve bannon who is now gone, but not leaving quietly, speaking out a little bit. >> gone but certainly not forgotten. we're getting late-breaking details from the "new york times." some of the intrigue about his departure. he and current chief of staff john kelly, according to the "new york times," had agreed that bannon was going to quietly step out in mid august, but, as you recall, that was right when the violence in charlottesville was breaking. so then the decision was made between the two men to delay that departure until labor day. but then steve bannon called in and spoke with a reporter from a liberal magazine and discussed his, president's plan in north korea. and bannon basically completely contradicted what the president said, said there's no military option in north korea. >> that's a bad thing, i assume. when the president says there's
3:09 am
a military option. >> he committed the sin of telling the truth. and that was the final nail in the coffin. moving on now, fans are remembering comedy legend and philanthropist, jerry lewis. he died at the age of 91. >> we get more from brandi hitt. >> jerry lewis defined comedy as a man in trouble. the gags and pratfalls were the foundation of his career. >> why do we laugh at the man slipping on the banana peel? >> reporter: the son of showbiz parents, he perfected a routine by the age of 15. he found the perfect foil in dean martin. he always played the spastic buffoon, martin, the steady man. it was a hit with audiences.
3:10 am
this would be the last film and the partnership broke up. lewis was soon making and directing his own movies. in "the nutty professor "he played professor kelp. he was condemned by american critics for being juvenile and predictable. >> of course it hurts. but with all the criticism, all you have to do is look at the positives. >> reporter: and the positives were many. lewis enjoyed success as a performer. he appeared on broadway in "damn yankees." later in life, in serious films like "the king of comedy." >> i have a gun. at my head. >> reporter: but it was his role for more than half a century as spokesman for the muscular dystrophy association, raising millions of dollars that he took most seriously. >> beat that sucker until i can't walk.
3:11 am
unless i'm not here anymore. >> reporter: he was nominated for the nobel peace prize. and awarded the french legion of honor. as asked why he did it, he played versions of a character he called "the kid" said that he empathized with children. ♪ you'll never walk alone thank you very much. >> brandi hitt there with the life of jerry lewis. coming up, we'll explain what we think is going on here. a group dance, the choreography a little robotic though. we're going to find out why. also ahead, the excitement is building for today's eclipse, except for one football coach. we'll hear why alabama's nick saban has unofficially become like the scrooge of the eclipse. you're watching "world news now." se.
3:12 am
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welcome back. three-time olympic gold medalist, aly raisman is blasting the usoc over sexual abuse allegations. a former doctor was accused of sexual assault. more than 100 women and girls accuse him of sexual assault. usa gymnastics says it's taking this issue head on, adopting dozens of recommendations to keep athletes safe. and one of the most successful in the nfl is calling it a career. anquan boldin has abruptly announced his retirement. he signed with the buffalo bills. this would be his 16th year in the pros. he was nfl's man of the year award winner two years ago. he won a super bowl ring with
3:16 am
the ravens in 2013. the l.a. lakers and magic johnson are being investigated by the nba for what the league calls tampering. the case revolves around all-star forward paul george, his former team, the indiana pacers asked the league to open the case against the lakers. the main question is whether the lakers illegally attempted to convince george to come to los angeles while he was under contract with indiana. if the lakers are found to have tampered with george, they could face fines, loss of draft picks and suspensions. millions are excited about the eclipse. but have you seen this? nick saban. >> he is known for his all-business approach to coaching. he was asked about the eclipse by a reporter. here's a classic response. >> we're set up so if the players want to go out and get
3:17 am
sunglasses and look at it, they can. that's not something i'm focussed on right now. they're already saying what it's going to look like in every city in america. so what's going to be significant? clayton, georgia's the number one place in the country to have 100%. there are all kinds of people there. my house will probably be the only empty house there on the whole lake. i'm going to watch it on tv. [ laughter ] >> he's like an eclipse grinch. who doesn't like an eclipse? like 100 years ago is when this happened. >> nick, it hasn't happened for a long time. you can watch it on tv like nick saban, live at 1:00 p.m. eastern time and 10:00 a.m. pacific time. >> nick saban and a crowd of millions. coming up, our team coverage of the great american eclipse. the eclipse to beat all eclipses, as we head to
3:18 am
nashville for what is expected to be one of the best views in the country. >> get your cowboy boots and solar glasses ready. you're watching "world news now." r gla ready. you're watching "world news now." ...studying to be a dentist and she gave me advice. she said... my daughter is... ...dadgo pro with crest pro-health. 4 out of 5 dentists confirm... ...these crest pro-health... ...products help maintain a... ...professional clean. go pro with crest pro health crest pro-health... ...really brought my mouth... the next level. ...until we found a connection. you have the power to change your child's life. the boys town national hline can help. (tdd# 1-800-448-1433)
3:19 am
♪ ♪ might as well be walkin' on the sun ♪ >> so whether you are staying at
3:20 am
home for the eclipse or traveling to one of the points along the path of totality, it is going to be historic. >> historic. nashville is the largest city in that path. and it's gearing up for the solar party of the century. ginger zee is there. >> reporter: a city known for country music. now getting a new claim of fame as one of the best viewing spots for the once in a lifetime event here in nashville. >> hey! >> reporter: this family traveled all the way from philadelphia just to get in to the past of totality. >> it's going to be pretty cool to have it all bright and dark in a matter of minutes. >> reporter: i've been waiting to hear an eclipse song. ♪ once in a lifetime ♪ can you see the eclipse >> reporter: cruisin' down broadway, we came across dozens of vendors selling tee shirts and this essential hot seller.
3:21 am
$7 a pair, i'll take one. the limited and certified eclipse glasses. >> one, two, three, one, two dash two. otherwise you're getting fake glasses. >> reporter: there it is. millions traveling all over the country to catch a glimpse of the total eclipse. in oregon, these friends from new mexico booked their trip two years ago to get the perfect view. >> we're having a blast. >> reporter: and in small-town madras, oregon, thousands camping out. ♪ >> reporter: one with a state-of-the-art telescope and others with total eclipse wine. some came in from washington, d.c., and he had made $1,000 in tee shirts by noon. they expect overall spending to be $28 million in nashville. >> i know what my next gig will be. 2024, i'll be selling tee shirts.
3:22 am
ginger zee there. coming up, one dog proved why he's truly man's best friend. >> the mix is coming up next.
3:23 am
3:24 am
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♪ and welcome back. it is time now for "the mix ". a retriever was out in the family yard, digs something up, takes it home to his owners. they think it's a time capsule. >> was in the back yard? >> no, it's $85,000 worth of heroin. >> in the back yard. >> in the back yard. they turned it over to police, but this is actually really sweet. the sheriff's office in their county made him an honorary k-9 officer. >> $85,000 worth of heroin. >> buried in the back yard. >> so there's a certain golden retriever in the witness protection program.
3:26 am
cute dog, cute story, there. we go overseas now and to of course the answer to the question, why did the chicken cross the road. these guys, these chickens, in china, just often get away. and so the owners here at this fancy farm, bed and breakfast in scotland, they decided to give their chickens these high-visibility vests for protection as they cross the road. because they know they're, once in a while, some of them will wander away. they want to make sure on this busy road that they are seen by folks. >> also very fashionable. very sweet. >> it kind of fit with the motif. >> the whole thing. we have video to show you. you will either think it's really cool or it will give you nightmares, maybe. so this guinness world record was broken for the most robots
3:27 am
dancing simultaneously. yeah, they're all programmed to the same little choreography there. apparently, it's 1,069 dolby robots in china. they cannot only do dance moves but kung fu moves. it's a little cool or a little creepy. >> kind of mesmerizing as you look at it. something else that was mesmerizing. this young woman went to the grocery store in california and saw just a typical scene, nothing to see here. just -- >> what? >> that's just a dog. >> i love it. pushing the cart. >> pushing the shopping cart around. i'm not sure if that's cool or lazy on the owner's part. >> the owner's busy doing other things. i would love if the dog flung a six pack into the cart. >> the owner walked around like it was the most normal thing in the world. why is it not? why is it not? >> that's news for this
3:28 am
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3:29 am
3:30 am
breaking news this morning on "world news now." collision at sea. a number of u.s. navy sailors missing after a destroyer collides with another ship. the search and rescue effort now under way. as he prepares to address the nation tonight, the president deals with more questions about charlottesville and his divisive interpretation of what happened there. the well known pastor subbing in for the white house weighs in on his response. and new this half hour. street racers out of control. >> an accident at a fast and furious like demonstration that saw one of the cashes lose control and head right into a crowd. and it is the party nearly 40 years in the making. but one gathering in kentucky is truly out of this world. could the eclipse be overshadowed by visiting guests from a neighboring planet?
3:31 am
yeah, the mysteries of the universe could be revealed and it could all end today on this monday, august 21st. uplifting message. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> dire, a dire situation there of now that's an interesting party that is taking place in kentucky today as well, of course, we have plenty of solar eclipse parties that are happening all over. we'll get to those in a little bit. but first we want to start with breaking news, another accident at sea involving another war ship packed with sailors. >> five are injured and ten are missing after a collision between the "uss john mccain" and another ship. the mccain, named after senator mccain's father and grandfather, sailed an back to port under its own power.
3:32 am
senator mccain tweeted that he's keeping the sailors in his mayors and expressed appreciation for the rescue crews. >> and president trump tweeted his thoughts and prayers to all those on the ship. this, of course, the second time we've had a collision involving a navy ship. seven sailors were killed in june when the "uss fitzgerald" collided with a ship off the coast of japan. the captain and other top officers were relieved of duties there just last week. meanwhile, president trump is back at the white house this morning after spending more than two weeks at his new jersey golf club. >> as the administration faces more turmoil and fallout, he is paving the way for new troops in afghanistan. ali roggin joins us with what is happening there. >> candidate donald trump spent a lot of time on the campaign trail, criticizing the war in afghanistan, but with tonight's announcement, he's taking full ownership. president trump returning to the white house sunday night, preparing for one of the biggest
3:33 am
announcements of his presidency so far. in a televised address to the nation, the president will lay out how he intends to make his mark on the 16-year-old war in afghanistan. >> it's a very big decision for me. i took over a mess, and we're going to make it a lot less messy. >> reporter: secretary of defense, james mattis told reporters sunday that the president has made his decision. mattis favors a plan that would send almost 4,000 more u.s. troops to afghanistan, adding to the 8400 already there. with monday's announcement, the president will be solidifying his role in a war that he railed against on the campaign trail. >> the people opposing us are the same people who we've -- and think of this -- who've wasted $6 trillion on wars in the middle east. we could have rebuilt our country twice. that have produced only more terrorism, more death, more suffering. >> reporter: even with the focus
3:34 am
on national security, last week's violent clashing in charlottesville continue to cast a shadow over the white house. jerry falwell jr. trying to explain why trump insists that some people marching with the white nationalists in charlottesville did not share their ideology. >> he has information i don't have. i don't know if there were historical purists there trying to preserve statues, i don't know. but he had information i didn't have. >> do you think he knew -- >> i think he saw videos of who was there. >> now we're also learning a bit more about the palace intrigue surrounding the ouster of steve bannon. according to the "new york times," bannon succeeded in delaying his departure until labor day to avoid looking like he was fired over the response to charlottesville. but then bannon spoke to a liberal magazine about there being no options in north korea,
3:35 am
and that was the final straw. >> we're learning a lot because of that "new york times" report. bannon spoke out if the last few days. >> he's been calling up multiple publications, talking about the trade war with china he wants, talking about that there is no military solution in north korea. now that he's out of white house he's free to go to war. >> and he's not going quietly. >> of course the president's speech, 9:00 from ft. myers in virginia tonight. we will move on and the u.s. backed forces in iraq are backing the next phase on the war on isis. a new assault has been launched to retake the key town of tell afar in iraq. but the united nations is warning that the offensive is likely to trigger a mass exodus of civilians. the massive death toll in sierra leone is nearly 500, but 600 are missing.
3:36 am
officials are not holding out hope of finding more survivors. further rain in the west african country threatens to cause more mudslides. aid groups are providing clean water, hoping to prevent a health crisis. authorities in california are asking for the public's help to find drivers who took part in an illegal car demonstration. hundreds of people were watching as vehicles did donuts, burnouts. at one point, the driver of a white mustang lost control, slamming into the crowd. people attacked the mustang which was driven away. l.a. county sheriffs say they didn't receive one call about the incident. it's unclear if any one was injured. and a sinkhole opening up in china and a guy drives his scooter straight into the hole. >> yikes! >> and there's more. he was apparently looking at his phone at the time. >> oh. >> so amazingly, the driver didn't suffer any injuries. but check out the guy crossing
3:37 am
the street. he wasn't in any rush. he was just taking his it time. >> wasn't trying to be the next one falling in. >> no, not at all. he's like pedestrian walkway. a parenting alert, researchers are sounding a new alarm about babies and sleep position. it's still common for infants to be placed in unsafe sleeping positions. for more than a decade, doctors have recommended placing infants only on their backs to sleep, but the new survey found fewer than half of babies are always placed on their backs for sleep. the great american solar eclipse. millions of americans are crowding into cities and towns coast-to-coast for today's historic cosmic event. >> a lot of us are excited. starting on the west coast, the moon will block the sun. and 14 states lie in the path of totality. >> with 200 million people
3:38 am
living within a day's drive of the path of totality, officials are bracing for what could be the worst traffic jam in history. >> and the nation's second largest school district sent out this robocall. >> some schools have planned outdoor events where students and staff will follow nasa guidelines for viewing the eclipse. as a reminder to everyone, you should never look directly at the sun, even during a partial solar eclipse. thank you very much and have a good evening. >> did you -- >> yeah. >> did you hear that? >> was that a baby crying in the background? >> did she record that from her home? >> i'll take this one home.
3:39 am
good points were made there by l.a. school district there. coming up in "the skinny," winter has gotten longer in "game of thrones." and we lost two comedic greats over the weekend. of dick gregory and jerry lewis. we'll celebrate their lives and work next. first, a look at today's eclipse forecast. "world news now" weather, brought to you by
3:40 am
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oh, dr. warfield wants to see you in his office. >> dr. warfield. >> yes, right away. >> i used too much. >> so comic legend, jerry lewis has passed away at the age of 91. he and singer dean martin have been called one of the best comedy teams ever, starring in clubs, radio, television and films. lewis continued to make hit
3:43 am
films on his own, inspiring comic actors like jim carey. >> lewis died of natural causes at his home in las vegas, surrounded by his family. >> and tributes are pouring in for the man who used humor to fight racism. dick gregory. >> the 84-year-old's edgy brand of comedy made a lot of people think about those issues. here's ron claiborne. >> reporter: dick gregory was a trail blazer. one of the first black comedians to bring racially charged comedy to white audiences. in the early 1960s. >> i haven't seen any baseball player having trouble. that is a great sport for our people. it is the only sport where a black man can shake a stick at a white man and won't cause a riot. >> reporter: he agreed to go on the show if he could sit down with jack parr after his routine.
3:44 am
african-americans before then would have to leave the set after performing. >> when they say this show features living color, you better believe it. >> reporter: one of the first black comedians with crossover appeal to white audiences, gregory would become an outspoken advocate for civil rights. >> we can always laugh at problems that's right. everyone in the whole world knows this is a wrong. so then you can make humor out of it. and enlighten people. >> reporter: he marched in selma, alabama in 1965, protested the vietnam war, often staging hunger strikes. later in his career, he went on to perform in tv specials, never losing his hallmark edge. >> i came back in last month, cnn, mr. gregory, you think we'll ever catch bin laden? i say we? i ain't lookin' for him. [ applause ]
3:45 am
i'm still trying to find out who my daddy is. >> reporter: reaction to gregory's death. whoopi goldberg calling him a fall on your face legend. and another saying dick gregory lived an amazing, revolutionary life. ron claiborne. abc news, new york. >> we ain't looking for him. i'm trying to find my daddy. it's great to see he was funny late into his life there. when we come back, we're celebrating a dirty 30th birthday. >> while another birthday boy gets cheeky. "the skinny" is next.
3:46 am
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i know how much i needed my mom still, and i didn't realize it until i had lost her. you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. ♪ skinny ♪ so skinny okay, so it's your monday skinny, and we're kicking things off by wishing dirty dancing a happy 30th birthday.
3:48 am
can you believe it's been 30 years? >> i can't believe it. >> it's a movie that taught us that nobody puts baby in a corner. >> it's hard to imagine anybody besides patrick swayze and jennifer grey playing those roles, but can you imagine val kilmer being offered the role? the soundtrack went platinum 11 times in the u.s. and sold 32 million copies worldwide. >> originally they thought the movie would be a flop. and it turned out to be a mega, megahit that you've seen how many times? >> like 900 times. >> and that's an actual number. the movie is often imitated but never duplicated. as much as that scene where swayze lifts grey in the air. >> amazing. >> but we did it and it worked out fine. it's not that difficult.
3:49 am
>> you and diane. >> yes. it was all in your legs. you're supposed to lift with your legs. so that's what is would doing there. >> and we should cut the video right there. ah. >> by the quay, even with the help, one of the hardest things to do. >> it was. like, did you notice my arm kept coming down? >> i'm worried for your back there. >> there's that one guy there in the brown shirt who made sure to look off to the right and not look -- >> directly into diane's dress. that was very nice. >> one of our editors, exactly. we have "game of thrones" news to share with you. we're not going to an talk about last night's episode. no spoilers. >> john snow died. >> no, he did not. we are going to tell you about next season. we've been warned that the long night is coming on the show. now it's getting even longer. >> yeah, these cold, long
3:50 am
nights. there's only one episode left of course this season. and we're getting news that next season won't even start filming until october. and that's news that nikolai, who plays jamie lannister broke in a recent interview. they've had to adjust the filming schedule because winter is here, but that's been driving fans crazy, and we probably won't know the premiere date for quite some time. but you just interviewed him the other day. >> i did. >> did he give you anything? >> zero. his wife has never seen an episode of "game of thrones," which i found super interesting. he says it's a lot for her, which i get. >> is that because he's naked in it? >> and all kinds of goings on. >> messing around with his sister. i guess that's socially awkward. >> for her to handle. john stamos celebrating a big birthday, he turned 54 over the weekend. shared a very revealing photo.
3:51 am
>> he shared this on instagram wearing nothing but his birthday suit and captioned it number 54 and clean. the cheeky snap shows him among some ferns with branches covering one of his best assets. >> we're really like fascinated by is that his outdoor shower? >> john stamos, is that your shower? is that where you normally -- i don't know? the foo fighters rick rolled in tokyo's summer sonic festival. rick astley joined them on a grungy version of his classic "never going to give you up." ♪ or upset you >> seemed like they were going to play like "smells like teen spirit" and they just rolled.
3:52 am
>> they just met rick back stage two minutes before they invited him on stage. >> how cool. look at that picture they posted.
3:53 am
3:54 am
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removes over 100 stains. spray and wash. better on over 100 stains. ♪ it is a big day. >> big day. and this story may sound like it's straight out of the x-files, but you may be asking what do aliens have to do with the eclipse? >> a lot. towns across the country could be experiencing a lot of tourists, but could some of them be coming from another galaxy. abc's clayton sandell investigates. >> reporter: for 2:40, hopkinsville will be the dark center of the universe. >> we're the part of greatest eclipse. >> reporter: the shadow races across the country on monday, this area of western kentucky is in the bull's eye, making it an
3:56 am
eclipse tourist magnet. >> it's a once in a lifetime thing. >> reporter: campers are already pitching tents, ballooning the population of 32,000 to as many as 150,000 people. this is interstate 70 here in missouri. and every few miles you get a sign like this, warning drivers that traffic is going to be heavy on eclipse day. blink and you might miss kelly, kentucky. but now a cosmic development is putting this community of 300 at the dark center of eclipse frenzy. it's all happening on the 62nd anniversary of the night in 1955 when aliens supposedly terrorized a farmhouse. geraldine sutton's father was there. >> my uncle j.c. couldn't hold down a job after that. dad didn't want to talk about it. >> reporter: one suggested that the aliens arrived in a bottle of kentucky moonshine. but it made kelly famous even
3:57 am
inspiring spielberg they're not here yet, are they? >> reporter: keep were your probes to yourself. while the kelly's aliens may not be real, the economic impact is. they normally get 3,000 people at this festival, this year they expect 20,000. >> not only do you need the special glasses, if you're there in hopkinsville because of the aliens, this is your eclipse viewing attire. >> this may be how they are waiting. >> these glasses actually work. >> do they? >> i can't see a thing. >> it's completely blacked out. it's weird. you need to look up at the sun. hello. >> is someone out there? >> we don't know. we're wearing these dark eclipse glasses. >> look to the light. go to the light. >> so hard. >> eclipse today, 1:00 p.m.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this monday morning -- breaking news. the first video of the "u.s.s. john s. mccain" just coming in, badly damaged after a collision. the second navy destroyer involved in an accident at sea this summer. the search for the missing sailors right now. the investigation getting under way. overnight, the president lands in washington after 17 days away. the announcement about strategy in afghanistan expected today in a primetime address to the country. plus, the new polls that show low arooufl states. and we're hours away from the cosmic event. the total solar eclipse. this morning, we're live in one of the prime viewing spots. the excitement already building.


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